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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 30, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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>> good morning it is 4:00 a.m., monday, january 30. we're on half-hour early as we track snow in parts of the area. >> storm tracker 6 live shows you where snow is falling right now to the south. we'll have live reports on what will be a slow and slippery commute. the owner of a restaurant shoots a suspect during a robbery. canada's prime minister said a mosque attack that killed 6 people was an act of terrorism. >> well get an update on the snow and get to annie
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mccormick in just a moment. >> reporter: the snow is falling in south jersey and delaware, as expected. philadelphia could get clipped with just a bit, overall the center of the action will be the farther south you go through south jersey and the state of delaware. a change over to rain around cape may and sleet mixing in. this is mostly snow fairly light coming across the region. we have a winter weather advisory up until noon, although the bulk of the snow is past us by 11:00 a.m. we could have a few inches on the ground by the time we get to 11:00 a.m. be careful driving around here. in the i-95 corridor, no problems just yet. if you see a snow shower pop through, you obviously want to slow it down. temperatures this morning as we head outside, 35 degrees in philadelphia. a little mild there for snow is to stick. 31 in wilmington, and trenton, 32 in millville.
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cape may, again, some changeover to rain, 34 degrees there. in dover and atlantic city it's cold enough for the snow so stick on it is roads. winds not a problem, 6-mile an hour in philadelphia. things will get brisk as the day goes on. 31 degrees by 7:00 a.m. snow south of philadelphia. by noon, 36 degrees with some sun coming back. by 3:00 p.m., 39, 5:00 p.m., 35. it stays brisk and chilly today. don't be surprised if later this afternoon and evening you get another snow flurry own snow shower popping through. the impact will be mainly down south in south jersey and delaware. karen rogers do you see in problems on the roads just yet? >> reporter: not yet, looking outside, we have schuylkill expressway at girard we're clear and dry. on the blue route, schuylkill expressway and i-95, even in new jersey, not seeing many issues with the snow.
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that's light out there. upper providence township, black rock road at olympic road, we have an accident, a vehicle ran off the road. police on the scene, and tow truck on the scene. vine street expressway, no overnight construction traffic moving just fine in both directions, no delay. on the turnpike between for the washington and valley forge, construction blocking the right lane. we have been scanning with our cameras. we have not seen any snow. we'll talk about issues with mass transit with a new schedule in effect. >> let's go over to annie mccormick live along the black horse pike in blackwood, camden county. good morning, anne annie. >> reporter: take a look at this video this is video from a short time ago. this is in lindenwald, new
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jersey, you can see the flurries coming down. in camden county crews loaded up with salt. 100 pieces of equipment are on standby, officials say they are preparing for a messy morning commute. that's why they are getting the trucks ready in the early morning and overnight. they say the equipment is prepped and trucks are loaded so they can be prepared. we have video of trucks that were lined up at the new jersey department of transportation salt yard on route 30 in galloway township. that was last night. everywhere you're going around the south jersey area, in the parking lots and sidewalks, salt is laid down, people are pretreating the areas because they are anticipating freezing, so there's salt. we have a lot of people with plow trucks driving around here, this is the time of year you can make extra money, if you have a plow you can throw on the front
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of your truck, so far they have not made the money this year because we've had such a mild winter so far. people are hoping that the snow comes down so they can have extra work. hoping that the morning commute will be okay. back out here live we're anticipating seeing flurries around here that will come up from the area we showed you in the video come this way. so far, they are prepared and waiting, no flurries in blackwood, new jersey just yet. annie mccormick. >> the owner of a chinese takeout turned the tables on two robbers at 62nd and spruce street. two masked men walked into the restaurant and announced a robbery. two owners were inside one owner pulled out a gun and shot one of the robbers in the back. police believe 89 second robber drove the first to the hospital. two suspects are in custody. investigators say they had to
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cut the wires to the surveillance cameras the robbers tried to, before this, but they cut the wrong one. >> instore surveillance cameras the one in the backyard were functioning and did record the robbery. >> two owners were not hurt. 6 people were killed at a shooting at a mosque in quebec city, camera. authorities are calling this terrorism. more than 50 people were inside the islamic cultural center for evening prayers, 8 people were wounded. two suspects are in custody. >> two suspects were arrested and one arrested here and the other one was arrested near the deli. >> justin trudeau called the shooting a terror attack on
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muslims. the muslim was a target in the past. people around the country continue to demonstrate their opposition of president trump's executive order restrictioning people from seven -- restricting people from seven countries. the crowds brought traffic to a hat for hours on nearby i-95. police say interactions were peaceful and they did not make any arrests. >> this was the scene overnight at los angeles international airport. protesters made a deal with police to only block traffic one level at a time for 15 minutes. in seattle thousands filled the streets protesting it is travel ban. riot police were called to portland international when protesters clashed with supporters. pennsylvania governor tom
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wolf met with people in allentown whose family were forced to go back to war-torn syria. they had all their paperwork in order and their fees paid. saturday they were detained at the airport their immigrant visas were canceled, now they are back in damascus. >> we have done everything by the book and by the rules and america wanted us, we've always lived by the rules all our life. i was saddened and heartbroken because they had to be sent back to the war zone. >> immigration attorneys are helping the family figure out what to do next. >> david we have schools on school closing list at, delaware and new jersey. >> reporter: that's where the snow is now. storm tracker 6 live double scan it's mainly light we're seeing road coverage in parts of south jersey, where you're seeing the brighter shades of white.
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most of this is south of philadelphia. if you're planning traveling up and down the i-95 corridor, it's going to be light snow showers, the farther south you go through south jersey, the better chance you have of snow sticking to the roads. i could see that happening in the atlantic city expressway and route 55. see that changeover to rain around cape may, where we have managed to keep the temperatures on the point a bit above freezing. as we look outside, we have cloudy skies and atlantic city is one of the spots we are expecting some of the snow to move in and give you slippery road conditions as we go through the morning. some of the snow falling, temperature, 35 degrees in philadelphia, so a little bit too mild for anything to stick on it is roads right now. of course if we get a snow shower, a little later this morning, the temperatures will drop closer to freezing and that could change. winds out of the north, northwest 6 miles per hour, fairly light. future tracker 6 showing you most of the snow will be south of philadelphia, just a snow
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shower or two up around the i-95 corridor. the farther south you go through south jersey, the more you can expect this to be falling. this is the 7:00 a.m. view, by the time we get to 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., looks like most of that is off the coast. for the rest of the day mainly dry, just a passing snow shower possible in a couple of spots this afternoon with low impact. in terms of what we are expecting out of this, it's the heart of south jersey and delaware, you will get 2, 3, inches, maybe a couple of pockets four. maybe philadelphia gets clipped, maybe not. the big impact is to the south, a snow shower possible along i-95. the area of concern is farther south in south jersey and delaware, mainly light snow, but enough to give you slippery roads and sidewalks this morning. but it looks like it will pull away between 79:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. this morning. 31 degrees by 8:00 a.m.
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33 by 10:00 a.m. noon, snow is gone, 39 degrees is the high today with a bit of a wind blowing. 33 degrees by 6:00 p.m. high temperature, 36 in allentown. 37 in reading and trenton. closer to 40 in millville. upper 30s down the shore today. future tracker 6 shows tomorrow morning, the possibility of another snow shower popping through, particularly from philadelphia north so we'll keep our eyes on that, the bigger issue tomorrow is probably in the afternoon where we get a combination of rain and snow showers, snow the farther north you go, it should be done tomorrow evening. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 39. brisk and chilly. the snow knocking off between 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. down south. tomorrow, a in our possible in the morning, most of the precipitation will be in the afternoon, with a rain or snow shower at times, 42 is the high. wednesday, back up to xlvi, breezy and milder. sunny and colder ground hog day
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thursday, 38 degrees, i don't know if that bodes real well for fill to not see his is shadow. friday, 34, saturday, 33 and sunday, 389. >> new pictures on "action news" show a fiery crash of a plane in delaware, the pilot was able to survive. new jersey officials are working on a way to track convicted animal abusers. >> reporter: this is our camera northbound traffic at creek road. everybody is moving just fine, we have snow showers in south jersey, we'll see how it's affecting the roads coming up. good morning everyone,
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heading to caesars in atlantic city, new jersey, that's a live look from mobile 6 on the road arriving in the resort city. a couple of school delays, one in jersey, one in delaware, they are at karen rogers is keeping an eye out what this means for your commute. she's got that right now good morning. we have light volume, we have a dusting of snow landing on the grassy surfaces. not on the highways itself in millville, cumberland county. this is route 55 at route 49. you can see the snow is sticking
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to the grass, not the highway, in millville, new jersey, this is what to expect right now on the roads there. how about here, vine street expressway, nice and dry, no problems just yet. westbound/eastbound moving fine, no construction, you want to be careful on the bridges and overpasses and rambles -- ramps with the flurries coming down. it's dry on the ben franklin bridge, westbound coming into the city, no problems. one issue we have in upper providence township, an accident a vehicle ran off the roadway here, a tow truck is on the scene black rock road at olympic road. look for that. we're dry in the i-95 corridor, as we look in south jersey, you can see the snow, i'm catching a bit of lavender here in cumberland county. i showed you a shot where we saw
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the snow sticking to the grass. on route 40 you might get a heavier spot, look for that, near mays landing and hammonton, new jersey. snow showers in south jersey and delaware. >> new on "action news," a pilot narrowly escaped a plane that turned into a fireball in delaware. donald byrd had taken off in as he sussex when the plane started to fill with smoke. he turned around to the airport and jumped from the plane when it landed and it burst into flames. byrd was treated at the hospital, no word on what caused the fire. a house fire in upper chichester, delaware county sent a person to a hospital. it gutted the home around 8:00 a.m. one firefighter suffered a minor injury. that firefighter was taken to crozer-chester medical center,
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no word on what caused the house fire. a bucks county school have hope available who are copying with the death of a classmate. he was killed on friday night when his atv collided with a vehicle. his passenger another 13-year-old remains in critical condition. the family joined the community for a vegetablele at the bensalem football field. johnny's grandmother said he was always the last one to leave football practice. >> the lights were out, he was always playing with all the kids. >> she under other children to not ride atvs on the street and also wear a helmet. >> new on "action news," new jersey is one step closer to creating a public registry of convicted animal abusers. the data base would track anyone
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charged with animal cruelty and be used by animal rescues and shelters to help decide who she would adopt a pet. if passed new jersey would become the second state with the public animal abuser registry, the first one was created in tennessee. >> 4:19 authorities in california plan to release the name who they believe killed a woman 41 years ago. >> now let's take a live look outside the commodore barry bridge, we're tracking snow for the day, david, down to the south in south jersey and delaware, if you're on the bus stop this morning, be careful for slippery sidewalks in south jersey and delaware. philadelphia lots of clouds and cold. temperatures hovering on 31 degrees. we track the to show on storm tracker 6 live double scan. we'll get you to the airport that's all coming up next. >> welcome back taking a live
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look here, down into delaware, keep an eye at the bottom of the screen, we've got snow coming
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into our south extending over from here towards new jersey, so if you're kids on a delay, you're going to want to know about it. >> i would, they would be home when i am not there? >> reporter: they would be in big trouble. let's go outside and check the area roads for you. looking live at the tacony-palmyra bridge opening at 4:40 a.m., stick to the betsy ross bridge instead of the tacony-palmyra bridge. traffic moving just fine in the foreground, though. let's check mass transit. don't forget today you have regional rails and patco schedules. regional rails did not printout the timetable, they want you to use their digital platform, some trains are leaving earlier and some later. airport line no longer stopping at wayne junction, fern rock or melrose stations.
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>> reporter: we have snow moving parallel to the coast, the i-95 corridor may dodge a bullet here, if you see something it's fairly light. farther south, the better chance of coverage on the roads. i think the active snow is done by 10:00 a.m. or so. it should be light, although some areas down here could see a couple of inches, maybe three inches in some spots. 31 degrees by 7:00 a.m. 36 by noon, snow is gone down south by then. 39 degrees is the high at 3:00 p.m. back to the freezing mark at 7:00 p.m. at the airport, no major delays, we have snow south of philadelphia, but not at the airport and all our big travel destinations appear to be dry. the los angeles county sheriff release the name of who they believe killed a woman 41 years ago. carren clause the ex-wife of
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richous brothers bill medley was sexually abused and strangled. dna was found at the scene to find likely relatives of the suspect. it has been used in cold cases, but civil liberties groups says it leads to false leads. >> karen klaus was murdered 41 years ago. mobile 6 we sent them out there before you have to, things look good in atlantic city. we'll be right back. i have asthma...
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at nasa 0en won big at the sag awards. hid figures. >> nicole kidman with the announcement, it is about female mathematicians who helped get john glenn into space. emma stone won best actress in a film for la la land and denzel washington best actor in his role in fences. >> miss france won the miss
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universe crown. >> 24-year-old beat out 85 other women for that honor. the pageant was held in the philippines, miss u.s.a. topped in the top nine, but eliminated in the live interview round. >> steve harvey didn't announce that, did he? >> he was the host, i think he got it right this year. >> snow is falling in parts of the region. we're taking a live look at wilmington, delaware where you should see flakes very soon. a systems outage caused problems for delta, those stories when we come right back. ♪
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