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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  March 8, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning everyone. it's 5 o'clock on this wednesday march eighth. tam is off. nydia han joins us. here's what's happening. >> new developments overnight after that fire at a peco substation. power is slowly being restored but two schools in the area remain closed. >> accuweather is tracking little rain for your morning commute and we are keeping an eye on the possibility of snow by the end of the work week. >> plus thousands are taking part in a day without a woman.
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details about local events planned today. >> let's first turn to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers for weather and traffic. good morning. >> good morning everybody. we are on the big board with storm tracker6 live double scan. a couple of lingering showers still coming through over the next hour and a half or so much you can see that there is a heavy band that's pushing away from center city philadelphia but now coming into northern gloucester county. that has some yellow in it and that means a little steadier rain but it's not going last more than maybe five or 10 minutes. and then you see some lighter shower activity out to the west. eventually we're not only going get rid of the rain and i think that could happen well before the end of the morning commute, but we're also going to fairly quickly transition to clearing skies and you can see that clearing line moving to the east of pittsburgh at this hour. it's a little bit on the mild side this morning. you're not going to mind the temperatures as you step outside. 60 degrees right now in philadelphia and there is a shot with the winds beginning to turn more out of the west, you see that cooler air out there there's a shot at dropping that number into the low 50's in philadelphia before we turn it around.
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generally speaking it still looks like a mild afternoon building its a little bit windy out there too. 22 miles per hour wind right now so that will be a change ov we expect to stay rather windy as we movok at the change. cloud c at full sunshine getting up to 58 degrees there. and then a nif 63 degrees about 3 o'clol fairly brightnd s holding 55 degrees by 7 o'cloc lingering cloud cover around it's not much. it's a today but mild and pretty nice overall. another mild one for you tomorrow and then a crush of cooler air coming in for friday and the weekend karen and maybe a little snow mixed in at times too. details on that coming up. >> all right so for now it's the rain we're dealing with and you can see it in this shot how the rain has really moved through in south philadelphia. this is the ramp a big accident has been blocking the ramp here from i-95 northbound to the walt whitman bridge. a lot of emergency workers still out here. you're going have to access the walt whitman bridge with 95 southbound or the schuylkill eastbound instead right now. this ramp remains blocked. switching our view to the boulevard wet right here that's your southbound traffic headed towards the schuylkill. moving okay at this light volume, no major there but
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nearby in tioga-nicetown still have problems related to the fire at the peco substation from yesterday. fox street remains closed near roberts avenue and you want to watch that. stick to henry avenue as your alternate. katherine scott has been live on the scene telling us that the traffic lights are back working but a lot of them are powered by generators at this point this morning so still a problem right now. we've got tire debris that's stuck out here on the left lane on the turnpike eastbound approaching willow grove so a little debris a little rain never a good issue so watch for that as you head out matt. >> thanks karen. let's get back to that story you just mentioned. power coming back on for most of the people left in the dark since the pooh echo substation caught fire in north philadelphia. you see the number there. peco now reporting 6,776 customers are still without power but that is down from more than 20000 outages yesterday. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live and the substation on west westemoreland street with the latest. katherine. >> reporter: matt we have an upday. peco is reporting about 5400 customers without power
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obviously the winds really picked up here. there's still road closures in this area around the big improvement from when we last spoke about a half an hour ago. in light of the power outages philadelphia high school f girls and e.w. rhodes middle school remain closed today. >> got to prepare for the worst. >> reporter: as this fire raged at a peco substation on westemoreland street thousands were left in the dark. >> it's very frustrating. >> not knowing how long we going to be in the dark. not knowing. >> reporter: traffic lights were out causing chaos on the roads as drivers ied to navigate through intersections. at itseak, 36,000 peak cole peco customers were without pump businesses shut down early. several schools remain closed today. the fire broke out shortly after 2:00 p.m. close to hours later the power was turned off in a substation and firefighters began knocking down the flames. once peco crews made the area safe to get firefighters in they began working to get
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power back on for their customers. >> peco crews are working around the clock and nonstop get our customers restored. >> reporter: at this point there's no time line on when that the power will be restored to everybody. the investigation into the cause of this fire continues. we're live in north philadelphia, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> katherine thank you. breaking this morning, an eight day old infant was hurt in a home invasion robbery. it happened on the 4500 block of north 18th street in the city's logan section at 1:30 a.m. police say three masked men broke into the house and forced three women into the basement. dropped on the floor during the struggle. we will have a live report in the next half hour. police are investigating a violent chain of events in germantown that left a man on life support. investigators say it started just after 6:30 last night on the 1100 beast haines. two gunshots were fired into a rented jeep grand cherokee. one of the bullets hit a man sitting in the front passenger z the driver of the jeep lost controon't know where the shots came from and they
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are still looking f shooter. >> the sea the person hoop police believe carried out a third attempted n new castle county delaware. police say the man tried to force a woman into her apartment at the preserve at deacon's walk in newark on sunday night but ran when the woman's boyfriend answered the door. investig was the same man who sexually assaulted two other delaware women and forced them to take money out of atms. police are asking residents to report anything suspicious. a house caught fire in the city's somerton section last night on the 500 block of larkspur street with heavy flames coming from the first floor. firefighters brought it under control in 15 minutes and rescued several cats. no humans were injured. >> ♪♪ ere in the delaware valley are taking the day is i a day without a woman. organizers are also calling for women not to spend money today to show their economic strength. the philadelphia federation of teachers is organizing informational pickets outside
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schools and a march is that planned for tonight in logan square. the day coincides with international women's daily. >> the republican plan to replace the affordable care act is that already running into road blocks and stiff opposition from both sides of the aisle. paul speaker ryan guarantees he will have enough votes needed to get the bill passed in the republican controlled house while many conservatives crit bill yeg the plan obamacare light. they claim the tax credits coulitle. and that the plan would not reduce, excuse me -- would not reduce role of government in healthcare. theublican plan replaces income based subsidies with tax credits that may be less for low income earners. president trump says he stands behind the new plan. we'll see what the senate comes up with or if they decide to take on the house plan itself. >> we shall see. our family is planning a dave it's going to be a nice one. >> beautiful. >> yeah, no problem. >> he's going everybody. >> matt is always welcome. >> storm tracker6 live double scan shows us that the rain
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while maybe not entirely welcome is out there. as we take that overview you can see it's pretty quickly pushing toward the coast the heavy band that just gives you a little steadier rain for about five to 10 minutes is moving to the east of philadelphia right now highlighted in yellow in gloucester and camden county and everything out to the west really looks very light and again before the morning are you shall hour is over we should see all of that off the coast. taking a look outsiwe havedy skies for now and somewhat damp conditions also a little bit breezy, too, as the winds are picking up. we do expect a nice change today in that the rain and the clouds will disappear but that that wind will be part of the package for most of the day. here we go. 60 degrees in philadelphia right now but notice how we've started to cool down in those northern and western suburbs and that cooler air is starting to sweep in. i think we'll probably see a pretty dramatic drop down into the low 50's in philadelphia over the next couple of hours before we start to turn things around. the afternoon still looks mild. but northern and western suburbs a little cooler right now than philadelphia itself. future tracker6 again handling that rain and it looks like
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between now an 7 o'clock, it's probably off for the most part and then we see the clearing happening and by 10 o'clocklouds are gone all the way down close to the coast and we are going to see is thef lots today. it will be on the windy side. we'll call it mostly sun thay in the lehigh valley but we h remind you about that little blustery wind that's going to be out there every now and then. 60 degrees is the high going for somewhat cooler high but pretty close at 57 degrees,ny and windy there as well. then in philadelphia a nice high again of 63 degrees. got up into the 60's in a lot of spots yesterday and it was just beautiful when i was out for my afternoon walk. mostly sunny, a little bit more wind around today. winds running west at 12 tobut still mild. and ernight little bit cooler tomorrow morning but still above average, 45, clear skies a bit on the breezy side overnight and then we get into thursday and it still stays breezy but we still get a high around 63 degrees with high pressure to ourh and that frontal boundary off to our northwest helping to funnel still well above normal. now, there is a batch of colder air on the other side that of front shoot ngo overnight into friday and
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there could be some precipitation around friday morning that in the poconos will start as snow. the model right now has it as a rain shower initially in philadelphia but we actually think that it might be cold enough right above the surface to get some snow showers in during the morning commute and maybe a few more of those popping through in the afternoon. doesn't look like a real big deal. the surface temperatures will be above freezing. maybe a grassy accumulation though on friday morning and if you get a burst of snow visibility could be an issue. 63 today mostly sunny and windy. 63 mostly sunny and breezy tomorrow. then just 42 friday with an occasional raa snow shower activity. a lot of that centered in the morning and then saturday partly sunny and cold, a high of 33 degrees on saturday. wow. on sunday we're still watching a southern storm. most models have it to the 't get any precipitation. if it does come up north we might just get a quick brush of light sstill cold on sunday, though and then back into the 40's monday and >> if the clocks go forward at the right time could we miss it? [laughter] >> it would be nice. >> i don't think it works that
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way. >> we need a time machine probably. thanks 5:11. firefighters in new york going high tech. next see how they used a drone for the first time to help battle uglier a mo theater became part of a real life crime scene when the suspect tried to evade police but his hiding spot did not fool the cops. karen. >> live in new jersey taking a look at 42 and yes, you can see the rain has reached us here on 42 but no big delay just yet. getting word from police and more details on that big accident in south philadelphia. the latest on that one coming up. >> ♪♪ hershey's miniatures. we pour 'em! we pass 'em! we pick 'em! delicious fun for everyone. hershey's miniatures are mine, yours, our chocolate.
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you (vo) love is why we built a car you can trust. now and for a long time to come. the all-new subaru impreza sedan and five-door. d you're on.n a car, it's a subaru. >> welcome back. a little windy out there andis hwelcome wednesday. look at the battleship new it's going to be a nice dayzzle clears out. >> got to get through alongcommute.
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let's go karen rogers. >> i spent the entire commercial break looking for myer. how i lose it every two minutes i don't know. let's look at the road now and show you whang police are giving us mores on this accident in south philadelia. i showed you all workmp from i-95 northbound to the walt whitman bridge. accident has been going on fofour hours. it's in tractor-trailer. a fuel spithey have to unload the tractor-trailer. that's why it's taking so long it's still blocked, why so many it's hard to see from this shot and t and the win but they're out there trying to unload th tractor-trailer, mop up the fuel spill before they reopen it. in the meantime have stick to the schu eastbound or 95 southbound. you can't get to the walt whitman bridge from i-95 northbound right now.ave this problem with roadway here one turnpike eastboun grove. so you want to watch for thatst k we hear it's in the left lane. got an acciamiltontownship bg the two rigw jersey turnpike northbound at exit 7a. this is anoone that been going on for awhile out indesbo erywheregot rain moving some areas heavy rain, pocketstbound blocked at kings highwaon road because of an accident there want to bring in storm tracker6 live double scis the best
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e what's happening in your com we'll go in a little bit closer and this lineof orange and yelthat' heav rain. rom west to east. you know all the ro out here even where you're not seeing the rain. right now the heaviest is comi r cherry hi oute rse pike and you're seeing and ounty, new jersey right on 322 where we told you that accident was so that's the heavier rain that's really causing problem. it's just a morning issue. the afternoon is dry and nice matt. >> got you. thank you, karen. developing news here. firefighters a battling several brush fires in southwest florida. this fire near everglades city has grown to 6,000 acres and is just 30 percent contained. more than 120itionalfirefighters ha other parts of the state to help. dry vegetation are fueling the flames. no word on how the wildfires started.fighters used a drone themfight an apartment fire.the four alarm fire b out innight. a live video feed from the drone gave firefighters on the ground a better view of the roof and a good thing 'cause the fire chief says crews knew to move when the drone's visual feed captured the apartment roof c two firefighters
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were taken to minor injuries. >> a burglary suspect tr escape hiding in the ceiling of an empty movie theater. the man into th theater in greenbelt yesterday. tiles came loose and fell to the ground while the suspect moved around inside the ceiling. a police negotiator was called in. the man eventually came down and was arrested. >> the flyers are now just two points back of a wild card spot. they continue their late season playoff push with a six to three win over the buffalo sabres last night. the flyers resume their four game road trip in toronto tomorrow night. >> a city is coming to the rescue of we'll tell you how. >> top honors at their long island high school. hear what they credit with their academic success.
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>> ducks and water seem to go hand in hand right. these baby ducks need a helping hand while swim ngo a canal in indianapolis indiana. the city just installed check it out little small ramps to help baby ducks get out of the canal. they made the decision after realizing the ducklings and geese couldn't jump ov canal's cement edges. anims are praising the city for lending a helping hand to webbed feet. >> seen that before in little parks and things. that's cute. >> little boat launches. duck launches. >> we like ucks.
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let's go outside. this is duck weather. getting wet out there. this is the boulevard at broad street. just wet here but not far off fox street remains blocked because of yesterday's fire but here at the boulevard traffic is moving fine. rbor township right now in atlantic county we've got construction going on. it's going to be out there for another 4so. black horse pike is still blocked at the garden state parkway. stick to wasnue. let's check mass transit for you and we got the green ere meaning everything is on time. you're good to go dave. >> that is very good news there karen. big board storm tracker6 live double scan shows yeah some roads are wet g. we have a couple lingering light sprinkles that kind of falling apart. the bulk of the rain will be off the coast probably by about 6:30 7 o'clock this morning. bus stop forecast mostly cloudy to start out but we are in the process of drying out across much of the region. some of you might still want some rain gear. temperatures which are up around 60 right now in philadelphia probably do drop a bit between now and 8 o'clock but the upper 50's is still above average. it's a bit on the windy side out there. and as we go through the day clouds quickly kicking off the
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coast. we'll get a lot ohine most of the way and windy but mild high of 63 degrees and still holding the mid 50's by >> you need help putting you may want to consider moving to naples florida. for a second year in the row the city was the happiest community according to gallop health ways survey of well being. not such great news for us. the phil wilmington area ranked 127 out of 189. these identical twins in new york have a lot more in common than just good looks. their brains are equally impressive. the brothers have made history at their long island high school by earning the top two highest gpatheir class. nicholas rizzo set to be named valedictorian. his brother salute torian. they have credited their parents both doctors for instilling in them a passion for learning. >> the pennsylvania lawmaker
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who w children in gusty wind garten and then after that to be taught how to spotke news. >> the lights went out on the statue of liberty. the mystery as to why it happened. but first here's "gma"'s first look. >> actress lilly collins opening up about hr relationship with her rocker phil collins in her book unfiltered. she writes i forgive the mistakes you madehough itke it's too late it's not. there's still so much time to moveather is known for his hits with genesis alo artist andlilly says he wasn't always the role model she wanted or e at the end of the day wecathe plearning your actions and vocalize how they mad feel. >> all of this money and all of this fame only goes so. you have to tend to yo.sures her dadwill alwlittle you with all my heart more than you'll ever know. and coming up at 7:00 a.m. we'll have more from collins' emotional essay co with your "glook i'm diane macedo abcewyork.
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>> welco on this wednesday, it is 5:2655 degrees. sky6 hd taking a live look at philadelphia inte still a little windy out there but it's going the turn into that a really nice day. enjoy it. >> time for the morning buzz. a lawmaker in pennsylvania wants fake news to become part of lesson plans in schools. representative ti a democrat from montgomery county introduced a bill that wouldhe state department of education to establish medial literacy curriculum for students in kindergarten through grade 12. he says it will teach students critical thinking skills. >> so much information is coming at us not just kids but all of us that we just i think needsecond to be able to filter it figure out what -hat is real what is false. >> the department of education looking forward to
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working with state lawmakers butdded that some schools are already educating students about biased media. nydia. >> matt, thank you. caught on video a pregnant woman is involved in a convenience store. how she fought back. plus we are following breaking news in the city's logan sect anas hurt during a violent home invasion overnight. those stories and more when "action news" continues.
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>> breaking now on "action news" masked men arm guns awaken a young mom. they leave her newborn injured without
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a load of cash during a violent home invasion. >> developing overnight, work continues at the site of the peco substation fire. two schools are closed because of the power problem. >> the morning rain will give way to sun. soak it up now because accuweather is tracking the potential of snow. good morning. it's 5:30 on this wednesday march eighth. tam is off. nydia han joins us along with david and karen. good morning. >> good morning everybody. we have a little bit of shower activity popping through the region as karen has been showing you there's one heavier line that's now getting down close to the southern border of camden and gloucester counties clipping a little bit of burlington county. this is going to be over by the coast pretty quickly though and the rest of the stuff out to the west really looks like it's falling apart.
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