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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  March 3, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EST

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breaking now on "action news" a night out end with a bang, four people are shot as a bar fight heads to the street. we're live on the scene. a delaware police chase ends in dramatic fashion a driver jumps a curb splitting a power pole in two. >> winter is coming, accuweather is tracking snow showers that could leave a grassy coating in spots. >> very funny, winter is coming. >> reporter: it's very, very late. >> good morning, it is 5:30 a.m., march 3. matt o'donnell is off, erin o'hern is joining us, let's go over to dave deafen and karen rogers good morning -- david murphy and karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: there are people on facebook saying where's the snow, you're getting a snow
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shower today, that's as good as i can do. there are the snow showers out by pittsburgh, we expect during the afternoon most of you seeing a little bit of that popping through. not a big impact event, though. 33 in philadelphia. 28 in allentownle 28 in reading. 33 in dover. 27 in cape may. a light snow shower around dover this morning that's all i've got on radar right now. windchills a factor. it's breezy out there, feels like the 20s and teens in most neighborhoods. extra gear this morning, please. 33 degrees by 7:00. 38 by noon, these the high, 40 degrees by 3:00 p.m. close to the freezing mark by 7:00. during the afternoon hours there's a chance of a spotty pop up snow shower, i expect wet roads out thereof, maybe a little grassy coating, slushy accumulation in spots when this comes through. the weekend is looking cold, too, i'll have the latest in
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accuweather. >> reporter: we're starting with a large sinkhole on the road in port richmond for the morning commute. you can see they have the cones set up, the barriers. there's the shot of the sinkhole itself they put boards on it and barriers. it's east clearfield street and stick to allegheny avenue. that's port richmond. the blue route we had an earlier accident that's gone, all lanes open on the blue route, northbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway moving nicely. expecting snow showers coming our way, but we're dry right here on the blue route. we had an accident in lower him or merion that's cleared. we have an problem in abington, a manhole cover that's loose on
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huntington pike at cedar road. water crews are on the scene dealing with the situation that's out there. stick to shady lane or use for chase road. one more warning in south egg harbor township, a water main break on main street. >> we're begin winning breaking news, a bar fight that exploded spilling into the streets. four people were shot including the bartender who was trying to break up the brawl. "action news" reporter, katherine scott is live on the scene in east mount airy, good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right, four people were shot here overnight, three of them were customers inside the bar and one of them was a bartender just trying to calm everybody down. it happened outside 7165 restaurant and bar in east mount airy after closing. police believe the shooter had been a customer inside the bar. there had been 20 people inside for a small concert on the 7100
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block of germantown avenue. police say an argument was brewing inside. at 2:00 a.m. when the bar closed everyone went outside and the fight turned physical. employees came out and tried to calm everybody down when 8 shots were fired. officers on patrol heard the gunshot they arrived to see people running and cars speeding away from the scene. they followed a vehicle that crashed into a telephone pole 6 blocks from here. there was a 26-year-old man in the book -- back seat of the vehicle shot multiple times. else in critical condition. two other men in their 20s showed up at the hospital on their own, one shot in the hand the other shot in the torso and leg. 26-year-old bartender was hit in the leg she is in stable condition. >> she went outside with other employees to try to calm down the crowd get everybody out of the area that's when the shots rang out. the three male victims i don't
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know if they were struck by gunfire, stray gunfire or if they were involved in the physical altercation. don't know at this time. >> reporter: anne police are talking -- and police are talking to the three victims in stable condition. at this point they do not have a description of the shooter. they are looking at surveillance cameras inside the bar and outside the bar to learn more about what happened. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." tam. >> thank you katherine. a police chase ended in a crash in wilmington, delaware, this is what it looked like at 4th and spruce at 9:00. a driver lost control jumped a curb and slammed into the utility pole. one person suffered a non-life threatening injury. police are questioning the person and three others in the suv. it is not clear where the pursuit began or why police were chasing the vehicle. 5:35 a.m., a 17-year-old was arrested and charged for a violent home invasion in east brandywine.
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a 72-year-old woman was tied up and left in the closet for days. the teen escaped from a nearby behavioral health facility and ransacked the home before returning to assault her. it is not connected to the recent rash of home invasions in chester county. that means the man who attacked helen reynolds in her parks db -- parksburger home. mike pence was critical of hillary's use of a private server while secretary of state. this morning he is facing questions it seems he was doing something similar himself. he obtained 30 message between governor pence and his advisors, indiana law allows officials to
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do this as long as they retain the e-mails for public records. the spokesperson said he maintained a state e-mail account and personal account like previous governors clinton argued that her server was in line with previous secretary of state like colin powell. white house official confirmed that jared kushner joined michael flynn at a meeting with the russian ambassador in september. flynn was force to do resign for misleading the vice president about of some of his russia talks. kushners meeting was described as an introduction. several committees are looking into russian contacts between trump associates during the campaign. jeff sessions who did not deploys his own contacts with
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russia at the time has recused himself from the probe. hundreds of people in burlington county, new jersey gathered to pray for peace and stand up against recent messages of hate. flyers branded kkk was spread around maple shade. >> there's a power in faith there's a power in people and there's a power in community. >> it's wonderful people turned out for it, i just wish it wasn't necessary. >> we should as a nation not tolerate this at all. >> god has blessed us, it's incumbent upon us to stand for what's right. >> reporter: in bucks county people joined in protest against racial and religious intolerance as you night against hate was
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held in doylestown. >> it's snowing? >> reporter: this weekend will be a good one, we just had a poconos forecast up a minute ago i'll put one up later in the show. good for snow and skiing. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you that we don't have a lot of the that this morning, going in tight on the southern tier there's a snow shower in dover coming out of the of chester town and the eastern shore of maryland and heading across the bay and cumberland county fortescue is getting snowflakes. this is a sign of things to come, most of the snow showers centered in the afternoon hours. stepping outside, we have cold conditions this morning looking north through the casinos, along the atlantic city coast. you'll want to bundle up this morning, a little extra gear a good idea. the temperature 33, some of the suburbs in the upper 20s. the winds have dropped off for now in philadelphia. 67 miles per hour. we have windchills in the 20s across the region. that will be the case for most
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of the day. maybe windchills in the 30s later. in terms of precipitation, we have snow shower by dover early. most of the snow shower activity in the afternoon hours, down the shore it could mix with a little bit of a rain snow shower, by 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., not everybody is seeing snow, some of us will get a snow shower. it won't be out of the question to get a good burst of snow. the thing is these are scattered enough and light enough and temperatures at the surface are warm enough i don't think they have a major impact. 7 or 8:00 they should be done. the ground surface temperatures will be above freezing, there's a possibility of a slushy coating in spots where you see the snow showers, but the roads should remain wet. this is more something to talk about, but not anything that has a big impact. 33 degrees by 8:00 a.m. that will have an impact on you as you step outside. 36 by 10:00 a.m. noon, 38 degrees.
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the high 40 degrees by 3:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m., 35 degrees, cool there. upper 30s in allentown and trenton. close to 40 in the center of the region and 42 down south. 34 degrees by 7:00 p.m. bundle up tonight, the winds ease back a little bit, but it will be breezy tonight and below freezing after 9:00 p.m. and the upper 20s by 11:00 p.m. for the weekend, 36 is the high on saturday, winds gusting to 35 miles per hour. windchills making it feel like the 20s in the afternoon. so saturday is going to be a bundler. sunday we improve to 38. i think the nicest change, though, is how the winds relax. sunday will be coat weather, but not as uncomfortable as saturday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we're going for a high of 40 today. colder, obviously than it was yesterday and windy, too. and there is that chance of a passing snow shower at times. sunny, windy and cold on saturday, 36 and back up to 38
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on sunday with sun giving way to clouds. monday becoming milder, high of 54. rain possible at night, a little bit more of a shower around on tuesday, otherwise, clouds and sun, breezy and milder 64 on tuesday. and then wednesday high of 60. breezy, still a nice day. mostly sunny, then on thursday, high dipping back down to 52 degrees. i expect it to be around 50 on friday, nicer numbers coming after the weekend. >> it is 5:42. a family is sharing their special adoption story and they are hoping it will inspire others to do the same thing. >> a new jersey woman use a program on her phone to scare off the intruder. it could be on your phone karen. >> reporter: we've got a few cars up and about as we look live on the schuylkill expressway that's westbound traffic heading toward king of prussia. no major issues just a little bit of volume we'll talk construction when we come right
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there, the grays, the blues, the pinks, the oranges, 5:45 a.m., 33 degrees, earlier this week
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you were running around in short sleeves, today it is just your first layer. >> let's go over to karen rogers, looks nice behind you, not a lot of volume. >> reporter: we're seeing volume pick up a little bit, no major jams. this is 309 past the pennsylvania turnpike, you can see traffic is moving fine. it's dry on 309. if you're coming in from perkisie or montgomeryville you're looking good. yesterday we had the ban of over sized vehicles on the turnpike. today everything is back to normal. we have construction 495 southbound between terminal avenue and dupont highway they are blocking the right lane. they will be out there for another half-hour. look for that to be a problem in new castle county. in middletown, hyatt corner road jamison corner road. they have construction that will last through not this coming
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december, but the next december. you have a long time you'll be dealing with this, 2018. it's new construction, boyds corner road gets you around that. no problems, no delays on i-95 cottman moving toward center city. we're dry on i-95 as storm tracker 6 live shows us. we have a snow shower near dover and heading toward fortescue. we'll see snow showers in the afternoon, what a change in the 70s we're talking snow showers thorn and this afternoon. >> thank you karen. new this morning, a north jersey woman use siri to scare away an intruder. celia franco said she struggled with a suspect who punched her in the head and body. >> i said call 911 that frightened him and got up and ran. >> police were unable to track
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the man down. police believe he broke in a sliding glass door. catholics observe lent with meatless friday but bishop chaput said it's okay to eat meat on st. patrick's day. the afternoon archdiocese is ase faithful to make up for it, find a away to do penance on that friday instead. >> collin kaepernick plans to do for the upcoming season when the national anthem plays. a teenager is called a hero how he made the difference for a 4-month-old little boy when gunshots rang out.
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>> a utah family is documenting their adoption family hoping to inspire others, they adopted maria from a special needs orphanage in the philippines. they marked the first adoption anniversary with a youtube video with 700,000 views and 6,000 shares. so many people out there need a home with love, i'm so glad they did that for maria. >> reporter: so nice she found her forever family. looking quiet, you could say yes, looking live in southwest philadelphia. the platt bridge as if i painted it myself. the platt bridge by i-95 skies trying to brighten a little bit, don't let it fool you it's cold out there.
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mass transit is on time and running smoothly right now mr. dave. >> reporter: all right, miss karen. we have clear skies and, clouds will rush in today. 33 in philadelphia. upper 20s in spots, and below freezing in millville. as we go through the day, not a bad day to get errands done, a couple of issues the first thing the temperature, noon, 38. the high today is only 40. the other thing is during the afternoon in particular maybe in the early evening there's a chance of a spotty snow shower. surface temperatures are warm erin. i think it's just wet roads and slushy accumulations on grassy surfaces. a quick thinking teenager helped to protect a baby in kentucky. a woman was backing out of a liquor store parking lot when the other driver started shooting.
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a friend sitting in the back seat dover over her baby boy to protect him. she drove off and called police. the teen boy was grazed by a bullet. the baby is okay, the suspect is on the run. >> collin kaepernick will stand during the national anthem ending a protest that started a national conversation. the quarterback sat or need he -- kneeled during last year's game. he said the resulting national debate makes him feel as though he he made his point. >> people spent the night standing outside stores, the much-anticipated item they were after. the adopted son of jerry sandusky has a message. hear his warning how parents talk to their children. we'll be right back. >> the adod
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child molester spoke out about victim awareness in atlantic county. matthew sandusky came forward disclosing abuse from ten to 16. he talks about modify how we talk to children about so-called stranger danger. >> let me tell you all child
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sexual abuse is perpetrated by someone the child knows and loves and probably in the child's life for sometime. they are not a stranger to the child. giving the child that message, they are not seeing what's happening. >> jerry sandusky was convicted of 45 charges of sex abuse in 2012 and sentenced 30 to 60 years in prison. a new mobile app could transform how people inter act with the homeless in philadelphia. they give small donations without any money changing handles. the city's homeless can create a wish list anything from socks to blankets and beyond. the same case workers buy and distribute the products. >> it's a lovely idea. >> we continue to follow breaking news, a bunman sprays bullets 0 outside a bar, four
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people are wounded including someone trying to stop it. >> costco is getting ready to do something they have not done in five years. it's going to affect its customers, the details next in business.
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takes 12 hours to steep... and almost no time to sip. keep on with ultra smooth taste, now available with a sweet and salted kick. america runs on dunkin'. 6:00 a.m., friday, march 3 i'm tamala edwards. matt o'donnell is off, erin o'hern is joining us, here's what's happening. >> we're following breaking news, four people have been shot including a woman trying to break up a fight in the east mount airy section. we have a live report. >> could the new park above i-95 penns


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