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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 4, 2017 1:37am-2:10am EST

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cuellar is live at police headquarters. dan, what do police know? >> jim, they know this much, the whole ching wa thing was capturn video. passengers on the bus became the unintended target of gunfire. it broke out before their eyes as they were passing through the logan intersection. >> these are images of the bus parked at logan and hawking. police say the yellow bus was struck at least eight times in a shooting that broke out just before 4:30. some of the bullets went into the passenger side, exited the driver side of the bus. >> residents say a dice game was going on with men in front of the corner store. things went south and shortly after a vehicle with heavy tint
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arrived, four men carrying semiautomatic weapons and all hell broke loose. >> 47 shots were fired. >> a woman, her 27-year-old daughter and 13-year-old girl were onboard the bus. they managed to escape the barrage of gunfire. >> all three females luckily and miraculously were not injured, not struck by gunfire. >> incredibly, the man that was the target escaped unscathed. a 58-year-old man he was talking to was was shot. >> nobody was hit on the bus but residents were upset something like this could happen. >> it makes me want to cry. it brings tears to your eyes. they are the innocent ones. do you think they stop to think? >> so far the four men have e
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evaded police. the 58-year-old man caught in gunfire is listed in stable condition at einstein made call center, dann cuellar, channel6 "action news." >> a pedestrian died along a darkened stretch of pots down in montgomery county. police say the unidentified man was hit by two vehicles, one stopped. one didn't. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. 30 minutes later another pedestrian was struck down in mount laurel burlington county. a woman was hit at roger's walk. her name has not been released but she's in extremely critical condition at virtual hospital. the driver involved stopped at the scene. >> pennsylvania senate democrats have fallen victim to a
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ransomware cyberattack that shut down their computer systems. it happened today at held their data hostage. minority leader jay cos ta says the malicious software was discovered this morning. even at this hour websites are down showing error messages. democratic caucuses won't say what was demanded or if they paid to get their data back. usually they demand bit coin to unlock your files. a cyber security expert tells us the thieves go after everyone from regular businesses, to regular folks. ooh won't even be able to access your e-mail. you will be able to access the screen in front of you asking you to pay ransom to unlock or
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decrypt your computer. >> the state's network was not faked because it's separate from the senate democrat computers. make backups of your files and stay suspicious with attachments with e-mails or links. >> i-95 is open in philadelphia four hours after a crash sut down the highway. sky chopper hd was able to see the scene. this is how it looked earlier this afternoon, a tractor trailer, dump truck and car collided. one victim was taken to the hospital. investigators have not said what caused the crash. >> a couple of quick bursts of snow showers across the area reminded us that it's still winter and this weekend will put an icy exclamation point on that fact with some of the coldest
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testimonies we have seen all season. adam joseph is in for cecily. what's the story here? >> we are going back to the freezer. it's march, winter and in charge this weekend. storm tracker double scan, showers and squalls that passed through, they are long gone. that's opened the door to cold winds out of the northwesterly direction. these are air temperatures, baltimore 29, 16 in syracuse, 11 in burlington. factor in the wind and it feels colder than that. we stop around 31 for the overnight low this time of year. we pull back to 23 in philadelphia, 19 allentown, 23 dover. a chilly breeze with clear skies. tormintomorrow morning, five ton above, in the southern areas, 10
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to 15 the windchill in the morning. we'll see the seven-day forecast in just a bit, jim. >> adam, thank you. >> bad weather is to blame for the massive pile up on i-81 as snow squalls passed through causing white-out conditions, look at that picture, one person was killed, 35 cars and trucks were involved as you can see from the drone video and the ground victims and witnesses took out their cellphones to record the scene of mangled metal and shattered gas. 18 people were rush today hospital in addition to the one fatality. >> through the window of the oval office one could see president trump meeting wisdom his top advisers trying to get control over the russian connection story. he defended jeff sessions who reaccused himself yesterday from any investigation into the
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matter. trump insists sessions is the victim of a witch hunt. trump left washington for a trip to florida. teacher unions can criticized the visit showing hostility by trump toward public schools. >> despite president trump's public promises, the keystone excel pipeline will not be required to use american steel. the president's executive order only applies to new pipelines or those being repaired or to be repaired. the keystone is under construction. they intended to source half of the steel from the u.s. vice president mike pence defended his use of a private e-mail account to conduct state business while governor of indiana. the indianapolis star reported
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pence's use of a private aol account yesterday and the fact that it was hacked. pence says there is no comparison between what he did and hilary clinton's practice of having private servers mishandling classified information and destroying e-mails, there pence's words. >> a family of a man killed by vineland police filed a $1 million lawsuit. an officer fatally shot richard bard junior in april last year. bard and another man were involved in a pistol whipping robbery that led to a shoot out when police arrived. bard's family claims it was not possible he was involved due to injuries in a car accident four years before. >> a dispute has come to an end in the school district. the teacher union has ratified a
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new contract. thesk working without one since 2013. the new one is retro active to that the date through 2019. >> police in eastham township are calling a seven-year-old boy a hero with good reason. he acted quickly and may have saved his mother's life. >> jeff chirico has the story. >> she coughed a lot and i wasn't worried until she started choking. then i got worried. >> i was in and out of a fog. >> danielle had a severe asthma attack when she got seven-year-old rocco ready for school. on the floor and unable to breathe she handed her cellphone to her seven-year-old son. >> i said who should i call. she said 911. i called and explained what
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happened. >> i was upstairs so i went downstairs and opened the door. >> his brave instincts helped keep his mother calm. >> when you are on the floor and vomiting and trying to put inhalers in your mouth and can't breathe and you have panic attacks and your seven-year-old son is patting you on your back. >> when he was four, his mother started teaching him to dial 911. you knew what to do, buddy? >> yeah. >> i hug my mommy a lot. >> all day everyday. >> sometimes i don't want to let go of her when i have to go to school oosm fortunately, there will be many more hugs to come. danielle who is doing better says she is not surprised by her little hero. rocco is getting used to the title. >> i am a real hero.
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>> how does that make you feel? >> happy and a little nervous. >> jeff che chirico, action new. >> still to come, an arrest in the jcc bomb threats with an uninvested explanation. >> and a safety threat of city vehicles, including police cars. she's getting answers on why they haven't been fixed. >> a celebrity chef unveils his new restaurant at the jersey store. adam? >> winter is still in charge. we have a direct shot from the hudson bay over the weekend. we talk about the numbers. >> ducis rogers talking sixers trying to hold strong without joel embid. that and more when "action n
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>> there have been 122 bomb threats called into jewish schools and organizations in 36 states since january 9th. police in st. louis arrested jaun thompson charging him with making at least eight of them. no apparent anti-semitism here. he appeared in court on charges that he made the calls to harass and frame his ex-girlfriend. >> a two month long "action news" investigation is exposing safety risk to our public servants, some are at risk if they have a recall involved. wednesda.wendy saltzman explain.
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>> we found many of the police vehicles have recalls. we are asking the city if they are doing enough to make sure the employees are safe. they have 6,000 vehicles in their fleet, but an "action news" investigation found some of the cars, including the car driving mayor kenney himself could be an accident waiting to happen. g.m. recalled police pursuit ta hues, on the list, the mayor's car, involving a short circuit. in spite of the recall which can increase the risk on an engine compartment fire while the vehicle is running oosm you have a car that can catch on fire. i don't think it can get worse than that.
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>> we checked with technician ronrobert reduce. >> you shouldn't use the vehicles. they are part of the parks and water department fleets. >> it's basically like a shotgun charge inside the car. we found fuel receptors that can cause the car to stall without warning. seatbelts that can fail and doors with defective door latches. >> the door can open while in motion. >> our safety is the main concern. >> our investigation started in december and they have fixed 557 open e recalls. in the prior month, 1300, increasing from four cars a day to seven cars a day. the city assistant fleet manager
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tom hall says it's just a coincidence. >> once it's parts available, we'll jump on the remedy. >> some cars have to be repaired over time. >> we can't pull a hundred vehicles off the street. the department needs. it's impossible. you will put the whole city at risk. but those without remedy, they'll stay on the road. >> the federal government didn't say to park the vehicles or remove them from service, so we kept them in service. >> they are at risk. they don't even know it. they get in the car and drive out of the yard. do we know if the employees are notified? >> i don't know. i would say no. >> they say they follow federal safety standards and requirements and have reached out to risk management and determined the cars are safe
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enough to drive. i'm wendy saltzman, "action news." >> the cdc is shining a light on many problems in many schools. this may not occur to most parents. most schools are getting failing grades when it comes to protecting children from sun exposure. fewer than one in five implemented safety practices including steps like providing sunscreen to student students or scheduling recess earlier in the day. high schoolers are the least protected according to the cdc it's freezing cold the problem this weekend. >> we warm up next week. as we look at double scan, any of the snow showers and squalls, they are long gone. the sky cleared out but winds will be whipping tonight and early tomorrow morning.
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many of our daffodils are in bloom across the delaware valley. you get snow showers that pass through early. you have a beautiful contrast of the white and yellow here. the daffodils looking defeated by mother nature with their heads hung down toward the ground here as the cold air is moving in and they are getting shock to their system. as we look at sky 6 live in spring mountain, temperatures are cold enough, trying to make up snow they lost the last couple of weeks with the well above average temperatures. spring mountain a go with man made snow. the dewpoint is so low, five degree, meaning super dry arctic air, chapped lips. your skin may start to crack.
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wind out of the northwest, 14 14 miles per hour and a windchill of 20-degrees. trenton, allentown, reading, wilmington feeling like 17-degrees. we saw the reruption of snow clouds earlier. once the sun set, you lose all of that. that's why we quickly cleared this evening, and we'll stay clear tomorrow. the northwesterly wind, 12 to 2. the air temperatures, it's not going to feel like that. tomorrow, 36 in philadelphia feels like 24 at the best during the middle part of the day with winds gusting to near 35 miles per hour and by the evening hours, the windchills going back to the teens. sunday, high pressure comes closer by pulling the wind down a bit second half of the weekend with a lot of sun and a high of 39. the exclusive accuweather forecast shows a cold weekend.
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the coalsd sincthe coldest sinc. clouds increase monday, turning milder at 52. we are back in the 60s tuesday and wednesday, a few showers coming in tuesday afternoon and a breezy day tuesday, the same for wednesday. we pull back closer to normal, thursday and friday under partly sunny skies. we have to find the winter gear. you will need it both days this weekend. >> celebrity chef is doubling down on atlantic city. hundreds of vip's attended as he cut the ribbon at the tropicana casino to launch three new restaurants. part of the event included slicing a three foot sushi roll.
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they are coastal themed eateries. the tropicana is undergoing a $90 million renovation. high school girls in new castle delaware were treated to the inaugural dress year give away event. community members donated 1,000 dresses so girls that might not be able to get one on their own could get one. they were treat today hair services if are the big dance. it will continue tomorrow afternoon. chief astronomers is the possession of a new children's book. philadelphia mayor jim kenney on hand for the event. he presented pits with the city's
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>> sixers had a heartbreaking loss against the knicks in new york last week. return the favor. >> pay back is pay back. i think that's what they say. something like that. there is a lot of focus the
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sixers got rid of. a chance to focus on one of the players they acquired. sixers and nix. okafor had a rib contusion but he would return. sixers up by ten at the break. third quarter, the coming out party for justin anderson. he gets under the skin of caramel anderson. we like that. moving to the fourth quarter, behind the back to okafor, sixers up by three. dario fines anderson for a floater, 19 points for the new guy, sixers win 105-102. the home crowd, wow. >> it was awesome. they had our backs. we kept fighting hard everyone from the starters to the bench, everyone wanted to win this. it felt good, the energy felt great. >> the in, fl season ended a
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month ago but the sixers had to wait until today for their draft position. they win it, picking 14th in the draft. jeremy hellerson welcoming day starter for the twins. home run there by a guy named danny. danny. >>
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>> it's march, the business of college basketball is about to pick ip. pick up. tonight drexel played. dukes in double figures, dragons lose 80-70. blue hens over come the deficit to pull off the upset and moving on tomorrow finals at noon. penn and dart moth, dart moth knocks down 13 triples. penn loses, 7-6, that's sports. community members gathered late this afternoon to clean up a neighborhood safe haven. it needed attention.
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tony, a former member of the villanova basketball program and other volunteers are kicking off a weekend of clean up events. he credits centers like this for keeping him on the path to success. wielding that broom. "jimmy kimmel live" live next followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at
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it's an all new show with great viral videos "right this minute." a loyal dog can't stay with his master in icu -- >> but for eight days this dog kept vigil by the hospital. >> see how one amazing reunion leads to another life-changing event. it's a video that -- >> is going to make your brain go, huh? >> the cue to making a peculiar scene is -- >> dope. the extreme oakland housing crisis. >> are they going to use that for she felt her? >> behind the scenes of the billboard movement. and look who is getting her groove on. >> because she's


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