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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  January 30, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., monday, january 30th. here's what's happening. >> snow has arveld in -- arrivd in the region, crews have treated the road surfaces we're tracking the system. >> we're following breaking news out of canada, a deadly shooting at a mosque, government officials are calling this a terror attack against muslim. >> protests are expected today including this one around here
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as people demonstrate against president trump's travel ban. >> let's talk built snow coming our -- about the snow coming our way, annie mccormick will have a report in just a moment from camden, county, new jersey. >> david murphy is outside, hi david. >> reporter: good morning, guys, no snow in philadelphia. we were expecting it to be down south and that little -- and that's where it wound up this morning. it's down in south jersey, northern atlantic county, a little bit more heavier stuff closer to the coast. looks like the heavier stuff is pushing through dover and probably be off the coast by 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. the way things are currently looking. we have the winter weather advisory up until noon, again it's light snow in new jersey and delaware counties. we have lifted the advisory in
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areas closer to i-95. it was in new castle county but they have taken it out, balls the snow is not coming up -- because the snow is not coming up that far. 32 in wilmington, it's cold enough to get the snow to stick on untreated surfaces. today is chilly, 36 degrees by noon, it will be brisk and windy, 32 by 7:00 p.m. a bit more precipitation is possible tomorrow, i'll preview that with future tracker 6. >> reporter: action cam on the scene an accident involving the septa bus happening at civic center boulevard, university avenue. the box truck rear ended the septa bus, we saw the people coming off the septa bus in the area an accident involving a septa bus, university city and crews are on the scene civic
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center boulevard near university avenue. watch for that. other than that, we don't have any problems, the philadelphia area you're dry in the i-95 corridor, speeds are moving great on the blue route, schuylkill expressway and i-95. let's hospital into new jersey and check out the areas where we're getting the snowfall. this is the garden state parkway, cape may toll plaza. at times we've been watching the light snowfall coming down. it's not sticking. the garden state parkway has reduced speed restrictions to 450 miles per hour anticipating the salt crews out there. this is a live look new jersey, 42, dry on route 42, no problems, it has not come this far. we can see new jersey dot crews off to the side partially blocking the ramp of 42 southbound. as you head further south in new jersey that's what it looks like on 55 at route 49 this is in millville, cumberland county. we can see the snow is sticking to the grassy surfaces, not route 55. it's not having an impact on
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traffic just yet, matt and tam. >> "action news" reporter, annie mccormick continues our team coverage live on the black horse pike in blackwood, new jersey, good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tamala, i want to show you the flurries we have seen, this is video from egg harbor road in lindenwald, new jersey, that's where flurries did fall overnight and in that lot in the new new jersey department of transportation lot. you can see all the trucks, 100 apparatus on standby in camden county. also getting their salt trucks full of salt and plows attached to a number of vehicles. they have to cover a little over 1,000 miles in camden county of roads to make sure they are safe. overnight only sticking like karen said she was just faulking about, the grassy surfaces. new jersey dot on standby waiting for the snow to come down. in galloway township, atlantic
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county they are waiting. last night they were getting their trucks prepared to get the salt, if it hits the ground, you will get traction there for the morning compliewt. commute. we don't have any flurries here yet, but it's colder, so any precipitation that might come through, you will definitely see it start to freeze. annie mccormick blackwood, new jersey, back to you. >> mobile 6 is moving through atlantic city new jersey, a little bit more traffic, lots of red lights, just a few schools posting delays because of the weather you would expect in new jersey or delaware. right now in ac, greenlight and
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a little bit of rainfall later. >> it's 6:05. the owner of a chinese takeout was not easy prey for two robbers in west philadelphia. two masked men walked into a restaurant and announced a robbery. the owners were inside at the time. one of the owners pulled out a gun and shot the suspect in the back. police believe the second suspect drove the accomplice to the hospital. both are in custody. investigators say the suspects was as inept as unlucky. they attempted to cut wires to the surveillance cameras and they ended up cutting the wrong wire. >> the one in the backyard was functioning and recorded the robbery. >> two owners were not civilly hurt. breaking overnight, a deadly shooting at a mosque in quebec city. 6 people were killed and 8
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others injured. police have two suspects in custody. prime minister justin trudeau called it a terror attack on muslims and offered his condolences. more than 50 people were inside for evening prayers when the shooting began. the mosque was a target before, a pig's head was left on the doorstep in june during the holy month of ramadan. police are expressing their opposition to the president trump's order restrictioning i - restricting i immigrants into te united states from seven muslim countries. protesters filled terminal a yesterday. one woman came out to fight for what she said was the american dream that welcomed her 40 years ago. >> i'm proud to be an american, we should be prowled and never let anything divide -- proud and never let anything divide us.
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>> pennsylvania governor tom bofl met with the family from -- wolf met with the family from allentown whose loved ones were detained at philadelphia international over the weekend. they were coming in from war-torn syria. immigration officials canceled their sees is is -- visas. >> we always lived by the rules all our life. i am sadden be and heartbroken because they were sent back to the war zone. >> starbucks has never shied away from the political. it is stepping into the arena again related to the issue of refugees, maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in time square with more on the story. >> starbucks c. he o was vowed -- ceo vowed to
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higher -- hire reef geese. starbucks is planning to take other action. stocks end the week little change after the economy grew less than expected. futures poingt to a lower -- pointing to a lower open. we have a busy week ahead with the federal reserve and home prices all due out. >> david tracking the snow this morning. >> reporter: mainly down south as we look at storm tracker 6 live double scan, you see the snow in south jersey and delaware, alvoiding the i-95 door -- avoiding the i-95 corridor good for the morning commute. cape may, atlantic, kent county in delaware are seeing light snow. most of the main roads are in good shape.
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places that have not been pretreated may be slick. a winter weather advisory has been dropped in new castle county, salem, county, camden and gloucester county and northern burlington county because the snow has not been able to make it up to the i-95 corridor. it's only in the southern counties where we have an issue this morning. the advisory expires at noon, snow is probably done before then, frankly. as we look outside, we're dry and still a little bit cloudy in places like wilmington, delaware, but the snow is staying south. temperature in philadelphia is a bit closer to the freezing mark. 33 degrees right now. the winds at the same time have picked up out of the north at 14, we expect it to get more and more breezy later in the morning and afternoon. in terms of the snow it is still mainly to the south and future tracker has it going off the coast at 11:00 a.m. winter weather advisory expiring at noon.
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later this afternoon or evening don't be surprised if you see a flurry or snow shower popping through, they say have very little impact if they pop up. in terms of accumulation, only a couple of inches in aerials to the south, some spots going to three. the coating to two inch area is not going to happen because we never got the snow up north. any snow showers along i-95 appear to be not in the picture this morning, you might see a flurry in here, light snow in south jersey and delaware, again slipper roads and sidewalks this tapering off between 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. west to east down south. temperatures stay chilly, 31 degrees by 8 affirm 33 by 10. 36 degrees will be the high breezy, we'll be 33 degrees by 6:00 p.m. high temperatures this afternoon all around 3:00 p.m. moarms. upper 30s -- more or less upper 30s from philadelphia to the shore.
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mid 30s in the allentown this afternoon. tomorrow morning, the morning model is stubborn about giving us a morning snow shower. it's something we want to watch after 6:00 a.m., the way things are looking now. better chance of precipitation is later in the afternoon, by then it will be warm enough to make for rain showers across the region with the changeover the farther north you go. today, snow ending down south by 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., high of 39, brisk and chilly this afternoon. tomorrow, 42 afternoon rain and snow shower activity. wednesday is the pick of the week, breezy and mild 46 degrees, if you have plans to do something outdoors, thrald be be -- that would be the best day to do it. thursday, 38 we'll see if phil sees his shadow in punxsutawney on thursday. friday, brisk and chilly, 34.
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>> saturday, brisk and chilly, 33. >> a pilot's plane takes off over delaware, fills with smoke and that plate makes a split second decision and saves his life. a woman rent a movie from red box and gets quite a surprise. look at that. >> reporter: this is langhorne bucks county, i-95 southbound near route 413, it's dry in the area, we'll take you to cherry hill and see what's going on there coming up. >> welcome back taking a live
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look here, wilmington, delaware, 6:16 a.m., 33 degrees. >> could be a problematic commute, are you seeing lighter traffic than usual? >> reporter: i've been seeing for the last two weeks, we're seeing people getting up later, we think they set their alarm would come for the wrong time. we're not sure. this is route 38 haddonfield road, no problems right here, no impact with any flurries causing an issue right there. as we switch our cameras to other areas, looking at the
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garden state parkway, you can see the light snow showers that are falling consistently on the garden state parkway. the main highway is a little wet not causing much of a problem. traffic is moving all right, they have rulessed -- reduced speeds to 45 miles per hour. the snow showers are coming down all morning, this is upper township garden state parkway at cape may. let's look at millville, this is millville, cumberland county, we can see the snow coming down on it is deck, on the chair, on the grass, no reports of issues on the roads in south jersey, people are doing slipping or sliepgd moving along -- slipping or sliding, moving along okay. a member of the 6abc team, boulevard, southbound inner drive a minor accident at adams
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avenue. let's check the other roads, we have a problem civic center boulevard near university avenue, an accident involving a septa bus and truck that's out there. watch for crews on the scene with that one. burlington bristol bridge expected to go up at 6:10. stick to the tacony-palmyra instead. looking at the travel times, no delays, no problems, it's been taking a while for the morning commute to kick in. storm tracker 6 live double scan, you can see the snow is confined to southern areas in south jersey and delaware. >> a pilot narrowly escaped his burning home. donald burns took off when his cockpit filled with smoke. he headed back to the airport and jumped from the plane when it landed and it burst into
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flames. no reason for the cause of the fire. >> the sag awards just ahead. david you're tracking snow. >> reporter: we have snow down to the south, where it's not snowing, it's definitely cold enough for coats and hats, i'll have look at the southern snow coming up. >> reporter: the company that made fit bit could soon layoff 1600 workers amid slumping sales. the. >> the move is expected to save $200 million. we're getting a glimpse of the google l.g. smart watches are going to be launched next week. it shows a rounds display and slightly larger sports version and starting at 250 bucks. a woman renting a copy of the movie deep water horizon, got something extra. she found 100 bucks with a note,
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waking up early to see what the roads look like, the snow so far in south jersey and delaware, doesn't seem to have an impact on the roads. we're dry on the i-95 corridor. this is the schuylkill expressway traffic is moving nicely. we're dry at whitiker and ridge avenue things are moving fine. mass transit don't forget to get a new which he schedule. airport inbound they are no longer toning at fern rock, wayne junction or melrose station. >> reporter: the snow is moving closer and closer to the coast.
6:23 am
there are advisories up, but looks like the situation is improving. be careful on sidewalk and side streets and secondary roads that could slick. we hope to see the snow off the coast at 10:00 a.m. 31 degrees by 7:00 a.m. 36 by noon. the high 39 degrees. keep the winter coat handy even though it's up close to 40 it will feel chillier than that. no major delays at the airport, no signs of delays at any big travel test -- destinations. in "healthcheck," fda found amounts of toxic substance in homepathic teething products. fd a lot of fda is urging parenp
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>> the movie about unsung female heros at nasa won big at the sag awards. >> hidden figures. >> hidden figures is about female matt ma technicians who -- mathematicians who helped get john glenn in place, emma stone won for best actress in the film for la la land. denzel washington was named for best actor for his role in fences. >> look at all the beautiful dresses. we're following several breaking stories, including the holdup that landed the robber not the victims in the hospital. mobile 6 is traveling through atlantic city, we'll check on all parts of the region next. ♪
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america runs on dunkin'. tracker 6 live shows the snow arrive be in the southern part of the viewing area. we're live on the ground tracking the impact on the morning commute. >> breaking on "action news" south street hit-and-run, an suv slams into a woman and the driver does not stop. resistance builds for the white house travel ban. >> good morning, monday, january 30th. we have team coverage of the morning snow. annie mccormick is in south jersey, let's go over to david and karen. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, we're starting out on the cold side and in some cases snowy, tracker showing the snow pushing to the jersey coast. it's bright in salem county, cape may county and southern delaware, main roads are okay, sidewalks and side streets could be covered at this point.
6:31 am
that's pushing closer to the coast. the winter weather advisory has been dropped in counties close to i-95. it's in effect in the coastal counties and kent county delaware, sussex county delaware, and cumberland county, new jersey, until noon, it may be dropped before then, because that snow looks like it will get out of town quickly sometime after the morning rush. 33 degrees no snow in the city, but cold enough for winters coats. 32 in wilmington. where we have spots just below freezing cold enough to stick to nontreated surfaces. the snow tapers off after 10:00 a.m. 36 by noon with the sun coming back. high of 39 degrees by 3:00 p.m. with brisk winds building it will feel like it's closer to the freezing mark. 7:00 p.m., back to 32. a little more precipitation
6:32 am
possible tomorrow, we'll talk about that in the seven day. the story is down south with the roads, karen rogers you're here to let you say know if there's much of an impact. >> we're not seeing an impact with the snow on the roads. for the most part looks like it is melting on the main highways themselves. we have an accident involving a septa bus in university city, the action cam on the scene with this one, showing that the septa bus and an accident rear ended by a box truck. this is happened on civic center boulevard and convention boulevard. crews on the scene with this one. stick to 38th, balls they have shut down civic center boulevard while trying to deal with this. i got off the phone with police in montgomery county, a multi-vehicle accident here happening in willow grove, they have shut down york road they have an injury there. somebody was transported to the hospital. york road is shut down between
6:33 am
davisville road and easton road. stick to welsh road. hopping into new jersey, haddon heights, route 30 at 295. white horse pike not seeing an impact with the main roads. traveling south on the garden state parkway they have reduced the speeds to 45 miles per hour. we're watching the shot and at times seeing the snow showers come down. it has not stuck to the roads. looking good on the garden state parkway even though we have snow showers through the area. matt and tam. "action news" reporter, annie mccormick is live along the black horse pike in blackwood, new jersey, annie, seems like you're on the snow line. >> reporter: i'm right on the cusp, i'm seeing it on video. they are prepared so far, you can see the sheen on the black horse pike that's because this was pretreated overnight with
6:34 am
brine. other areas treated with salt. take a look at the video this is where you will see snow in this video from overnight, this is lindenwald, new jersey, egg harbor road you can see a number of trucks that were getting ready overnight. in camden county they said they had 100 different trucks and apparatus that were prepared to go out at any moment. they were getting filled up with salt and getting the plows attached to the front of many of those vehicles. of course, camden county has a little over 1,000 miles to cover when they have to pretreat and treat when the snow falls they have to make sure it's not a messy morning commute. there's video from atlantic county, galloway township, route 30. there were a number of trucks lined up also ready to go there, as well. back out here live in blackwood, new jersey, i can tell you when you're driving this morning, you can see a number of salt trucks the plow trucks on the sides of road an entrance and exit ramps
6:35 am
sitting there, on the new jersey turnpike and new jersey department of transportation trucks all over the south jersey area. over the past several hours it's significantly colder out here, so that's a concern what may freeze when it does fall. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> let's take a trip on mobile 6 live in atlantic city, new jersey, traveling the streets there rain drop activity on the windshield. five schools around the jersey shore are opening late today. a couple of in delaware listed at maybe snowflakes falling, maybe a little rain there in atlantic city, live on mobile 6. >> breaking right now from the roads, a driver of a dark suv is wanted for hitting a young woman in south philadelphia and driving away. the hit-and-run happened at second and south streets at 2:00 a.m.ment 20-year-old suffered leg injuries she is in stable condition. breaking overnight, two men tried to rob a chinese takeout
6:36 am
restaurant, but the owner was not having it, he had his own gun. two masked men walked into the restaurant and announced a robbery. two employees were inside one pulled out a gun and shot a suspect in the back. police believe the second suspect drove his accomplice to the hospital. both are in custody. >> 6:36 president trump is defending his immigration restrictions on seven predominantly muslim countries. a white house statement said this is not about religion, this is about terror and keeping our country safe. travelers holding valid visas were held overnight weekend. the ban is getting push back from both sides of the aisle. >> this executive order was mean spirited and unamerican. >> i think the effect will probably in some areas give isis some more propaganda.
6:37 am
>> the new department of homeland security chief clarified it that it does not effect green card holders own permanent residents. >> the confusion around the order led to protests at the county's busiest airport. 1,000 people filled terminal a met by a line of police officers who said for the most part the event was peaceful. >> they were warm to the police and grateful for the job we were doing, i think so a lot of people may have lost sight of the fact there were a lot of people who were impacted, missed flights and not able to get to the airport who pick up loved ones. >> the crowds spilled into the streets halting traffic on i-95 in both directions. delta compute system outage let to delays and cancellations.
6:38 am
150 flights had been canceled with more expected. the glitch is not affecting international flights. in august, delta suffered a computer breakdown after a power outage at the operations center. >> the snow is hanging south jersey and delaware. >> reporter: it is getting closer to the coast, storm tracker 6 live double scan showing you gloucester and camden snow-free. if we go into the two dimensional view you can see the i-95 looks good. the brighter shade of white with lavender, parts of atlantic, cumberland and cape may, and dover and kent counties those are the areas that are getting the steadier snow. the karen has been pointing out that the main roads that were treated are holding up just wet. i got a tweet that someone said in ventnor there's snow on the cars and decks, you want to be
6:39 am
careful on side streets in the southern areas. the snow is on the way to the coast away from i-95. looking at cloudy skies over the commodore barry bridge, dry conditions here, just cold. everybody will want a coat. 32 degrees in philadelphia. 32 in wilmington. that shot we showed you in between those two locations and obviously cold enough for winter coats, upper 20s to mid 20s in the northern and western suburbs. 29 in millville. in the areas where the snow is falling it's cold enough to give you a freeze up on the sidewalks and side streets in particular. in terms of the snow future tracker 6 showing between now and 9:00 a.m. it will get closer to the coast. after 10:00 a.m., looks like it's gone, by 12:00, we're seeing the return of sun. later in the afternoon and evening there's a chance of a passing flurry sore snow -- snow shower, in terms of snow on the
6:40 am
ground, there could be 2 inches. down in here, two, three inches in spots. lehigh valley forecast today clouds mixing with some sun, brisk and chilly, high of just 36 degrees. it will feel like the 20s most of the day. down the shore we'll get up to 38 degrees, the snow exiting the coast in most cases by 10:00, 11:00 a.m., it's chilly and brisk with the winds building. in philadelphia, clouds and sun, brisk and chilly, high of 39 degrees. with the winds gusting up to 25 miles per hour we'll have windchills making it feel like the freezing mark even at the best of times. overnight tonight, the winds die down a bit, we clear out, but we get colder, the temperature dropping to 25 degrees in philadelphia. colder than that in some suburbs, when you wake you mean tomorrow no longer, it will be winter coat weather. after 6:00 there's a chance of a
6:41 am
snow shower popping through philadelphia north it won't last all that long and may not have that much of an impact. that's something we'll be looking for tomorrow morning. in the afternoon, a better chance of rain and snow showers, it will be mild enough to make it rain in most of the area. closer to the lehigh valley tomorrow, maybe additional snow or sleet for at least a time late tomorrow into the evening. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 39 today, snow ending down south. rain or snow shower around tomorrow. if you have lance to be out this week getting stuff done, wednesday is the pick of the week, it's breezy and cool, high of 46 which is above average. groundhog day, thursday, 38 degrees, lots of sun, hopefully phil doesn't see his shadow. 34 friday, 33 saturday, 39 sunday, snow showers sunday night. >> it is 6:41, a call to action, three men stand accused of a fed -- fetish crime
6:42 am
involving young children. karen. >> reporter: we're live on i-95 traffic is building as you head toward center city. dry in the i-95 corridor. i talked to police in the lehigh valley, an accident that sounds pretty nasty, details on that when we come right back. mom, i just saved a lot of money
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live over a gas explosion in haverford, montgomery county. this is the property of st. john -- i'm sorry it's in delaware, gas explosion st. john neumann church 300 block of highland lane, crews are looking into the boiler room at the
6:45 am
location. this may have caused windows to blow out, maybe they removed them to go inside, as well. they are figure out if there's any damage on the property. a gas explosion in haverford delaware county. >> we're glad it happened at this early hour before anyone was there. let's look at traffic. >> reporter: frightening scene there. this is live in new jersey, route 49 and 55. people are moving just fine in millville, in cumberland county, new jersey. we have an accident on cooper folly road at haze mill road. this blocking all lanes in water for the township camden county. this accident coming in camden, county new jersey. i talked to police in lehigh county. they told me about an accident on tillman street near whirly
6:46 am
road. there was a two-vehicle accident and someone came upon them and hit them, as well. look for that in upper macungie township. police are responding to the scene right now. as we look at the travel times, starting to slow on i-95 23 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. schuylkill expressway eastbound 24 minutes. schuylkill expressway westbound, 18 minute ride. 42 moring fine northbound -- northbound, moving fine. mien accident on i-95 -- minor accident on i-95 southbound near the tacony-palmyra bridge seeing slowing in that area. here's a look at the area, in millville, you can see it covering the chair and the deck and grassy surfaces. main highways okay. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing you have to go pretty far south to get the snow
6:47 am
showers, we're dry on i-95, but here in dover you're getting route 49 near millville, as well as route 40 in mays landing. south of hammonton at this point. >> new this morning, it took s.w.a.t teams in the city's frankford section extra time to take a suspect into custody. police responded to a domestic disturbance on the 2300 block of kinsey street at midnight. the suspect refused to come out of the house, so officers forced him out. "action news" was there as police took kenneth roche into custody. else accused of killing a teenager and her 10-year-old sister on the boulevard yesterday morning. police say he fled the scene and returned a short time later. pennsylvania's attorney general is looking for tips on a disturbing child predator ring. attorney general and bucks county d.a. announced that a man
6:48 am
has been charged with repeatedly sexual lie abusing a boy. two other men, jeffrey harvey and david parker was charged earlier with abusing the same child. the ring sometimes held parties in which the men would dress up in animal costumes. >> we need your help, we believe there are other victims and other information out there, we would like to hear from you. >> anyone who thinks they know anything about this, or they know a child who may have been hurt in all this, please call the attorney general tip line. 6:48 a live preview of "good morning america" is next. david is watching the snow moving in. >> reporter: the snow down by the coast at this point, still an issue for those of you in coastal counties. the roast you dealing with cold air. if you're dressing it is kids put the winter coats on them this morning. we'll a look at the snow on storm tracker 6 live, enofof-- d
6:49 am
of course we'll have the 12-hour forecast that's next. ♪
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"good morning america." >> let's check in with amy robach and get going on monday morning on "g.m.a." tell us what you have coming up. >> reporter: we'll begin with the 6 people killed after an
6:52 am
attack on a canadian mosque during evening prayers. prime minister justin trudeau condemning the attack. we're talking about all the backlash and protest over trump's immigration ban. the trump creating chaos and confusion around the world after travers were de-- travelers were detained. we have kellyanne conway joining us live to talk about that. screen actors award turning politically talking about the executive order, we'll be look at the most powerful moments coming up next on "g.m.a." >> we'll see you in less than 8 minutes. thanks, amy. >> as you head out, the snow is not causing any problems, you have to go south for that, we have a new issue, police have arrived on the scene, i-95 southbound at 322. you can see how they are blocking a couple of lanes with this, all of a sudden traffic is
6:53 am
getting by one lane i-95 southbound near 322 a disabled box truck causing the problem as you near the commodore barry bridge, dave. >> reporter: snow has stayed south of the i-95 corridor all morning, as you mentioned no problem there. we have steady banged snow closer to the coast. be careful on secondary roads and sidewalks. snow ending by 10:00 a.m., 36 degrees by noon. 39 degrees by 3:00 p.m. not a bad time to get out to the market. keep the winter coat handy because it will be on the breeze breeze -- breezy side today. we'll be back with the top stories.
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>> welcome back chopper 6 hd is over breaking news coming from haverford, delaware county. take a look at this, this is the st. john neumann church. around 5:45 a.m., they got word of a gas explosion. you can see the window panes are out. they are down in the boiler room looking at the genesis of this incident. peco is out at the scene to make repairs. no injuries. >> reporter: we have an accident on the schuylkill expressway eastbound at girard. you can see penndot is on the scene. they pushed it off to the side you're slower eastbound schuylkill expressway at girard. you have to go down south to get
6:57 am
snow, here we are in millville. >> reporter: the snow is pushing closer to the coast, be careful on secondary roads and sidewalks, that sort of think, this morning the snow will be gone quickly. 39 is the high. hey, everyone have a great week. for david dave murphy, karen ro, tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. see you later.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, deadly terror attack. at least two gunmen storm a crowd you had mosque in canada during evening prayer, open fire on worshippers killing at least six people, injuring eight. >> there were a lot of shots going on. i couldn't count. >> the suspects now in custody. security is stepped up at mosques and houses of worship here at home. also overnight, outrage over president trump's order banning travelers from seven muslim majority countries. thousands of people coast to coast taking to the streets to protest. officers in riot gear clashing with crowds. police pepper spraying protesters in seattle. at the airports, chaos and confusion. people detained and families separated. the president defending his order saying it's not a muslim


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