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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  March 9, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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through a tremendous transition overnight as arctic air comes in and to kick out this warmth and bring in the extreme cold precipitation will break out along the boundary. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan here is the boundary and as you can see there is little if any precipitation along it. yesterday i mentioned there is not a swath of snow i'm tracking across the country. this is really going to blossom overnight across the region and because of that winter weather advisory going into effect at noon north of philadelphia and bucks and mercer county and through the lehigh valley and the poconos and this entire area will likely see slushy or slick roads as we are is expecting some accumulation on the main roadwayed. as temperatures look colder and there looks to be more precipitation. future tracker 6 tomorrow morning, low pressure developing along this boundary and the
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swath of snow from washington, new york and into southern new england, as we go through the morning rush tomorrow, it's smack dab in the middle of rush with the ban of snow and low visibilities between 6:00 and 10:00 in the morning and it starts to backoff into the lunch time hours, region by region along that pennsylvania turnpike north. it's slick and the roads become snow covered. in and around philadelphia snow covers and low visibility and mainly wet roads and there could also be some snow covered roads if it coming down quick enough and southern delaware and new jersey mixing with wet snow and no issues on the roads, we'll look at the updated suspected snowfall in the full accuweather forecast. >> adam, thank you. >> we turn now to gray hall live in rittenhouse square. gray you are talking to people that say they are not ready for winter to make this come back.
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>> reporter: they are not sharrie. i have to tell you that spring lovers are actually in love with this winter because we haven't seen much of winter. they are happy about the snowfall but hey they can't complain. fun outdoors is the common theme this winter season instead of talking about cold, snow and ice and blizzard. the weather chatter is about the mild temperatures. >> i'm not a snow person, i'm a july baby and warm blooded creature and i'm loving this. >> continuing with this strange winter trend yes there is snow in the winter forecast and winter has not given up just yet. >> i kind of don't believe it. by the way it feels out here today. i feel like i kind of feel like it is ushering colder weather but it doesn't feel like snow tomorrow. >> those counting down to spring's arr have not done much counting and we have seen
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more warm days than snow. and winter is pretty much a none factor and it's ideal for fishing. >> these are perfect days not too hot and not too cold. people ditch coats and hats for shorts and t-shirts and businesses like rita's water ice that don't do well in the winter is great for business, and a different forry for ace's, this has not been a good season and their thoughts are now on spring. >> this is probably one of the worst winter seasons we have had. normally some time of precipitation or wintry weather to drive people into the store. >> this winter is not good for business for those hardware workers, they hope that spring is better for business. and we can tell you we checked in with penndot and they are not pretreating the roads and that
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would wash away the chemicals, we are all watching this system. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> all right the twist and turns continue outdoors. gray, thank you. with the snow expected tomorrow, be sure to keep close at hand. you'll have access to the power of stormtracker 6 live double scan plus the latest on the storm's timing, our team of meteorologist is here as well. remember to follow each of them on facebook and twitter. the "action news" morning team is up early tracking the snow and helping you navigate the slippery commute. matt, dave, tam and karen are on the air beginning at 4:00 a.m. more than 100 potential jurors reported to court for the case of erick frein. the jury is being chosen fro our area because of widespread media coverage of this case. john rawlins was if the court today. he joins us live from westchester and out of those hundreds of people that reported
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did anyone get selected today? >> reporter: the short answer no. we are not at that point yet. that probably couldn't come until next week at the earliest we believe but we did thin the ranks of the jury pool that came here today by a number of nine people, these are folks for various different reasons could not serve on a jury. >> it's believe that the defendant arrived in this unmarked white van this morning. once inside of the courtroom. 33-year-old erick farina peered focused on the process of selecting a jury that will decide his fate. >> approaching it with the intent to assist. he has similar questions, that you fellows have. we want him engaged. >> the actual trial is in pike county where it was alleged that frein using a rifle ambushed two state troopers, one was wounded
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and the other corporal bryan dickson was killed. that created a manhunt for frein. once arrests the self-styled survivalist said he carried it out as a way of revolution and to wake people up. >> a third of potential jurors today signalled to the judge that in a hypothetical situation they would have qualms about bringing such penalty. >> this man wanted to be a juror and he was asked if he thought frein could have a fair trial but i believe he is guilty already. >> well. the aim here is to pick a juror of 12 and six alternated. i think it can take two weeks and they will be transported to
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pike county for the actual trial. if there is a conviction and then they go into penalty phase and that could last one to two weeks past that. >> thank you. after spending a day and a half without power, 2,000 peco customers finally got the lights back on. they were the last since the substation fire on tuesday, at the height of that fire some 36,000 people were in the dark and peco was trying to figure out what sparked the blaze. an out of control car came to a stop when it crash nood a salem county home. the action cam was on east lime street, there were four people in the car when it crashed at 1:30 this morning and that the driver ran from the scene and one passenger was hurt and neither people in the home were injured. it's a busy day for sports team in the area, villanova's basketball team kicked off the
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post season with a win at madison square garden and the eagles are making moves during the free agency period. i guess we'll begin jaime with the changes for the birds. >> we have a change that came in 30 seconded ago, multiple reports now saying that the eagles agreed to a one year reportedly $14 million deal with alshon jeffrey regarded as the topography agent receiver on the market. we are working on that as we speak and he is not the only new receiver coming to the birds. check it this out. earlier in the day, eagles added tory smith coming to terms on a three year deal reportedly worth $15 million. we'll get to meet him tomorrow and he comes as a bargain after being released by the 49ers
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after a down year last year. he had 1100 years receiving in baltimore and a super bowl win, so two new standout receivers for carson wentz, exciting news. and they were able to land smith and jeffrey likely as well because they freed up cap space earlier in the day by releasing connor barwin a former pro bowler that started every single game of his four years here was a locker room guy and a pillar in the community. he has millions of dollars worth of park projects going on in the city. they called him a tremendous teammate and a better person. he sent out this message today saying, thank you philadelphia from the bottom of my heart for welcoming me and being the amazing city you are. at the ending he added, go philly and go eagles hope to see you in the playoffs. >> in addition to all the
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playoff news, playoffs have begun for the champs, the second ranked wildcats the top seed in the tournament. they face st. johns in the first half. josh hart had 15 and time winding down in the half, chris jenkins from the parking lot. beats the buzzer and had 24 points and 15 of those from downtown. they crush the cats, and 108 points the most they scored in a big east tournament game and la salle in action and temple as well. coming up later at 5:30. and the big news alshon jeffrey reportedly coming to the eagles as well as torrey smith. big free agency day for the philadelphia eagles. >> we got it. great. thank you. lets turn our attention to the
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commute and what we call the calm before the storm. matt pellman is in the traffic center for us. >> the calm is not all that calm. welcome back sharrie an unwelcome sight at 95 in the great northeast. a major accident on the northbound side. between academy and woodhaven, all northbound traffic is stopped for the most. and traffic getting by in the right lane, and people getting by using the shoulder as well and the cleanup continues and fire crews remain on the scene and a delay coming north of cotman up to the scene approaching woodhaven, elsewhere speeds are worse on the schuylkill. 10 and 11 miles per hour. and that is just volume there, a vehicle broke down at landsdale and quakertown. but there is still a dv in mercer county. at 195 at 130 coming out of trenton heading to robbinsville, speeds of 21 because the left
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lane is blocked. in middletown delaware, a crash on 13 southbound at boyds corner road. we'll check it again in the anext half hour. >> still ahead here it took 24 hours of debate but president trump's health care plan made more progress on capitol hill. >> and rewarding disbeadance we'll explain how a top u.s. university is giving out a big scholarship to someone who breaks the rules.
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to politics this thursday, president trump said in a tweet that health care is coming along great because after more than 28 hours of debate. two house committees approved broad legislation to undo the
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affordable care act it would change the way americans pay for medical care and abolish the tax penalty on those that do not purchase insurance. and house speaker paul ryan used a powerpoint to show how the gop bill is moving through the house. president trump's revised travel band is facing legal challenges from three states, washington, new york and hawaii. new york's attorney general says that his state is joining washington's lawsuit and hawaii filed its own saying it would harm the muslim population tourism and students. and they set a hearing for march 17th the day before the ban takes effect. the former of wikileaks -- released thousands of documents about the the high tech hacking tools. >> this is an historic act of devastating incompetence to have
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created such an arsenal and stored it all in one place. and not secured it. >> well, julian assange says that wicky leak will provide technology companies to exclusive access to knowledge he acquired and that it purports to show the cia using smart phones and televisions as listening devices. the head of the department of industry -- putting people back to work. she toured the west philadelphia skills initiative this morning, the program helps residents find and keep jobs that pay. and offering a training program as well. the massachusetts ininstitute of technology is offering a big reward for rule breakers, a $250,000 scholarship for someone that challenges the
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norm by being disbeadant. people don't change the world don't do the usual. and the person who wins will be announced in july. >> time to talk about the forecast. >> do we have to? adam joseph is standing by with accuweather. >> people are thinking he is crazy to speak of snow with temperatures in the 60s. we look live at sky 6 hd philadelphia international airport. we are near 70 in wilmington and dover and millville and even allentown and reading temperatures there in the lower 60s, we have the wind out of the
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westerly direction clocking in at 30 miles per hour in philadelphia and 32 if wilmington and 30 in trenton as well as millville and the winds are a factor not only today, tomorrow, saturday going into sunday. as we look at satellite and radar, crystal clear sky right now, we see the precipitation breakout near cleveland and southern parts of the great lakes and that is the dividing line of arctic air to the north and warm spring air to the south, as that collapses in the numbers fall into the 30s late tonight and snow developing from the north to the south, as it moves south it bumps into warmer air. and future tracker 6 at 4:00 in the morning, snowing in reading allentown to the poconos but waiting in and around philadelphia. that line comes down with a band of very heavy snow at 7:00 in the morning and the start of that peak of the rush hour. wilmington and philadelphia and trenton and a mix in southern areas, and snowing in the lehigh
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valley. and 9:00 in the morning snowing in much of the area with the exception of far southern areas rain there with a mix south of dover and millville. and 9:00 ending and snowing south and east of philadelphia and then in the afternoon cold winds come in and triggers scattered snow squalls for the evening rush and showers. this is the main concern tomorrow morning with the rush hour. steadiest snow is between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. smack dab in the middle of rush, the heavy wet snow and there will be slick roads north and west of philadelphia where temperatures drop enough for it to stick on some of those surfaces, we are look agent wilmington interior southern new jersey to atlantic city a coating to an inch and philadelphia around and inch and 1 to 3 inched as you head to the north and west. between the purple and pink areas, allentown to the poconos,
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3 to 5 inches and then salt into an open wound. this is how it will feel on saturday. single digits move of the morning and teens in the afternoon. that four day at 4:00 forecast, big changes here 41 tomorrow with the morning snow and we'll have squalls possibly in the afternoon and then on saturday, it's windy and bitter cold a high of 33 and you saw the windchills and a reminder to turn the clocks ahead one hour this weekend and sunny and cold on sunday and quiet at 36 and chilly monday of 38 and this is not the only chance of snow in the seven-day forecast, we'll talk about it in the next half hour. winter has finally arrived. >> the tail end here. >> a little late. >> thank you. all right thoughts of warmer weather now. twiggy the water skiing squirrel back and making a splash in her adorable mini life jacket. she is practicing at the center in oaks and performing tomorrow
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as part of the greater philadelphia boat show, they have trained squirrels to do this since 1978 when they first took in a squirrel in a fell out of a tree. they have a serious mission to promote boating safety and the importance of wearing a life jacket no matter how big or small you are. >> i should learn how to do this. >> next on "action news" at 4:00, a social experiment putting men's manners to the test. what prompted the mom to crown the stranger as the number one dude. >> and a construction scene if old city philadelphia as archeologists are put to work at the sight of a foot high rice.
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treatments instead of throwing them in jail hoping to get them into recovery and back into society. and they are teaching people the in's and out's of an s.w.a.t. team response and how k-9s solve crimes. participants learn how to protect their personal information and deter thieves from their homes. the course continues for another six weeks. despite the snow in the forecast, there was a sure sign of spring along the schuylkill river this afternoon. temple university donated their recently renovated east park canoe house, home to the school's rowing teams and the police marine unit as well. >> and a new exhibit that will debecause at the museum of art. featuring fabrics woven by the women if pakistan. and they passed their craft down
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to generations of family members. the textiles offered inspiration to designers. >> beautiful stuff. still to come on "action news" at 4:00, from bacon soda. ten foods that could cut your life short. >> time to turn your clutter to cash and one of the biggest assignments for families coming up in what's the deal.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. hello again 4:30 and "action news" continues with something that could be a nightmare or dream. playgrounds inside of movie theaters. >> and an unexpected discovery puts the brakes on a construction project in old city. why contractors had to bring in archeologists for what they found. and do ad keep you from looking at your friends photos and puppies. how to ban sponsored content. >> now we start with weather whiplash we are swinging wildly from one season to another. we have grown used to this but it never gets easy. don't let the sunshine and temperatures in the 60s fool you parts of our area are under a
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winter weather advisory right now. here is adam joseph with what to expect. >> it leads into possibly one of the coldest weekends we have had all winter long to follow it. in the form of antic front and cleveland and chicago and des moines and st. louis the drop in temperature in the 60s and 70s and to the 40s and 30s and teens right now. in international falls while we hear locally are in the upper 60s presently. along the boundary that is where you have precipitation start to break out chicago and detroit and cleveland and winds in the upper part of the atmosphere strengthen overnight and it feeds the sit tim and the precipitation will blossom and the radar later tonight. >> winter weather advisory goes into effect at midnight and last until noon on friday and areas northern and west you see the town or near one of these towns,
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you are under the advisory and there is heavy wet snow tomorrow morning and the roads could turn slick or slushy, future tracker 6 at 7:00 tomorrow morning, all this have is snow and we see the deeper color as long i-95 that is where we can have blinding snow at times, during the morning rush as it passes through. so with that being said, the morning rush we are given the red light and low visibility and heavy wet snow from the north and south and the deeper you go north and west of philadelphia and by the evening a much better time to commute, it will be cold and turning windy and still scattered snow showers and snow squalls and even some rain showers passing through during the evening rush hour. we tell you what to expect in the really cold temperatures in the seven day and a possible storm next week in the seven-day forecast. >> an eventful pattern coming up here. >> the "action news" team is on
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the air 30 minutes tomorrow to get through the messy commute. join matt, and tam and david for the latest on traffic and weather conditions, they get started at 4:00 a.m. a high speed chase ended with a crash and a federal drug suspect in handcuffs. a wanted fugitive crashed into other car and the s&p was arrested at the scene and the driver of the silver sedan was take tonight the hospital to be treated for minor injuries. and the action cam was in mercer county after a small plane crash landed in robbinsvilles at robbinsville airport on sharon road at 1:30 this afternoon and the pilot was attempting to land the single engine prop plane he was not seriously hurt and the faa is now investigating.
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>> turning to old city where a major construction project is on hold because of an unexpected discovery, several coffins are unearthed near 2nd and arch. that is where we find sara bloomquist today. you have the details on this -- >> reporter: brian, this is quite a find on arch street between 2nd and 3rd. back in september construction workers uncovered bones and now entire coffins are showing up and now archeologists and anthropologists are working to uncover as many remains as they can. the construction fence at the 200 block in old city delicate work is underway after a discovery of what will be this residential building. >> it's from the first baptist church of philadelphia, dating from the mid 1700s. >> it was home to the first church burial ground. and believed that the remains were exhumed and relocated to
4:34 pm
mount mariah cemetery near cobb's creek in 1859 and then construction crews discovered some bones and now entire coffins and more remains have turned up. >> we are finding some intact coffins and we are finding some remains, a lot of them are in poor condition and deteriorating. >> working under a tight deadline they allow aid team of anthropologists and archeologists, some from rutgers and the motor museum to begin excavating the site on tuesday. they hope to have their work completed by next wednesday. >> we could easily be here months but we are doing the best we can with the limited time available. >> the city of philadelphia has no rules or guidelines regarding these old cemeteries, but they could have continued with the
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construction but they are working to handle the situation for respect for those buried there and the bones will be cleaned and studies before be interred at mount mariah cemetery. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> all right, sara, thank you. police need help tracking down a man for stealing seafood from a south philadelphia store at gun point. the accused shoplifter tried to leave the hung wong market and then a 62-year-old guard stopped him the man pulled a gun. if you recognize the alleged thief can't south detectives. the state of delaware is reminder drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. the action cam was invited to ride along with newcastle police as they kept an eye out for distracted drivers. delaware bans any hand held device, hands free means hands
4:36 pm
free, no texting or checking email or social media or taking selfies or any pictures of any kind. a first time violation could end in a $100 violation. it's not un usual to support the arts in their commune and one place in maine is getting attention online. monica malpass is live in the newsroom with more on this story. >> this is video you have to see to believe and i think you'll enjoy it. this is the scene today at a city council meeting in portland maine, a woman could be seen dancing around the floor as an artist. even interacting with the audience and flings herself on a stranger and here is the story behind the city hall presentation tonight at 5:00. a don't miss story. the philadelphia flower show is just days away and the crews are hard at work getting the convention center ready we'll take you inside of the quick view of the last minute preparations. it will start feeling like
4:37 pm
winter but look like spring in there. coming your way on "action news" at 5:00. >> we need all the reminders we can get thank you. students from st. joseph's prep turned in the classroom for the runway, 30 seniors strutted their stuff. this year's theme is the festival of secora. and a japanese festival. the event is held to honor the prep senior moms. >> and the chance to win a scholarship brought many ballet dancers to swarthmore college. talented. hundreds of dancers auditioned for the youth grand prix. awarding 250,000 in scholarships every year, that money sended young competitors to leading schools to continue their training and swarthmore college is hosting the regional semi finals and the winners move on
4:38 pm
to the finals in new york city. the best to them. still ahead today an award that humanity should not be proud of but what a man in new york city did to deserve the decent dude trophy from a stranger. and the only thing missing from the cinema experience is a play room you are in luck, theaters equipped with ball pits and slides are coming to the united states. >> and adam joseph is standing by with the full accuweather forecast. a few messy systems in the offing. we just moved into this house
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and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together. having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett.
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in health check today at 4:00, there are 10 specific foods that could be affecting our health and researchers singled out a list of items that could affect health like heart disease and diabetes.
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they ate too much red meat salt and did not have fish and omega 3 fats and whole grains and changing the unhealthy habits could help prevent some deaths. if you have an instagram account you probably noticed gramrous posts about fashion mixed in. but they are not necessarily a necessary evil. the white writer from the site figured out a way. all you have to do is tap the three dots at the right of the post. hit the button that reads hide this. from there you are given a menu of choices and they say check inappropriate on a few different posts the ads disappear forever. >> uh-oh, the sales department on the phone not a good one
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there. we start with an ad getting a lot of attention around the world. coca cola's latest commercial entitled pool boy is garnering tears from the lgbt community. the sister is dreaming about the pool boy but she is not the only one -- so is her brother -- they each grab a coke from the fridge getting ready to duke it out over the guy until they find out that their mom beats them to it. it's new taste the feeling campaign is about stories that translates across the globe, seeing characters like themselves is a win and lauding coca cola for this. all right, now to a story that pregnant women can sadly relate to and that makes us men cringe in shame. this evan lynn, who grew so frustrated by the lack of common courtesy and decided to award
4:43 pm
the first guy that showed some. she is 8 months pregnant and commutes on the new york subway every day. not one guy offered her his seat on the train. >> after a while i realized all right. if a guy gives me a seat i'll make a big friging deal out of it. and she made up to trophy called the number one decent dude. presenting it to this guy, ricky barsdale. he was appreciative but not as much as she was for him giving up his seat. >> some call it the perfect solution for kids that get restless at the movies and some call it the exact opposite. check this out. are you looking at full grown playground inside of a movie theater. the family friendly auditorium
4:44 pm
come with ball pits and bean bag chairs, they are opening two of these special screening rooms in california next week. the playground movie mash-up is intended to make the experience better for parents and kids. but social media has a different take on that. a few adjectives is insane, horrifying and soul destroying. and words we can't say on daytime television. >> if you imagined talking on the phone or texting is distracting. >> come on kids playing in the movies. lets get another check of the roads tonight. matt pellman in the traffic center with the update. >> 95 is often a playground for traffic troubles and that is true this afternoon. we had a smashup in the northbound lanes between academy and woodhaven, soul crushing travel times as a result. and now the crash is off to the
4:45 pm
side and all lanes are open, lets check the travel time. 69 minutes, an hour and 9 minutes that should be ideally 14 minutes. coming northbound out of 95 to woodhaven road. we are absolutely parked here north of cotman avenue. not getting anywhere quickly. you want to think alternates, unless you like speeds of 4 miles per hour. alternates could include frankford avenue or the roosevelt boulevard route 1, you have to deal with the traffic lights but what is better than the 4 miles per hour along 95 northbound side this afternoon. a little bit better on the schuylkill at 11 and 13 miles per hour. that is just volume. but coming out of king of prussia on the schuylkill there is two broken down trucks on the eastbound shoulder just east of the 202 on ramp, attracting attention and extra slow as you merge on to 76. in lower gwinnett a crash at dekalb pike and the lehigh
4:46 pm
valley an accident on 22 eastbound near cedar crest boulevard. 78 may still be a better bet. coming east of trenton a broken down vehicle at 195 eastbound that has cleared out and speeds in the teens as you travel towards robynsville. >> thank you. adam joseph is standing by with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. next.
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4:48 pm
it seems unbelievable. >> not the first time we went from 70 something to some snow. >> you were thinking that. >> old man winter has tricks up his sleeve. as you look at stormtracker 6 live double scan right now all is quiet and we have the brilliant sunshine and extremely
4:49 pm
o s sitting at 50 ct degrees, philadelphia and wilmington 68 and poconos chillier at 48 degrees and low 60s for reading as well as the lehigh valley. here is the change, you see the clouds increasing north and west of the region and north and west of state college and precipitation is starting to break out now and that continues to expand and sink to the south this is an arctic boundary that sinks to the northern plains and we start to see the band of precipitation in the form of snow near minneapolis and parts of eastern south dakota and this only intensifies as it heads into what is really warm air here. it feeds off the system. tonight it clouds up and snow and rain develop late as temperatures crash back into the 30s with the northeasterly wind. and the key time here for tomorrow morning with the
4:50 pm
heaviest band of snow passing through from north to south is from 6:00 to 10:00. that is when most people are on the roads, heading to work and heading to school. it starts to kind of get moderate here at 4:00 in the morning and again a good almost 4 hours of snow passing through. matching that at 5:00 a.m. heading towards wilmington and philadelphia and trenton it's snowing already in allentown and collapses down to dover and millville and atlantic city. with bands of heavy snow especially i-95 and transition to the south and east and lessens to the north and east. and snow all the way down towards the coastline at that time. and even lunch time still dealing with snowflakes south and east and splashes of sun developing north and west and in the afternoon more energy comes through and snow squalls
4:51 pm
developing at times for the evening rush tomorrow and this is what we are looking at for accumulations and we have to think it's march and it has been warm and snow at first will melt when it hits the ground. wilmington eastward to atlantic city and new jersey a coating to an inch. around philadelphia an inch, and 1 to 3 inches in the northwestern suburbs. and 3 to 5 inches as you head deeper north of the lehigh tunnel into the poconos and a closer snapshot a good chunk of southeastern pennsylvania in the 1 to 3 inches. this is the 1 inch line and this is the 3 inch, if you are closer to this are you near the 1 inch. an then an arctic invasion, over the weekend windchills between 0 and 20 above both saturday and going into sunday behind this snow. as we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 41 degrees tomorrow with the morning steady snow and squalls
4:52 pm
developing in the afternoon. windy and bitter cold saturday and feeling like the single digits in the morning and teens in the afternoon and sunny cold on sunday and 36 and cold on monday and the normal high is 51 by that point and 38 and a possible nor'easter here on tuesday with snow or rain, we have to fine tune that after tomorrow's event of 36 and still trying to struggle to get to 40 one week from now. this is the seven day, winter lovers have been wanting in december, january and february and now we get it in the middle of march. >> way too late. >> way too late. >> patience for the winter weather lovers, they are finally getting what they want. >> they are getting their due now. what's the deal is next.
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time for moms and dads to make money in the same spot. >> time for the spring just for friends event. at the sales y can selnew a gend maternity items from clothes to toys to baby gear and furniture and more. and shop other family's items and save 50 to 75% on summer items. an nowg with child safety t . and the first spring just between friends in our area is at the convention center in oaks. you can drop off on march 15th. on wednesday. the just between friends event
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continues through march 19 and. jvs gives back by supporting the boy scouts of america and cradles to crayons. with inkind donations. you can get a full schedule by going to .com. and there is a $3 admission free for the first day of the sale but get free tickets by going to our website as well. finally 4:00 the south carolina mother who became an overnight sensation by spoofing the internet obsession with april the giraffe. after this impersonation of april's watch went viral. >> and this is hours before she gave birth to her fourth child a little boy name porter lane.
4:57 pm
zoo staff actually congratulated on april's behalf this morning. there she is nursing while wearing a giraffe head. >> it's a weird image. >> it doesn't get weirder than that. cool points to the zoo to give her a shout-out. >> we'll share the picture because it's just that good. >> for brian and alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams, join me along with brian, adam and ducis rogers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. "action news" at 5:00 is next.
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on all 2017 spark, impala and sonic models. that's over $8,000 on this chevy impala. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. looking live outside the delaware valley continues to enjoy spring like temperatures today but that is about to come to an end. it may not look like it now but an arctic front is heading our way and snow is not far behind. thursday night and the big story is the accuweather forecast. >> cecily tynan is live at the big board with a break down. >> unfortunately most of the snow will fall during the
5:00 pm
morning commute and that will cause problems but hard to believe when you step outside. it feels like spring 67 in philadelphia and temperatures in the 70s south and if you look at stormtracker 6 live double scan it doesn't look all that impressive right now. what this is, it's an arctic front. the cold air is ahead of the actual precipitation, that is why the bulk of this will arrive in the form of snow and again timing it everything. future tracker 6 showing the height of the storm will really center right around the morning commute. but there are a lot of factors to consider. the storm system is loaded with moisture and has a lot of cold air but it's not a january storm it's fighting dry air and initially the ground is warm after three days of temperatures in the 60s and high march sun angle and you have to consider the melt factor when you figure out the forecast and the snow


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