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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 2, 2017 7:00am-8:58am EST

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good morning america. breaking overnight, president trump's attorney general under fire. new reports that jeff sessions spoke to the russian ambassador twice before the election. despite his denials at his confirmation hearing. >> i did not have communications with the russians. >> democrats call for his resignation right now. how the white house is responding this morning. stock market spike. the dow soaring past 21,000 for the first time ever after president trump's big speech. are businesses about to go on a hiring spree? urgent manhunt. police in tennessee searching for this man, suspected of killing a 23-year-old nurse in her apartment while her roommate was sleeping nearby. the hunt for this suspect caughtlance tape around the ♪ whoops there it is ♪ and buzzer beater madness. the high school hero launching the ball 75 feet from the basket
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with just half a second on the clock sinking it, shocked. and northwestern's greatest play ever. their hail mary pass overnight. fans storming the court. what the player at the center of it all is saying this morning. ♪ whoop there it is whoop there it is ♪ good morning. big news day this thursday and how about that early start to march madness. >> yes and let's see that play again. one more time. northwestern hail mary pass puts it up makes it and the greatest thing is this could seal their first trip ever to the ncaa tournament ever. so i bet you that kid is a hero around campus. >> you can see on the court what the reaction was. we have a lot more on that in just a bit. first we have that big story about attorney general jeff sessions there are calls this morning for him to resign george. >> or at minimum recuse himself from that investigation into
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russia's interference with our election after reports he had at least two meetings with the russian ambassador meetings he did not disclose when asked during his confirmation hearing and pierre thomas tracking this breaking story from washington. good morning pierre. >> reporter: good morning, george. that's right. some democrats are calling on sessions to resign after reports that he met with the russian ambassador before the election and did not tell congress during his confirmation hearings. this morning, the attorney general under fire over this exchange with senator al franken regarding allegations of russian ties to trump associates. >> if there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the trump campaign communicated with the russian government in the course of this campaign what will you do? >> senator franken, i'm not aware of any of those activities. i have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that spain and i didn't have -- did not have communications with the russians. and i'm unable to comment on it.
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>> reporter: but sessions according to his own records met with russia's ambassador to the united states twice during the 2016 presidential election season once in his senate office in september and once following an event with the heritage foundation in july. justice department officials said last night there was nothing unusual about those meetings that the meeting in his office was on his public schedule and attended by his staff. they said he met with numerous ambassadors including ones from china, canada and great britain at part of his duties on the senate armed services committee and that it was a brief encounter with 50 other ambassadors present. all critical because u.s. intelligence agencies investigating whether any trump associates were talking with them during the campaign. he said i never met with any russian officials to discuss issues of the campaign. i have no idea what this allegation is about. it is false. sessions has been under pressure from democrats to recuse himself
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because he was one of trump's earliest congressional supporters and the key adviser during the campaign. now, with questions about his own contacts with russians democrats are calling for him to step aside from any investigations involving the russians and there will likely be additional calls for a special prosecutor. sessions is the nation's chief law enforcement officer overseeing the fbi which has been investigating russian attempts to influence the 2016 election. he now faces incredible pressure fr accusing him of lying under oath but his spokesperson said there was nothing misleadinghe s asked about communications betwe and the trump campaign not nator, georges compl street journal" reported that a subje investigations which are s question can of t georgeave no information that sessions hbeen under any kind ofin given these questbout his testimony, some may call for just such a probe. george. >> okay pierre very h ding to a of in this rning, let's go to our sit >> reporter: amy, g white house this morning. they are calling this a political attack on them. this, of course, comes as the riding very high following that
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joint session speech and the glowing reviews, but this is not the story lineorpos ngmorno ing, m questions aboutts with russia. this is the tnt story broke. take a look. this is the latest attack against the trump administration by partisan democrats. attorney general sessions met with the ambassador in an official. now, it was just a couple of weeks ago right here at the white house that the president himself said that nobody i know of, amy, had contacts withding up to the election. >> and, yet, cecilia, we are learning this morning that the trump administration is directing white house staffers to keep any materials that could be related to russia correct? >> reporter: yeah that's right. you know white house lawyers sent these instructions yesterday to aides here at the white house basically telling them to save all materials that might show any contacts between anyone in the administration and the russians. now, the white house says they simply did this because this is a proactive step they wanted to take to push back against what they call politically motivated attacks. >> thanks.
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more on this from jon karl our chief white house correspondent, matthew dowd our chief political analyst and, john let me begin with you and saw the white house dismissing these. the democrats call for jeff sessions to resign but the pressure for the attorney general to recuse himself from this investigation as he's facing questions about his testimony is going to get intense. >> reporter: no question about that, george. look it's important to say at first that i've been reporting on this issue of the russian connection for weeks now. nobody in any of these discussions has suggested in any way that jeff sessions would have been the conduit between the campaign and the russians if there was one but the white sessions' staff knows, s appea cannot be the one decisions about whe investigation goes. >> and, matt ial prosecutor to look into it as well. >> the trump folks thought they m 48 momentum on s would ben weeks then days nowdurs. i think when you look at this whole thing to keep up the march madness theme, donald trump gave a great halftime speech in game
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one of the tournament but there's a lot of games left and this will complicate his ability to sort of go through this process. >> jon karl a lot of strands of this story there this morning. you've been covering it for weeks now. the has consistently denied any contacts between people affiliated with the campaign and russians during ths morning new s contacts and interceptingnications fro tge ince "new york times"roke saying there were regular contacts betweentesciates on the russians i have not heard emphatic blanket denials from the white house anymore including pointedly from s you directlyt press if he -- if there were any contacts between his campaign and trussians. he answered by saying that he didn't have any contacts so i think this is something that frankly, trump's own team is unsure and very reluctant to make blanket denials anymore. >> how does the white house get ahead of this? >> i think it's very difficult. the besty ve explanais sort of clintonesque which is we were asked a specific question on this and he was answering a specific question
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with that. normally what this white house does and donald trump does is change the topic to something totally different in this. i think this will go on. as we talked about in the aftermaths of the election the two things likely to dog donald trump were conflict of interest related to his business and russian contacts during the course of the campaign >> okay matthew thanks very much. >> he might want to change it the economy. the stock marketskyrocketing after his speech business correspondent rebecca jarvis is at the new york stock exchange. how are people feeling down there. >> reporter: well, amy, there is some optimism here good morning. stocks now shattering new records and investors here are optimistic about the president's message, in particular the tone he took in that joint session before congress especially when he had this to say. >> my economic team is developing historic tax reform that will reduce the tax rate on our companies so they can compete and thrive anywhere and with anyone.
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>> reporter: it's that pro-business message that lowering of taxes that anti-regulatory tone that president trump has taken throughout his campaign and now throughout his presidency that has helped send a number of stocks higher. it also pushed the dow above 21,000 for the first time ever and in particular we've seen strength among companies like apple, boeing and a number of financials, amy. >> so how does this surge impact average americans and their wallets? >> reporter: that is the question, right? everybody wants to know what this means for them. first off, only about half of americans even have any kind of money in the stock market. for those people with the dow up 15% since election day, the average retirement account has added about $11,000 but for others, the other issue is a matter of the ripple effect. does this ultimately mean more jobs and higher wages? that is question for americans out there, because we don't always get that ripple
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effect and sometimes it can lag, amy. >> all right, rebecca jarvis thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> let our keep our eye on the tock and on the weather. severe weather is moving east after a rough 48 hours in the midwest with at least 27 reported tornadoes. and let's go to ginger zee for the latest. good morning ginger. >> reporter: good morning. you probably heard it blowing when you got up. we have seen 52-mile-per-hour gusts already at laguardia airport slowing them down by almost two-hour delays. that is a brush fire from moments ago in philadelphia. that has suspended train traffic in some places. right at the end this is a picture in indiana of hail. it's been unreal across the united states. look at these storm reports. more than 800 of them. overnight severe winds blasting the southeast. [ sirens ] >> whoa. >> reporter: sirens sounding in farberville. hail pelting the land in alabama ripping the roof from this home
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in lewis county kentucky. gusts taking out this dealership near asheville, north carolina and in charlotte rescuers searching for animals inside this collapsed barn. in the mid-atlantic winds up to 78 miles per hour in virginia. trees skewering homes in maryland. downed power lines burning a hole in this street. this is all the same system that killed three people. >> oh my god. it's on the ground. >> reporter: 17 confirmed tornadoes, some with interwindwinds up to 150 miles per hour. >> that's my home like now it's gone. >> reporter: in the state of illinois an ef-3 tornado shattering the town of ottawa. and in perryville missouri the national weather service confirming a tornado tore through that town for 13 miles. so really this is the wind gusts behind the storm we're concerned about. see these advisories that stretch all the way through the appalachians into new england. it is the orange there, that deep orange that high wind warning where you can see 50 to 60-mile-per-hour gusts today. that could easily take down
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trees, power lines taking you through time and will stale -- stay with us through the day and into the evening. now to a shocking corruption scandal in baltimore. seven police officers indicted on federal charges accused of stealing money from innocent people. abc's linsey davis joins us with all of those details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. we've heard similar story lines before on the big screen and on primetime television but these real-life officers have been charged with abusing their badges and being corrupt to the core falsifying police reports and stealing from citizens. these seven baltimore city police officers arrested charged with being hard-core criminals. the allegations range from stealing from innocent citizens to robbing drug dealers of cash and guns some even of selling heroin. >> these defendants allegedly were involved in stopping people who had not committed crimes and
7:13 am
seizing their money, not only seizing their money, but pocketing it so these are really simply robberyies by people wearing police un fors. >> reporter: the alleged stealing from city residents was rampant with amounts stolen ranking from $200 to $200,000. prosecutors say the corruption included bogus search warrants filing false police reports and even putting in for thousands of dollars in overtime while on vacation. >> these officers they're 1930-style gangsters as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: authorities say there was a widespread cover-up which involved coaching of each other to give false statements to internal affairs and turning off body cameras at key moments and sounds like an episode from hbo's "the wire," the long-running police and drug drama that takes place in baltimore. in this episode officers stuffed cash in their bulletproof vests. this morning, the seven officers are charged with racketeering
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some of the suspects face up to life in prison. others decades in jail. >> the majority of baltimore city police officers are going to be really pleased today to see these charges brought against people who are accused of betraying their badges of betraying their trust to the department. >> there was a year-long operation in place to take these officers down. they were even wiretapped by the fbi. the u.s. attorney involved is calling this a major abuse of power. in some cases they would stop an ordinary citizen hadn't been accused of doing anything and steal their money from it. >> so blatant. thanks very much. we'll get the latest from that terror attack at the pulse nightclub in orlando. a judge has decided to grant bail to noor salman the widow of the orlando attacker who was arrested for her connection to the attack. abc's linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: she's accused of helping her husband carry out the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. but this morning, noor salman the widow of alleged pulse nightclub shooter omar mateen is
7:15 am
said to be released from jail on a $500,000 bond. >> we believe it's a just equitable and appropriate decision. >> reporter: a judge ruling the 31-year-old mother of mateen's 4-year-old son be placed on house arrest while awaiting trial. >> i find that the government has not established by clear and convincing evidence that ms. salman presents a danger to the community. >> reporter: federal magistrate donna ryu casting doubt on the case pointing out the prosecution relies heavily on alleged admissions she made at the end of a 16-hour detention. >> i find that at this time the weight of the evidence is debatable. >> reporter: salman has pleaded not guilty to charges of aiding and abetting and obstruction of justice. the judge said a psychiatric exam supports the defense's claims that salman had, quote, some cognitive deficits that impair her ability to engage in abstract thinking.
7:16 am
the government has 48 hours to appeal that bond ruling. >> let's go back to ginger. >> this is the coldest air we'll see in more than a month. flint and saginaw, michigan for example, had their warmest februarys on record. by tomorrow 11 in detroidetroit, feels like washington, d.c. after 80 degrees yesterday will feel like below freezing. your local weather in 30 seconds. >> reporter: a few sprinkles and showers are falling off the map up north.
7:17 am
temperatures are falling into the mid 40s and windy, as well. this camera not shaking all that much. but there's a wind warning in effect until 10:00 a.m. an advisory until 11:00 a.m. with strong gusts. 49 is the afternoon high. windy and cooler look out for trees and wires down around the region this morning. tomorrow colder, 43, passing rain or snow shower. come early. check out these two unbelievable buzzer beaters, the first is courtesy of indiana's central christian academy basketball team. with half a second left josh clan clanton shot it and nails the buzzer beater and advance to the next round and the coach said he didn't want them wasting times on these shots in practice. yeah, take that, coach. and check out this next one, northwestern trailing michigan. full court hail mary pass in the
7:18 am
shot. the last second layup, the hero dererk pardon says words can't describe how we feel and this could be the first time northwestern has made it into the ncaa tournament and that shot right there could be it >> that's huge. >> thinking about your brackets. march 14th is when it begins. >> i just wish i worked for warren buffett and a chance for -- >> or $100,000. >> i'm sure we can work something out. coming up a search for this man caught on camera that could be the key to finding the murderer of a young nursing student. joe biden speaking out. the widow of the vice president's son beau now dating his other married son hunter who separated from his wife. we will tell you what the entire biden family is saying about in this morning when we come back. stay with us. introducing new parodontax the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems
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serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask about humira the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists. clearer skin is possible. >> good morning i'm tama edwards, 7:23 a.m. thursday, r with all the wind we're having trouble on mass transit. >> reporter: we're having issues with the west trenton line
7:22 am
suspended because of downed peco wires and fire that's happening in lower moreland township red lion road. we're seeing delays with the airport line, wilmington/newark ten, is a minutes delays. market frankford line no service and river shuttle busing, lots of issues with downed trees and wires causing problems. east norton, montgomery county we have a problem with a crunning into a tree the tree 202.ree accident in the backlog westbound by fort washington. you're traveling in the single digits westbound on the turnpike. >> we'll take a break and come back to find out about the wind and the rest of accuweather.
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and then down to 39 for saturday coats required for the next several days. >> thank you david. back to "g.m.a.," we'll see you in 30. ♪♪ wake up, america. blue collar. white collar. no collar. it's the dawn of a new day... and there's work to be done. it's not going to be easy. you're going to doubt you're going to want to quit. t, because there's grit inside of you, america.
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7:28 am
show that a lot of people banned too. >> yeah. >> and there are new photos backstage, tscussion coming up in our big board. >> no more wal carpet for those guys. i keep their jobs. it would be >> we'll talk about that in just a bit. president trump's attorney general jeff sessioe was in contact with the russian ambassador twice before the election. demo ion saying he lied about it during his confirmation hearing. and nearly 80,000 people without power after severe weather swept throughaging winds and a double-digit temperature drop. on t des manhunt in tennessee for the intruder who killed a young nurse in her apartment. a suspect caught on surveillance video seen in the area around the eva pilgrim is in wit good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, amy.beautiful killed mein her authorities are hoping security vide will help lead them to her killer. this theeo who forhe they suspect fatally stabbed 23-year-old tiffany ferguson in her nashville early the video shows the jeans and boot thewedgewood park apartment complex aund 5:20 a.m. according to police the suspect breakeral
7:29 am
cars before checking eventually making his way into ferguson's home raiding i random act, a very rarelence in this area. >> reporter: the intensive care nurse had been out with friends the night before. her sister tellingnews she'd been having problems with the lock on her or. >> their door had been not closing great or something and she tiffany came in it was left unlocked and that's how he got in. >> reporter:roommate waking up to her rus her room where she found her friend suffering from multiple stab wounds. rescuers responding to a 911 call at a:41 a.m. just 20 minutes a that surveillance video was recorded. >> recovered weapon. it remains to beheurder weapon. >> reporter: this morning, ferguson's family remembering her for her dedication to helping others. >> that's the reason she went into nursing. she had a heart for other people. she just wanted to make a change in thesays police have spoken to sevehis point no one is in all right, eva, thank you.
7:30 am
abc news former is with us and, brad police say o be a random act and with that unlocked door does it also appear to be a crime of opportunity? >> i think so. i mean typically people who walk around neighborhoods checking doors, checking car doors, apartments, et cetera are just looking for something to quickly steal. probably have drug issues et cetera. >> quickly steal so how often does a robbery turn into a murder? >> rarely. he was probably just as surprised as she was but think about who you're dealing with here amy. somebody that probably has anger management issues anyway he's confronted by her and so he overreacts. >> all right, well we know they have this man on surveillance video and also looking for the suspect. they don't kno howhink as cars andoing on ast's survives. the idea that som that's a that wasn't hisin. fore and every n eighbors is >>eltersol officers that work that down the same streets to break in. >> all right, we certainly hope they catch him soon. brad garrettou so much. >> thank you, brad. coming upe about the biden family.
7:31 am
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blue diamond almonds. get your good going. and we are back now with that new york post report about the family of vice president biden saying his son beau's widow is now dating beau's brother hunter "the post" also reporting joe and jill biden have given their blessing and abc's paula faris is here with the story if they're keeping it in the family. together hallie and hunter
7:33 am
reportedly finding love after sharing an unimaginable loss. but not without the blessing of the family's patriarch,biden' passed away from cancer in widow brother hunteside. >> we will be funeral hallie's strength. >> your mom is the most fiercely loyal and protective person i know. and i don't have to tell that she would do anything for >> reporter: this morning, "the new york post" is reporting that hunter has been separated from his wife kathleen with whom he has three children and is now in a romantic relationship with hallie biden, his sister-in-law. hunter's dad former vice president joe biden appearing to confirm the relationship telling "the post," we are lucky that hunter and hallie found each other as they were putting their lives together again after such they have mine and jill's full support and we are happy for them. according to the paper, hunter and kathleen biden separated in october 2015.
7:34 am
around the time biden decided not to run for mon hey' just doing i sahu have mas first wife and baby daughter died in a car accident when beau and hunter were young boys. they both encouraged their dad to find love again with second wife jill. >> we together. we asked my dad when are you going to ask her. >> reporter: joe biden has often described both of his sons as quote, better than me. >> a father knows he's a success when he turns and looks at his son and daughter and knows they turned out better than they have. i'm a success. beauie, i love you. >> reporter: 47-year-old hunter a lawyer gave a statement saying hallie and i are incredibly lucky to have found the love and support we have for each other in such a difficult time. and that's been obvious to the people who love us most. now, hunter and his wife have been separated for roughly a
7:35 am
year and a half and while his relationship with hallie has just recently been confirmed it is unclear when the two started dating but clearly if happy joe them. >> you never know where you'll find love. >> certainly. >> thank you, paula. coming up on our big board, big cure for headaches. new fallout from that oscars blunder. what will happen to the accounting firm at the center of it all. say goodbye to extra taxes and fees on your wireless bill an right now, get 2 lines of unlimited
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7:37 am
real interesting one. facebook is taking on u artificial intelligence algorithms. tell us about it. >> what c for three teens have live suicides on the social fodi aa to help. offering resources to people who may be watching a live stream of someone in trouble and someone who is live streaming their struggle. if you are someone who is struggling with something you're in distress and live streaming what will help is resources will pop up. for one they'll make it easier contact crio youe tips and easier for you to reach out to a friend. that can be the best way to get help. if you're watching someone in distress you can reach out directly but report it directly to facebook so they can then put in place some emergency procedures to help and they are making it easier for people to contact c directly reaching out, intervening and getting help. >> what exactly is the artificial intelligence looking r? >> this is a separate component really cool use of artificial intelligence and try to figure out ways to determine when someone is posting about self-injury or harm so that they
7:38 am
can then intervene. >> you may not know there a way for facebook to have some kind of a counselor break right in. >> interesting. this has been something they've been debating. an argument a lot of people make why don't you cut the live stream off. then that eliminates the opportunity to get help and looking at better ways to reach out directly when someone is in distress. i'm sure that's something on the radar. >> rich what is y of advice for someone who knows someone in distress. >> you have to take it seriously of the a lot worry if they talk about suicide it will cause it. talking about it is the right way to go. you don't want to leave them alone and want professional help. the phone number i just tweeted out to connect them to help right away. >> one of the young girls who recently live streamed her suicide put up a post that said i don't want to live anymore so a lot of cases -- she actually went through with that. in a lot of cases there are very clear signs they want to intervene. >> i like the fact that facebook at least sees it as an issue and
7:39 am
trying to find a way -- >> it's really important. >> thank you, both for that. next up that potentially major breakthrough for the millions of americans who suffer from migraines. a new study researchers use something called electrostimulation therapy to alleviate intense pain and dr. besser is here to talk about it. how does this work. >> so the body does amazing things. y pain from -- in one part of your body over a long period youin sends out signals to dampen the sense of that pain so using this conditioned pa it is a device that goes on your upper arm and puts outow level electrical currel of sendsl up your brain that goes up to your brain and your brain says let's not pay attention to the pain in the rest of the body as much. when they 71 people half oeal and half had a fake device. two-thirds with the real device putting out the signal saw at least a 50% decline in their migraine pain compared to just a quarter of those who hadke device so it's really interesting. >> very significant. >> migraines can be so mor studies and
7:40 am
bigger studies but promising a way. >> how do you know the difference between a stress headache and migraine? >> it can be difficult sometimes to sort it out. a classic migraine you know it can last for several hours to several days. it usually is perceived by an light or sound or vision visual it's one ostf urba head instead of can be sensitive to light.lassic symptoms but for people who have had migraines they're so common looking for any new approaches is very very hopeful. >> interesting. >> thank you, rich. we move on to that new fallout for that big oscar blunder. two accountants at the center of the best picture mix-up have been banned from going back on the red carpet. that was done by sheryl boone isaacs, the president of the film academy and joins by lindsay miller. lindsay, what did them in on top of the mistake were the selfie toto. >> there's new pictures that really don't look good. they show brian cullinan
7:41 am
backstage, he's distracted on his phone. he's clearly holding two envelopes just before sending warren beatty and faye dunaway on stage and also tweeted and later deleted a photo of emma stone backstage. that was at 9:05 three minutes before "la la land" was mistakenly declared the winner. ano add insult to injury, apparently sources are saying that he was explicitly told no social media during the show. >> ooh. >> that will do it. >> that will do it. >> right. >> lindsay, brian cullinan has been -- they said he's the guy who made the been why did they ban her? >> well you know this is the biggest night in hollywood and it's a hugely important relationship for pricewaterhousecoopers, their accounting firm which has been doing it years so i think they had to hold people accountable and the reason they have they mistakeserhousecoopers said they didn't follow protocol. they didn't move fast enough to correct the error once it was e maintain their relatio pricewaterhousecoopers go that's what i was going to ask.
7:42 am
so far price waterhouse still has the contract. >> yes, as far as we know but the academy hasn't said whether they there well. bodyguards being hired? >> yes, so according tomz they've actually had to hire bodyguards for both ruiz and cullinan because they have been over this. >> oh come on. >> social media attacks. you is a it's just a movie, it's just the movies but this is a big deal apparently and some people are taking it very, very seriously. >> maybe a little toovery vseriously. >> i would agree with akes. >> i mean the threats are -- that's going way, way too far. but it is the most important award on the biggest night in hollywood and they had one job, so i don't think they back. >> they can't. they definitely can't come back . that's pretty clear. thank you, guys. coming up ginger has the story behind surprising images. that snow what is surprising is it's in hawa also we have this emotional interview with new details she's revealing about her ex's secret health battle. eyes open? good. because it's here.
7:43 am
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back here on "good morning america" i have a helper. i wanted to explain it. george was saying hawaii had snow and, yes, they do. >> i didn't think it was possible. >> up in the sums they get it. up to 5 inches and warns up to 10 ithe pictures from the observatory so it does snow up there. >> i see a guy surfing down there. >> that's the thing. on the foothills flash flooding
7:46 am
and all this. just so you know chicago has had less than an inch of snow in january and february. >> the more i listen to you i become a junior meteorologist. see, how about you do this. push that play button and tell us what's happening. >> the storm is moving from the west coast, coming to the east chicago, you see the wealth on sunday is going to be beautiful at 60. it will warming up by saturday and sunday. get your golf clubs ready. cleveland -- >> you're too good at this. i got to take this back. thank you so much. go ahead. you got other tough to do. we're watching those high wind warnings and, of course that snow from that storm that will finally m thanks a lot, michael.
7:47 am
7:48 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. drive what's possible. >> good morning i'm tamala edwards, 7:56 thursday, march 2, let's get going with traffic with karen rogers good morning. lele. >> reporter: good morning tam we have the west trenton line has
7:49 am
resumed. some of the other lines we've seen delays with some of the trains market frankford line they are having issues. accident on the turnpike westbound has cleared. slow speeds, not as bad as it was, we're jammed from bensalem washington. the accident swede road car accident hit a tree and tree the toppled the sexpressway eastbound heading toward curve heavy past 202 to the curve. and jamming from city avenue to girard. tam. >> thank you karen. let's go over to sky6 live hd looking across center city as it's been happening all morning, the wind is the camera.r: the winds gustsfactor. it's cold. 44 in philadelphia. look out for debris on the roads. this afternoon high of 49. windy and cooler, a wind warning
7:50 am
until 10:00 a.m. advisory until 11:00 a.m. the winds are not quite as bad. tomorrow rain snow shower chilly and cloudy. >> happening today kenny present his budget to city council. $4.4 billion spending plan proposes new projects and service while reducing taxes including the wage tax. city firefighters. that's it for us, we' if you're told you have cancer, explore your treatment options with specits who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america. learn more at
7:51 am
good morning america. it's overnight president trump's attorn under. jeff sessions spoke with the russian ambassador twice before the election but f disclose that when asked at his
7:52 am
confirmation hearing and democrats calling for his resignation. we have how the white house is responding. sharing her heartbreak. ricki lake speaks out opening up husband' struggle with bipolar disorder. >> iever thought the last time i saw him it would be good-bye. >> why she's story patrick stewart joins us live talking "logan" working with hugh jackman and is he really saying good-bye to "x-men". >> plus tory johnson is here with "deals & steals." luxurious products all from female entrepreneurs, up to 70% off and she's sayin >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. happy thursday. very energetic crowd here this morning. >> that's right and there's a good reason. we have world famous makeup artist trish mcevoy here actually she's ambushing one of our audience members right now. there she goes and she'll clean
7:53 am
out her makeup bag and she has way too many products. totally my problem. how to get down to three basic essentials. i don't know if that's enough. i think at five basic essentials. we've got another special guest this morning. my trainer, latreal mitchell is here. what she's going to do going to show you the mov are necessary butng them and as you c tel i'm really excited about having her here this morning. >> are you going to change or do it in your suit. >> i'm going to change. >> wow. [ cheers and applause ] >> you hate what she's doing right now. >> i hate what she's doing right now. i hate looking at her doing it i hate them so much. >> who wants to do a split squat with us? [ cheers sounds dirty but it's not. that's what she's doing. we'll talk about that. other easy exercises to grea aning rundown and story democrats calling for attorney general
7:54 am
jeff sessions to word that he met twiceh russian ambassador bef presidential election. now, that appears to contradict his testimony during confirmation hearings but theis another attack by partisan democrats. our senior justice correspondent pierre thomas has more on this developing story. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, paula. the questions are all about this exchange during sessions' confirmation hearings. >> if there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the trump campaign communicated with the russian government in the course of this campaign what will you do? >> senator franken, i'm aware of any of those activi i have been called ate wo in haveations with the russians. unable to comment on it >> reporter: those revelations overnight have democrats vigorously attacking the attorney general. sessions met twice with russia's ambassador to the the 2016 presidential election season. once in his senate office in september and once following an event with the heritage foundation in july. justice department officials say he met with numerous bads as
7:55 am
part of his duties as senator is july meeting was a brief encounter with 50 other ambassadors present. his spokesperson said there's nothing misleading about his comments during the hearing but this is far from over. a political firestorm brewin you reporting police here in new yor are reporting a troubling jump in hate crimes up last mostly because of anti-semitic incidents. homeland security is working with jewish centers nationwide to boost security. and in weather news nearly 80,000 customers without power overnight after tornadoesre storms hundreds homes from missouri to eame death on the storm system which is now bringing damaging winds to the east coast. toppling trees in north carolina and washington and in indiana look at this a tree crashing through the roof of this home right through the bathroom. and the weather is making news at the bottom of the world this morning. scientists say antarctica recently set a record hitting a high temperature of 63 degrees, imagine penguins in bikinis if
7:56 am
you will this morning. finally for you a happy ending to the case of the missing piano playing dog in florida. this is finnegan who delights in tickling the ivories and plays 9 piano but last weekend he may have been thinking carnegie hall because he bolted out an open door and was gone without a trace. his family's search made headlines because they offered a reward and yes, hired a private investigator with the ironic last name of cats spelled k-a-t-z but he turned up safe and sound so you can say with that investigation they had to call off the dogs. >> oh. >> finnegan back home playing the piano. >> i give that a thumbs up paula. >> thank you, paula. how about "pop news"? >> absolutely, george. [ cheers and applause ] happy thursday. and, you know it's taking a few days to sink in but director barry jenkins is revealing the speech he would have given had his movie "moonlight" be called up in a normal fashion at the
7:57 am
oscars. he tells "the hollywood reporter" he planned on keeping it short and personal saying in part the writer terrell and i are the main characters sharon. when you watch "moonlight" you don't assume a boy you grew up how and when we did to win an academy awards so anyone watching let it be a symbol a reflection that leads you to love yourself. here i did it for you, barry. i felt like i needed to say that i was there and i just want to say wow. obvious now what we saw is not what he planned. he says in fact he is surprised he was able to get any words out given the shock of the situation. >> oh, yeah. now i shall leave it. also in "pop news" this morning let's hear it for the women of nasa. [ cheers and applause ]reat our little girs are talking about the women of of us didn't even there were women of ar loveov leg fan design om america's spaceprogram. >> fantastic.
7:58 am
>> really great. those figures are representing margaret hamilton salary ride may jemison, roman henson in the oscar buyhical are for this year or early next.hen finally "pop news," eyes may be described as the window to theg that tht andg. according t scientists the netherlands size the pupil size -- [ laughter ] the size of your pupils -- >> it's not dirty. why are you making it dirty [ laughter and applause ] >> pupil size of lovers become trust each ot increase analysts studied 59 couples ust games andermined with hormone ox >> "pop news" investigation right e. so when the pupils get bigger -- >> so many people are afraid to look you in the eye right now. >> we'll be right back.
7:59 am
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creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. we are back with ref layings from ricki l to "people" magazine about her ex-husband's devastating led to his their divorce and jesse palmer has the details. >> good morning, george. ricki lake sharing those details and the moment when she first witnessed her husband's manic attacks and how she now hopes to raise awareness in his honor. ♪ perhaps best known for her role in john waters' "hairspray" and years at the top the divorce of two ricki lake married christian evans in 2012. >> aft which was very know ireally couldn't wait to beisught a lot of baggage to the relationship but i tllyother. >> reporter: the marriage ended in 2014 but she says they stayed together. secretly for another two years. in an instagram pruary
8:03 am
14th she broke his death and the cause. the world didn't understand this man but i did. he succumbed to his lifelong struggle with bipolar disorder. now sharing more about her life with evans in an exclusive interview with "people" magazine saying the first time she witnessed it led to their split in 2014. >> only the first episode that i saw -- he literally was dr. jekyll and mr. hyde and was something -- i didn't understand, didn't know anything about back then. >> bipolar disorder is a mental conditio mental illness that consists of high highs and the low lows and the lows are a major depression. >> reporter: since t she's comate the battle they fight. >> he didn't give it enough of a way, it's just -- it costs moealth care. you need good ctors. you need patients ando admit that they have a problem. >> ricki is hoping to give hope to o there dealing with this issue. arecan, you know
8:04 am
find to help with bipolar disorder. >> it's a real -- i can't it. i never thought that when i s him for the last time that that wasnd i how i'm going to go on without him. >> nearly 6 americans are affected by bipolar disorder and that's why ricki thinks it's so importa out.ore of this on le's entertainmely network and hits newsstan friday. >> i hope it helps. tory is here with "deals & . asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptomsk y long-term control medicine.r and found a missing ma treat once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control me like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo is specifically designed to open up airways to improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine deathproblems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-tm asthma control medicine like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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here on "gma," you have to see this vii just pmisedvery idyt meutest i've had all year. that's right. that's a goat tunnel. in cumberland maine little baby goats -- that was a good -- who made that goat chael. >>no. >> a sprinkles they are gone, stepping outside, the big issue is how testers have dropped a bit into the mide wind warning until 10:00 a.m. this morning with gusts rolling through the region in the 40s. look out for trees and wires down. 49 is the high. still breezy this afternoon. the wester wind dieing down 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. colder tomorrow, a slight of a passing rain or snow shower at times. 43 the high. and when you are here it is some special "deals & steals." all the bargains we have this morning are from companies run by women. >> you got it, baby. women mean business.
8:09 am
let's get started. we partnered with all these companies and people starting with susie batiste, a mom of three. she affectionately calls three stinky boys and all she wanted was a om with a scent and so it's not air freshener but -- just testing it as susie says spritz the bowl before you go and no one will ever know in that's toilet spray. >> essential oils. susie has sold 20 million bottles of pouporri and in addition to the bathroom spray there is a foot spray, this woman knows what's up. she knows what she's talking about. huge following on this product and exceptional price. you will get a full set depending on the scents that you choose. >> what do they start at. >> normally $50. >> slashed that by 52%. $ rid of the scent. there you go. next up malli.
8:10 am
mally roncal she was on a premed track and to ditch premed and go for her passion which was beauty and she traveled the country for a decade doing a lot of faces that you might beyonce, j. lo mariah. and what happened was fans started saying i want that glow too. all those women, the big thing and they have that gorgeous glow. i want that mally glow. so she created a line of products specifically to give women that glow. everything from primers, foundations, for contouring sculpting to give a gorgeous glow. all of our makeup artists at "gma" use it, eleling me at the oscars robin had that glorjs glow. mally products give everyone that gorgeous glow and we have them for an incredible deal. normally depending on the product you choose or set you choose, $24 to $60. everything today slashed in half. $12 to 30 plus mally is giving us free shipping. >> whoa! anything that's free right. >> i have one of these for you
8:11 am
to hold so you feel how super soft it is. they design jewelry and all kinds of accessories using really fabulous r, mat terns, this scarf year round ombre comes in three beautiful colors and you can wear it a variety of ways. it's such a stunning ther warmth or style or a combination of both and a really spectacular deal. this particular one, $98, slashed by 70%. $29 and free shipping from kevia. >> can't beat it. that is really nice and soft. >> gorgeous. next up amelia rose, brought a couple to touch. amelia rose, six years ago sent me earrings and said i wonder if you'd like these for "deals & steals." i left law and am now into jewelry design. >> you go from premed to makeup and law to jewelry. >> yy don't have t don't like what you're dochange change. go for what you like. i brought them into the studio and de'andr robin said
8:12 am
these are elegant, exquisite, lightweight and affordable. so spectacular and all of these new colors. you can't go wrong with these. depending on the style that you choose, $49 to $69, everything slashed by 58%, $19 to $29 for amelia rose. gorgeous. really beautiful, beautiful things. >> and what do we have here? >> so, this is from robin's hometown. hometown pride. 15 years they've been making first started in her kitchen of three generations of mississippi women and expanded into a store and partnered with another pass area business called dorothy roberts, robin's nest. >> robin's sister. >> they created a line the lucimarian collection to honor the love life and faith of mrs. roberts and would come into the store, pass soap and they would burst with pride saying
8:13 am
she liked a particular scent so created a line specifically for her. this is the very first time we're seeing it. can i put a little -- can i just dab alittle? it's got skeet magnolia a little orange could sort the essence of the roberts family the compo n they are the pride of the robin is -- she's not here but she's promised me she's from everything from them. not just her mom's collection and promises you will be too. >> i'm going to walk around and you guys are sniffing my hand. >> normally $25 everything from them cut in half $3.25 to $12.50. and i mean robin is so exci dorothy has put so much into the collect. she has a beautiful store. pass soap has done so much in that community so got to love them. >> got to love them and these products are awesome. everyone you know what you're going home with products from from mally beauty andhe
8:14 am
>> good morning i'm tamala edwards, 8:27 thursday, march 2. let's head tow karen rogers starting to -- to karen rogers starting in bucks county.
8:15 am
>> reporter: good morning tam we have an accident i-95 street road, we have penndot police, flat bed tow truck on the scene. we had fire crews out here, it was blocking the right lane, it's partially blocking the ramp from i-95 southbound. traffic is moving better now that it's off to the side. susquehanna road virginia drive, an accident here in upper dublin. an issue at horsham road at easton road an accident blocking a lane there, as well. we have an accident on fulk road. west trenton line is reassuming service, the river line is shuttle busing. now let's head outside to david murphy a day to bundle up and hold on to your hat. >> reporter: no kidding tam, it is sunny and blustery and chilly. 46 degrees in philadelphia kind of holding there for the last
8:16 am
hour or so. 44-mile an hour gusts at last mark in philadelphia. and you can expect those sorts of gusts to continue for another 90 minutes or so. 49 degrees is the high. a wind warning until 10:00 a.m., a wind advisory until 11:00 a.m. winds die down a bit it will be breezy and cold. tomorrow colder, high of 43. at some point there could be a passing rain or snow shower and grassy coating on grassy surfaces. brisk and cold on saturday, 39. 43 on sunday before we warm up on monday afternoon. it's coats all around this weekend. >> time to send you back to "g.m.a." where they have workout tips we'll see you in 30.
8:17 am
♪ welcome back to our audience. >> we got a lot to get to. i have something. couldn't ignore this.
8:18 am
had to show it. it is too funny not to mention. check this kid out. you know he's giving the side-eye when someone tries to take a chip off his plate. >> look at this little fellow. [ laughter ] >> he's just not having it. over 17,000 likes on twitter. >> no it's pretty relatable. remember in "friends" when joey gets upset when his dates start stealing his fries. take a look at that too. [ laughter ] >> you know i just -- i have a question. how do you feel when people take things off your plate without asking? food? >> first bite is fine. it's the third. >> i'm with you. >> yeah i mean if they ask i'm happy to give some to them but i
8:19 am
don't like when people reach over. i'm like joey. >> even if andrew does it. >> no he knows not to do it. he knows. >> did that surprise you? >> you and i are the same. i don't like it. you can ask but just don't take it. >> i do it to my kids. they get so annoyed. >> the kid food is so easy to do. >> i know. just love a good nugget. >> if you wanted a nugget you should have ordered a nugget. >> yes, exactly. >> i got in trouble last weekend. >> andrew always wants what i order more than what he ordered. >> totally. i get food envy all the time. >> whatever you're having looks better than mine. >> my parents, and they say what do you want to eat. what are you having he'll ask my mom. what. why does what i have have an influence on you? >> if you want to share. >> dessert is okay. i think you should share dessert. >> but you're hard line. >> everything else not going to share.
8:20 am
>> amy is very -- i totally understand. i will not touch her bacon. >> if you ask like i'll give you some. >> thank you. may i? >> all right. all right. how many of you guys i'm sure everyone knows what the phrase yolo knows. >> i didn't know that. [ applause ] now i do. >> yeah you only live once so there is now research to prove that yolo is more than just a saying. it's the way we should all be living. there is a new study published in the journal of "positive psychology" that followed two groups. one told to imagine they had one month before they were moving away from their group of friends and family and the other group was asked to record a normal journal of their usual activities. the researchers found the moving group had a much better time. they went out and did more. they appreciated the experiences they were having because they were savoring it. i think -- >> makes a lot of sense. >> yeah. >> i would imagine you have to train yourself to remember to continue to do that but i think it's great advice. >> anyone who is's had any kind of life-threatening illness or
8:21 am
life-changing experience where they lost someone they loved or their own lives have been threatened is when the lightbulb goes off and the key is to keep it on and remember every day is precious so no one is guaranteed tomorrow. >> wasn't it matthew mcconaughey who brought us yolo. >> no drake. [ laughter ] >> said that with such authority. every day, every day. >> thank you, drake. >> you ready for our next guest? let's do it right now. the star of "logan," back now -- where is he? [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> hi. >> glad to have you. mwah. >> such a man.
8:22 am
>> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] i apologize. i should have said sir patrick stewart because you were knighted by the queen. >> that's kind of you can say it once and then you don't have to say it again. >> how does it feel though sir? >> it felt very good at the time and it continues to feel good. it was for services to the theater and so i felt i was getting it on behalf of all my pals and friends, colleagues for 50 years. >> congratulations. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> we were just talking yolo and a great example of you taking on that philosophy. let's look. a little country music video by sir patrick stewart. ♪ streets are swollen keep them doggies rolling rawhide ♪ [ laughter ] >> and i promise you there will
8:23 am
be more. >> yes. >> there's nothing you can't do. >> oh that's not quite true. >> but you can do is "logan." you and -- what a run you guys have had. >> we have. [ applause ] because hugh jackman and i were talking about this yesterday. we didn't know when we made that first film in fact when we started shooting the first film there was no hugh jackman. >> right. >> he was cast after we were already under way. and we didn't know that there would be a future for that wonderful marvel comic book and here we are 17 years later. >> yeah he was actually telling us -- yeah amazing. last week his wife actually told him not to take the role. he rejected her advice and you came to the same realization watching this film that this was it. >> well hugh was on record from -- for quite a while that this would be his last one.
8:24 am
for me it happened very much later, in fact, it happened about a week ago at the berlin film festival sitting alongside hugh and the movie was playing so beautifully and we got to the last couple of minutes which is very intense, very emotional and i suddenly felt hugh had taken my hand and he was squeezing it then i saw him just do this and i thought, if hugh jackman can wipe away a tear, i can wipe away a tear. [ applause ] and as the credits rolled, i realized, you know there is no better way to say good-bye than this than at this moment with a film like this because it is so beautiful. >> perfect. >> let's take a look at the film. you guys are meeting new friends, aren't aware of your background. >> you are speaking to a man would ran a school for a lot of years, right, charles. >> really? >> yes. there was a -- there was a kind
8:25 am
of special needs school. >> uh-huh. yeah, that's a good description. >> he was there too. >> oh yeah no i got kicked out a few times. >> i wish i could say you were a good pupil but the words would choke me. [ cheers and applause ] >> we can tell you're having fun with that scene. >> will you miss working with him or have you thought about a new project for the two of you. >> we have talked about a project, yes which might be even here in new york. >> nice tease right there. >> in the theater. >> maybe the neighborhood. >> yes, maybe in the theater. but i won't miss him because over the 17 years we have become such dear friends. i love him so much and so i'll be seeing him a lot. >> oh very we can ask as? what the rrect. >> no. >> okay. >> but maybe when i can tell you you'll be the first to hear. >> great. i >> we'll take >> you"star trek" was a
8:26 am
great role. you were great in "star trek." there's a throwback photo we and i heard you almost quit afterol dra >> yes, i - my year seemed to ajob, an manager. i had nothing. i went home, i signed o labor exchangeyed and ks i had nothing and i thought my career was over. >> after four weeks. >> after four weeks. >> what w do? >> well i would just say -- live with my parents as i had been living and go back to the job i had been very good at selling furniture. >> really? >> in fact not too long ago i went back to the shop and although my manager was now gone somebody there said you know, if things don't work out -- [ laughter and applause ] >> always good to have a fallback. >> thank you for coming in. "logan" in theaters tomorrow. coming up here trish mcey will do some makeovers.
8:27 am
>> this is my kinda beauty product. >> announcer: new gadgets that curl ... smooth ... and are just plain cool! . >> i would use this for karaoke. >> a 5 ingredient chicken dinners next rachael! ♪ ♪ á
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back here on on "good morning america" i was just asking everyone behind me are you adventurists? do you like to hike? everyone is shaking their head. imagine doing this. this is zion national park. it's called angel's landing. do you see how thin that area is. can you imagine standing there? >> no thank >> she said uh no thank you. that is just one image. can you see all those. this hiker's name was chri all right let's get a check of local weather. >> reporter: ginger i have a sister who used to ice climb zion in the winter.
8:30 am
we're cold and chilly, windy warnings and advisories expire at 11:00 a.m. this morning. still blustery and though. makeup artist extraordinaire trish mcevoy here. all morning, so talented. she spent this morning making over some very lucky audience members. they look and trisha is out with a new book that can help of you calle c"the makeup ou. >> i adore you. >> youe s the great thing about your style is you keep it simple. i want to talk about this thing you have in the book now. determining your beauty i.d. according to three levels. break it down. >> so important to know what you're comfortable with. are you a minimalist levelne or someone that doesn't leave the house without your makeup on? level two. which one are you? >> i'm more of a one when i'm not working. >> and level three are women
8:31 am
like the kardashians. they love it. >> i want to be a level three. >> it's time and how many pros you use. >> let's get to it. selina had a makeup bag you went through and reduced a lot of the>> what i did is i broke itownto only the flawless face and what that means youts. away. >> oh my goodness. you had a lot of things in that bag. >> i did. >> so the first -- >> she didn't really throw them away. >> the first thing is get something that really works for you that's going to make a difference. your skin makes a instead of a foundation use a bb. what does a bb do. it's your moisturizer, brightening. >> what does it stand for. >> beauty booster. beauty balm. >> has everything in it primer color, spf and it ensures that you're treating your skin during the day. >> one-stop shopping. >> second step really brighten under the eye and third step your color for lips.nose. >> but at home the most important thing you want to do
8:32 am
is make sure your skin perfect. your under e iu go to the color. now. are you happy? >> yes. >> all right. we'll take it to the next level. >> took off my makeup so everybody knows. >> makeup is off on ginger. >> we'll see what we have a before shot. let's start with the triangle of light. >> oh. >> oh will et me show you how to do this. ginger, this is so easy it's amazing. all you do a few steps will make a difference. triangle right here instant eye lift. look at this. >> this isn't with a concealer but a brig this is brightenering. a treatment produt the when you don't have time and looking for the them. >> i can tell concealer think is a little cakey sometimes. >> also rea look like she has great n addition to that. >> look at this n, the triangle of light very important to get that triangle. what you do elimina >> one more tip on ginger? we're running out oftime. i know
8:33 am
>> important to lin in between the lashes with -- >> i just learned that underneath the top lashes makes ur lashes look longer. >> you line the lash more of these tips on o book is phenomenond "the makeuof a confident woma during the commercial break and be right back and coming up everybody, michael's trainer is with us. showing us moves he hates to do.ov kept coming back in different places. we went from everything being fine to everything not being fine. i really needed someone who could think outside the box. we did the g success for her. know ae's an atmosphere of hope. i want to be around just to be a grandma. learn more at
8:34 am
ed vegetarian... except for every ladies' night. only glad has forcefle leaks, and punctures. so whatever you throw in the bag... bag. be happy, it's glad. we are back with the segment michael has been dreading n though he's a football halt of famer there are
8:35 am
workouts even he hates. if the get him to moves it's personal trainer latreal mitchell. come on out, latreal. not only is she a trainer for michael, she's a trainer for terry crews. for tonight's episode, you say it's all about changing minds. you got to change his mind. >> yeah that's the biggest mind to change. mind-set is everything. i think the subconscious conversation that people have with themselves so it's i'm never going to lose weight anyway so i'm this and i'm that. s alw running in you'll never do it so it's changing that conversation and saying i can do this. i will do this and from that point we move forward. >> all right, we can do this gether michael. we'll do some of michael's least favorite moves and you'll show us. >> you know what i had somebody say why do you have a female trainer? i said because men trainer can become friends with and they let you sh to hear any complaints. >> i love it. i love it. >> she'll kick pie butt. >> this is something that folks
8:36 am
could be doing at home. >> i chose a couple things to do at home. still his -- he hates so bulgarian squat. one foot goes up on chair. >> if you're at home. you can let your foot lay down and rest. back up. when you're doing this exercise it really works your quads, your glutes and also works with stability>> i feel that glut getting tight, right. >> everything flairs up on this and switch sides and do the other so we can even it out. three on the other side and always think about that 9 degree angle so come down 90 and in the front -- >> michael is better atit. >> straight down to the ground and that's it. >> wow. >> another great move -- >> you could really feel the burn. oh my gosh. you can really feelat. >> another great move we're going to do is something that incorporates the core and cardio so get your arms core cardio to start to get those "magic mike" to show one of your moves. >> no, i don't. i'm good.
8:37 am
>> all right. so you want to go down and in the plank that the biggest thing i want you to think about drawing your nav your spine. all you're going to do is open the legs wide and into that jumping jack back in and back don't let the hips collapse. >> there you go. [ applause ] >> come on, robach. >> want to keep it going. >> and drop down, all done. >> how many do i have to do to get his abs. >> you have to do a lot. >> my favorite part is this part. >> good job. >> and your last favorite of course, the walkout planks to push-up. >> i love this because it's like a stretch.
8:38 am
i didn't even tell you what to do yet. he already knew. he biggest thing i wantto do that walkout. walk out as far -- to a nice point. the biggest thing here back up just a little. think about driving the feet into the floor right into the air and that's kind of your position now walk forward a little bit more and going down to that push-up right back up and then walk it back. so for michael you'll do a single leg push-up because push-ups are really easy for you. down up and back up. good. >> so with this exercise -- >> wow. >> i can see why you hate those. [ cheers and applause ] >> okay. i'm done. >> so with that exercise you're also getting -- elongating your back and some have lower back issues so you're getting the stretch and also getting that warm-up from the push-up and working, the chest is working,
8:39 am
arms are working in i'm out of breath a little bit. >> we don't have to work out for the rest of the day. >> you can get for on our website and we will be right back. [ applause ] that was great. grit. some have it, some don't.d against you, you either hide or stand up. at strayer uwe've seen it in our students for 125 years. and if you ever think of quitting our success coaches will be there to pick you up and work with you every day to put you on the right path. it's time. strayer university. let's get it, america.
8:40 am
where things come from?
8:41 am
how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these th that's why we recycle. know that raymour and flanigan iproud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pouials year. turned from trash into treasure. all ha♪♪ "good brought to you by edward jones where and sound advice is a big deal. >> before we go everyone in our audience is going home with trisha's new book "the makeup of a confident woman." enjoy it. it's great. >> thanks for watching. >> bye, everyone.
8:42 am
>> i'm tamala edwards, 8:56 thursday, march 2. let's head to karen rogers starting with a problemn malvern good morning. >> reporter: we have an accident in malvern, 202 northbound near route 29 the off-ramp righte. there's an accident up ahead. you can see how slow it is on 202 northbound in malvern because of the accident coming in. we have partly sunny skies the winds has been causing problems. a disabled vehicle on the northeast extension approaching lansdale. watch for slower speeds blocking the right lane. radnor township, a downed tree t macklack road. an fulk road. lane restrictions. scattered delays on lansdale doylestown train a minutes on the fox chase line. >> let's get a last look at accuweather with david murphy for the morning good morning. >> reporter: good morning another hour and advisory
8:43 am
11:00 a.m. 45 degrees the numbers continue to dip. the wind gusts up to 6 miles per hour in the city. look out for downed trees and wires. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 49 today. the winds easing back this afternoon, but breezy. tomorrow colder, 43 passing rain or snow shower. dry for the weekend but chilly saturday and sunday. >> coming up today at noon, philadelphia mayor jim kenny presents the budget to city council. high winds send a tree crashing through a m bedroom window while he was sleeping. more on the alarming wake-up call in delaware county. "live with kelly" is next, i'm tamala edwards. have a great thursday!
8:44 am
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" from the film "logan," hugh jackman. and star of the new series "the arrangement," josh henderson. plus, jerry o'connell returns for anoth at the cohost .l next on "live!" [cheers and ♪ ♪ [cheering and applauding] ♪ ♪ nnounc and now, here are o'connell! [cheers and applause]
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