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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  March 7, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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heavy thick black smoke coming out of the substation right at street level. there are peco crews they are blocking the street as well. and moving residents back from the area. the smoke is blowing northward and we are expected to go south and out of the line of smoke. there are 20,000 people without power. i want to show you the scene. come this way. you see there is no lights, the traffic lights are out right now and that is creating traffic gridlock in north philadelphia. north broad street by temple universe hospital. there was no traffic lights there either. really traffic chaos here through north philadelphia without any traffic lights here as well. >> lets go to video from overhead of this substation burning. we see peco crews here on the scene and some fire equipment arriving although they did not
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move close to the substation. the officer of emergency management is monitoring the situation and urging drivers to avoid the area, as the substation continues to burn. lets go to the chopper for the gridlock in philadelphia as well. as i said just bumper to bumper vehicles here. all the traffic lights in a large area are out and 20,000 people still without power. firefighters have not moved toward the substation, they are not pouring water on that, but trying to deenergize the substation. people are worried. we spoke to one woman. >> we understand there is a safety issue but nobody is answering any of our questions, give us an idea. will our services be rerouted. we have groceries and children and i have a sick husband at
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home. what is going on? nobody wants to answer any questions. >> looking back live in north philadelphia. that is the end of the fox street as this fire continues to burn, they are working to deenergize the area, the peco crews are, so firefighters can start to extinguish the flames but keeping people at quite a distance back and asking people to please stop calling 911 about the power out ables, they are aware of the power outages and they need the 911 lines open now. if you have a power problem people are out in the area and asking that you call peco instead and you can see by the traffic situation we showed you will want to avoid the area as well. we are on the scene monitoring the situation as the substation fire continues to burn at this hour. reporting live in north philadelphia, sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> a real mess out there. we'll follow it throughout the newscast.
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and now the arrest and conviction of a serial sex offender has officials looking for more victims. he lured them to his apartment by throwing parties and then assaulting them. he is already serving time for his crimes but the investigation is far from over and john rawlins live with the details from this case. >> reporter: hi brian and monica, this is a park that boarders media. it's where the defendant in this particular case, one of two places he went to find kids. initially they thought a case of a young man providing drugs and alcohol to teens and then came the allegations of sexual assault. >> want to make a plea to the parents -- >> a plea to parents of teens that may have come to the sprawling park or the playground
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by media elementary school in 2014 and 2015. if they know this man -- >> talk to your children and ask them if something happened. they may be embarrassed or concerned but we would like to speak with them. >> we think there are other victims out there. >> he is now in prison after proving guilty to harming teens, in eight instances providing drugs and alcohol to boys and gishls at his apartment and four cases sexually assaulting girls one was 12 years old. >> in that particular case he lured her back from the media elementary school playground lures her back to his apartment and plays video games with her and then attacks her and forcibly rapes her. >> initially the police were looking at him for providing drugs and booze and then the sex
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allegations, media's police chief believe there are more young victims and they will need counseling. >> come forward so we can aid and assist the victims in the time of need. people often forget about victims. >> he is sentenced to 13.5 to 27 years for the 12 crimes that he has pleaded guildy to. and now at prison. and today's outreach was to look for more or additional victims that may be out there by appealing to parents to talk to their kids. live in media, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. two men are still on the loose at this hour after they shot a cab driver attempt in west philadelphia. the 54-year-old victim was driving a cadillac operating as an unlicensed taxi, two men got in his car and demanded money at 52nd and market one suspect shot him twice and he is expected to survive.
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police are checking nearby surveillance cameras to see if this is video of the shooters. a third woman has now been held at gun point in an attempted kidnapping and robbery. they believe it's connected to two similar cases in newcastle county last month and the same man is behind all three incid t incidents. it was on shelledon drive in now wark at 7:30 last night. the victim told police that a man in a ski mask walked up to her showed her a gun and demanded money and forced her to her apartment. a neighbor by the name of carl roberson chased the man down and reenacted how this played out. >> he came from behind and held a gun to her head and said this is a stick up. >> roberson was not able to
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apprehend him and luckily the victim's boyfriend was home at the time and the victims in the first two instances were sexually assaulted and this victim managed to escape unharmed. they believe the attacks are random and that is striking a cord. >> it could very well be one of our family members, your family members, that are the next victim. of these attacks. with that being said we are doing everything we can and within our power to address this. by increasing our patrols. >> and this afternoon police say they are actively searching for that suspect, they do need your help to get this predator off the streets. if you see something you are asked to can't police in newcastle county immediately. >> the owner of a local fitness club are vowing to rebuild after a destructive fire tore through the building yesterday. this is what the damaged structure looked like this morning. you see only the shell remains.
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on grant avenue in northeast philadelphia and dozens of people were in there as the time. and "action news" learned that roofing work was being done and the official cause of the fire remains under investigation. >> we are in the mid-60s this afternoon and clouds and mild relatively speaking as we get a first check of the accuweather forecast. >> lets go to adam joseph. >> it's crazy to think two days ago we had highs in the 30s and windchills in the 20s over the weekend and now temperatures as you said soaring into the mid-60s this afternoon. but stormtracker 6 live double scan shows this drying period with a few breaks of sun right now, soon going to fade quickly. you see to the west a ribbon of rain heading towards lancaster county and berks county and another area south of pittsburgh with the actual cold front and more showers are pushing in here this evening and during the overnight hours, if you put that umbrella away, make sure you gain it back.
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you'll want to grab it before you head out the door between 7:00 and 11:00 and showers are pushing in from the west and temperatures stay on the warm side in the upper 50s and not much of a drop in temperature between 7:00 and 11:00 and our low in fact going down to 52 degrees. so ahead of all of this, once we get past the rain, two mild days midweek on your wednesday and thursday, then we track another change at the end of the week with wet snow friday morning. we'll have the latest trends on the model now agreeing on what could happen on sunday with that storm. we'll have the details in the full accuweather forecast. >> sounds good. >> adam, thank you. lets revisit the breaking news that led the newscast this afternoon. looking at video from moments ago at this fire that was ranging at the peco substation, this is the 2600 block of westmoreland street. this is causing major traffic
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issues, lights are out throughout the area here. and tens of thousands are without electricity. we are following this developing story throughout the newscast and we'll continue to bring you updates as we continue here. speaking of that gridlock caused in north philadelphia lets get a look at the "action news" traffic report. >> matt pellman is standing by with the incredible scene at the six way intersection. >> it's normally a mess and this afternoon the traffic lights are dark. hunting park, allegheny avenue and henry avenue, all lights are dark. people are saying is it my turn now? when you come to a dark traffic light you have to treat that like a stop sign, it's complicated with the six way intersection. it's a mess out there with a lot of our traffic lights dark this afternoon. the fire is along fox street. fox street is shut down, henry avenue is open but a lot of the lights along it are dark and the
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point of reference, this is a block or two away from where we had the water main breaks at the shop-rite complex along fox street. so fox is closed. and as we go to the maps, traffic lights dark along lincoln dive and city avenue and a bunch along henry avenue are dark. keep in mind again, dark traffic light you treat like a stop sign. here is the roosevelt boulevard extension, we are okay on the boulevard just normal northbound volume. and this is a big problem that went into effect, 95 northbound to aramingo avenue is closed for emergency construction through tomorrow morning. quite a mess here. we'll talk more about this but first lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report. 4 miles per hour along north broad at temple hospital and
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these traffic lights are dark and creating gridlock in the area after this afternoon. we'll check it again in the next after hour. >> next we see the storms that tore through the midwest. the damage that has already impacted hundreds of building. and home improvement goes high tech, see how a high tech retailer is going to virtual reality.
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parts of the midwest are cleaning up from destructive weather today. in one town east of kansas city, missouri. more than 500 homes and businesses were damaged. oak grove officialed say that 12 people were treated for injuries and the storms spawned tornadoes and baseball size hail and damaging winds.
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in all 22 tornadoes late tonight and tomorrow. in kansas, iowa and illinois. >> house republican leaders are trying to sell their new health care proposal. it aims to repeal and replace the affordable care act. kevin brady said today dismissing criticism from both sides of the aisle. tom price called the plan a step in the right direction. >> the goal of all of this is patient centered health care. where patients and doctors are making decisions and not the federal government. >> it ends penalties and ends the expansion of medicaid it keeps two popular elements coverage would not be denied because of preexisting conditions and children can stay on their parents insurance until 26. and center for cyber
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intelligence. the 8,000 documents posted online have not been authenticated but the claims that the cia turned smart televisions into listening devices, wikileaks says that the u.s. worked with foreign agencies to turn the microphones on on the televisions and turn them into listening devices and the cia has not issue a response. the oscar nominated hit, moana is available to take home and to celebrate i had a chance to have a heart to heart with the voice behind the heroin and i found out that the 16-year-old is not that different from moana, young and brave and writing her own story. the high school junior is an only child that grew up putting on performances for her mom who she says is the only one that shows up. getting ready for prom and taking trig and chemistry. she was discovered by a disney
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agent in our native hawaii. she was in biology and got the chance to audition. >> i never had voice lessons or had acting lessons and i didn't think i would get it if i auditioned. but as fate would have it i was the last girl on the day of testing. ♪ ♪ >> so imagine here she is, performing the song's hit how far i'll go. performing it at the oscars and she got smacked the head by a flag and laughed it off, and this is not all just a dream and disney is the parent company of 6 abc. and you can make moana home today and she has nothing to
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wear to prom. call the people that dressed you for the oscars. you'll be all right. >> she sounds great. unbelievable. lets get a check of the accuweather forecast. lets go to adam joseph and see if we turned off the water faucet this evening. a break of sun and from the pagoda cam, more showers push in here this evening and passing through at times and wipe away along the coast this morning. the temperatures are soaring once again. 66 in philadelphia. 68 in dover and 65 in millville and a bit cooler to the northern and west. overall the numbers running close to 16 to 20 degrees above where they were this time yesterday. 24 degrees warmer in dover and wildwood and you see a drop-off to the north and west and the warm front drifting there and again we haven't had the
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southerly push that far north just yet. we have the rain earlier this morning especially in the pennsylvania counties that pushed away and a break right now and you see more firing up to the west along a cold front. for tonight, a few showers and a downpour of or rumble of thunder. 46 allentown and 52 in philadelphia and mild 50 in millville. and turns breezy overnight as well. as we track this for you with future tracker, 10:00 tonight we see the rain and southern areas that didn't see the area earlier today. you won't miss out on the opportunity for rain drops this evening and overnight. 10:00 they pass on. then the actual front comes through and almost looking like a little squall line developing. maybe gusty downpours and the rumble of thunder. this is at 5:00 wednesday morning and if you leave work early for the rush. watch this line as it passes through and by 8:00 the sun starts to break out to the north and west and the last of the showers working off southern new
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jersey, a wet start to the commute, southern new jersey delaware drier to the north and west. and by the afternoon tomorrow there is no clouds and the sunshine takes over and if fact. as we go into the afternoon, with the return of sun we go back into the 60s for highs tomorrow. and the one thing you'll notice the winds gusting to near 35 miles per hour throughout your wednesday. the four day at 4:00 forecast, the warming trend continues tomorrow on the windy side. with returning sun and breezy and sunny on thursday, mild at 61 and then a potent front comes through and a ripple of energy, we watch for morning wet snow and mixed rain develop here friday morning. the question is how heavy can the snow get during the morning rush. we'll have to watch that at 41 degrees and cold and partly sunny and high saturday only 33 degrees, way below normal. colder than this past weekend. and i'll let you know the latest trends with the storm on sunday. >> we need to sync up the warm
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weather with the weekends. >> thank you. lowes is starting to use virtual reality to help customers looking for advice on diy projects, the hand set and hand controllers simulate home improvement projects, right now teaching people how to tile a bathroom and used at stores in massachusetts and they hope to have this technology available nationwide. we want to update the breaking news story out of north philadelphia. this is the 2600 block of westmoreland street and fox. there was a huge fire that broke out and wires down and side of a building there. a substation obviously caught on fire and now 32 thousand homes are without power and that has gone up from 20,000 originally. more people added to the problem and this is impacting intersections and traffic and all kinds of traffic lights are out through the the area.
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be careful driving and the thick black smoke has continued but is tapering off to white smoke at this point. chopper 6 hd will keep an eye on it this afternoon. up next on "action news" today. water concerns continue at rowan university. high levels of led found last semester, leading to new steps for students help. and fourth pandemonium. >> and an exit plan to shoe away the chatty co-workers crowding your office space. coming up in big talkers.
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he avoided arrest for more than a year. but a man wanted for a homicide in bear, delaware is behind bars. police arrested bobby taylor in chattanooga, tennessee over the weekend. accused of killingal wishous taylor. and officers found the suspect
4:27 pm
after a man called police saying he assaulted him. rowan university will take new steps to keep its drinking water safe. an independent firm found nine residential buildings on the glassboro campus for led came out above level. and they are using new faucet filters and water bottling stations and students will continue to receive bottled water in the interim. still ahead on a tuesday afternoon. philadelphia police give us an update on the search for a massive mob of teenagers that caused chaos in center city last. >> i'm nydia han before you fly away find out your rights before things go wrong.
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it is 4:30 now and "action news" continues with breaking news in north philadelphia. right now a peco substation is still burning along the 2600 block of west westmoreland street. causing a huge headache across the city. >> it knocked out power to 32,000 customers now including traffic lights and making driving in parts of the city chaotic. the city department is asking commuters to use caution as they put generators in place. and we'll bring you updates as they become available. turning to the latest on a
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search for a group of teenagers that turned the streets of center city philadelphia into a boxing ring last night. fighting one another and pushing pedestrians and hurting several people. walter perez has the latest on this. >> reporter: a pretty strong police presence here in center city in the wake of all of this and the fallout could be serious for those involved. for the most part disorderly conduct charges and in a few cases charges include robbery and aggravated assault. >> completely idiotic behavior. that the's many of the unruly mob that created a scene in center city. today philadelphia police and septa police officials are pouring through video to determine who is involved and who simply got caught up in the violence, 25 young people were arrested after fighting and
4:31 pm
darting through traffic at city hall and "action news" learned that four of the suspects who allegedly attacked several female victims at a wells fargo center bank could face aggravated assault charges. >> that happened at 15th and market around the bank area, they were beaten and maced and claimed to even have been tased. >> septa police are involved because several fights took place in subway terminals. philadelphia public schools had a half day and several young people were on their way to use public trance plan. the media relations director says the prelude to this melee formed on social media. >> it's an advantage to us because we see that too. we see things on social media that we need to be proactive about. and the situation spun out of control as hundreds of people ended up going in on the action. septa officialed say make no
4:32 pm
mistake anyone involved in the disturbance has to answer to the law. >> we are looking at the video to decipher who was involved in this, and some students to stand up and say, they know who may have started something like this that caused just a scene, such a disturbance. >> once again no formal charges at this time since authorities are pouring through a lot of surveillance video in this case. anyone with further information is asked to call septa police. reporting live from center city. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you walter. we have learned that mother divine, the widow of a man seen as one of the earliest cult leaders in history herself has died at 82. sweet angel divine passed away at wood vine estate. it once attracted a million
4:33 pm
followers worldwide. he preached he was god and mother divine continued to lead the peace mission living with the followers following his death in 1965. a viewing will be held at wood mont estate on thursday. and this happened along the 1300 block of west after few and one building evacuated was a day care nobody was hurt and at last check officials are looking for the cause. the reward has grown to $74,000 in the search for suspects in the vandalism of a local jewish cemetery. police are still investigating the desecration of head stones in wissinoming on february 26th. more than 100 head stones were toppled here. the reward has grown thanks to doe fashions from around the country and they have not determine fire department the cemetery was picked at random or
4:34 pm
specifically targeted. and in spice of that and bomb threats, local rabbis are making sure that jewish homes are protecting from harm and hate. >> today several rabbis visited south jersey neighborhoods to install -- on doors, the parchment scroll brings god's protection to everyone in the home. >> according to the bible when someone puts that on the door, they are essentially increasing the divine protection. >> recognizing that people are uneasy with what is going on around the world and country. and looking to bring a little godliness into their homes. >> and the rabbi offered to replace those that are faded from being outside over time. and time to get a check of the accuweather forecast. and things will get a little wild. especially by the end of the week. we have a couple of days to
4:35 pm
enjoy by the weekend. >> taking a live look at sky 6 hd over the commodore barry bridge a little bit of blue popping there especially the upper left part of the image there. 66 warm degrees with the southwesterly wind at 17 miles per hour in easton it's a whole lot cooler up toward the lehigh valley. and a lot of clouds awaiting that southerly wind. take a look at the wind north northwest. southern areas pushing the front into the northern areas just yet and temperatures there are at 50 degrees, it will warm even in the lehigh valley as well. what will start to march back in are showers in the western suburbs on stormtracker 6 live double scan and although we are dry most of the afternoon here. we are going to get wet here this evening and a rumble of thunder or gusty downpour early tonight or wednesday morning, with the front near pittsburgh, we'll talk about the changes ahead in the seven-day forecast and the possibility of wet snow on friday and what could come or
4:36 pm
not come here during the weekend as well. >> thank you. meantime, a lot of new things are happening in philadelphia's nine community schools funded by the new beverage tax. mayor kenney stopped one of them at south philadelphia high, a full-time coordinator is working with parents and teachers and students with the community's biggest need. they have expanded programs including a clothing bank to get new or gently used items for free. and new technology to save lives. rick williams is live in the newsroom with the new service. >> it's called predicttive analystics it allows emergency officials to identify when and where emergencies are most likely to occur, so they can put crews in the spots where they can be the most help in the shortest amount of time. nora muchanic has sporty coming up at 5:00. and also coming up in health
4:37 pm
check, a study shows americans are taking a different approach to weight loss efforts but that is not good news for the fight against obesity. those stories and more when we see you in a bit on "action news" at 5:00. back to you. >> see you shortly rick, thank you. some roxborough reads were invited for coffee and conversation with cops this morning. police from the fifth day district were on hand at the wawa on ridge half avenue. ahead if you ever silencely pleaded for someone to rescue you from an awkward conversation, stay tuned we have what you may need. >> and a question, is autism hereditary, 18 genes they hahav linked to the disorder. and the adhesive accessories
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coming up in big talkers and matt pellman has the traffic situation following the peco substation fire.
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evel knievel would probably have appreciated this california's man crazy stunt but police not so much. this is a motorcyclist jumping over a busy four way preway out side of los angeles. in addition to not having a film permit to do this, the dangerous stunt was completely unauthorized and they have since blocked the make hist dirt ramp and tracked it to a motor cross fan's facebook page. but they are not sure if the person was involved in this. a man entering a convenience store planning to rob the place was caught but still got away. he tried to grab a security guard's gun in the houston,
4:41 pm
texas store and the suspect pushed the victim outside of the store and the owner chased him with a big stick. that is when the security guard opened fire and investigators alerted nearby hospitals in case he shows up for treatment. and a theory, just a theory that autism may be inherited. after analyzing 5,000 people with autism and their relatives, they found 18 genes associated with the disorder. and each of the newly identified genes involved in brain cell communications and people with autism had gene mutations, be the study adds to the evident that it could be cause bid genetics. >> a parking spot that cost more than a house. the building at 7 and avenue in union city has 145 parking spots and elevator and 24 hour attendants but a spot is sold
4:42 pm
for $300,000 each. it includes pickup and drop-off service but not a car wash. they say quote, end your parking woes forever, no more circling or shoveling your car from snow. >> only in new york. now with big talkers, if you are a mom and you want people to know if your newborn is a boy or princess, here is something that sparked attention, it's a product called girly glue. a new product that allows you to glue hair accessories on to your baby's head. it's not glue, glue. it's made of nectar and natural ingredients that wash as way with water. there are mixed reviews and they use it for earrings and halloween costumes but critics
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call it horrifying and concerning and they have lost final in humanity. and you know the co-worker the one that finds the way over to your desk when are you busy or not. and keeps cozying it up and not getting the hint. i may be that person. help is on the way. hope that co-workers like me are not also watching, a chrome browser extension called nope, it saves the day. you have to press a button on your computer and rings your desk phone and the voice on the other side of the line talks you through your exit strategy. >> hello, on the count of three put your hand on your mouth don't look south just concerned. one, two, three, at this point your colleagues may be staring at you and wave them off and point at the phone so they look
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away. >> nope also advises you as to what to say out loud to make the pesky co-worker think are you tied up. >> yes, i can talk now what is the matter? and hopes they catch the drift and moves on to the next victim. one little button and people like me know that chatty time is over. >> i'm good at taking the hint. >> that is pretty awesome. not you by the way. >> i sit next to you in the newsroom and it's not you. >> fun idea though. lets get a check of the roads out there tonight. matt pellman is live in the center busy afternoon. >> we say nope to heading out in north philadelphia, lots to chat about because of this big fire at the peco substation. and the fire is along fox along westmoreland and fox street is shut down just a couple of block as way from the shop-rite complex where you have all the water main breaks, to give you a
4:45 pm
point of reference. and fox is closed and hunting park is open as is henry avenue and a lot of lights and the gridlock we are experiencing as a result. just 5 miles per hour along north broad street at temple university hospital and 6 miles per hour near allegheny and slow on hunting park and slow on henry after few and the boulevard. people are not able to move because the traffic lights are all dark. the traffic light troubles spill on to lincoln drive and city avenue off the schuylkill, again a reminder if you come to a dark traffic light you need to treat that like a stop sign and give the other guy the right of way, and a mess in north philadelphia this afternoon. surprise a little bit of better news, they wrapped up the money construction on the ramp from 95 at the betsy ross bridge, and suppose to be closed to traffic
4:46 pm
quickly, that ramp is open and that is good news. this ramp reopened in newport we had a broken down truck blocking it and open again, burlington bristol bridge-just finished an opening. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you. meteorologist, adam joseph, standing by with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast next.
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4:48 pm
all right meteorologist, adam joseph joining us now with the accuweather forecast. tracking rain left here. >> coming through the evening and overnight tonight and then warm and windy and then things change here in the morning. in time for the weekend. why not. keep it interesting. a live look right now on sky 6 hd the center city skyline, we get hints of sun breaking through the cloud cover, it thinned out just enough this
4:49 pm
afternoon. despite the temperatures as well. this is a temporary break like we saw this morning. stormtracker 6 live double scan most of the area dry and will remain dry for the next couple of hours, west of philadelphia and can see the leading edge of western lancaster county and pottedville and they will continue their journey to the east and overnight hours. but ahead of it, with the sun and southerly wind. the warm front is lifting to the north at least to the pennsylvania turnpike. it's not busted through the lehigh valley, and trenton on the verge of 60 and philadelphia 66 and wilmington 6 in dover and cooler at the shore because of that southerly wind coming off the ocean at 44 degrees. satellite and radar the rain and showers to the west that is pushing through here. the actual cold front, in the west in the the ohio valley that comes through in the wee hours.
4:50 pm
and showers back in the forecast tonight breezy and mild overnight 48 degrees and stopping own in the low 50s here in philadelphia. and 9:30 tonight you see the rain pushing in from the west northwest and areas from the south that didn't get the rain you'll see it later this evening and overnight at times and spotty in nature and here is the front pushing through lancaster and allentown 4:00 in the morning and quick downpour and gusty winds and pushes to the i-95 corridor at 5:00 in the morning, and off the coast at 8:00 in the morning. quickly racing through and 8:30 the sun returning in pennsylvania and lingering clouds in southern knowledge and delaware, behind it tomorrow the sun taking over most of the day. 63 warm degrees and winds are gusting 35 to even 40 miles per hour. and stay sunny and warm on thursday, 61 degrees and still well above normal and this guy right here, is going to
4:51 pm
intensify thursday night into friday morning bringing a round of rain and wet snow. so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast very warm and sunny and 63 tomorrow with the sun returning and windy and breezy thursday and 61 and on friday morning. the key time is 3:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. for rain turning to wet snow and the heaviest is during the morning rush on friday. the roads stay mainly wet. we are coming off three days in the 60s and pockets of grassy accumulations and some areas could see an inch or two or three here possibly friday morning and sets up for a cold weekend and 33 and dry saturday and all the models trending now to keep the storm south of our area on sunday. it would stay dry and cold at 35 and we slowly climb back up into the 40s and 50s of next week. at this point right now, a lot will change and it's the bigger
4:52 pm
issue sunday at this point. before you fly away from spring break, find out what to do if things go wrong. ♪ ♪
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spring break time, make sure you know what you are entitled too. >> airline disruptions happen a lot these days. if you are caught in cancellations and delays and overbookings, it's up to you to know what your rights are. and few things kill a vacation than being stuck in an airport. or a delayed flight. and travelers only have a few rights when things go wrong. >> being informed will help you get the compensation you are
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due. each airline handles things differently and delta will put you on its next available flight or book you on another carrier. and southwest on the other hand rebooks passengers on the next available southwest flight and check specifics for the airline you are traveling, if you get bumped from a flight you have a recourse. >> if you are bumped involuntarily. the airline has to rebook you in a timely manner and pay you. the airline may have to do both. on a domestic flight. the flight lands one to two hours later, the airline has to cover your ticket and play double your one way airfare up to $625, if the airline doesn't make alternative arrangements, are you due up to four times, up to $1350. >> and consumer reports suggests
4:56 pm
booking flights with credit cards that offer good insurance for snafus. and the card offers $500 for delays. i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." >> and finally at 4:00 when are you barely walking the world can be a confusing place. just ask 19-month-old ronald. the adorable boy was going through the king of prussia mall and came across this, a black tile and thought it was a black hole instead and stopped short, after a second of teetering on the edge, the boy moved on with a little encouragement from dad. mom's video is retweeted now tens of thousands of times. >> an understandable feeling. >> cute little guy. that will do it for "action
4:57 pm
news" at 5:00. join me along with sharrie williams for a full hour of "action news" on phl 17 at 10:00. and the peco station is still on fire. 32,000 people without power and traffic troubles in the area. we'll have an update coming up. z1we5z zi0z
4:58 pm
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. developing right now, in north philadelphia. a fire at a peco substation has put more than 32,000 customers in the dark. and that caused a domino effect in the area including wreaking traffic havoc in nearby intersections heading into the evening rush, it's tuesday night and the big story on "action news" is the fallout from the the fire still burning on the 2600 block of west westmoreland street. christie aleto is live at the scene with the fire and resulting gridlock. >> reporter: good evening, yes no power means headaches for reads and businesses and computers at the height of rich
5:00 pm
hour. pan down 30th street there is major backup and pan over here to henry avenue, it's the same story, fortunately two police officers have showed up to this intersection to help direct traffic but with no working traffic lights that means that this intersection easily turned into a parking lot. it's crazy, it's like four different ways to go. they should have people directing the traffic. >> and the car and bus drivers try to make their way through allegheny hunting park and allegheny avenues. >> no lights or nothing. i don't know how this is going to happen. >> the massive intersection is one of many traffic lights knocked off the grid by a massive blaze by a northeast peco substation. more than 30,000 residents are right now in the dark. >> completely down, we can't


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