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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  January 30, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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"action news," the south street hit-and-run, an suv slams into a woman and the driver does not stop. resistance builds for the president's travel ban as the white house issues a classification on the executive order. >> good morning, 4:30 a.m., we have team coverage for the snow, annie mccormick is in south jersey, let's go over to david murphy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, this is a southern system that's the way it's supposed to play out. every now have and then we pick up a heavier snow which is the lavender. the farther south you go through atlantic city expressway, southern gloucester and atlantic county and cumberland county new jersey, and cape may and salem, that's the better chance where you're getting coverage on the roads walks right now. you have to be careful there, it will be snowing up until 10:00 a.m. this morning or so. there's a winter weather
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advisory in effect until noon just in case, this covers the state of delaware and south jersey and light snow for the most part with perhaps a couple of inches on the ground by the time we're done, some of you might get up to 3 or so. 25 degrees in philadelphia. 31 in wilmington. notice how we have the temperatures closer to the freezing mark. cape may has managed to stay above freezing, we have had rain mixing be in there. winds not that strong, 6 miles per hour in philadelphia, currently. we expect it to get more windy and brisk later in the afternoon. 31 degrees by 7:00, some of the snow down south by 7:00 a.m. it tapers off and noon we get the sun coming back, it's cold high of 36. 39 is the high at 3:00 p.m., brisk and chilly, 35 by 5:00 p.m., 32 by 7:00. could get more precipitation tomorrow, we'll talk about with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. for now, karen, what are we
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looking on the roads. looking live in malaga, gloucester county, route 47 at route 40, that's eastbound traffic heading toward 55 in gloucester county. you can see a dusting on the sides of the roads, not on the main roads themselves, take it easy as you head out. this is what it looks like on 42, it's dark, you don't see any lights, traffic is moving just fine, northbound, southbound, southbound on route 42 you'll hit snow showers farther south right now. we can see it in in cumberland county. route 55 at 49. you can see the snow on the median and sides of the roads, the gore points. not impacting the main lanes that were treated. looking good 55 at 49 in millville, cumberland county, new jersey. this is what it looks like as we scan the cameras, tacony-palmyra bridge. traffic moving okay. there's a bridge opening at
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4:00 a.m. stick to the betsy ross bridge instead. >> someone is eager to see snow, as annie mccormick joins us live along the black horse pike in blackwood, new jersey. hi, annie. >> reporter: hi, matt, we have snow, flurries, not here where i am. this is video from a couple of hours ago, overnight the flurries falling that is in lindenwald. you can see the flurries coming down in camden county. that's where they are getting prepared for a messy morning commute. now, crews loaded up salt truck also in the salt yard. more than 100 pieces of equipment are on standby, because officials want to make sure they are prepped and ready to go, the trucks are loaded, they say they will be ready to go at the drop of a hat anytime that commute gets messy in the morning. there is also video of trucks lined up and ready to go out of new jersey, department of
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transportation lot atlantic county galloway township on route 30. they are getting prepared, as well. south jersey getting ready to see some of the snow if it comes down. back out here live, i i can show you in blackwood, all the roads have been pretreated. in parking lots, we've seen salt put out. people are ready, if it comes down, they will have the salt on the roads to give that crunch and traction as you head out. reporting live in blackwood, new jersey, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> let's go a little bit further southeast from where you are, we're live in atlantic city, new jersey. that's mobile 6 waiting for the light to turn green. might be seeing precipitation in
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the resort city if you're not seeing it already. we want to alert you there are a number of schools on delay at, they are located in new jersey and a couple of in delaware. >> and breaking right now on the roads, a driver of a dark suv is wanted for hitting a young woman in south philadelphia and driving away. the hit-and-run happened at second and south before 2:00 a.m. the 20-year-old woman suffered leg injuries, she is in stable condition. breaking overnight, two men tried to rob a chinese restaurant in west philadelphia, but the owner pulled out his own gun and opened fire. it happened at 52nd and spruce street. two masked men walked into the restaurant and announced it was a stickup. two employees were inside, one of the employees pulled out a gun and shot a suspect in the back, police believe the second system drove his accomplice to the hospital. both are in custody.
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president trump is defending his immigration restriction on 7 predominantly muslim countries. travelers holding valid visas without warning over the weekend. the executive order is getting push back from both sides of the aisle. >> this executive order was mean spirited, unamerican. >> i think the effect will probably in some areas give isis some more propaganda. >> the department of homeland security chief clarified the order late last night saying it does not effect green card holders or legal restaurants. >> the president executive order and the confusion around it led to protests in the country's biggest airports
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including here. terminal a had protesters met by a line of police officers they y said was for the most part peaceful. >> a lot of people lost sight of the fact that there were a lot of innocent people impacted. missed flights and couldn't pick up loved ones. the crowd spilled into the streets and halting traffic on i-95. a computer system outage led to departure delays and cancellations last night and that was a bit of an issue for a while, but delta said things are back to normal. but again it's a good idea to call ahead. in august delta suffered a broke down -- a power outage.
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>> are we going to get snow in the northern suburbs. >> reporter: the farther south you go, the better chance you'll see the snow on. looks like this will stay south of the city, but impact a good portion of south jersey and delaware, there's the overhead view with the heavier band of snow, brighter shades of white and lavender, northern atlantic county is getting this, southern gloucester county and the northern tip of cumberland county, appear to be the biggest impact. southern delaware and new castle county is getting snow. in cape may, we're getting rain mixing in. careful driving down south this morning. as we look outside, sky6 live hd in wilmington, so far so good in wilmington, with not a lot of impact as most of the snow has stayed just to the south of wilmington, delaware. 35 degrees currently in philadelphia. down in wilmington, 31, though, below the freezing mark in case any snow does manage to push up
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into northern new castle county, you want to be careful there. 31 in trenton. upper 20s in allentown and reading. 32 in millville. 32 in dover, 32 at the airport in ac. these are areas that could see snow cold enough to stick to roads and sidewalks. future tracker 6 shows you this is going to be a quick event. 57 m, -- by 7:00 a.m., it's snowing, by 10:00 a.m. it's wrapping up. the winter weather advisory expires at noon, they may drop it sooner than that depending on the way things go. later on in the evening there's a spotty snow shower popping through. slow down if you see that. in terms of snowfall accumulation, looks like a couple of inches down south, maybe as high as 3 or so in some areas down here, the coating to two inches depends on whether or not we can push the snow farther north, i'm in the sure philadelphia gets anything out this. up in the lehigh valley, dry,
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clouds and sun, brisk and chilly, high of 36 degrees feeling like the 20 most of the afternoon. at the shore, 38 degrees, milder, but brisk and chilly. clouds giving way to sun oncer we get rid of the morning snow. in philadelphia, 39 degrees is the high, clouds and sunshine as the day goes on, brisk and chilly with winds gusting at high as 25 miles per hour. not the kind of winds that will knock you over, but blustery and make you feel cooler. speaking of cooler, the winds fall back a bit, it gets colder with a low of 25. when you get up to tomorrow morning, you will want that extra gear. speaking of tomorrow morning, the model are playing with the possibility of a light snow shower north of philadelphia. by noon looks like that's gone, later in the afternoon there's another chance of rain or snow, and this will be light rain or snow showers, most of the snow the farther north you go toward allentown, anything farther
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south is probably just rain, that looks like it tapers off quickly tomorrow in the evening. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 39 today with the snow down south ending fairly quickly this morning and tomorrow, most of your rain and snow shower activity in the afternoon, 42 is the high there. all the way up to 46 on wednesday, breezy and milder. that will be nice. sunny and colder on thursday, high of 38. phil maybe seeing his shadow, we'll see. 34 degrees, brisk and cold on friday, cold saturday, improving a bit on sunday with a sunday night rain or snow shower possible. >> what happened to the 50 degrees? >> reporter: what happened to that, in the rear view mirror. objects may appear larger than they appear. >> 4:42 a.m., s.w.a.t teams are called to a philadelphia neighborhood overnight. >> authorities in bucks county are looking for more victims of a truly disturbing child
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predator ring. >> reporter: we are snow shticking toes grassy surfaces, not the main roads here. when we come back we'll take you to an accident where somebody slid off the road. we'll be right back. welcome back taking a live
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look, this is the garden state parkway, at the cape may toll plaza. you can see in the median we have snow going on now. 5:45, 35 degrees. >> it's going to slow things down, karen. >> reporter: it could, here's a different shot, it has landed on the camera here, you have to look through the snow flurries
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259, this is upper township, 295 route 70 at cherry hill we can see traffic move be okay on 295. let's check the tacony-palmyra bridge we've been watching for the bridge, the bridge is up, you can see it in the distance right there. head to the betsy ross bridge instead. over here in upper providence this is where we have an accident a vehicle ran off the roadway on black rock road at limp -- olympic road upper providence township. tow truck on the scene. watch for that as you head out. storm tracker 6 live double scan we can see the snow in south jersey right now. we can see areas of brighter pink showing near route 49 near millville, route 40, near mays landing and hammonton, new jersey, right now. watch for the snowfall in that area. here's another shot of that, i think now you can see it better with the snowfall coming across your camera lens. it's pretty light here on the
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garden state parkway, the cape may toll plaza. it's not sticking to the roads there, but it's coming down. that's what's happening right here, the areas of white and light pink coming down more. not happening in philadelphia, but in south jersey and delaware, right now. that's where you expect a slower commute. 35 if philadelphia, only in the upper 20s in the lehigh valley sitting at the freezing mark in millville, where you have the snow coming down and 31 in trenton. >> new this morning, it took swat teams in the city's frankford section extra time to take a suspect into custody. police responded to a domestic disturbance at midnight. the suspect refused to come out of the house, so officers forced him out. one other person is being checked out for injuries. pennsylvania attorney general is looking for tips about a disturbing child predator ring. attorney general josh spa -- shapiro announced that a man has
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been charged with abusing a boy, authorities say the ring sometimes held parties in which the men would dress up in animal costumes. >> we need your help, we believe there are other victims and other information out there, we would like to hear from you. >> so if you have any information that might be able to help them with that, call the attorney general tip line. a navy seal has been killed during a raid targeting al qaeda in yemen. three other service members were injured and 14 al qaeda were killed. the aircraft made a hard landing and could not take off again, it was destroyed at the site. the mission planned under the obama administration was the first military mission authorized by donald trump. donald trump may announce his pick for the supreme court as
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early as today, on the short list is william prior, diane sykes and thomas hardimen to fill the vacancy caused by the death of anton them
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>> this delaware parrot named freddie mercury is no longer under pressure. he got out of his north wilmington home and couldn't be caught. saturday a officer spotted the bird that was owned by victor rush and he was lured with his favorite treat nutter butter cookie. >> while i was giving him the cookie, i grabbed him real quick. he survived his escape with several storms, but is okay. >> you know what the bird kept saying over and over again, radio ga ga, radio goo goo. >> reporter: when you wake up, you might have gotten snow in
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south jersey, millville, cumberland county, enough on the median, there, the sides of the road, you can see light snow flurries coming down on the road itself, very light volume, you're moving just fine, route 55 at route 49 in cumberland can county. don't forget with the regional rails you have new schedules today. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan tracking the morning snow, you can see there's a bright band of snow stretching across the center of south jersey and central new castle county delaware, every now and then, lavender, in the areas around the middle or to the southern edge of the ac expressway and the southern half of route 55. most of the state of delaware, you are looking at some slippery roads down there. so be careful of that. that probably tapers off by 10:00 or so. we're cold enough down south to take on the snow. # 2 in -- 32 in ac, millville
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and dover. as we go through the day, sun comes back by noon, 36 degrees. the high this afternoon is 39 degrees getting a little bit brisk and windy today and dropping to the freezing mark by 7:00 p.m. those expecting snow to come in can watch it come in by watching storm tracker 6 live radar at a thriller with philadelphia ties topped the box office once again, m. night shyamalan, a dog's purpose $18 million. the oscar nominated film hidden figures brought in $14 million. >> new this morning arc smoky
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fire -- a smoky fire damaged part of a manufacturing business in olney on rising sun and adams avenue at 10:00 p.m. no word on what sparked the blaze. no injuries have been reported. >> 4:57 a.m., a winter weather advisory is in effect for parts of the area. we're timing out when the snow arrives. >> breaking overnight, a chinese takeout employee fights back when two people try to rob the restaurant in west philadelphia. we'll have that when "action news" comes right back.
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>> good morning it is 5:00 a.m., on this monday, january 30th. here's what's happening. >> we're tracking snow moving into the region. >> we're following breaking news out of canada, there's a deadly shooting at a mosque, officials say it was an act of terror against muslims. more protests expected at airplanes around the country as people protest president trump's travel ban. >> first up, we have karen rogers and david


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