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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  January 30, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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be it was the botched robbery before it began and the crime at this philadelphia takeout ended with one of the suspects being shot. >> also firefighters rescue two people from a burning townhouse in new jersey. the big story, president trump firing back about the state of homeland security in the wake of protests connected to the travel ban. a pennsylvania senator released a statement on the restriction. protesters vocalized their anger for president trump's ban against seven muslim country. the ban prevents travelers from seven countries from coming to the united states for 90 days. while meeting with business leaders this morning, trump commented on the protest. >> we actually had a very good day yesterday in terms of
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homeland security. some day we had to make the move, we decided to make the move. >> this morning pennsylvania republican senator pat toomey released a statement saying he supports the administration decision be but said the initial executive order was flawed too broad and poorly explained this resulted in denied entry into the united states for lawful residents and others who she would have been allowed immediate entry. senator toomey said he supports the white house's efforts to increase investigate. >> "action news" reporter, john rawlins is live at philadelphia international airport with the update on the situation there, john. >> reporter: hi, guys what a difference 20 hours makes, huge crowds were here over the weekend at the international terminal here. people protesting the i immigration ban him septa put on four extra trains just to handle
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the number of people here. this was the scene at and around terminal a west, protesters blocked the arrival road for two hours, five and 6,000 people gathered to protest the immigration ban of those from seven largely muslim countries. the ban created by an executive order signed by donald trump. in addition to a report of four arriving passengers being detaindz at the airport on -- detained at the airport on saturday, 6 christian syrians were turned away. governor tom wolf met with the allentown dennis, they had valid visas and apologized saying this is not who we are. pennsylvania is a place of peace not of oppression. >> so at this point, we do not know the current status of the 6 individuals from syria who
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returned took a flight out of the united states because of the ban of all the thousands of participants here over the weekend and blocked the roads. actual airport operations were not impacted at all. passengers had been advised to get here early at least an hour earlier than normal, most did, no serious problems as far as passengers not being able to make their flights. back to you all. >> our coverage on the controversial travel ban continues at we'll bring you the latest updates from president trump's administration along with continued reaction from across the region. in other news, president trump said he will announce the supreme court nominee tomorrow night. the president dropped a hint saying evangelical christians will love my pick. it is believed to be narrow down to 4. the seat on the bench has
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remained vacant since the passing of justice antonin scalia. security is tight across america following a deadly mosque shooting in canada. two gunman stormed a mosque in quebec city. another five have been i the gunman chowedded -- shouted god is great in arabic one was arrested at the scene, the other was picked up after calling 911 saying he wanted to cooperate. recall ideologies are lands to honor the victims and show support for the muslim community. >> we want to say a few words to our muslims. >> you're welcome here,. >> we'll hear how the terror attack is impacting mosque in
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our area. >> back in this area, philadelphia police say a robbery at a chinese takeout ended with a suspect shot. two masked men walked into the restaurant at 62nd and spruce and two ownsers were working -- own errs were working, one pull out a gun and shot the suspect in the back. they try to cut the surveillance wires to a camera, but made a mistake. >> the in-store surveillance cameras were functioning and did record the robbery. >> police believe the second suspect drove his accomplice to the hospital. both suspects are in custody. two owners were not physical mri hurt. turning to accuweather, the snow showers have moved out of parts of our region. >> that's right, a winter weather advisory prompted school delays in delaware and south jersey this morning. >> reporter: the action cam was in millville where light snow blanketed the ground and
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vehicles lining the streets. not a lot of snow, just a nuisance as accuweather predicted. >> looking live outside, clear skies, blue skies, many didn't get much snow at all, maybe a flurry or two here and there. david murphy has been in the snow business all morning long. what can we expect, david? >> reporter: the morning snow was in south jersey, it is off the coast. the next thing we're watching is shower act terrorist but programs a stronger snow squall in areas to the west, harrisburg and lancaster county this will start to move in this activity during the afternoon and into the early evening hours, again, these are not big issue, big ticket snow producers in most cases. if you get underneath one of the heavier cells it could reduce visibility and put a coating on road surfaces, you do want to slow down.
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overall not a lot of snow. as for the morning snow it was mainly south. mill folder, delaware, 2 1/2 -- fill -- millford, delaware, 2 1/2 inches. it was hard to get the snow up to the i-95 corridor. 38 in philadelphia. 34 in allentown. 39 in wilmington, you do need a coat as you step outside, that will be the case of the rest of the way. winds on the light side we expect them to pick up a little bit through the afternoon, we're looking at blustery conditions. future tracker 6, there's the snow showers and the odd snow squall that pops up between now and 6:00 p.m. some of that might hang around until the early evening. i'm putting out a word to the wise driving around in the around anne the evening commute, these are spotty snow showers, some of them could be strong enough to put down a quick coating which could make roads
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on the slippery side and rulessed visibility would be an issue -- reduced visibility would be an issue, as well. when i step inside i have more precipitation on the way and colder air on the weekend. rick and sarah i'll have that coming up. in other news an explosion damaged a delaware county school. chopper 6 hd was overhead as crews answered the call at john neumann school in haverford township. vernon odem is live with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon, rick, as you might expect there's no school today at saints coleman john neumann school after an explosion in the boiler room. school officials noticed how cold the school was when they arrived for work and they noticed the odor of natural gas.
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peco investigated the explosion, they said they have checked all their systems and they are working normally. the electric and gas is off at this hour, after the explosion which occurred around 5:45 a.m. apparently in the school's boiler room. the investigation continues at this hour. there were no injuries, some windows were blown out. classes have been canceled for the day, i spoke to a pair of 6th graders enjoying their unexpected day off. >> my mom picked up the phone and she was told there was a gas leak in the boiler room downs. they had to open all the windows in the school. >> we're happy. >> reporter: really? >> we don't have school, so. >> rick, the archdiocese said they will be calling in a
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structural engineer to damage the damage that was caused by the explosion, again, apparently in the boiler room and look at rebuilding or fixing the gas element that apparently did explode in in the morning. the school will not open until -- reopen until at least friday. live in haverford township, vernon odem channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. in pleasantville, new jersey, investigators are trying to determine what sparked an early-morning house fire that injured two people. this was the scene in the 1500 block of 6th avenue. the flames broke out after 6:30 a.m. at one point shooting through the roof. fire and rescue crews got two people out of the house in time. both were treated for smoke inhalation, adjoining townhouse staged fire and smoke damage. a computer glitch forces delta to cancel flights across
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the country. mayor jim kenny opens a new option for urgent care in philadelphia. those stories and more when "action news" continues in just a moment.
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>> the man accused of killing five people at hollywood international airport pleaded not guilty in federal court. during his arraignment, he told the judge he understood the charges. fbi sailed he flew from anchorage alaska to fort lauderdale with a handle gun checked in the -- handgun checked in the luggage. he loaded the gun in the bathroom and came out firing. a septa bus was involved in a crash in the university city section. ment bus was hit from behind by a box truck at civic center boulevard at university avenue. the bus driver was taken to the hospital for treatment, nobody on the bus was injured. delta is getting back to normal following a massive
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computer outage, 80 flights were canceled nationwide. 100 canceled yesterday. delta is issuing waivers for those traveling today. call 1-800-phl-gate ahead of time to check on the status of flights at philadelphia international. and our news app is staying on top of the delta outage. today the los angeles county sheriff is expected to release the name of the alleged killer in a 41-year-old murder mystery. karen klaas was the ex-wife of righteous brother bill medley. they found her killer through familia dna. it's been used in other cold cases, but civil liberties groups say it led to false leads. new jersey is creating a public registry of convicted animal abusers.
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the bill will be voted on by the state senate. it will track anyone charge with animal cruelty an be used by animal shelterses and rescue -- shelters and rescues who she would adopt pets. it would become the second state to use it, the first one was created in tennessee.
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>> with well despite the emisn
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scandal, volkswagen is the best automaker. worldwide sales rose for tate in 2016. that was shy of volkswagen as cars and trucks and buses. it benefited from the growth in china. starbucks said it will higher ten thousand refugees over the next ten years worldwide. the focus would be on immigrants that worked for u.s. troops as interpreters. starbucks said they will help the mexican partners if they are hit by a trade or immigration rule. "action news" team is out working on news stories ginning at 4:00 p.m. alicia vitarelli is in the newsroom. who was the weekend? how was the party? >> reporter: it was excellent. coming up today at 4, what do the words gross, demon, very well -- very well -- velvita
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have in common? ary thul baby names -- they are all baby names. we'll talk about the neighborhoods you should be look into to stretch your dollar. it's in the what's the deal. don't you can take us on the go you can watch us streaming live on the smart phone or tablet. see you at 4:00 p.m. >> we'll vehicle accuweather when "action news" comes right back.
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meteorologist david murphy is back with a closer look at the workweek forecast.
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now that the snow is done. >> reporter: the first rounds of snow is done, now we have to deal with snow showers and squalls in a couple of neighborhoods. currently it's out to the west so far. a close are look shows snow shower popping in through oxford and southern chester county. hopefully these will not do a whole lot on the ground. every now and then you get underneath these, you get a snow squall putting a coating on the roads and visibility goes poor and ten, 15 minutes later you're possibly looking at sunshine. we're looking at these moving in. you have to slow it down if you see them in the afternoon and early evening. taking a look outside, on the "action thecam, valley forge. snow showers coming in. 38 degrees in philadelphia. winds out of the north at 6 miles per hour. we expect it to get more blustery later in the day and
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tonight. so far so good on the wind. 38 degrees in philadelphia. 38 down south, millville, dover, 36 degrees at the airport in atlantic city. 34 in cape may. that's allentown, cooler up north, 34 degrees. future tracker 6 shows you the potential for snow showers coming through, by 4:00 p.m. there's a chance of additional around they could extend into the evening rush hour, caution in the afternoon and evening rush. the threat of them will diminish. up in the lehigh valley brisk and chilly, woe -- we can't rule out a spotty snow shower or squall. twish -- it will be brisk and chilly down the shore, 38. in philadelphia, brisk and chilly, 38. for the evening abbey -- and
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afternoon commute, 43 by 1:00 p.m. dipping into the up 30s by 7:00 p.m. we expect partly cloudy skies overnight. there will be a period of the overnight hours where it's clear before more clouds fill in tomorrow. 25 is the overnight low, it will be cold. tomorrow there's a chance, fairly early maybe after 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. of a snow shower popping through some of the northern and western suburbs and sitting in the poconos and allentown tomorrow. there could be a break in allentown, later in the day as warm air comes in, we'll change over to rain showers for the most part with frozen stuff up north. all that tapers off tomorrow afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we're going for a high of 39 not much warmer than it is right now. brisk and chilly, a spotty snow shower can't be ruled out. tomorrow, rain or snow shower, 42 is the high. wednesday, the pick of the week, breezy and milder 46.
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ground hog day sunny and colder 38 degrees, looks like fill has a good shot of seeing his shadow. brisk and cold on friday, 34 is the high, to start out the weekend 33 degrees sunshine on saturday, definitely feeling like winter. sunday back up to 39. sunday night there could a rain or snow shower possible. >> you're going to talk to the groundhog, right? >> reporter: i'll try. >> threaten him if you have to. >> much more "action news" when we come right back.
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>> hello again here's some of the stories we're following an "action news" at 12:30 p.m. new details are coming in about a shooting that left 6 people dead at a canadian mosque. >> donald trump defends his order keeping refugees from seven muslim countries from coming into the u.s. a hit-and-run driver hits a woman on south street. >> two attackers opened fire killing 6 people inside the mosque in quebec city during evening prayers yesterday. more than a dozen others were injured. prime minister trudeau is caught the attack an act of terror. canadian police now say only one person is a suspect. u.s. president donald trump
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called the canadian prime minister to offer his condollco. >> >> bob brook is live with mor. >> reporter: security a concern, what's a bigger concern is the fact that it's happening that's the problem that needs to be addressed. 6 muslims killed by two gunman inside their mosque in quebec canada. this morning we salt down with the former -- sat down with the former muslim lawyer of the new jersey muslim organization. he said he and the muslim community are grieving, but in his opinion these attacks are so common it is not causing enough for concern. >> we're starting to get used to this get desensitized because it happens so often. >> reporter: he said they are always working to keep mosques


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