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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 6, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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it's march 6th. time for great viral videos "right this minute." a skew bah instructor is stunned to see a butcher's knife -- >> in the head of a shark. >> what happens when the man tries to do a good deed. a cool campaign by beauty giant sephora. >> showcasing some of their own employees and who they are. >> i am courageous. and i am fearless. >> the video that celebrates being bold in beauty and in life. a guy is caught sleeping when he shouldn't be. >> no, this is a driver of a big bus. >> the moment he wakes to one rough ride. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web. including a mom who finally spots her birthday present. >> everyone else is like, what? >> the story behind sally's big
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surprise. >> that's so sweet. bret johnson is a driving instructor in the cayman islands. he's got a group of tourists with him. watch what he sees right here. what is it, a dagger? >> that's a kitchen knife in the head of a nurse shark. >> oh, man. >> when bret first swam up to it, he thought it was sleeping. and then he saw that the knife was in its head. so he reaches his hand down very slowly, very carefully approaching it, and finally he puts his hand on the knife and pulls it out as the shark starts to swim away. but it left quite a gash in the animal. the marine biologist says they have incredible immune systems and incredible healing powers. this was shot one day. and two days later the shark was seen swimming around and appeared okay. but the sharks are protected in the cayman islands so an incident like this shouldn't
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happen. be courageous as a woman is to do everything in your life from the bottom of your heart. >> march 8th will be international women's day. so it's time to celebrate our diversity. >> it means to be fearless. >> it means compassion. >> being bold or ambitious. >> powerful. >> the video put together by sephora. and they are showcasing some of their own employees and who they are. their stories. >> it's like richard branson always says, you treat your employees amazingly well, and they will treat your customers amazingly well. and that sort of shows in the corporate culture here with sephora. >> you can even see in their faces and their expressions how comfortable and happy they are. you're right, you will do better because of it. >> we are strong. we are the ones that give life. >> march 8 is also a day without women. there's a day that women need to
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show the impact they have in the country as to not go to work on the 8th. or to wear red and draw attention to everything that gets done. >> so if we don't show up, then what? it would just be you? >> that's the point. >> there's an entire international women's day campaign. if you want to partake, you can grab the link on our website, and click on tv show or check it out on the mobile app. everybody knows, you don't drink and drive. everybody knows you don't get your mobile phone out and start texting and calling while you're driving. but still, people don't seem to understand the very, very real danger of fatigue. we start inside a coach in china. this driver has dozed off while heading down an expressway in china. he's out for about 20 seconds. and then the inevitable. there's a huge impact. the front right of the coach has been torn off as that woman is now holding on for dear life. what happened was, you can see
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that truck right there, the bus rammed right into the back of it before eventually coming to a stop causing huge delays as well. there were many people on board this bus. many of them had serious injuries. and unfortunately, one person died because of this. >> oh, gosh. >> the driver often sleeps in the bus to save money, to save time, but as a result, sleeping in the bus doesn't really get very good quality sleep. and unfortunately, this was the result. and now he faces charges of negligent manslaughter. i have a second video for you. it's going to make christian and nick freak out a little bit. it happens very quickly. >> exactly. >> this veers off to the right, heads straight to the tree, and a huge impact with the concrete lift at the bottom. the rider on his way to wherever he was going fell asleep while riding. >> how on earth do you fall asleep on a motorcycle? >> that's what i was thinking. i always thought that was impossible. you're doing so much that your
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body is working. each limb is doing something else. >> your helmet is uncomfortable. and you're not in a comfortable riding position. >> good thing he was wearing the helmet after the initial accident. he was conscious but could not move. he is not expected to have long-term effect. he's lucky nobody was killed. but in this case, these two prime examples are how fatigue can happen. pmpblts you guys won't be able to tell me what this construction worker and pavarotti have in common. he is 22 years old. he's a man working in australia. and was a pretty quiet guy, a pretty quiet member of the crew. some of hissome of his co,ers n
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he had some -- >> do opera singers do construction like actors wait tables? >> it could be. danny price is making some money here. he is a music student. he's singing pavarotti's song. you knew that? >> of course i knew that. what? >> come on, this is a scene from the 1990s world cup. >> it's davey's dream to sing in the opera house. so there's video of him that went viral. because of that, davey may get his dream. he's getting the attention, he's getting the exposure.
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♪ turn it off i love opera. >> after that he just goes right back to work. >> look, he's got a beautiful voice. the rules are simple for this run. slow down and stop. >> see what happens when one snowboarder decides to break them. and the internet can't stop watching this instagram star. >> because, well, his story is out of this world. >> why what he's after is a little extra terrestrial. brought to you by olive garden. get never ending value with our lunch. one more time come on in for new grilled chicken, tossed in a creamy alfredo sauce plus all the salad and breadsticks you want
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albreakthrough withyou back. non-drowsy allegra® closed captioning provided by -- i think i understand the appeal of women's sports, like skiing and snowboarding. but it is all about freedom. freedom to explore the mountain. freedom to tame gravity and snow. none of which is happening in either of these videos. these guys are at the base of
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the mount in japan. and the guy with them has said in this particular part, when you get down to the bottom, slow down and stop. phil here clearly has something different. go, phil! >> brake! brake! >> you can see right there he kind of loses his footing and ends up in the hole. >> oh, no. >> you okay? >> maybe he was just trying to fill in that hole. >> can you do this? we got the whole thing on film and now it's on national television. and now we are with richard. he will probably meet up with adam at the bottom. >> just having a good time, beautiful weather.
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>> huh? wait a second, where is adam? he doesn't see him. he continues to find him. then when he finds the gopro footage he finds adam. >> literally, he just lays out, skis everywhere, upside down, inside out. he doesn't know which way is up. >> is that why the guy was standing in the middle of the slope looking at adam like, what is going on with that guy? >> i don't know what is going on, but he was distracted by the guy there. he didn't notice his buddy. this is a video where it shows skiing is fun but it can also get you. you know, sometimes if you walk into a place like this australian man did and just pretend like you belong there, you can get away with a lot.
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in fact, when you just walk around like you are supposed to be there, you might just be able to go unnoticed, sit yourself in a beautiful red car, shut the door and drive right out. because that's exactly what is happening. that guy that you saw in the shorts, get in the car, is a thief. as he's pulling out, granted, some of the guys notice and run up to the car. but at this point it's too late. the guy is out. >> this is like shopping at a dealership. he just walked into a dealership. >> he's basically invisible. he didn't walk in, he wasn't looking over his shoulder. just looks like a customer picking up his car. nobody is watching. that's the definition of brazen. >> that thing looked brand new. >> we'll see how long the joyride lasts. video is getting a lot of attention because, well, his story is out of this world.
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then he has a ton of social media followers. he says that he identifies as genderless and sexless, but says ever since he was young, he knew he never fit in. until he set out to make his external appearance feel like his internal appearance, and that is an alien. he as cheek and brow bone fillers. if you go to his facebook page, he's a model and this is his art. >> he was born male, krengt? >> yes, but he plans to spend at $106,000 to get rid of the genitalia? >> say what? say that again. >> he wants to get rid of his genitalia. >> he wants to get rid of his genitalia? >> yes. >> understand he doesn't feel like a male or female, but
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everyone ifeels pleasure, right? >> not everyone. i guess to complete his vision -- >> he plans to get his genitalia, nipple, belly button removed. he refers to himself as alien. >> i wonder what doctors are thinking about this. maybe he's confused in the situation, but he's moving forward and is set to appear in an upcoming show. >> i hope he finds happiness. it's a little scary because it seems like the path he's going is irreversible. the next phenom on a snowboard. >> you may know the person beneath the suit. >> next "right this mi and still to come, jessica sharing a recipe to help you -- >> go nighty night. >> see what makes this banana
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tea the perfect sleepy time drink. >> i didn't know plus, he's working on the corvette. and installing some new parts. >> and boy, oh, boy, do they make some awful noises. >> oh, sweet. well done. >> find out if this exhaust upgrade gets the party started.
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night. a little tea can help. >> the first thing we are putting into banana tea is water. >> she doesn't peel them, ginger peel cut up. >> now we're just going to throw some spices in there. and once it starts to simmer, pour it through the strainer. >> to show us who will help to go to sleep, jessica, bring it on. >> i have have never had tea th color before. >> i think it's the banana making it that color. >> that myself is the question, why banana? why is that making you sleepy? >> the banana skin that is on there has potassium and magnesium, which is loaded with the stuff to help you sleep. and the splashes of banana converts to melatonin to make you want to sleep. >> you didn't add sleep so i'm guessing the sweetener comes from the banana. >> yeah, the ginger and spices
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you taste are good for your stomach and digestion. all that is helping you sleep. >> it has an interesting flavor. but it's nice. >> i would say those people watching at home who don't like banana, it's not banana flavored. >> you're right. >> it's banana-esque. >> and the ginger is not strong. because sometimes people put ginger in stuff and you're like, whoo! but this is pretty good. >> can you leave the rest for the show? >> maybe. >> you'll go bananas for this tea, too. go to and click on tv show or to the mobile app for all the ingredients and instruction. when you spend your life around cars and working on cars, you like to push and like to see what the cars can do. this man is working on his corvette installing new parts. >> we have 400 party things and boy, oh, boy, do they make some awful noises.
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so we're going to try to figure out how we can put them in this exhaust and then boy, oh, bourks a boy are we getting nasty noises from this stuff. >> he's got this thing stuffed of party favors. there's a lot of pressure behind the corvette exhaust and a lot of horsepower. >> gosh, that is magnificent. >> we'll see how it works. >> see, it wasn't going to work. we need reinforcements so standby. >> they tried a few times and it never really works well for them. you can see here, trying to hold them in place. so they move on over to the dodge pickup truck, two exhausts this time. we'll see how that works. >> all right, fire it up. look at this. oh, yes! >> no way, it worked! >> i am impressed. >> success! in a giant waste of time.
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>> i don't know. >> is it? >> it's one of those random internet wins that we can just be glad that we put the time into. >> you guys are making fun, but there's one person out there who always would wonder. >> oh, you have to put it in drive there, buddy. sally is celebrating her birthday when suddenly -- >> an uninvited guest turns up. >> the story behind the big gift that takes her breath away. >> yay! fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer
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marilyn loves the lint roller. ♪
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celebrating birthdays is what is going on in this first video. is is say is celebrating her 29th birthday. >> well done, oli. >> i'm going to be kind. especially because they are fans of the show. thank you very much, guys. then suddenly an uninvited guest turns up. a big red bow pops in. >> hey, sal. >> i see sally has a feeling something is going on. no, that's not my car, my car is actually just around the corner. that's when her daughter -- >> nope, that's your new car, mom. >> are you serious? >> mom certainly drops her head into her hands. everyone else is like, what? this is where her son gets up to enjoy the new gift. and i have to say, sally, nice pants. >> i like them. >> the whole story is sally is in retirement and has been driving a bit of a clunker.
2:57 pm
jodi's old car. she's been making due. and about a month it just -- i like this because it's a twist on the whole thing. you know, everybody remembers that moment when they get bought their first car. which is what is going on in the second video. this amazing lad is led down the dangerous stairs. it's pretty snowy, icy and cold. >> she trusts him a whole lot. >> she takes off the blindfold. even after they sing "happy birthday" to her she's a little incredulous. just to be clear, that car right there, that's mine? >> that's mine? >> hey, man. we have seen videos where people get pranked and that is not what happens in this case. eventually, she believes it is hers and goes in for the big hug. >> that's the end of our show but the fun continues over at check it out or we'll see you on the next brand new episode of "right thi
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[ sighs ] excuse me, is this seat taken? woman: oh, no. by all means. oh, thank you. mm. love that purse. right? it's kind of fabulous, isn't it? oh, yeah. it's a present i gave myself after a particularly big win. the usual espresso, ms. miller? chris, how many times do i have to tell you? it's "diane." please. sure thing, diane. make it a double espresso this morning. i have a huge day of litigation ahead of me, and i need all the caffeine i can get. litigation? you must be an attorney. mm-hmm. [ chuckles ] a big case? well, yes, but the real issue is going to be the opposing counsel -- llanview, pennsylvania's, own woman of the year ms. nora buchanan. her reputation is excellent, so of course i have to bring my "a" game, but then again, i always do. [ chuckles ]


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