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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 10, 2017 1:37am-2:10am EST

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tonight is old man winter ready to show us he hasn't packed it in for the year. he will flex his muscles tomorrow and maybe next week. cecily tynan has more on radar. >> three days of temperatures in the 6 0s and now double scan showing snow in the viewing area. this is a boundary slipping south and a piece of energy enhancing the snow moves along it from the ohio valley. it's already snowing in places that like the snow, poconos, lake harmony reporting light snow. this is really location and elevation dependent. most of the snow accumulation will be areas to the north, north of philadelphia we have a winter weather advisory going into effect an hour from now until noon tomorrow for the potential for slushy
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snow-covered roads impacting the morning commute. future tracker showing the system moving in slower fighting dry air. the snow is falling across the viewing area around 9:00. it gives the cold air more time to get established. later in the day, the more it's fighting the high-marked sun angles. lehigh valley and the suburbs, snow between 5:00 and 7:00 in the morning. the i-95 central delaware and central new jersey, 8:00 to 10:00. i talk totals and snow squalls in the afternoon. bitter cold and another system in the wings. jim? >> the "action news" morning team will be on half an hour earlier tomorrow starting at 4:00 to help you navigate the commute to work. they shut it down january 20th because of a
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fractured support beam. last month they said the i-276 bridge wouldn't be open until april but the bridge connecting the new jersey and pennsylvania turnpikes opened a few minutes ago. here is a live look from chopper hd over the span that connects the new jersey and delaware river. it opened about 15 minutes ago. jeanette reyes, welcome news to thousands of drivers that use the bridge everyday. >> it's exciting news, jim. the bridge is now open. the first few cars are traveling over it now. this is welcome news to commuters spending 30 to 45 minutes extra on the commute. >> it's going to make traffic
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better. >> tonight, unexpected good news for people on both sides of the turnpike bridge. earlier today officials announced that the mile and a quarter long bridge would open tonight. >> the 6:00 we hoped for worked. if we would have had to go to a plan b or c, we could have been looking at 9 to 12 months for that. >> it makes it a lot better. a lot of times there's a back up because the bridge is out. it's nice it eeps again. >> it shun down january 20th when a fracture was discovered on the pennsylvania side. the find and the subsequent closure meant miles of inconvenience for 40,000 dpriefer40,000 driversthat use . >> i have to detour about ten miles out of the way. >> near constant congestion for the surrounding neighborhoods. >> you felt the impact of it.
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>> the whole town has. >> the opening is a month shy of even the best scenario time estimate. >> we are fortunate that everything seemed to go our way. the things that typically go wrong in construction, even the little things, they -- i don't know. i guess the bridge gods were on our side this time. >> here's another look from chopper 6hd again, the bridge opened within the last hour. of we are told engineers worked around the clock to open quickly as possible but mother nature helped with the mild weather. jeanette reyes, channel6 "action news." >> bridge karma. thank you, jeanette. archaeologists and anthropologists were busy in philadelphia. this is where an apartment building is going to go up but
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not until they unearth and remain 60 sets of human remains and two dozen coffins. this was an 18th century burial ground that moved to a new location just before the civil war. they obviously failed to move everyone. scientists will document, clean and analyze and eventually reintur the bodies at the mount mariah cemetery. >> we have an update to the robbery spree we told you about last night. three places were hit within 45 minutes, a beneficial, pcs store and family dollar. police apprehended two persons of interest this afternoon, a man and woman. their identities are being withheld until charges are filed. >> authorities in burlington county are offering $45,000 in
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reward money for information to crack nine unsolved murders. they are hoping someone will speak up to give them closure. >> he's not coming back. >> betsy rodgers says there isn't a day that goes by she and her family don't think about her grandson cody, shot to death in his car last april, one of nine unsolved murders since jun june 2016. they are offering a total of 45 grand for tips to help catch the killers. >> people are afraid to talk with the police. they can't do that. they have to help the police. >> that's a good amount of money but not enough to them to of be like, let me tell so they'll be looked upon as a snitch. >> authorities have few leads on who pulled the trigger in each homicide but believe someone saw something.
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kolbe's sister christina worries the longer the public stays silent the longer families like hers are without closure. >> i worry that i'm with the killer in the room. i'm smiling in their face and they smile in mine like nothing happened. that's my worst fear. >> authorities believe there were witnesses to several of the murders and anyone with information is asked to contact the burlington county prosecutor's office. >> jury trial has begun for eric frein charged with thee ambush killing of a trooper and wounding of another. the trial itself will be in pike county. two troopers are recovering from this crash where the patrol car ended up on top of an suv they were chasing.
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the vehicles rested at madison and east third in chester overnight. it started with a chase for wreckless driving. two suspects inside were arrested. >> fbi director james come was summoned to meet with key lawmakers behind doors. the big question was there a connection between the trump campaign and russians and did the obama administration as charged by trump order the wiretapping of trump tower. senator mark warner was asked if he heard evidence about the former president's wiretapping. he said i have seen no evidence. >> republicans are steering obama care through the house. the energy and commerce committee and ways and means
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committee held marathon sessions overnight and approved their portions of the republican healthcare bill. democrats call this republicans acting in the dead of night to rip insurance from others. >> ther paul ryan had a powerpoo sell the plan. >> this is the closest we'll ever get to repealing and replacing obama care. the time is here. the time is now. this is the moment. >> the congressional budget office has yet to review its view of the plan or how many uninsured -- how many insured americans are likely to lose their coverage. legal challenges are mounting against president trump's revised travel ban. bob ferguson told the media that
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washington is indeed filing suit against the executive order. it was washington ic's case that locked the first version of the ban. this does not apply to holders of u.s. visas and iraq has been removed from the muslim countries list. >> carbon dioxide is not a contributor to global warming. this goes against mainstream scientists, nasa and the epa itself. pruitt said this is not a hoax and human activity is partly to blame. >> julian assange e merminged for the first time since the cia document dump and is willing to give technical information to
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companies to patch up their security claims. >> samsung tvs, turning on microphones to spy on targets. assange did not say how he obtained the documents saying more are to come and blamed this on the ci >a's incompetence. >> this is a devastating act of incompetence to create such an arsenal and store it all in one place and not secure it. >> the cia has not confirmed the awauthenticity of the documents and it's not clear if tech companies would take assange up on his offer since it raises ethical questions. >> america has a new favorite beverage. it could impact on the
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philadelphia sugary drink tax. a violent attack in germany left half a dozen injured. the weapon used an axe. police believe it was something other than terrorism to blame. >> and research on weather glutin free helps you lose weight. >> the snowy visit tomorrow from old man winter, we are talking about the potential for a nor'easter next week. i have it all for you in the seven-day forecast. >> and jeff skversky explains why eagle's fans are so excited about today's pick ups. that and more when "action news" continues. ♪ ♪
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>> investigators in germany say a man who injured seven people
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when he attacked them with an axe inside a train station appears to have mental problems. they made no mention of terrorism. three victims were seriously wounded. the suspect was arrested after jumping over an over pass near the train station. >> parkland hay has been under investigation for corruption. it is a stunning fall for park the first woman president. the country must elect a new president within 60 days. the family of a four-year-old pushed down the stairs by a dare care worker has hired the lawyer. the video of the child of the
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future daycare video went viral. today we have the photograph of alayah humphrey. a plea agreement is being discussed over the charges. >> new data calls into question the benefits of a glutin-free diet. the heart association finds no link between glutin intake and your weight. those that ate the most glutin were 13% less likely to develop type two diabetes. doctors say glutin free diets are designed for people with celiac disease. bottled water is now america's favorite drink surpassing soda sales for the first time. they say americans drank
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39.3-gallons of bottled water last year on average and 38.5-gallons of carbonated soft drinks. it's a trend in the making for years and could have an impact in philadelphia where a sweetened beverage tax just took effect in january. more bad news for brick and mortar retailor, radio shack filed for bankruptcy the second time in two years. the 100-year-old electronics chain may not survive this time around. it redesigned three years ago and that didn't work so they tried becoming a showroom and that didn't work either. >> they are in the process of closing several stores. >> accuweather forecast, a lot of weather to talk about not only for tomorrow, but next week. >> through the weekend, next
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week, what a change, convertibe tops down today, not tomorrow. winter is back with a vengeance. we are dry in the delaware and lehigh valleys, but light snow is popping across mount pocono reporting light snow. lake harmony about 15 minutes ago. this gradually works its way to the south. it will be a slow process in the overnight hours. temperatures right now warm. 52 in philadelphia down from our high of 68 average for april 27th. if you can see the arrows, streamlines, a cold front has worked south of millville. it's north of dover as it continues to push south we get the colder air from the south. mount pocono dropped to 31-degrees and with that, we have moisture from the west.
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"action news" radar showing a piece of snow in the ohio valley. philadelphia, i don't see the snow sticking, the ground is warm after three days of temperatures in the 60s. if you look at the temperatures tomorrow morning when we expect the steadiest snow, temperatures in the 30s. you have snow with temperatures warmer than 32-degrees because it's colder higher in the atmosphere but melts as it hits the surface. 6:00, snowing lehigh valley, poconos. moving closer to the coast about 10:00. the afternoon, this is when we get very intense cold air higher in the atmosphere, instability snow squalls, 5:30 in the evening could have more snow
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squalls. both commutes are affected. in the evening, c. south of philadelphia, grassy coating to an inch, not a big deal. philadelphia, an inch grassy surfaces and farther north, quaker town, one to three. lehigh valley and poconos the sweet spot, three to five inches of snow. really the cold air and arctic conversion, windchill zero in the morning and struggling to hit 20-degrees by the afternoon both days especially saturday. the accuweather seven-day forecast, morning snow, colder, afternoon snow squalls, 41-degrees the high. saturday, 33 feeling like wind
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chills in the teens most of the day. don't forget to spring forward one hour daylight savings time. monday, 38 and tuesday, looks like a powerful nor'easter will form. where does it track? at this point too early to tell. it stays cool through thursday with temperatures up to 40-degrees, more than 10-degrees below normal from temperatures in the 60s to cold air, wind and more than one opportunity for snow. >> there is a potential for a major snowstorm? >> on tuesday, but is it here or new england? it's about intensity and track and where it bombs out. it's five days away. >> i'm impatient. >> the camden county board of freeholders welcomed home a marine who spent the last four years serving overseas. he was presented with the
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military service metal and recognition of service. if he looks familiar, you may remember him from 2015 when he escorted ufc champion rhonda roussey to the marine corps ball. >> we may be expecting snow but the masonic temple is ringing in spring. they held the event to welcome home the new season and show off their renovated ballroom. it features a historical
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>> eagles have a couple of new receivers. here's jeff skversky. >> things didn't heat up betweenabetweenal sean jeffrey . a one year deal with worth $14 million. jeffrey had more receiving yards last year in chicago than any of
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carson wentz's options. the 27-year-old was suspended four games for performance enhancing drugs. he is a big target, 6' 4. >> eagles signed veteran torrey smith only one receiver averages more yards per catch than smith but he had a terrible season. he has local ties. the eagles have protection signing chance warmack to a one year deal. the guard spent his first four seasons in tennessee. the eagles cut defensive end connor barwyn. he writes thank you philadelphia
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from the bottom of my heart. is this a must win? you better believe it. flyers are chasing toronto, the team they are playing tonight. flyers get within one spot with a win in toronto. six minutes in, wayne simmons redirects it. 1-0 flyers. sean turns it over. it turns to the go ahead goal. flyers lose 4-2. they fall behind toronto. sicksers jalil okafor back on the floor after missing two games with a knee injury. okafor within two in the second. right now, down three to
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that's a lot of awards! now through march 13, get 20% below msrp on all 2017 spark, impala and sonic models. that's over $8,000 on this chevy impala. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> "college hoops," the defending champs look ready to defend the title. villanova scores a record 108 point in the big east tournament opener. the first post season game since the buzzer beater. final seconds against st. johns, chris jenkins at the buzzer. villanova wins by 41 facing seton hall tomorrow. temple one and done. ken terrell barclay with the move on temple's d. temple falls by 11, finishing 115-16. la salle makes a late second
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half run but are yo but run out. 82-73. they end the year 15 and 50. >> tommy joseph, gone in the ninth, phillies lose 6-4. hopefully joseph can do that more when it counts. >> that would be nice. finally tonight, engineers of the futures are getting a head start on their careers. they held an open house tonight with robotics, 3d printing and how mine craft can be used for learning. "jimmy kimmel live" is next. "action news" continues early, half hour early at 4:00 because of the snow.
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for "action news," i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪


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