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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  January 26, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m., thursday, january 26. tam is off, erin o'hern joins us. >> here's what's happening. president trump plans to attend a republican retreat in philadelphia today police are preparing for more protests. >> police are looking for a person who shot at a minivan with a small child inside. >> looking live on sky6 live hd, we have showers developing, but sunshine is on the way. >> reporter: we have showers developing coming in from the west. in the immediate region we have this, as well. let's see if i have radar up, yeah i do, most of this is light, and you will see darker shades of green. over the next couple of hours
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we'll have more of that. 43 degrees, as you step outside currently. 35 in allentown. 37 out in reading. cooler north appear west. 42 in wilmington, 45 in trenton 45 in cape may. the wind have died down overnight in a lot of region in the i-95 corridor you have calm wind or close to that. not a lot of wind to deal with early. we have changes going through the day. showers early 44 degrees, the sun comes back, and we get milder 54 degrees by noon. we get the high of 55 right there, around 1:00 p.m. early afternoon. back down to 51 by 3:00 p.m. in here, the wind return and and it gets blustery and terms fall back into the 40s -- the temperatures fall back into the 40s, karen when i step inside -- i am inside. i say that all the time.
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we have mooch cooler weather for the weekend. >> reporter: you're inside. traffic headaches with the republican congressional cause of action and the president's visit. portions of 13th, market, 12th shut down. market and chestnut, 11th and 13th the area shut down from #8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. a lot of protests around city hall. 30th street station is closed. septa detours in place because of the closures. lots of problems on the roads and rates because of that. the schuylkill expressway looking good at girard. no problems, we're dry on the schuylkill expressway although anticipating showers this is the morning commute kicking in right now. looking at the big picture no proble majors, matt. >> happening today be trump
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-, presiden will visit retreat. protesters are. annie mccormick is live at the lowes hotel where the conference is taking place. annie. >> reporter: matt, the several permits to demonstrators one that is expein000eopl morning. ahead of the arrival tight security. last night's hundreds protesters rallied outside the gop's congressional leader retreat with several demonstrations already planned on a variety of issues, thousands are expected at 12th and market outside the ho expected to discuss a host of issand president trump arrives. philadelphia police and foot and bike patrols expand across the area. >> what happened down in washington d.c. we would westbound remised if we didn't get our people out there. there will be a significant presence particularly tomorrow. >> reporter: the grid surrounding the hotel will be shut down by 6:00 a.m., secret service will limit pedestrian
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traffic. septa routes will be detoured and 1st street stops will be closed. >> it's going to be an area that has a lot of police presence. some people will be directed around that, it will be a fluid situation they will have to be patient. >> reporter: by 8:00 a.m. roads will be closed to vehicular traffic, this afternoon is expected to have a long list of events during the retreat including lurch with president trump. there will be a joint session with the vice president and later at the end of the day a joint session with the prime minister of the united kingdom. in center city, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> president trump sat down with david muir for his post inauguration interview. they discussed a host of hot button topics including his campaign promise to repeal the
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affordable care act. >> we're going to have a better plan and better healthcare, a plan where you can have access to the doctor you want and the plan that you want, we're going to have a much better healthcare plan at much less money. >> trump talked about the letter left for him on the oval office desk by president obama calling it beautiful and well written. new this morning police say an argument over money led to a shooting in the cit fern rock section. officers on patrol heard gunfire and rushed to chew and park avenue. the gunman was in a black dodge durango. the 34-year-old victim was shot in the chest and in critical condition. police in delaware are looking for a gunman who shot at a minivan with small children inside. it happened when jim and
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christina johnson were drive running through through claymont. one bullet shattered the window where their 2-year-old daughter was sitting. >> you don't know when this could be your last moment in life. my daughter just turned two on saturday, i could have lost my daughter. when police responded to the scene they discovered a parked car was struck. >> the gunman was riding in a passing suv. police are piecing together what happened. >> police in delaware county are searching for a man who used a knife to rob a wawa. springfield township police say the man walked into the store last when man went to make asandwich. he jumped behind the counter and took cigarettes, he a box cutter. starting nextednesday private towing companies cannot cars
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from driveways unless ticketed by the agent fi it allows, ppa and septa to coordinate with thi >> nuisance rain today not that much? r: and it should be toward the end of the rush hour. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing it is starting to streak in south ofdelphia. chester county, picking up a little bit of a light up north and most of it highlighted in lighter shades green, most of it light nuisance rain. slow it morning. looking outside, sky6 live hd coast the wind light. 42 in wilmington, 3 allentown. 37 in reading, 450 in trenton, a little better there. 45 in millville. 46 in cape may. wind very light thisning. tracker 6 handling the rain story. looks like between now and 8:00 a.m., we'll fill in with
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more shower activity. could steadier around the shore, but we can't rule out a pop-up shower around00 a.m. quickly and return sunshine pretty morning and into the afternoon. he lehigh valley, clouds and sun. it will windy later in the day. we're starting out with light windy or calm windy, that will change in the afternoon in particul valley, 52. down the shore windier in the afternoon, high of 46. in philadelphia, we get 1:00 the te 40s later in the afternoon. the west at 25 miles per hour. damp, calm later on drying out more sun comes back but we are going to see the win overnight ton blustery a wind and colder air coming in on the northwest wind, too we'll drop down to tomorrow it will be cooler we'll see the number bounce back tohills
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in the 30s. 55 is today's high, windy in the afternoon. 45 tomorrow, windy and chilly. saturday brisk and colder, high of more o sunday, high of 40. sunday night there could be a snow shower around and spill into monday, 36. we stay in the upper 30s on tuesday and wednesday. no signs ever big snow but colder air is coming back. new on "action news," more evidences there is a riff is christie and new jersey's second in command. a waitress explains how a discussion on politics led to a big tip. looking live on the blue route and the schuylkill expressway, no problems, we have a building fire causing a problem. i'll give you the closure coming up. a trooper at the scene of a crash yes, sir for his partner to get out of the way as the
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tractor-trailer slides across the road. is up next after the break.
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>> new video shows a tractor-trailer sliding across a minnesota highway nearly hitting troopers on the scene of the crash. another trooper saw the truck ann yelled to the trooper to move out of the way the trooper moved just in time. nobody was injured. >> let's turn to karen rogers and see what's going on. >> reporter: good morning, we have showers out there roads are dry. looking live route 100 commerce drive n in from phoenixville orprings. we have a fire in chester
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delaware county. avoid the area of 8th and barclay and stick to fulton street. we've been warning abo closures from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. portions of 13th, market and12 streets for the congressional chester county will see morningon and off by lunch time we'll get sun back, it will be a decent day. 43 degrees mild, heading up to 55. as the sun comes out this afternoon, the wind pick up, a little bit of a trade off matt and erin. newly released shows thieves smash into a dick's store in oklahoma. they stole 2 dozen guns worth
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$18,000. a five thousand dollar reward is being offered for an arrest. chris christie stated he thinks kim ga uadanno could handle running the state. she has distanced herself from hertating new jersey can do better during campaign >> new on "action news," a washington d.c. server said three restaurant patrons left her a generous tip and uplifting message. she waited on three men from west texas. they said they were in town for the trump inauguration, at the bottom of their 70-dollar receipt was 450-dollar tip and a note said if everyone shared their kindness and you're
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beautiful smile with each other our country would be different. >> the fact that he saw me as an equal person of value it meant something. >> she said the experience left her with a brand new prospective. goalie steve mason stopped 34 ranger shots for his 31st career shutout. they lost 2-0. the sixers found a way to win without embiid or okafor. their 5th win in the last 6 games. embiid will find out if he has been selectedded as a reserve for the all star game. a rolls out of control in a crash
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s. >> surveillance video captured the scene the suv was driven by a pregnant woman. it started rolling the man ran into the world and stopped it, i don't know how it was a heavy vehicle. the hero who is known as the south side super hero. >> it's amazing he would think he could stop it. >> reporter: good for him. >> all right let's take a look outside, and check the roads showers seeing them in the parts of the region, not here, i-95 in cottman not yet. southbound traffic heading toward center city. we have an accident that just came into us in chester county, north coventry township, police on the scene with that one
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dave. >> reporter: on the bus stop there could be a spotty sprinkle or shower in some cases an umbrella could be a good idea or poncho. not much wind this morning not bad if you're prepared for the shower. if you're running errands, looks good this afternoon especially around noon, we'll be up to 54 degrees we'll get a high of 55 around 1:00 p.m. still holding 51 by 3:00 p.m. later in the afternoon the winds will start to get more and more blustery. i would say late morning until early afternoon is the best time of day to get out there. as we look at conditions at the airport. we're looking at all green aircraft. no major delays, we have snow chicago, o'hare. that's a problem that might have a problem later. in "healthcheck," visitors to the doctors is on the decline for adah.
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boys are twice as likely as girls to go to the doctors for symptoms. doctors prescribed medication 80 percent of the time. there is concern that many is unnecessary and adhd is being overdiagnosed. flu season is in full swing. it's worse in our areas than other parts of the country. philadelphia and allentown have the highs -- highest numbers of confirmed cases. >> reporter: a zoo break a rare panda missing the fugitive sunny, last seen sunday night. zoo officials searching the ground on wednesday with the help of the police department and volunteers. >> they are good at hiding which is good for them, but not so great for people trying to find them.
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it's not the first time the red panda has gotten loose from a zoo. rusty made his own daring escape from the national zoo in washington eevaluating zoo officials -- evading zoo officials for several hours. the reason for they got out? it is a maigd season. -- mating season. that's your "g.m.a." first look, i'm kendis gibson, abc news new york.
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>> welcome back 5:25, thursday, morning, you're taking a live look at the philadelphia international airport. right now it is 43 degrees, it is the end of january another mild day ahead but don't get used to it, normal temperatures are on their way in the next few days matt. >> winter continues. those who worked with tv icon mary tylor moore are remembering her this morning. she revolutionized the way women were portrayed and seen in the 1970s. she played a single woman working as a news producer in mary tylor moore show. she rocked on dick vandyke show.
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dick vandyke and carl reiner offered their words. >> she was who she you saw. >> more won two emmy awards and earned an oscar nomination for ordinary people. scarlet escrow hanson -- scarlet johansson is calling it quits with her second husband. she was previously vowsly married to actor ryan reynolds. >> madonna is denying she is seeking to adopt two more children from malawi. she was in malawi to do charity
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work. a spokesman said she went before a high court judge to file adoption papers. she has two children adopted from malawi. federal agencies seize a yacht, car and more from a pennsylvania woman accused of stealing from her employer. folks from new jersey may have to use new numbers to make calls. that's coming up next on "action news." gcu is the university that never sleeps. moving at the speed of light. and now, gcu is leading in the area of computer science and it. join the most inventive concept in education today. find your purpose at grand canyon university.
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now on "action news," philadelphia perhaps for president trump road closures and travel restrictions go into effect in a matter of minutes. >> the presidential visit is being met by protest as president trump takes quick action on topics during his first day of office. good morning everyone, 5:30 january 26, tamala edwards is off along with david murphy
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and karen rogers and erin o'hern. >> reporter: our northern and western suburbs are picking up shower activity. there's more shower activity out to the west. this will be ending after the rush hour. 43 degrees in allentown. 45 as you step outside in trenton. 42 in wilmington. i have a fellow on facebook saying it's milder than it was going to feel. it is feeling mild because we have calm winds. a little on the
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