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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 8, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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it's february 8th. time for new viral videos "right this minute." a brave mom battling cancer faces the reality of her hair. >> that is just falling off. >> the emotional moment she decides to take matters into her own hands. gunfire in the streets after a situation that is completely out of control. the crazy reason that has the bullets flying in brazil. he's a little one who still can't walk. why dad's having trouble explaining this part. plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini. as christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle break down the best on
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the web. including some guys willing to walk a mile in women's shoes. >> i don't know how you ladies do it. >> the test that gives them the bitter taste of female fashion. >> the pain is in shorter bursts. this woman is sitting in this kitchen and she's about to experience something she never imagined. >> since i've been diagnosed in july, i've been very positive and upbeat throughout my diagnosis. >> she talks about being diagnosed and is referring to her pancreatic cancer diagnosis. >> today the time has come. and every time i touch my hair, it's tumbling in clumps. >> as the video progresses, you see she's getting a lot more emotional. she starts reaching for her hair and is just showing us it is just falling off. >> everybody who knows me knows that i'm all into my headacmake
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into my hair. >> she's a girly-girl. she likes having her makeup and likes driving up. >> it is just hair. well, it's just not your hair. >> andrea is 42 and the mother of two. that's actually her dad that is cutting her hair. >> it's an element of taking back control, i feel. women go through this, because, you know, by doing something like this, you're like, i've got control of this. this is me. >> part of the reason she did this video is just to let other people know and create awareness of what is going on. also to help her raise some of the money that she needs for her treatments that could potentially save her life. >> it's incredible. >> get this. eight years ago she already had to fight cancer with her son who was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of brain cancer. they went through that treatment, she had to endure that with her son. and now she has her own personal battle with cancer.
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>> so thank you for all your civilry and i hope you continue to support me because i really need you. to the streets of a neighborhood in southern baa zil where things have gotten totally out of hand. >> whoa! [ gunfire ] >> a gunfight just out in the open like that? >> a barrage of gunfire. this is just one incident in a number of lawless incidents captured on camera in recent days. one of the guys in the shoot-out was an undercover police officer. he was hit in the leg. and you can see him down by the car. he was trying to take cover under it. they had come up to a couple bandits with guns and tried to intervene. that's where things got completely out of control. he's going to be okay. this is just one of the incidents in this neighborhood because of a protest in favor of police. police in brazil are not allowed to protest on behalf of themselves. if they do, they can go to jail for two years.
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so family members of the police are protesting for them begging for better wages, better working conditions and those protesters have blocked the police in their battalion. so that has left the streets virtually unprotected by police. looters, rioters raging through the streets feeling gunfire erupting throughout the day. look, innocent people at a bus stop just waiting for the bus. and these guys on a motorbike roll right up and shake everybody down for what they can get. here's an example caught on camera of a couple just driving down the street. in this clip, you can see there are news media, there's cameras all around at this gas station. but that didn't stop people from driving by and shooting their guns. >> wow, it's a total disregard for life. >> even though they are trying to fight for the rights of police officers, it's gotten crazy and out of hand. >> i guess in a twisted kind of way, that highlights the need for police officers and how
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valuable their presence really is in this community. oli, you know all too well that parenting is a balancing act. >> yes. >> you cannot stand. okay. but stay closely together. one, two, three. >> hey. that's cool. how does it work? >> the reason the baby is falling over because the stabilizing muscles haven't fully developed. but the stabilizing is now being done by dad's hand. so the baby was strong enough to stand and stabilize himself for the camera. >> ah, you're so smart. >> i'm making that up but it sounds gullible. >> see -- dad says, it's fine! >> it's absolutely incredible. >> he's a little cue cutie-pie.
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this little cutie-pie is intrigued by a dandelion. >> he's doing the whole water cycle. he's representing the water and the rain which fell down and enabled that plant to grow. >> perhaps he's learning the whole cycle. he starts to run over to this bush. when he goes over there, he learns about another part of the cycle. sneeze. >> ah! >> he takes off and he's like, what was that? >> what happened? >> i like it! >> i don't know what it was. >> but make it stop. >> his shirt says "mr. cool" but he's not cool right about now. he's like, go get that bee and then we'll run this back. these are the latest winners in the "rtm" mini ipad giveaway. >> you can win, too. all you need is wednesday's buzz word, be 21 years old and a
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legal resident of the u.s. or canada. stand by for the ipad mini giveaway. huge swells off the coast of the canary island attracted a few brave souls. surfers want to maintain the waves, but they also attracted a filmmaker from the canary islands. and thank goodness they did because he put together this stunningly beautiful video that plays out like a music trailer. beautiful video and visual to just be enjoyed. >> it is stunning. and i can't believe that people are actually brave enough to do this. to get on a board, their little selves, and tackle the big waves. >> tackle it, it looks like they are tackling the waves in some
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cases because they come tumbling down the mountains that grow up out of the sea. >> it is so well caught. and you just get to see the wall of water in some cases fill the entire screen, just like we were saying, christian, this tiny dude on a surfboard. pulling this whole thing together, controlling the situation and then just getting it all beautifully caught. it's been capture in slow motion which means you kind of get to see one second, one moment in this person's day. i love this video. it's great to watch in its entirety with the music over the top. so head to our website,, or use the mobile app to enjoy it. talk about a sticky situation for this kid. >> do you have any idea what that is? >> it looks like maybe tape. >> see how a team of vets work hard to unravel the mess and make it right. and it's one hot musical challenge. >> he's going to rap while eating a carolina reaper pepper.
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unfortunately people can be so cruel, but fortunately there are doctors and rescue groups there to help. >> what did they do? >> oh, ow. >> do you have any idea what that is? >> it looks like tape. >> maybe packing tape wrapped around a cat. >> that's what it is. masking tape wrapped around a cat. they suspected the cat stepped into a glue trap, but as they got closer they realized it was not an accident and done on purpose. the vets here have a conscience, put the cat under and as they pull back the layers, the cat's hair is coming off with it. >> good thing it is under right now and won't remember any of this. it will be back to normal in no time. >> fortunately for the cat, it is the worst of it. they clean it and check it out. you'll be happy to know they named the cat john snow. and -- >> john snow is the famous
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character from "game of thrones." >> something tells me this cat is going to be adopted pretty soon. when we hear these lyrics, you think, he's spitting fire. what if somebody was spitting fire? this is matt, a very popular youtuber and popular rapper who decided to take on a challenge from one of his fans. he's going to rap while eating a carolina reaper pepper widely regarded as the hottest pepper in the world. ♪ i'm about to hit the hottest flow in the history of mankind ♪ ♪s in the carolina reaper >> we all know if you're not familiar with who he is, that he's got skills. >> oh, he went all in. >> he went on in on the dehydrated pepper, swallows it
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back and what is next, mac? ♪ you may think i'm crazy like a comeback from belichick and brady ♪ ♪ oh i feel like a lady ♪ i'm going to blow because this pepper is so hot ♪ >> it gets more uncomfortable. ♪ here we go i got the mike ♪ i got tears coming out of my eyes it's so spiritual ♪ ♪ i need milk >> he reaches for milk and that cools him down a little. ♪ i'm dying >> ten minutes after we have this. >> he's already puked it up because the pain in his stomach was far too intense. he's like, call me a quitter, whatever, it was not worth it. >> that was brutality to say the
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least. >> this is why you stay off the internet for ideas. ♪ i'm going to blow because the pepper's so hot ♪ will it be a boy or a girl? see a young couple's epic skydiving gender reveal next "right this minute." and still to come, katie sits down to get a surprise. >> she's a little bit suspicious, she sees glitter on the floor. >> why the big news is almost too magical to fathom. >> this is a real thing, it's really happening. >> she may have to do a hard reboot. >> yeah, i know. plus, don't miss wednesday's buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini. ♪ at air wick we know the power of that first whiff of your favorite scent. ♪ air wick freshmatic releases timed bursts of the fragrances you love. so that first whiff feeling never fades.
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he's got his tiny bmx bike and is going to walk through this building here. >> something tells me he doesn't belong here. >> no. he's definitely not supposed to be there. he's in the building, climbs over the wall there and onto top ledge of that building, which was seen on this show before. >> it's that same ledge in hong kong that all the crazy people seem to be going -- look how they have literally done nothing from keeping people going there. >> check it out. he puts it right on the edge, jumps on it and just starts doing some stuff. >> why? don't do this, come on. >> i'm freaked out and i'm on this side of the video. >> look at this, it is so insanely scary. there's, like, no room for
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error. there's no room for him to lose his balance. he's got nothing to grab onto. >> he may have figured out how to do the quadruple backflip, though. >> until you splat. >> that's the tough part. >> this is quite the experienced stuntman. he says at 16 he started doing stunts, gymnastics and acrobatics professionally. i don't need to say this, but don't try this. if you're out there thinking you can do this, you can't, don't do it. >> it's just like riding a bike. >> no, it's not. and he was able to walk his way back down to the safety of the level one. sure, we have had surprises on this show, heck, we have had disney surprises on this show. in fact, i have a couple for you right here. but this couple gives us the unique opportunity to learn the words. the first word we are going to learn is super faction. which basically means the state of being stupefied. casey sits down, she's a little
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bit suspicious seeing glitter on the floor. >> that glitter is going to be around the apartment for years. >> it's true. >> so she's got a very nice letter there. she opens it up to lead her to the box in front of her. inside the box she gets the ipad. she presses play. there's a message. >> hi, katie. it's mary louise. i'm friends with this girl and tinkerbell. and i heard it is finally time to come to disney. >> tinkerbell, that spells it out. you're going to disney, but she doesn't accept what is going on. she goes back to the box to find another gift. she's got herself a hair band, puts it on. still she wants clarification, when are we going? >> tomorrow morning. >> and this is where the stupid faction kicks in. she's still not saying anything. now she may have completely shut down. >> she may have to do a hard reboot. >> eventually she speaks. >> i'm really excited. i'm just freaking out. >> before you know it, she
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breaks down. then she just full-out has a glitch. >> this is so awesome! >> finally she's working again. >> i get you, sister. >> that is stupid faction. in our next video, we learn about the state of being unwilling or unable to believe something. she reads and asks -- >> we're going to disneyland? >> we are going to disneyland. >> what now follows is nothing but questions. >> at least she can speak. >> we're going to disneyland? >> we are. >> after i believe it was 11 questions, we do get a statement. >> you know how long i have kept this a secret? >> no. >> two months. >> that is really sweet. >> so while she may have been incredulous, do not worry, she's accepted her reality. in fact, we have a photo here to prove that the reality did, in fact, become reality. it's time to give away another ipad mini.
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>> to enter you need the buzz word, be 20 2 1 years old and be a legal rensident of the united states or canada. enter the buzz word on twitter or facebook and you can do both each day. >> today's word is speaker. >> get over to and click on the win ipad button and enter wednesday's word, speaker, s-p-e-a-k-e-r. >> and this week you can enter to win an ipad mini or the amazon echo. good luck, everybody. these tough fellas are set up for a fashionable challenge. >> walk a nile in our shoes. >> i'm a confident lady with hot calves. >> see if brock in the high heels has him feeling the lady's
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>>. i have never worn heels before, high heels, any type of stiletto shoe. >> i think i may have tried on my mom's heels once as a kid. my ankles should be able to handle it but there's a lot of weight in this body so we'll see. >> heels are nice and sexy and add extra pop to the outfit, but they are not that much fun. >> i must say that these do make my legs look really nice. >> he does have nice legs. >> i'm getting used to it. it's a little painful. >> at any moment i could just tip over. >> here they are, they have walked a quarter of a mile. time to ramp it up. >> i like it better fast. the pain is in shorter bursts. >> get it, fellas. >> they take a second to attach the safety disconnect from the treadmill. >> you don't get to tap out either! run! >> 20 minutes, half a mile. >> all right.
2:57 pm
up in the air again. >> woot! woot! >> that's hard, especially when you're trying to dance. >> christine, wait! rachel! rachel, where are you going? >> all right, well, this guy is obviously relating. he gets it. >> next scenario. >> a car passes by and a guy yells, "i hit that!" >> i just throw my shoe. >> i'm perspirating. >> i feel like anyone that can last a day in heels -- >> childbirth, wearing heels, i don't know how you women do it. >> women were forced to do this which can do damage to your feet and legs. men didn't have to do it, why do they? hope you had fun with us today. we appreciate it. you can see more on or check us out on the next "right this minute."
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[ gasps ] [ groaning ] [ mutters ] laura. laura! ♪ you were having a nightmare! but it's unacceptable, robert. first of all, i'm -- i'm denied access. and then, the wsb -- they tell me that they don't have a dossier on "ivan theodore," and i'm staring right at the front page of that report. an-and then, it disappears from my computer. well, i didn't join the wsb again so that i could be stonewalled at every turn, right? i was hacked. there is someone there who didn't want me to read that file. i don't care who you have to harass -- i want to find out who that is and why they didn't want me to read -- all right, i'll call you later. i don't have to be polite to you -- you're my ex-husband. but i will -- i will thank you when you find out something.


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