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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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rush. >> plus, thousands protest president trump's travel ban across the country. next on "action news." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. ♪ ♪ >> thousands of people spent sunday protesting president trump's travel ban.
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demonstrators lined the philadelphia international airport and airports throughout the nation to send the message that immigrants are welcome in america. trump calls the policy a success. >> sunday night and the big story on "action news" is a weekend of protests in america. from coast to coast thousands packed airports demonstrating their opposition to president trump >>'s executive order restricting immigrants into the united states. >> today president trump insisted this is not about religion. >> we have team coverage of the event. christie ileto has the latest on the policy and detainees, but we begin with jeanette reyes with more on today's protests. jeanette? >> sarah, well over a thousand protesters took to the philadelphia international
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airport shutting down terminal eightand forcing a police presence to handle the cloud. today they made it clear though they have closed up for the night, philadelphiaens will become familiar with the protesters. >> chants of defiance fill the airport where at one point more than a thousand protesters gathered to decry the latest order on immigration. >> adam mckay's parents were born in syria. his mother came out to fight for what she says is th the america that welcomed here 40 years ago. >> we should be proud and not let anything divide us. >> the protests kicked off before 2:00 this afternoon bringing traffic to a halt for hours on the i-95 airport ramp causing people to miss their
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flights. by late afternoon protesters confronted dozens of police officers demanding they be let inside the airport. though as the night wore on -- >> some stepped aside and said the message was losing its focus. >> i don't think we are getting anything done by lumping too much together and attacking the police. >> police say interactions were largely peaceful. >> they were warm to the police and grateful for the job we were doing. i think a lot of people may have lost sight of the fact that a lot of innocent people were impacted today. people weren't able to get to the airport to pick up loved ones. >> there were no arrests made and only one person was cited with disorderly conduct. reporting live at international airport, jeanette reyes, action
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news. >> jeanette, thank you. >> in boston, copely was filled with thousands protesting the immigration ban and there were thousands coast to coast. >> today pennsylvania governor tom wolf met with the family from allentown whose loved ones were detained at the airport yesterday and forced to go back to war torn syria. they had the paper work in order and fees paid. yesterday they were detained at the airport and immigrant fees canceled. today they are back in damascus. >> we did everything by the book. we always lived by the rules all our life. i'm saddened and heart broken because they were sent back to the war zone. >> immigration attorneys are now helping the family figure out what to do next.
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today president trump defended his executive order saying it's not about religion, it's about terror. christie ileto joins us from the satellite center with more. >> donald trump fired back saying this is about securing our screening policies. clearly, not everyone is sold. >> donald trump held against those calling this a ban on muslims saying this is not about religion. it's about terror and keeping our country safe. the order stops muslims from seven countries from entering the u.s. 90 days. >> if they are folks that shouldn't be in this country, they'll be detained. while they fire back at critics,
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contention has erupted at airports, especially about green card holders that will be allowed into the u.s. but may face extra questions. >> apologize for nothing here. >> trump first pitched this on the campaign trail. >> donald trump is calling for a shut down of muslims entering the united states. >> back then his soon to be running maim now vice president mike pence called the idea offensive and unconstitutional. >> this executive order is mean spirited and un-american. >> it's raising eyebrows amongst trump's own party. >> i think the effect will give isis more propaganda. >> while questions remain whether the trump administration targeted the right countries, they'll review visas once they have determined the right
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policies. >> while there are similarities to obama, it was not as broad as mr. trumps. walter? >> christie, chan thank you. our coverage continues on the travel ban later in the newscast newscast. >> turning to the forecast, a winter weather advisory is in effect for south jersey and delaware. we are tracking snow for the commute. melissa magee is here with the first check of the forecast. >> we'll track light snow moving through during the overnight hours and tomorrow morning. the winter weather advisory for south jersey, ocean view to cape may to kent county in delaware goes up at 3:00 in the morning lasting through noon tomorrow
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tracking a period of light snow. here's storm tracker 6 double scan 3d you can see we have a disturbance through dell marva producing snow as it scoots through during the overnight hours. tracker 6 street level showing you we have snow levels, a lot of precipitation not making its way to the surface. it gives you the indication of the atmosphere with pockets of snow to the west of newark filling in for areas of philadelphia throughout the morning. 3:00 in the morning, snow breaking out for dover, delaware also in south jersey. 6:00 in the morning, you notice, we have flurries and snow showers i-95 corridor. the heaviest burst of snow south jersey and delaware. snow sh showers over the i-95 corridor and heaviest
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precipitation in delaware, slippery sidewalks are a big concern. this ends between 9:00 and 11:0. coming up we go over the snow fall totals expected. >> thank you, melissa. >> the police department in philadelphia are getting ready to salt roads and sidewalks. 70 trucks will be hitting the road. there is plenty of salt for the job, 47-tons of salt. >> in new jersey salt trucks are at the ready. this is route 30 in galloway township. they are ready to hit the roads. >> "action news" is tracking the news overnight and starting tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. to make sure you know what's going on before you hit the roads. make sure the "6abc".com weather
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to get the up to the minute closures before you start your day. >> friends, family and teammates gathered to remember a teenager from buck's county killed on an atv. they held the memorial for 13-year-old ge13-year-old giani. his grandmother says her grandson was always the last to leave football practice. >> the lights were out and he was still playing with all of the kids. he was the last to leave. he loved this place. >> she urged children to never ride atv's on the streets and always wear their helmet. >> a 48-year-old is being charged with killing a teenager
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and her ten-year-old sister overnight in a hit and run. police say he was driving a black jeep that ran over two girls in oxford circle. a witness described the terrifying scene. >> i'm walking and see a huge commotion. i walk over there and see a fire truck and four police vehicles. >> the victim's names have not been released but the suspect left the scene and return add short time later. >> breaking news, a shooting inside a mosque in canada. there are fatalities. >> chicago's police superintendent receives an out pouring of support. what complete strangers are willing to do to save his life. >> and it's back to his home for freddy mercury, the escaped
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parrot. >> and the sixers could get closer to a playoff spot if they win. jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> breaking news tonight from quebec city canada where five people were killed in a shooting at a mosque. a few dozen people were inside the islamic cultural center for prayer when the shooting began. police say two suspects have been arrested. the mosque has been a target before last june during the holy month of ramadan a pig's head was left on the doorstep. >> under the first operation authorized by donald trump, three service members were injured and 14 others killed. the mission was carried out by elite seal team six.
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they lost an aircraft that suffered a hard landing destroyed on the spot to keep it out of the hands of al-qaida. >> pennsylvania attorney general says a fifth man has been arrested in a child predator ring but the investigation is not over yet. they announced a man named kenneth fenski was repeatedly abusing a boy. the ring sometimes held parties in which men dressed up as animals nicknamed furries. >> we need your help. we believe there are other victims and there is information out there. we would like to hear from you. >> anyone with information call (800)385-1044. >> a housefire in dell care dele county sent one firefighters fio
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the hospital. all of the residents escaped without injury. one firefighter was taken to clover chester medical center. no word on the cause of thefire. >> tomorrow the los angeles police department will release the name of a killer believed to be behind the murder of karen klaus. they tracked down the killer relying on dna collected at the scene and the relatives of the suspect. it's been used in the past but civil liberty groups say it's led to false leads. >> family members are subject to questioning. that is certainly not fair. >> the details are to be released on the 41st anniversary of the crime. >> chicago's police superintendent has received support after disclosing he's on a kidney transplant waiting
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list. he nearly fainted and revealed he's had a kidney problem for decades and is waiting on a transplant. people have come forward offering to be donors and offered testing. >> still to come how president trump's executive order could mean changes for sports and hollywood. snow is on the way. melissa magee has the exclusive forecast when "action news" comes back. new ♪
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>> they celebrated the year of the rooster here in mel burn. a children's choir performed traditional songs and danced to modern music. there were a number of folk dances on the program as well. >> now time for a check of the
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accuweather forecast with melissa magee. a little snow could be tricky. >> it's coming in time for the commute so allow extra time for the storm. we have precipitation starting to break out south of philadelphia into south jersey and also into wilmington. we are going tighter on street level storm tracker 6, in newark, lavender shades of snow, an indication of heavier snow coming through. the main batch of moisture moves through overnight tonight and for the commute tomorrow morning sliding in from the south. we show you the picture from outside, sky 6 live, down the shore in atlantic city. things are calm and quiet now. early tomorrow morning, there will be areas of snow in atlantic city even into atlantic county. right now 37 in philadelphia,
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lower 30s, reading and lancaster, 20 in the coast and cape may, 29 at the airplane. satellite 6 action radar, partly cloudy across the region. some precipitation is filling in. we are tracking the moisture, cutting off to the dell marva sliding south producing snow in philadelphia and to the south and east. over the next 12 hours, cloudy and the majority of the snow arriving during the overnight hours, the winter weather advisory 3:00 a.m. to noon tomorrow. 22 in the suburbs overnight and 33 in philadelphia. 3:00 in the morning, you notice the snow across central dell vary, millville and wild wood. 6:00 in the morning, give yourself extra time. there are areas of reduced
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visibility especially south delaware where the snow looks heavy, the i-95 corridor watching out for snow showers and a coating of snow fall. 9:00 in the morning, snow departs from the southwest direction, look for it to stop 9:00 to 11:00 tomorrow morning. 6:00 tomorrow evening a few flurries not out of the question. coating interior sections of south jersey. two plus inches for the northern atlantic, cumberland county and kent county where we could find a heavier burst. take it easy for the commute tomorrow morning, especially south jersey and delaware. the seven-day forecast, morning flurries and snow to the south. a colder day, high of 39. tuesday, tracking the clipper system moving through. rain and ?o snow possible in the
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lehigh valley moving into the city high of 32. thursday, a high of 38. next friday, temperatures in the 30s. be careful tomorrow morning. the ground hog better have good news. >> head to "6abc".com slrk weather for the up to the minute forecast before you start your day. >> a parrot by the name of freddy mercury is back home thanks to an eagle eyed police officer. he had escaped his home but couldn't be caught. yesterday an officer spotted him on top of a house and lured him down with nutter butters. >> while i was giving him the cookie, i grabbed him real quick. >> it seems freddy survived several storms during his time as a free bird. he appears to be in good shape.
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>> spores is next on "action news." >> a big win for villanova as they come back from a deficit. jeff skversky has more when we come back. ♪ ♪
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>> jeff here now with sports, the sixers in chicago tonight. they were hoping to get a win against the bulls. >> they needed one. they lost 12 straight to chicago. one day they'll get over the hump. joel embiid thinks they have a shot to the playoffs, but there's no jojo. he's here back home resting with the night off. no emdiid and no jalil okafor either. he sits out against the bulls. all five starters in double figures. sal volero scores 31. sixers tie it in the third. in the fourth, t.j. mcconnell one of 12 assists to covington. dewayne wayne the fade, sixers
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lose, five out of the final playoff intoed. pla playoff spot. >> emdiid is dealing with soreness missing four of the last five games. on sports sunday, did the sixers make the right call resting emdiid against the balls? we talk about that at 11:45. >> you couldn't write a better script for flyer star wayne simmons who scores a hat trick in his first all star game. simmons calls it one of the greatest daves of his life. >> from the flyers, number 17 wayne simmons. >> simmons the flyers lone all star and scores best, three goals for the metropolitan division. wayne getting love from the other


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