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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 2, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good aft news part of a tree crashes into a man's bedroom while he is sleeping in delaware county.
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and president trump is heading out to promote his plan for the major buildup of the u.s. military. and a fire sparked by a downed power line in montgomery county. this is the view from someone's window as the blaze crept close to the neighborhood and the septa regional rail. annie mccormick is live at the scene. >> reporter: rick, it has been a windy morning all over our area. this could be a factor on what sparked the fire. the fence is now melted down and the charred remains of what remains of trees. and through the trees you see the rail line there and that is why septa was impacted. this is the peak of a fire that happened early thursday morning when downed lines sparked the fire at this tree line.
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>> what we heard was a popping noise in the back of the house. >> listen closely -- you can hear the popping noise from the fire that chuck mcdade describes. firefighter told him to evacuate. and that heavy winds likely caused the wires to go down and make it harder to fight. >> i saw it from the corner of my home. >> there was brush burning behind the houses and we had to shut the trains down because there was fire personal on the tracks. >> septa suspended the regional lines west trenton line for a few hours. but the house was not damaged and other houses in their neighborhood were spared too. >> when it was going up initially i thought we were in trouble. but we are about 60 foot from the fenceline of the property. so i knew the house was okay but everything else out there.
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what damage would it cause and as you see it took the fence down. >> and back out here live, there were residual delays on septa and there are expected to be no delays later on today or impact from the evening rush. annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> turning to accuweather now and the strong winds are starting to die down a bit as we go through the day. looking live from persons landing it's breezy and chilly outside. and we are in for a bitter reality check after days of mild weather. karen rogers is in for david murphy with a check of the forecast. >> reporter: that is right, how about those winds? we saw them in lancaster, a gust at 64 miles per hour. and lakehurst 54 and northeast philadelphia 53 and doyles down and trenton 49. it's uniform throughout the area. the high wind advisory and warning have all expired and the
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winds are trying to start to relax at 38 miles per hour currently in philadelphia. 39 in wilmington and 38 in trenton and 32 in cape may and 32 in read i think at ts point for the hours we could see gusty winds but not quite as bad as earlier but the winds will continue to relatch. and the strong winds and the dry conditions creating a elevated fire danger. it's not the criteria of a red flag warning. the gusty breeze, the low humidity and dry forest in the afte the relative humidity will drop below 30%, that is a concern for fire that should spark this afternoon. this i what to expect. it's cold tonight and friday we are talking some snow showers coming our way. and then mild again next week. we have a lot going on with the forecast. first you see satellite 6 along with action radar some clouds out to the west and they will start to fill in and the current
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temperature is 47 degrees and here is a quick look at what to expect for the evening hours. here is your evening commute less wind and not quite as bad. gusts of 25 miles per hour at that point. 49 and 5:00 p.m. 48 and 7:00, 45. and we'll talk about the snow shower tomorrow coming up. thank you karen. a delaware county man is recould having from an alarming wake-up call and part of a tree crashed through his bedroom window at 4:00 a.m. the strong winds brought down the tree at his home in clifton heights. he woke up in shock with broken glass on his head. katheri katherine scott will have more at 12:30. and right now people are all faiths are gathering to denounce the vandalism. and a rally is getting underway
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at independence mall. >> the rally is in full swing and hundreds expected to show up here and the stage is set and the dignitaries here clueing the governor. the large crowds are starting to show up here at independence mall, they are here with a big message and they are standing against hate. >> many across the country are on edge with an increase in hate crimes, our area is no exception. police say that there were bomb threats in jewish centers in new jersey and delaware and everyone is talking about the heart breaking incident at a jewish cemetery in wissinoming. a vandal knocked over 100 head stones and a reward is offered for an arrest and conviction in that case. and now an inter faith
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gathering. >> we think it's incredibly important for people to name what is going on and name it and condemn it swiftly and immediately. >> it's important to hold the events especially as a time when it's so polarized politically. there are issues we ought to be able to come together on and ag. and standing u a hatesomething >> reporter: back out live you see this event is in full swing. the signs here is a say no to hate and stop the hate. nd this is put on by the jewish expectednitaries including the governor and mayor and archbishop of philadelphia. , channel 6 "action nehank you. now, to developing news from the nation's capital.
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some democrats are calling for u.s. attorney general, jeff sessions, to resign. after revelatt he did fact meet with the russian ambassador during the presidential campaign, his confirmation testimony back in february appeared to deny contact and at least three republican senators want him to recuse himself in the investigation with russian interference in the election. and he says it was done in official capacity with the armed services committee. and president trump is on his way to meet with sailors and ship builders in virginia. he will visit the newport news shipyard. and later on tour the uss gerald r. ford as he promotes his plans of the buildup of the ry and t put the navy on track to
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increase the active duty fleet to 350 ships. m kenney announced a $4.4 billion bunt for the fiscal year. mayor kenney asked council members to approve new investments into two key areas, the proposed budget and five year plan also call for investments in public transportation and safety. >> they may seem hard goals to receive but i watchd this council come together last year and facedown enormous pressure and facedown pressure from an big industry. for the better of our children. we'll come together again to serve those that depend on us. >> vernon odom will have the latest coming up later on "action news" at 12:30. still to come, airline
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passengers deal with a major delay because of a tiny unwanted guest on the plane. >> oh boy. some young hospital patients are getting a sweet ride to surgery. and meteorologist, karen rogers has your seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back. a
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the cleanup is just beginning in communities that were hit hard by deadly tornadoed earlier this week in illinois. a powerful ef 3 twister was confirmed to have touched down tuesday evening and packed winds up to 155 miles per hour. and eirghborhoods were leveled and three people were killed a shog cruptionare indictedo money, property and drugs over a two year period. the amount of money stolen ranges from a couple hundr do to 0it involved coaching oner to give false statements to internal affairs and turning off body cameras. some officers face life in prison if convicted. and doctors made a possible break through in the treatment of sickle cell disease. a teenager was given gene
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therapy and now has enough functioning red blood cells to live disease free. and he is off all medication. his case is the first kin the world. until now the only permanent remedy for the w a stem cell transplant from a sibling with the same blood type. but that iny 20% of the world's patients. an international flight to san francisco was delayed for four hours after a mouse was spotted on board. passengers were buckled up and waiting for the british airways flight to take off and the crew told them they could not take off with the mouse on board. >> okay. well, michael jackson's neverland ranch is back on the market in california with a $67 million price ta he sold the property before he died in 2009 and the new owners are calling it sicklemore valley
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rank and has a massive pool house and a separate building with a 50 seat movie theater. and down from $100 million when it was on the market last year. a luxury car maker is offering a unique vehicle to small but special drivers. this is the rolls royce srh. they are allowed to drive the electric car from the waiting room to the operating room. the hospital just received the car yesterday and as you might imagine it's a big hit
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. a new grocery store in philadelphia is providing jobs and new place to buy healthy food. a fresh grocer opened this morning in winfield heights taking thef theore. th t r building on the 400 block of monument road and more than00 people are hired to help run the store. a beer garde the entire fa manyeniors take on new hobbied and but one man found a way to continue his lifelong love of history and mystery. in today's art of aging -- >> rt
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whitman worked for the creating the art crime team that specialized in recovering stolen antiques and collectible zbrz millions of arecovered. artifacts thousands of yrs s >> every time you do it it's like an eureka moment. and he decided to open his own company. >> i do it at my own pace. >> and his golden years are busier. >> when with the fbi i had a case load of 10 to 15 cases. >> now i've expanded to 50 cases open at any given time. >> and one involve a iortantami. o lll wg bill>> it was one of the origin3 copies, valued at $113 million.
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and it's priceless about what whitman penned about his pursuit of pilfered treasures. >> and the dire of alfred rosen burg, a philosopher for adopt hitler. that is turn itted into another book in 12 l one of the world's lhorities in art theft and fraud. >>om pursue profits and some power and me i like to chase the history. >> very interesting. the "action news" team is out working on stories for tonight at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is live now with a preview. >> for a nevada state trooper had a question for a driver speeding down the highway. have you had anything to drink tonight. wait until you see what happens next here, even though the answer was no. seconds later everyone smelled like they were living inside a brewery. how a tidal wave ofcascades ove
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and if you have kids you know that finding the perfect babysitter could feel like the most dramatic dating show ever. ask the women over at what's up mom. you don't want to miss their hysterical take on the bachelor. >> i had from this one. it's very funny. >> you can take us with you on the go if you have not downloaded the 6 abc watch us streaming live on your smart phone or tablet. >> thank as l wll check accuweather when "action news" comes right back. hi
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karen is here with us today with a check of the accuweather forecast. i was telling someone i when for a run and it was like -- >> i'm surprised it didn't blow you all over. >> the wind doesn't blow me.
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>> it happened to me too. >> right. you walked. we are dry through the area and we are looking good after a few showers from this morning we are using double scan to track snow showers tomorrow. and lets look outside. sky 6 hd is looking outside and seeing the camera shake quite a bit as we look at the platt bdge. the winds are not quite as gusty and the dew point is 20 degrees and very low and dry atmosphere. and the pressure is rising and the winds are sus gusts of 38 mileser now. the ocean temperature is 46. 47 in philly, and 48 in compare to yesterday? we had a high of 74. 23 degrees colder than a dramatic change in 24 hours. that is because of the cold
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front and the winds of change we are really feeling it. we had beautiful sunshine through much of the morning hours. we see the clouds out from the west and we have a dry atmosphere. we have a good amount of sunshine to partly cloudy skies this afternoon. this is a wider look. no big front just snow showers coming tomorrow just a fast moving clipper system. 49 degrees for your high today. it will feel cooler when you factor in the wind. and 46 in reading and high of 50 in dover. still a big change from yesterday. 2:00, 48 and 4:00 the high of 49 and 6:00, 46 and the 8:00 low 40s and 80s at 10:00 and the overnight low gets down to 31 degrees, this is the change, brisk and colder than it was last night. you will really feel the
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difference. lets look at beyond that. tomorrow a snow shower on a grassy coating possible. 43 for your high and we can track that. and you saw that come through in the afternoon hours. that is when we look at the chance for snow showers. spread through the area, tomorrow afternoon, when thee h. it could leave a grassy coating in spots especially in the higher elevations north and west of the city. today it's windy and cooler for the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 49 degrees for your high temperature and tomorrow it's colder with the raid and it looks more likely to see snow showers again on the grassy surfaces and could amount to somethg f the city more than a coating. 4-for the hig and saturday brisk and cold and 39, more winter here. and sunday 43 and it doesn't look long and monday it's milder at 59 degrees and a few showers monday night into tuesday
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morning, clouds and sunshine and warm on tuesday, check out the temperature, 69 and we had people today on social media saying when do we get to that? it's once again we talk about a seven day ranging from the 30s to the upper 60s. >> and the 70s again? early march. >> spoiled. >> well -- >> it was you. >> and. thank you karen. more aheext half hour of "action news" at 12:30. one family's favorite asian inspired recipes are being served up in philadelphia. and along with your hun thirsty as well. alicia vitarelli will take us there. and lent has begun for catholics around the world and one archbishop is challenging h quite a difficult item.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. >> hello again, here are the stories we are following for you now on "action news" at 12:month. strong winds knock a tree on a home in delaware county and o ashed into a man's window. and mayor kenney lays out the bunt for philadelphia. we are live with more.
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and we go into the s that o food we are dealing with windy and cooler conditions today. time and accuweather says we areomino end the work week.ok live now o sky 6 hd showing you bright sunshine on penn's landing for your lunch time and if you head out you may want to grab a coat he big board with the details from accuweather. >> we are changing seasons every day, yesterday in the mid-70s and tomorrow talking a chance for snow. today the big issue is the wind and it was the worst of it. we hit a gust of 64 miles per hour. trenton 49 miles per hour wind gusts. the hig


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