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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  January 24, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 4:30 a.m. on this tuesday january 24th. >> here's what's coming up. high winds and coastal flooding remain a concern at the jersey shore. we're tracking what's happening in atlantic city as the lingering effects from the nor'easter continues. >> a pizza delivery driver is shot but then shoots back in southwest philadelphia. >> new this morning, fire damages part of a shopping center in west philadelphia. >> there are some schools at the shore opening a little late due to the nor'easter we'll put those at the bottom of your screen and on but right now let's head over to dave murphy and karen
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rogers. good morning. >> good morning. we're still a little damp with couple sprinkles and showers ticking to the east of philadelphia. every now and then you'll get this on your windshield. low lying cloud cover produces drizzle even where you don't see the green. not as bad as it was for a good portion of yesterday. we still have issues at the shore. there's continuing fairly decent breeze down through shore communities then means a coastal flood warning is in effect until 11 o'clock this morning with times high tide up and down the delaware bay and the ocean front being the big concern and on the ocean it's happening right now up until about 5:00 a.m. after that, things should gradually get better but we are looking at moderate flooding in some cases. also if you're traveling up in the poconos we still have that winter weather advisory we talked about yesterday. this has been extended as i thought it might be up until 6 o'clock. at times today, you're going to be in and out of sleet, maybe a little freezing rain and then eventually snow. word to the wise if you're driving up north. the rest of us are looking at cloudy conditions and there's the possibility of some
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lingering wraparound precipitation today in the form of a passing shower. even this morning you might see a wet snowflake on your windshield. 38 degrees is your current temperature in philadelphia. it's also a little on the cold side out there. 36 degrees in allentown. 38 in wilmington. 38 currently in trenton. 39 degrees in millville and cape may and of course up in the poconos you're still below freezing. and those winds still a factor but not as bad as yesterday. i looked at our gust chart. not a lot of gusts out there right now but we have winds in the teens adding to that chilly feel. and as we go through the day things are going to get a little bit better than yesterday. it will still be damp with intermittent sprinkles and showers around temperature getting up to about 39 degrees by noon and 40 by 3 o'clock. we'll rise to about 41 by 5 o'clock but it's better because it's not overall as windy and it's not as wet overall as we go through the day. karen rogers i'll track the departure of this rain on future tracker6 and we'll show you the seven-day forecast. a beauty coming tomorrow. >> well in the meantime roads are wet.
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we have a lot of rain. we also have some flooding issues on some of the roads and a big accident causing a closure in new jersey so we had an overnight accident where a pole was down and they're still doing electrical repairs and we're looking right now at the action cam part of route 70 westbound closed in cherry hill. so, 70 westbound right near cropwell road is closed. so, you can't head towards cherry hill from mount laurel and evesham. westbound is closed right now route 70 eastbound is reopened. you've got a stick to marlton pike as your alternate because all lanes closed 70 westbound where they continue to do those electrical repairs after that accident and brought down a pole. that's going to be a big problem later on if this continues through your morning commute. the other big problem p-the delaware river turnpike bridge right now we've got the turnpike connector continued to be closed in both directions. this caused big headaches and will continue to do so and police are encouraging every one to take mass transit, carpool if you can. you can stick to route one, i-95 burlington bristol bridge, you can use the tacony palmyra bridge but you can't
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use the turnpike connector and that's a big deal today t otherwise accidents out there, wet roads. this is 309 northbound approaching serve happy road. police on the scene with an accident blocking the left lane tam. >> thank you, karen. the high tide is coming in now. it could set off more flooding at the jersey shore. as the nor'easter pushes out. all that rain and the tides caused flooding at the shore yesterday. thankfully it was not widespread but thousands of people spent the night without out. "action news" reporter dann cuellar reports from a.c. >> it's scary. >> that's a powerful storm out there. >> yeah, it's a scary thing. >> reporter: the waves crashed over the bulkhead in atlantic city causing a stir among some residents who came out to see what this nor'easter was all about. ly. >> i've seen water bouncing up against there. i'm like what's going on? is it -- i was telling her it's actual -- got be actual water on the beach. >> reporter: the atlantic city fire department had high water vehicles and rescue boats ready to go in case they were needed due to rising waters.
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meanwhile in ocean city, the winds were the story as they blew traffic lights and signs around. they even ripped away part of the sign at the pavilion motor lodge. there was also minor street flooding that that people were keeping an eye out a particular concern for people who have homes on the bayside. >> what's the game plan tonight?ly. >> park the cars two blocks away and hold up here for awhile. >> holding the fort down. >> yup. >> so far so good, hm. >> yup. >> reporter: out on the surf it seems the sand dunes were doing their job to prevent beach erosion as much as possible as the waves churned away nearby. of course the boardwalk was a virtually ghost town except for a few sigh sight seers. >> i love the waves, the wind, it's been trees down i feel bad for thatly. >> we were watching this at home. i said we got to go see it in person. >> reporter: look at it for yourself. >> we seen the ocean waves on
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tv and couldn't wait to get out here. >> reporter: we'll see the story of just how well they did if these winds continue to churn away here late last night in atlantic city with gale force winds still in effect. in atlantic city, i'm dann cuellar channel6 "action news news." >> and in that philadelphia the nor'easter's strong winds brought down several trees like that one in south philadelphia. came crashing down between two cars damaging one of them on moyamensing avenue near carpenter street. another car on the 2800 block of master street also took a hit from a tree. a nor'easter is blamed for at least one death in our area. it happened along old york road in the city's nicetown section. the wind blew a sign off a building and right into a 60-year-old man and he died after being pinned ag today. power outage situation improved overnight. atlantic city electric is reporting 1841 outages down from 17,000 testimony late last night.
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peco says it has 1307 customers who are still in the dark in philadelphia. >> ♪ >> new this morning, two young men are in the hospital after being hit by the same car in philadelphia's frankford section late last night. the 45-year-old -- 54-year-old driver stopped on the vehicle at the scene near bridge street and the torresdale avenue late last night. we're told that the driver is cooperating with police. one victim is being treater for a leg and eye injury, the other for seizures. one is in critical, the other stable condition. a pizza delivery man shot in southwest philadelphia pulled his own weapon and fired back at the people who lured him to a house for a phony delivery. annie mccormick is live at southwest detectives where investigators are working the case. er: matt, luckily that victim is in stlice don't e actually hit the men who he returned fire to after they did try to rob him. well, this is video from the scene.
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this happened just after 7 o'clock. the delivery man received a order for two pizzas to be delivered to the home on the 5300 block of yoakum. he knocked on the door. turns out it was vacant home. armed men ran out of an adjacent home. >> one of the males pulled out a gun pointed at the pizza delivery driver's head. they demanded money pacific northwest the pizzas. there was a slight struggle over the car. the pizzas fell to the ground. the driver tried to flee from the scene. as he's running they fired numerous shots at him hitting him in his left side and also in his left leg and arm. he was able to get back toward his car. he has a permit to carry. as the males were continuing to fire at him he returned fire. not sure if he struck any of the kids who were responsible for this at this point. >> reporter: and again you heard police say he is licensed to carry. now, the victim actually drove himself to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. he was transported to penn
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presbyterian hospital where again he remains in stable condition. he was shot in the side and also the leg. for now, though, they are still looking for the people who are responsible. detectives say that they are going to be asking witnesses form help with descriptions. of course if you have any information you're urged to contact southwest detectives. for now reporting live outside of southwest detectives annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you matt and tam. >> annie thank you. smoke and flames heavily damaged a chinese restaurant in the philadelphia shopping center. it broke out at ford and monument road in wynnefield heights around 12:45 a the fire was located in the kitchen. crews arrived to find flames shooting out through that roof. they were able though to get it quickly under control. there are no reports of any injuries. and the fbi has joined the search for three men accused of stealing $60,000 in merchandise out of a consignment store in manayunk. the men were captured on surveillance video inside remix on main street last
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wednesday. police say one of the men posed as a customer then pulled a gun and tied up the employees. the suspect then let twoaccomplt the workers were not seriously hurt. >> 4:40 and a 911 call comes in from a woman who had been abducted and stuffed in the trunk of a car. the dispatch per helps her get out alive even after the call was disconnected. and this man will have to march to the music in more ways than one. >> california has been drenched with heavy rains and other parts mounds of snow. a lot going on there, david. >> cold on the bus stop this morning. it looks like temperatures are going to be in the mid 30's for most of you, cloudy and perhaps still damp with a lingering shower. some of you might even see a wet snowflake. i would dress the kids not overboard with the rain gear this morning because it's mostly just drizzle but this afternoon a passing shower in some neighborhoods is possible. maybe they want to prepare for that. it stays rather chilly. things get a lot better tomorrow, though. your seven-day is just ahead. >> ♪
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>> rain in california. other areas of the state are getting too much snow. 28 feet of it has already fallen this winter at the mammoth ski resort near the nevada border. mammoth aptly named. five additional feet fell this past weekend and it is still snowing. some plow operators say they are running out of places to put it all. and winter is like -- it's not even half over. >> yeah, right. >> hope you have chains for the tires there. >> no kidding. don't need the chains around here unless you're going up to the poconos. going to be a little bit slippery up there. storm tracker6 live double scan shows after experiencing a pretty good night of rain we have tapered off to just sprinkles and showers this morning. as we take a look outside we are looking at cloudy skies. it's still damp conditions down low pressure you can still see some precipitation and raindrops stuck on the lens there as we look to the
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ben franklin bridge this morning. temperatures a little bit cooler this morning, too. we're down to 37 degrees currently. your dewpoint at 35 an indication that the air is still fairly saturated with those two numbers close to each other. winds out of the north at 17 miles per hour but we're not reporting a gust at this hour. there are going to be some gusts out there as you'll see today. but it won't be overall as windy as yesterday. also not looking at the volume of rain that we had late yesterday and last night. i will point out to you that at times this morning there is the possibility of a wet snowflake popping through but between now and 9 o'clock we think mostly if you see anything it's going to be just rain. the poconos would be the exception where we're still look, at the possibility of some mixed precipitation. then you get up to noon and obviously there's not as much rain around today as there was yesterday but unfortunately an upper level feature coming through may pinwheel a few extra showers through the region. model right now wants to have this mostly to the east of philadelphia up until 3 o'clock this afternoon. and then maybe a little bit more of this swinging down through the evening rush hour
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and into the evening hours tonight but obviously not as wet today as it was yesterday. and still al bit on the windy side. another reminder that up in the poconos again until 6 o'clock tonight you have that winter weather advisory so if you're headed up that way there could be some intermittent freezing rain sleet or snow showers still in your picture. won't be happening all the time but there is that concern. today's forecast temperature-wise 37 degrees by 8 o'clock, 38 by 10 o'clock and if really numbers not going very far today. we'll climb to 40 by 3 o'clock and probably get up to a high of 41 late in the afternoon or early evening and just about any time dae you will be dry. 39 degrees in allentown. that's your high there. 42 in wilmingtonndt bettp to
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in termswiy we were talking about 50, 60 miles per hour wind gusts with wind warnings across most of the region. no warnings or advisories today but it still will be blustery and after the trees around the region have been knocked by those winds yesterday there might still be a couple weakened tree branches that come down but by 3 o'clock you can see most of us are looking at wind gusts in the 20's instead of the 50's and maybe popping up into the 30's at times. your outlook for tomorrow looks pretty good. we have a few clouds around in the morning but overall lots of sunshine and we're going get milder. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast today still rather cool with a high of 41 degrees, damp windy cloudy for the most part and occasionally there will be some pop-up shower. then tomorrow sunny and milder a high of 53 and thursday sun giving way to clouds, breezy but still another nice high of 53 degrees. and then brisk and starting to get colder on friday, 43. a couple of spotty showers can't be ruled out. and it still looks chillier for the weekend. saturday brisk and colder 49. up to 41 on sunday whip partly sunny skies and monday partly sunny skies and on or about 38. when we're not on the air you by goings get the latest
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to and if you guess that "action news" -- if you have that "action news" app on your smartphone you can track those sprinkles and showers if you have to head out. >> thank you david. dispatcher helped rescue a north carolina woman who was in the trunk of a car. a woman said she was locked in the trunk of a moving car by her jealous boyfriend. the disconnected. he called back but couldn't reach the woman. he had the idea to text her from a cell phone. >> next thing it was -- the only way i know that probably would not get her in that troublely. >> and it turned out his quick thinking was right r the woman was able to provide medlin with the make and color of the vehicle. police spotted the caress queued the woman and arrested the suspect. he is now charged with false imprisonment. >> also new a shoplifter in texas got away with a pricey guitar by stuffing it down his pants at a guitar center in
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fort worth last week. surveillance video shows the man wandering around the aisles ducking behind a display rack and then shoving the guitar down his pants. and then casually just walks the sun uirta is worth at least $1,700. ly. >> how is that ever going to work out? >> none of his band members are going to want to play it. >> it definitely will be his own personal instrument. it is 4:48. provide a jolt to the economy. we'll tell you why next. also show me the money. strange place that 17.5 million bucks turned up. >> a south jersey man helps honor the teams and a medic who saved his life and the medic happens to work at "action news." can you figure out who it is? >> yes, i can. >> ♪
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>> good morning, everybody. we've got problems on the roads. the roads are wet and it's causing some issues out there. we've got an accident right now that is creating big problems in new jersey and the action cam was on the scene showing you this. a pole came down on 70 westbound here near cherry hill and they've shut it down. now, first both directions were shut down. they reopened eastbound. westbound is shut down right now. they do have crews on the scene. they're trying to fix this but near cropwell road 70
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westbound shut down in evesham township. you can't head westbound towards cherry hill. you can use marlton pike instead and you can seem the roads are wet. you've got a lot of ponding and puddling the. we have it on the camera levels other accidents like 309 northbound approaching susquehanna road we've had the left lane blocked p looks like crews may have left the scene but that's just one of the many issues out there. look at the big picture. we've got rain right here still moving through the area. all the bridges have speed restrictions of 35 miles an hour as well so slow it down on the bridges, matt. >> will do. thank you, karen. federal agents uncover the profits from a pyramid scheme hidden underneath of all places a mattress. the cons had stashed $17.5 million in cash inside of a box spring in massachusetts. two founders of the internet phone service scam pleaded guilty last fall. ly. >> ♪ >> time now to take your first look at business. could be some big news here for iphones and ipat now made in china but the chinese company that says that says it's
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considering balancing new 7 billion-dollar plant right here and when i say right here maybe really right here in pennsylvania. the ceo of fox conn says the keystone state is a leading contender. that would mean 30 to 50,000 jobs. citibank has been hit with a $28.8 million fine. federal agencies says she didn't tell homeowners facing for closure about other available options and in some cases burdened them with excessive paperwork. citi says it is pleased to resolve the matter p the major stock indices weredown yesterday. the dow fell 28 points. this morning futures look like they're pointing to a lower open. >> 4:53 is the time. the nor'easter still causing problems at the jersey shore. >> a live report from that atlantic city coming up for you at 5:00 a.m. >> ♪ our family was drifting apart...
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...until we found a connection. you have the power to change your child's life. the boys town national hotline can help. call 800-448-3000 (tdd# 1-800-448-1433) or visit
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>> a gloucester township man met the teenagers and the medics who saved his life. the mayor and council members recognized highland high school students mo huballa and jack bisani. the teens were driving past chews elementary school when they spotted derek blalock on the ground. >> and saw something out of the corner of my eye and i told my friend to pull over 'cause he kind of saw it too and he pulled over and then it was a body. >> went up to him and he was and unconscious so we called 911 right away and they came like within two minutes. >> they saved my life. basically they saved -- they saw me.
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i was on the ground. i don't remember any of it. >> the medic who performed cpr on blakelock happens to be assignment editor chris williams there. you saw him getting a grateful hug. way to go, chris. >> the oscar nominees will be announce live right here on 6abc. the musical "la-la land" expected to garner multiple nominations coming off its golden blows records. moonlight "hidden figures" could add diversity. nominees will be announced on "good morning america." hm stream that announcement. jimmy kimmel will be hosting the oscars february 26 right here on 6abc. nobody slept in hollywood wondering whether they get the nod. >> diversity will not abproblem i'm going to predict that. >> we'll see. >> a mother is trying to figure out why her son came home from his elementary school with three teeth extracted. ly. >> plus, google releases a
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell p-tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday, january 24th. and here's what's happening. >> power lines down and streets flooded. we'll have a live report from the jersey shore where that nor'easter is still moving out. >> new on "action news," police call it a horrible chain of events.
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