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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  March 2, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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relationship with russia. >> reporter: some lawmaker are calling for jeff sessions to resign or at the very least recuse himself from the investigation into the russian involvement into the election. this comes after new revelations that sessions did in fact meet wit russianassa had no communications with the russian called it perjury, he met with the russian ambassador twice and he is defending his answers and the two meetings they were appropriate on the committee b and sean spicer says that sessions was 100% straight. >> don't forget about the meeting with the russian
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ambassador and now he has not clarified but changed his story. it tells me he is not telling the truth. >> it's common for members of congress to meet with ambassadors, that kind of thing happens all the time. as to the rest of it, i would refer to jeff sessions the judiciary committee. >> again, a vocal reaction to both sides of the aisle today. and ryan goes on to say that the sessions should recuse himself from investigations into russian interference into the election only if he becomes the subject of an investigation himself. >> now they are calling for an immediate investigation. and president trump says he has total confidence in sessions and he should not recuse himself. >> we'll see how this plays out. >> we'll have live coverage of that on abc and the president
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appeared aboard the navy's newest aircraft calling for a new era of military might. >> it's the smallest it hasn since world war i, donworry. it will soon be the largest it has it will be. >> he made the remarks an board the geraldford. and the budget plan adds $54 billion ining and that mark a. >> well, it chilly windy day. across the delaware and lehigh valleys and in cases strong gusts knocked trees on to two homes. and this weather is starkly difference from spring like temperatures, don't be surprised s tomorrow. and mother nature is reminding us it's definitely still winter and adam joseph is keeping an
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eye on this at the "action news" big board. you talk about the trees down on homes and i had to bring my daughter to the doctor and had trees down everyone. routes lancaster 64 miles per hour earl this morning. newto 60 miles per hou mcguire burling tonight county 64 miles per hour and everyone is feeling the powerful winds and they are relaxing now but the windchills, 38 in philadelphia, and 14 in syracuse. and the winds are draining in more typical winter air and early march temperatures here. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows that in the ohio valley near pittsburgh there is snow showers coming in with the flow out of the north and west and not a big system and not going to intensify pushes eastward tomorrow. don't be surprised to see the snow showers roaming through
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here during the day tomorrow. tomorrow it stays windy as you go through your friday into the middle of the weekend and speaking of the weekend more winter like, below normal temperatures both saturday and sun. kind of a winter whiplash we'll chat about the numbers in the full accuweather forecast. >> feels like we have been here before. >> once or twice yes. >> as the weather continues to change we invite you to check in often with us at you'll fine the updated video forecast along with state of the art forecasting tools like stormtracker 6 live double scan, and they are valuable weather resources that you can follow. >> spring blowing through are leaving damage behind. and a nuisance and grabbing a jacket today. sara bloomquist is live at a wind whipped philadelphia. properly dressed. what is the scene there?
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>> i have the hat on we are here in a wind tunnel here in center city. and like now every so often we get a pretty good wind gust and it feels chillier than it has in resensent days. every so oftou this way or that way. just a nuisance and elsewhere there were more serious issuesc. flags were blowing in the breeze and hair whipped around in the wind. taking a walk with the dog was no walk in the park. >> just moved from boston and i just talked to my boston office and they said it up there too. >> high winds span thelames that broke out in lower moreland this morning. they run septa's regional rail line be they tell us that bamboo grews into the wires sparking the blaze. >> chuck mcdade and his family including grandchildren were forced to evacuate and the west
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trenton line was forced close and hoaxes were spared. >> we are 60 feet from the fenceline of the property so se there? and as you can see it took the fence down morning the wind took down a tree sending it into the bedroom and on to the bed with tom foley was sleeping. >> it came from this side of the house and over top of the house and whipped of and came through this window where i was laying. >> he was treated at the scene and in shock but otherwise okay. >> it's pretty scary. >>s wife was spared sof and t wins are starting to subside making it easier to be out and about this evening.
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still may want a hat. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. >> we turn now to an abc news special report o as w mentioned before there is news surrounding the attorney general. >> the two contacts he had with the russian ambassador one in fn the edge ofepublicaconvention t reportedly in senator sessions office on september 8th this is when reports were swirling with reports of possibl interference in the campaign and any rolen hacking the dnc emails getting them released through wikileaks we are learning that when he comes out in this press conference, i'm joined by john karl, we keep an eye on the podium and will recuse himself from the investigation. >> he really did not have any choice in the matter, this is a
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highly sensitive investigation. the fact that he had a prominent position in the trump campaign, the very first senator to endorse donald trump and a key adviser during the campaign make its virtually impossible for him to make decisions on the investigation regarding russian influence in the campaign and add this latest controversy that he himself with the russian ambassador during the campaign, this is clearly something he had to do. i should point out that president trump just a short while ago in adties to saying he has confidence in jeff sessions if he should recluse himself, and he said no. >> this comes on the heels of firing the security adviser, michael flynn, he had conversation but did not talk about those with the vice phe vice president. that was the reason for his
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firing as you see. >> it's good to be with you. welcome to the department of justice. jodi thank you for being with me. he is my chief of staff and jodi has been almost 020 years in the department of justice. >> let me share a few thoughts, first about the comments that i made to the committee that have been said to be incorrect and false. let me be clear. i never had meetings with russian operatives or russian intermediates with the trump campaign and the idea that i was part of a continuing exchange of information during the campaign between trump surrogates and intermediate aries is totally
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false. that is the question that senator franken asked me and it got my attention because he noted it was the first, breaking news, and it got my attention and that was the question i responded to. i did not respond by referring to the two meetings one very brief after a speech. and one with two of my senior staffers professional staffers with the russian ambassador in washington. where no such things were discussed. and my reply to the question of senator franken was honest and correct and as i understood it at the time. i appreciate that some have taken the view that this was a false comments, that is not my intent and that is not correct. i will write the judiciary committee soon today or tomorrow. to explain this testimony for
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the record. second, at my confirmation hearing i promised that i would do this -- if a specific matter arose where i believe my impartiality may reasonably be questioned i would consult with the ethics officials regarding the most appropriate way to proceed. close quotes -- that is what i told them at the confirmation hearing and i have been here just three weeks today. a lot has been happening in this three week period. i wish i had more of my staff on board but we are still waiting for confirmation for them. much has been done and much needs to be done but i did and have done as i promised. i met with senior officials shortly after arriving here.
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re-evaluated the rules of ethics and recuseal, and considered the issues at stake. in fact, on monday of this week we set a meeting with a final decision on this question and we set that meeting today. so this was the day that we planned to have a final discussion about handling it. i asked for their candid and honest opinion about what i should do about investigations. certain investigations. and my staff recommended recuseal. they said that since i had involvement with the campaign, i should not be involved in any campaign investigation. i have studied the rules and considered their comments and evaluation. i believe those recommendations are right and just. there for i have recused myself
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in the matters that deal with the trump campaign. the exact language of that recuseal is in the press release we will give to you. i have said this, quote, i have now decided to recuse myself from any existing or future investigation of any matter relating in any way to the campaign for president of the united states. i went on to say this announcements should not be interpreted as the announcement of any investigation and suggestive of the scope of any subject of such an investigation, because we resist confirming or denying the very existence of investigation. so in the end i have followed the right procedure just as i promitiesed the committee i would. just as i believe any good
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attorney general should do. and a proper decision i believe has reached. so i thank you for the opportunity to make those comments and would be pleased to take a few questions. okay -- >> just to clear up confusion over this. could you explain a little bit about the september 8th meeting who in your staff was there and what was discussed with the russian ambassador? >> the russian ambassador apparently sent a staffer to my office and i did not see him and asked for a meeting as so many ambassadors were doing. and we set up a time as we did. and we normally did. and we met with him. two of my senior staffers were there and maybe a younger staffer too. they both retired army colonels and not politicians and we
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listened to the ambassador and what his concerns might be. -- just normal things such as i started off by saying, i don't remember a lot of it, but i remember saying i had gone to russia with a church group in 1991. >> and he said he was not a believer himself but was glad to have church people come there. indeed i thought he was pretty much of an old style soviet type ambassador. and so we talked about -- as i recall and some how the subject of the ukraine came up. i had the ukrainian ambassador in my office the day before to listen to him. russia had done nothing that was wrong in any area and everybody else was wrong with regard to
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the ukraine, it got to be a testy conversation at that point. it wrapped up and he said something about inviting me to have lunch and i did not accept that. and that never occurred. >> i don't recall -- but most of these ambassadors -- and they like -- this was campaign season but i don't recall any specific political discussions -- >> do you recall meeting with the ambassador any other time? >> i don't recall having met him. it's possible. i'm on the armed services kp committee but i don't recall meeting him. >> do you think -- why do you think he sought the meeting he consider you a representative of
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the trump campaign? >> they are always trying to advance their agenda. most of the ambassadors i met with would lay out their case. latvia and lithuania and hungary and australia and i met with all of those ambassadors over the years so i think that is why -- >> did you consult with the white house about your decision and to follow on the last question, with hindsight do you believe this is a coincidence that the russians asked you for a meeting or you were targeting that it came at the height of russia's interference and trump was giving an interview saying he didn't believe there was anything to the reporteded interference? >> i don't recall or have asens
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ot sure when we set up the meeting what was going to be going on at the world at the time. and what the ambassador may have had in mind. you met with russn officials, since endorsing -- donald trump. >> i don't think so he we meet a lot of peo- >> from those two meetings you discussed with the ambassador -- >> i believe so -- >> the white house press secretary and president himself said you should not recuse yourself from the investigations -- or my staff has that i house intended to do this afternoon.
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but i feel like -- because they don't know the rules, the ethics rules most people don't. but when you evaluate the i feel like that i should not be involved i campaign i had a in. one more question -- >> two questions if i may. one you your already considering recuseaay is that correct? and you answered senator's question were you not thinking of the meeting or did you not consider it relevant? >> i was taken aback a little bit by the brand new alligation that this surrogate, that i was called a surrogate for donald trump meeting continuously with russian officials and that struck me hard and that is what i focused my answer on.
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and retrospect i should have slowed down and said but i did meet one russian official a couple of times that would be the ambassador. thank you all, take care. >> there you have it. attorney general jeff sessions will row cues himself from existing or future investigat n investigations related to the campaign for president of the united states. when he said that he did not know of any meetings between himself and russian officials, it was an exchange withal franken of minnesota. the senator said he was honest and correct -- >> we want to show you the exchange right. >> if there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the trump campaign communicateded with the russian government during
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the course of the campaign what will you do? >> i am not aware of any of those communications, i was called a surrogate and i did not have communication -- and i am unable to comment on it. >> he says he was not thinking in terms of meetings with operatives or intermediates i want to go to john -- in washington right now. the pressure is building all day -- >> we are interrupting our friends and colleagues in new york covering these vs out of washington, d.c. concerning the attorney general, jeff sessions, it's attorney general himself recusing himself from the trump white house and the campaign. >> his first big conference to the nation this being the topic and recusing himself. of course we'll continue to monitor this. we'll find the latest at "action news" will be right back.
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blue skies and sunshine out there but the wind is the problem. >> it looks one way and feel a different one. meteorologist, adam joseph, is standing by with accuweather. >> it's windy and feels winter like, windchills right now in the 30s and lancaster and reading and allentown and philadelphia feels like 38 degrees, 41 if wilmington and 42 in dover and upper 30s to around 40 degrees. satellite and radar a good amount of fine and cumulous clouds at times, the win is from north-northwest. and showers no the northern parts of the ohio valley and some snow storms will move in our direction. the winds go back between 7 and 14 miles per hour and wake up
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tomorrow morning 25 allentown and 26 reading and below freezing in philadelphia and 28 degrees in millville. future tracker tomorrow morning, as the afternoon progresses, we'll see the energy to the northern and west and flurries and snow showers that pass through on your friday afternoon so mainly it is focused on the afternoon and the ground will be above freezing and if you saw it heavy enough and the grassy surfaces get coating and the roads stay wet. the four day at 4:00 forecast, temperatures at 40 with scattered snow showers around but don't worry the only damage will be to our psyche here seeing them back in the air. blustery and cold saturday just 36 and 41 remains cold and warms up o monday with late showers and temperatures of 55 degrees. oh that is what that is again. tonight on "action news" at 11:00 a member of our "action news" family shares her personal
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and painful journey into the role of cancer, a few short months ago reporter wendy saltzman was diagnosed with breast cancer and a phone call that turned her life around. wendy wants to share her story with the hopes that other women can avoid sharing her struggle. >> i eat fairly health and worth out and felt like i was young enough. it didn't hit me even waiting for the phone call it d hit me that i could have cancer xbr she is sitting down for a can dad conversation and her message for women everywhere tonight at 11:00.
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"action ns. with adam joseph, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with the pill scare that sent several middle school studal. >> plus mama drama. >> will you accept the keys to my minivan? >> if you thought finding the perfect match in a sea of potential mates was hard for the bachelor. you probably did not try to find a babysitter. >> and one trooper was asked if he was drinking and then they both smelled like they were
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showering in alcohol how a tidal wave ended up cascading over the car and cop. and standing together against hate. people came across the area for in support of the jewish community coping with vandalism at a cemetery and nationwide threats to community centers, gray hall has the story from independence mall. ♪ ♪ they came by the hundreds, some by bus and yardley and bucks county. different religions and races and backgrounds but the message was we stand against hate. >> for the terroristic threats, were designed to divide us. but what i have seen is that it has united us in a meaningful and purposeful way. the call to action for the area to unite is a direct response to the recent hate crimes against the jewish community and state leaders made a promise that police are working to catch those responsible. >> they are working tirelessly
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to bring those to justice who have in a cowardly way called in threats or knocked over the tombstones. >> who could forget this image of the tombstones toppled over this weekend and recently there were bomb threats to jewish centers in new jersey and delaware. >> i when to washington for the womens march, there are many issues but this is unconscionable. and those that showed up said it's more than just a gathering but a movement and a message to those spreading hate and it will not win or divide the community. >> and we have to stand together and respond. and when we do it together, when we do it together we can help to make america greater.
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>> organizers tell me events like this one could have an impact. the reward for now information on the jewish cemetery is up to $69,000. half a dozen middle schoolers spent part of their day in the hospital following a pill square. six kids from ps dupont had to be checked out after they took something from the other students. they believe it was vitamin c but was told it was something else. one child became anxious and they decided to get all the children checked at the hospital. we are looking to see if any students involved in this will be disciplined . a shooting in , new jersey, turned into a murder investigation, police were called to the area at 8:30night found a 28-year-old man lying
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inside of his car with several gunshot . that man identified as carlos rosa was rushed to the hospital but we learn that rosa does not survive. police are working to find a suspect and motive. a new mobile app could revolutionize how people interact with the homeless. it gives money to homeless people without money changing hands. >> homeless philadelphians create a so-called wish list from socks to blankets andbeyon tooth beacon that allows people see the list and contribute to an item on. nydia han take a closer look tonight, and the change it hopes to make here and elsewhere. a beautiful day.
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with the sunshine. >> inside, but earlier this morning that wind woke me up. it was howling through the house, a loud roar at times, near 60 miles per hour across the area this morning. the wind is starting to relax and as we look from the inside out here, yes it looks beautiful, a few puffy clouds here and there. 46 degrees and the temperature is not bad and factor in the wind and it feels like 38 degrees out and quite a change from this timeesterday and down 22 degrees in philadelphia and down 37 degrees in syracuse and more winter like air is beginning to move in and also speaking of winter there are snow showers working into the great lakes, ohio valley and pittsburgh, and again not a big system but you may see flakes in the air as we round out the week tomorrow. we'll chat about that going into your friday with snow showers and as we go into the weekend definitely feeling winter like as well. we'll show you the reality check, so to speak.
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and warmer weather in the seven-day forecast. >> could be a brief winter spell. >> thank you. >> now to a heart breaking mixup for the philadelphia family, back in january their beloved pit bull rizzo went missing and after several weeks of searching it was not a happy ending. rizzo would not be coming home. john rawlins is live now outside of the spca. >> this is a story if you ever had a close bon with a pet, and in this case it was a dog, you wish you could snap your fingers and make everybody happy but that does not look like the case this time. >> my companion and best friend. >> she is tng rizzo the pit bull she raised since a puppy. but he got away and she reported him lost to various city shelters and checking in some t. >> we followed up on every tip
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and posted his picture. rizzo's posters were on flyers and websites and then this photo on the pspc website. this is about a dog newly adopted. how did that happen? they see thousands of dog a year and rizzo was recorded at missing he did not arrive here as a stray, someone claimed to own him dropped him off as surrender and nobody matched the dog with a lost dog. had the bowers came between february 15th and 19th they would have seen rizzo but someone fell for ben ben. they are trying to contact the new owner. >> we believe reunited a dog with its home say priority. and we would love to do anything we can to encourage that. what could have prevented this
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situation is if rizzo had a microchip and it could cost as little as $15, but she hoped the new owner will hear her story and she is -- >> pleading with him. please he has a home and people that love him and he want him back. families here. stacey says she has no ill will toward anyone here. that no one did anything deliberately wrong and the spca is a wouldn'terful organization and they have reached out to the new owner if he would consider taking another dog in an adoption situation, but at this points they have traded voice mails but have not talked to one another directly. >> quite the mixup. thank you. students at rowan university held the sixth annual mustache march and the students donned their best stashes and stubbles
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as they marched down the east side of campus, the best mustache real and fake won prices, all in an efforts to education people on stroke research and they hope to raise $2,000. >> and think i can pull one off a mustache. >> it was a goatee in college. not a pretty picture. >> one factor could affect your car insuranc rate more than your age or driving record. i'll tell you what it is in what's the deal. and showering in beer, a nevada state trooper goes from asking a driver if he was drinking to smelling like a brewery in the matter of seconds. >> and you know if you have kids fining a babysitter could be like the most dramatic dating show ever.
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police are calling it a
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party foul. that a semi truck barrelled down a highway and spilled its beer all over a roadway. it came flying at a nevada state trooper and the car he pulled over for speeding. he just asked the driver and passengers if they were drinking that night when he heard screeching tires and felt the alcohol drenching his uniform. >> my truck full of beer -- just beer all over the travel lanes. >> well over a thousand pounds of beer in a tidal wave coming at me. >> there you go. the beer truck drive ever slammed on the brakes it avoid a vehicle that cut in front of him. as for the driver stopped for speeding in the first place, the trooper let him go without a ticket. big talkers now, we start with a beautiful reminder on how children don't see color. this is ready and jackson, two preschoolers who see people for what is beneath the skin.
4:42 pm
they wanted to trick their teacher so they couldn't tell them apart. how? by getting the same haircut. they ignored the obvious distinct, their race and then when she posted their story on facebook it took off. and has in fact been shared across the globe, she writes if this isn't proof that hate and prejudice is something taught i don't know what is. see what the little kids see and love them the same. they are are the cutest. >> patients you know how stressful it can be to find a babysitter, one clever mom kbared to to a dating show like the bachelor. >> i would love to be your babysitter. >> oh thanks. >> i can really see myself hiring one of these girls when it's all over. >> the viral spoof is aptly
4:43 pm
called the babysitter and brook the mind finds her perfect sitter match and they go on trips to the park with juice boxes and get one-on-one dates with the minivan. and earn a coveted sippy cup when they make the cut. >> can i steal you for a sec? >> sure. >> i i'm not hear to make friends i'm here to make $15 an hour. on the most dramatic season ever of the babysitter. >> i'm going in. >> no it's my turn! >> no! this is so much harder than i thought it was going to be. >> it looks like someone gets the keys to the minivan, this is the hilarious work of what up moms, work on facebook and youtube, who gets the sippy cup
4:44 pm
and i like when brooke finds out her leading contender won't work weekends and fears she will be stuck with her inlaws, it's so funny i posted it on my facebook page. >> it's real. the struggle is real. >> not the puppet finger. >> thank you. >> lets get a check of the roads right now. matt is standing by with the update. >> we are siting along 95 brian and sharrie drama up ahead at the girard point bridge, a truck accident that just cleared out of the way. as we look live at 95 southbound at the walt whitman bridge we are still sitting in the southbound backlog approaching this point on down to the girard point bridge. the northbound side of 95 a crash on the shoulder attracting attention, you get speeds in the 40s north of cotman and the roosevelt boulevard southbound at adams avenue, that is in the inner drive, and one in north
4:45 pm
philadelphia at 13th and allegheny and a crash in havertown near westchester pike and eagle road. and a broke and down vehicle on the schuylkill by passyunk as is the broken down truck on the westbound vine. but it is busy in both directions. if you head up north on the northeast extension watch out for a crash at the lehigh tunnel northbound blocking a lane and causing delays and the affects of the whipping winds, intel conew town road is closed and conestoga gets you around it. and 252 partially blocked at rose tree park. a bunch of issues already this afternoon. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you. adam forecast next.
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all right winter or march is here. >> were you going to say winter arrived. >> finally. >> it feels like this this upcoming weekend a blast from canada and snow showers. the sunshine was out today and the action cam on lemon hill overlooking center citia and a through most of this winter season and barely turned white at times and in the area tomorrow you'll see flakes but not a big deal. stormtracker 6 live double scan not showing anything precipitation wise and no cloud cover other than a cumulous cloud here or there. wind gusts this morning, 50 to 60 plus miles per hour and it comes down but is breezy there at 36 miles per hour if philadelphia and gusting to 35 in millville and 29 in wilmington and up to the north in allentown at the poconos between 26 and 36 miles per hour. and 39 in allentown and 38
4:49 pm
philadelphia and 30s for trenton and the atlantic city airport and a couple of 40s through the state of delaware and cape may county. satellite and radar, we have snow showers to the north and west and you see when you work west of the mountains and the clouds thicken upp you have the precipitation, with the the west northerly win and dry air in place. it's fall ago part at this point but we get enough energy to roll through tomorrow to survive some of those snow showers over the mountains, tonight it's clear and cold and not as windy and that is a good thing 7 to 14 miles per hour and 125 in the suburbs and 31 for center city and as we close the work and school week it's breezy again 20 miles per hour. and watch for the afternoon showers, and 40 philadelphia and trenton 40 and 41 in millville and 40 in dover. future tracker in the afternoon we'll see the flurries, snow
4:50 pm
showers and could be a quick snow squall north of the city that is a possibility as well, and 4:30 in the afternoon as you drive home from the workday you may encounter the snow showers and by 6:00 or thereafter, they are well off the coast. we are taking a bit of a brief dip here friday into saturday with the jet stream going down to the south and bringing temperatures 10 to 15 degrees below average in the mid-atlantic and northeast. and in fact, the overnight lows going well below normal as well. the normal low 31 and friday 23 and it's low saturday night into sunday morning in the city. 18 degrees and even colder in the suburbs. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 40 here with scattered snow showers and tomorrow afternoon and blustery cold weekend and saturday 36 and sunday 41 degrees, turning milder monand 51 degrees and breezy and warm with a few showers late in the day on tuesday to near 70 staying in the upper 60s and the morning shower and returning sun and
4:51 pm
cooler come thursday at 52 degrees, overall that seven day is well above normal and just the dip friday going into the weekend. >> quick dip. >> and then the weekend. >> well, the one factor that could make your car insurance plummet or skyrocket we'll tell you next in what's the deal.
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if you haven't shopped around for credit insurance lately you probably are paying more than you have to. and what matters more that than your age or driving record. >> it is based on age, driving record and car type. but what is surprising many are basing your rate on your credit score than appears to matter a lot more than you might think. >> if u have ans about
4:54 pm
ha o it would beou had a poor or fair score. >> checkbook magazine found that some insurance companies are weighing your score more heavily than a dui or poor driving record. and 2,000 extra paired to a couple with extra credit. and they use it differently in calculating rates, it's more important than ever to shop wo . mid prices one off new low prices. >> and they netted surprising results, most drivers save $500 to $15 mun or more by switching and test evers use the example of a couple with two cars living in points county living with clean driving records.
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and 1,and compare that to all statand 1, 198 with state farm. >> and don't assume i am with a bigger company that means i'm paying the lowest possible rate that is not true at all. >> you don't have to wait until your current policy expires to switch. they will refund the unused spare of your premium. we put more tips and a great spare son tool at and our viewers can access everything for a limited time for free without being a checkbook magazine subscribers. >> today walden mercy academy celebrated read across america day also known as dr. seuss day. it honored him on his birthday
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and celebrates the joy of reading. they read the cat and the hat and works on dr. seuss crafts. thanks to a grandmother in california we know what it looks like to live a long life and celebrate a birthday the right way. well, that is elizabeth dockral she into the new year to celebrate herça 100 birthday with moves. grandma got down to bruno mars's latest hit, 24 karat magic. she is young at heart and the last check her dancing video is viewed almost 1 million times on facebook. >> 100 years old and a better
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dancer than i'll ever be. >> now for sharrie williams and alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. we hope you'll join us tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" on phl 17. coming up all new at 5:00 tonight. anton, we are talking about pre the park is taking to make sure they find lefto slip into ruin ahe housing bubble local homeowners in new jersey aturni.
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grit. some have it, some don't.ked against you,er hide or stand up. at strayer university we've seen it in our students d if you ever think ess ou on t.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica studi the rules and credited their comments and
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commendations those recommendat and just. and therefore i have recused mattershat deal with the trump campaign -- >> thursday night and the big story is breaking news from washington. attorney general, jeff sessions, says he will recuse himself from a federal investigation into russia's possible interference with the 2016 presidential election. this comes after revelations that then senator sessions had twice spoken with a russian diplomat during the race for president. >> that sparks calls from both democrats or republicans to step
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