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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  February 9, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> good morning right now most of the delaware valley is under live look outside,ing as we towards the south we're seeing welt roads, but as soon as you get north we're seeing a lot of
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snow coming down. a mix of rain and snow for you. >> philadelphia public schools are closed today, all extra curricular activities have been canceled. philadelphia archdiocesan schools are closed with hundreds of others. we're running the closures on tv and >> we have team coverage on the winter storm our reporters are live around the region with a lo conditions as the snow make its way our way. >> good morning, everybody, 5:00 a.m., february 9. >> let's get the coverage with our reporters, matt pellman and traffic and david murphy and raj have -- karen rogers have weather. >> reporter: we have heavy banged and there will be heavy coverage on the second dear and
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side streets. it is wet down south, in fact what a difference we have with snow to the north, rain heavy at times in the center portion of the region and now we have rumbles of thunder popping up in thunderstorms developing in cape may county and atlantic county. you have a little bit of everything in one picture here. the snow continues to push closer and closer to philadelphia. a half-hour ago it was coming into northern bucks county now it's starting to push into bucks and montgomery and half of chester county is beginning to see the changeover to snow. in wayne as recently as a half-hour ago, a twitter follower let me know there was sleet on the windows of the house along with rain. we're obviously in the transition and it is on its way. the back edge of the storm is east of pittsburgh, looks like the snow might wind up sooner than what we were thinking yesterday. could be by lunch time the snow is over in philadelphia. that's something we'll keep
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watching. we're down to 40 degrees in philadelphia. we were at 42 an hour ago. close to the freezing mark in the northern and western suburbs. keep in mind there are points between the reporting stations that are probably colder and again there's the chance of that freeze up on the roads. we're expecting the temperatures to drop, trenton is down to 34. wilmington down in the 30s, again that changeover to snow coming fairly quickly this morning, karen will be along in a second with more on that. winter storm warning in effect probably expires this afternoon. it's in effect for the counties on the delaware river and up in the poconos where you'll get brief, heavy snow. it will be during the periods when you have the worst problems on the roads. all right, karen, you have future tracker 6, what's going to happen over the next several hours. >> reporter: it's raining steadily, i'm wrestling with the umbrella. we clocked 26-mile an hour north of the city.
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this is future tracker 6abc look. 6:00 a.m. we'll see the changeover through the i-95 corridor as the temperatures drop, but we're sitting at 40 degrees, we have a little ways to go before that happens. at 8:00 a.m. we'll see snow press into interior parts of south jersey, as well, the changeover near millville and lakehurst and 11:00 a.m., this is a quick hitter it's moving out of here, we'll get peeks of sunshine this afternoon and it will be blustery and cold as we see the temperatures drop and windchills will be a factor. here's a look at the latest thinking with the storm system. it's a quick hitter. the rain last longer south and east of i-95. we saw that in the model last night. we'll see that verify with storm tracker 6 live raining in philadelphia. in philadelphia, we expect the changeover to snow sometime around 6:00. the heaviest during the morning rush. the biggest travel concern will be areas north of the city. it's snowing at 7:00 a.m. lunchtime you're dry, peeks of
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sun in the afternoon, blustery, a high of 33. in the afternoon, it's just going to feel like the teens, matt and tam, a cold day today, it refreezes tonight for more fun. >> we'll have a fun commute with that matt pellman, but first we have to get through today. help us out with that. >> reporter: we have issues on the mostly wet roads. in the city, in south philadelphia, it's wet, but there's already a crash on i-95 southbound side south of washington avenue. police are on the scene, it's hard to see because of the rain drops on the camera lens. traffic is getting by on the walt whitman bridge, watch out for the crash southbound i-95. our vehicle fire in bala cynwood rock hill conshohocken state has
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cleared out. in berks county, single vehicle crash along the pennsylvania turnpike, the vehicle hit the barrier wall and spun around. you're getting slow speeds in chester county. the changeover line is around the chester county berks county line. elsewhere in berks county, 78 eastbound is blocked because of a crash, 222 that's still open at this point. rieglesville county line road at sunny side road crash. chalfonte, the changeover has happened in this part of bucks county, 202 parkway at bristol road you're starting to see the coverage of the snow on the road surface. >> let's head outside to bob brooks who is continuing our coverage in allentown, cedar crest boulevard tillman street. you tweeted out a picture 60 how
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fast in the space of an hour the snow is coming down. >> reporter: i'll show you the picture right now, this is the "action news" measuring stick i placed a little over an hour ago, it was at 2 inches, it's approaching 4 inches. in an hour we're seeing a 2-inch difference. to give you another example of that, this was a front print i stepped on a half-hour ago completely covered upere, keep in mind the roads, this is tillman street they are getting covered quick, this is wet, heavy sticky snow, you can see the road sign it's sticking to the side of it. thick, it's the wet stuff that packs and makes snowball and snowmen very easily. the roads are getting slick, people spin out, right next to us,do front of us.
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the road conditions are messy for theng commute when you'reut and about. bob brooks in allentown. >> thanks, bob. south of you, we're in quakertown, bucks county mobile 6 a little dark there, we have snow and freeze up there, as well. snow falling in quakertown, as well. katherine scott is live in collegeville, montgomery county, she started to see snow about a hoff hour ago. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, matt, at 4:00 a.m., it was raining and slushy, 4:30 a.m., we started to see the snow in the last couple of minutes we're starting to see it accumulate here, certainly on the grassy surfaces and the sidewalks. on route 29 you can see the plow go by, we have seen vehicles salting though,, as soon as the snow started to fall, the salting began. as we looking on route 29
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collegeville. we're seeing the snow sticking to the surface of the road. let's go to video you can see the penndot crews loading up their trucks. 361 trucks are being dispatched during the storm spread out across the philadelphia region. because the storm starting pointed as rain, they did not pretreat the roads, it would have washed off. given it is the morning rushmore cars are on the road, the consistency of the snowfall could make clean up after the fact. the downside, it is heavy on the leaves as branches that could cause them to snap. in collegeville it was a quick transition within the hour from rain to snow, just use caution as you're out on theoads, we're seeing slippery spots. live in collegeville, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. right now, rain is falling in new jersey. this is are a live look from
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cherry hill off route 70. new jersey dot will have more than 100 pieces of equipment out there hitng thekeep the roads ce rain does indeed completely all new jersey state office are closed for nonessential employ an essential employee you're expected to report as scheduled. >> let's torn to philadelphia international airport, we're seeing rain at this point. we're also seeing a lot of cancellations. flight aware said there are 104 flights canceled, that's 21% of the list many other big airports in the northeast are seeing many cancellations. the good news many airlines are allowing passengers to change their flight without having to pay a fee. if you have one, or have to pick someone up, call 1-800-phl-gate. >> we have snow and rain falling depends on where you are out there in the region. we continue to be under a winter storm warning. >> another live picture this is
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a look at penns landing, we'll be back with another check of weather and traffic.
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>> 5:13 a.m., thursday, that snow line is creeping further and further south toward philadelphia. that is a look at one of our traffic cameras route 309 bucks county line, that snow is sticking to the road surface. >> we knew that it would start
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up north and make its way toward us around now. >> reporter: one of twitter followers said it's starting to turn to sleet, and one in west chester said it's starting to turn to snow and covering everything. storm tracker 6 live double scan, what i am seeing on radar is backing up the reports, we're seeing snow closer to philadelphia. we'll look what it's doing in parts of the region. let's get you outside and what we have sky6 live hd raining in philadelphia, wet along i-95 and the ben franklin bridge, it won't be much longer before it changes over to snow. and things will get dicier out there as in the northern and western suburbs. that snow to rain line is getting closer to philadelphia. as we go in tighter we're getting reports of snow banged coming in where you see the purple shade.
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up in the poconos toward the lehigh valley we have an inch an hour snowfall. bob brooks was in allentown a little while ago. our "action news" reporter on the ground continuing to measure 4 inches nblghts location. that's -- in that location. that's piling up up north. the movement of the snow is southwest toward the northeast. there you see the heavy bangdz pound down on -- banding pound down on the roads. in philadelphia we're seeing sleet getting closer to philadelphia in the last half-hour. if you can get your traveling done in the i-95 corridor in the next half-hour, good if for you, because we'll get the heavy banged with -- banding with thew
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coming in. farther to the sought, we have thunder storm in atlantic county, and burlington county. we have rumbles of thunder, thunder here and snow there and changing to snow in philadelphia. crazy what we've got on the map this morning. >> the temperature 40 degrees at the last measurement in philadelphia. which was 16 minutes ago, i think we're closer to 39, 38 right now as the numbers are in the process of following. future tracker 6 shows you between now and 6:00 a.m. we very likely are seeing the transition to snow in philadelphia. if not it will be soon after that. through 9:00 a.m., the snow is heavy at times straight through the i-95 corridor. one change with the forecast, looks like the snow will knock off a little sooner than yesterday. as soon as 11:00 a.m. in philadelphia, we could be done, skies brightening out west and 2:00, 2:30 p.m. it's east of our area. the worst of this will be up
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around allentown and new york state with an 8 to 1 inch band. 4 to from wilmington north, the lower end amounts are in philadelphia and wilmington. it's less and less farther south. the band to the north could be allentown, quakertown and leele. up in the lehigh valley, the models are going higher, 9 country 3 inches on one model up there. we'll see about that. remember this is a heavy wet snow it's tougher to shovel it's harder on hearts and backs than the average snow. so don't overdue it. we'll get melting this afternoon and refreeze tonight. another thing about this afternoon, after the snow knocks
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off, the winds will pick up, we'll get windchills in the teens with gusts as high as 40 miles per hour, cold and wintry all day long. tomorrow, sun to clouds, 32 with windchills in the single digits. saturday afternoon it gets milder, 47. 55 on sunday, a bit of rain at times, monday probably holding 50s be back in the 40s starting on valentine's day, lovers. >> thank you, david, a reminder we have school closings at and the bottom of the screen, i just got that lovely phone call. >> i haven't gotten that yet. all right, let's go over to matt pellman whose fake ago -- who's taking a look at the morning commute. >> reporter: the thing with this shot around county line road we looked at this 4:45 a.m., the road was wet, now it's becoming snow covered pretty quickly. this is 309 at county line road.
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watch the penndot vehicle going through. keep in mind if you encounter a department of transportation vehicle 6 car length is what you want to maintain between you and that vehicle. rieglesville we're watching a single vehicle crash at county line and sunny side road. 78 eastbound linersville there's a crash. getting reports as well with the waze app, 78 westbound farther west of the accident scene causing the eastbound closure. berks county, pennsylvania turn pike a single vehicle crash eastbound past morgan town, a lane is blocked. i-95 in the great northeast, no changeover yet. i-95 is wet, one live look the ac expressway in winslow, had an overturned vehicle crash that
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has cleared out of the way. >> now let's go to "action news" repter, annie mccormick who is waiting on the big flakes to get to her in manayunk, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam, good news, though, we have something, we have something more than rain, i'm going to step out of the a way here you can see the see the precipitation falling by the streetlight. we're seeing sleet and the wintry mix, it's colder out here we feel like that snow is on the horizon coming down to manayunk. as you live here, you seep the hilly roads, now is the time to leave before any snow falls here. the city of philadelphia is under a snow emergency, that means they are prepped and ready to go, they have 350 plow trucks, the streets are clear, the sidewalks are clear, but we're starting to see the precipitation gather on some of the cars, you'll need something to wipe off your windshield before you head out.
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that's the latest in manayunk, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." back to you matt and tam. >> time 5:21 a.m., another live picture before we head to the break, this is allentown, lehigh valley where it's been snowing for a couple of hours and it is accumulating. we'll be right back. (alarms)
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live look there, mobile 6 is out on john fry's highway or route 666 in quakertown. you can see the accumulation of snow what's falling is falling briskly out there, as mobile 6 gives you a bird's eye view. >> we're continuing our coverage with karen rogers and matt pellman good morning. >> reporter: we're starting to see the changeover outside our studio, changing to rain and
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snow and sleet. we can see the heavy snow in lancaster, reading, and allentown. raining thunderstorming along the coast. we're seeing the icy mix in lansdale and doylestown and changed over to snow in new hope. you can see the icy mix south of that. i want to show you what happens through the day ahead. through the morning we're watching the rain change to snow through philadelphia south and east. the afternoon is dry, we're talking 40-mile an hour wind gusts, windchills in the teens, all this will be frozen and stay frozen in the evening. the slush freezes, the windchills in the single digits, i'm standing out here, wrestle winning the umbrella, we the change overis happening, matt pellman.
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>> reporter: the change over is happening in bucks county county resign road. we have -- county line road. we have an accident harleysville road. "action news" will be right back after the break. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me,
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live look at collegeville, montgomery county where the snow has changed over. it is accumulating on the roads right now. somebody went to check to see how many school delays we have, they counted them up, 528 including philadelphia. lots of kids not going to school today. we'll be right back.
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>> now on "action news" a winter storm is moving into the region, that's a live look from mobile 6 on the northeast extension in quakertown. it is the beginning of a snow event that could bring two inches per hour. >> philadelphia and archdiocesan schools are closed, they are part of the 528 schools that are closed or delayed. you can get that information at the bottom of the screen or >> our team of reporters are
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expand out across the delaware and the lehigh valleys to g


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