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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 7, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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hour. pan down 30th street there is major backup and pan over here to henry avenue, it's the same story, fortunately two police officers have showed up to this intersection to help direct traffic but with no working traffic lights that means that this intersection easily turned into a parking lot. it's crazy, it's like four different ways to go. they should have people directing the traffic. >> and the car and bus drivers try to make their way through allegheny hunting park and allegheny avenues. >> no lights or nothing. i don't know how this is going to happen. >> the massive intersection is one of many traffic lights knocked off the grid by a massive blaze by a northeast peco substation. more than 30,000 residents are right now in the dark. >> completely down, we can't cook anything and the customer
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calls we have to shut it down. >> lee serving customers at his restaurant two in one cafe, the longer the business is in the dark the longer the merchandise can spoil. >> another two hours we have to throw the food in the trash, we can't use, we hope that it's back on. >> for those trying to make it home -- >> they need to have the police out here directing the traffic before there is an accident. >> police are on scene and peco trucks have arrived to 30th and allegheny avenue and henry avenue. police are trying to direct traffic here and it's unclear howl it will take to restore service in the area. reporting live in northeast philadelphia, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. newcastle county police are intensifying their search for a would be kidnapper after yet another woman was targeted. the community is on edge and police are asking for your help
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tracking him down. >> all the incidents happened in the past month the first on february 13 and in north wilmington the second in pike creek and now an incidents in newark. bob brooks live with the details on the suspect that the police continue to look for. >> rick and monica, what is scary about this is the fact that this suspect has been so well masked and covered at this point, police say they don't know what race he is yet. there is no real description of him. there this is where he struck in newark, the same style as last time going for the victim while she is walking into her home. >> he held a begin behind her head and said this is a stickup. >> she was ambushed walking into the building with her dog. is it happened at the deacon walk apartments in newark. >> she leaned over to grab the
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door and buzz in and it buzzes where her boyfriend was and when her boyfriend answered the suspect took off. >> so i grabbed my gun and went foo my truck and went left and right and there was no luck. the police work the quickly to preserve the crime scene, they believe he is the same man responsibility for two other attacks. >> it could very well be one of our family members, your family members that are the next victim. with that being said we are doing everything we can. >> reporter: last month in north wilmington and the anne arundel in pikes creek two women were ambushed the same way. they were walking into their homes and the suspect in black attacked. >> and the suspect chose an apartment complex where the doors don't lock. can you walk in and this is where he was waiting for the victim.
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>> in the first two attacks the women were sexually assaulted and forced to drive and take out cash. they need the community's help to find this guy. this will take the work of a resident who sees something suspicious. >> . >> okay back out live here, again police don't have much of a description on this suspect. so this really is going to be a community effort in trying to track him down. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. today police in delaware county announced the conviction of this man in cases of sexual assault on children. they found he was behind a series of assaults over a year and a half. and that he gave the victims marijuana and other drugs at underage parties, a dozen victims were involved ranging from age from 12 to 15.
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and is he sentenced to 7.5 to 1 years in state prison. "action news" reporter vernon odom is live at the chester county da office with details on a big bust. >> reporter: good evening rick. it was indeed a major big operation with a network reaching all the way down to the far southwest into mexico and over east into the caribbean. >> this is 27-year-old oxford resident, richard mattery, the da locked him up saying he is the king pin of a high volume operation specializing in whatever the market called for, methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana and prescription drugs. and the delivery operation from the philadelphia suburbs as far away as puerto rico. >> the best of the crystal meth and supplying crystal meth, comes from sooner labs in mexico
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and over the border in arizona and boom there you are. >> matery was running his operation and doing time in the county jail and increased his sales when he got out of prison last year. 48 of his alleged cohorts are arrested as well. after months of wiretaps and surveillance and undercover operations. >> the first tip came while he was inside of prison and we managed to follow through and we confirmed he was moving large amounts of weight and we tapped his phones and really got to see how big this organization was. >> reporter: monica, tonight richard matery is back in the chester county jail his bail set at $2 million cash. live in westchester, vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> new at 5:00 the family of a paraplegic man shot and killed
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by police are optimistic about the new use of force plan. four officers opened fire on 128-year-old jeremy mcdole responding to reports of him having a weapon and reports show that he was reaching for his waist band and he did have a gun on him. as part of a settlement, the police shared their plans with mcdole's family today. >> we are very, very optimistic that perhaps here in delaware, contrary to cha is happening in other parts of the country we'll be turning a corner here and minorities and the indigent poor among us will have greater protections with police encounters. >> the directive is not complete yet and still being reviewed internally. time for a check of our traffic report monday night. >> you never think about how
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thankful you are for traffic lights until you don't have them. and we don't have them in many spots because of the fire at the peco substation. chopper 6 hd is high over the sky at this six point intersection. what a mess. police are out here directing of the traffic. this is where henry avenue and hunting park avenue and allegheny avenue come together at pep boys and mcdonald's and the police officers are trying to aleve ration the conpucks but it's a mess. hi to christie there in the "action news" van. and fox street is shut down, and henry avenue is open and a lot of light as long it are dark. lights are dark on north broad and again if you come to a dark traffic light treat it like a stop sign and expect gridlock in philadelphia and east falls this
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afternoon. a crash on the vine street expressway westbound approaching the schuylkill and jams westbound from only street to this point. and one in delco on 95 southbound at 420. extra heavy coming down from the airport. a bridge opening at tacony palmyra bridge. we'll keep talking in the next half hour. >> thank you. in other news, a 325,000 lottery ticket was sold in the olney section of philadelphia. the cash five ticket was sold at wilson beverage, the drawing was last night. the winner has one year to claim the prize. much more ahead on "action news" at 5:00 emergency officials in seasonal are getting high tech help the to help them place crews in spots to be most helpself if the shortest amount of time. and most americans are taking a
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different approach to weight loss, it's not good news for the fight against obesity. showers gave way to a warm afternoon, i am tracking another round of showers on the way and temperatures step down and yes, a chance of some late week snow. i'll have all the details in the full accuweather forecast. >> all right cecily we are continuing to follow developing news from north philadelphia tonight. 28,000 peco customers without power because of this fire at a substation, the number was 32,000 and now down to 28,000, and still continuing to update the story for you. and we'll have the latest when "action news" at 5:00 continues.
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managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. parts of kansas and missouri is cleaning up after severe storms swept through the area. one of the hardest hit parts was oak grove missouri and officials say that more than 500 homes and businesses were damaged by the rain and no reports of serious injuries and more than a dozen people in the town were hurt including three this war hospitalized. all of them are expected to be okay. kansas is one of four states dealing with wild fires at least one fire forced folks to evacuate their homes in kansas 625 square miles of land is destroyed already along with
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dozens of buildings. a similar scene in colorado a grass fire burned 37,000 acres and several flair-ups and 60 miles per hour winds pushed the fire over previously established fire lines, nearly 1,000 people were told to evacuate. the anti-defamation league says that threats have been made to offices and day schools around the country. from florida to chicago and new york. police were called to buildings across the country today. to investigate more bomb threats with jewish affiliated organizations then re investigating 130 similar threats made nationwide since january. and the white house denounced the threats and they say the crimes are up three fold this year and likely to continue. casey anthony's trial made headlines around the world and nine years after her caylee was killed casey has broken her
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silence. >> since acquitted. casey has lived her life out of the limelight that is until now. alex stone reports -- >> i am still not certain as a stand here today about what happened. >> that is the voice of casey t anthony in the first interview since she was acquitted of her daughter's murder. >> i would like to think she would be listening to classic rock and playing sports. >> refusing to be on video. >> i don't remember much. >> it mesmerized the country when caylee disappeared in 2008. >> the jury finds the defendant not guilty. >> the jury acquitted her of murder but found her guilty of lying to law enforcement. >> cops lie to people every day, and i'm one of those unfortunate
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idiots that admits they lied. >> and the defense team claimed that caylee drown. but admits she doesn't know what happened. >> the judge from the trial has a different theory and believes that she killed her daughter by accident. >> based on the evidence, the most logical thing is that she tried to knock her daughter out by the use of color form and gave her too many color form that causes her daughter to die. >> and casey anthony maintains she didn't do it. >> i don't give a [ bleep ] what people think about me. i don't care about that. i am okay with myself and i sleep pretty good at night. turning to health check tonight. more than a million children in the u.s. are affected by divorce or separation every year. and in a new study is addressing the ways that parents can ease the transition according to the
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research an open line of communication is key and be sure to keep conversations age appropriate, and experts say that consistency and routine is key and the more you can keep a child on a schedule the more comforted they will feel. new research suggests that americans are taking a different approach to weight loss and it may not be good news. scientists at georgia university looked at 25,000 americans between 1988 and 2014 that americans are gaining more weight. even worse, those who are overweight say they are losing interest in weight loss. >> the number of overweight folks that attempted weight loss in the last year is down 7%. experts say that the drop may be because it's more socially acceptable now to be overweight. still ahead on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. the new look in the works for a major chain restaurant and the high tech way lowes are working to carry out their diy dreams.
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a plunge in sales at ttgi fridays restaurants, they will
5:21 pm
offer prepared meals in supermarkets and delivery services of those foods by companies like blue apron and the chain has gone digital. they are accepting orders for takeout via twitter. and lowes is talking about diy products going digital. customers are using a hand set and doing diy projects, one is how to tile a bathroom. i know how to do that already. outstanding african-americans are being honored in the new exhibit at philadelphia international airport tonight. several honorees are there today. as it was debuted. sunny hill and educator lorraine carrie were here as well. all to help celebrate the
5:22 pm
african-american museum in philadelphia. the action cam was at drexel university with a panel discussion for decision makers at local tv stations. the panelists discussed decisions that go into news conference in the philadelphia area. and their visions for the future of the news industry. ♪ ♪
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. cecily tynan is whoer to tell us how the week is shaping up. >> it's going to be cold and snowy by friday morning, this is live on sky 6 hd taking a look at the skyline. you see how we have sunshine breaking through the clouds after showers this morning. with a warm front and you can really feel the difference in the air mass. now that the warm front is advancing north of philadelphia. 66 degrees here dover it's 68 and you'll notice though areas to the north still a little bit cool the warm front taking its time and progressing to the north, 51 degrees, not a big difference in allentown and philadelphia 16 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. wildwood a whopping 24 degrees warmer and we'll keep temperatures in the 60s for the next two days. satellite 6 along with action radar showing that warm front
5:26 pm
again moved through and awaiting the cold front. the actual cold front is out along the ohio valley and there is a round of showers advancing ahead of this system. that is the same system that spawned the two dozen tornadoes yesterday and it's really weakened and as it moved in we'll see showers around and a gusty thunderstorm in the wee hours of the morning and temperatures though breezy and mild. 52 in center city. and that is higher than our normal high for this time of year. 48 degrees in the suburbs and winds shifting behind the front. future tracker 6 showing you if you head out to the 10:00, we'll see showers and the steadiest is north of philadelphia and this is when the actual cold front arrives, at 5:00 in the morning and you can see the line of heavy showers, perhaps embedded thunderstorms with it and it sweeped through and wednesday we wake up with lots of clouds and lingering showers in seasonal
5:27 pm
south jersey and delaware. windy but mild. should make it up to 63 degrees tomorrow in philadelphia. dover 63 and allentown 61 and cape may 57 and toms river 62 and much colder air will be arriving in time for the weekend. the five-day at 5:00 showing tomorrow it's windy and morning clouds and afternoon sunshine, 63 degrees and thursday sunny and breezy and still mild and 61 degrees but friday a short wave a piece of energy arrives along the cold air and what this means a friday morning commute could be messy with wet snow perhaps some rain changing over to snow south of philadelphia the high 41 degrees and beyond that a cold weekend and 33 on saturday and we spring forward one hour and if you don't like the snow, the sunday storm is trending south 35 degrees and more moisture on the way early next week. we'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast. >> cold snow and we lose an hour now. >> what kind of weekend is that?
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>> thank you cecily. back to the breaking news story. the firefighters have the upper hand now at the peco substation, the thick black smoke and putting out hot spots now in westmoreland street.
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"action news" continues we are monitor that situation in philadelphia. at a peco substation. chopper 6 hd is live over the scene and it appears that the heavy thick black smoke is finished and the fire is mostly out with firefighters just working on hot spots. this happened in the 2600 block of west westmoreland street. it broke out three hours ago and appears to be coming to an end. let look at video at the height of the fire. firefighters had to wait a bit to start to fight the fire because the area was pulsing with live electricity and 28,000 customers are still without power. at the very worst 32,000 people and now 28,000. traffic lights are still out
5:31 pm
though in that area creating traffic gridlock and "action news" spoke with the fire commissioner a short time ago. here is what he said. >> we are confirming that the power is shut down before we go in and fight the fire, we did firefighting with a special chemical agent we have. and we used 1,000 pounds of dry powder agent from what you would get from a fire extinguisher but the fire continued to flash. >> back live again now chopper 6 hd showing you a picture from a birds eye view of them shooting water cannons on to the roof of the burned out substation. parts of temple university hop and temple towers lost power during the fire but good news here as firefighters put water on a fire and try to out the flames here in the last 10 minutes, it appears that they are almost nearing the end. and we'll follow the fire here at the peco substation and bring
5:32 pm
you updates as we get them. in other news now. the gop's plan to replace the affordable care act. president trump says he fully supports the legislation but democrats and some republicans are voicing concerns. we are live now in washington with the latest. >> reporter: rick, it has been a busy week on capitol hill. a new executive order on immigration claims of presidential wiretapping and now the new plans for health care but the growing division within party lines continue to show. it's the great divide in washington. on one side republicans backing the newly unveiled plan to overhaul obama care. >> this is the obama care replacements plan that everyone is asking for and the plan that the president ran on and that will ultimately save the system. >> and on the other side democrats and some republicans.
5:33 pm
rand paul tweeting the plan looks like obama care light. >> and democrats a growing number of conservatives and millions of americans don't like what they see. >> it ends penalties for uninsured americans and ends the expanse of medicaid. >> will it cover more americans with health care than today? that is the key question. and the wiretapping is the talk of capitol hill. calling out president trump's claim that president obama wiretapped trump tower. >> he should come forward with the information that led him to that conclusion, it's a serious charge against a previous president of the united states. there needs to be some corroboration. >> and fbi director, james comey has surprisingly asked the justice department to come out and say that trump'slegations are simply false but the white house is standing by the claims
5:34 pm
asking the senate and house committees to investigate. >> live in washington. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. wikileaks says that documents it obtained show that the cia targeted every day gadgets such as smart phones as part of a surveillance program. the hacks allow the cia to collect audio and other messages from the apps before they were encrypted. and knew of flaws of software made by apple, samsung and others. and did not disclose it. it was suppose to be common practice so companies could fix them. and attorneys for two sioux indian tribes say that the battle will continue for the dakota access pipeline will continue. the judge could still order the pipeline shut down that is what the standing rock and cheyenne
5:35 pm
river tribes seek. they are looking to stop the colleagues of the $48 billion pipeline while the legal arguments play out. it could be moving oil as early as next week and david muir will have more on the continuing fight of the dakota access pipeline and the wikileaks replacement of documents and the affordable care act. a wanted fugitive on the run for more than a year for murder is now behind bars tonight. police arrested bobby tailer in chattanooga, tennessee over the weekend he is accused of killingal wishous taylor behind the american car wash in delaware. the two men were not related. officers found the suspect after a man called the man saying that bobby taylor assaulted him and taylor will be extradited to delaware. and two men are wanted for a robbery in the cedar brook section of philadelphia.
5:36 pm
one placed an order at the dunkin' donuts saturday morning and when the cash drawer opened he lunged forward and grabbed the drawer and ran off with about $450. the veteran members of the philadelphia police force were given important promotions today. and two deputy commissioners a ascending the level of three star and others making remarkable place in their careers. >> commissioner ross led the five officers in an oath for their new jobs. including joe sullivan now a deputy commissioner of patrol operations. rowan university is taking steps to keep its drinking water safe. they found nine residential buildings on the glassboro campus tested positive for led over the safe level deemed by
5:37 pm
the federal government. students will also continue to receive bottled water. a south jersey hospital is making sure that residents in the area get the fastest and most appropriate care they need. and they are able to do it with a newly unveiled system. nora muchanic has the story from marlton. >> reporter: virtua is using it to send out mobile intensive care units before the 911 call is made. >> it analyses the data and creates a predicttive model of where the next ems call will happen. using patterns of last 911 calls and types of roads in the area, the computer creates what looks like a weather map. the darker the color the more likely the computer says there is to be a 911 call in that
5:38 pm
area. now, instead of waiting at the station the virtua mobile unities could be dispatched ahead of time to the hot spots and responds quickly when the 911 calls come in. >> people are getting hospital level care in their living room and at an accident out in the community. ultimately that is what the data does for us. >> this means better care and quicker response times for the sick and injured and may be saving lives. a couple of weeks ago an advanced life support group stayed in the area based on analysis when a man nearby was having a massive heart attack. >> virtua began using the system full-time in january and managers believe that it's making its entire system faster and more efficient. in marlton, i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." septa has expanding the
5:39 pm
bicycle parking, there is now a place to lock up the bike before taking on the tasker morris station on the broad street line and 16 rocks along with bicycle stair runners going up and down the steps with their bike. and they plan to expand it to other broad street and market stations in the near future. >> good idea. time to get a check of traffic out there. >> may need a bike to get home. >> the bike is a good idea. even if you are on the bike that is the new issue on the traffic front all the dark traffic lighted in and around north philadelphia and night town. and fox street remains blocked off near the shop-rite, and hunting park is open, but all the lights are out but same with henry avenue. the lights are dark if you come to one of those dark
5:40 pm
intersections, you have to treat that like a stop sign let the other guy or girl go first. 6 miles per hour on north broad and 5 on allegheny avenue, still gridlocks around the dark traffic lights, on the vine street expressway things are getting better and the crash approaching the schuylkill is better but without that we have a crash along 95 southbound in del delco, lets see if it's still there. getting better but still coming south of the airport. from montgomery county in bucks county, watch out a vehicle fire on the ramp from 113 and that ramp is partially blocked. rick and monica over to you. >> still ahead on "action news" tonight. a motorcycle enthusiast takes his live for adventure to a new level. now police are looking for him as the video goes viral. >> and a group of delaware county's bright elf minds go head to head in a competition today. >> and breaks of sun this
5:41 pm
afternoon and temperatures soared into the upper 60s for some and now another round of rain for tonight we'll look at future tracker and the possibility of snow in the seven-day forecast. >> his voice got lower. >> snow -- yeah. plus jaime apody has sports tonight including flyers and college basketball. that and more when "action news" continues in a moment. chevy is the most awarded car company three years in a row. really... let's see how quickly you can read through all their awards.
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a california motorcyclist took extreme sports to a whole new level. he jumped over a busy four lane freeway outside of los angeles. authorities say in addition to not having a permit the dangerous stunt was unauthorized. and the police blocked the makeshift dirt strip so it was a one time performance. they are looking to see if it's him on the motorcycle. let check out sports jaime is here now and flyers in the playoff push. >> it's that time. the biggest week of the season the flyers face three opponents also in the playoff hunt beginning tonight in buffalo. every point counts, especially
5:45 pm
with the flyers three points back in the wild card spot. the crowded race that has 16 sitting within five montgomerys of each other, it makes the week exciting and the fact that they got points in the last three games gives everyone hope. >> there is only a couple of points and we understand the importance of the game and ensuring we are the team taking the two points and not them. >> it will be a great trip. we are playing buffalo and a couple of points behind us, toronto two points up on us. we get the two points to make the difference. >> it's called the legal tampering period. what it means is, that beginning today nfl teams are allowed to begin contract negotiations with potential free agents, they can't sign until thursday. the eagles have not announced any cut just yet but they are coming. there could be big names.
5:46 pm
the the 49ers released tory smith, there was buzz about him trading for him last year. and the eagles name will likely be tied to every single receiver on the market. march madness is upon us, tournament time and any of our local teams have a chance to punch a ticket to the big dance if they win their conference tourney. >> they got knocked out in the title game last year but they come in as a top seed set to play georgetown and st. johns and jay wright is confident heading into his favorite time of year. >> they are concentrating on basketball and we are where we want to be. >> definitely excited. this is tournament time, this is a great opportunity for us just to, you know prove to each other
5:47 pm
that we are into villanova basketball for 40 minutes? the true dark horse to get to the big dance is st. joe's. the 13th seed having a hard time. but they are the defending tournament champions, they take on umass in pittsburgh tomorrow. and despite the obstacles they are all in. >> all we can do is do what we have done all year, prepare for the game. we can't worry about who we don't have or our bad luck and none of that matters. >> that is how we go into the tournament 0-0 and hopefully everybody steps up and plays the a game. the phillies continue grapefruit league game and they had roy halladay today. and hear from him at 6:00. aaron nola struggled throwing 40 pitches allowing two runs in four innings. and kendrick had an rbi single
5:48 pm
and a hot hand, a grand slam as the phillies tamed the tigers 11-6. the stafford kid is hitting over .500. wow people in need a job met with potential employers today intowford, montgomery county businesses were looking for part-time and full-time employees. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get our best offer of the year. 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years.
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feeling like a warm-up s guess what? you are in luck. today will stay warm and tomorrow will stay warm and thursday will stay warm and thenle weekend. >> yuck. >> we had rain in the pennsylvania counties and breaks of sun south of the city and now on stormtracker 6 live double scan we are tracking a broken area of showers in lancaster county that pulls itself together and pushes through the region a little later on this evening. but we take a look at the almanac today we spiked to 67 degrees at 3:46 this afternoon and 17 degrees above the normal of 50 degrees, far from the record of 74 and the low 10 degrees above the normal of 32. there is the southerly win the
5:52 pm
warm front is just to the north, it wasn't strong enough to pirng puncture through the poconos. and we'll send the warm air in tomorrow as well as thursday. 66 wilmington and 68 in dover and with the southerly wind it's much cooler in eastern parts of new jersey with the ocean just 44 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar one area of showers this morning, philadelphia to the north and west pushed off the coast, a break and then you see more showers and downpours to the west, the actual front through the ohio valley and that comes through here in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. for tonight showers push in 52 for center city and the wind turning westerly and kicking up between 10 and 20 miles per hour. future tracker 6 at 9:30, you see the showers passing through the area. and that is kind of on and off through the overnight hours and then by the early morning hours
5:53 pm
predawn here the front start to arrive and you see the line here developing downpours and some of these downpours could contain gusty winds as it passes through philadelphia. around 5:00 in the morning. the same thing for northern delaware behind it and quickly off the coast at 7:00 and 8:00. and 8:00 in the morning, the sun returning to the north and west and the morning rush a little bit wetter especially in new jersey and delaware. >> in the afternoon tomorrow, once that heads off the coast it's very windy and 63 degrees and warm tomorrow and gusting winds 35 to 40 miles per hour. and high pressure remains in control on thursday, bright and breezy and 61 degrees above normal and this area of low pressure starts to intensify. arctic air for this time of year. but to go from the warmth to the arctic air. there is precipitation breaking out late thursday night.
5:54 pm
early on friday morning. windy and turning sunny tomorrow at 63 and sunny and breezy thursday not a bad day 61 and then a period of rain and wet snow in the morning and the heaviest looks to fall in the 7:00 hour. so between 7:00 and 10:00 is the prime part of the snow storm. the roads will be wet and we could have grass y accumulation friday morning and 33 saturday with sun and clouds and the second storm on sunday is trending farther south of our viewing area, that is good news here but still 35 sunday and then we start to slowly warm up at the beginning of next week. friday morning could be the better of the two days. quick break and more news when we come right back.
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some of the brightest young minds went head to head for the 69 and annual delco high q. they competed to make it to the championship round and each school had previous appearances in the competition and they have to answer questions on a wide variety of topics to take only hop tonners and scholarship money. >> good luck. >> now jim gardner is standing by next at 6:00. thousands are without power after fire sparks at a peco substation, how the outages are affecting residents businesses and drivers. >> and police in delaware searching for a suspected kidnapper they that they believe targeted three women. for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass have a good night. "action news" at 6:00 is next.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. it has been a tough afternoon for firefighters battling a big glaze at a peco substation. the fire erupted before 2:00 p.m. at west westmoreland street in philadelphia and immediately knocked out power to thousands of cut mers and what would include the traffic lights at the intersection where henry avenue, hunting park and
6:00 pm
allegheny come together. that created a scene of other gridlock. it has been a tough afternoon. tuesday night the big story on "action news" tonight. is the latest on the peco substation fire. sara bloomquist is live at the fire command center. christie is live at the scene at the traffic nightmare. saras lets start with you. >> reporter: the command center is getting bigger and they will keep working to restore power to the tens of thousands still without it. if you look at the top of the hill that is where the fire was burning and we no longer see the thick black smoke but in terms of power it's going to be a while. chopper 6 hd was overhead within the hour as firefighters were able to pour water on the flames. it did burn for about three hours, the first call of wires burning came in at 2:08


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