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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  March 8, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> breaking now on "action news," masked men arm w guns awaken a young mom. they leave her newborn injuredhh during a violent home invasion. >> developing overnight, work continues at the site of the peco substation fire. two schools are closed because of the power problem. >> the morning rain will give way to sun. soak it up now because accuweather is tracking the potential of snow. good morning. it's 5:30 on this wednesday march eighth. tam is off. nydia han joins us along with david and karen. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. we have a little bit of shower activity popping through the region as karen has been showing you there's one heavier line that's now getting down close to the southern border of camden and gloucester counties clipping a little bit of burlington county. this is going to be over by the coast pretty quickly though and the rest of the stuff out to the west really looks like it's falling apart. i think what we're going to
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see is diminishing rain heading toward the east over the next couple of hours and by 6:30 or 7 o'clock it's probably mainly off the coast or evaporated. after that, we'll be on the lookout for the return of some sunshine. check it out up there by pittsburgh you can a see lot of clearing on the way. pittsburgh is going to start out under full sunshine in all likelihood and i think by 9 o'clock or so we'be seeing thd that will stay with us the rest of the da part. temperatures are starting to drop. we were at 60 degrees just an hour ago. in fact less than an hour ago. i thought there would be a pretty good crash of numbers. we're down to 53 right now as cooler air is trying to work its way in from the west. however, we'll only go down to the low 50's and then start bouncing back up this afternoon as generally speaking a warmer flow of air is in play. winds are really picking up. we're up to 30 miles per hour right now in philadelphia. so, very blustery out there. hold onto the your hats especially as that cooler air marches in. here's how it's going to go today. 53 by 7 oclock. we'll break out from behind
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the clouds later this morning though and get all the way up to a high of 63 by 3 o'clock and still holding the mid-50's by 7 o'clock. winds probably subsiding a little bit later in the evening. karen we're mild again tomorrow but then a cooldown with perhaps some rain and wet snow showers on friday. we'll talk about that coming up. what you got there? >> all right. wet roads and lots of problems. this accident happened overnight and it is still causing a problem. police are telling us the reason is it's involving a tractor-trailer. they have to unload the tractor-trailer. there was a fuel spill. this is all taking awhile to clear and in the meantime you can see it's completely blocking this ramp in southbound. this is the ramp from i-95 northbound to the walt whitman bridge. it's been blocked for hours. remains blocked. a number of crews on the scene with this. what you have to do is stick to 95 southbound or the schuylkill eastbound. meanwhile we've got this accident on i-95 southbound. this is right at the pennsylvania-delaware state line. it's an accident involving a truck. it's blocking the left lane. we have a tow truck on the scene so i think this one may clear pretty soon. the other one could be out
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there a little while. meanwhile in the tioga-nicetown section that big fire at the peco substation from yesterday afternoon still causing some issues. so we have fox street closed between roberts and allegheny. you'll have to stick to henry avenue as your alternate. katherine scott has been live on the scene telling t us the tracts are powered by generators. still causing a big issue this morning, matt. >> thanks karen. we begin with breaking news. three masked men push a newborn baby to the ground and force the mom to the basement during a violent home invasion robbery in the logan section. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live in northwest detectives to tell the rest. annie. >> reporter: matt, that baby is only eight days old. he remains in einstein hospital. he's expected to be okay but he did have a hard fall on the floor during that home invasion. he is remaining at einstein hospital for still a couple of hours where he remains under observation by doctors there. well, take a look at this video. this is video from the scene. this all unfolded around 12:30
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overnight. investigators say ultmatelythe 9 in cash. they say that three armed masked men wearing broke througr of the young woman's home in the 4500 block of north 18th before the three men forced the 24-year-old and also two 17-year-old women that arefamile visiting to see the baby, before he forced them into the basement to ransack the home, they barged into the 24-year-old's second floor bedroom while she slept with her baby boy on her ches she pleaded with the intruders demanded she finde cash. >> at least one of the perpetrators ordered her to get up point of gun. said i'm holding my baby. that's when one of them forced the baby onto the floor by pushing the baby onto the floor which is pretty brut we'r. >> reporter: and again they made off with $3,500. she was targeted police
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believe but why theyon't know. they also say that on surveillance video that they found outside of the home, there is video of four men that are running away from the home. so, they believe that even though there were three inside, one remained outside working as a lookout. for now reporting live outside of northwest detectives, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> must have been scary. thank you annie. also breaking an armed robbery victim was shot in the leg during a scuffle with his attackers in northeast philadelphia. it happened on the 6000 block of somerdale avenue at 1:00 a.m. the victim was moving exercise equipment from the pickup truck with two friends when the two armed men ambushed them. the robbers got away with $450. no one else was physically hurt. >> now to the latest on theco p. a fire at a ubstation yesterday afternoon still has thousands of customers in the dark including two schools. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in north philadelphia and katherine, what's the update on repairs. >> reporter: nydia at this
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point about 5400 customers are without power. that's a big improvement from last night. however, there's still a ways to go here and you can see around the substation there are still road closures. the work continues. due to the outages the philadelphia school district announced two schools will be closed today, philadelphia high school for girls and e.w. rhodes middle school. >> it's very frustrating. >> reporter: the lights were out in pat green's north philadelphia home after the fire at peco substation on westemoreland street. at its peak 36,000 customers were without power. some businesses closed early. others raced the setting sun to serve clients. >> you see how everybody else had to stop working? we didn't stop. we still here. >> reporter: the fire took out traffic lights, confused drivers left scrambling through dark intersections. it broke out shortly after 2:00 p.m. close to three hours later, the power was turned off in the substation and firefighters began knocking down the flames.
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once peco made the area safe to get firefighters in, peco crews have been working to make sure customers get their power back. there's been progress but know specific time line has been given. >> bas our system we'll continue to switch in the streets, we'll still be working with backup generators whenever possible to get as many as possible back online. >> reporter: and the work continues and so does the investigation. at this point there's no word as to what caused this fire. we're live in north philadelphia, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. i didn't do in a. >> katherine thank you. delaware county authorities are worried an admitted child sex predator had other victims they're not aware of. media police say 20-year-old hugh taussig-lux pleaded guilty to 12 crimes against children. they include sexually assaulting four girls and alcohol. investigators say he preyed on children at the unpartiesst baker street apartment over the past two years. >> wikileaks presented information that it says
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exposes the cia's hacking tools which would be one of the biggest breaches in the spy agency's history. the documents describe secret methods for bypassing or defeating encryption and antivirus programs on computers cell phones and even smart tv's. the white house and the officer of the director of national intelligence have declined to comment on the authenticity wikileaks files. the reportises privacy concerns obviously and the potential for international spice to tap into our same vulnerabilities in technology security. >> 5:38. time now for accuweather. another warm day ahead but better enjoy it while it lasts. >> yes, another couple of days of this and then it really gets cold for the weekend. storm tracker6 live double scan also shows us nydia and matt tat we1ave little bit of rain out there. as we take that overhead view there's that one little line that's now pushing right down to the southern border of gloucester and camden counties that looks like it's getting pretty close to atlantic county but everybody else
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dealing with just some light kind of nuisance precipitation. look at how that stuff out to the west by reading lancaster and harrisburg is really falling apart. i think the bulk of this is going to be off the coast probably in another hour maybe an hour and a half and then after that we'll be on the lookout for some clearing out west. hey, no the bad. let' go ahead and get you outside on sky6 and there you see the battleship new jersey and the delaware river and clouds for no but clearing out pretty quickly this morning. 53 degrees is your current temperature. the numbers are dropping a little bit right now but stl fairly mild t and how about that wind out of the northwest at 30 miles per hour in philadelphia t other areas have winds in the teens right now. it is a rather morning. again, the rain won't last long. it looks like most of it's off the coast by 6:30 or 7:00 and look at how as soon as 7:00 we're already clearing out in the northern and western suburbs. and future tracker shows that by 10 o'clock, clouds are virtually gone across the entire region. and we are going to look at a mostly sunny day. doesn't feel or look like it right now but it' mostly sunny and dry. on the windy side today. 52 degrees by 8 o'clock.
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by noon up to 58 and your high is going to be 63 at 3 o'clock this afternoon on the blustery side. high temperatures all later in the afternoon. 60 degrees in allentown, looks like low 60's to mid 60's maybe around philadelphia. down toward the shore, mid to upper 50's right along the beach.tomo. high pressure in control. warm front off to our north. that's all g a little bit breezy but on the other side of this cold front for friday, we are looking at colder air getting ready to knock into the region. friday will certainly be cooler. the weekend will be in the heart of that cold. now, as the colder air comes in on friday morning, there is the chance that we see a rain shower early but we think that the cool air aloft might bgh whe change this over to wet snow time for the morning commute. it probably would not be able to stick to road surfaces for the most part but a grassy accumulation would be out of the question if through the day you do get a heavier snow shower. the visibility could be an issue for you again. that is friday. most of that probably in the morning on friday.
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63 is today's high, mostly sunny and windy. 63 tomorrow mostly sunny and breezy. and then down to 42 on friday with some rain, possibly giving way to some snow showers at times in the morning and maybe in the afternoon just a couple of additional snow showers popping up. then for the weekend, oh, my, 33 is the high on saturday. 35 on sunday. it's going to be cold. set your clocks forward one hour on saturday night and if you're headed to that saturday union homeowner you really want to bundle up for that. southern storm on sunday. looks like it's going to miss us if it did come up close enough it would give us nothing more than some light snow the way things look now. probably dry on sunday, though. >> good news there. >> yeah. >> david thank you. 5:41. a train slams into a bus full of people. next what witnesses say happened moments before the crash. >> the statue of liberty went dark for hours overnight t hear what the parks department thinks happened. karen. >> wet out there. you can see the roads are wet. we've got the raindrops all over the camera lens. i think we need the windshield wipers right here.
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this is morrisville route one at pennsylvania avenue where traffic is moving fine. we have a handful of accidents elsewhere. we've have the details coming up. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. we made it to hump day people. it is 5:44, 53 degrees.
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sky6 hd taking a live look at the ben franklin bridge. we are going up into the 60'sto. >> hm. i heard the sun is going come out later today, karen. >> you know, it's funny because it's uch a dreary start to the day but the afternoon is going to be nice. going to be mild. we'll have that sunshine but not this morning. and we've got problems this morning with these wet roads, too, so this is a big accident involving a tractor-trailer still out here blocking the ramp from i-95 northbound to the walt whitman bridge. you have to use i-95 southbound or the schuylkill eastbound. in the suburban traffic report we have this problem in hamilton township. also it's been out here for awhile on the new jersey turnpike northbound at exit 7a. we've got an accident blocking the two right lanes so two lanes are blocked in that area on the new jersey turnpike. meanwhile in swedesboro 322 eastbound is blocked. another major road blocked at kings highway. is it ick to tomlin station road and this accident brought down a pole so that could take a little while to clear it. we've got a few accidents but they're all big ones on highways. egg harbor township black
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horse pike here at the garden state parkway is still blocked here. and so you want to stick to washington avenue to get let's t stormeck this rain out right now. so we have been watching it move from west to:the heaviest has cleared the city. you have a batch of showers a few more that will be coming your way. your roads will be wet through the morning commute. here's that heavier line. you see that area of yellow and orange. that has moved almost off the coast so that's kind of the worst of it. otherwise we've got some sho elmer medford lakes wilmington and malvern and just exited coatesville right now. this afternoon's high is 63. it will be nice though matt. >> thanks karen. a violent crash between a freight train and a charter bus in mississippi killed at least four people and injured 40 others. the bus was carrying a group of seniors from texas when witnesses say it became stuck on train tracks in biloxi. the train pushed it 30 feet. rescuers spent more than an hour removing passengers from the wreckage. being sent to
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the scene. orning lady liberty didn't shine so brightly for several hours. the statue of liberty was dark except for the crown and torch last night. the lights returned shortly before midnight. a national park service spokesman says the unplanned outage may have been related to a project for a new emergency backup generator. new surveillancvideo shows a pregnant woman fighting a thief in southern california. janette garlow was counting out cash to pay for a money order at a convenience store. you can see a man reach over the counter grab the cash and run out of the store there. garlow who is eight months pregnant took off after the thief and didn't stop even after he jumped into a getaway car. >> and i grabbed onto the car handle and he was just screaming go, drive, drive, drive and they drove away and i held on for a second and kind of realized after a minute like, you know, you're eight months pregnant, you cannot be chasing someone.a ecof and think about oh, my gosh, my son, like this cannot --
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can't happen right now. >> garlow says she and her unborn son are fine. investigators are still looking for the suspects. >> 5:48 is the time. nike is introducing a new running shoe thas can help you help runners finish a marathon in under two hours. >> outrage is growing after poachers were able to kill a rhino inside a zoo and exhibit. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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rhino three times in the head and sawed off his horn. the zoo's two other rhinos were not harmed. a turtle in thailand need surgery after eating more than 900 coins. vets say the female reptile named bank ate coins for years that tourists would throw into eventually she had a hard time swimming because of the weight of the money. it took a group of surgeons four hours to remove the coins. >> can't seem to blame it for not thinking it was food. >> right. >> people are throwing -- >> throw coins in there but it's amazing it didn't look that big with all the coins. police just arrived and it's a good thing 'cause we saw a guy out here just a second ago like with a flashlight trying to warn people to watch out because it's dark, it's right around the curve and you've got this big accident right here involving a truck. it's blocking the left lane. another car behind it off to the side but now police are here to try to warn you about this. this is i-95 at the
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pennsylvania-delaware state line. southbound as you head towards wilmington you've got this accident with a truck. now police here blocking the left lane so don't forget to stay to the right there. also we had some debris on the turnpike eastbound approaching it just cleared. no other problems on the turnpike. other than that rain you see moving through ss trasit's looking good, too, dave. >> all right, ren, on the big board speaking that of rain it really is breaking up w. it looks like we'll probably see a lot of this just evapathe main shower activity pushing through philadelphia and getting very close to the shore. i think by about 7:00, maybe 7:30 at the latest we'll be basically dry. could certainly happen by 7 o'clock. some of the kids might want an umbrella if you're stuck in one of those light showers in your neighborhood but generally speaking we are looking at quick drying and this afternoon they will not need that. 53 degrees by 7 o'clock. 58 by noon. dam is going to be mild. you can see how the sun bursts back fairly quickly this morning. a high today of 63 degrees. very nice. one thing i will tell you, though, it is going to be windy. right now we have wind in the 20's even up to about 30 miles
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per hour. nydia. >> all right, david, thank you. you can find the seven-day forecast and a live look at storm tracker6 double scan radar any time of day on our web site. just head to >> today marks three years since malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared without a trace. a ceremony was held in brisbane australia earlier today. an australian government minister in charge of the sea bed search says he's hopeful the plane will be found despite the fact that the search is actually suspended. the plane left kuala lumpur for beijing on march eighths 2014. it vanished somewhere over the indian ocean with 239 passengers and crew on board. no wreckage as officially been found. >> just cannot imagine the heartbreak of those families. 5:53 right now. up next an update on a local restaurant that served apple juice which made some kids sick. >> plus septa is expanding to make room for riders to get to the stations on two wheels. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> four minutes to 6:00 a.m. it's wednesday. taking a live look at the commodore barry bridge. we promise you'll see the sun today, maybe not when it comes up over the horizon but at some point later when the rain clears out and we warm up to almost about 60 degrees.
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>> state officials have shut down the lancaster county restaurant where children became sick after drinking apple juice. pennsylvania health inspectors found nearly two dozen code violations including mold. they're testing crystal live from the eatery which is common drain cleaner to see if there's any trace of it in the juice. a manager says the juice was purchased at a local grocery store and served in disposable cups. >> septa expanded parking for its bike and ride program. they set up 16 racks at the tasker morris station on the broad street line. bicycle stair runners were installed to help riders going up and down the steps with their bikes. septa plans to expand the bike parking to other broad street stations and market frankford el stations in the future. >> time is now 5:57. next at 6:00 a criminal curtain call. we'll tell you about the big search for a suspect. >> later mark zuckerberg will finally be getting his harvard degree more than a decade after dropping out of school. >> ♪ i have asthma...
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> goo everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday march eighth. tam is off. nydia han joins us and here's what's happening. >> new developments overnight after that fire at a peco substation. power is slowly being restored but two schools in the area remain closed. >> shots are fired into a jeep leaving one man injured and sending the driver on a crash course right into another car. >> accuweather is tracking rain and wind for your morning commute and we are keeping an eye on the possibility of snow by the end of the week. >> let's deal with this rain first of all of the david is outside and karen has traffic. good morning. >> got an umbrella over there by the tv monitors but didn't think i was going to need it. now we're starting to get a


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