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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 3, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. president trump calls attacks on his attorney general witch hunts as they demand jeff sessions to resign. his decision to recuse himself from that russian investigation is not going far enough, they say. >> i have recused myself in the matters that deal with the trump campaign. also this morning, new questions about other members of trump's team communicating with russia. bitter winter blast. a deep chill moving across the country days after record heat and windchills dropping to zero. now the entire east coast nearly 150 million people bracing for the deep freeze. manhunt for a murderer. the search for this suspect intensifying accused of killing those two indiana teens on a hike. a former nfl star is donating thousands to help. he joins us live
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♪ i want to be a billion far so freakaleaken bad ♪ billionaires at a snap. billionaires behind snapchat celebrating after their company value soars to record heights. now each worth more than $5 billion. the secretive ceo with the supermodel girlfriend, is he the new mark zuckerberg and facebook's worst nightmare. ♪ what you see you what see good morning, america. happy friday. boy, is it a happy friday for the snapchat founders. 5 billion each. this morning. >> i'd be pretty happy. perspective that's more than moguls like richard branson and the owner of the patriots, robert kraft. >> 70 billion to beat bill gates just to put it in perspective.
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>> waking up with 5 -- >> there's room for growth and but the way my daughters use snapchat, i think they're going to get there. we've got much more on that coming up. first to the firestorm over attorney general jeff sessions now recusing himself from any investigation related to the trump campaign after reports he met with the russian ambassador before the election. our senior justice correspondent pierre thomas is starting us off in washington with more on that. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, amy. sessions' close ties with trump and the controversy surrounding those meetings with the russian ambassador prove too much. he will no longer oversee the fbi's investigation of russians' attack on last year's election. under mounting pressure from capitol hill, attorney general jeff sessions stepping aside. saying he will have nothing to do with any investigations involving the 2016 campaign including russia's effort to influence the election. >> i have now decided to recuse myself from any existing or future investigations of any
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matter relating in any way to the campaigns for president of the united states. the decision to recuse himself coming amid reports that sessions met twice with the russian ambassador, during the summer before the election. one of those encounters took place at an event during the republican national convention where sessions used political funds from his re-election account to pay for his expenses explaining he only met the ambassador in his capacity as a senator. the controversy stemming from this statement during sessions' confirmation hearing. >> i did not have communications with the russians. >> reporter: last night on fox the attorney general said his testimony had been taken completely out of context. >> i think it was hyped beyond reason and i think it was unfair. >> reporter: but also stating thursday he wished he had been more precise. >> and in retrospect i should have slowed down and said that i did meet one russian official. >> reporter: he removed himself even though the white house said
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he didn't have to. >> he was 100% straight with the committee. >> mr. president, should sessions recuse himself from investigations into your campaign and russia? >> i don't think so at all. >> reporter: overnight president trump releasing a statement saying that while sessions could have been more clear in his testimony, the democrats were engaging in a quote witch-hunt. this morning some are saying that just recusing himself is not enough. house minority leader nancy pelosi tweeting, ag sessions' sorry attempt to explain away his perjury is totally inadequate. he must resign immediately. sessions and his staff maintain his meetings with the russian ambassador were entirely appropriate and his answer during confirmation hearing was solely ailed at any suggestion he was communicating with the russians about the campaign. sessions said he recused himself after consulting with career attorneys at the justice department who recommended that he step aside, amy. >> and, pierre, "usa today" is reporting that two other trump advisers spoke with the russian enjoy at the republican convention this summer.
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>> reporter: carter page, one of those associates acknowledged meeting with the russian ambassador. another example of contact. this explains why some investigators are so curious about so many encounters especially given russia is an adversary. >> thank you very much. more from jon karl at the white house. dan abrams our chief legal analyst right here. jon, you got the contacts piling up and you also have this cognitive distance. the white house appearing to disagree with their attorney general on the issue of recusal and agreeing with the russians on the issue of this being a witch-hunt the repor. >> reporter: at some point you get to wondering who didn't meet with the russian ambassador on this campaign. now, these contacts may have been fine. there may have been no problem with them. but the bottom line is we have been asking the question for weeks over and over again, who on the trump team had contacts with the russians and we learn more and more as we go along. this investigation truly is just
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getting started. >> even though they've had denials about 20, 21 times. dan abrams, this issue of whether or not the attorney general was straight with the committee during the confirmation, the bar for perjury very high. >> let's separate out political from legal. wrong or inaccurate is not perjury. to get a perjury conviction, you need willful. you need intentional. he has to have done it on purpose and regardless of what you think about why he did it, how he said it, proving that he did it on purpose would be nearly impossible based on what we know right now. so, i think it is beyond unlikely that there's going to be a perjury indictment and, you know, it's not that dissimilar to what we talked about in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation which is wrong doesn't make it criminal. >> but the question is, has he done enough by recusing himself so will this put a damper on any other calls for independent investigations. >> no, i think it's actually going to increase it. why? now you have another official who is apparently having
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conversations with the russians and as a result, typically it would be the attorney general who would call for a special counsel. now you're talking about deputy attorney general or an acting deputy attorney general who will make the decision about whether to call for a special counsel. special counsel would then investigate more broadly than just about sessions. that's going to be the big question in my mind which is will this administration appoint a special counsel to investigate beyond just congress and the fbi and the investigation. >> jon, indianapolis papers reporting that vice president mike pence when he was governor of indiana used a private e-mail account for government business. >> reporter: yeah, just as he was criticizing and the republicans criticizing hillary clinton strongly for her use of private e-mail. there are some significant differences here. pence was using an aol account. didn't have a private server. wasn't dealing with classified information. there is no indiana law that
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says you cannot use a private e-mail as a government official, whereas at the state department there was a policy that suggested that for sensitive information. but it certainly doesn't look very good that at the very time they were hammering hillary clinton over private e-mail, the governor was using private e-mail. >> jon karl, dan abrams, thanks very much. now to the rapidly intensifying battle with al qaeda. the pentagon confirming to abc news just moments ago there was another new round of air strikes in yemen overnight following that january raid that killed navy s.e.a.l. ryan owens. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. for u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s and the army's delta force this is not what they call go time. commandos being told to expect much more action against al qaeda in yemen following the 20 new air strikes on thursday and now the new ones overnight. these photos were posted on twitter overnight from yemen described by local residents as a new u.s. military operation. u.s. military special operations
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personnel tell abc news that commandos based in the region have been told to expect a lot more action against suspected terror targets under the trump administration. not deterred, they say, by the loss of a u.s. navy s.e.a.l. in a raid on this suspected terror compound in yemen in january. and possibly the deaths of many civilians. local residents showed pictures of a $75 million u.s. aircraft that was abandoned and purposely destroyed in the operation. but u.s. officials continue to maintain that what happened here was a success based on documents discovered in computers and phones seized in the raid including officials tell abc news what they are calling a global address book of al qaeda operatives. president trump alluded to it all in his speech before congress after introducing the widow of the dead s.e.a.l. ryan owens. >> i just spoke to our great general mattis just now, who reconfirmed that and i quote,
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ryan was a part of a highly successful raid that generated large amounts of vital intelligence that will lead to many more victories in the future against our enemy. >> reporter: the al qaeda group in yemen is considered the group most likely to carry out an attack against the u.s. its master bombmaker has been a top priority but no indication these latest raids or air strikes did anything to take him out, george. >> boy, that was really something. they are intensifying. >> absolutely. >> thanks, brian. back at home health care battle heating up on capitol hill as gop leaders try to unite around a plan to repeal and replace obamacare. they're being hit by democrats and some republicans for keeping their plan secret under lock and key. our congressional correspondent mary bruce tracking the search. what's going on here and what do we know about the new bill? 20 million americans are waiting to see what's going to happen with their coverage and now there's a new draft to overhaul
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obamacare and a bit of a new fight to go along with it. house republicans are keeping this new draft under wraps for now as they make revisions but that is not sitting well with democra democrats who are eager to see what they're up against and republicans who opposed an earlier version. now, senator rand paul is blasting the secrecy and yesterday he went on a bit of a public hunting expedition going through the basement of the capitol to try to find the document but he said it's being held like a national secret and even leader pelosi offering to help tweeting she would be willing to release the hounds, george. >> they are going after it and they have to keep it secret because they know the trade-offs are tough here and once the details get out it's going to anger and enrage one faction or for. >> reporter: absolutely and house republicans here are simply being extra cautious especially after an earlier version leaked and then was met with some pretty swift opposition so for now just the republicans on this house committee that are drafting the bill are able to see it. but, george, that could change soon expecting to bring it up
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for consideration next week. >> they want to get it done by easter. >> let's bring in matt dowd to talk about it. the original affordable care act was also drafted in secrecy but how often does this sort of thing happen? >> this reminds me of the "highlight" magazine your kids do, find the hidden picture. it's not unusual for them to be drafted confidentially in a way that is not shared. it is unusual that members of your own that want to see it they won't show it to them. >> president trump's week started off with a high note with the speech. now we have the sessions situation where he recused himself. how should the trump administration be handling this big turn of events? >> if you took a strategy of how not to handle it they've done the strategy of how not to handle this. first they have to tell the truth and be honest. that's the overall arching thing. i looked at this like a traffic light strategy which is green, go ahead and get all of the information out there as quickly as possible and don't let the press drip, drip, drip this.
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yellow, caution. use your words correctly, concisely and don't parse. if you're parsing, you're losing. stop using the word witch-hunt. last time it was wrong was in salem, massachusetts. so in this case usually in a witch-hunt there is a witch around. >> seems like on all three the white house going in the opposite direction. do you think they're going to be able to hole the line against these other investigations? >> no, i think this is full scale where there's smoke and where there's a lot of smoke there's fire. when you talk to republicans in the course of this, they know there's a problem here, they're going to have to figure a way to clear it up as fast as they k the russian ambassador, i have to say feels like the forrest gump. everywhere there's something going around the russian ambassador seems to be pictured
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this morning, though, cleveland, ohio, 77 a week ago waking up. they feel like.
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>> reporter: that's 18-year-old nicholas dike ma running from police. he crashes into a ditch. and now sheriff's deputies are trying to get into the lead of vehicles. he hits the gas but police drag them out of the side door. this morning his family admits he was on drugs but they feel what happens next is murder. >> taken from the vehicle, put him in the road and got on top of him. >> reporter: you see it clearly. one of the deputies keeps leaning his knee onto their son's neck and then turns him around and does it again. a state autopsy says it's one of the reasons he died. compression of the neck and tore sew.
7:16 am
>> turn him on his side. >> nicolas, wake up. >> reporter: the family waited too long. >> we're not getting anywhere. >> they are suing. >> it killed him and i got a problem with them. they should be held accountable. >> reporter: the deputy was fired after being criminally charged. the other three this morning are on regular duty. the family says their son was struggling with addiction and shouldn't have run from police in 2015. but they say that was no reason for him to die. amy. >> all right, steve osunsami, thank you. a consumer alert this morning. the cdc sounding the alarm about an e. coli outbreak across several states and says the likely source is i.m. healthy soy nut butter products. if you have them it is recommended that you do not eat or serve them. the outbreak has so far affected at least a dozen people and
7:17 am
expected to learn today which states are affected. michael. >> amy, turning now a little lighter subject, former president who is back in the spotlight, george w. bush has been on tour talking about his new book of paintings and stopped by jimmy kimmel and had funny stuff to say. take a look. >> when your vice president dick cheney, when he shot that guy in the face, did it ever seem funny at all to you? >> well, every time cheney would come in, a lot of people would yell duck. >> were you jealous of the size of the crowds at trump's inauguration? >> i was there. >> i know you were. there. >> i was the guy trying to put the -- >> the poncho. >> yeah, we noticed that actually. >> how are your parents doing, by the way. >> thank you for asking. they're doing great. [ cheers and applause ]
7:18 am
you know, when he came out to flip the coin at the super bowl, it was a very joyful moment. >> i would imagine so. i think it was for the whole country really -- >> he's a great guy. >> i can't help but feel like maybe he was faking it a little just so he didn't have to go to the inauguration. he's no dummy. >> he got a real laugh out of the president there. >> i love to see that natural laugh out of him. talking about also the first time he went to the white house, the 1969 -- pulled up in his purple gremlin to take richard nixon's daughter trisha on a date. >> what? >> that was set up by his dad. oh, yeah. talk about pressure. >> the things you learn on "kimmel." >> okay. let ago back over to ginger. >> it could end up in washington, d.c., the earliest cherry blossoms on record. actual air testers in washington, d.c. 35.
7:19 am
we'll warm back up, though, the local weather in 30 seconds. first, though, >> reporter: some of those warmer weekend getaways look pretty nice. storm tracker 6 live double scan, we had light snow showers down south. they are off the board. we have plenty of sunshine, it's cold with temperatures close to the freeze mark and windchills in the mid 20s, we'll cloud up as the day goes on. we get a windy chilly high of
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40. there's a spotty snow shower at times that could put down a grassy coating on grassy surfaces. 36 windy and cold on saturday. >> oh, yeah. >> come back, people. the garden patio will be gone. or you could push that button. [dong] [rocket launching] skip the bank, skip the waiting, and go completely online. get the confidence that comes from a secure, qualified mortgage approval in minutes. lift the burden of getting a home loan with rocket mortgage by quicken loans. [whisper: rocket]
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>> good morning i'm tamala edwards, 7:23 a.m., friday, march 3. let's head to karen rogers to see how things are going with the morning commute. >> reporter: we have a few things that popped up on i-195 eastbound, an accident, the left lane is blocked, 6 miles per hour. people are crawling along heading toward the new jersey turnpike. we spotted a problem i-95 southbound at bartram avenue. looms the tow truck pulled it away, traffic is moving better on i-95 southbound at bartram. we had a big accident on the schuylkill expressway, westbound near grays ferry, traveling 24 miles per hour since the accident scene cleared. heavy spots on the schuylkill expressway, 9 westbound, 16 eastbound near girard.
7:24 am
we have other problems popping up when i do my facebook live at 7:30. join us, tam. >> okay, karen, let's take a short break and return to accuweather.
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7:26 am
>> reporter: lots of sunshine up over the horizon early, but you want the winter coat and extra gear, it's cold. 32 degrees, windchills making it feel like the low to i mid 20s in most neighborhoods. this afternoon high of 40 it will be windy and chilly. chance of a snow shower coming through putting down an accumulation on grassy surfaces. roads wet. sunny and cold on saturday, 36 windchills in the 20s in the afternoon. sun to clouds on sunday, 38 degrees is the high there. it will be chilly, but not as bad because the winds will be lighter on sunday. monday, milder, high of 54. rain at night. 64 on tuesday, rain possible in the morning and cooling down after that, tam. thank you, david they go to
7:27 am
the bigger and talk about the big stories everybody is talking about across the country on "g.m.a." we'll see you back here in 30.
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the next big thing to hit the juice aisle. rick perry has agreed to be secretary of energy. >> was that a great choice? i saw him on "dancing with the stars." this guy has so much energy. he's just unprecedented. >> alec baldwin doing his president trump impression on "saturday night live" but now there is another saying baldwin is copying his take on trump sparking a war of words on twitter. we'll have a lot more on that in our big board so he's upset about a copy of a copy? is that a thing? >> can you copyright a copy? >> i don't think so. >> we'll find out later. right now president trump calling attacks on his attorney general a witch-hunt. jeff sessions under fire after recusing himself from any probes reeling to trump's campaign.
7:31 am
reports he met with the russian ambassador twice before the election. also right now, bitter cold returning to the northeast this weekend. after that record warmth just a week ago. windchills in the single digits across the midwest and tomorrow it will feel like it's below zero in boston. >> good weekend to fire up the how about that. now we get to somebody who is warm and happy. snapchat. big news interest that company. the young founder of the company now worth more than $5 billion each after the social media company went public and rebecca jarvis is here with more on that and good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: quite an incredible story, michael. to hi this all started just six years ago, they came up with the idea as students at stanford were laughed out of class, well, guess who is laughing this morning with snapchat's ceo drawing comparisons to the next mark zuckerberg. 24 hours after ringing the bell to kick off its first day of on
7:32 am
the new york stock exchange, snapchat co-founders evan spiegel and bobby murphy are watching their fortunes grow and grow. the 20-something tech moguls now worth an estimated $5.5 billion each. >> they have just been so successful. they launched this company less than six years ago in 2011 and, you know, it's grown just exponentially. >> reporter: spiegel snaps notoriously private ceo rarely appearing on social media or granting interviews. >> you can always take a screen shot. >> reporter: but his fiancee miranda kerr happily bringing her followers along for the big day thursday. [ bell ringing ] >> reporter: it's that kind of along for the ride experience with its photos and videos that disappear 24 hours after being posted favored by celebrities and often enhanced by one of the platform's popular filters. >> many people believe that it could be the third, you know, great advertising platform out there after facebook and google.
7:33 am
>> reporter: turned spiegel into a silicon valley darling and into one of facebook's worst nightmares. facebook chief mark zuckerberg famously trying and failing to buy the social media platform for ang estimated $3 billion in 2013. and as for that forbes 500 richest list spiegel is clocking ahead of george lucas and steven spielberg. he is outearning fellow entrepreneur richard branson at this point and as of today according to those "forbes" estimates even has a bigger bottom line than president donald trump. >> you'll get a tweet now. >> exactly, exactly. well, or a snap. maybe he can get into that but the question i had for this company is, is it more facebook or is it more twitter? if it's facebook, facebook's stocks since ipo day up 250%. twitter has cut its value in half. >> i like your snapchat dress by the way. >> i had to wear it to match with the spectacles.
7:34 am
>> very nicely done. >> ready to go. we'll bring in best-selling author ken auletta who covers the tech world for "the new y k yorker." we talked about facebook, young kids in college figure out something that they think they like and it goes out to the world and they become billionaires so it evan spiegel the next mark sumner redstone. >> when he has 2 billion users he might be but he doesn't. he has 150 million. >> 150 million. but snap, it seems to me, though, it has cornered the millennial market. >> millennials and the generations behind millennial, that's part of their appeal reaching a younger audience and their communications are dissolving which they like for the privacy reasons. >> now, now that the company has gone public is this in any way affect the users out there. >> it might. i mean the problem he has is how does he get more advertising? 98% of the revenues come from advertising so the question is, if you are losing $500 million which is what they lost in 2016,
7:35 am
how do they get more revenue? heavy to have more ads and that could affect users. >> that could affect users. the more ads popping up. >> being annoyed by it. >> more things in your face. now, let's be frank about snapchat. when it first started it was more of a sexting app because it disappeared after you posted it but has this shaken the branding of the company? >> well, no, i think they're doing very well. it's interesting when i was doing a piece on stanford for "the new yorker" four, five years ago i sat in a meeting with a professor at the business school and one of his students who was pitching an idea for something for pictures that would dissolve after second seconds. it was evan spiegel of snapchat and i'm sitting there watching and i said this a crazy idea and followed him for the next two months and google turned down investing in his company at the time and he was a believer that it was going to work and yesterday proved it. >> we can speak from personal experience. our daughters live on snapchat. and they do a lot more than just
7:36 am
send messages to friends. they get their news on snapchat. >> absolutely. no, no, he's been very inventive. you pointed out the sunglasses. it's the cameras and discovery where people put their stories. >> filters, everyone loves those filters. >> exactly. those filters. >> the other thing that's really big about them and it matters a lot and where advertisers have a stake in their success, they want to get away from reliance on facebook and google, snapchat is the horse they're betting on that might become a rival to them and that's a big deal. >> i tell you what these guys are smart and turned down $3 billion. >> it took some guts. it worked. >> passion. >> coming up in two minute, former nfl stars jumping in to help solve a huge mystery in indiana. he'll join us live. panies have come together to bring you more ways to help reduce calories from sugar. with more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all, smaller portion sizes, clear calorie
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live claritin clear. ♪ good is in every blue diamond almond. and once good gets going, there's no stopping it. blue diamond almonds. get your good going. and we're back now with a desperate search for the killer of two teen girls would went missing on a hike in indiana.
7:39 am
the former punter for the indianapolis coals pat mcafee has joined the effort right now and we'll talk to him after this report from abc's alex perez. >> reporter: this morning, the hunt for the killer of 13-year-old abby williams and 14-year-old libby german intensified. 100 officers from 25 separate law enforcement agencies including the fbi combing through more than 10,000 tips desperately seeking any clues that will help find the murder suspect seen in this photo and heard in this recording. >> down the hill. down the hill. >> reporter: now even celebrities jumping in trying to help find the killer. former indianapolis colts punter pat mcafee and coals owner jim irsay begging the public for help donating $97,000 to the massive search increasing the reward to over $200,000. >> and now we are calling on you. this could be a nationwide search. >> reporter: police running radio psas across the entire midwest playing that chilling audio clip they believe is the voice of the killer.
7:40 am
>> do you recognize this voice? >> down the hill. >> reporter: a clip they say liberty recorded on her phone while see and abby were on that fatal february hike. this morning the girls' cause of death still not being released. >> our aspect is to make sure that every, every piece of information we follow is correct. >> reporter: and their hometown of just 3,000 on edge. but coming together supporting the team of investigators tasked with solving this crime. for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, delphi, indiana. >> thanks to alex for that joined by pat mcafee and police sergeant tony slocumb. what's the latest on this investigation? >> well, right now we're still trying to shake the bushes so to speak. we have officers -- >> go ahead. >> me? oh, okay, i'm sorry. we have officers out shaking the
7:41 am
bushes, so to speak, knocking on doors, investigating or speaking to suspects or anybody we believe might have evidentiary information to help us solve the case. that's "why him?" pat and mr. irsay have done is so important to us in delphi, indiana. >> what is it about this specific case that made you want to get involved? >> well, george, i think the big thing, thanks for having me on, by the way. the big thing about the state of indiana, a lot of people don't know, we are like a family here. it's a very tight-knit community. when something goes wrong to one of us it hits all of us hard and news is usually doom and gloom but these happening in our own backyard opened my eyes and made we want to help out as much as possible and when i saw reward money was being raised and donations accepted i called mr. irsay and mr. irsay said he's all in to do whatever we can do and thought if we raised the reward money and gave $200,000 cash and although you don't want to entice people with cash to do the right thing but
7:42 am
the quality of the photo and audio clip, the only people that know who this is is somebody who's had a long relationship with this person whether family or friends and they're probably struggling with loyalty but this is a horrible person and we thought $200,000 is a life-changing amount of money. and hopefully we just spread the word across the country and find the monster and get him off the street good for america and indiana and good for everybody and this will be a great story about the world coming together to catch one monster. >> let's hope so. i know you're hoping to go to delphi soon and meet with the families. >> yeah, i can't wait to get up to delphi and meet the people because this is such a small town as it was reported in the story, only 3,000 people and we just want people to know and i think this is -- there's a lot of division that is publicly stated and talked abouten 0 the news but i think america as a whole, a community, if you're from a small town we got your back and i can't wait to get up there and meet the families and hopefully although this is a terrible time for delphi and the families with the loss of two
7:43 am
future incredible -- or two americans with incredibly bright futures i think we'll catch the guy and i can't wait to get up there and celebrate that and meet the families and hopefully help them along as much as i can. >> they need all the help they can get. pat mcafee, sergeant, thank you very much. michael. >> all right, george, coming up on our big board, is your car rental company ripping you off at the tool booth? a big lawsuit and we'll talk about that in two minutes. weight-loss medicine that may help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... (woman) i'm so hungry. (avo) to reduce hunger. and your reward system... (woman) ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings. across three long-term studies, contrave patients lost approximately 2-4x more weight than with diet and exercise alone. contrave is not for everyone. one ingredient in contrave may
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back now with our big board and dan abrams is here at the table. we'll get to your story in just a second there, dan. first we got that big question, could your rental car company be ripping you off? the city of san francisco is suing hertz paying excessive amounts in toll fees across the golden gate bridge and david kerley is joining us now. what is the city accusing hertz
7:46 am
of doing? >> when you rent a car it often as a transponder and going through a toll it will trigger it and the companies are charging a convenience fee and what san francisco is alleging hertz is charging that every day even if you don't go through another toll up to 25 bucks for your rental. and hertz says they won't comment. they're in the middle of a lawsuit but it's not just in san francisco, a new mexico senator sent this letter to the ftc saying, listen, sometimes rental companies are charging five times the tolls in these convenience fees. one estimate puts it at $250 million that the car companies, the rental car companies are making from these fees. >> when you get the bill and sometimes you're like, wow, that was more than i thought. what did people need to know when they rent a car. what questions should they ask? >> looking for is the point,
7:47 am
amy. you feed to look at the fine print, right. it says, listen if you trigger a toll we'll charge you this convenience fee. so look at it, try to opt out. in that san francisco case, san francisco is saying that hertz makes it difficult to opt out. if you have a transponder bring it along with you and use your transponder if it works in the city you're in and ultimate thing stay away from the tolls. take another route. use your gps to say go around the tolls. don't want to be charged. >> good advice. i'm digging the vest. safety first. >> thank you, david. all right, next up we've got a battle of the trump impersonators after the president announced he is skipping the white house correspondents' dinner. a slew of actors including alec baldwin offering to stand in for trump but baldwin on wednesday night's "jimmy kimmel" taking aim at a rival comedian. take a look. >> interesting how there are people now that he's not going to the white house correspondents' dinner there are people lobbying to play trump at
7:48 am
the white house correspondents' dinner and a couple guys on the internet, no, please, i'm the only man who should play trump. >> all right. so we've got dan abrams here and apparently baldwin's comments on kimmel sparked a twitter war. tell us what happened. >> there are two guys who have been doing this impersonation of trump and bernie sanders, anthony tamanac and james domi and clearly tamanac believes it's a reference to him and makes a comment about baldwin and baldwin makes a snarky response. adamian says anthony atam nuke auditioned for "snl" last year and then they used his audition tape to rip. alec baldwin never shy to a fight says, oh, james, i'd sue for you but the only thing you have is bitterness and obscurity. bottom line is alec baldwin is
7:49 am
not going to sue. i didn't that you can to alec baldwin but this but i am telling you as a matter of law when looking at the tweets he's not going to sue. but it is interesting -- an interesting legal question on the impercent nations. >> well, you know, let's look at the impersonations talking about them, let's judge for ourself. here they are back-to-back. >> i am so excited to live in the white house. i'm even going to have a little pet like all the presidents do, bill clinton had socks, barack obama had beau. >> i love christie. i threw a paper clip at him during one of the debates and it went into orbit and i promise you if i become president we will name it a moon in our solar system. >> so, both clearly believe that alec baldwin kind of knocked off that -- >> aren't they just knocking off trump? >> exactly, exactly. >> he's knocking off somebody. >> how much different can you be when you're -- >> one of the big claims is the use of the word jina for china.
7:50 am
no one is suing anybody but it's interesting to think about this idea of could someone sue -- >> can you? >> it would be really hard. really hard. >> that's good. >> to win. >> can't we just laugh? >> so, i don't think it's going to happen. >> let's enjoy both of their impersonations. >> exactly. but the fight -- i enjoy watching the twitter wars, as well. >> dan, david, thank you both. coming up next ginger has the story about a snow tornado moving through colorado and then paris jackson's breakout moment. how she is honoring her father michael jackson's legacy.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
alma, colorado, a snownado. it's a rotating column of air that picked up snow likely from a temperature difference. not the same way a tornado forms where you have big-scale storms. speaking of that a new one hits the west this weekend. look at this as we go friday through sunday, could see up to
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by taltz.
7:56 am
>> good morning, i'm tamala edwards, 7:56 now, friday, march 3. let's see what things look like on the roads with karen rogers, good morning. >> reporter: we have a problem on i-95. looks like it might be getting ready to clear this is on the ramp northbound i-95 to the vine web. watch for -- westbound. watch for the accident scene blocking the ramp for a while. it's partially blocking the right lane. i-95 eastbound past hamilton square we have an accident that cleared. nonetheless looking at slow speeds, 19 miles per hour. last time i showed you we were in the single digits, so i guess that's better. woodhaven to the vine, 28. schuylkill expressway eastbound not so bad. westbound we had an accident near conshohocken, westbound a 30 minute jam from the vine to the blue route. 42 not too bad, 14 minute ride
7:57 am
from the ac express way to 295. >> let's go to sky6 live hd out across center city. david it looks great, but doesn't feel good this morning. cold this morning, certainly more so than recently. 34 degrees in philadelphia. with a bit of a breeze, the windchills feel like the mid 20s across the region. today's high, 40. wind feeling like the 30s. at times this afternoon in particular look for a passing wet snow shower. roads are wet and grassy accumulation. sunny and cold saturday, 36. sunday, 38 degrees, the winds not as bad, it will feel better. we're in the 50s and 60s as we move into next week. >> four people were shot in the east mount airy section early this morning after a bar fight spilled out on to the 7100 block of germantown avenue. one of the injuries included the bartender who was trying to break up the brawl.
7:58 am
coming up on "g.m.a.," they take a look at what gets the stains out the best. we'll see you at 7:30. hi
7:59 am
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good morning, america. 8:00 a.m. a deep chill is moving in. 150 million expecting a drop in temperatures a week after record heat. snow expected across the great lakes, already piling up in cleveland as new york and boston brace for the freeze. jane fonda speaks out for the first time revealing her painful past and why she is opening up now. ♪ and paris jackson's coming of age. michael jackson's daughter now signing with a top modeling agency. her new career and how she's honoring her father's legacy. plus, it's friday in times square. and we're dancing into the weekend. our lips are moving with the world exclusive sneak peek of megan trainor's brand-new music video. plus, clean bandit performs live with sean paul and
8:01 am
anne-marie and they're here to say -- >> good morning, america. good morning. happy friday. welcome. they're following his direction, bring it down. welcome to everyone. >> it is great to have our good friend from "good housekeeping," lori bergamotto, here spilling the secrets to stain remover. with dry ice and food dye. >> we have ketchup. we have wine and "good housekeeping" put some of the worst stains to the test and we have a live demo that will show the best solutions you can do anywhere to get those stains out. >> that's helpful. trust me. all right, also coming up in "pop news," everybody, tom hanks, you know, he always does really nice things. finds people's i.d.s, just a
8:02 am
great guy that goes one step beyond and done it again for the white house press corps giving them something to stay energized in these busy times. >> that's coming up in "pop news" but we have to get the morning rundown from tom llamas. the big story, the bitter blast for millions of americans, that cold weather system bringing strong winds to the northeast, fanning a massive fire, take a look this morning in new jersey and causing it to spread to several buildings. all that wind also causing widespread damage and power outages, the cold is sticking around. ginger, how cold is it going to get? >> feels likes will be below zero. seven below for boston. this is how so many after 80 degrees are waking up in maryland. look at that in ohio and in cincinnati along 275 accidents already reported, slick road, the temperature is so cold and those freeze watches extend all the way into georgia and south carolina. the windchill advisories in maine, so this is a serious blast of cold. feels like 2 this morning in buffalo, 10 in pittsburgh.
8:03 am
look at chicago at 20. it's going to stay that cold through the weekend and then we'll warm right back up, tom. >> that's good news. thanks so much. let's turn to politics now, attorney general jeff sessions stepping aside from any investigations into the presidential election involving russia while insisting he did nothing wrong. sessions recused himself amid revelations that he met twice with the russian ambassador to the u.s. then failed to tell lawmakers under oath. as more democrats call for sessions' resignation, president trump called him an honest man and described the uproar as a witch-hunt. vice president mike pence has acknowledged he used a private e-mail account to conduct government business as governor of indiana. his spokesman said pence complied with the law. now, a stunning revelation out of hollywood this morning. legend jane fonda for the first time reveals that she was raped and sexually abused as a child. fonda says she always blamed herself adding it took her 60 years to learn to say no. the actress also says she was
8:04 am
once fired for refusing to sleep with her boss and that she is speaking out now hoping to empower other women. melania trump made her first solo appearance as first lady. a visit to a new york city hospital. mrs. trump read dr. seuss encouraging the kids to read and to think about what they want to achieve in life. and finally from our just because file, a new arrival shows off her moves. meet fiona, a 5-week-old hippo at the cincinnati zoo. her handlers say she's getting stronger. she was a preemie born too early at just 29 pounds. she's more than double that now and, yeah, she's going to get a lot bigger. female hippos can grow up to be 3,000 pounds. >> wow. >> happy friday, folks. >> i love fiona. >> mike, you know what they call if i onna. >> bob. >> that's right. >> explain that. >> lara, you cannot take her home. >> she's not up for adoption? all right, fiona. i'll let you be. "pop news," everybody? [ cheers and applause ]
8:05 am
we begin with the wonderful tom hanks. he set his sights on keeping the white house press corps caffeinated and alert and sent a brand-new espresso machine to the designated room for the press corps with a note that reads, keep up the good fight where truth, justice and the american way and especially the truth part. journalists sharing photos of the shiny present and the note which appears to be written on one of the vintage typewriters in hanks' extensive collection. this would be the third coffee machine he has sent the press corps. the first was in 2004 after he netted on a private tour of the white house that the journalists were all drinking from the vending machine. then in 2010 he updated the model with a super deluxe version and now this time twitter showing hanks a latte love. thank you. thank you. let me tell you one wrote nice perk and another suggesting
8:06 am
him running for president, hanks 2020. sir ian mckellen famous for bringing gandolf so the big screen moving to be just as clever in real life. the oscar nominated performer giving advice to warren beatty and faye dunaway following the old best picture mix-up. he shared a note on twitter detailing what he does when presenting awards admitting and i quote, next time do what i always do when presenting, backstage before you go on, slyly and gently pry the envelope open, sneak a preview of its contents. if anyone asks what you are up to, explain you may need to check the pronunciation of the winner's name or indeed who the actual winner is. >> i like that. >> i love that he admitted this. i love -- i mean, now we know. the sage advice comes from experience.
8:07 am
do yourself a favor, do what i did, go online and check out the 2002 golden globes best foreign language film. you will never look at him again. that is a great actor. he's like, oh. so, thank you for that great advice. >> great advice. >> great advice and thanks for telling the truth. finally this next story goes out to my pom because i think she would really love this place. jimmy buffett is coming up with a chain of marguerite virginiaville-inspired senior living homes. [ cheers and applause ] i mean, this is brilliant, can we all -- aimed at active retirees who like nibbling on sponge cake watching the sun bake. the jimmy buffett company known for restaurants, hotels and vacation resorts announced they will build a string of senior neighborhoods called the latitude destination in daytona beach. if you're looking for that lost shaker of salt the $1 billion project is expected to create almost 7,000 homes offering
8:08 am
fitness facilities, lap pools, spa, live entertainment and of course blooz in the blender. >> your mom's on the phone. >> mom. i know. i know. i got you one. call you back. >> that's "pop news." >> sounds -- what age do you have to be to move in? >> some more than others. michael jackson's daughter takes on the modeling world. we'll go inside paris jackson's breakout moment. and taking you into the stain lab. best way to treat stains, everyone. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by advil p.m. when pain keeps you up, get a healing night's sleep. can't see it. can't taste it.
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side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. paris jackson, michael jackson's daughter, her own star power about to make her acting debut becoming a model as well.
8:13 am
mara schiavocampo here with all the details. >> george, good morning. she's coming back into the public eye and coming into her own in a big way. she just signed that modeling deal and has almost 2.5 million followers on social media. this after the trauma of her father's unexpected death followed by years of personal struggles. she's the daughter of music royalty, now making a name for herself in fashion. thursday megamodeling company img tweeting now representing paris jackson. it's the latest star turn for michael jackson's daughter now 18. last month she made her debut as a cover girl for "cr fashion book" and presented at the grammys. >> i feel so blessed and grateful to be here tonight with you all. >> reporter: just weeks after doing the cover of "rolling stone" telling the magazine, there's a moment when i'm modeling where i forget about my self-esteem issues and i feel pretty. >> i don't think it's any surprise she's chosen a life
8:14 am
that's tangential and reeled to show business. that's what she knows and what her family knows and the best way for her to do figure out how best to exploit that fame with that real charisma and maintain your wits and you're grounded. >> reporter: it's been a tough road for jackson who was just 11 years old when her father died. seen here at his memorial service. >> daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. >> reporter: she says the sudden loss of her father was devastating. telling "rolling stone" they always say time heals, but it really doesn't. you just get used to it. also sharing with the magazine that she struggled for years with drug use, depression and attempted suicide. that struggle on display last year when she posted this now deleted instagram video emoti emotionally speaking out against cyberbullying. >> i'm just tired of it. >> reporter: but in her early teens jackson began pursuing her
8:15 am
passions sharing her career goals with our robin roberts in 2011. >> but i understand that is, paris, you want to be an actress. >> yeah. i'm thinking about auditioning for a play next week. >> reporter: she credits her father with her resilience te telling "cr" he was the strongest person i know. >> and the work that she will do will both echo that, contrast with that. it will he be a kind of reference point to what she does in the future. >> reporter: paris will make her acting debut as a guest star on lee daniels' "star" and writes music and says she is in a band but doesn't want to do that professionally but focus on acting and modelling. >> what doesn't she do? >> so close to home-schooled. didn't have a relationship with her mother until later so it's been a process to get to this point but seems to be come nothing her own. >> wishing her the best. >> paris' brother prince michael jackson wi monday an exclusive and coming up here
8:16 am
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are a person like me who suffers from allergies, right, a couple of my allergy friends back here this is going to make you so frightened. look at this video from arizona. a guy throws a rock into a that's pollen. i can't -- let's do one collectiveall right let's get af your local weather. >> reporter: that's crazy video storm tracker 6 live double scan we're basically dry, a light snow shower trying to form south of lancaster. as we head outside, plenty of sunshine, but the clouds will thicken up quickly. we have temperatures close to the freezing mark. windchills in the 20s. high of 40, windchills in the 30s at the best of times. in the afternoon passing snow shower and putting down a little accumulation on lawns, but nothing on the roads. 36 tomorrow windy and cold.
8:21 am
"good housekeeping" series and the magazine recently did a spread with our team tackling home organizing challenges and now style director lori bergamotto is here with something i think we all need, how to get out the tough stains. >> yes. >> and so we have some stains here. we're going to put on to some nice clean clothing. >> i know. i think there's an audience member who might help us out. >> her name is chloe. come on, chloe. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi, chloe. okay. so we're going to start with the red wine and the shirt here. chloe, get in there. >> how many spill red wine on your shirt? >> go for it. >> you go on right down the line. on the silk tie. stain everything and solve all your problems. >> put ketchup on the carpet. while chloe is doing that, what is the most effective tip we need to know how to get these
8:22 am
stains out. >> the director of the "good housekeeping" cleaning lab at the institute always says that you have to remember to get there fast. the first line of defense is to tackle that stain fast so we'll go and do that. thank you, chloe. good job. >> so, this is -- >> messing up our clothes. >> we'll get there fast. the first thing you want to do here is again get there fast and blot, if there's any excess wine. >> don't rub. such a good student. yes, then you're going to spray -- >> first person to ever say that. >> this is called wine away. you can get it for under $10 in a lot of different stores. what we love about this. this is the stain and now see how it's bled right threw. going to hold this up. now we'll spray a little bit more. thank you, sir. just let it sit there. can you see -- you're my witness it's turning from red to purple to pink and that's what you want, everyone. you want to see that color change go from red to purple to
8:23 am
blue. that's how you know it's coming out. throw it in the wash and it comes right out like that under 10 bucks. ten seconds. pretty darned good. not going to do better than that. >> at a lunch meeting. have your fancy tie on. you're having some bread and -- >> has this ever happened to you? do you eat bread? >> i'm speaking from experience. >> i can speak from experience because i eat a lot of bread. you have the oil. now, michael, what did you learn? what's the most important thing to do first? >> blot -- >> blot. >> so take this napkin. blot that up for us then this is one of those on the go hack, sitting at lunch, oh, god, what am i going to do? you take a sweetener packet and pour it on and you can see you'd have to take your tie off. otherwise gravity would be the worst enemy and fall down. we did this one about an hour ago which is about the time you'd have a nice lunch meeting and can you see already it's absorbing. >> yeah, the sweetener is
8:24 am
turning color. >> exactly. this is an oil stain that has not been treated. to be clear it wasn't take the stain out. something you have to remember, some stain removal will not come out right away, takes a little effort and time, however, you will need to get this dry cleaned. if you don't treat it, the dry cleaner probably can't get it out, if you do this, they will. >> two things you need to tell a person, i'm doing this to take the stain out. >> yes, i watch "good morning america" and read "good housekeeping," i know what's up. >> and secondly, the second thing is with all of these things, these are things you do immediately which is only going to help you later on. may not come out immediately. >> you have to have patience. you have to have a little patience and put a little effort. i'll come around you, sir. >> i've seen this ketchup on the rug? here we go. so first thing you want to do if you have ketchup like this, anything that makes like a mound, gently scrape it off so
8:25 am
don't rub. the idea with stain removal. you never want, see, i just scraped it off. >> don't rub and don't use the ketchup. throw it away. >> exactly. you can't use that for your five and the next thing, blot. do a dry blot. >> blotting is a common denominator. take nothing else away know the importance of the blot. then what we've done here is made a solution, one tablespoon dish liquid, one tablespoon white vinegar, two cups of warm water then dip it. michael, never pour the solution ag to remember you always want to work from the outside in, why? because you don't want to spread the stain. you'll want to rinse that, doing this a little quickly because we're short on time. the key thing that our cleaning director always says, her little trick and works brilliantly, put this on overnight, take something heavy. just layer the paper towels,
8:26 am
take something heavy and let it sit 24 hours, whichever stains were in the pile will rise up. >> rise up, everybody. yes, they are. lori, thank you very much. more hacks go to our website and get all the details. freddie stroma and josh bowman are here when we come back. mora
8:27 am
edwards, 8:27, friday march 3. let's go over to karen rogers looking at i-95. noticing slowing speeds on i-95 northbound traffic at penns landing. heavy past the walt whitman bridge to girard avenue because of an accident near the vine that's creating slow delays there. on the bicker we can see slow speeds -- big picture we can see slow speeds elsewhere, 17 miles per hour near cottman, 1 at girard. there's the accident near girard creating a delay. schuylkill expressway 6 miles per hour westbound to the boulevard. we have a disabled vehicle move to the shoulder westbound at university after an accident, as well. the vine is jammed, as well. westbound the length right now.
8:28 am
the vine is jammed. an accident happening in chester county at pottstown pike approaching fellowship road. >> let's head outside to david murphy colder today than we started the week. >> reporter: absolutely, tam, let's look at temperatures, 33 degrees in philadelphia. with a bit of a breeze blowing it feels like the mid 20s. definitely winter coats and extra gear, too. 40 is the high, it will feel like the 30s even at the best of times with a decent wind blowing. there's a spotty snow shower popping through in the afternoon. sunny, windy and cold on saturday, 36. 38 on sunday, better with less wind. monday afternoon we're milder, 54 degrees, could be monday night rain, maybe more on tuesday, otherwise, tuesday is breezy and warm, 64. back in the 60s on wednesday, back in the 50s on thursday. nice numbers ahead, but they are coming after the weekend. >> classical meets pop one of
8:29 am
my favorite bands up next on "g.m.a."
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "gma." welcome to all of you. ably bring it down as everyone says and wish happy birthday to chloe. [ applause ] >> chloe, you did a great job helping us with the stain removal by creating the stain, i like that. very good. you know, i have something fun for us this morning. want to talk about it and there's a new app out about dating. new dating app called facedate. now, the object of it suggests that you can date someone based on your celebrity crush. so, you upload a picture of your celebrity crush, say, it may be
8:31 am
george clooney and match up with a man who looks like george clooney. >> he might be a serial killer but he looks like george clooney. >> you hope he looks like george clooney. >> how would you feel if you were getting a date because you looked like somebody else? >> to be honest with you, i thought about it but i thought about the whole thing, what's the one you swipe on. >> tinder. >> what's that thing? >> you swipe. they're not swiping because they're looking at your resume, i'm just saying so i thought about it and i said, this is very similar to tinder except you put a celebrity up there and then that's the person they match you up who looks like that. >> you got a type. >> you got a type. >> so does it work. >> i have to ask, george. who would your celebrity be. >> ali wentworth. >> thank you. >> you'll throw your wife in there. >> i'm a married man, michael. i'm not stupid either. >> no, you're not, george. >> who would you choose. >> you know, i thought about
8:32 am
that and i didn't want to go with anybody current because, you know, it's very uncomfortable. when you're run into them in the streets it's a little uncomfortable so -- >> could be a way of getting a date. >> george, leave me alone. >> all right. >> you're making me blush. you know, i went back to thelma from "good times." thelma, oh, man. [ applause ] >> she is cute. >> well, you pick the picture of thelma when she's very unhappy. >> she's cute. and then back when "diff'rent strokes" was big and had janet jackson on the show. who did not love janet jackson? oh, my goodness. >> very safe choices there, michael. >> how about you? >> see, i'm going big. i don't care if i meet him on the street. i'll be like, yeah, hi, ryan gosling. he knows i have a crush on him and i have met him.
8:33 am
it was very obvious i had a crush on him. >> lara, how about you? >> i would like to do like an amalgamation if i could. >> you put two men together and your date may come out looking like -- >> but -- if i could have a little bit of john mayer and a little bit -- well, a lot of bit and then a little bit of sam hewn from "outlander." have you not seen this man. if you've not seen "outlander," let's just remind you, i called him. >> but it's called facedate so if you're looking for a date and you don't mind that type of -- >> so, it's really up and running? >> i think it's up and running now. >> i would like to know if somebody had success in that. >> let us know if you have. we'd like to hear. from what people look like to what things sound like. today is world hearing day. it's meant to raise awareness and promote ear and hearing care acro across the world so happy world hearing day, everyone. in honor of this, a thousand
8:34 am
people, this is really interesting to determine their favorite sounds. we have the top five, some of them might surprise you. so the first one is music. ♪ that makes sense, right. that's number five. that's number five. number four will be the sound of waves crashing. >> oh, that's number one. >> that's great. >> yeah, you like that. >> there it is. >> yeah, that gets me. >> number three, i love this one is the sound of being told i love you. >> oh, i like that too. >> i like that. this one was a little surprising. number two is birds chirping. it relaxes you. no? scares you a little. our number one favorite sound is the sound of children laughing. >> 100%. >> yep. >> a baby cooing. >> that is the best sound in the world. i love the other honorable mention, the sound of your feet walking on gravel. i love that sound. george, you seem mystified.
8:35 am
>> i'm imagining it. >> something satisfying. scary movies. >> that's not scary. >> i'll take the baby cooing. >> all right. >> let's just move on and save me. no, i love that. i loved all of those sounds, amy and i love you. >> oh, i love you too. >> so, most big car companies use high bait marketing executives and ad agencies to get the word out about their projects. tesla which sells very high-end electric vehicles does none of that. a michigan fifth grader named ria noticed the lack of advertising and wrote a letter to the ceo elon musk and she suggested that he hold a competition to see who can make the best homemade ad for the company and should air the winner and posted it on twitter and what do you know, elon musk wrote back. he said great idea. we'll do it so right now we'll talk to this future marketing executive.
8:36 am
bria is joining us via skype. hi, bria. [ applause ] so, how excited are you that tesla is actually using your idea? >> i'm really, really excited and i didn't think that would happen. i didn't even think he would answer. and i was just -- i'm so, so happy. >> do you have any suggestions of what they should do in terms of this ad? what would you write? what would you say? >> something that will like entertain people and like get their attention. >> so, bria, how did you get into tesla? >> well, my dad writes about cars and he is always talking about it so i kind of like learned about it from him and other family members.
8:37 am
>> and you think it's a pretty cool car? >> yeah, i think it's really cool. >> good taste. so are you going to get involved in the contest? do you have an idea for an ad? >> well, i don't know have a tesla car but i might -- i don't know though. i'm still deciding. >> well, you know what, bria, you know what this means, your dad has to buy you a tesla car. how about that? >> i like that. [ applause ] >> i think elon musk can spring for one after you gave him the idea. >> i do too. he's going to get a free marketing campaign. we love that. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good to talk to you. >> she's got six years before she can drive. >> great to see somebody so young and so smart -- writes that letter and throws it out there and gets a response from elon musk which is awesome on his part as well.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ time after time abc. back now with the world premiere of megan trainor's new music video for "i'm a lady" the song featured in "smurfs: the lost village" and voices one of the new characters smurf melody.
8:41 am
let's listen. ♪ i'm a lady 'cause i'm a lady all my girls ♪ show them you're a lady ♪ ♪ tell the world say that you're proud to be a lady ♪ ♪ all my girls show them you're a lady ♪ ♪ tell the world say that you're proud to be a lady ♪ ♪ and i'm pretty, pretty cute and i'm pretty smart and when i break it down it's a work of art ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> that's a dream come true to let's get a check of local weather. >> reporter: all right, ginger we're dry on storm tracker 6 live double scan, a couple of light snow showers in lancaster county. we're going for a high of 40 today. it stays windy and killie, there could be a passing snow shower at any time during the day especially in the afternoon. cold and windy on saturday. this weather report and that sad rendition of the smurf theme
8:42 am
song brought to you by walgreens. over to lara. >> we're here with josh bowman and freddie stroma and star in the new abc show "time after time" and based on a young h.g. wells who follows jack the ripper to modern manhattan. here's a little sneak peek. >> you really willing to kill me and violate everything you stand for. >> you don't belong in this time or any time. >> then do it. do it. do it! [ applause ] >> spooky. josh bowman, welcome back to the abc family. when last we met you were on "revenge." >> yes. >> now playing an even creepier character. >> it's good to be back. >> how is it playing jack the ripper. >> i think he's a little misunderstood. >> how so? >> you know, he's -- i think at the center of the story there is a friendship. he's -- he's a doctor, this guy is a surgeon.
8:43 am
he's a very prestigious surgeon in london and what h.g. wells didn't know he is moonlighting as a serial killer known as jack the ripper. >> and freddie is playing a young h.g. wells who follows you to present day new york trying to get you back to london, talk to me about the fact that you guys are not only friends, well, have a complicated friendship on camera but are age old friends. >> yeah, well, age old -- i guess we can give her ha. >> since childhood. >> we've known each other and knew each other when i was about 7 years old. we both went to a school and you were a year below me. my brother's year and you actually knew that we were so same school. >> i remember his name flashed up on casting and i remember his brother from my school he was in my year and i think he was in the year above so it was such a strange coincidence, same elementary school, crazy. >> that's got to help with
8:44 am
chemistry on set right away. >> we have no chemistry at all. it's terrible. >> i know, ladies, you agree with that too, right? freddie, does anybody remember freddie from "unreal"? [ applause ] you played the first bachelor of the satirical take on dating shows and one great benefit besides a great gig you met your beautiful wife. >> i met my wife on the show, yeah. i did, indeed. >> she's amazing and, yeah, my best friend. >> that's wonderful. and she's acting also on -- >> she's shooting "quantico" right now. i think she's about to go to set. >> i want to ask you, josh, you started out in a very different profession. you were a professional rugby player. >> yeah, i played rugby when i was 18. i left high school and played rugby for about six months it lasted because i dislocated my shoulder. >> did you -- but was acting just the backup? >> it kind of was.
8:45 am
i kind of fell into it, yeah. i can't really describe how, you know, it just led to this. >> it's working. >> you know, i love it. i adore it. it's rugby is a very tough sport and, you know, i just got very -- it's very tiring. >> yes. and, freddie, i read too you also had a very different beginning. you studied neuroscience. >> yes, i did. >> so, how does one go from neuroscience to -- >> i liked acting and got an agent when i was 18 and started my degree and juggled the two and then i finished my degree and i liked the acting thing so i kept doing that. >> yeah, well, we like it too and the show looks fantastic and tell be a secret. somebody's birthday is tomorrow. i believe josh. >> oh, it's my birthday. it's my birthday. >> oh, no. celebrate. >> thank you. that's -- >> i'm not allowed to sing the birthday song. >> thank you very much. that is very, very -- >> happy, happy birthday in i'll
8:46 am
have to wheel this on to a plane in about four hours. >> we have a giant tupperware container for you. going to take that, share it with the cast. it is really nice to meet both of you, giant fan of "revenge," "unreal" and now "time after time," looks great. you can see the first two episodes sunday 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. thanks a lot. coming up, great performance by clean bandit.
8:47 am
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so many around the world remember him as a child with his dad. now prince michael jackson speaks out live about being the son of a legend following in his father's footsteps and the work he's doing now to honor his father.
8:49 am
prince michael jackson, exclusive live "gma" monday. back with clean bandit, sean paul and anne-marie and heading out on tour and now here going to sing their chart-topping hit "this is rockabye." ♪ call it love and devotion call it a mom's adoration ♪ ♪ a special bond of creation ♪ for all the single moms out there going through frustration ♪ ♪ clean bandit sean-da-paul anne-marie sing make them hear ♪ ♪ she works the nights by the water she's gone astray so far away ♪ ♪ from her father's daughter she just wants a life for her baby ♪ ♪ all on her own no one will come she's got to save him ♪ ♪ daily struggle ♪ she tells him ooh love no one's ever gonna hurt you love ♪ ♪ i'm gonna give you all of my
8:50 am
love ♪ ♪ nobody matters like you she tells him your life ain't gon' be nothing like my life ♪ ♪ you're gonna grow and have a good life ♪ ♪ i'm gonna do what i've got to do so rockabye baby, rockabye ♪ rockabye baby don't you cry somebody's got you ♪ ♪ rockabye baby rockabye i'm gonna rock you ♪ ♪ rockabye baby don't you cry come on hey rockabye no ♪ ♪ rockabye-rocka-rocka-rocka bye ♪ ♪ single mama you doing out there facing the hard life without no fear yeah ♪ ♪ just so you know that you really care 'cause any obstacle come you're well prepared ♪ ♪ oh no no momma you never shed tear ♪ ♪ 'cause you have to shed things year after year ♪ ♪ and you give the youth love beyond compare yeah ♪
8:51 am
♪ you find his school fee and the bus fare yeah ♪ ♪ now she got a 6-year-old trying to keep him warm ♪ ♪ trying to keep out the cold when he looks in her eyes he don't know he is safe ♪ ♪ when she says ooh, love no one's ever gonna hurt you love ♪ ♪ i'm gonna give you all of my love ♪ ♪ nobody matters like you so rockabye baby rockabye ♪ ♪ i'm gonna rock you rockabye baby don't you cry ♪ ♪ rockabye, yeah, oh oh ♪ yeah ♪ now she got a 6-year-old trying to keep him warm trying to keep out the cold ♪ ♪ when he looks in her eyes he don't know he is safe when she says she tells him ooh love
8:52 am
no one's ever gonna hurt you love i'm gonna give you all of my love ♪ ♪ nobody matters like you stay out there stay out there ♪ ♪ so rockabye baby rockabye ♪ i'm gonna rock you rockabye baby don't you cry ♪ ♪ rockabye-rocka-rocka-rocka bye ♪ baby don't you cry ♪ ♪ rockabye don't bother cry lift up your head lift it up to the sky rockabye ♪ ♪ rockabye don't bother cry yeah ♪ ♪ angels surround you just dry your eye yeah ♪ where should you start when you're
8:53 am
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. [ cheers and applause ] >> thanks so sean paul and anne-marie. the crowd till on their feet in it was amazing.
8:56 am
before we go espnw honoring women making history month with a powerful video "when i play." a rallying cry for all women and girls and you can watch it on and share your own inspiring story on social media using the #wheniplay. >> when i play. have a great weekend, everybody. thanks to all of you guys.
8:57 am
right now approaching conshohocken, as you look at the speeds you can see jammed on silk westbound. schuylkill expressway westbound a university that has moved to the shoulder, an accident on the schuylkill expressway near conshohocken, as well, we have couple of those out there right now. i-95 southbound 15 miles per hour near girard, the accident near the vine has cleared. we have a large sinkhole at
8:58 am
clearfield street. >> david murphy is talking coat, hat, scarf, gloves. it is cold despite the sun, 4 degrees in philadelphia. there's a bit of a wind at times that's driving the windchill in the 20s. this afternoon look for a high of 40. clouds increase and we'll get spotty snow showers around just wet roads out of these, but maybe grassy accumulation here and there. tomorrow, sunny and cold, 36. windchills in the 20s. 38 sunday not as bad a day, we'll increase the clouds, but the winds will be lighter, more comfortable. we're in the 50s monday, 60s on tuesday. coming up on "action news" at noon four people were shot during a fight at a local bar. the gunfire wounded three customers and bartender who try to break up the brawl. time for live "live with kelly"p next on 6abc. i'm tamala edwards stay warm, have a great friday!
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" academy award-winning actress octavia spencer and from the smash hit "hamilton," taran killam. and the singer of the hit "i took a pill and a visa" mike posner. and jerry o'connell returns at cohost. all next on "live"! [cheers and applause] >> announcer: and now, here are kelly ripa and jerry o'connell! [cheers and applause] >> kelly: hi, hi.


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