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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  March 10, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EST

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5:00 a.m., friday, march 10 we're following two big stories, first one, cross state drivers rejoice, a bridge that closed for nearly two months is open morning. >> accuweather is tracking snow. you can see it is falling to the north and it is getting closer. >> your choice, david and karen, which one do you want to start with? >> reporter: you go. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan most of the area is dry, we're keying rain creep in. the snow is pushing in from the north and west. harrisburg has had it for a while. lancaster is picking up rain
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drops changing over to snow. thing is this allentown. pushing closer to i-78 in the lehigh valley. it's pushing south to philadelphia. we have a winter weather advisory. we talk about this yesterday. there's a change it's extended to 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon. the snow a little late to arrive is going to be late to leave, as well. we extended this down into southern montgomery and bucks county. yesterday it didn't come as far south. we expect wet roads in the i-95 corridor for the most part. a lot of roads remain wet in through a good portion of the area, as well. the farther north you go through the areas, the better chance you have of seeing slick sidewalks and road conditions where you have not been pretreated. use caution, viability could be an issue, the snow when it arrives could be coming down heavily. we're looking at temperatures well above freezing in allentown and reading. the early on set will melt on road surfaces. in philadelphia, we're staying
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over the freezing mark today that's good, future tracker 6 shows you between now and 8:00 holding 38 degrees in philadelphia when the snow will be coming down. allentown and reading, obviously closer to the freezing mark by 7:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m., that's when things might get slippery. 38 by noon, we'll be hovering in the upper 0s a good portion of the day. the snow is off and on into the early afternoon. we get a high of 41 degrees, after that the snow is spottier, but you could get an snow shower or squall in a couple of spots. karen we'll be tracking the snow and in a couple of minutes we'll let you know how much will be on the ground. >> reporter: the p.e. turnpike connector bring -- pennsylvania turnpike bridge is reopened. it will alleviate the congestion on i-95 and route 1.
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live on the schuylkill expressway, approaching bell month completely dry. as david said, temperatures above freezing, no problems on the roads just yet. the snow is starting to creep boot lehigh valley. we have a little while before it hits the i-95 corridor. the big picture no major issues. blue route, schuylkill expressway, i-95 moving just fine. we go over to 202 at baltimore pike, 202 is looking good, stick to that, instead of baltimore pike southbound you see the cones set up, baltimore pike is shut down southbound. you want to would you want for that as you head out, between passionville road and briton bridge road. >> we sent mobile 6 out looking for snow, it found some. we're at the hampton inn. i don't know if there are any rooms available right now. we've been travel running through the poconos, along 2095
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bit further north in the lehigh valley. definitely snow falling right there. as car mentioned, it's starting to reach the lehigh valley and it will move further south through the morning. relief for lots of commuters. delaware river turnpike bridge is open. chopper 6 hd was over the scene last night as the first cars were able to make it back across. sos sos is live in bristol with a closer look. this will bring a smile to a lot of faces katherine. >> reporter: yes, tam, this is a huge relief for commuters. the bridge opened and it opened ahead of schedule. so the commuters can cut down time they were taking to get to and from work and get back to the normal route. i know you remember back on january 20th, the bridge abruptly closed after a painting crew found a fracture under the westbound lanes of the pennsylvania side in bristol township. 42,000 vehicles use the bridge
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everyday which connects the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpike. the drivers were forced to find another way around. earlier this week, crews ran a series of load tests, 8 dump trucks carrying 40 tons were driven across the bridge while sensor detected the bridge's reaction. results showed the bridge can support the weight of live traffic and last night the bridge opened back up. >> it's good, it's more convenient to get around. >> the fix we were hoping for is the fix that worked. if we had to go to plan b or plan c we could have been looking at 9 to 12 months. >> to temporary sensors remain in place. over the next couple of months they will put a more permanent solution in place to observe the bridge. we're live in bristol, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, katherine. jury selection continues today in chester county for the trial of eric frein.
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the 33-year-old is charged with the ambush killing of state trooper brian dixon and alex douglass. the judge has chosen chester county because of widespread media in the poconos. opening statements are scheduled back in pike county in early april. crews are expected to continue work at this site in old city where human remains and coffins were discovered. archeologists were doing construction on arch street. so far they have excavated 60 sets of human remains and two dozen coffins. the site was an 18th century burial ground. scientists at rutgers camden will clean and study the remains before bringing them to the chemical tear in southwest philadelphia. a substation fire broke out on the 2600 block of west west
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more handle in north philadelphia. at its peak 36,000 customers had no electricity. that number is over 100. peco is trying to figure out what sparked the fire. changes are coming to septa starting on monday, that's when riders will be able to reload septa key cards. they will purchase the travel wallet frankford line and market line. it allows riders to add value to septa key card. it will be available at all septa locations in the next two weeks. the key cards will replace tokens and paper tickets. >> let's go back to our winter weather coverage. annie mccormick is live in allentown where annie has been telling us she's seeing some of the flakes starting to fall. >> reporter: we've seen a few here and there, matt, we've moved to a location at downy
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flake lane and lehigh street, get it, flake lane. we're seeing with the lights on there are a number of roads that have been pretreated hoping to make sure when the weather event or the wintry mix whatever it is comes our way it won't affect commuters. coming up from bala cynwyd on the turnpike, we started to see plow trucks on the side of the road to be prepared. as we drove in towards allentown on 309 we could tell it had just been brined. the roadways were pretreated. that's when the roads were pretreated overnight. i could tell. in allentown within the hour we saw salt trucks going around, cedar crest boulevard and hamilton boulevard and lehigh street closer to the smaller airports and the major businesses that's pretreated as well. we're seeing a lot of people out
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here with plow trucks hoping to make money if the snow falls, it's been a slow winter. the winter events we have had were up in allentown. a lot of people are crossing their fingers that the snow comes down. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> time to get more of a minute by minute track of what to expect from david. >> reporter: annie is in allentown she'll be getting wet with a little bit of rain and change over to snow. the snow and rain combination is in the region and on the way into the region. as we take a closer look, you can see there's allentown. rain to the north and the changeover to wet snow. by slatington it's all snow. in lebanon, pennsylvania, there's a big batch of rain that's changes over to snow. reading has rain at the outset, as well.
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a lot more rain inching into new castle county, as well. the snow line pushes through philadelphia past wilmington and closer to the shore. we're in the early evolution of all this. a lot of roads are dry locally. as we look outside, we have sky6 live hd over the ben franklin bridge. cloudy skies ready for the rain and snow. we'll get accumulation as far south as philadelphia although mainly on the grass. 43 is the current temperature. obviously it's well above freezing. so the roads locally should remain wet. winds out of the northeast at 13 miles per hour. future tracker 6 shows you between now and 7:00, the snow line pushes past allentown and starts to come down to the early suburbs and at some point later in the morning commute we expect the wet snow to start passing through philadelphia. it could be heavy at times and reduce the visibility. in through here, probably wet roads. bucks, montgomery county and berks and lehigh and north
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hampton counties and points north be careful always the snow starts to build in. temperatures are above freezing right now up there, but they will be dipping down close to the freezing mark. i could see slushiness develop in the northern areas this morning and slippery roads and sidewalks. look at how this thing is evolving. doesn't look like it's getting out of here as fast. we'll have snow in philadelphia and snow showers and snow squalls. 10:00 p.m., the whole thing is out of here. on the ground a coating to an inch from philadelphia south on grassy surfaces. one to three on the grass, as well. the farther you move north especially during the morning when it is colder, the better chance you have slippery conditioners developing here and there. the farther north you go from allentown to the poconos the more you will see and it could wind up on the roads and some of
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it could be heavy. remember it was mild yesterday overall on a scale of impact, high impact, probably a low impact event for most of the region. 30 degrees by 8:00. zipping up by 10:00 a.m. 41 is the high. high temperatures across the region will be above freezing, if we get coverage in the northern suburbs this morning, hopefully it begins to back off later on. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 41 degrees, periods of snow through the day, most of it in the morning and early afternoon and snow squalls in the early evening possible. again, be careful on the roads when it coming down heavy, especially the farther north you go. we'll get a lot of wet roads out out of this. brisk and cold on saturday, 33 degrees, winter gear essential on saturday. 36 on sunday, still cold.
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monday, night into tuesday and early wednesday we're in for a northeaster, the question is it close enough to the coast to make it rain or farther off to make it snow or slide out to sea and be a lower impact storm. at this point we think tuesday could be snowy around here. >> 5:14. gone in less than 90 seconds. see how thieves broke into a store and stole dozens of weapons in less time than this commercial break. a flight bound for hawaii forced to land in california. you won't believe the phone conversation that triggered the plank. >> reporter: we'll take you to exton chester county and check roads there and talk about a new accident coming up.
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let's go over to karen rogers and see when it looks like for the morning commute. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, it is friday, you made it through the week now make it through the commute. route 100 at commerce drive, traffic is moving nicely in exton, chester county. if you're coming in from phoenixville or chester springs no snow in the area, that's up in allentown. looking good as you head toward the area. the snow is starting to approach the lehigh valley. in upper darby we have an accident at long lane and church lane watch for possible restrictions in delaware county. west bradford township, the big issue has been north brook road near broad run road we have a downed tree blocking all lanes,
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you want to stick to glendale road. 202 at baltimore pike you can see the flashing lights and the police cones that are set up right now. you can see the entire police person directing traffic around the scene. southbound baltimore pike is blocked. stick to 202 instead. it's blocked near parksville road. an accident with a tractor-trailer and downed wires. you can see them currently trying to signal everybody. one thing i found on the waze app west june at at that street -- juniata street, near the edwards field school an accident there. we have light rain before the snowfall hits. let's go in closer to this. we can see what's happening. the snow pushing in from the north and west, we're getting mixed precipitation near allentown and rainier reading and lancaster. it will be changing over to snow showers. 37 in slatington and fleetwood.
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35 in quakertown and pottstown, you're in the 40s along the i-95 corridor and south jersey right now tam. >> thank you, karen. i'll take it from here, thanks karen. now, developing news overseas, two people were killed in violent protest in south korea. hundreds took to the streets over the president being ousted from office. we're looking at incorrect video. let's move on to the next story. >> something caught on video, two men stealing 30 guns in less than two minutes. you can see the men break into the store in maryland this happened earlier this week. as soon as door opens, the alarm goes off. they shattered multiple glass display cases and tossed 24 handguns in the bag. police say inle 0 seconds they were gone. -- 80 seconds they were gone. investigators are looking for them, we'll be right back.
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>> metal pipe pierced the windshield of an suv in phoenix ignition yesterday morning. the driver is hospitalized with serious head injuries. the load of corrugated steel was properly secured on the truck, but may have been sticking out too much and perhaps the driver rear ended the truck. let's talk about accuweather, and traffic. we've got david and karen. >> sometimes i'm worried that you guys are going to run over us, stampede. >> reporter: let's go outside right now [laughter], i-95, 95 is moving just fine, we're clear and dry right now, looking good on i-95 looking good, no issues and dry in the region. mass transit running on time no
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big issues as you head out the door. we have an accident in wyncote, rices mill road at church, that's a new one. we have rain pushing in from the west and toward reading. snow in allentown, rain on i-78. the changeover happening quickly. the snow line will move down and change the rain to snow all the way into philadelphia that's the way it's looking now. on the bus stop cloudy skies and snowy in a lot of neighborhoods. in philadelphia, temperatures are above freezing, just wet roads and sidewalks. the farther north you go through the region, the better chance you have of seeing slushiness developing on untreated roads in particular. 38 degrees by noon, 41 by 3:00 p.m. we zip back down to the freezing mark by 7:00 p.m. boy, does it get cold this weekend. most of the snow, tam during the early morning ascertain afternoon a couple of spotty snow squalls after that. >> mediterranean diet is famous
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for trimming your waistline. it may cut one of the worst kinds of breast cancer. the stud tracked woman over 20 years, those who adhere to a mediterranean diet are less likely to develop estrogen receptor breast cancer. >> up next in the morning buzz, a flight that was expected -- a flight made an unexpected landing because of a blanket. >> see how a girl was literally blown away by the wind.
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mobile 6 taking a a ride on northeast extension south heading toward the lehigh valley exit. just went through the lehigh tunnel they were fighting flakes on the roads way. they are moving into the lehigh valley right now now to the story about a blanket. >> on the morning buzz if you're on the way to hawaii you ought to have total chill.
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that was not the case for a passenger forced off the plane going to that beautiful place. they had to handle at lax in los angeles. the man became furious after he was told he would be charged with $12. they put him on the phone to argue with the headquarters. during the call, he said he wanted to take someone behind the wood shed. airline officials say he is not calming down, hit the ground in lax in los angeles, because of the unruly passenger. the man was taken off the flight and booked on another flight. hopefully he stopped in the airport and bought himself a blanket or snuggy or something. >> ahead of schedule, the connector bridge between pennsylvania and new jersey is back open this morning. we'll have a live report next. >> now on "action news,"
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tracker shows this morning snow inching closer to the lehigh valley and the delaware valleys, areas up in the poconos are getting hit rientd. rientd -


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