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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  January 31, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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introducing fios instant internet. internet the way it should be. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon in the news this noon, a drive ever survived when a car slammed into a gas pump and goes up in flames in delaware county. and president trump is getting ready to announce his pick on the supreme court. and a fire forced evacuations in the old city section of philadelphia. the flames started in one apartment building and spread to neighboring buildings at 5:00 this morning. annie mccormick is talking to residents affected by the fire and joins us from the the scene. >> sara just moments ago we saw residents finally returning back to their homes. they can tell you that the philadelphia fire department cleared the scene a while ago and restoration crews are here and there are reads that live on the top floors that will not be able to return and people that live on the lower floors will not be allowed back in.
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firefighters rushed to the scene as firefighters broke out at 5:45 this morning at the multi"two story apartment building. >> honesty 5 seconds, smoke to like fire balls. >> we live on the top floor of the rooftop above us and you can see the skylight. light breaking in and smoke underneath it. >> the fire was reportedly on the fifth day floor of the building behind me and the floors are connected here and we are finding hot spots and extinguishing fires on the buildings. some reported they did not hear a fire alarm and instead neighbors yelling and knocking on doors woke them. we heard someone yelling outside from the street and we are on the fifth floor and i looked out the window and we see from the reflection on the building there was a fire above us. we grabbed our roommate and ran
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out. the fire spread to three buildings and took an hour to bring the blaze under control. it brought 25 fire apparatus and partner buildings and 60 people to the scene. that is why these buildings are often connected. rarely do we fight fire in just one building. >> reporter: now, several residents reported that they did not hear a fire alarm. osident said he pulled the alarm in one billing and it did not go off. and that will be part of the investigation including cause and origin. paw relieve was here checking on pets and last check all pets were with family members. >> annie, thank you. we have breaking news from northeast philadelphia at this hour. authorities are responding to a crash involving a pedestrian
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near the intersection of cotman avenue. reporting a person struck by a car. "action news" learned that a man in his 30s was rushed to the hospital and police say the striking car did remain at the scene and we are working to fine more information about this accident. you can check for updates on air and online at turning now to accuweather, more snow is coming to parts of the region today. sky 6 hd looking live from the ben franklin bridge and sun and clouds on this final day of january and a mix is moving in to the north in the lehigh valley. david murphy has the latest from stormtracker 6 live double scan radar. >> rick we started out this morning, tracking snow showers in delaware and south jersey and they are clearing the coast. and that is where the action it and where it is expected to be for the afternoon and early evening. you see how we have snow showers
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pass through areas close to allentown and i-78. some of this snow is steadier and light so far. as we go in closer north of reading and the reading airport. north of lees port and hamburg is getting snow showers right now and it's still cool enough in the northern areas where you want to slow it down. where there is stuff coming through right now or later today it shuts off and there are slick spots that develop there. satellite 6 along with action radar shows you wide cloud cover around and sun in philadelphia. the farther north and the more clouds you see and the snow showers are possible. there you see the early snow shower that came through during the early rush hour, snow out to the west is tracking not northern tier that is why we expect the lehigh valley and points in that direction affected by this, 35 in philadelphia and currently 29 in
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allentown and reading and if you do see the snowflakes here they could stick to surfaces and do be careful. could be a rain shower close toward philadelphia than number is going up above freezing, 7 miles per hour wind in philadelphia and 12 in wilmington so do bundle up from you headed out, a milder day tomorrow and another hint of possible precipitation coming later on in the weekend. rick have more on that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thank you. and don't forget to take advantage of all the forecasting tools availableable 24/7 at updated hourly forecast to stormtracker 6 live double scan and follow our meteorologists on facebook and twitter for updates as well. president trump has fired and replaced his acting attorney general in a public feud over the enforcement of his
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immigration band. he got rid of sally yates and replaced her with dana benty. the customs enforcement has also been replaced. two local families affected by the immigration ban are filing federal lawsuits against the trump administration, they say that their relatives were illegally detained at the philadelphia international airport and sent back to their home countries. john rawlins is live now with more. >> reporter: hi sara, it was a news conference today at city hall and the mayor and a number of other people were here. we were told that seven people from three different famliz, two from syria and one from iran were detained. refused admittance at phl and
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faced on outbound flights prior to staying that travel band. they will file lawsuits in court saying that it violates the constitution. we heard from a family member. >> there is an establishment cause claiming discrimination on religion and equal protection claim and violation of the constitutional right of protection and statutory claims related to the discrimination and nationality act. >> this is the country of opportunity, the country of freedom. and if you allow it to be turned into a land of discrimination, where racism has taken root and hate is found across the whole country is a thought that gives me chills. >> reporter: well, it's not entirely clear if the claims have been filed yet or if they will be filed later today.
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there was a difference. opinion on that. as far as a remedy what they are asking is that the court order the government to immediately reinstate the plaintiff's travel visas to come to the united states arrange for travel to the united states at the government's expense and authorize entry to the united states. those claims to be filed later today or have been filed. it's unclear. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> thank you. in washington, president trump is planning to reveal his pick for the supreme court. he says he made his decision and will announce his nominee and the court is working with only 8 justices since antonin scalia died last year. he will announce it in an address to the nation this evening expect it to happen at 8:00 p.m. you can watch it live during an abc special report here on 6 abc. a woman had to be rescued today from a burning house in
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bensalem. along the 2200 block of bybury road, a woman was found on the first floor and take and to the hospital in critical condition and another man was able to escape on his own. firefighters had a difficult time putting out the flames because the house was filled with clutter. >> the house was filled with clutter, floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall and the firefighter had an extremely difficult time to get to the origin of the fire to put it out. >> an estimated 75 firefighters responded to the scene but the house was destroyed. another fire spread from one row home to another in the 2700 block of st. paul street this morning. firefighters were attacking the blaze from the roof wren working to find out the extent of the damage and whether anyone was hurt. >> a car crash ignited a scary
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scene in glenolden, showing the car that burst into flames at the royal farms on mcdade boulevard. it slammed into a gas pump last night and fortunately nobody was injured. still to come on "action news" at noon, authorities are trying to find out how $400,000 worth of cocaine got on to an american airlines plane. >> and a bishop says he is doing fine after he says he was ambushed and punched at a church in new jersey. >> and david murphy has your accuweather forecast. >> no way. >> oh yes. >> no, you're not. >> more fake outs with buddy valasco. then four furniture fake outs that will blow your mind.
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investigators are working to find out how $400,000 worth of cocaine got into an american airlines plane. police say that the drugs were found during a maintenance check in oklahoma. and an employee found the packages near an electronic's bay near the nose gear. the plane was in columbia, and a recent stop in miami, florida. the boy scouts of america are allowing transgender
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children that identify as boys enroll in their boys only program. last year an 8-year-old boy from secaucus, new jersey, was asked to leave his group when parents and scout leaders found out he was transgener. >> i want them to be comfortable with how i am. and what my identity is. >> the boy scouts ghana lowing opening gay scouts in 2013 and lifted a ban on gay troop leader and employees in 2013. a man charged in a mass shooting at a canadian mosque was known for his far right nationalist views. he showed support for a group that rejects multiculturalism. and he is accused of killing six and wounded eight others at an
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evening mosque. a man is due in court to face charges that he attacked a bishop during a church service in north jersey. the bishop manual cruz was celebrating mass when he was ambushed. that 48-year-old charles miller walked towards the alter and punched the bishop in the face. he was later arrested. the bishop told his congregation is he feeling fine. today is the last day to sign up for the affordable care act. and more than 11 people still enrolled so far, even if you do not sign up before today's day line, you can get coverage if you have a life event such as getting married or losing insurance from an employer. and a serious safety hazard
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way fair and overstock and target. can't bolton furniture for a free repair kit. this noon local chapters of the red cross is issuing an appeal for blood donations, in langhorne because the area supply is extremely low, health donors are encouraged to give blood and the supply is typically down this time of year because of weather and flu and other seasonable illnesses, this continues at st. marys until 7:00 tonight. and families in buck county have a chance to have fun and get healthy at the same time. the ymca is warminster opened today. they cut the ribbon on the 10,000 square foot facility. workout machines, free weights and fitness classes and programs for all ages. mike fitz prattic was on hand
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for the grand open snoog the "action news" team is out working on news stories for tonight at 4:00. here is alicia vitarelli live in the newsroom. >> reporter: hey guys if you love the movie titanic, director james cameron is now trying to set the record straight about a key plot point. if you are a fan of jack and rose you won't want to miss this story coming up in big talkers. and what kind of cat do you have? apparently felines share only five personality types, including cantankerous and human. we'll figure it out. can you take us with you on the go down load the 6 abc app. >> thank you alicia. if you have medicare
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david murphy is here now with precipitation we may see later. >> it's happening up north, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing it to you. after the showers popped through in delaware and south jersey and in our northern suburbs earlier and now it moved to the north and we expect it to stay. and allentown is getting clipped by this in the northeast extension of the turnpike and through slatington and the poconos. a coating to an inch of snow on the ground by the time we are done. in places like easton and allentown and the poconos. as we take a look outside. cloudy skies for the most part north and it's close to snow. that would include the ski mountain. they look good. 35 degrees is your current temperature.
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we have struggled to get that number up there and we'll go for a high of 40 and we feel like we need sun breaking out from the clouds to get there. it's a struggle and definitely coat weather, winds from the east at 7 miles per hour and the wins could also pick up as the day goes on, bring that coat and some extra gear if you are headed out for a while. 39 in wilmington and down in millville 44 in cape may. in the south you get milder than you will up north. in allentown 29 degrees, and 31 in reading below freezing. be careful if you see slight snow showers there is slickness on the roads. future tracker 6 taking you through the rest of the afternoon. again the temperatures are climbing above the freezing mark here and up in allentown snow until 7:00 or 8:00 when it shuts off. we are looking for a light accumulation a coating to an inch from areas from quakertown
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to allentown and mown poconos and the poconos is general. up in the allentown area snow showers and 36 is the high. we'll manage to get above freezing later on. and at at shore. milder and 44 degrees be clouds and some sun the better chance the far south you go of seeing more sunshine today. still chilly at the shore and in philadelphia a high of 40 and clouds mixing with some sun. i have seen that break out over the last couple of hours. mainly dry though in the i-95 corridor with a slight chance of a shower or sprinkle in the northern areas, for the evening commute. hopefully we stay dry and your heat is working and 39 by 4:00 and 38 by 5:00 and down to 36 degrees clouds maybe with some sunny breaks the farther south you go. partly cloudy and breezy and 38 and it's not as cold tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon looks milder.
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your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast mostly cloudy skies and some snow shower activity and tomorrow breezy and milder and high of 48 and back down to 40 for thursday and low to mid-30s for friday and saturday. and sunday clouds increase and a high of 37, and most of the models are playing with the idea of snow showers in the afternoon and evening that will probably end fairly quickly at night on sunday. right now it doesn't look super bad. we'll have to keep watching it. that is super bowl sunday too. >> thank you david. a kansas high school student found a way to make extra money in between classes but his entrepreneural spirit got him more attention. word spread quickly that he turned his block locker into a
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soda machine. but administrators like the idea and they are working on a different setup where the profits could be donated to a school club or program. and the pennsylvania senate is expected to vote on sanctuary cities for philadelphia. and mayor kenney has a new message for those lawmakers. and lego launch a new app and they have a serious goal. that and more on the snow showers when "action news" continues.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. >> here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30. hoarding causes problems for firefighters in a blaze that left a woman critically injured in buck county. and stormtracker 6 live double scan live shows showers in your forecast but not for everyone 123450 and donald trump announces his supreme court nominee tonight. >> and now the details, a woman in buck county is fighting for her life after being pulled from a burning home and we are told that hoarding played a role making it different for firefighters at the scene. this on byberry road is left in ruins. and vernon odom is live at the house with more on the investigation. >> reporter: good afternoon


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