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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 1, 2017 7:00am-8:55am EST

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good morning, america. president trump strikes a new over. time for small thinking the time an nd nage in his fir are themotional momental and the wife of a fallen soldieras . live in washington, d.c. with the vice president and democratic leader this morning. severe weather alert. a deadly tornado outbreak overnight. 22 reported twisters from iowa to tennessee destroying homes, tossing cars off the road. with win 100 hour, now the system is moving east with more than 100 million on alert this morning.
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caught on camera, uber's ceo lashing out at one of his drivers. >> they claim every -- >> they blame everything -- d >> good luck t >> now admitting he lp. ♪ and get ready to the anstfg tangoing into tim square. whic serd '80s legend are about battle it out in the ballroom. the big reveal right here live only ♪try not to move too much. just a little bit. a lot of excitement for the big a lot excitement around here. i'll give you at home a little clue, okay. we pity the fool. >> that's a little clue.
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that's a little clue. >> we pity the fool whowatch >> you've been doingt all morning long. a lot of news to get to and george is in washington, d.c. w. we saw a shift in tone from the president. ry different tone from the inaugural speech a monthsident g a much more opic note and the policies pretty much the same but a much more optimistic tone and for a man whoikes to break the rules the president followed the traditions including that moment right there when he honored the widow of navy s.e ryan owens, karen owens brought to the crowd to its feet. more than a minute and a half of a standing ovation. that was clearly the emotional high point of the night. >> it really was. >> looked like before that speech the president had a little practice when he was in the car with his daughter ivanka and son-in-law jared kushner preparing for what he was about to say. >> right to our seniorte who was in washington has much
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you. this was aft tone from president trump perhaps an attempt to reach o some of the people in room perhaps em t sktics butwa a howochieve his vr america. >> tsi at .ere tonight to deliver assage message of unity and strength and it is a messagey delivered from my heart. a new chapter. of american nowtening his positive immigration reform is possible. if we are guided by the well-being of american citizens then i believe republicans and democrats can work together to achieve an outcome that has eluded our country for decades. >> reporter: democrats giving
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their first standing ovation of the night to combating with our allies inudriends and allies in the muslim world to extinguish this vile enemy from our planet. >> reporter: but when it came to health care, a break along party lines hit the house chamber floor. >> i am also calling on this congress to repeal and replace obamacare. >> reporter: republicans applauding. while some democrats booed. giving the president a thumbs down. among the opponents, democratic women lawmakers dressed in white, a show of solidarity for women's rights. but it was this surprise guest that created the evening's emotional high point. >> we are blessed to be joined tonight by corrine owens, the widow of u.s. navy s.e.a.l. special operator, senior chief william ryan owens.
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ryan died as he lived, a warrior and a hero, battling against terrorism and securing our nation. >> reporter: the widow of chief petty officer ryan owens who was killed in combat almost a month ago to the day sitting right next to first daughter ivanka trump, owens was brought to tears during a nearly two-minute-long standing ovation. >> and ryan is looking down right now, you know that, and he's very happy because i think he just broke a record. closing with a call to work across party lines. >> the time for small thinkingi. the time for trivial fights is behind us. >> reporter: so, about timing, the president was supposed to issue that executive order travel ban, the new one today. we are now being told that is being delayed. as for democrats, you know, they spd the president's ic faces to
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speech an undocumented immigrant, a and former kentucky governor. >> we are joined by chuck schumer. se naschumer, thank you for joining us this morning. you know, the first poll out from cnn showed it pretty positive, overwhelmingly positive reaction. did he strike a chord with his tone last night? >> no, i don't think so and here's the basic oblem, george. his speeches are always reality. he talks to the working folks o constituency but the way he's governed has been totally with the hard rightking people. so, for instance, he talked in his speech about infrastructure, we democrats put together a plan a month ago. we haven't heard a peep out of him. no plan, no ideas. trade, talked a lot about trade. he had a real opportunity on trade and in his campaign he talked over and over again about
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making china currency manipulator on his first day. he didn't and maybe most of all he said he would clean up the a. his cabinet is filled with bankers, billio people with huge conflicts ofinterest, what the american people want is action and his actions are totally, t detached fro the speech wl go away today and hisctions will be there, that's why he had suchys. >> one of the places he did call for action and even compromise on immigration reform. did you hear something there you can work with and are there compromises you're prepared to make. >> seen that movie before. about two weeks ago he called for compromise. his hard right supporters and his -- some of his staff people. he walked it back. he spoke to you reporters, you know, more cost politan national and gave a harsh
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anti-immigration speech. the next six months will be even more difficult than the past 40 days. >> the speaker of the house, paul ryan, was encouraged by what he heard, repealing and replacing obamacare and president seemed to embrace what the speaker has been working on. are you still confident they won't be able to get repeal through? >> absolutely. the president didn't make any of the tough decisions. i think in their hears the republican leaders were saying, all right, make up your mind. are we going to just repeal, if we're not going to repeal what are we going to replace it with? are we giving more upon to the states who had medicare -- who increased medicare or cut them back? none of that was there. that's why today he is back in the same old hole on the day he was before today. >> one word we did not hear, russia. are you confident that the investigative committees in the house and stat are going to get to the bottom of whatever happened during the campaign? >> look, it's very serious and 17 intelligence agencies say russia tried to manipulate our
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election. whether trump was involved or not, we don't know and i believe they will get to the bottom of it. that's how america works. it may take a little while but they will. >> senator schumer, thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you, george. and we are joined in the studio by the vice president of the united states, mike pence. mr. vice president, thank you for joining us. >> good morning, george. >> you heard senator schumer and said the president's speech was detached from reality. the policies don't match the rhetoric. >> it was a great speech but more importantly it was a great night for america on what the american people saw was the president that i serve with every day, broad shoulder, big heart but laid out the agenda that he ran on, specifically to repeal and replace obamacare, to rebuild our military, to rebuild our infrastructure, to have better and smarter trade deals, to put americanorkers first. and to do the kind of tax relief and regulatory reform that will unleash the full potential. >> still some divisions on repealing and replacing obamacare. are you confident it will happen and will the replacement guarantee that everyone who has
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coverage now won't lose coverage? that's a promise broken the president said by president obama. >> that's right. i'm very confident. we met this weekend with governors from around the country and both political parties to talk aboth made repealing and replacing obamacare the number one priority of the congress. what you saw him do last night is what the american people like to see presidents do and that is first describe the problem and really -- i premiums thathave some areas around the country, i mean, these insurance exchanges are collapsing, people have lost the choice of their doctor, lost their insurance but then the president laid out that framework, those principles as he described them that will now guide the legislative process. >> question guarantee everyone who has coverage now won't lose it? >> i think the president's made it clear to congress that particularly when it comes to the most vulnerable population, the medicaid population, we don't want anyone to fall through the cracks and you heard
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him mention tax credits last night. what the president wants the congress to do is to create a framework for people to afford coverage and lastly heard him abo talking about lowering the cost of health insurance rather than mandating that people buy -- >> will that guarantee that no one loses coverage? >> i think the president has made it clear, no one will fall through the cracks and worked with state governors this weekend to make sure as we said the most disadvantaged citizens among us are going to be able to rely on having the kind of programs, but better programs, that's what you heard the president talk about last night was really a better future for america, more prosperous, a better health care system, better trade deals and a stronger military that will have america standing tall in the world again. >> the president talked about immigration. you heard senator schumer right there say he doesn't buy that the president is coming forward with a comprehensive immigration
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reform. is he creating a path to legallization for undocumented immigrants? >> if you go back to the campaign there was a famous speech in phoenix where the president laid out his priorities. one of the things people saw last night is that the candidate, donald trump, is the president donald trump and he spoke about those pry ors. we'll build a wall. we're going to enforce -- >> didn't say mexico would pay for it. >> enforce the laws of the country, well, they are and with regse that are nd i think you saw lastight was the president acting o priorities that he ran on and i think that's the reason why this speech is being so well people the agenda that they voted for, the that aajority of americans believe is the right agenda is exactly the agenda president trump is advancing. >> one thing we didn't hear how
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is the president still committed to reducing the debt, moving toward a balanced budget? >> well, there's no question, george, that with nearly $20 trillion in national debt this president is committed to fiscal responsibility. the budget outline that he sent to capitol hill this week included an historic increase in military spending but it was offset by cuts in other areas o clear he wants to make a priority of fat security and rebuilding our military but in a fiscally responsible way but the real answer to fiscal responsibility is growth and the message that president trump delivered last night was a message of growth through tax relief, regulatory reform, unleashing american energy, better and smarter trade deals and i think that's the reason why this speech and agenda is resonating so well. >> thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> up to you in new york. more from you in washington just ahead. let's turn to that severe
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weather alert after those deadly storms tore across the country overnight. at least 2epted tornadoes in fourhas the latest. d morning, is happen look at this radar, the tornado watch that extends from parts of tennessee up through ohio this morning we have new damage pictures coming in. these amazing tornado pictures. that collar cloud around the wall cloud. this picture is out of cincinnati. damage from wind and potentially tornadoes. if you're in this region, nashville up through louisville over to west virginia, watch for the severe storms. huge temperature gradient where the warmth meets the coal and not just one line we will have rounds even here in new york city, rounds of storms today where we're in the slight risk region. we'll have much more to come. for now back to michael. >> thank you, ginger.out to ale illinois where 16 of those reported tornadoes touched down. good morning to you, alex.
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>> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. can you see just how powerful this storm was. this huge tree underneath all this debris there's actually someone's home. you can see the tree went right through the window there. so much of this happened in the overnight hours that many people are just now seeing the damage. overnight, a tornado outbreak tearing through the heartland. 21 twisters reported across five states. in ottawa, illinois, ferocious funnel clouds picking up anything and everything in their path. storm chasers capturing the moment this twister starts to form. watch as the debris begins to slowly circle up. >> tornado. >> tornado. >> reporter: the deadly tornado killing one, leaving behind a trail of destruction, reducing this nursing home to rubble, paralyzing power lines, residents scrambling to safety. >> it's okay. >> had to get in the bathtub to survive and my whole street is
7:16 am
destroyed. >> reporter: that bringing baseball size hail and in wisconsin the ice littering roads forcing many to pull over. in missouri a tornado taking the lives of two people after touching down on interstate 55, tossing cars and trucks off the road like toys. and you can see this massive tree also took down a power line here, crews have been working through the night to try to restore power in this area. the cleanup here is just now beginning. michael, robin. >> yeah, we're thinking of all those affected. now amy with the other top stories starting with the attack on kim jong-un's brother. >> two female agents accusing of using that nerve agent to kill the half brother of kim jong-un were charged with murder today. they appeared calm while entering a malaysian court. they could face the death penalty. the women claim they were told the airport chemical attack was actually a prank for a television show. authorities want to question seven other north korean suspects. back here in this country a widespread slowdown on the internet has now been traced to
7:17 am
amazon's massive cloud computing service which went down for more than four hours tuesday. the system hosts more than 500,000 websites including netflix, airbnb and spotify, amazhe issues are now crash at e in alabama. an suv slamming into a high school marching 3 2tudents hit suffered critical hit nstead brake. in louisiana, a driv flying into the air after hitting a set of spike strips. look at that. wow.going 150 miles an hour. the truck hit a restaurant and landed on top of a parked car but incredibly, nobody was seriously injured. finally a fashion statement from billionaire commerce secretary wilbur ross. during the president's address to congress ross wore a pair of velvet slippers that cost up to $600. if you look closely they feature
7:18 am
a custom embroidered logo of the commerce department. he's taking heat for his choice of footwear but slippers might have been the right choice considering the speech didn't end till after 10:00 p.m. at least they were really nice slippers. >> you got to keep feet comfortable. >> not like he can't afford them. all right, amy, thanks so much. >> i love your shoes today, robin. >> i'm not wearing any shoes. >> robin is barefoot today. >> i didn't notice that today. >> that is correct. >> i cannot believe you outed me like that. >> slippers -- it slipped out. how about that, ginger, you have more on that severe weather. >> yeah, i do. >> is that what we're doing? i'll take these shoes right after. tennis ball ball size hail, one the threats today. that area, i need you to focus in on back through mississippi.
7:19 am
>> the first line of thunderstorms are now on the ey are sl eirin our area. these are going to produce lightning. the snger inokg for out of thosethis afte. ook outsideright now, a lot of d cover, low lying cloud cover and a little patchy fog around but it's mild this morning, though. temperatures up close to 60 already. and this afternoon we will hit a near record high of 74 but then the strong line of thunderstorms comes in later in the afternoon and evening, take cover from those. cooler tomorrow. movie theater taking the stand for the first time. what the tape shows, was it
7:20 am
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>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. 7:23 on this wednesday march first. let's head over to karen rogers. she's starting on 95. good morning. >> we've got a new accident, tam. breaking news on i-9 aulti vehicle accident just happened within the last few minutes here in delaware county. this is i-95northbound rightat s involved. one of them kind of facing sideways and the wrong way right here. we've got penndot on the scene. looks tp a tthe blue route, a falti vehle accident one car northbound jams from harvey ad to the state line. philadelphia pike to i-95.e scee right now a mess of an accident on i-95. several vehicles involved. a quick look at the big picture. we had three accidents on the schuylkill westbound near university. they have cleared. we had a fourth one on 26th street leading to the schuylkill near university. we're still traveling about
7:24 am
11 miles an hour there, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. we'll take a short break and come back to accuweather. >> ♪
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7:26 am
>> cloudy skies to start out. pretty mild with temperatures up there around 60. take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan. our first line of showers and thunderstorms is to the west. that will come through a little late this morning. could be some lightning with those thunderstorms obviously but the stronger gusty storms will probably come in later in the afternoon and there are your temperatures. everybody in the mid to upper 50's pretty much away from the shore. this afternoon we're going to go for a warm high of 74. do look out for a possible strong thunderstorm later in the after perhapsing. and then tonight into tomorrow we cool down. >> absolutely..fference, thank you david. k 3t's it fr now u twe'll >> ♪ ♪fast, ytru
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♪ celebrate good times come on welcome back to "gma" and there they are, the "dancing with the stars" pros taking over times square and we're about to reveal the brand-new dancing cast live right here on "gma" and the countdown clock is ticking. got to find out who is going to battle it out in the showroom and i gave like a little example earlier and i was told i didn't do it again. here we go. >> i pity the fool. >> who do you think that is. >> i think we all know. hint. >> that's an announcement. >> i know. >> i wanted to say that. >> hey, hey. >> we didn't need another hint, michael. >> we got it. it's amazing what's going on right above us. that party is full on. more than 105 million people are in the path of severe weather. there's a big threat today from mississippi to connecticut after at least 22 reported tornadoes
7:31 am
touched down overnight. that storm system is now moving east and a lot of people are talking about president trump's big speech. george is there in washington for us and, george, what has been the roo he jackson so far this morning in d.c.? >> well, right down here, robin, i think the white house, inside the white house a lot of relief after a rocky first 40 days, republicans on capitol hill reassured as well and i think the president when he came in the hall last night gave that speech, probably his most presidential speech yet. he did get the reset he needed. now the hard part begins though for the president on all those big issue, obamacare, tax reform, trade, lots of details still to be worked through, lots of compromises still to be made and real questions about whether or not he can actually get them through the congress right now. >> yep, that's yet to bet was an tone and one that w welcomed by many. a safe trip back home to us. >> thank you. >> thank you. now to that stand you ground case in florida. the shooter, curtis reeves taking the stand for the first
7:32 am
time claiming he killed aan in a movie theater in self-defense. abc's t.j. holmes is here, has new details. >> good morning. he says it was a life-or-death struggle. how did it come to that? it came over an argument about turning off a cell phone. the man he shot went from in his words being a loud mouth to a definite threat. >> what did you do with that pistol? >> i shot him. >> reporter: late tuesday the 73-year-old retired police officer accused of killing a man after an argument over a cell phone in a movie theater took the stand in his own defense. >> why did you shoot him. >> at that point it was his life or mine. >> reporter: curtis reeves speaking publicly about the shooting for the first time is facing a second degree murder charge for his role in the 2014 death of 43-year-old husband and father chad oulson. reeves is using florida's controversial stand your ground law in a hearing hoping to avoid going to trial. >> what is the address of your
7:33 am
emergency? >> reporter: reeves said he asked oulson to put his phone away during the movie previews and an argument ensued and oulson first threw his cell phone at him hitting him in the head and throwing his popcorn at him as well. >> he was getting ready to punch me and i perceived that at some point and that's when the pistol came out. >> reporter: reeves said he feared for his life. a sentiment his wife who was seated next to him in that theater echoed at the hearing. >> were you still scared? >> oh, i was -- yes, i was scared. >> have you ever been as scared as you were on that day? >> never. >> reporter: but the state prosecutor questioned reeves' account. >> you believe that mr. oulson was coming over the seat and you were hit with something, right? >> that's correct. >> reporter: oulson's wife says he was using the cell phone to reach the baby-sitter. he did stand up to argue but reeves stood up too. >> there is no way that someone can convince me that because someone threw popcorn in someone
7:34 am
else's face that they're in fear for fracture life and they have to respond with life-threatening force. >> get this, the judge making the decision in this hearing at least on stand your ground went to the theater, sat in the exact chair that curtis reeves sat down in and also watched the sack same previews just to put herself in that mind-set of what he was going through and, again, as dan about to tell you she's making the decision, this is not some jury trial. one judge will decide. >> we'll see if that works for or against him. all right, t.j., thanks very much. dan abrams is here. our lead analyst and also, dan, nancy grace joins us from atlanta. nancy, good to have you here. you have this new law news network covering it gavel to gavel as it has begun. does the stand your ground apply here. >> this is a tough one, remember, this is a hearing to determine does he even go to trial? under florida's controversial stand your ground law you're allowed to basically say i want to be able to convince a judge
7:35 am
that there shouldn't even be a trial because i was reasonable in the actions that i took. the problem for him here is that he goes from saying i felt like this guy, the victim, chad oulson was going to come at me to i was in a life and death struggle. it's unclear why he believed it was life and death. yes, this was a cell phone thrown at him, he says, yes, he claims chad oulson was sort of leaning towards him, but the idea that he then pulls out his gun and shoots him, look, he may have a better argument at trial if he doesn't win hearing. bunto where he has the burden to prove it, i think it's a real long shot. >> what's your take, nancy? >> this case is going to trial. i'm not a betting woman but i would put money on it. because you can't claim because he throws popcorn on you, you can shoot him. that would be like me slapping you and you shoot me dead with
7:36 am
an uzi. what this boils down is a retired police captain who was not used to people standing up to him and not doing what he tells them to do. and very important, no other witness other than him can verify or corroborate that he, reeves, was ever hit before he fired the gun and another thing he said, the pistol came out like it's acting all on its own. he pulled the pistol and he shot the guy and it's on video. >> but there are two critical witnesses here and that is chad oulson, the victim's wife and reeves' wife both who have testified in this hearing telling very different accounts of what led up to this and they are both critical witnesses. >> that's significant, dan. that is very significant, dan is right. and what i find so incredible about it is that reeves' own wi story that he hit. nobody can say that. when you look at the video, you can see him pull his arm up and
7:37 am
shoot straight ahead. >> nancy, would you agree that he's a good witness, considering, you know, considering the tough facts here. >> i will. i agree with you. i think he came across very well on the stand. he was very calm and, in fact, i thought he looked rehearsed. i really did but there is no way that this judge is going to allow somebody to get popcorn thrown at them then they pull a gun and shoot you dead. i also went to the theater myself in wesley park to see what it was like, itthing that states saying. i really thinkhis guy turned into a bully. >> it really puts the stand your ground back in the spotlight, the public's perception. >> such a good point. >> of this law. >> if he gets off at this hearing based on the stand your ground law, oh, my goodness, you're going to have a megacontroversy surround the law again, so, this is a very important case with regard to the law. >> all right. nancy as always, thank you very
7:38 am
much for your insight and perspective. dan, we'll check back with you for something else. >> thank you. coming up, that shocking tape, the uber ceo caught on camera in a heated exchange with his driver. also ahead, david cassidy is speaking out for the first time about his battle with dementia. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. when you have allergies, it can seem like triggers pop up everywhere. luckily there's powerful, 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin. it provides relief of symptoms
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i drirs rgght on camera arguing abc's rebecca jarvis is here with the story and i think this is a little surprising to all of us to see it. >> it is surprising, michael. a lot of people talking about it. what you're about to see starts as an argument between the uber ceo and an uber driver over fares but then it escalates into personal insults. the video sparking outrage online and an unbelievable apology from the ceo. the 40-year-old ceo seen riding in the backseat of an uber speaking with two companions and the driver fazi kamel when
7:41 am
things get heated. >> but people are not trusting you anymore. i lost $97,000 because of you. i'm bankrupt because of you. >> you changed the whole bris. >> what? >> you dropped the prices on -- >> on black. >> yes, you did. >> [ bleep ]. i t now, $2.75. ou kwat >> what? >> some people don't like to take responsibility for their own [ bleep ] -- >> i take responsibility. >> they blame everything in their life -- >> for town car. >> good luck to you. >> good luck to you. >> after it surfaced he wrote to employees to say i am ashamed is an extreme understatement. it's clear this video is a reflection of me and this is the first time i've been willing to admit that i need leadership help and i intend to get it. the incident the latest in a series of public relations nightmares that have been trailing uber at every turn. in february the company coming under fire after a former employee and female software
7:42 am
engineer posted a blog accusing the transportation giant of turning a blind eye to sexual harassment. uber hiring former u.s. attorney general eric holder to conduct an internal investigation. and earlier this year they were accused of taking advantage of a new york taxi strike in protest of president trump's travel ban. the move prompting many to tweet, #deletuber. kalanick apologized to the driver in that video and entire uber riding community saying he's profoundly sorry. everyone in silicon valley is now talking about this and talking about the fact there needs to be action to follow all of this up. >> attempting to go public too. >> this could have an impact. >> thank you, rebecca. robin. here on the big board what david cassidy is revealing about his battle with dementia. plus, the obamas' next act inside their $60 million book deal. all that and more when we come
7:43 am
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we are back with the big board. dr. besser is here at the table for our first story and we want 0 get to that right away. david cassidy, "the partridge family" star revealing new details about his battle with dementia. in an exclusive interview with dr. phil that airs today here's a little of it. >> what was the first symptom that you noticed? >> when friends of yours or family members begin to say to you, remember i just told you this two days ago and there's no memory of it. that's when i began to be very concerned. >> was that what caused you to say i need to go get myself checked. >> oh, my god, yes. >> memory loss, dr. b. >> yeah, as we get older we all forget some things, where did we put our keys or miss an appointment but one of the scary things about dementia is that it comes on slowly and so you may
7:46 am
not realize that there's a big problem and it's often someone who knows you well who says, you know, there's somethi hing to say to somebody so when they do that's when you really need to get checked. >> also in that interview with dr. phil he did not -- in some recent -- in a recent performance he forgot some lyrics and slurred his words. he denied he had any alcohol. but he has struggled with alcohol addiction and does that accelerate dementia? >> you know, there are many different causes of dementia, alzheimer's disease is the leading cause, but chronic alcohol abuse is damaging to the brain, that can cause dementia. high blood pressure that causes mini strokes can cause dementia and no one test so all of these dhar for some people with dementia there are many different factors that come together and may have alzheimer's but also may have problem with their brain from chronic alcoholism. >> as david and others have talked about, it runs in his family, so you want to get tested but what do you do when -- >> one of the hottest areas for
7:47 am
research is looking at genetics of dementia. genetics of alzheimer's disease. for certain types there is a strong link early alzheimer's so he's on the border. anything below 65 is considered early. but there's some family where in the 30s, 40s, 50s, there there is a strong genetic link. most doctors don't do genetic testing. there's not much they can say there except maybe offer early drug trials for tho really early cases but what they'll say is live a brain healthy life. you know, avoid smoking, if you drink, drink in moderation, keep your bleep under control and if people recognize something is going on get checked early so that they can evaluate you and see what's going on. >> all right. thank you for the advice, doctor. we appreciate that. and next up, that blockbuster book deal for the obamas. after a heated bidding war between major publishers, penguin random house landing the rights to the former president and first lady's book deal worth reportedly $60 million.
7:48 am
yeah, i said that right, robin. cokie roberts joins us now. cokie, we've seen -- that's a lot of money for twoing boos or a few books. how does this compare to books from other former presidents. >> president clinton reportedly got 15 million, president bush, 10 millions. mrs. clinton, 8 million so it's a lot more money but it is eye-popping. i'm told that it is probably including foreign rights and that both of the obamas are very popular abroad and so that they could make a lot of money off of their books selling them abroad. >> you think that's primarily the reason why a publisher is willing to pay this amount? >> i've also heard, robin, this will amuse you, that michelle obama's book is really the book that people are interested in and that they did them together probably so that she wouldn't be getting more than president obama. >> to say tve the former
7:49 am
president's ego. >> and marriage perhaps. >> these books are highly anticipated. the second i think everyone read it said we can't wait to read it. what do you think we can expect from the books and when will they hit the bookshelves? apparently according to reports they should come out next year so the two of them have to get writing, get cracking but mrs. obama's book is likely to be the story of her life and she's told us a lot of the story of her life, but we certainly haven't seen it written by her and president obama has sold very successful books before. we can expect that again. >> when he was in town, cokie, recently, oh, my goodness and everybody thought he was here to work on a book deal but the crowd that came out to see him spontaneously was something else. all right, cokie. >> that is new york. >> thank you, cokie. rich, as well. coming up ginger with the latest on the severe weather. and the big "dancing with the stars" reveal is just moments away. though i think michael gave away -- >> a hint.
7:50 am
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7:54 am
acti te night but this yellow orange, something to watch for. this all brought to you by state
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by secrets resorts & spas. experience adults only unlimited luxury where everything is included. >> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. 7:56 herenesday maour t >> yeah, we still have this multi vehicle accident on i-95
7:56 am
northbound but as we look live you just saw that tow truck pulling the last vehicle out. so, that's pretty good timing. we watched part of this clear live. watching the police and penndot get back in the car clearing the scene as we speak. multi vehicle accident, that car was facing the wrong way as on the border past delaware-pennsylvania state line as we look live we can see all lanes are just now reopening. and that traffic starting to move but man is it jammed. northbound jams past harvey road to the state line. 495 northbound also jams heading towards i-95 but it's cleared now. lincoln drive southbound at wissahickon avenue we had this accident out here in fairmount park and police are still directing traffic. our accident on the 30 bypass eastbound cleared but jammed approaching 340. you see that 13 miles an hour and a fuel spill causing a problem here in atlantic county on harding highway near river road, tam. karen. let's go over to sky6 taking a live look there out across penn's landing. already gray and a little rainy looking out there. let's go over to dave murphy and see what he's seeing.
7:57 am
>> yes, some low lying clouds and patchy fog around right now tam. storm tracker6 live double scan shows the first part of rain moving into the region. looks showers and thunderstorms, the first batch heading mainly towards the northern suburbs with lighter rain coming up the 95 corridor. temperatures are mild. everybody in the mid to upper 50's. this afternoon we're going for a near record setting high of 74. but look out for another line of showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon, perhaps into early this evening that could feature strong gusty winds. then tomorrow it's windy and cool he, a high of just 49 and 42 on friday, tam. >> okay, thank you. and a man was shot and killed in the city's feltonville section. shot in the neck around 2:30 this morning. this happened near an after hours club on the 4800 block of rising sun avenue. police don't know if the victim had been inside or outside the club before the shooting. witnesses say that the killer ran off after the shooting. coming up on "gma" are hackers using your children's toys as way to keep an eye on you? we'll be back here in 30.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. president trump sets a new tone.
8:00 am
an opt is tick message in his first address to congress. his ambitious agenda outlined. the emotiona with the wi fallen soldier. the latest from washington, d.c. 24 morning. bombshell accusations overnight. ♪ every kiss begins with kay >> the company fire. hundreds of female employees claim widespread sexual harassment and the shocking testimony and how the company is answering this morning. ♪ and dancing is back and guess who is here them? >> the fuzziest, blockbuster cast to take on the ballroom with maks and val all back. >> are you ready to tango. >> bringing the "a" champion, an olympic champ and a golan girl the cast revealed here just as >> they're here to say -- >> all: good morning, america.
8:01 am
♪ everybody wants me to be what they want me to be except you ♪ ♪ all i want to do is be with you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:02 am
♪ i'm alive i'm alive i'm alive i'm alive ♪ >> live in times square, this is "gma." [ cheers and applause ] >> whoo! what an incredible performance. >> we were included. i like that. >> i saw you, michael. >> almost popped my shoulder out aobably. >> do you have tom in your earpie>> oh, ah tomn in my earp >> i need more cream cheese. . america. so hap tovebody here for our huge "dancing with the
8:03 am
stars" takeover and, of course, we always love having our friend tom bergeron here with us. reveal. and applause ] we know kym, peta, maks and val the most star-sdded castd yet. [ applause ] scute. they've beenere all morning and walking down the hall and that's just -- would just passed me? who could that be? we'll have a few clues to share with you now. this season includes one singer who is currently on a world tour and two soon-to-be wed couples. see, that's how you give a clue. that's how you give clues. >> you didn't like my pity the fool. plus, a guy who fought rocky
8:04 am
in "rocky 3". >> terrible. michael. you got to work on that. >> where did you learn how to give clues? >> my momma taught me how to give a clue. >> well, we have so much but first to amy with the morning's rundown. amy. >> all right, thanks so much. the big story, president trump is delaying the rollout of his new travel ban following one of his biggest speeches yet. the president was expected to sign a new executive order on immigration today. but he is delaying it following his address to congress last night. he used the speech to strike a softer, optimistic tone calling for unity and denouncing hate crimes and touted his accomplishments and called on both parties 0 work together on immigration reform and on health care. >> action is not a choice, it is a necessity. so, i am calling on all democrats and republicans in congress to work with us to save americans from this imploding obamacare disaster. >> the democrats made it clear they are not happy about any repeal of obamacare and there
8:05 am
may be a growing rift in the house as conservatives criticize the draft of a republican plan to replace obamacare. well, the other big story, a deadly storm system spawning nearly two dozen tornadoes across the middle of the country. one person was killed in illinois and at least one person died when a twister picked up cars at a missouri junk yard and then threw them onto interstate 55. there is new video this morning showing the damage that storm left behind in the city of perryville, missouri, the storms are now moving east. and a murder mystery in nashville where a 23-year-old nurse has been found dead in her home. police say her killer is still on the run and surveillance video shows a person leaving the condo where kimberly ferguson was stabbed. her roommate screamingy tuesday body. the killer apparently got in through an unlocked door. well, overseas erupts in si. europe's most active volcano once again spewing lava into the sky. eruptions can last for days but
8:06 am
officials say no one is in danger. and finally a story about a little guy helping out the big guys. during a college basketball game in idaho look at this. the ball gets stuck behind the backboard and the teams try to get it down using their big tall guys even withop brooms carryi young fdge until a man up. look at that. he climbs boom, knocks down the ball and saves the day. you can hear the crowd roaring with approval showing you can be short on the court and still be a hero. back to you guys. >> all right, amy. thank you. coming up here we'll save a seat for you, because lara is out today so we need -- you know, michael, we need somebody to pinch hit. who could we get? who could we get? how about tom bergeron? >> i'll do it. i'll do it. >> out of the bull pen. >> how are you? how are you? >> you're good in the
8:07 am
mouthpiece. >> cream cheese. >> in addition to the voices i usually hear in my head. so, i get to do -- >> "pop news." >> "pop news." all right. all right. i'm ready. >> okay. it's time now for "pop news." [ cheers and applause ] dial it back? dial it back. >> a little bit. >> a little bit. in today's "pop news" rihanna accepted harvard's humanitarian of the year award last night and after her heartfelt speech about what drives her to help others, the pop star was thanked by a young scholar. this is quite a kid. take a look. >> rihanna, we thank you for your compassion, your philanthropy to help others in need and your wonderful music. [ cheers and applause ] t is "dancing with the [ applause ] the superstar revealed the pledge she made to herself as a kid promising, quote, when i
8:08 am
grow up, when i can get rich, i am goingo save kids all over the world. that's a lovely, lovely sentiment. >> and she's doing it. next up -- >> amy, just so you know so you're not frightened. >> hi. >> it could be our moment. >> works alone. >> welcome to camerags i'm your special guest. next up beyonce was in formation to headchella but the star pregnant wwins backed out following the advice of her doctor, so who is flawless enough to repla q bey, the herself, lady gagawillt beyonce's -- >> oh, nice. >> pop star on the edge of glory, already packed 2017 which just watch where you get the sand. >> oh.
8:09 am
>> some of that stuff never cops out, kids. and can i come back some other day too? >> any time. >> and nally, something adorable for your hump day morning. it's a tiny tots wrestling was between a young boa girl. they shake hands. the referee blows the whistle. that's the boy running away which he'll stop doing when puberty hits but there you go. isn't that lovely? that made me miss hosting "america's funniest videos." i tell you. i think that's it. is that "pop news"? >> is that it? >> that was "pop news." [ applause ] "pop news." >> you know, you don't get any extra pay. >> huh? >> oh, dang. >> hey, coming up we have those bombshell accusations about one
8:10 am
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8:14 am
we are back with those shocking claims about sterling jewelers, the con gloom rat that runs the kay and jared jewelry chain. >> shocking allegations. a story we first saw in "the washington post." hundreds of women claiming ram pant sexual harassment going back two decades saying jobs and promotion were determined by pleasing male managers and went all the way to the top. >> with this ring, you brighten my world. >> reporter: it's the jewelry company that's built its brand on cherishing women.
8:15 am
>> the one unique gift that tells her exactly how you feel. >> reporter: but this morning, allegations sterling jewelers, the multibillion dollar company behind kay jewelers. ♪ every kiss begins with kay. >> reporter: and jared's galleria of jewelry did anything but. in a series of bombshell statements that are part of an arbitration case over claims of discrimination and promotions and pay, hundreds of former and current female employees claim sexual harassment was widespread at the company. in sworn statements employees saying they were told to perform sexual favors to get promoted or even just to keep their jobs. >> managers at all levels of the company either participated in it or condoned it. >> reporter: the testimony describing wild corporate culture in which annual managers retreats allegedly became no spouses allowed booze fests at which male executives prowled around the resort like dogs that
8:16 am
were let out of their cage and that there was no one to protect female managers from them. witnesses even allegedly spotting mark lite, now ceo at their parent company at one of the meetings being entertained by female employees in various states of undress and joining them in a swimming pool. heather balu was a store manager at kay and attended one of those retreats in 2005. >> at one meeting, yes, i was propositioned for sex in return for a promise to be brought back to this district for a promotion, i'm not proud to say but i did it. i needed -- i wanted to get home. >> reporter: the allegations all part of a massive class action now in arbitration. including more than 69,000 current and former employees. saying women were systemically paid less than men and often passed over for promotions. sterling ling tells abc news, we have thoroughly investigated the allegations and have concluded
8:17 am
they are not substance waited by the facts and certainly do not reflect our culture. but heather ballou says she still can't forget what she describes as a crude boys club. >> they have no idea. they think every kiss begins with kay and don't know how many things come from that unwanted kiss. >> they say the testimonies alleging sexual harassment present a distorted and inaccurate picture and point out those claims are not part of the lawsuit on promotions and pay. those claims about professional advancement are not substance yachted by the facts and also did not comment specifically on the allegations surrounding their ceo. this is a jewelry company largely for women and will be a big pr problem for them. >> a lot are talking about that. we'll be right back.
8:18 am
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8:21 am
back on "good morning america.erica." that is brit, that is haley. this is alan and this is the one of my favorarts t s" show. we thought why not mest for you. >> and my middle name is lake. >> 14 degrees. i think you'll heat it up,
8:22 am
aren't you, alan? >> all right, ginger, storm tracker6 live double scan we got some showers and some thunderstorms cruising up towards the month he can notice. a little of this catching our northern suburbs, little more light rain due west of philadelphia and that will probably pop through the i-95 corridor later this morning. cloudy skies otherwise. looks like our earlier fog may be lifting just abit. temperatures in the upper 50's. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast shows that goinm side later. we'll get rid of these temperatures in the 50's and then wind up were it a high of 74. another rounder of thunderstorms this afternoon that could be strong. been wait for it all morning ng. our big "dancing with the stars" party. h "dancing" host tom bergeron and i got to ask, full? [ cheers and applause ]e been ls
8:23 am
>> i think they ll too. wait a mpros. hit the music. s just a goodon ♪ ♪ it's just a sweet sensation ♪ it's just a good vibration ♪ it's just a sweet sensation >> look. >> whoo-hoo! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ it's just a good v
8:24 am
♪ it's just a sweet sensation ♪ it's just a good vibration ♪ it's just a sweet sensation ♪ >> they're coming from ev [ cheers and applause ] >> hey. i'm excited. that was just a little taste. >> that's right. a sampling. >> a little sampling what we'll give. >> all right, celebrities, you thinking about that first dance? are you thinking about that first dance out there are you going to be ready? you're not nervous, are you? you got it. you got it. >> i pity the fool. >> all right. [ applause ] >> by the way, that will be our season 24 drinking game, kids. every time somod that. >> there you are, baby. hi, simone.
8:25 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> we know that you are known for making your own moves when you're out ingymnastics. you got your own dance moves you'll come up with. >> i think we'll do something. i don't know. we'll see. >> i hope so. >> i got to ask mr. t., sylvester stallone found you and discovered "rocky 3," right? >> yes. >> you were a bouncer. >> a bouncer, yes. >> did that teach you any moves at all in nightclubs. >> you don't want to move too much. you know, you want to get a good bounce. so basically i'm saying bouncers do not make dancers. >> you know what i love, though, if anybody -- if anybody storms the stage like last season he can handleha that's >> that's right. >> we saw your moves from your "snl" moves.
8:26 am
so that translates, you know. >> oh, that one. >> i'm not going to do it. i just did it now. >> but, you know -- >> there it is. >> roxbury jacket. >> yes, we got it. >> oh. >> wow. what does that say? >> i like it. fantabulous. thank you. thanks. [ applause ] >> we'll be right back. >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. it's 8:27 on this wednesday march first.
8:27 am
let's head over to karen rogers see what are the hot spots with traffic. good g. >> we're starting with a jam on the ben franklin bridge. really look at this traffic westbound. it's really heavy trying to come up and over the ben franklin bridge to eighth and vine, so watch for that. also jammed on eighthvine in that area as well. this is delaware county. still have some fog in the region. we're seeing thati night. traffic ill pretty heavy delaware and i-95 northbound from past the state line toodore where that multi vehicle accident has since cleared but noneht there. here's i-95 at cottman. jammed here as well. no major problems but jammed approaching cottman to girard. roads just a little bit damp at this point. delran burlington county report of an accident on bridgeboro road right at route 130 that's causing some problems and still some fog here in cape may county on the garden state parkway, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. now let's go out to meteorolisid murphy. it's really gray out there toda david. >> yeah, cloudy right now tam. storm tracker6 live double scan shows it's wet in some of the northern and western suburbs, too. we've got some showers and
8:28 am
thunderstorms. the heaviest stuff towards the poconos. light to moderate rain moving through. temperatures are mild. 58 degrees in philadelphia, little milder than that up innda high of 74.ound of showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon, could be stronger than what we've got right now and we want you to take cover from any storms that form in case there are strong damaging wind gusts associated with those. and then we dry out later tonight. windy and and cooler tomorrow, 49 and only 42 on friday wit a pa shower. then on snday, chilly, sunny, 44. back to 52 after a morning shower on sunday cloudy but milder monday, 62. tam. >> okay, thank you, coming up on "gma" more fun with "dancing with thestars" we'll see you back here in 30. >> ♪ 
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "gma" live from times square. ♪ welcome back. [ cheers and applause ] an incredible group of dancing fans here in the audience today and an incredible cast -- how are you? nancy kerrigan. i'm looking at everyone who is here. >> you know what i like since i'm all torso sitting down i'm >> you like that? >> okay. back to -- >> don't have you a question you want to ask? >> sure, i mean, let's see, i want to know how many of you guys watch the show and be honest before you were cast on the show. >> me. >> okay. >> all right. >> raise that hand. >> how many of you aren't aware what show you signed up for? [ laughter ] okay.
8:31 am
>> well, you know,ad saw -- robin earlier said are you nervous. you started rubbing your thighs over there. you're a football player. i watched you play for my favorite team, the giants and your pregame warm-up kind of looks like a dance. >> yeah, well -- >> you want to come out and show us a little. [ cheers and applause ] >> ah. a little prewarm-up. prewarm-up. >> all something. prewarm -- i'm getting my hips and got that and hips working. we got a little bit. we got a little bit. >> your hand cream, loosened up your hips. >> we're going to rock. >> all right. >> we'll see more of that, everybody. [ applause ] >> heather, you're from "glee"
8:32 am
and danced with beyonce. you have confidence of being in this competition? >> a little bit, yeah. different. it's very different. ballroom is so, you know, i'm a little iffy. >> just a little bit. >> but you know what you're doing. i mean hopefully, okay. >> she got me so it's a problem already. >> yeah. >> and, boy, do youi mean, one your family when you think about it, you, val, and your wife, four of the last six. four of the last six mirror ball trophies. >> you got to remember -- >> whoo! >> but there is a concern that heather has, now that he is a new dad there is a lot of sleep deprivation. >> she's been telling me about it because she has two young ones. but also in my household, they have two trophies each. i have one so it's kind of like -- >> there's no competition. >> somehow i don't know how that happened. >> but, val, you know, your
8:33 am
brother and, peta, they're both in this competition with you. any family tension. >> no, and to quote one of the greatest poets of our time, mr. khaled, hopefully we'll get another one. >> oh, my god. >> another one. >> i got to ask -- >> you're the best. ag you were while rodeo riding and broke your neck. >> that's right. >> are you a little concerned about doing this? is your doctor signed off on sharna. >> i was super pumped when they first told me but after i said yes i thought i kind of took on mt. everest. i might be more nervous than climbing on a bull ride right now. i'm excited now. >> we have plenty of bull dancing with the stars. [ applause ] >> 15 athletes have competed on
8:34 am
"dancing with the stars" but you're the first major >> yeah. [ apau ] >> all right. >> he's got thesuit. here. i got. >> usually you would bering tra. >> so inow you are missing does this mean to you. >> this i to keepn shape rahan getting home and eating chips all day on the couch. i figured i'dthis, keep me in shape a little bit and get outside of my comfort zone and have the boys -- hopefully i can represent mlb being the first baseball player with a little bit -- stay a littleng. a sciae for you. one of your former teammates. >> oh, no. >> rizzo. >> anthony here at cubbycamp. can't wait to watch those hips move. try not to suck. [ applause ] >> he knows. >> hey. hey. he's the twerker in the group. he's the twerker in the group.
8:35 am
that's his realm. it won't be me. >> nothing like locker room ribbing. good luck in t no the tsuck. that's the way to give a man so medals but what do they think -- >> i hope they are a little. well, they're excited because we watch it together so they're -- and they're athletes and think it's going to be a lot of fun. >> help you practice. dancing partner when your partner is not around. >> yeah, that would be great except ty don't know how. >> i'm always ama when we have cast members who are also continuing a very busy schedule now, normani, you'll be doing that. you're touring. you have a fifth album you're g. >> i showed little bit but we'll make it work and it's going to be his birthday on one of the dates. >> right, we're going to be tokyo on my ry e nott
8:36 am
the tour. it's literally on the other side of the world. >> back and forth so it's going to be crazy. got to eat my vegetables. >> erika, erika, recording artist yourself. we know you are not shy. how are you preparing for>> go. we're goinive itvideos. do you gives you -- stuff for sure. >> showing some sass right there. >> yeah, you know. [ applause ] >> a a special message for you, as well. >> oh, my goodness. >> take a>>d i can't wait to tune in each we. good luck. >> oh, kyle. >> so cool. >> support.
8:37 am
>> she's wonderful. we've really become >> wonderful. >> thanks, kyle. >> i got to s tocharo. known he. o. did ollywood >> i just wish you could perk up a little bs suc you. it really is. what took you so love the . miscotr [ laught >> i lshow. but around the ws my moment and i got the moves. [ applause ] >> mwah. >> whoo!
8:38 am
>> >> i'm enjing watchi and when we come we'll talk to them more. [ cheers
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> i love that. back here on "good morning america." cha taken over the sh move? >> okay. marracos and shake it. >> shake. more of you.wait to get "dancing witrs more from them in moments but f let's go ahead and get a check of your local weather. >> looks like we're going to get a lot of her on "dancing with the stars." in i live double scan a couple showers and thunderstorms moving toward the northeast through the northern and western su74s high, another round of storms later today and tonight, could be severe so take cover if they hit your area. >> ♪ michaeow wow, it is the new "xilm called "logan"ers wi bnd-new villain boyd holbrook who is about to take ou had a chance toit
8:42 am
them. is so excited to joi this film is a much darker, much de typic "x-men" movie and there will be some big thi p troy our favorite anti-hero wolverine in theour c a mu cybernetic criminal. >> he a brilliant engineer neurological robotics. >> he's dangerous because he's military trained also. >> yes, he is. he is a fan of logan. he's designsomething logan. >> reporter: character is in hot pursuit of logan along with patrick stewart's professor x and young mutant laura played by daphne keen. >> no. >> what's it like working with her. >> if anything, it wasng.
8:43 am
a 12-year-old accomplishing that much in a role. >> without giving away any spoilers was there more pressure knowing this might be the last time we see hugh jackman as wolverine? >> more exciting because it was a way to go out with a bang. it plays like a western. it really does. it's a slow burn. >> reporter: and when he's not chasing down other mute taptss you may find him chasing down drug lords playing d.a. agent steve murphy in "narcos." i don't think there was a time of timeen "narcost and this role. >> about five days. >> how do you do that? >> time management. you know, trying to slowly gain too muí. gain?d you have to >> i about 20 pounds. put on ten pounds in a week. >> you put on ten pounds in a week. >> how did you do that? >> gorging. >> we got ourselves an n fan. >> what do you hope the
8:44 am
is. >> just a reminder that stories that are intimate in our day-to-day life can be just as powerful. >> and a fun fact about boyd, he wasctually discovered in his home state of kentucky working aser in a theater and heculptor s man of many "logan" is going to hit on friday. michael. >> all right, there, you can see we've got mor with the "dancing" cast right now and a very special surprise. let's bring in l. peta. >> hey, guys. hi.and, peta, you h ather yourancing partner? >> yeah, i'm super excited.vial. >> whoa! >> i think everybody is excited to see nick dance. we're excited to see you come back, as well. and congratulations, again, on
8:45 am
your little baby shai. i'll protect your man right behind me. he's protected and so congratulations, welcome back. we look forward to seeing you and nick and simone -- >> thank you very much. >> simone, we have a surprise for you, as well. check this out. >> go, go, go. >> hi. >> laurie. >> oh, my god. [ cheers and applause ] >> how are you? >> whoo. >> laurie hernandez. >> i got to give these to you. remember when you gave me these, i did really well. how are you guys? oh, my gosh. [ cheers and applause ] >> how are you? >> hi. how are you? >> the champ is back, everybody. the champ is back, laurie hernandez. that's a good surprise, right? and i remember you giving her those sneakers, now you get them back. good luck to you. >> thank you. >> hi. >> keep on going, laurie.
8:46 am
say hello to everybody. we have more fun with the "dancing" cast when we come back. don't go anywhere.
8:47 am
8:48 am
[ cheers and applause ] crazy day. we are back with t new dancing cast. now, you guys, you foe those crazy moves that people bust out at weddings. like the shopping cart and the lawn mower. discover the next big movith a game we are calling create the craze wedding dance edition. >> yeah. there is an everyday object under each of these mirror ball dopes. when we lift this up it's girls versus guys. you make your own dance according to what it is. >> all right. >> we got to get started. we're going to get started. the first object is a hair dryer. witney and erika, let's see what you can do.ready?
8:49 am
♪ hot love baby this evening >> got it? >> how about we do chris kattan and val and see if they can top that with the hair dryer. ♪ i need some hot stuff baby tonight ♪ ♪ i need some hot stuff baby this evening ♪ [ applause >> now, you're the judges, tom and laurie. who created the craze? >> the blow drying one from the guys -- >> the guys? >> yes, agreed. >> there's another chance, ladies, because object number two, the craze is the loofah.
8:50 am
simone -- >> okay. >> give us your best -- ♪ shake your groove thing ♪ shake your groove thing shake your groove thing yeah yeah ♪ ♪ show them how to do it >> so, good, guys. bring the loofahs back because what youh e loofah. ♪ >> ready. ♪ ♪ shakeou groove thing shake your groove thing ♪ ♪ yeah yeah ♪ show 'em how to do it now ♪ shake your groove thing >> okay. [ applause ] tom and laurie. >> we learned a lot about your hygiene.
8:51 am
who created the craze. >> i pity the loofah. i go with the girls on this. lindsay and simone. [ applause ] >> are you going to be like that? are you going to be like that? >> i'm going to see you after the show. yeah. >> we have the tiebreaker. this is the tiebreaker. okay, this is -- it's a potato and a peeler, okay? sharna and charo, ladies, you're up first. take it away. >> easy. ♪ bust a move ♪ ♪ ladies dance [ applause ] >> okay.
8:52 am
rashad, let's do it. ♪ you got it ♪ baby you got it ♪ ladies [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. here we go. the moment we've been waiting for, laurie, tom. do we have a winner? i wish when i was potato peeling i looked like that. the guys. >> the guys. [ cheers and applause ] >> so good. all right. >> that was good. >> that was good. you'll see a lot more of it because the newn of "dancing with the stars" premieres monday, march 20th right here on abc. ♪
8:53 am
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