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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 7, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon in the news this noon, people are cleaning up the damage from another tornado outbreak. >> and owners of a fitness club are vowing to rebuild after a destructive fire. and a kidnapping attempt in delaware. they believe this attack is similar to two cases in newcastle county last month. annie mccormick is live in newark where the police are acti actively looking for the suspend. >> reporter: the victim is lucky because she was not assaulted. we spoke to a man who lives here in the apartment complex, a marine, and the man that the victim and her boyfriend ran to for help after she escaped the grip of that dangerous man who police believe is a serial sexual predator. >> he came up from behind and held a gun to her head and said this is a stick up.
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>> the man that chased down the man that put a gun to a woman's head walked us through it. >> she came down the steps and he came up and she went for this and as he put the gun to her head, she went down and hit the security buzzer. >> a woman returned to this delaware apartment complexes as they walked down here the perpetrator crouched in a stairwell like this one. waiting with a gun and announced a robbery. and luckily the victim's boyfriend answered the door that leads to a common area and the suspect took off. >> he drove a half mile in each direction to see if i could see the black hoody so i could direct the police in the direction he went. >> and newcastle police believe that two case where'ss where a a gun robbed and assaulted women
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in the last two weeks was the same for last night's attempted abduction and robbery. >> and roberts says once a marine also a marine and would do it for anyone calling for help. he could not get a look at the armed man and neither did the victim. 5'8", 5'9" wearing a ski mask and hoody and all dark clothing and in the reports of the attacks that happened nearby in february. there were reports that the man in that case did have an accent how in this case that is not clear. we hope to learn more from police as they expect to have a news conference this afternoon and if anyone has information there is an 800 line to call. reporting live in delaware, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. this just into "action news," philadelphia police are
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looking for a missing 5-year-old. nayirtom as was last seen with his grandfather. they were on frankford avenue and he was reported missing last night and they tried to call him but never got a hold of him. he was last seen with a red red sweatshirt. >> a man is recould having after a robbery attempt in west philadelphia. the 54-year-old victim was driving an unlicensed taxi cab on south 52nd street. that is when the man got into his vehicle and demanded money. the man opened fire hitting the driver twice, police are looking for suspects, the shooting victim remained hospitalized. >> the owner of a local fitness club began to rebuild. the flames engulfed the fitness
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center on northeast philadelphia. dozens of people were inside and scrambled to get out. roofing work was being done but the official cause remains under investigation. turning to accuweather, conditions are turning mild again for the next few days, going live outside the last of the morning rain has moved out but we could see more showers later tonight as we look live at the ben franklin bridge. david murphy is tracking the latest at the big board. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us while the main body of rain with we see for a time is off the coast, we are looking at spotty additional showers. for another hour or so. this is not happening everywhere and down the shore you stay dry. and an umbrella if you run out areas in philadelphia and the northern and western spots in philadelphia. because of spotty shower activity. the wider view on storm tracker shows you additional activity on the way.
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a cold front to the west and batches of arraign out ahead of it. and we'll get into a lull this afternoon and then later this evening and overnight more rain hits us and that could extend into the early morning rush hour and clouds are thick as well. we hope to see sunny breaks and that is not out of the question but clouds will win out. there is a warm front on the process of pushing to the north and that continues to draw warmer air into the afternoon and evening hours. right now 56. that is not bad. we started in the mid-40s and still 44 in allentown and millville 63. the warm air is in the process of pushing up through the region and we expect it to have an impact later today. not a strong wind only 3 miles per hour. and gets breezy later on. again that flow from the south you can clearly sebring that mild air in. and here is where we expect to be. by 4:00 that is your high of 63
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degrees, we are still maintaining the upper 50s through 8:00 and 10:00 and we expect to stay mild with the reemergence of shower activity tonight and into tomorrow morning. the seven day has several more warm days before the end of the week and more wet snow involved we'll have the latest from accuweather there are updates to talk about in a couple of minutes. >> thank you. >> remember is your complete resource when rain moves through the region, from updated hourly forecast from stormtracker 6 live double scan radar we have you covered. and take advantage of facebook and twitter as well by following our meteorologists for updates and another destructive tornado outbreak has hit the heartland. officials say that the town of okra, missouri took the brunt of the weather. and the town's mayor says it's
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amazing that there are no injuries or deaths. and tornadoes also reported in kansas, iowa and illinois. and republicans have unveiled their plan to repeal and replace the affordable care ability. and questions we main how much it will cost and how it affects the current americans covered under obama care. janay norman is live now with more. >> reporter: it's a central pledge of of republicans to repeal and replace president obama's signature health care bill but has been met with skepticism on both sides of the aisle. >> the republicans promised to repeal and replace. >> i am calling on this congress to repeal and replace obama care. >> one week after president trump's call to congress, house republicans outlined their plan to overhaul obama care and it
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swaps subsidies for tax credits for americans to buy insurance and ends penalty for americans without insurance and medicaid for 10 million americans and ends funding for planned parenthood. but offering to keep funding if the organization stops offering abortion services. >> after years of the broken promises we are proud to put form a plan that represents a better way for patients and american families. >> it keeps two of the most popular provisions, coverage still can't be denied based on preexisting conditions and young adults stay on the plans until 26. >> but republican on cnn says that it visits more of the financial burden to individuals. >> rather than getting the new
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iphone that they love, maybe invest in their own health care. >> and president trump tweeted calling the plan wonderful but even some republicans are voicing concerns, senator ran paul tweets that the plan looks like obama care light. janay norman channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a two day strike ended yesterday but nurses at this delaware county memorial hospital are still walking the picket line today. the nurses union says that the hospital locked them out until friday mornings and hospital management says that is because it guaranteed temporary workers five days of employment. and the strikes nurses are protesting over staffing short ables and patient care issues. >> still to come the white house opened for public tours this morning and the first group of visitors got a surprise from the president himself. >> and casey anthony talks about her daughter's death for the first time since her murder trial. >> and david murphy is back with
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a closer look at the seven-day forecast.
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a british coroner has determined that george michael's cause of death. a second autopsy found the singer died of natural causes from heart disease and a fatty liver.
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his funeral has been put on hold while the tests were carried out. the 52-year-old was found dead on christmas day at his home in southern english. and casey anthony is talking about her daughter's death for the first time since the trial. >> she still doesn't know how the final hours of her life unfolded. her daughter was found dead in florida almost nine years ago. the jury found her not guilty of murder and the last time she saw caylee she thought she would be okay. >> you know how she died? >> i don't know. >> something about drowning? >> everybody has their theorys, i don't know. >> anthony was convicted of lying to police and served three years in jail while waiting for her trial. members of american indian tribes from hand the country are heading to washington to voice
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their concerns with the trump administration, members are planning to gather on the national mall. concerned about trump error policies including the approval of the dakota access pipeline project. and it culminates with a march on the white house friday. the white house is open for public tours and the first visitors got quite the surprise. president trump greet aid group of shocked tourists. 10-year-old zach even got a hug. the first tour allowed in the white house since the beginning of trump's presidency and the administration needs time to staff the visitors office. back here the future of the news business was a topic of discussion at drexel university. the action cam was there for a panel discussion with decision makers from behind the scenes of tv stations, including our vice president tom davis. and they discussed the decisions
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that go into the news conference in the philadelphia region and the future of the news industry. a handsome guy. >> yes. coming up on "action news" the new way to find out how your body works in order to make healthy choices but requires you to be locked up for 24 hours.
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three confederate monuments
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may come down in new orleans. they have cleared the way to remove the statues. some say it represents racisms and other history and heritage. after yesterday's ruling the city is hiring a crew to take them down. health check this noon. a new study says that a growing number of jove weight americans are giving up on getting back in shape. researchers just published their findings, fewer obese adults are trying to slim down. they believe that more people are giving up on weight loss after repeated failed dating attempts. >> residents were invited for coffee and conversation this morning. police officers from the fifth district were on hand at the wawa on ridge avenue. it gave residents a chance to voice concerns and get to know the officers that patrol their neighborhood. >> and a tasty give away is here for a good cause, ihop is
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offering free pancakes to celebrate national pancakes day. you can grab a short stack at apartment tating locations. it normally costs $5 and they are giving you the option to put that toward a donation instead. collecting for the childrens miracle network hospitals and hoping to raise $5 million. alicia vitarelli is live in the newsroom with a preview of 4:00. >> reporter: hi guys, if you have a co-worker that can't take a hint when it comes to being chatty. you'll want to watch big talkers today. we'll tell you about a perfect solution courtesy of an extension that helps to get the chatty people away from your desk. and new information about autism and they discovered 18 genes that may be linked to the disorder.
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and sick of people getting your little girl's gender wrong, now you can stick a bow to her head thanks to a baby bling product called girly glue. take us with you on the go, watch us streaming live on your smart phone or tablet. >> thank you.
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pennsylvania is getting the law requires many to get their child abuse clearances. are you one of them? if you're a coach
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sunday school teacher a scout leader camp counselor many people who work or volunteer with children may need their clearances. pennsylvania means business when it comes to protecting our children. thank you pennsylvania! find out if you need to get your clearances by going to paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars. meteorologist david murphy is here now and we are talking about march mildness at least for today. >> i think it will stay mild, an issue with rain, stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us that while the bulk of the rain you see there on the right that came through is gone. and we are looking at bits and pieces and in a couple of
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seconds i'll take a close up view of that, sky 6 hd or the action cam earlier in ocean city in the distance. that little pink building. kind of a nice little place. as we take a look at closer view on radar, the clouds are across the region and a couple of other sprinkles and showers are around and this isn't as much rain as earlier. it's still cruising through and you'll want an umbrella kept handy around wilmington for the next 15 to 30 minutes, philadelphia appears to dry out and norristown and reading and lebanon, and experiencing pass through showers andal ebb town is seeing most of this stuck break apart to the north. over the next hour we'll see an improvement in that. 56 degrees this morning when we are at 44 and that is a darn sight better than yesterday stuck in the 40s.
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the increase in temperatures is on going, winds at 3 miles per hour. they have been generally out of the south through the morning. as a result you see the down south numbers are popping up away from the cool ocean water. 63 in millville and 67 in wilmington and we expect the number in philadelphia to continue to pop into the 60s. allentown and places in the lehigh valley stuck in the 50s. in terms of rain there doesn't look like a lot more in the afternoon but after dinner time a little more of that comes through off and on. i think the next big wider spread rain occurs overnight foo tomorrow morning. lehigh valley forecast, 59 degrees and mostly cloudy and damp for an hour, hour and a half. down the shore mainly dry and cloudy and 56 is the high there. in philadelphia, a high of 63 probably won't get there until late in the afternoon. until 4:00, 4:30, mostly cloudy along the way and breezy at times. overnight tonight, there are showers developing and the low is mild.
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we only go down to 52 degrees, that is almost around the average high for this time of year. nice and mild overnight into tomorrow morning, you have wide spread shower activity. most of it is light and we get up to 9:00, 10:00 and the rain and cloud cover gets off the coast we see a big return of sunshine. we are looking at that high of 63 today. the other thing about tomorrow, yes we get the sun and yes it's mild with a high of 63 but it will generally be windy later in the day. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 63 is today's high and mostly cloudy and mild and sprinkles and showers for another 60 to 90 minutes, we'll hold off on that for the evening. we turn mostly sunny and windy and high of 63. 61 on thursday, and sunny and breezy and we are keeping a snow icon late at night. the low in philadelphia looks to
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stay above freezing and rain and snow showers off and on on friday with a high of 43, saturday and sunday, 35 for both days, cooling things down more on saturday. and there is a southern storm system that some models over the past 48 hours that may bring us snow by sunday morning, this morning most models are back off pushing the storm farther south and that could be we dodge the bullet, and remember to set your clocks forward on saturday. >> be sure to remind me. >> i never set mine back, i'm good. >> thanks david. >> a 5-year-old girl is the youngest person to qualify for the scripts national spelling bee. edith fuller won the couldn't test in oklahoma. by correctly spelling -- meaning knowledge of meditation. she won the spot at the national competition beginning may 28th.
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i better tell my 5-year-old to step it up. >> still ahead on "action news" at 12:30, disney's moana is now available at home. hear from the actress responsible for voicing the her
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. "action news" continues. with meteorologist david murphy. >> hello again, here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30. the driver of an unlicensed cab is shot in his cab in philadelphia. and police are ramping up the efforts to catch a suspect. and the heartland is hit yet again with 30 tornadoes reported from kansas to illinois. and police say an unlicensed cab driver is recovering in the hospital after a robbery attempt in west philadelphia. and there are two suspects that remain on the loose. >> reporter: the victim told police that the two men approached him last night and asked him if he was hacking meaning operating an unlicensed cab. and when the two men got into the vehicle they made their


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