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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  March 10, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> good morning it is 6:00 a.m., friday, march 10 we're following two big stories. >> number one cross state drivers rejoice a bridge connecting pennsylvania with new jersey has been closed for two months is open this morning. >> number two, accuweather is tracking snow, you can see it's falling up to the north. we've seen big snowflakes in allentown. it's getting closer. >> let's start with that david murphy and karen rogers. >> reporter: all right, guys, it's dry as a bone on the tears i
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tears -- terrace, not so much in allentown and reading. it's in berks county and lehigh county. it's rain farther south, but the snow line is pushing toward philadelphia and will be here before the end of the rush hour. a winter weather advisory is in effect across the northern suburbs, lansdale, doylestown included in this, this has been extended until 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. slushy slick road conditions are possible in the northern areas, especially as any band of snow gets heavier and comes on through. i do think a lot of accumulation will be on the grassy surfaces and in philadelphia, the roads will remain just wet. the farther north you go into the advisory area, the better chance you have of slippery roads this morning. allentown was at 38 we're down to 34. reading is above freezing. again, even though you start out with wet roads in the area, some roads could become slushier
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later. in philadelphia, i don't think we'll have much trouble. future tracker 6, more of the area gets closer to freezing by 8:00 a.m. guys we'll be tracking the snow when it comes into philadelphia and when it it's out of here and how much is on the ground ahead. >> reporter: we're not seeing any in our traffic cameras, phoenixville 422 past oaks, the mixed precipitation is not that far off in pottstown, but no phoenixville just yet. 422 is dry, but shortly we'll see the precipitation fall here. you want to watch for that. temperatures are above freezing as david talked about here, looking at the big picture, no major issues. blue route, schuylkill expressway, i-95 are looking good as you step outside right now. but we do want to take you outside live to i-95 at 413 and we've got some good news for anybody traveling on i-95 langhorne bucks county, you have seen extra congestion, today we get to relieve that because the
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new jersey turnpike connector is back open. people on twitter were congratulating everybody it's going to move a little nicer. that's looking good right now. we have an accident rices mill road church road in wyncote. west bradford township a downed tree blocking north brook road stick to glendale instead. >> mobile 6 traveling around the poconos and allentown, where is he at right now assuming it is a he. this is the northeast extension heading north toward the lehigh valley tunnel, the wipers are going and the snow is falling right there, right now. a little farther south we have annie mccormick who joins us live in allentown. what's going on there, annie? >> reporter: we need a wiper over the camera lens, did you see a hand that was nick wiping it off. the flurries are coming down now. i want to give you a look at the snow there in the traffic lights
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we're on lehigh street we're by downs flake lane, i can tell you by allentown, people are getting prepared early this morning when we arrived. we saw salt trucks heading around the area of hamilton boulevard, cedar crest boulevard. there's a plow truck on lehigh street. on the way up here from bala cynwyd we saw plow trucks two miles before quakertown exit on the side of the road ready to go. once we headed into 309 we started to see many of the roads had been treated ahead of time. we were seeing the brine on the roadways. we were talking to people out here, people who were eager and waiting to get snow. these are people that want to be busy plowing it. since it's been a light winter for us, they hope we get some accumulation up here in the allentown area. you'll here from them coming up in the next half-hour. reporting live from allentown,
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annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> the ski resorts would like something to get their weekend going. developing this morning, sweet relief for lots of commuters. the delaware river turnpike bridge open as the first cars made their way across the span. now is the time of the morning when people will go thank goodness, we don't have to go through this any more. >> reporter: sweet relief, tam from a lot of commuters, the bridge opened ahead of schedule just last week, officials say that the bridge wouldn't open for another month, so a lot of people feeling very relieved this morning. the bridge closed back on january 20th after a painting crew discovered a crack under the westbound lanes on the pennsylvania side in bristol township. 42,000 vehicles use the bridge everyday which connects the pennsylvania anne new jersey ney turnpikes -- and new jersey turnpikes. the drivers were forced to find
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another way around. crews ran a series of load tests 8 dump trucks carrying 40 tons were driven across the bridge while sensors expected reaction reaction. the bridge can support live traffic and late last night the bridge opened back up. >> it will be more convenient to get around. >> the fix that we were hoping for was the fix that worked. if we had to go to plan b or plan c we could be looking at 9 to 12 months for are that. >> reporter: so the temporary sensors will remain on the bridge money torlg -- monitoring the loads and the stresses in the coming months they will install a more permanent system to monitor the bridge katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> jury selection will continue today in chester county for the trial of eric frein for the
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killing ever trooper dixon and the wounding of trooper douglass in pike county. the judge excused nine potential jurors yesterday, opening statements are scheduled back in pike county in early april. 6:07 a.m., turning to president trump, and business, trump promised jobs. >> reporter: the february jobs report is due out, economists are forecasting 190,000 jobs were created last month. the unemployment rate has fallen slightly to 4.7%. this is the first full month under president trump. a strong number will clear the way to race interest rates. investors wait for job numbers, the dow and s&p 500 and nasdaq managed small gains. futures are pointing to higher open. have a great weekend, matt and
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tam, david murphy and best dressed karen rogers will be there. >> you know what, maribel they will give you back stage passes. you can water some of the flowers. >> karen and i will be there in tux and gown the entire week, better get tickets to the black tie to see us there. in any event we'll be on the air on saturday evening with the special for you. right now we have special weather, there's snow that is beginning to dig down through the northern and western suburbs. closer view shows you it's not only past allentown and easton. annie mccormick was standing in the snowflakes a moment ago. in quakertown we're starting to pick up the snowflakes, northern bucks and northern montgomery county getting this in a hurry. there's a heavier band of snow highlighted in lavender down south in reading and southern berks county and pottstown. notice how we're starting to get a changeover in delaware county and chester county, as well.
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that change we were looking for is happening in a hurry. it's not going to be that much longer before we see the precip in philadelphia. outside we have cloudy skies over the ben franklin bridge waiting on the precipitation, maybe rain at the outset, but eventually it's snow. as you check out temperatures across the region, we've seen numbers drop in the northern and western suburbs as we were expecting, 34 in allentown. snow is drawing the colder air down from aloft. we're mild at the out set just wet roads up here and staying wet in the i-95 corridor. over the next couple of hours we'll see slushy roads developing in the northern and western areas. future tracker 6 between now and 7:00 a.m. we're close to having snow in philadelphia. by 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. it's everywhere from the poconos to millville an after that in places across the region. one change on the model we have a little slower arrival with
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this this morning and slower departure. it will take until 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m. for it to get through philadelphia. after that drier overall and during the afternoon and evening we might get a pop up snow squall, the molds showing you one at 5:00. it doesn't last long, but when it hits poor visibility and heavy snow for at that brief period. by 10:00 p.m. we're done. from philadelphia south a coating to an inch on grassy surfaces. 1 to 3 from philadelphia up to the top of bucks and montgomery counties and in through reading. this will be mainly on grassy surfaces. although the further north you go, the better chance you have of seeing slush, especially on untreated sidewalks and roads. allentown north to the poconos 3 to 5 inches and slippery conditions especially during the morning when the temperatures are cooler. 39 is the high in the lehigh valley, though. at the shore mainly rain with a little snow for a time.
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44 the high there. in philadelphia, 41 degrees. again in the i-95 corridor and points around philadelphia and south, it is all wet roads today. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 41 is the high, periods of snow, most of it in the morning and early afternoon. look out for heavy snow squall after that in the afternoon and early evening. we clear out overnight we cool down the winds pick up, it's brisk and cold on saturday, high of 33 windchills at dawn around zero feeling like the teens most of the afternoon. a bundler on saturday. same thing for the union game saturday night. sunday we wind up still cold, 36, but not as bad. monday night into tuesday, a nor'easter might be chugging up the coast, a little too soon to get the details all worked out, but it looks like there's a possibility of snow on tuesday, keep your eyes on that forecast. >> developing now, the president's impeachment leads to deadly protests overseas.
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two thieves move like lightening in a gun heist that takes less than a minute. >> reporter: i-95 we're seeing the traffic build heading toward center city. not seeing any precipitation here, but in parts of the region. we'll show you the roads coming up. we didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie that space together.
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>> good morning everyone, the lehigh valley starting to get some snow, that's a live picture from the action cam as people are go to work and school this morning, disapplication falling from the skies. >> that could impact your commute up to the north. let's go over to karen rogers. >> reporter: we're starting to see the precipitation move in right now. live on i-95 in delaware county. we're not seeing anything falling just yet. the atmosphere is starting to moisten up, as we look at storm tracker 6 live we're starting to see some precipitation in the area. right now looking dry. center city dry on the vine street expressway, no problems just yet. westbound and eastbound moving okay right now. 202 at baltimore pike, we've got a better shot of this, baltimore pike southbound has been shut down an accident with a tractor-trailer brought down a pole and wire. stick to 202 we're dry in the
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area. southbound baltimore pike blocked between parkersville road and brinton bridge road. broad run road stick to glendale road. collegeville traffic is starting to slow down as you head toward king of prussia. storm tracker 6 live double scan we've seen a change in the past 15 minutes. i'm not seeing a lot of precipitation reach the surface yet. we're watching for this, as the atmosphere is moistening up near philadelphia, cherry hill, gibbstown, radar showing that evaporate before it hits the ground. you get the idea it is on the doorstep. swells blue route, media, route 1, some of the places you'll see this. further up north and west we're seeing the snowfall quakertown and pottstown, and honeybrook
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picking up a lighter shade of lavender, it might be coming down pretty good, be careful as you travel matt. >> two people were killed during violent protests in south korea. hundreds took to the streets in a fury over the country's president being ousted from office. the country's high court ruled to impeach her for corruption. by law the country must elect a new president within 60 days. talk about caught on video, two men stole 0 guns in lest than one -- thirtiy guns in less than 120 seconds. they open the door, the alarm goes off. they shattered multiple glass display cases and tossed guns in their bag, one thief grabbed 7 long guns off the wall. in 80 seconds they were out of there.
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investigators are looking for them. spring break is almost here. up next, helpful travel tips before you book the trip. >> reporter: an update on the winter weather advisory philadelphia, delaware county, chester county, the issue is not so much notice on the -- snow on the rooth. road, at times the snow will be heavy enough to reduce visibility. we'll be back with the 12-hour forecast and get you through this. >> reporter: facebook's new feature lose snap chat. they let you share video diaries with select contacts there are thousands of frames and stickers to choose from. amazon is saying hola. they have versions in other languages and other countries this is the first time amazon site in america will have a
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language other than english. airbus has come up with an idea that could end traffic scrams for ever. it's called pop up, a two seater capsule that can drive on the road or fly, it was unveiled at the geneva international auto show. it is not expected to debut for seven to ten years, but georgej.
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today's consumer tips. if you're ready to shake off the winter blues, here's a simple travel hack, sign up for fare alerts. google flights offers service and air set your round trip for your price limit and you will be matched for tickets that become available. for more tips head to >> good consumer tips. >> she was just with us
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yesterday. >> reporter: now we have precipitation with us, we've been scanning the cameras looking to see it. i-95 at the delaware state line, traffic is moving okay, there's rain showers not too far from that, but not reaching ground just yet. same situation in cherry hill. as we look at the radar we see precipitation, i think you see a hint of it in camden county route 70. don't forget they are cross honoring tickets with the problems they expect with precipitation. >> reporter: snow is spilling down through the northern suburbs now we have a patch of it in and around parts of philadelphia with the exchangeover to rain across the region. the snow is -- change over to rain across the river. winter gear a good idea, this afternoon 40 and breezy. temperatures have dipped closer to the freezing mark in allentown. we're getting close to the time period where we think there
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might be slushy build up on non-treated surfaces. some of the roads will have problems. in philadelphia, all wet roads, but poor visibility when bands of heavier snow comes through. as we go through the day we're expecting above freezing temperatures in the cities, 41 degrees by 3:00 p.m. slow it down as you get the burst of heavier snow, visibility will be an issue. the farther north in the suburbs the better chance you have a slushiness developing on sidewalks and untreated roads. >> thank you, david. bottled water is america's favorite drink it surpassed soda sales for the first time according to a beverage century tracker. americans drank 3 3.9 gallons of water on average. it's a trend that's been in the making for years now, it could have a political impact here in philadelphia, where sweeten beverage tax just took effect in january. we'll be right back. ♪
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nearly all the commerce who were impacted by the peco substation fire. the fire broke out in north philadelphia. at its peak, 36,000 customers were without electricity. that number is down to 100. peco is trying to figure out what sparked the fire. changes are coming to septa starting monday when riders can
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reload septa key cards. they can purchase the travel wallet at market frankford line, broad street line at major bus routes and fare kiosks. it will allow travelers to add to the wallet at tap and go kiosks, it will replace tokens and paper tickets. >> meteorologist chris sowers is tracking snow as the starts to move through the region. >> mobile 6 is travel running through the mahoning valley that's whites pours in carbon county. we'll get more on the snow when we come right back.
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has arrive in the lehigh valley. the action cam is live in allentown, we're watching the roads for the morning commute. storm tracker 6 live is showing how snow is inching closer to the general philadelphia region. accuweather is tracking when it gets here and how long it will last. >> commuters who cross state lines for work are waking up to something as sweet as the first cup of coffee. the delaware turnpike bridge has opened way ahead of schedule. >> good morning, everybody, we have karen rogers and david murphy whys the umbrella up? >> reporter: because we're starting to see drizzle and changeover to snowflakes on the terrace. it is very light so far. the early advance of snow is the no doing a whole lot just yet. obviously you can see the snow has pushed through the lehigh valley and the berk county it's beginning to encounter bucks
6:31 am
county and northern montgomery county, as well. even though it's fairly light early, it doesn't take too long for it to get going. a little changeover to rain farther south, the snow line continuing to punch its way to the south. we have a winter weather advisory in chester, philadelphia, parts of south jersey and camden and burlington county. this has been pushed back to 2:00 p.m. yesterday it stopped at noon, looks like the snow hangs around a little bit longer. even after the 2:00 p.m. advisory expires there's a chance of lingering snow showers that could come through and reduce visibility in a hurry. snow squalls could be mixed in. temperatures are starting to drop up near allentown and reading. wet roads so far up there. roads pretreated hold up fairly well today. anything had a hadn't been side roads or secondaries or sidewalks you will see snow coverage, certainly in the northern suburbs and in spots closer to philadelphia. i think one big reason the
6:32 am
advisory is down through the city is for the heavy banged snow we might see for a while. a couple of issues as we go through the day, one with visibility and the farther north you go with the possibility of slippery roads. 40 degrees by 7:00 in philadelphia. high of 41. wet roads in the city. karen when i step inside we'll track the snow with future tracker 6 and we've got the cold weekend to talk about. >> reporter: we're starting to see the rain drops and wet snowflakes. it's hard to tell, except you can see it on the camera lens. this is a look in upper chichester delaware county, i-95 at the delaware state line. traffic is moving okay. we can see rain drops on the camera lens. people are moving just fine. it's starting to get a little bit wet in the area. i-95 at cottman, same situation, a rain drop or two, snowflake, not evident as you look at the
6:33 am
roadways. people moving just fine. i-95 southbound moving fine toward center city. the vine street expressway closer to center city, itself. roads getting damp, westbound traffic starting to jam up heading toward the schuylkill expressway and eastbound. you can see the heavier volume coming in, as well. starting to slow up right now, we can see the roads dampening up, as well. 202 at baltimore pike we had southbound baltimore pike blocked we're not seeing police on the scene. there's a downed pole caused by an earlier accident with a tractor-trailer, they are cleared that, police have left the scene and they are allowing you to travel southbound on baltimore pike. it's hard to see, but it could be damp in spots with the wet snowflakes. cherry hill, new jersey, you can see we're starting to see the precipitation near route 70 and dampening up the roads now. >> sticking with the commute
6:34 am
driving between pennsylvania and new jersey became easier overnight, katherine scott is live in bristol where the commuters are enjoying the delaware river turnpike bridge again. katherine. >> reporter: matt, that's right, commuters are so relieved. this was a huge inconvenience for folks, it added commute times on their drive to and from work. now they can go back to normal. the bridge which connected the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpike closed on january 20th when a jacked 14-inch steel truss was discovered on the pennsylvania side. 42,000 vehicles cross the bridge everyday and drivers had to find another way many adding time to the commute in the process. last night the eastbound lanes of bridge opened around 10:00 p.m., then westbound lanes opened around 10:45. earlier this week, workers ran a series of load tests to see if the repairs worked. 8 dump truck also carrying 40
6:35 am
sons -- dump trucks carrying 40 tons drove across the bridge with a sensor watching the bridge's reaction. >> it's better it's nice that it is open again. >> we're very fortunate that everything seems to be going our way. things that typically go wrong in construction, even the little things, i don't know, i guess you could say the bridge gods were on our side this time. >> reporter: just last week in fact officials had estimated that it would be another month until the bridge reopened, so it reopened ahead of schedule and commuters are happy about that this morning. live in price toll, katherine scott channel 6 "action news" -- bristol, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." a montgomery county community ice rink incident sent a person to the hospital. chopper 6 hd was over the rink on county line road.
6:36 am
authorities have not released any details, but hatfield police were called out to respond to the rink. they have not commented on the disturbance or the condition of the person who ended up in the hospital. a hail of bullets rained into a moving car wounding two inside it. the vehicle crashed into the apartment building at 9th and butler at 5:00 p.m. in the hunting park section. the victims two men in their 20s are in critical condition. police don't know what sparked the shooting, but they are looking for a silver honda accord caught on camera fleeing the scene. 6:36 pennsylvania governor tom wolf will be in the germantown section to discuss the impact of the healthcare plan on senior citizens. house speaker paul ryan presented a power paint explanation of the plan saying this is the closest we'll get to repealing and replacing obama care. democrats say the replacement
6:37 am
bills rips health insurance from poor americans. it is unclear how much it will cost and how many people will lose coverage. it will go before a congressional budget committee next week. 6:37 a.m., looking outside, philadelphia international airport, clear for now, but we know what we're seeing in the lehigh valley and the poconos it will be coming our way. speaking of which, let's turn live to annie mccormick, very different view when you look there, good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tamala, 45 minutes ago we started to see the snow coming down. i want to give you a look at what we're seeing as far as accumulation. on the road lehigh street it looks like it is raining those are the slick conditions we're seeing. this road was pretreated. we saw a number of roads pretreated. hamilton boulevard, cedar crest boulevard and 309 leading up to it.
6:38 am
this is the accumulation on the grassy surfaces. we're getting a little bit, it's kind of packable. this is the first time i picked it up. this is what we're seeing, one of the things people will have to be concern about, not so much accumulation on the roads, but slick conditions and the visibility. this came down quickly. i don't know if this counts as a squall or not, penndot tweeted out advice to people if they are driving through the scwawlings, that must be something they are seeing around the area to notify people to look out for that. i can tell you there are plows everywhere, there are plows on the side of the turnpike and number of parking lots around the allentown area because a lot of people are hoping to make a buck, they are hoping for the accumulation. we talked to one plow truck driver here's what he had to say. >> i woke up at 2:30 a.m. to be in for 3:00 a.m. we're hoping to get a lot of snow. we're waiting for it to start coming down, so we can take care
6:39 am
of properties right now. >> reporter: back out here live, you're seeing accumulation on the hoods and roofs of the cars of the vehicles that are heading down here lehigh street we're close to the intersection of downing flake lane. another note to people, if you're walking out, remember it's the law in pennsylvania, you have to wipe that off, so it doesn't blow off on to the next car behind you. we'll be out here for a while and see how long it will last and how much of an impact it will in the lehigh valley. reporting live in allentown, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> so that traffic will be slowed down today karen. >> reporter: that's right we're watching the snow, we're seeing it coming down where annie is in allentown. this is harleysville montgomery county, route 63 at kulp road. it's not impacting traffic. as we look closer to i-95 this
6:40 am
is what we're seeing, the beginning of the flakes, the beginning of the rain drops it's not having an impact on the roads unlike what you're seeing in allentown where it's coming down. i-95 in delaware county, from this angle you can start to see the precipitation coming down at this point. people are slowing down just a touch on i-95 in delaware county. switching over here taking a live look in new jersey this is a spot we saw flakes flying around in cherry hill this is a busy area of route 70. the roads starting to get damp. it's damp on it is roads, we're talking about the temperatures well above freezing in the city and new jersey as we look live in cherry hill. live look at the vine street expressway westbound is getting damp, heavy as you head toward the schuylkill expressway. now i want to show you storm tracker 6 live double scan we see the snow moving in. in some cases near the city it's fine, a little hard to detect by the camera view. it's coming down lightly cherry
6:41 am
hill route 130 and 70. woodbury you're starting to see flakes. in the city itself starting to see the flakes come down. in media it's damp with the snowflakes coming down. in malvern and exton, closer look, malvern, honeybrook, you're seeing the flakes. it's more noticeable in reading and allentown. farther to the north and west they had a while for the snow fall to come down. how about the temperatures, this is significant. now they dropped to the freezing mark. in quakertown, pottstown and fleetwood. in the upper 30s in saint davids and warrington. i-95 corridor, 41 degrees, it's 41 degrees it's been in the 60s for days, it's melting at the surface there. not the case in quakertown and pilots we've dipped to the -- pottstown, we've dipped to the freezing mark. in new jersey, melting on the surface there matt and tam. >> when we come back, blanket
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blow up, a flight is diverted when a man thinks the comfort of home costs too much. >> this little girl went up, up and away. what the family is saying about the video coming up. (vo) what if this didn't
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have to happen? i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car... could stop itself? in iihs front-end crash prevention testing, nobody beats the subaru impreza. not toyota. not honda. not ford. the all-new subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru. traveling running through the poconos about ready to the head to the lehigh valley tunnel on the northeast extension heading southbound past the lehighton exit. there's the latest on the
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terrifying axe attack on people in germany. seven people were injured yesterday. the suspect was arrested after jumping off an overpass of the train station. he was from the former ewing madison gardener goes swinging over the porch on wednesday holding on to the front door for dear life. her mother helped her down and showed her the video and said the family had a good laugh. >> reporter: i've never seen anything like that, amazing. except out our door when you go outside during a wind storm. it's a heavy door. we have precipitation moving in, in the northern and western suburbs, we have light flakes
6:46 am
and sprinkles starting to fall in and around philadelphia. we'll look at that in just a second. we have clouds across the region. on our camera we're seeing indications of rain drops and a couple of rain drops trying to form into snowflakes at this point. let's start you in the northern and western suburbs. it's been snowing in allentown and reading for more than a hour. annie mccormick has been showing us pictures of wet roads in allentown which is what we expected at the outset, but there's heavier snow coming down. there could heavy snow showers that could through and reduce visibility. the issue is to push through green lane and lansdale. there's a heavier cell highlighted in pink. there might be an issue in western chester and honeybrook and malvern and media. south closer to philadelphia, this early on set snow is pushing in from the west and
6:47 am
north, starting to fill in around the radar. i will point out to you around the radar we're not seeing anything because nothing is there, because most of this is above the surface and it is having a hard time impacting surface conditions. it will build in and eventually become more everybody dental. evident. you're changing over to rain over the new jersey turnpike and down to the south. it's happening, but it's a slow move for the snow right now. temperature, 41, that's part of the problem, a lot of this is evaporating as it gets closer to the ground with the warm conditions. winds out of the northeast at 12 miles per hour. as we take a look at future tracker 6 we are looking at a progression of this snow between now all the way down through 10:00 a.m. always it does come through philadelphia during the morning commute, still raining in south jersey. one change it will hang around a little bit longer. we'll see the tail end of this by allentown by 1:00 p.m. before
6:48 am
it starts to fall a part. later today we have spotty snow showers or even what we call a snow squall where visibility is an issue. by 10:00 p.m. that's mainly gone. what's on the ground, a coating to an inch philadelphia and south. philadelphia north 1 to 3 inches. the farther north the better chance you have of seeing coverage on untreated sidewalks and roadways, maybe the major roads get slush. allentown north, 3 to 5 inches. and slippery travel through the morning especially when the snow is pounding down. it's colder. in philadelphia, the testers stay above freezing all the way today, we are expecting nothing more than wet roads around here. maybe snow covered sidewalks. there are the highs this afternoon. even if we get slushy in the northern suburbs we'll tend to melt that as we get into the afternoon hours and the temperatures rise. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 41 today, periods of snow, most of it in the morning and early afternoon.
6:49 am
after that look out for a spotty, perhaps heavy snow squall in the early evening. tomorrow, brisk and cold, 33 degrees, we're going for windchills around zero at dawn and up to 20 in the afternoon. so, very cold on saturday. bundle up for the union game. set the clocks forward one hour and sunday cold, but dry, the neck issue is monday night into tuesday, as a northeaster appears to be wanting to come up the coast. early to say whether or not it could have a major impact. it could be a significant snow if things work out just right. tuesday is the day to watch. >> reporter: you mentioned precipitation near philadelphia it's evaporating a little bit before the surface. we're seeing a flake or two, harleysville, montgomery county it's steady, but melting on roads. it's reducing visibility a little bit. there's a shot of route 63 at harleysville pike. camden county we have
6:50 am
snowflakes dampening the roads at 38 haddonfield road you get the idea roads are getting damp with the snowflakes. visibility reduced a touch i-95 approaching philadelphia international airport, i-95 southbound heading toward delaware is moving okay, we're seeing the rain drops on the camera lens and the snowflakes flying around and melting on the surface. i-95 at cot plan we're looking good -- cottman we're looking good. no problems, light volume southbound traffic heading toward center city. matt and tam. >> thank you karen. a fight over a blanket forced a plane heading for hawaii to land in l.a. a passenger became irate after he was told to be charged $12 to use it. he spoke with someone at headquarters. during that call he said he wanted to take someone behind the wood shed. they ordered the flight to land at los angeles international
6:51 am
airport for an unruly passenger. once removed from the plane he booked another flight. the philadelphia flower show opens to the public tomorrow this year's holland flouring the world. the central exhibit features a giant bridge with boxes and lamp posts and hanging garden. 35,000 tulips are planted throughout the exhibit. this year's grand champion by the way is flowers and company in center city for the bloom and philly window decorating contest. watch the flower show special with david murphy, karen rogers and the rest of the accuweather team tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. >> time to check in with "g.m.a." they will be talking about the aca and the fbi. robin robots joins us live with a preview. good morning, robin knowledge matt and tam, good morning, gop fighting for the retraction of the aca. fbi director james comey meets
6:52 am
behind closed doors with top congressional power house. biker assaulting a driver on a san francisco highway. police are searching for the suspects seen on the tape. incredible story of how one woman quick thinking and new training saved her life using her newly learned self-defense skills fending off an attacker. a story of survival. emma watson is talking about the new live action beauty, it's a feel good friday, we have a special surprise later in our show and that's all i can say. >> wow, that must be big. >> looking forward to that. >> reporter: it's big, huge! have a good weekend. >> have a good one, robin. >> reporter: thanks, matt and tam. >> all right. >> welcome back here's a live
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
look what we're seeing in the lehigh valley.
6:56 am
it is snowing at this hour in allentown waiting for some of that to come our way. >> mobile 6 is in that vicinity just past through the lehigh tunnel and heading to the lehigh valley exit. >> reporter: visibility is reduced to .3 of a mile. on 202 at 29 we can see a flake or two coming you down. it's not a big problem just yet. as i was looking at the shot, i saw snowflakes flying. route 70 at haddonfield road flakes are flying. people are traveling okay, not a reduction of visibility here, when the snow to the west comes down we'll be seeing that. >> reporter: so far so good with wet roads which is what we were expecting. rain closer to philadelphia and the snow closer to i-95 is meting and turning to rain drops not heavy just yet. we have a winter weather
6:57 am
advisory until 2:00 p.m. all the way into understand. there's low visibility from heavy snow bands later on and slushy roads. >> "good morning america" is next, for karen, david, tam, i'm matt, have a great day and great weekend!
6:58 am
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good morning, america. winter comes storming back. alerts from ohio to long island and massachusetts. more than 40 million on alert for a miserable commute. after those dangerous winds move through the midwest, this 4-year-old clinging to a door, luckily, okay, as a main gust moves through. the new warnings this morning and the bitter cold blast now moving into the northeast. president trump putting on a full-court press to get republicans behind obamacare repeal. and the fbi director summoned to capitol hill for top secret meetings on russian interference in the election and those evidence-free wiretapping allegations from the president. highway hell. a rush hour attack caught on camera. a group of bikers surrounding a car forcing it to stop. punching and kicking the driver. what happened moments before the assault. police hunting for the bikers this


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