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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  January 29, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> san francisco to here in philadelphia call for an end for donald trump's travel band for seven muslim countries. two sisters are killed by a hit-and-run driver near their philadelphia home there is an arrest in this case. >> the flu outbreak sevens to 37 states, we'll tell you what's changing this year. >> pleasant good morning to you, sunday, morning, 6:00 a.m.,
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look there at the commodore barry bridge, chris sowers is here track trag -- tracking accuweather. >> someone is happy, there's snow out there. >> reporter: it's not in the city, it's south and east. it's a cold morning, quiet morning we have clouds upstairs, tempts in the mid 30s, so we have a wind windchill. 33 is the air temperature. 32 in allentown. poconos, 26. millville, 32. trenton, 31, cape may, 36 degrees. satellite and radar, so we're quiet along the eastern seaboard this morning, we have a disturbance pushing through the great lake states this will form a small area of low pressure around charleston, that will skirt on by to the south, just close enough to provide parts of the area overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. the day planner looks like,
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we'll see more in the way of sunshine than what we saw yesterday, combination of sun and clouds, high temperatures 43. windchills making it feel like the mid 30s, when i come back in just a few minutes we'll talk about the winter weather advisory in effect there will be slippery roads tomorrow morning, it turns colder in the seven-day forecast, all coming up in ten minutes. >> time, 6:02. developing this morning, a teenage girl and 10-year-old sister are dead this morning, they were struck by a hit-and-run driver on the boulevard. police say that the driver left the scene in a jeep from the southbound lanes of the boulevard at large street in the oxford circle section. his wife was a passenger with him when it happened before midnight. a short time later, the driver returned and was arrested. else being tested for dui. the man's wife was not under arrest. the sister 19 and 10 years old lived on large street.
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from our delaware newsroom. the search continues for a driver who crashed at new castle. the victim was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. [. >> from coast to coast, scenes like this one played out at major airports where crowds protested against the ban on refugees from seven muslim majority country. many chanted let them in. in the middle of the night, a small victory for the crowds. aclu we want to court in new york city and won a temporary victory temporarily barring the u.s. from deporting people in the countries in the travel ban. the department of homeland
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security said that court ruling will not stop president trump's executive order from being carried out. the government has the right to revoke a visa at any time for security reasons. more from -- protests are planned for today. trump enacted a 90 day ban on travel to the u.s. from iraq, iran, syria, and yemen. this affect people who worked with the united states government. >> i have an official visa i have a passport, i work with the u.s. government. when i came here, they said, nope. i break the rules i'll do
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something wrong, it surprised me. >> president trump has said repeatedly his travel ban is not a muslim ban, and touted the executive order that is long overdue. president trump spoke to the reporters about the executive order. >> it's not a muslim ban we're prepared to work it out nicely. you see it all over, it's working out very nicely. we're going to have extreme vetting which we should have had in the country for many years. >> reporter: u.s. will admit refugees on a case-by-case basis during the freeze. >> a family coming to the lehigh valley is caught up in the refugee travel ban. jeanette reyes spoke to the family. >> i am bide beside myself, i'm
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thinking this is a prank. >> reporter: after waiting for years, the family was excited for the family. >> i've been waiting for them for three years. i woke up like at just to go there. >> reporter: but after an 18 hour flight with stops in several countries, the group only walk on american soil for hours before being sent back. the relatives were detained by homeland security and forbidden from making any phone calls saturday of donald trump executive orders banning i immigrants and visa from seven country. backlash from citizens an local election officials was swift with dozens of protesters compressing their outrage at
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philadelphia international airport. >> it's important to me because i am the son of an immigrant. attend des included govenor wolf, congressman bob brady and mayor kenny. in a statement, kenny said by several accounts these families waited months to obtain the proper documentation so they could come to the country legally. trump administration may have given these families a death sentence. >> i'm very proud to be syrian, if you want to kick me out because i'm syrian, you can quick me out, but i'm proud to be american, too. >> reporter: you can expect a fight from the administration up until and after the hearing set for february 21. reporting in philadelphia international airport. jennifer joyce channel 6 "action
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news." >> the travel ban affects legal residence of the u.s. who have green cards, if they are currently traveling out of the country, it could mean they will not be allowed back into the county. princeton university is urging students to delay travel to seven nations. princeton is home to many international students. it wants students to talk to a lawyer before they travel. >> google, apple and other tech giants are expressing anger and anxiety over the ban on immigration. apple tim cook said they have reached out to the white house some of the workers come from the countries under trump's ban. as the travel ban made headlines president trump talked to vladimir putin this weekend. a statement said the call lasts for an hour and focused on
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security issues like defeating isis. a statement from the kremlin addressed restoring mutual beneficial trade and economic ties. trump signed an executive order to work out a strategy to defeat isis. later this morning, you can catch this week on 6abc, host martha raddatz talks to press secretary sean spicer and mitch mcconnell. septa's weekday train times are adjusted and some trains are departing earlier and later than perceives -- previously scheduled. the philadelphia auto show resumes at the pennsylvania convention, going on until next sunday. you can check out hundreds of
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vehicles and get behind the wheel of your dream drive. my could go league, gray hall was here -- colleague, gray hall was there meeting people and signing autographs. >> yesterday it was fun, i got to meet everybody, they were asking for you and asking for chris, they told me to say hello. >> hello. >> the time 6:10, in just a bit a half million cars from one automaker under recall. we have important information that you need to know about. >> the flu reaching new levels. >> two teens helped save a runner when he collapsed. the lesson they are teaching yourself all. >> reporter: it's cold and gray out there this morning, temperatures in the 30s, light snow in the forecast overnight tonight. i'll have the details in just a few minutes.
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>> time for accuweather we're going to ever wintry weather. >> reporter: just a little bit of light snow putting me in a good mood and all the snow lovers putting you in a good mood, as well. here we go, outside, atlantic city, this is an area that will see heavier snow. this is not a big event. some locations a coating, other
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areas an inch or two. we have flurries across the poconos, otherwise most of the region just seeing cloudy skies this morning. cold temperatures we're down to 33 degrees in philadelphia. but with the wind it feels like 28. feels like 26 in allentown. 32 in millville. 31 in trenton. 4 degrees with the wind in atlantic city. here's satellite and radar, you can see the clouds throughout the mid atlantic and the northeast states. a little upper level disturbance swinging through the great lakes. there's a little piece of energy pushing through the appalachian states charleston, west virginia. that's our snow maker, as we get into tomorrow morning. you can see how quickly it passes on by. it takes itself in positions over southern porks of -- portis of the viewing area. overnight tonight, 4:00 a.m., light snows for south jersey and
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delaware. note the line here it's not snowing or doing anything in philadelphia, points north and west, this is a southern system. by 10:00, 11:00 a.m., most of it is offshore, we'll have a combination of sun and clouds. snowfall looks like this, for the first time tomorrow morning, temperatures will drop below freezing in the area. that's why we'll see accumulation down here, nothing big, perhaps a coating to an inch in the gray shaded area, maybe one to two in the pinkish shade, cumberland, atlantic and burlington. the city of philadelphia is not included in the accumulation, neither are the northwestern suburbs of the poconos. expect light snow developing after midnight tonight. it will continue through the morning commute. there will be slippery back roads and sidewalks, balls
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temperatures will drop below the freezing mark. visibility could be reduced to less than a half mile while the snow is coming down. it will end southeast to northwest. wind out of the west at 15 miles per hour. hour by hour, similar, maybe what we saw yesterday, maybe more in the way of sun, 1:00 p.m., 42. 3:00 p.m., 43, a gradual increase in clouds. you see we get into the 40s, but like yesterday with the winds it only feels like the mid 30s today. overnight tonight, mostly cloudy, snow developing after midnight. especially across south jersey and delaware, 23 across the northwestern suburbs, 30 in center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, shows colder temperatures by week's end. 43 today, partly sunny and breeze, light snow for south jersey, perhaps a few flurries, getting sunshine tomorrow afternoon, 39.
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tuesday, rain or snow showers developing, 44. wednesday, partly sunny, 43. here come the colder changes, thursday, friday, saturday, sun and clouds, highs in the 30s. guys. >> okay, chris, thank you so much. 6:17 a.m. beautiful sounds marked a milestone in center city. ♪ >> a lovely sound that is. the philadelphia orchestra took the stage at the academy of music for the 160th anniversary concert and ball celebrating the golden heritage. proceeds from the performance go into the academy of music restoration fund. the year of the roster the seaport on penns landing hosted a party to celebrate the chinese new year. some made chinese lancer and puppets and tried their hands at
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>> a woman accused of throwing a stranger's five-year-old child into the path of a commuter train. police say she grabbed a five-year-old girl whom she did not know and threw her on the tracks. officers arrived and jumped on the tracks to signal the new jersey train to stop. she was arrested. the girl is being treated for cuts and bruises. there are two vehicle recall also you need to know
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about this morning. more than 576,000 vehicles vehicles are being recalled. experts say an electric coolant pump can get blocked with debris there's problems with the sunroof drainage system, there is concern that the water could leak into the foam air bags inflaters and that could lead to a rupture. center for disease control and preference say the flu has reached epidemic levels across the u.s. 37 states are reporting widespread activity. doctors are urging anyone who has not received this season's vaccine to get it as soon as possible.
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get the shot, not the nasal spray because it's not effective in preventing the flu. the vaccines protect against 95% of the flu circulating this season. the flu season runs through march.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 62:34 sunday morning, a winter weather advisory goes into effect in south jersey and delaware overnight tonight, from 3:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. we're looking at a clipper system, they are fast-moving systems that race across the tier states.
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there's one overnight tonight and a second one on tuesday. these are moisture-starved storms, they don't have a chance to drop into the gulf and load up with moisture and come up the eastern seaboard. these are moisture starved storms, this is one come in here tomorrow morning and one tuesday, quick-moving storm, very minor event, very, very light snow. former villanova star turns eagle star. and the sixers >> reporter: sixers get a chance at the final playoff spot. no joel impede.
6:26 am
he will not play they will give him a rest after dropping 32 points. interesting decision to sit impede in chicago as opposed to what's eight stake in resting him against sacramento at home with impede. the future is bright, why risk an injury. wayne simmons said he doesn't want to make a fool of himself. >> there there he is, scoree final challenge. the atlantic division wins, they will face simmons on in the metropolitan division for 3 on 3 all star hockey. is simmons talking to sydney crosby about teaming up. >> i got a chance to talk to
6:27 am
some of the these guys, i've never been to something like this before. >> check this out, celebrity game, former captain, body checks justin bieber in the board. pronger and bieber having fun in the la. bieber, scoring the game winning goal. wildcats are trying to get even against 12th rank virginia after they pete nova last december. >> they plan to have a great coach, great players. >> reporter: up in your face. >> i don't want to say that, but definitely up there. >> reporter: speaking of nova, brian westbrook goes into the hall of fame a little more after a the year after the eagles
6:28 am
inducted them into theirs. he holds 41 school records. >> villanova was a special plates for me, a special place in my heart, and to be a part of the hall of fame, it's a great prestigious university, it means the world for me. >> don't forget the pro bowl today. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a great day. creamy, crunchy, chocolatey, hershey's.
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order place ago travel ban on -- placing a travel ban on seven countries is setting off protests across the nation. a winter weather advisory is in effect for some areas, as we take a live look via, sky6 live hd cape may, new jersey, this could mean a little snow to start off the workweek. meteorologist chris sowers has more in accuweather. a little snow, though, a little. >> reporter: a little snow, as gray mentioned. we're looking at accumulations of generally an inch or two for places like atlantic city, millville, vineland, south and east of philadelphia. philadelphia may see a few flakes, but we're not expecting anything big in the i-95 corridor area. 33 in center city. saint david checking in at 30 degrees, 29 in martins creek, quakertown, 30, warrington, # 1.
6:31 am
south jersey, vineland, 29. gandys beach, 29. villas, 39, hammonton, 32 degrees. it's going to be bluster, we're forecasting a high of 33, with the winds it will feel like the 30s. we'll tell you which area will see accumulating snow and when it ends and the colder numbers in the forecast. >> a federal judge has stepped in delivering a blow to the donald trump's travel ban. the emergency order bars u.s. from dpotting -- deporting people from the ban. the ban spends the u.s. refugee program for four months. we have more on the protests
6:32 am
that came saturday. >> reporter: protesters flocked to airports around the country fighting against the new refugee rule. >> what donald trump did in the last 24 hours, is disgusting, disgraceful. >> reporter: at new york kennedy airport 12 people were detained on authority of the president's order. nine in dallas, one in chicago. hundreds of people overseas have been denied entry to the u.s. this man and his family iraqi refugees were pulled off a u.s.-bound flight. >> i don't know what to do, i sold my house, i quit my job, my wife her job. >> reporter: his family giving the visa because he risked his life working with the u.s. government. >> tomorrow i'm going back to ire rack. i'm in terrible situation. >> reporter: on saturday
6:33 am
mr. trump said the program is off to a good starting point. >> we're prepared to work it out nicely, it's working out very nicely. >> reporter: for this man, an iraqi national detaindz -- detained at jfk, a reprieve. he was released after 19 hours. >> this is the soul of america. >> reporter: saturday night, a federal judge in new york issued a temporary stay preventing detainees from being deported. >> reporter: several members from congress from our area have weighed in on the travel ban. >> when people are in times of terror or prosecution or facing unbelievable horrors, we stood as a beacon of hope and light. >> corey booker is one of several lawmakers going against the oil. charlie dental released the --
6:34 am
charlie dent released a statement calling it unacceptable. bob casey went to international airport to support protesters there. a suspected hit and hit-ann driver is being tested for dui after police say he hit and killed two sisters on the boulevard. the action cam was on the southbound side of the boulevard at large street. the driver kept on going after running into the 10 and 19-year-old before midnight. the suspect was arrested after leaving the scene. the driver's wife was in the jeep with him, she is being questioned and not facing any charges. the action cam was in the somerdale sex of philadelphia, where a car hit a -- somerdale section where a car hit a child. we're told the child is in critical, but stable condition at st. christopher's hospital. no word if any charges will be filed in this case.
6:35 am
a west philadelphia community is speaking out about a grandmother's bravery seconds before a hit-and-run driver took her life on friday night. bob brooks has more from the heartbroken neighborhood. >> reporter: the hunt is on for the driver of this white minivan responsible for slamming into a 48-year-old grandmother carrying her 3-year-old grand son at intersection of 52 and girard. katherine brown was in the neighborhood for a birthday party. >> when the car came, it hit her, she threw her grand baby off, she protected him. >> reporter: we spoke with an eyewitness who saw it unfold as the victim and her grandson were crossing 57th street. >> he was making the light, he wasn't looking up. i figured he was on his phone.
6:36 am
>> reporter: brown lost control of her grand son and dragged down 57th by the minivan. >> me and other neighbors yelled stop but they kept going. >> reporter: police took this surveillance video from the home, she said this is the light minivan as it went speeding by. it's not clear enough to make out a license plate number. there were five other children urntdz the age of 11 that were with the women. >> we ran over to the baby trying to get the baby out of the street. like where's the grandmom, her body was at the end of the brock. 3-year-old grandson is going to be physically okay, the grand mother was pronounce -- grandmother was pronounced shortly after she was hit. fun anything about the fatal accident, call police immediately. candles have been placed in cat
6:37 am
cat -- katherine brown's honor. she was 48 years old. police are looking into a security breach while president trump was here in philadelphia. a woman used counterfeit korea korea -- credentials she impersonated the wife of a congressman. capitol police have not identified the intruder but said she went through the same security checkpoints that aids and others did. >> two teens in south jersey are being hailed as heros. they helped save a man's life. the story of survival is one of beating the odds. "action news" was there as the teens were honored for their quick thinking. >> what they did was tremendous. if you see something say something. >> reporter: 51-year-old daric is grateful to the two teenagers and ems crew for save g --
6:38 am
saving his life. both from regional high school were honored. lake lock a marathon runner, collapsed during a run when he was alone on the afternoon of november 11. mow and jack saw him and rushed to help. >> i saw something out of the corner of my eye. i told my friend to pull over. we went up to him he was unconscious, we called 911 right away. >> a medic was among the first responders. >> a second round of cpr and defib brillation was put -- defibrillation was put on the patient. >> several surgeries later, he was able to to go home thanksgiving day. >> the survivability rate of
6:39 am
out of hospital cardiac arrest which in man suffered is around 10%. >> the message is if you see somebody, and you can help them, try to help them, because it could be you. >> reporter: two teenagers teaching us all a life lesson. sharrie williams channel 6 "action news." >> there's much more to come on "action news," a movie up for best picture oscar, has not one, but two delaware valley guys vying for a golden statue. their mothers is making a promise to alicia vitarelli. >> a local sailor gets a wet welcome home kisses from a pack of pugs. sky6 live hd looking live at the camden waterfront, chris sowers back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. so glad you stayed with us,
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sunday morning, 6:42, 33 degrees, sky6 live hd giving you a glimpse over philadelphia international airport. we got flurries yesterday and you snow lovers there's another chance for snow, right, chris? >> reporter: you're saying it's going to be a weird storm. >> reporter: location is key, especially the area south and east, you'll have an inch on the ground. north and west you won't see a single flake. it depends on the track, it's a small system, just the slightest shift in the track there's a
6:43 am
huge difference what you will see i don't want to tonight and into tomorrow morning. there's the view from city hall camera. we have the clouds overhead once again just like yesterday at this time. we're not seeing the snow flurries, the radars are clear. the snows will hold off until after midnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. 33 degrees, we have not reached 32 since january 16. two weeks since we hit the freezing mark. dewpoint, 26, pressure is holding steady. the winds are light out of the southwest at 6 miles per hour. it's good enough to give you windchill this morning. actual air temperatures are in the low 030s, with the winds it feels like the upper 20s, you'll need to bundle up, you'll need a coat an gloves and hat. temperatures in the 40s. system here passing by the great lakes. our snow maker is that, just a
6:44 am
few rain showers passing by the blue state of kentucky. it will pull off to the northeast, and rounds the bend to a trough that will brush us with light snow overnight tonight. here's future tracker 6. sun an clouds today. very similar to yesterday, with the exception being maybe a little bit more in the way of sunshine, it's a similar day, chilly and dry. after midnight, here comes the light snow overspreading south jersey and delaware, quickly working out to sea by 7:30, most of it is gone pushing out over the open waters. by late morning, skies brighten up and we'll see a combination of sun and clouds, accumulations look like this, north and west, maybe a few flakes, that's about it. city of philadelphia, you're on the edge, let's put a coating in philadelphia, that's about it. mainly confined to south jersey and delaware, the light gray shade for new castle, cumberland, gloucester, camden,
6:45 am
northwestern burlington county, just a coating to an inch. perhaps one to two in the pinkish shade here. it's the shorepoints that will see the snow. what to expect in south jersey and delaware, snow developing after midnight. there will be slippery roads, temperatures will drop below freezing, there will slick spots, some of the back roads will be snow covered tomorrow morning. you need to allow extra time. especially if you live down the shore, visibility will be reduced to less than a half mile. it should end between 9 and 11:00 a.m. the low to mid 40s will feel like the upper 30s with the winds. light snow developing for points south and east. city north and west in the clear for this. millville, below freezing, cape may, 30. philadelphia, 30, on the boards in atlantic city, 30 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, another
6:46 am
clipper system arrives tuesday, so the first one arrives overnight tonight, and into tomorrow, clipper systems are just fast moving systems that race across the northern part of the country. 43 today, 39 degrees monday and tuesday, that system will be a little bit warmer. it's a clipper system, it'smois. wednesday and thursday, temperatures cool down again so much so highs are barely above the freezing mark. >> just a wee little bit of snow tomorrow. >> you can get the seven-day forecast and check storm tracker 6 live double scan radar at any time at two kittens are celebrating their birthdays at 6 flags in new jersey. the tigers live in asia, the lions in of africa. at great adventure in jackson
6:47 am
they have partying together. staffers raised them and decidedded they needed kitten socialization. time for social corner, we found a boy who found a unique way to shovel snow, but first, this here. >> this is four pugs excite thely welcoming home navel airman. he was greeted by the pooches in the fox chase section of philadelphia. he has been in florida since october. the pugs will be waiting for his next homecoming. send us another video, mom, i love that. >> let's get the clearing snow a whole lot easierer and much more fun, the hover plow, it's the brainchild of a teenager from wisconsin. tanner said his waterproof
6:48 am
scooter works best in an inch or two of light snow. since the video hit the internet in december, there's 320,000 views. that looks like fun, but it could be dangerous if you fall off. you have to have good balance. chris could do that. >> tell us what you think of these videos by going to our facebook and twitter accounts. >> we'll be right back.
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6:50 am
>> philadelphia police are hoping the release of surveillance video leads them to a trio of robbers, here's rick williams with this week's crime fighters report. >> reporter: take a look at this video, surveillance video from a robbery at the rite aid cheltenham avenue in the city's elkins park section. >> three guys go up to the
6:51 am
register with a gun, semi automatic handle glun -- gun, he demands the money. the two other guys, the one at the front counter, the other is the lookout. there were people in the store, they had left, they didn't get a chance to interview. if they have information on the job, we have a five thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. >> all you have to do is call the citizens crime commission at 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. for crime fighters i'm rick williams, channel 6 "action news." >> your time, 6:51, in "healthcheck" this morning, snorning is a source of frustration for couples of all ages. 90 million americans senator it costs their partner an hour of sleep at night. it's such a serious issue, one in 6 couples sleep in separate rooms. >> some couples don't realize
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a certified diabetes educator if you qualify. themselves on the back with the
6:55 am
screen writers award. the producers guild has gone on to win the best picture oscar 19 out of 27 years. the oscars could be a golden night for two talented men from our area, they are both nominated. >> "action news" reporter, alicia vitarelli has their story and promise from the mom of one of them. >> reporter: la la land danced away with a record tieing 14 nominations including director, the 32-year-old star on the rise fondly recalled his days as a nursery school student in haverford when he screened the film for his home crowd. >> it's an original music festival, it's not based on on any previous songs.
6:56 am
once we got the cameras rolling it was a blast. >> among the 14 nominations for la la land, two for local song writer ben passich. the friends central alum and ardmore native were nominated for two original songs including city of stars. >> everyday in our house was going to a broadway show. that's how we got through breakfast and lunch. she said today her 31-year-old middle child is living his dream. >> it's something you dream about, here's to the fools you dream, using his own lyrics to describe it. it's like magnificent and magical. >> reporter: an mom, his biggest fan is his plus one on hollywood's biggest night. >> i will promise him this very
6:57 am
moment i will not wear jeans to the oscars. >> reporter: for channel 6 "action news" i'm alicia vitarelli. >> we'll see what she is wearing and see if they win oscar gold. the winner is revealed sunday february 26, live on 6abc. jimmy kimmel serves as host. >> time 6:57. there's another hour of "action news" sunday morning straight ahead. here's some of the stories we've got for you, president trump refugee travel ban sets off protests nationwide. the court is having its say. >> we have learned details in the hit-and-run overnight that killed two young sisters in philadelphia. plus, meteorologist chris sowers has details of snow on the way for parts of the area, we'll be right back.
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6:59 am
[chanting] [. >> from san francisco to here in philadelphia, calls for an end to the president donald trump's travel ban from seven muslim countries. a judge has stepped in rejecting part of the president's order. >> developing overnight, two sisters are killed by a hit-and-run driver near their philadelphia home. there's an arrest in the case. the flu outbreak stretches to 37 states, we'll tell you what's changes this year. good morning to you, outside we go, 7:00 a.m. is the time, sky6 live hd giving you a
7:00 am
glimpse over atlantic city. >> let's go outside to meteorologist chris sowers and the accuweather forecast. a little snow we're talking about. >> reporter: i want my blizzard, though, nydia, this is nickel and dime stuff. a little snow is possible after midnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. first let's start out with the temperatures. what we're seeing if philadelphia, something that hasn't happened in two weeks. temperatures hit the freezing mark for a change. it's the first time in two weeks we dropped down to the low. 32 in philadelphia, 34 in allentown, 33 in millville, an trenton, 30 degrees. we'll see more in the way of sunshine. temperatures will pop out in the low 40s. with the winds it will feel like the 30s. officially it will be 43, it will feel like 35, 36. winter weather advisory goes into effect for areas highlighted here, mainly south jersey and delaw


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