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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  March 10, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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tracker 6 live shows snow inching closer to the delaware and lehigh valleys. areas around the poconos are getting hit right now. >> the delaware turnpike bridge is open ahead of schedule. >> if snow is not your thing we hope you spring forward with the preview of the philadelphia flower show. >> funny how things formcoinci. here's david and karen. >> reporter: we have snow in allentown, we'll see rain at the outset. it's in the berks county, lehigh county and lancaster, as well. it will be another couple of hours before it gets to the i-95 corridor. the big area of concern will be in the northern tier where the roads will get slushy as could
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untreated sidewalks as you walk around later. we have a winter weather advisory it's shifting to the south, it covers all montgomery county and bucks county, philadelphia, chester and delaware counties not included in this advisory. they have extended it until 2:00 p.m. because the snow is arriving later and the bulk of it taking longer to get out of here. it's the northern areas, the farther north you go, the better chance you have of getting slippery roads conditions as the snow builds in later this morning. 45 in wilmington. wet roads in the i-95 corridor and south for the most part. in allentown we're well above freezing as is the case of reading not exactly setting the table for immediate problems with slippery roads. at 8:00 a.m., we get closer to the freezing mark in allentown and reading. as you go through the morning, initially things look okay, but slow it down as things get
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slushy and temperatures drop. 47 degrees in philadelphia. wet snow in here. 38 dry noon. we're going for a high of 41 degrees, there's a chance of a snow shower or snow squall which would give you a burst of low visibility and slickness on the roads up north. karen, we'll be backtracking the snow and let you know what's fouling on grassy surfaces and what's coming up for the weekend. >> reporter: pennsylvania/new jersey turnpike connector bridge is reopened, shut down for seven weeks, this was not only an issue for those taking the bridge, but anybody in bucks county traveling on i-95 and route 1, there's been so much congestion for people avoiding the turnpike connector bridge. it's open for the morning commute and things are looking good. there. we have an accident bordentown
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township. the off ramp to 130 is blocked for the region. watch for an accident on 295. the roads are clear and dry, snow is not here get. we're good to go for the morning commute. ben franklin bridge, westbound traffic coming into the city looking good. we have a problem with a downed pole blocking baltimore pike, southbound. we have police directing traffic flashing lights in the corner. the pike is shut down southbound. we had an accident that a tractor-trailer took down the pole and the wires. use 2 oh, 2 moving nicely right now, tam and matt. >> let's go to annie mccormick she is in one of the places where they will see the snow first, checking out conditions in allentown, lehigh county. good morning, annie. , good morning, tam, we're seeing flurries right now, i saw a salt truck coming through,
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we're at cedar crest boulevard and hamilton boulevard. there's a salt truck that just went by. on the way up here from bala cynwyd on the pennsylvania turnpike, we saw plow trucks two exits before quakertown on the side of the road to see if they will be needed along that route. 309 we could see brining that was done recently or overnight. the roads were pretreated. as we got into allentown, some of the roads are pretreated. we're seeing plow trucks in the parking lot waiting with their lights on giving us honks as they go by saying good morning, waiting to see what happens. i can tell you we're seeing flurries and the temperatures are slower than they were yesterday, so it's one of those bundle up days with hat on, we have the downed jacket back out, something i thought was going to
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be back in the closet for the next couple of months. reporting live in allentown, back to you. >> i was hoping i was going to put my winter coat away for good, but not yet. katherine scott is live in bristol where commuters are enjoying the delaware river turnpike bridge, again. hey, katherine. >> reporter: commuters are very relieved, this is a huge inconvenience for folks now they can get the route back to normal and cut down their route time. the bridge which connects new jersey and pennsylvania turnpike closed back on january 20th when a cracked 14-inch steel truss was discovered on the westbound lanes of the pennsylvania side. 42,000 vehicles cross the bridge everyday, drivers had to find another way adding time to their commute in the process. eastbound lanes of bridge opened at 10:00 p.m. westbound opened at 10:45. earlier this week workers ran a
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series of load tests to see if the bridge worked. 8 truck drove over the bridge to test the sensors, it showed that the bridge can support the traffic. >> it will be nice that it's open. >> we are fortunate that everything seemed to be going our way, things that typically go wrong in construction even the little things, they just, i don't know, i guess you could say the bridge gods were on our side this time. >> reporter: last week, officials estimated it would be another months before the bridge opened up again, they opened ahead of schedule, commuters this morning are very happy about it. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> all right, indeed they are, thank you, katherine. new this morning, an incident at a montgomery county communities ice rink sent a person to the hospital. chopper 6 hd was over the ice
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arena on county line road late last night. authorities are not releasing details, but we know hatfield police responded to the rink. they yet to comment on the disturbance or the condition of the person who is in the hospital. 4:37 a.m., a hail of bullets rained into a moving car that wounded two men inside of it. the vehicle crashed into an apartment building. this happened at 9th and butler at 5:00 p.m. in philadelphia's hunting park section. the driver and passenger were shot several times. the men in their 20s are in critical condition. police don't know what sparked the shooting, but they are looking for a silver honda accord caught on camera fleeing the scene. pennsylvania governor tom wolf will be in the city's germantown section to talk about the gop healthcare plan on senior citizens. two key parts of the bill have
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cleared two committees in the house. power ryan -- paul ryan had a power point demonstration of the plan. president obama said it will rip health insurance from americans. it's unclear how much it will cost or how many people lose coverage. >> if you're waking up in the philadelphia area you might look out the window and say -- not much. >> reporter: it's going to come definitely in the north and west. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing you the snow to the north and west of philadelphia. we have rain to the west. let's go in to the northern suburbs, in a couple of spots there's rain at the outset. pottstown is getting this, not far away in easton and allentown. reading taking a little bit longer. you're seeing rain sweep in from the west, but the snow line will
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be pushing from the north. the rain to the west by baltimore and creeping in toward wilmington will change over to snow. as we look outside, we have cloudy skies in advance of the snow. ben franklin bridge showing you gray skies above. temperatures at the surface not too bad in the northern and western suburbs. let's check it out, 45 degrees in philadelphia. upper 30s in allentown and reading. as the snow starts, the temperatures will fall closer to the freezing mark and get 0 below freezing. in the northern suburbs we have concerns about slippery conditions on none-treated surfaces roads and -- nontreated surfaces roads and sidewalks. future tracker between 4:30 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. we expect it to push into the northern suburbs, it will push into millville, new jersey. one change in the model how long
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it takes the main body of snow to get out of here. the lehigh valley drying out a bit, we may be lingering on with snow if philadelphia by 1:00 p.m. the rest of the afternoon and evening not as much snow overall, but a chance of passing snow squall, you might be driving around 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., visibility dropping, by 10:00, 10:30 it's out of here. one to three inches for the northern suburbs and in the pink area you will have slushy road conditions developing. allentown to the poconos 3 to 5 appears likely. in the northern areas particularly above i-78 better chance of slick road conditions. in the lehigh valley, 39 today. cloudy skies and snow this morning, for a time during the morning hours, temperatures drop close to the freezing hours before popping back up, or the
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freezing level. 44 degrees is the high at the shore, rain and wet snow there. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, you see a high in philadelphia this afternoon. periods of snow off and on in the morning and afternoon. tomorrow, brisk and cold, 33 degrees, windchills feeling like zero. 20 in the afternoon. we're setting our clocks forward an hour when we go to bed. sunny and cold on sunday, 36 degrees there. we're watching for another storm, a nor'easter creeping past the coast monday night into tuesday, keeping our eyes on that one. >> thank you, david. 4:41 a.m., still ahead on "action news," a chase in hollywood was not part of a movie, but it did give onlookers a show. a little girl who was opening the door to her home realizinged she is not in consist can owe realized she is
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not in kansas any more. >> reporter: no problems, we have an accident, an issue with a downed tree, i'll with the an issue in traffic coming up in just a bit. this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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, well, it's pulled over on the northeast extension of the pennsylvania turnpike to show us it is snowing in the poconos near the jim thorpe lee heighten stroudsburg exit. if you want snow head up the northeast extension. >> you have to want snow to do that this time of the morning. >> reporter: i guess some people will. >> reporter: you can watch it on tv, there's a thought, right?
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camden county, route 73 at jackson road, clear and dry, no problems, no snow no delay coming out of the sicklierville or hammonton looking good in new jersey. 295 southbound the off-ramp to 130 blocked in bordentown, reduce exit 16 rising sun road to get out that. broad run road a downed tree is blocking all lanes, stick to glendale to get around that problem there. i-95 dry, clear, no problems, temperatures above freezing here, it's traveling pretty well. 202 at baltimore pike we see police officers, they are blocking baltimore pike southbound. you want to watch for the closures, an accident with the tractor-trailer that brought down the pole and wires, baltimore pike southbound brought to passionville -- park
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alsoville -- parksville road. there's the snow moving in our direction, we're seeing it now, north of allentown, 309. 422 you have to go west, it's not in reading, it's in lebanon. lancaster is getting a little bit precipitation. it's below freezing in tanersville, 36 in quakertown and pottstown. the temperatures will drop in the next few hours, 45 in center city. that's important in the past three days we've had temperatures in the 60s. it's still in the mid 40s, the i-95 corridor and south jersey, low to mid 40s, you know the snow is going to melt on the roads in many areas. >> high speed pursuit in southern california came to a dramatic end along the hollywood walk of fame. police chased the driver of a stolen car through the is is an fern -- fernando valley.
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a seven people were injured in germany yesterday. a person was arrested after jumping off the railroad strayings. he is in the hospital this morning. a little girl in cleveland, ohio was blown away during a wind storm. madison gardener goes swing off the porch on wednesday holding on to the front door for dear life. her mother helped her down, and even showed her the video saying the family had a good laugh. >> my dollar said go again, go again, that's what my kid would have said. 44:57 a.m., -- 4:47 a.m.
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a sneak peek inside the flower show is coming up. this little piggy didn't go to the market. >> reporter: we're looking at snow during the morning commute, tempts dip into the upper 30s at 8:00 p.m. snow is possible, sidewalks could be slick as you move into the northern suburbs. i'll have the day planner forecast and get you set. another look at radar coming up.
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>> a pet pig in michigan decided a trip to home depot was in order after high winds blew his fence down. pamela the pig walked a mile to the store, employee brought her to the house and posted the photo on the lost pet facebook page. >> i was happy i almost cried when you saw him. i didn't think i would. >> she said the owner is grateful. this little piggy tail had a happy ending. pigs are smart they form an attachment to their owners. >> i've had small pig they are
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children in the back of my car. >> reporter: let's check the roads, south philadelphia, the platt bridge, i-95 you're dry this morning, no problems, the snow moving in from the north and west, if you're heading out, you have no problems on the roads, between 26th and i-95 you're moving nicely. mass transit new jersey transit, northeast corridor rail are honoring tickets on cross lines. bordentown 295 southbound is back open at 130. >> snow has crossed over berks county and coming into i-78. same thing in the lehigh valley. it's rain pushing in from the west to the south. that snow line will push into philadelphia and parts of south jersey. temperatures are well above freezing, at the outset we're
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expecting nothing but wet roads of there's the winter weather advisory in the suburbs north to the lehigh valley. as the temperatures fall and the snow gets kicking you'll get slick conditions points north. 38 by noon, it does look like it will be mild enough throughout the day in and around the i-95 corridor to make for just wet roads, high of 41 today. >> you can find the seven-day forecast and live look on a day like today double scan radar go to >> the philadelphia flower show opens tomorrow at the pennsylvania convention center. this year's theme is holland flouring the world. the central exhibit is a giant bridge with boxes lamp post and hanging garden. 35,000 tool lips are planted --
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tulips are planted throughout the exhibit. the winners of the 2017 bloom philly decorating contest were announced yesterday, this grand champion was flowers and company in center city. watch the flower show special tomorrow night at 7:00 on of abc. ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪ >> good morning, and hello to
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mobile 6 up in the poconos on 309 up in the stroudsburg area. you can see the blacktop, and flurries coming down, we have the wipers going back and forth, "action news" david murphy and karen rogers are keeping their eyes on what is coming our way and what it means for the commute. >> we're hearing from the lawyer of the family of a little girl who was pushed down the stairs at a delaware county day care center a week ago. police arrested 52-year-old sara gable who was fired from the job, as well. the family attorney said the incident deeply affected the child. >> the little girl 4 years old who liked going to school was filled with smile, promise and innocence and coming home that day, the parents didn't get their little girl back. >> the center said gable was hired back in june and had
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extensive experience in child care. she did not have any record of misconduct. a lancaster county breeder has pleaded guilty to neglect. now the spca is finding forever homes for more than a dozen jobs. according to the spca he surrendered the dogs. a private dog rescue wad concerned about the health of the dog they got from him charges were filed after the investigation. news commuters wanted to hear, but did not expect this early, a busy bridge that was closed for repairs is open again ahead of schedule. >> septa rolling out the next phase of their two car program with travel wallet. we'll tell you about that when "action news" comes right back. we just moved into this house
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