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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 27, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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for the first time since taking office president donald trump hosted a foreign leader at the white house. meeting were it british prime minister theresa may discussing foreign policy and trade. >> today's talks i think were significant moment for president trump and i to build our relationship. >> reporter: president trump working on his relationship with another ally, saying he talked on the phone with mexico's president for an hour a day after presiden. >> i will say that we had a very good call and we are going to be working on a fair relationship and a new relationship. >> reporter: relationships were an ongoing theme of mr. trump's first news conference as president as he discussed plans to talk for the first time with russia's president vladimir putin by phone saturday. >> as far as again putin and russia, i don't say good bad or indifferent. i don't know the gentleman. i hope we have a fantastic relationship. >> reporter: also making no
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definitive statement on whether or not the u.s. will reinstate torture as an interrogation tactic saying he'll let defense secretary james mattis make the final decision. >> i happen to feel that it does work. i've been open about that for at a long period of time but i am going with our leaders. >> reporter: and another headline of the day prime minister may said that during their meeting president trump affirmed his commitment to nato saying he's 100 percent behind the alliance. this of course comes after president trump's prior comments calling nato obsolete. live in new york, marci goalez channel6 "action news." brian back to you ist that protests continue here in philadelphiction cam was at 30th steet station as demonstrators gathered while congressional republicans boarded trains back to washington. the leaders were in philadelphia for the their annual gop policy retreat which just wrapped up this morning. vice president mike pence revealed the trump's administration goal of ending
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taxpayer funded abortions today. he made the announcement at the march for life held every year in washington to protest abortion. it's the first time a sitting vice president has spoken at that event in its 44 year history. the vice president accused the supreme court of turning away from one of america's inalienable rights life when it legalized abortion in 1973. >> and that's why next week president donald trump will announce a supreme court nominee who will u god given liberties enshrined in our constitution in the tradition of the late and great justice antonin scalia. >> president trump has said he will announce his supreme court pick next week. >> ♪ >> we've got breaking news to get to here at 4 o'clock. philadelphia police are investigating a report of a shooting in kensington. chopper6 is flying live now over the scene at amber and monmouth streets where you can see the police activity. at least one person was shot
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there and injured. police took the victim to episcopal hospital. no word if they are looking for a suspect as we get more information of course we'll pass it along. more breakin breaking news f delaware county. first the scene a serious crash in aston township. now, this crash happened around 3:30 this afternoon. at least one person was pulled fromly a car but they to not appear to be seriously injured. police are investigating what caused the crash. well, a week after the delaware river turnpike bridge was shut down, emergency repairs have now under way. crews are planning to install several 80-foot support towers to help relieve the stress that was caused by a crack in a steel beam. authorities closed the bridge last friday when the crack was discovered during an inspection. tens of thousands of vehicles normally use this bridge each day which connects burlington, new jersey, and bristol
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pennsylvania. more details in a live report on the repairs at 5:00 there we turn our attention to the accuweather forecast. the wind made itpretty chil outside today. and the action cam even spotted some very light flurries along city avenue in wynnefield. >> but meteorologist adam joseph is staying warm. he's inside at the pennsylvania convention today. >> checking out this weekend's philadelphia auto show. some hot cars inside that room, adam. >> reporter: yeah, there's exotic cars, traditional cars. you've got your antique cars. 700,000 square feet of the convention center smells like a new car. 700 cars to be exact. 40 manufacturers and yes, in another year with these shiny mobiles for you all to check out. and you know what it's dry the in here, feeling dry outside but we've had some of those flurries as you mentioned. as we take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan some of these snow showers and
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flurries breaking away from the great lakes with those strong winds out of the west-northwest. a flake here or there but not sticking on the ground. as we take a look at the midatlantic wind chills with those winds and the clouds dam it felt very chilly, only in the 30's across-the-board at this point in the midatlantic you have to go west of pittsburgh where wind chills are in the 20's. as were he go through the evening hours and overnight at 10 o'clock philadelphia feeling closer to and 27 degrees, near 24 in allentown, 27 along the coast. and as we go into the morning hours of your saturday 25 in philadelphia allentown 22, reading around 22 and still 20's even along the shore line so it is a very brisk and cold start to the weekend as well but it does remain on the dry side. i have so much to show you guys down here. it's kind of exciting. the first year that some cars from movies are in the pennsylvania convention cente
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center. the jeep drive is popular. it's a new course you want to check out. we'll take a look at a car i'll be driving tonight for that plaque tie event. just here's a hint. i've got to wear a mask for it. if you've been on my twitter page you know what i'm talking about. >> they let him drive a car? adam thank youly. >> police in west goshen township investigating a robbery at a rite-aid store early this morning. surveillance video shows the suspect walk into the pharmacy just before 7:00 a.m. on phoenixville pike. the gunman confronted the employee and attacked him. the suspect then forced him to open the safe. rite-aid is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of that suspect. >> a philadelphia police officer was injured when his cruiser collided with another car. the officer suffered injuries to his head back and neck. at last check he was lifted in stable condition. the crash happened around 2:30
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this morning at 26th street and girard avenue in brewerytown. no word if the driver of the other vehicle was hurt or what caused the crash. >> the philadelphia school district has $1 billion to help make much needed repairs to some of the district's schools but it's not enough. nearly 75 percent of the schools in the district need some. kind of repairs. "action news" reporter vernon odom now live at school district headquarters in spring garden and vern, you've got the story here. >> reporter: good afternoon brian. this old school district keeps on trucking despite funding problems that have persisted for decades. the district has now however prepared a mammoth list of buildings that need repairs and new appliances. >> ♪ >> reporter: this afternoon music students at dunbar elementary go through their lessons much it's a great school in north philadelphia but the building is now 85 years old. it has its physical problems. namely a leaky roof which
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frequently disrupts classes when there's a heavy rain. the school district showed off the puddles on the roof today. to emphasize the need for billions of dollars to repair old buildings across the district more than 300 facilities. >> we lost a computer once because it leaked on the computer. you can't anticipate when it's going to happen. we've lost instruction materials, students' materials. bulletin boards have been ruined. >> reporter: the district not so long ago a fiscal basket case now has over a billion dollars to spend on building improvements but they would need over 3 billion more over 10 years to outfit the entire district with new furnaces air conditioning and new rooftops. the comprehensive study shows that more than a quarter of the district's facilities arely in state of good repair. but they documented over 12,000 outstanding repairs district wide that need attention. the district has a list of needs and priorities but needs much more in state or federal or private funding to make it happen. >> we know where to spend it. we know what the highest
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priority is. we know what the highest needs are and then when we do make that spend we now have kind of complex system that will say when you put this money in, here's what it does in terms of the facility condition. >> reporter: now, sharrie, are district officials hope all the talk from president trump about money for the infrastructure of the nation will mean more funding for philadelphia and its school district. live in spring garden, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news." >> vern, thank you. the 30 year traditional manayunk bike race will not be happening this year. the city announced they do not have enough sponsors or funding to allow the cycling race to happen in 2017. it cost around $1 million to host this event. cyclists have been taking part in the long running competition since 1985. coming up in the next half hour we will have more on the
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city's efforts to try and keep the race going and how it cop impact local businesses. progress is being made on repairing the massive sinkhole that opened up in that glenside. a boil water advisory for people who live near the 700 block of brook road has been lifted. this was the view of the hole from chopper6 this morning and you can see the huge hole is completely filled with cement and crushed stone now. the earth caved in in wednesday morning swallowing up part of the road o-the sidewalk and also a front yard. still no word on what caused the sinkhole to happen in the first place. >> of course it's been quite an ordeal for all the folks who live in that area. it's time for ally first check of the traffic report. >> lets go live to gina gannon. >> a problem on the schuylkill expressway off to the shoulder. it's not going to be block pentagon the road but it is causing big delays.
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this is on the westbound side at montgomery drive. the the eastbound side is seeing a greater delay, 34 minutes between the blue route up to the vine and if you're traveling westbound it's taking you 25 minutes between the vine out to the blue route but this could be an issue as folks are stopping to see what's happening so again off to the side of the roadwaylying montgomery drive on the schuylkill expressway westbound. let's take you to the big picture. delays on 95. watch yourself there. that's on the northbound side. were he have a movie shoot in center city philadelphia and an issue on race street so if you are traveling out into center city here's what's happening. we have closures because of your p movie shoot on j.f.k. boulevard between 15th and 20th street as well as market street between 20th and 15 so that the kevin hart film so he should be hopefully in that army police activity in olde city on race street between chestnut and columbus boulevard so major police presence in general vicinity. just give yourself more time. brian. >> some young parents getting more of the support they need to raise their children and
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finish school. the action cam was at olney charter high school as they cut the ribbon on this brand new childcare center. the new initiative gives students and employees access to reliable and secure childcare during school hours but to take advantage of this program students must maintain consistent daily attendance in their classes. >> still ad had, it's freebie friday and there are several places giving away free food. find out how you can fill tup all for free. >> plus, pennsylvania governor tom wolf gives an update on his health nearly a year after his cancer diagnosis. >> and the popular teen clothing store is shutting down more than 100 of its stores including locations in the delaware valley.
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>> ♪ >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf has been given app clean bill of health a year after
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battling prostate cancer. the governor made that announcement today after undergoing treatment while continuing to work. the governor's cancer was treatable because it was detected early during a routine screening. wolf is encouraging ally pennsylvanians to get regular checkups. [applause] >> former president george h.w. bush is expected to be released from the hospital in the next few days. a spokesman says president bush is eagerly anticipating going home over the weekend on monday at the very latest unless there is a change in his condition. he was admitted to houston methodist and diagnosed with pneumonia last week. >> another clothing to are is shutting down all of its stores and laying off hundreds of employees in the process. wet seal sent a letter to employees to their california headquarters telling them about their closures. the company is shuttering more than one 70's stores. wet seal has been struggling since filing for bankruptcy back in 2015. early this month the limited
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announced they too are shutting down all of their stores. america had another year of slow growth. the u.s. economy grew at annual rate of 1.6 percent in 2016, the slowest pace of growth since 2011. economists say it reflects how slow the recovery has been for many americans since the great recession which ended back in 2009. despite the slow growth america as in fact grown for seven straight years. speaking of numbers and the economy, this is how stocks faired on wall street and the work week the dow tumbling just a little bit. the nasdaq on the rise. s & p 500 falling less than two points on the daily. >> time now for another check of the accuweather forecast. >> as we head into the weekend meteorologist adam joseph live at the philadelphia auto show the pennsylvania convention center. hey, adam. >> so much fun around here its really great looking the the cars whether they're your traditional cars or like the
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benz or mercedes or many the classic cars like you have back here. but tonight it is the black tie tailgate gala benefiting chop and we're hosting it tonight. karen rogers ducis as well as melissa magee and myself and we all built our own pine box derby cars. if you've ever seen them, this is kind of a boy scout thing back in the day. i was a boy scout i made one way back. we'll be racing them on the show that will be airing tomorrow night that you'll have to check out. it will be something like this as they go down and race and you hope your car is number one to pass the lane that were at 2.9 seconds and i'm hoping i can take the trophy home tonight. we'll have a loot of fun down here and this is a whole week event as you know. as we take a look at the forecast, as you step outdoors it's a bit on the chilly side today, those winds once again whipping around the region. it's down today a little bit gusts right now in allentown of 29 miles an hour, the same for philadelphia. 30 in dover and 24 miles an
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hour in atlantic city. wind chills 32. that's all it feels right now in philadelphia. kind of a far cry from the 50's we had just a few days ago. 30 in allentown and reading and feels like the freezing point in millville. satellite and radar again a lot of clouds erupting after some of that morning sunshine. you see some of those snow showers and flurries kind of breaking their way from the great lakes. again, a flurry or two but not going to amount to all that much. as we take a look at the forecast for tonight brisk and chilly an early flurry 28 in the suburbs to 31 degrees for center city, 33 degrees at the coast so those winds do stay up just a little bit. wind chill tracker here, westerly winds for your saturday 10 to 20 miles an hour under mostly cloudy skies, so once again, it's going to be kind of a really cold late january type of day. wind chills between seven and 9:00 a.m. in the 20's. after that no better than 35 degrees in the middle part of the day. so, it's cold at home.
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same thing for the poconos. if you're heading up there it's good because they can make some snow finally this week. lots of clouds. the ski resorts on saturday 31. same thing for your sunday with a little more sunshine, wind chills staying in the 30's. as we take a look at the exclusive accuweather four day at 4:00 forecast mostly cloudy 40 degrees but wind chills tomorrow only in the 30's. a little more sun on sunday, less wind, 42. colder though on monday a little weak system passes with some flurries at 36 and then then on tuesday maybe a snow shower north of interstate 80 near the lehigh valley and then cloudy otherwise but still a little bit below average with a temperature of 39 degrees. all right, for the first time for the philadelphia international auto show they are bringing movie cars into the convention center. you probably know this one. someone said don't get too close it kind of smells a little bit. this as you know from dumb and dumber. i don't know if you can follow me down this way here, i was kind of teasing you all that i've been posting some pictures on twitter of the car
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that i'll be driving, ducis will be the passenger, he doesn't know that yet, he wants to drive but the bat mobile from the series remember back in 1966, this is a replica but pretty close to it. i've got the mask and everything. so we'll be. doing that tonight at the black tie tailgate gala. they're going to bring this car outdoors for us on market street drive it up and you'll get to see that tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. right here on channel6. guys, what do you think? kind of a sweet -- i remember watching this series or at least the reruns back in the day and this is a.m. pretty mean looking vehicle. >> yes, great looking car. i love the one from dumb and dumber, too. i would love to drive that. >> both attention getters no doubt. >> be sure to tune into 6abc tomorrow night for a one hour special of the philadelphia auto show. we'll take you inside the latest vehicle and auto technology showcased at the pennsylvania convention center and that's tomorrow night at
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7 o'clock. >> changes are coming to philadelphia's please touch museum. see what it means for your next visit. >> and attempts to rescue an exotic bird in delaware are now under way. why the other than thinks time is running out t -- owner thinks time is running out to save this bird.
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>> ♪ >> philadelphia's please touch museum unveiled its new strategic vision for the future today. museum leaders say the organization will put more emphasis on early childhood development and education while still giving kids a fun experience. they're working to create a multiyear exhibition plan to help carry out this new mission. today's announcement comes nearly a year after the please touch museum exited bankruptcy. >> rescue efforts under way to save an exotic bird that escaped from its owner's home in delaware. over the past week several people have been trying to capture the pet macaw in wilmington. the four-year-old parrot was spotted near springer school.
4:26 pm
the bird's owner is worried that the board will die in the cold temperatures top night. >> he's going to be with me the rest of my life and now this has happened h and now i think i'm going to lose him. >> rescuers have tried to help but every time they get close, the bird flies away. officials with zoo in southern delaware are on the way to try to help capture the bird. unique program for kids is expanding into south jersey. big brothers big sister its kicked off its first workplace mentoring initiative t it's called beyond school walls and the organization already has that program in philadelphia. littles get a chance to spend the day with their bigs at work to see how adult life on the job really works. the students are from lawnside school in camden and they spent the day with employees at holman enterprise. >> still to come on "action news" at 4:00 the philadelphia international cycling classic won't be winding through
4:27 pm
manayunk this year. what made officials put the brakes on the annual bike race. >> plus it's the only twitter patel where everyone wins by the nation's zoos are engaged in a vicious yet adorable tweet-off coming up.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> hello again. 4:30 now and "action news"
4:29 pm
continues with a delicious edition of freebie friday featuring free wine and cheese, free burgers with cheese. >> plus, speaking of freebies if you're planning a trip to france any time soon, don't expect a free refill at the soda fountain. the country just made it illegal to top off your pop without paying. >> later pet playlists. if you just can't get your canine to calm down you're probably not playing them the right tunes. coming up we'll reveal what genre of music man's best friend really previous. >> but we begin 4:30 with the end of an annual tradition in manayunk at least for now. this year cycling enthusiasts will not get to see elite athletes spinning their wheels up the famous wall. the philadelphia international cycling classic has been canceled. "action news"'s gray hall live now in manayunk to explain what happened and if the race will ever return. >> reporter: hi, gray. >> reporter: hi, sharrie. the big event was scheduled to
4:30 pm
happen june 4th. now as you mentioned it is a no go. organizers say they don't have enough funding. bike enthusiasts were given a big letdown this year many were not happy to hear the news that the 2017 philadelphia international cycling classic had been called off. >> we're all disappointed down here in manayunk we need as much help as possible. >> reporter: the city released a statement saying regrettablely we were not able to find enough sponsors interested in covering the 1 million-dollar cost of the bike race to host it this year. >> not having it is terrible. it's bad for the businesses and it's bad for the community. it's good for the traffic but that's about. >> reporter: the tradition has been around for 30 years known for its intensely challenging climb up the manayunk wall. fans participants and those in the community say and calling offer the event leaves a void in the area. >> a lot of things are always going out of business and things like that but the thing
4:31 pm
that keeps manayunk together are these events such as the bike rages the manayunk development corporation says the cancellation came as no surprise. the group says the city did everything it could to save the race but adds there was just not must have money to and cover the rising events costs as a result of heightened security demands. in a statement the corporation says it is our greatest hope that we can bring the race back to manayunk next year but we will need greater support from corporations, foundations, philanthropists and even individuals who have loved and attended the race every year. >> cycling team is definitely very strong. i'm sure by the end of today i'll answer a few e-mails amongst other shops through bicycle companies and hopefully somebody can get this going even if it's just manayunk only. i'm sure something can be done. >> reporter: we should mention that something similar happened in 2013. eventually the money was raised and the race happened. a lot of folks hoping the same will happen this year and the race is that able to be saved. live in manayunk, gray hall channel6 "action news." the sharrie. >> all right, gray, thank you.
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an accident involving a dump truck closed off a street in manayunk this afternoon. the truck overturned along the 4100 block larising street spilling its load along the sidewalk. though the driver was not hurt it took crews quite some time to clean up the mess. the ask the is still under investigation right now. >> new castle county firefighters attled a blaze in newark today. the fire sparked about two. ooh 30 in a small home on the 600 block of south old baltimore pike. crews got the upper hand on this within about an hour and there were no reports of in it injuries. the trial against a philadelphia police officer accused of encouraging her children top fight got under way today. tamika gross is charged with child endangerment and assault after prosecutors say she prodded her teenage son and daughter to get in fights with other children even allegedly getting involved in some of those fights herself of the the alleged incidents date back to 2012. officer gross was arrested back in 2014. >> a montgomery county woman is facing four decades behind
4:33 pm
bars accused of selling a fatal dose of heroin. 26-year-old julie parker has been charged with drug delivery resulting in death which is a criminal homicide charge. hatfield township police say the lansdale woman supplied 22-year-old isabella lowry with a combination of heroin and the powerful drug fentanyl back in november. lowry died of an overdose later that day. parker faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted. officials at the salem medical professional building is trying to figure out if any medical record were damaged in an overnight fire. flames burned through the roof of the office building on bypass road in mannington township around 4:00 a.m. the fire started on the second floor but quickly spread. investigators say they're still trying to determine if foul play was involved. >> well, zzz is often bill he would as the nonhabit forming
4:34 pm
sleep aids but now consumer reports has a warning for in it june relies on that to get to bed. rick williams live with the details. >> reporter: that's right. the group took a closer look at exactly what's on the label. here's what they found out. turns out the products carrying the exact same main ingredient also carrying warnings you want to know about. health reporter ali gorman breaks down the list and what you need to know tonight coming up in health check. plus. >> ♪ >> reporter: remembering mary tyler moore. the touching tribute to the legendary actress in the same city she helped put on the map back in the 1970's. those attorneys much more coming up tonight on "action news" at 5 o'clock. until then back to the studio and brian we'll see you later. >> yeah, lot to celebrate in that life there. rick thank that you. a proposal to help child abuse victims is still awaiting ing vote in the
4:35 pm
senate. the legislation would extend the statute of limitations for child abuse victims. the house bill failed to get a final vote back in the senate in october. supporters have vowed to bring back this issue this year. >> they answered a call to service and today several members of the philadelphia fire department were moved up the ladder. fire commissioner adam thiel led the special gathering held at the fire training academy in the northeast. more than 40 men and women were and promoted in the department. family and friends were there to cheer them on. the commissioner also presented two heroism awards and eight letters of appreciation to individuals who went above the call of duty. >> well as we have been telling you here today the philadelphia auto show is revving up this weekend and as is tradition the event is kicking off in style. >> yup, a black tie tailgate is about to get under way at the philadelphia convention center and that's where we and find our very own meteorologist adam joseph.
4:36 pm
hey, adam. >> oh. sorry, guys. >> yeah, you. >> distracted by these shiny cars. checking things out as i'm walking down the paved carpet roadway here so to speak in the convention center as we mentioned nearly 12 football fields of brand new cars in here and the one thing they did again this year that they do every single year they shut the horns offerin off, the one . i found the best vehicle. the number one vehicle here of course is the "action news" they're all shiny and new and bright and when you go outside you still get a little salt on the roads. as we take a look speaking of the outdoors a bit on the chilly side today feeling like winter. in fact with our wind gusts today still at 32 miles an hour in philadelphia, ally town 33, 33 in trenton, same for wilmington and atlantic city your peak wind gusts of 35. as we take a look at the u.s. wind chills especially east of the rockies, winter starting
4:37 pm
to take over the map once again. it kind of was absent through much of this month but it feels like 32 in philadelphia right now, 25 in cincinnati, 13 in chicago. and 42 in memphis even new orleans right now just 53 degrees is how it feels. so your headlines, it will be a breezy weekend, feeling like winter which it should at this point, right? but there are no big storms in that seven-day forecast. there's a chance for app a coupe of snow showers many we'll let you you know how chilly it is going to get with that seven-day forecast and coming up guys we'll bring you to the cars that we all tend to dream of, you know like the lamborghinis and the bentleys and those type of cars. we'll check those out and also they're starting to set up for dinner tonight for the black tie tailgate gala. no previews for me. i can't taste test unfortunately but believe me it's going to be a party and you'll see it tomorrow night here at 7:00 p.m. on channel6. guys, we have that seven day coming up in jus just a little
4:38 pm
bit. >> call them anti-bark beasts. researchers reveal the style of music that puts man's best friend at ease. >> and we may have the soda tax in philadelphia but in france they have the soda police t what's now illegal to do with your drink. >> plus, this is the twitter battle we can all get behind. why the nation's zoos are duking it out for the title of cutest animal online. >> and meteorologist adam joseph will be back with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 on a friday continues. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> flames shot out of a florida hotel last night. officials say the tam pap marriott is heavily damaged from the three alarm blaze. it broke out while crews were doing some roofing work at the 27 story building. hundreds of guests were forced out of their rooms but they were allowed back inside about an hour later. >> ♪
4:41 pm
on health check today at 4:00 if you have a dog that won't stop barking, you might want to dig out your bob marley records. according to researchers at the scottish spca and the university of glasgow dogs relax when they listen to reggae music. apparently the hypnotic rhythms of the jamaican beats have a positive effect on a canine's mood sorage ga so, regy like. >> reggae works for all of us. over here at the big board now, with the big talkers today. a crackdown on calories overseas. as of today it is illegal for restaurants in france to offer free refills of soda. and other sugary drinks. the move impacts hotels and catering facilities with self service fountains. the new law is the country's latest attempt to fight
4:42 pm
obesity. france has the lowest rates of obese adults. numbers are gradually on the rise. the government says businesses who defy this rule face prosecution but have not yet said what the penalty might be. all right, now tom a culinary concoction that would very likely be banned there in france. allow us to introduce us to the o hoagie's sinfully delicious cousin the zoagie deep fried hoagie roll then comes chicken fish shrimp or cab or combination of all of them. why not. it is finished with a mix of special sauces lettuce tomato the unique take on this tri-state classic is the brainchild of salem native ezel barns. as of now you can only find this at barns' food truck which is parked near the sunoco station on route 49 in pennsville. you'll get to meet him in person coming up at 5:30 tonight.
4:43 pm
all right, now to a competition that's frankly pretty impossible to choose a winner of. zoo's and aquariums across the country have been sharing photos of their adorable animals on twitter in what's being billed as #cute animal tweet off a started when it smithsonian zoo announced the birth of their new gray seal pup. not to be outdone the philadelphia zoo put this up, some of the cutest residents on blast like the baby gorilla imani using #mic drop and then this one writing cute animal tweet judgment can't handle the red panda cuteness. find this cutie at the elmwood park zoo in norristown which tweeted excuse me, can i get in on this too. this is perdue the. the cincinnati zoo showed off a cozy cheetah cub. there's the tiny little deer and who says you have to be tiny to be cute because the toronto zoo tweeter out --
4:44 pm
there's the tiger. my goodness. the tiger tweeted out a picture of a pretty big guy wrighting i hear someone started a party without me. and you don't want to make that guy mad. and finally even though they're not a zoo the fairfax county police force had to get in on the battle tweeting this picture of juneau which is their new bloodhound pup. can you possibly pick a winner. >> no. it's cute all over the place. a tweetoff between the animals. let's get another check of the roads this friday. gina standing by for us with the upday. hi, gina. >> hi, sharrie. i still have that zoagie on my and mind. here's a look at 95. we had an earlier medical emergency northbound around girard. that's why we're seeing delays just past the vine street expressway so 95 northbound now our delays reaching back to front street so give yourself time. northbound about 24 minutes between the vine and woodhaven. southbound just about 18. let's take a look at the big picture. we have a movie being shot in
4:45 pm
center city philadelphia so that could slow you down as well as police activity in olde city but you can see because of our delayed -- our earlier accident on 95 we're seeing 17 miles per hour speeds, 76 is crowded as well as the blue route. here's a live look for you if you're heading out on the vine street expressway. your taillights are traveling westbound approaching 76 you're definitely tapping the brakes there and you're pretty much jammed the whole way on that eastbound side out to 95 and you know what's happening on 95 so expect delays there as well and if you're heading out onto the roosevelt boulevard up and over the boulevard extension northbound very heavy from 76 really now out through to broad street and then if you're heading out on the southbound side you're delayed just proaching 76. let's take you onto the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension. a disabled vehicle out here northbound just past the pennsylvania turnpike and getting word that's blocking the center lane so definitely a problem if that's where you're traveling this evening. in jenkintown look out for downed wires between easton road and briarwood road.
4:46 pm
don't forget we still have police activity on race street between chestnut and columbus boulevard, so definitely an issue there. brian and sharrie i'll send it right back over. >> all right, gina, thank you. now stepping outside with sky6 hd looking live in atlantic city. >> beautiful shot out there tonight. you can see the sun setting behind those rather ominous clouds. adam joseph with details on what those clouds are bringing our way coming up next. >> ♪
4:47 pm
legendary chef jacques pepin is taking you food shopping! >> i love that you saved a couple of buckings for some beer. >> announcer: plus one price will burger, next rachael! ♪
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>> ♪ly. >> time for the accuweather forecast and meteorologist adam joseph pulling a bit of double duty would you say, line. >> yeah. what is that? >> hey, bought a new car. what do you think? it even has my name on it. >> fancy ride. >> i bought a new car. >> the best part about it you can't take that many
4:49 pm
passengers and it's cheap on fuel as well. this convention center is that pretty spectacular. i mean you have your cars that make you when you look at the price tag go, ouch. that's these babies right here. the bentleys, the lamborghinis. they're shiny, they're bright, they're great but then you also have some of the other cars that have kind of this electrifying color to them that make you go wow. so, i mean, a whole variety of things that you can check out here again over 700 vehicles with 40 different manufacturers and the best thing about it all, you don't have the pressure of having to buy them. you can check them out and not have to worry about someone saying sign this piece of paper. take a look at the forecast. up there it's been pretty chilly its nice and warm in here h the cars they don't have any rain spots on them or some of that salt from the road ways as we take a look at some of the winds right now, they've been pretty breezy so temperature-wise 41 in philadelphia, millville, 42 in wilmington, 41 in dover, 40 in cape may, 39 right now in trenton but again, you factor
4:50 pm
in the wind and that's what pulls these numbers down by at least 10 degrees or so. 30 right now is what it feels like in allentown, 32 philadelphia, millville, 36 in cape may. 33 in beach haven and just 19 in the poconos. as we take a look at satellite and radar we had sunshine earlier this morning. there we could see that erupted with some of that cloud cover, a few scattered rain or snow showers around the region, so if you saw a flake maybe scratch your eyes and said was that what i thought it was, yes, it was. as we look at the forecast for tonight though, our low is going to drop down to 31 degrees. that would be the first time temperatures are dropping below freezing since januar january 16th where the normal low this time of 82er should be 26. even though it hasn't been that cold and that long t's still above normal and no snow as well. as we take a look at the map for tomorrow, mostly cloudy, winds out of the west 10 to 20 miles an hour. your air temperatures in philadelphia tomorrow 40, 41 degrees millville, 40 in
4:51 pm
atlantic city, upper 30's to the north and west even trenton 39. but again it's those and winds that will make it feel a lot colder than that. in fact 35 for philadelphia and wilmington, 32 trenton, there 91 allentown and a -- 31 in allentown. on sunday pretty similar numbers here as you can see. 35 as wellly in philadelphia, 30 allentown and reading and even some areas like the poconos just in the teens and below freezing for allentown reading as well as lancaster. that exclusive accuweather goino notice a bit of a chill here, something we haven't really felt in that seven days, temperatures staying in the 40's but wind chills in the 30's the next couple of days. a flurry or two on monday as more colder air comes in as the system kind of skirts to our south and then develops a coastal storm off shore. not a big deal at this point but 36 degrees and then a snow shower northern areas on tuesday. otherwise cloudy chilly 39. clouds, some sun on wednesday, 42 and then more colder air
4:52 pm
comes in on the second of february on thursday and then it's sunny but cold on friday with temperatures in the upper 30's. all right, so i got my own ride here and i got my -- my buddy, mr. photographer there, videographer, his enraged you guys ready to go? let's show these folks some of the pennsylvania convention center and the auto show. we'll go on these golf carts, maybe go five, 10 miles an hour as we zoom by and look at all the different cars and again you can take your pick. you can look at your dream cars. you can look at the cars that are a little more realistic. also the movie cars for the first time this year that are here so like the bat mobile as well as -- i think there's also back to the future as well as jurassic park the jeep. you can check that out. brian and sharrie as we and continue to roam through the convention center here hopefully you can pick your car and remember it's all week long and that black tie tailgate party is tonight and you'll see it tomorrow night
4:53 pm
on channel6 right here at 7:00 p.m. >> all right. >> what do you think guys. >> i always want the cars that i can't afford. >> see ya'. >> that's how it works. you're right about it. freebie friday coming up next. >> something free.
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>> ♪ >> we made it to the end of the work week. why not reward ourselves with a few treats that are 100 percent off. first up free food in celebration of the new mobile ordering app shake shack offering first time users a free single shack burger just enter the code shack appy to get one of their cheese burgers. speaking of the cheese the market and shops at comcast center hosting a free wine and cheese night on tuesday. the event features a variety of international and local wines. cheese platters from dibruno
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brothers plus wine inspired crafts plus a photo booth. >> more food if you visit panda express tomorrow you can pick up a red envelope in celebration of chinese new year. the envelopes contain coupons for a free firecracker chicken breast entree and a dr. peppe dr. pepper. this is a flashback freebie. jazz exercise offering free exercise classes for young ladies ages 16 to 21 all year long. to find a location and details on all of the deals that we've mentioned today, go to our web site >> finally at 4 o'clock today a local hospital is wishing a very happy birthday to one of its most dedicated staff members. today sydney the therapy dog turns six. he normally spends his time visiting patients at moss rehab but today he had a chance to enjoy app party in his honor, his human colleagues in olney gave him plenty of treats and extra back rubs to celebrate all the work he does and the the joy he brings everywhere he goes.
4:57 pm
so a big happy birthday to you, sydney. >> yeah, party well deserved. that will do it for "action news" at four. for brian taff alicia vitarelli adam joseph i'm sharrie williams. join me along with brian adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> we'll see you tonight. in the meantime here are rick and monica with a look at what's next at 5:00. >> thank you. >> hi guys. >> coming up next, the 80-foot tall solution to a major headache for commuters trying to cross between the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpikes. also president trump wraps up his first week in office with a high profile visit from another high profile leader. >> those stories and more coming your way next at 5:00. >> ♪
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4:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> it has been a major headache for commuters trying to cross the delaware between bucks and burlington counties. the delaware river bridge is that closed until further notice because of a crack on the under side. tonight there is an 80-foot tall solution. friday night the big story on "action news" it's the progress being made to fix
5:00 pm
that vital link between the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpikes. >> "action news" reporter bob brooks is live in bristol township tonight with the new developments. bob. >> reporter: monica and rick, eight 80-foot tall solutions to be exact. they're towers that are going to be used to prop up the bridge. take a look behind me. you can see the lights are on, construction is under way as the work continues to figure out a way to fix the bridge. it's been one full week now in the i276 delaware river turnpike bridge is still closed. unfortunately we continue to hear about how this not only is causing major commuter headaches but also a loss of money. >> my job is -- we have to either go out of our way to trenton or we have to go down into philly. either way it's costing a lot more money time and gas. >> reporter: today we got an update in process to have it reopened. eight 80-foot towers like these will be placed under the bridge and needs to be propped up to go on it to work.


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