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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 9, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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>> looking live on sky6 live hd philadelphia international airport shows rain right now this is the prelude to our first winter snowstorm. >> philadelphia public and archdiocese schools are closed. you will see them yellowing along the bottom of the screen or at "action news" has live crews video out across the area to update us as the snow begins to fall. >> we see in one picture it is. >> it is 4:00 a.m., thursday,
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february 9 we're on the air a half-hour early. >> meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers are tracking snow. >> reporter: i know where problem is in the region. storm tracker 6 live double scan you can see up north we have changed over to snow, it was never was rain in the lehigh valley or pottstown, or harrisburg, reading is holding on to at a little to a little b. we'll have the cold air push in from the northwest and we'll see a changeover to snow here. karen rogers will detail how that is going to go. good news, the back edge of the snow is coming in faster. instead of seeing heavy snow until 11:00 a.m. or noon, we think the snow will be tapering off in philadelphia, rch 11:00 a.m. to noon, even though you have rain in the i-95 corridor it's not a bad time to get out there and get your driving over with, we are
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expecting the chamber of commerce changeover to snow. at times it could come down heavy enough to cover roads. we're setting the table in allentown and reading, close to the freezing mark, some pockets could be below freezing in in through here, fairly quickly there's a chance of compromised road conditions. in philadelphia, of course it is on the wet side, we expect the temperatures to crash closer to freezing by 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., this morning, there is a winter storm warning in effect today it goes into the afternoon and all of those counties close to do the i-95 corridor and the delaware river up to the poconos covered by this, where at times you'll get heavy snow, the advisory area gets less, more rain before the changeover, and it gets out of here quickly this afternoon. speaking of which, karen rogers is outside in what is rain, karen you have more on how this
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will progress. >> reporter: that's right, dave we have the umbrella up, it's rain, interesting to remember it's tricky to treat the roads with a storm that starts with rain. let's show you future tracker 6 and what to expect with the advancement of rain to snow. as we look forward we can see at 6:00 a.m. that's when we expect a changeover to begin in philadelphia. most of the i-95 corridor as temperatures drop and we change from rain to snow. it will continue to snow in the lehigh valley by 6:00 a.m. when more people are coming in on the roads, the colder air filtering through. by 8:00 a.m., the snow will be falling not only in the i-95 corridor, but burlington be ocean and gloucester counties in new jersey. as david mentioned, wrapping up at 11:00 a.m., pushing out of the city by then and moving off the coast, you can see how the temperatures dropped. the wind is picking up, i'm wregging with the umbrella out here. what to expect with the latest
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thinking. the rain is lasting longer south and east of i-95. philadelphia it will change to snow around 6:00 a.m. around the morning rush, the bigger issues will be up north with the snow is more intense. we watch the temperatures fall in the afternoon. dry by noontime, even peeks of sun, the high today 33, it will feel like the teens, we'll send it back over to you tam and see what's going on with the roads. >> let's go over to matt pellman. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, it's not a bad time to be out and about around the five-county area. roads are wet in and around the city. you know how things go on wet roads. it's slippery, we had accidents on the schuylkill expressway, eastbound side between this point at south and university
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avenue. gone now, if you're heading eastbound toward passyunk you're getting by just fine. the vine street expressway, you're getting by fine here, no overnight construction, no overnight closures this week. at this point the vine is wet, not icy, not snow covered, just wet as rain continues to fall in center city. on the big picture, you see the rain moving across the area around the city, but speeds look okay at this point. there's a vehicle fire in bala cynwyd at rock hill road and state road by the wawa, someone is injured in this. emergency crews on the scene. in bucks county we have rain changing to snow up at upper state road. outside live in winslow, this is the ac expressway, route 73. moving along okay. farther west a vehicle slipped over on the acx approaching
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williams town, all the activity with that is on the shoulder. >> let's head outside to bob brooks, he wins the award for the first to see the snow, he is live in allentown, go to work, bob. >> reporter: good morning, tam, yes, not rain here, it is officially turned to snow, we hit the snow around quakertown on the highway coming up here, it is coming down at a fast pace. as you can see all around me i'll give everybody a look at the scenery, this is tillman street coming down very fast. this is the wet thick sticky snow covering trees and road signs and light poles and covering the roads. take look on tillman street you can see one to two inches at this point out there. the snow has been coming down for a while. i'm not sure when it started we hit it on the highway around
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quakertown. we have the "action news" yardstick i can show you we're about 2 inches on the ground, so some significant snowfall this morning, it is again, that wet, thick snow perfect for making snowballs, you can see how easily it comes together, the roads are getting covered at this point. if you're heading out for the morning work commute and things like that this morning, be careful, but matt and tam, again no rain here, get ready for snow down your way it is certainly here and coming your way. >> sky6 live hd taking a live look at philadelphia international airport, lots of cancellations in the northeastern part of the country. listen to this, just in philadelphia, 21% canceled today that's according to flight aware. newark, liberty, boston, laguardia, jfk, reagan
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national. many airlines are allowing to change your flight without paying a fee. >> let's go outside to katherine scott along route 29 in collegeville, montgomery county. bob has snow, what do you have, katherine? >> reporter: it's kind of miserable, actually. it's going for a couple of hours, we're starting to see something else mix in with the rain. we're seeing the changeover, what a difference a day makes. yesterday morning, when you walked out around this time, it started to feel muggy, the temperatures were starting to drop. in collegeville we're seeing rain along route 29. the surface of the road is wet, no snow. penndot has been preparing and crews are waiting to begin assault when the snow starts to fall. crews were at assault yards loading up their -- their salt
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yards loading up their trucks to spread across the roads in the philadelphia region. because the storm started at rain they did not pretreat the roads. it would wash away the treatment before the snow fell. the thyming is problematic, given it's the morning rush and there's more cars on the roads, that adds complications, but they want to make sure the roads are covered. >> one positive about this storm we'll be on the warmer side of temperatures up around freezing it will be a wet snow. >> reporter: the downside of the wet snow it is heavy or leaves and branches which can weigh them down and snap them. penndot alerted all the crackers to do snow removal to be on standby. in collegeville we're seeing
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rain we're seeing something mix in with it, we're seeing it change over to snow. we'll keep an eye on conditions and let you know how things develop. matt and tam. >> let's take a live look from cherry hill, new jersey, we're seeing slick roads that will change. the action cam was off route 70, nj dot will have 100 pieces of equipment hit the streets, they will clear the road when it turns to snow. all new jersey state offices will be closed for nonessential employees, essential employees are expected to report as scheduled. >> we'll continue to cover the winter storm throughout the morning, visit, storm tracker 6 live radar available 24/7. you can follow our meteorologists on facebook and twitter to get the latest information. we want you to join the action by sending your snow pictures use the #6abc action or e-mail
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us join the axe at >> tweet us your cute shots we'll retweet them. 4:11 coming up we'll get a live report from manayunk with how the city is getting ready for the snow. a live look at center city philadelphia, raining right now, snow coming later, another check. roads and the forecast next.
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>> welcome back you're taking live look, mobile 6 is out there getting a live look for what the roads look like. on the schuylkill expressway westbound heading toward king of prussia heading to the conshohocken curve, as you can see a lot of dampness, it was raining as i came in this morning. but soon that will turn to snow. >> david murphy joins us. the temperature will be dropping and the rain will become snow. >> reporter: probably at 6:00 a.m., you'll see the
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changeover maybe before then in philadelphia. right now it is far to the north and west. as we take a look storm tracker 6 live double scan currently showing you it is rain across the i-95 corridor. the farther north you go, the better chance you have of seeing snow. let's get you outside, we have rain falling right now on sky6 live hd in center city. and we are waiting on that changeover for snow over the next couple of hours. okay, let's go ahead and take a closer look at what we've got here, there's the rain in the i-95 corridor. the snow has pushed through allentown, hamburg, northern berks county, reading has changed over to snow within the last half-hour or so. the snow line is moving to the south. the initial cover annual -- coverage of snow may have a hard time getting on road surfaces like reading because we were so mild yesterday, and we're looking at rain around southern
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berks county. as some of the heavier bands come in, you can see them highlighted in purple, as they come in, they will make the roads slushy and maybe totally snow covered as we look at the side streets and secondary roads that have not seen as much travel. in the i-95 corridor it's all rain. heavy steadier rain in parts of chester county and oxford and new castle county, delaware, this rain is moving more or less north and northeast, so, as this wraps through that's a lot of rain. this heavy rain is extending expending the heavier snow. in the i-95 corridor it won't be as bad, because we have rain, but once we changeover it will accumulate. we're looking at a quick drop
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over the neck couple of hours, closer to the freezing mark at 6:00 a.m. northeast winds at 16 miles per hour. here comes the snow on future tracker 6. you can see the snow line is dropping across philadelphia. initially roads will maintain wet conditions, but quickly once the heavy banged occurs you will wind up seeing that snow come -- heavy banding occurs you will see that snow come in. the change we're seeing in the models today looks like the snow will end quicker. as soon as noon we may be done with the snowflakes in philadelphia. brightening skies to the west and 2:00 p.m. it's pushing toward the east in burlington county and ocean county. how much are we expecting? looks like a bulls eye area of 8 to 10 inches in allentown. 4 to 8 in the i-95 corridor,
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north toward allentown. philadelphia will wind up on the lower end of that scale, 2 to 4-inch band is not out of the question way down south. the heavier snow is trending toward north jersey into new york state. there's some disparity on the motels, 5.5 on the euro and 5.7 in the gfs. up in the lehigh valley, though, some of these numbers are up in the 7 to 9-inch range, down the shore not as much, only about one to three inches in atlantic city and less the farther south you go. remember, this is a heavy wet snow, it's tougher to shovel and hard on the hearts and the backs when you get out there. temperatures will hover on or about freezing most of the day,
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maybe a little bit of melting as we get sunshine. we're being at -- looking at the temperatures dropping as it melts and freezes on the sidewalks. it will be blustery, bundle up if you head out after the snow. sun to clouds, 32 degrees. 47 on saturday afternoon, 55 sunday, 50 on monday. back in the 40s own tuesday, looks like sunday we could get rain, i don't know that it's all that bad, but a little damp on sunday. as we get into tuesday and wednesday, back in the 40s and brighter. >> brighter? >> reporter: yeah. >> okay. another rollercoaster ride. >> let's turn to matt pellman for a look at the roads. a lot of people off work and school, certainly matt you'll have a very easy job today, right? >> reporter: i would like to think that's the case, but i doubt it though, i never want to
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say your wrong matt o'donnell. this chunk of the schuylkill expressway overnight we had a crash on the eastbound side close to south street. it's a broken down vehicle between varrest -- vare avenue. there's no snow here just yet. you know how well we do on wet roads, keep the speeds down on the southbound side of i-95. there are no delays. we're watching the vehicle fire in bala cynwood rock hill road at state road by the wawa. merge crews are there. we've transitioned into the lovely shade of teal in bucks
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county and allentown. 20s and 30s along 22 and 78, and the northeast extension. one of our friends out and about near heller town berks county said it is slow as the snow falls in that area. matt and tam. >> let's go to the one place it's more difficult to get around, that's in manayunk, and anne is standing there live, good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, matt, if you're waking up and you live in manayunk now is the time to get out. it's raining at this point. it's a heavy rain. it's tough to manuver around the hilly streets especially when there's snow and ice. the city of philadelphia is under a snow emergency that went into effect around midnight. because of that they are getting prepared at the penndot yard tioga nicetown, city crews were
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preception yesterday loading up salt. they have 50,000 tons of salt. abc men help people in need, they were getting prepared and stocking up on shovels. septa is storing market frankford lines underground and running pilot trains on trolley lines in case of icing on wires that's why they are doing that to be pro active, as well. because of the snow emergency, residents around the city who live on snow routes have to move their cars, we caught up with one woman who was taking care of that last night. >> park your car a day early and leave it. i'm back out here live, if you don't know if you're on a snow route or not, call 311 or head to the city's website. the city has 2500 miles they have to take care of.
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at the peak of the snowstorm they will 350 plow trucks out there ready to go. for now, just rain in manayunk, check back in with us in the next half-hour. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> good advice if you can get out now, now is the time to, before the snow comes our way. there's the view from the sky 6 camera rain on the camera lens as we look at the ben franklin bridge waiting for the snow to make its way down into philadelphia. we'll be right back. >> good morning, everyone,
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4:24 a.m., thursday, it is snowing. not everywhere, though, this is a live look at allentown, tillman street and cedar crest boulevard. roads covered along with the grassy surface. >> getting around will be a
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handful for all of us. let's head over to matt pellman and karen rogers to get the latest on what to expect. >> reporter: good morning, it is 42 degrees it is raining outside the studios, we're in for a dramatic change in 24 hours, that's for sure. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing the snow that you just showed in the camera view we're seeing it in fleetwood and allentown continuing to come down and in philadelphia. it's still rain. we'll go in closer to the i-95 corridor. you can see it's coming down pretty good, heavier rain move be in from the west, heading through coatsville and aldown -- allentown. the rain we're seeing is changing over to snow shortly. >> reporter: first big game of the season for the transportation department crews they are waiting along the ramp from race to i-95. they couldn't do a lot of work
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in advance of the storm, because the storm started as rain, had they put down the brine solution it would have washed away. their work is happening today. looks like they are ready for it. on the mass transit front one regional rail delay so far this morning. patco will be running on a snow schedule starting at 5:00 a.m. this morning. we'll be back in just a few minutes. happening today septa will
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roll out its expanded new key card system. they will get it when they purchase a trans pass at the transportation center. the key card expansion will continue throughout the month of february. they will eventually replace tokens and paper tickets. 4:28 a.m. our team coverage of the winter storm continues this morning. >> taking a live look in allentown it is coming down him we'll get you the latest from david murphy and karen rogers
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and accuweather and check in with our reports all across the region with live reports looking at the conditions. "action news" will be right back. ♪
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