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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  January 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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controversial executive order. john rawlins live at city hall with the story. >> reporter: hi guys the next stop is federal court and there was a news conference at city hall held by the aclu. one is in the pipeline for a 56-year-old iranian woman and the other filed on six syrians, the common denominator were send away from the united states on saturday. >> we asked for immediate relief and specifically request that the judge order that their visas be reissued within 48 hours. >> jonathan feinberg represents two families that after immigrating were coming to allentown. the six arrives but then were sent back to damascus. the visas can a canceled. joseph is a relative of those turned away. >> to say the least it's an out rain, as my mother said it's
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unamerican. >> fine burg alleged that president trump's executive order for the travel ban violated the constitution. >> it's a claim for violation of religion and violation of constitutional right to equal protection of national origin. >> on the same flight is a syrian family of iran coming to visit her daughters that were graduate students, a legal climb on her mother's behalf will be made soon. >> this is extremely unfair and inhuman to stop a mother from seeing her daughters. after years. and treating her like a criminal. >> so one of two legal actions have been filed today. the remedy being asked for is that the government reinstates the visas and the transportation back to the united states so be paid for by the u.s. government.
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john rawlins, back to you all. >> today's lawsuit comes amid more confusion over president trump's order over immigration. >> today the administration tries to clarify the order. karen travers live from the white house. >> the backlash on the executive order on immigration is not dying down and the administration may be in a war of words in itself. >> he says it's not a ban. >> it's extreme vetting. >> are you confused or are you confused. >> the word being used to describe it is what the media is calling this, he is clear that it's extreme vetting. >> except that president trump used ban in a tweet on monday and in the oval office on monday
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after signing the order. >> we'll have a strict ban and extreme vetting which we should have had in this country for many years. >> who is using the correct terminology, the trump is using the words that the media is using. karen travers, abc news the white house. >> meantime, president trump is set to make the selection tore the highest court tonight in prime time. among the top two, judges neil gorsuch and thomas hardiman. we'll have more on the frontrunners coming up at 5:30. president trump will announce his decision at 8:00 tonight. you can watch this live here on 6 abc. >> pennsylvania state senate is expected to vote today on a bill that will with hole state grants from sanctuary cities from philadelphia. this comes on the heels of the executive order last week threatening to pull grants from
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sanctuary cities nationwide and jim kenney responded today. >> philadelphia and the southeast portion of pennsylvania contributes more to the commonwealth than we get back. it's kind of ironic that they are moving in this discretion, hopefully the governor will veto it and we'll fight it in court. >> the city's status has helped philadelphia hit a 40 year low in crime by providing sanctuary to immigrants that come forward to report crimes or act aswities. another chitty day in the delaware and lehigh valley. and parts had an additional taste of winter, this was the scene in allentown today. enough snow to cover sidewalks and windshields. walter perez will have more on the ski resorts but lets check in with cecily tynan at the big board. >> reporter: double scan live showing snow in this last day of
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january, the batch that moved through the lehigh valley and the poconos is up over new england as you look to the west. there is snow moving across pennsylvania and mixing with rain. most of this is drying up over the mountains and what is going on now we have a warm front essentially draped over us. philadelphia it's seasonably cool and 40 degrees and south of that front. temperatures in the 50s and 60s and what will happen overnight, and this front live lifts up to the north as we start february tomorrow. and temperatures not dropping off quickly at all. under partly cloudy skies and by 9:00, 38 and 11:00, 37 degrees and should reach 35 degrees under partly cloudy skies not harsh for january. we start the month of february breezy and mild and i'm tracking the return of cold air by the
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end of the week and a chance of super bowl snow showers coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> sounds good thank you. today's snow was a welcome sight for ski resofrts in our area. walter perez was live at bear creek resort. >> reporter: hey monica it was interesting today a tale of two climates with the poconos and macungie and lehigh valley county. and here is bear creek ski resort the snow guns did their job last night covering the slopes after they had to close the mountain for lack of snow and up in the poconos it's a winter wonderland. >> our day started in the poconos it was cold and snowing at big boulder park in lake harmony, the officials here were able to rebound after last year's lackluster season hampered by unusually warm conditions.
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weekends are busy compared to last year it's apples to oranges. go 50 miles to the south and it's a different picture. officials from bear creek ski resort say they are doing better than last year the warm weather over the past few weeks made things difficult. in fact they just reopened the mountain this weekend after being forced to shut it down for six days last week because of lack of snow. >> we had the nor'easter with heavy rains and then sustained warm temperatures that really put a hurting on the conditions and while the machine may help extend the season, skiers and snowboarders may admit that if there is no snow in the backyard. it becomes an after thought. >> it's cool to come here and see snow and it barely warms this year. nice to come out and see. it gets you in the mood when you
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get here. there are other activities outside we nailed a run and a bike. >> now bear creek officials say what saved them this season was the start on december 16th, three weeks earlier than the previous season. they are expecting to finish strong in what they hope will be a frosty february. reporting live from macungie, walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> people are unable to return home to philadelphia's old city section, a fire broke out at the condo building at market and latisha streets. and neighbors said they did not hear a fire alarm but neighbors yelling and knocking on doors that woke them up. >> we heard someone yelling outside from the streets and we are on the fifth floor and i looked out and saw from the reflection there was a fire
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above us. i grabbed my roommate and we ran out. >> firefighters say they did hear a fire alarm and an investigation is underway as to whether all alarms were functioning, the same building caught fire in 46 and that was due to careless smoking on the roof. now a check of the traffic with matt pellman. >> the infamous flashing lights indicating a delco delay on the southbound side of 476 the blue route you start to stack at villanova approaching broomall and the reason is it's all off to the side and giving us speeds on the southbound blue route and in haverford township a crash at manoa and shell born. and a crash now in camden as you head into pennsauken along the admiral wilson boulevard. one lane is blocked there and
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lets check this situation, tacony palmyra bridge came back down after an opening for a southbound ship and traffic should be moving in the next couple of minutes and not mosher in burlington county a water main break between mcdonald's and h and h motors stick with rancocas road around that. more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. the homes in danger in one los angeles neighborhood after an estimated 20 tons of dirt came crashing down on them tonight. >> the new study that shows the importance of fathers in learning to read. when "action news" comes right back.
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the power is still out for some in an up scale los angeles neighborhood after part of a hillside gave way. the landslide in the hollywood hills sent mud and debris sending down power poles and knocking down others. and homes were evacuated and two are under watch by othered. and more than 20 tons of earth was moved in the landslide there. we are learning more about the alleged shooter in sunday's
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deadly mosque attack in canada. 27-year-old angela bass net was charged yet six people were killed and five others injured in the attack. he was known for his extreme nationalist views and expressed support for a rightist leader and donald trump. and he called the act terrorism attacking muslims. and today is the final day to sign up for the affordable care act. they used it as a call to action. to oppose the republican effort to repeal the federal health care law. turning to health care, president trump is promising lower drug prices and changing at the food and drug administration. ali gorman is here with more. >> reporter: the president called the leaders of the big pharmaceutical companies to the white house to share his goals
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with the drug industry, he told them to get prices down for drugs as a whole and through medicare and medicaid. they have the power to negotiate prices and do pay less, he wants to get 75% to 80% of the fda's regulations out to speed up drug approvals. >> you'll get your products either approved or not approving but the a quick process and this won't take 15 years. >> the president says that there will be an end to global free loading, foreign price controls cutting in drug companies finances and promised to appoint a new fda director soon. and they hope that a knew device could slow down the progression of has heimers disease and and they started to test it with a cap and
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transmitter that delivered audio energy deep foot front of the brain and patients get two one hour treatments a day for 60 days and then tracked to see if it slows down their dementia. the technique showed promise in mice and the first government sanctioned test in human. and finally this is for dads of young children, a new stud yes shows that the impact fathers have on their kids by simply reading to them. most parents classes focus on mothers but it was framed as a reading program for preschoolers found that fathers involved in the program had bigger improvements in behavior and in learning development. and the program stressed using prostive reenforcements for good behavior and distraction to discourage negative behavior and the father says that helped in other situations with their kids. back to you. >> thank you ali. still ahead on "action news" at 5:00. a local lawmaker front and
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center this spring congratulations the pennsylvania's class of 2017. and the changes to recruiting stands for the state police hope to attract more potential recruits.
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new at 5:00, 20 new jobs are up for grabs at the refinely site in montgomery county. they are looking for technicians and supervisors at the marcus hook complex. the jobs are connected to the pipeline projects. they are changing their recruiting starts in the hopes of streamlining the process, recruits were required to have an associates degree or 60 college hour courses complete. but the new one says that the college requirement does not have to be fulfilled until police academy training begins and they are not required to take lie detector tests. serving almost 50 years in the military can make someone seem larger than life or worthy of a bobble head.
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major frank the director of the national guard got that today in newcastle. many with there as the general offered his final salute. >> new jersey senator corey booker will offer words of inspiration to penn's class of 2017. he is the key note speaker for the graduation in may. a leader for criminal justice reform. still to come on "action news" at 5:00 a check of your forecast. looking live outside from the commodore barry bridge sky 6 hd showing you gray skies for your tuesday evening, cecily tynan has the exclusive accuweather forecast when we come right back.
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time now for accuweather at the "action news" big board. cecily tynan is here with the forecast for the rest of the week. >> quiet conditions tonight live at sky 6 hd looking at spring mountain ski resort and skiers are out there sitting by the fire keeping warm and really a tremendous temperature contrast across the region. philadelphia right now, 40 degrees right now from the high of 42. 1 degree above normal. and allentown 31 but look to the south dover it's 48 degrees and winds from the south than is trying to pull up the warmer air that warmer air will be moving
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in tomorrow as we start the month of february. speaking of warm. january 2017 going down as one of the top 20 warm of the januarys on record. 23 days with temperature as above normal that is all the red and averaging 5.5 degrees above normal and virtually a snowless month. but we got some snow in the poconos, generally 1 to 2 inches and that system is skirting through and the warm front pulls up over the overnight hours, that means tonight quiet and not that cold for this time of year. overnight low 35 in philadelphia and allentown 29, wilmington 34 and cape may 39 degrees. the day planner for your first day of february a mixture of clouds and sunshine and temperatures relatively warm. 7:00, 37 and 1:00, 46 and should reach a high of 46 late in the
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afternoon. 8 degrees above normal and a cold front rolls through early on february. future tracker shows you early on thursday we are looking at a high of 41 degrees, which is the average high for this time of year. foreground hog day and heading into the weekend on friday. you can see cooler air on friday the high 36 degrees and saturday could be a little cooler than that. the five-day at 5:00 showing tomorrow a mild day, breezy and winds up to 15 miles per hour. a high of 49 degrees a mixture of clouds and sunshine and thursday foreground hog day, lots of sunshine and he may see his shadow. the cold front is moving through and behind that on friday it's brisk and colder, 36 degrees and saturday loads of sunshine a chilly day and the afternoon high 35 degrees and we start the day with sun and the clouds roll in quickly with a chance of afternoon snow showers, it doesn't look to be a big event a
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coating to inch or two of snow by late in the day and sunday night a high of 37 degrees and next week there is another storm and with it a big temperature contrast talking about that in the accuweather forecast. welcome to february. >> thank you cecily. more ahead in our next half hour off "action news" at 5:30. a man walking down the street is attacked by a group of people. it's all caught on video. and why engineers say they have to close the structure to traffic and go the other way. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again here is what is happening on "action news" tuesday night. we are just hours away from one of the most important announcements of president trump's young administration the nomination for the empty seat on the supreme court. we'll have more on who the top contenders may be. and a man accused of killing a good sue marathon that rented him a hotel room leverages his
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fate from a lehigh valley jury. and president trump is said to select his pick for the supreme court. it's been empty for up to a year and president trump's pick could have implications for long after his time in office. neil gorsuch and thomas hardiman are said to be the top conten r contenders. stephanie ramos is live are with the developments. >> reporter: donald trump's picks are young enough that could sit for decades and tip the balance on the bench. we'll hear who president trump has choebs chosen to take a
5:31 pm
spot on the supreme court bench. i think everybody will be impressed with it. >> the high court is operating with only 8 justices since antonin scalia's death. he said it would be someone similar to scalia. >> the justices will be pro-life and a conservative bent and be protecting the second amendment. >> and here are the top two contenders, solid conservatives, neil gorsuch and thomas hardiman. and mary ann trump barry, highly recommended him to her brother. and gorsuch 39 years old and served on the court of appeals and a ph.d from oxford and legal circles an originalist. like scalia. they were both appointed by
5:32 pm
george w. bush and trump personally interviewed both men before his inauguration. >> i think that the person that i pick will be a big, big, i think people will love it. evangelical christians will love my pick. >> expect that person to be grilled by democrats and republicans during confirmation hearings from everything from executive hours to trump's late ever immigration order. stephanie ramos, abc news. >> trump will announced nomination during a live address to the nation from the white house as we head it's expected to happen at 8:00 tonight and you can watch it live right here on 6 abc. meanwhile, president trump's immigration orders prompted a protest at st. joe's university. "action news" was on the
5:33 pm
winfield campus while students stood in saladity with people that stood with the seven muslim nations affected by the order. >> it's against international law and against our declaration of human rights and it's just immoral what going on right now. >> this shocked me and i'm happy it was this type of turnout. >> house speaker paul ryan says he agrees with the order, but calls the confusion with travelers quote, regrettable. >> they have filed a federal lawsuit against the trump main station today. they made the announcement with the help of the civil liberties union and mayor kenney. we'll have more in our next half hour. in the lehigh valley it took a jury 30 minutes to find jeff
5:34 pm
any noble guilty of kill ago good samaritan. he was found guilty of killing andrew white. he rented a motel room for nobel who fell on tough times and he told the jury that white sexually assaulted him and now the same jury will decide if he will be sentenced to life in prison or death. and a group of thieves walking down broad street on the 1200 block of south broad on january 10th four people jumped the man from behind and knocked him down and punched and kicked him and tried to grab the cell phone and when they could not get it the group took off. chopper 6 hd was over i-295 in paulsboro just afternoon time and you can see the front section of the school bus caught fire and there was no students on the bus at the time and the
5:35 pm
driver made it off without injury and the firefighter put out the flames within minutes and it's not clear what sparked the fire. >> and it's not clear what sparked this fast moving fire in the tioga-nicetown section. along st. paul industries, the first and second floors were destroyed by flames and luckfully nobody inside of the home was hurt. a federal jury in philadelphia is decide the the fate of state senator larry fernacy. he is charged with wire fraud and other counts? >> using campaign money to bribe a county ward woman. to help him keep his job as a ward leader. governor tom wolf will ask lawmakers for another $10 million to help save the lives of folks overdosing on heroin and prescription drugs, the money will go to law enforcement and first responders to purchase the overdose antidote narcan.
5:36 pm
more than 2300 prescription drug overdoses have been reversed in the state since narcan became available. we'll look at the impact that the philadelphia's new sweeten beverage tax is having once the figures are released in february. >> reporter: we are see something trends. dan the president of acme markets with sales in some stores outside of the city line and not subject to the sweeten beverage tax. >> we see stores outside of the city seeing an increase in volume in traffic. >> and there is not enough clarity to say that the upswing coming from philadelphia residents. >> and they are getting foot track and one can only assume they are coming from the city of philadelphia. >> and bottled soda sales are
5:37 pm
off 20% even though he absorbs 2% of the task a cup of coffee that is not tasked on hot chocolate is. or tea or sweetened tea. >> which one is which? you can't do that you don't know. >> you'll eat the cost on that? >> as long as i can. >> the mayor that supports the tax believes that if that happens it won't last long. >> but that trip out of the county is gas and go to jersey and pay a toll and people will fade back into the thing. >> but croce is not so sure people look for value. >> they will take their dollar outside of the city. >> that in the long run could hurt the city? >> yes, i think so. >> in bala cynwyd, channel 6
5:38 pm
"action news." time for a check of the traffic situation. matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> might need a beverage rick and monica accidents we are contending with on 95 in the great northeast. northbound side past cotman off to the shoulder now and sluggish northbound traffic awhy from cotman avenue, the vine street expressway is worse, and river to river, schuylkill to 95 and do not forget the expressway closes for overnight constructions on the big pictures a crash in torresdale by lyndon avenue and one in knights town close to the roosevelt boulevard and a crash involving a pedestrian in bryn mawr close to 30 and roberts close to kelly's tap room and it's crash on the blue route southbound side approaching brew mall it's off to the side and
5:39 pm
attracting traffic and it's not horrific this afternoon. turnpike connecter bridge it's still not an option shut down indefinitely because of the structural issues, at this points no openings at the burlington bristol bridge. can you use that or route 1 or 95 the scudder falls bridge no word when the turnpike connecter will reopen. and in burlington county a water main break all afternoon. it continues to close wood lane road between mcdonald's and the h and h motors. the snow squalls are long past. and mass transit looks good and new schedules that took effect over the weekend on the regional rails. back over to you. >> thank you. a century old burlington county bridge is closed for repairs tonight. it's on smithville jacksonville road and runs over the rancocas
5:40 pm
creek. they have not said when it will be finished but the travelers can access mount holly or route 206 from powell road or route 537. the flyers are on a role looking to get the momentum going against carolina. and a landscaper and philadelphia police department join forces for a tricky rescue. rick in our last day of january spring has sprung especially down to the south. 60s and 70s. we'll talk about a seven day where winter battles spring in the full accuweather forecast.
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breaking news right now a jury found all parties name in a civil lawsuit in philadelphia stemming from the collapse of that salvation army store here at 22nd and market liable for what occurred. it happened in 2013. six people were killed and 13
5:44 pm
injured when a four story brick call collapsed on to the salvation army thrift store at 22nd and market and jurors returned the market saying that both parties will be held liable and return tomorrow to decide what financial penalties will be paid to victims families of that collapse. in the meantime sports is here and so is ducis rogers. flyers are back in action after the all-star break. >> they were doing fairly well and they are happy to be back when they hit the all-star break they won three straight games and hope good times keep rolling they are visiting the carolina hurricanes, not a bad opponent to start with they lost their last three games. it's five games since the flyers last game and goalie steve mason says that is enough of a break. >> it's nice to have the time off to let the body heal up but the guys are ready for this final two plus month push here. you know we are in a position
5:45 pm
where we control our fate here at the end of the season and i think the guys will have a strong task ahead of us. >> the sixers will head out on the road for a four game road trip and the first two stops are in texas and tomorrow night the mavericks. the sixers topped sacramento and the victory snapped the brief two game skid and it was the 10th win in the month of january. they have become electrifying to watch. >> joel embiid did not play last night and will not travel with the team to texas. the sixers say they are being cautious with the knee contusion and nothing more. >> there is nothing odd going on but best to get him to be where he needs to be and keep him behind and the sources he has hear and the rest he can get
5:46 pm
here nobody needs to feel like there is a conspiracy theory here there isn't. >> the super hype over the super bowl continues and five days the patriots and falcons will meet. this will be tom brady's seventh super bowl appearance and he and coach belichick are a tough duo. >> and love playing for him and i want to go out and win this game for him and my coaches and teammates and fans. and we worked hard to get to this point and we have to go finish the job. >> we'll hear from matt ryan the next half hour. >> college basketball temple visits tulane and both the owls and hawks are trying to get over the .500 mark and the cats one the first meeting 10 days ago but they play tough. and the other thing the cats are dealing with is a drop in the poll, ranked four in the ap
5:47 pm
after a narrow victory on sunday. >> it doesn't matter to us. at the end of the day it's cool to be ranked number one but right now it's too early for that mean anything. we know that we have to just keep getting better and right now it's just a number. >> it's not where you start or where you are today it's where you are at the enof the season. >> thank you. stay hello to four adorable african penguin chicks. the delightful babies made their debut today as a celebration of new animals. a logger head turtle as par of the piranha falls exhibit. another reason to pay a visit to the aquarium. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. welcome to 8 and a half maple street.
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maybe you didn't know today was national hot chocolate day. well, at the university of newark the not just common knowledge it's celebrated. the third annual hot chocolate festival held on campus and a decadent toppings bar from marshmallows and whip withed cream and peanut butter cups and even snacks.
5:51 pm
wow. a tasty treat on a chilly day. happy national hot chocolate day. >> why didn't we have one set up here? >> karen rogers did that a few weeks ago. >> i didn't know it was national hot chocolate day. i have yet to drink from karen. if you are watching sorry. i'll do it tonight now. i have an excuse to drink it. >> and the weather is warm. >> and more spring temperatures as well. looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan around the area we have snow showers at times today and then the clouds kind of broke for a little bit of sunshine before sunset and dealing with a batch of rain over portions of berks county. as we take a look here at the action cam in center city at one of the nice dog parks there. the pups are having a good time playing with one another and you see the parents of the owners there all dresses and bundled up on this chilly day and they are
5:52 pm
having a good time burning energy, as we take a look at philadelphia, we are looking at snowfall around here, we have a lack of snow this winter season, so far 6 inches in total. we look at december going into the month of january. most of snow despite january is exceptionally warm. we picked up most of that snow in january, making it a normal january when you look at snowfall totals, but for a winter season so far, we have seen 55% of formal and you top it off .8 inches to make it measurable snow in three weeks and we are talking about measurable snow. we have one slight chance in that seven-day forecast. right now 40 degrees in philadelphia and below freezing in allentown and 36 in reading, 42 in wilmington and mid up toer his down to the south and colder in the poconos and sitting in the lower 20s. satellite and radar a weak
5:53 pm
clipper system sitting to the northern and we saw more in the way of substantial snowfall. from the lehigh valley to the poconos, that is now skirting into parts of southern new england, for tonight partly cloudy and not too chilly right around freezing and a couple of degrees above and points to the south and winds south southwest at 6 to 12 miles per hour. as we look at the day planner for the middle of the week tomorrow for the beginning of february sun from time to time on the cloud side tomorrow with the southwesterly winds we move the temperature as above normal. we are in the 40s by 9:00 in the morning and upper 40s for a good portion of the afternoon hours and after the sunsets still in the lower 40s. as we look across the region we top off near 40 degrees in philadelphia breaking 50 in millville and dover. down to the shore and even toms river and mid-40s for the lehigh valley and that is 8 degrees above average as we go into the
5:54 pm
new month. as we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast the temporary warm-up backs off here towards the end of the week and a lot of sun in the accuweather forecast seven day, 4-and brisk and colder on friday and high clouds on friday and lots of sun on saturday but a high of just 35 degrees and could be a round of afternoon snow showers and some warm air tries to bump that cold air out here at 37 degrees and then monday not as cold and back to the 40s with sun and clouds and even warmer come tuesday as we go into the middle 50s which could be replaced by 60s next wednesday. so a little cold snap coming in for the weekend but it doesn't last all that long. >> thank you adam. >> a little bit of team work and heart helps to rescue an animal in a dangerous situation, upper chichester police shot this video of kelly's landscaping
5:55 pm
rescuing a cat that was stuck in a tree for three days. at one point kelly's hat fell out of the bucket the cat was not hurt during the life and limb adventure. hey, ready for the big meeting? yeah. >>uh, hello!? a meeting? it's a big one. too bad. we are double booked: diarrhea and abdominal pain. why don't you start without me? oh. yeah. if you're living with frequent, unpredictable diarrhea and abdominal pain,
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right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. people sent back to their country because of the travel ban file lawsuits again the trump administration. and they are singing for survival. college students voice their objection to moving their campus to ryder university. those stories next at 6:00. for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass have a good night "action news" at 6:00 is next. >> good night. z1we5z zi0z
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers. meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. it is tuesday nights and the big story on "action news" tonight, is the late verdict in the civil case of the center city building collapse. suits were filed on behalf of the six people killed and 13 injured when the building collapsed at 22nd and market on june 5th, 2013. the question is who will be held liable for the deadly mishap and how much do they have to play. we now know part of the answer. the jury found all six defendants liable and they include a new york real estate
6:00 pm
speculator and the salvation army, the architect and the demolition contractor and the man used to use his excavator to demolish the building and then the pensy phase, how much the six will have to pay. in north philadelphia firefighters are on the scene at girard college. firefighters arrived at the scene just about a half hour ago with fire showing from the rooftop of one of the buildings on campus and we do not know what sparked the blaze and the extent of the fire we do know that firefighters are here getting a handle on this fire there have been no injuries reported. that is the situation at girard college. it is a shot across the bow of president trump's ship of state fired from the tri-state area. three families denied entry


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