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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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team cove coverage. reporter jeanette rell have more on the mess the snow left behind. first let's check in with adam joseph he's at the big board with the forecast. >> we're seeing squalls right now. we had that steady snow this morning with the actual arctic front. highest totals in pennsylvania here from this morning salisbury township up in the lehigh valley over half inches of snow lake poconos 6-inches allentown near five and a half huff's church in berks county over 5-inches and west caln township in chester county 4.5-inches of snow. this is live on stor tracker6 double scan and schuylkill some of these areas of snow squalls that have been pivoting through the region. this is a little blinding looking but this is shot right outside our studios here in philadelphia of channel6. e one of those snow squalls passing through at the present time dropping the visibility briefly and you can see it here closer look on storm tracker6 live kind of right along i-95 from florence through riverside through center city philadelphia and then it pulls its way back towards media and even into
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chester county of west cthese through and as they pull through definitely if you're on the roads, you have to take a minute to stop as you can see it is nowut to engulf center city itself and these also continue into parts of southern new jersey as well. what's going to happen for this evening for that rush there? hit or miss with these snow squalls but they bring very poor and visibility. a quick cf inch. right now it's melting on the roads but as we get closer to sunset and just after those temperatures are going to drop below freezing. in fact by 8:30 we're 28 philadelphia 23 in allentown, at freezing in millville. everything is going to freeze up once that s sets and squalls, pastnset hourould start to accumulate on the roads. we'll talk about a very cold week storm threat for next we >> all right adam thank you. the well, the lehigh valley was one of the hardest hit places by today's system. jeanette reyes continues our team coverage from allentown tonight. jeanette good evening. >> reporter: good evening rick. we had one of those snow squalls that adam is talking about coming down just about
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an hour ago and it really affected the visibility and that may have that contributed to a seven car pileup that happened here early this morning. >> i said he can't stop. he doesn't have enough time so brace yourself. >> reporter: regina snyder its hard to believe just 24 hours ago temperatures were in the 60's and now her brand new pickup truck is totaled after being involved in a seven car pileup likely caused by snowy conditions. >> all of the snow started coming down really heavy so people slowe so it was hard for anybody to re >> reporter: the accident happened just before 10:30 friday morning along the northeast on thepennsylvania turnpike in both lanes wer shut down for hour. was in the accident and i was able to stop and it just happened that quick. >> the lady that's behind me she said you look like you're going to pass out of. are you okay? but it was just you know adrenaline. >> reporter: the same treacherous snow was cause for celebration and also confusion for the younger members of the lesko family. >> yesterday at school everybody was like going
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outside and we were all having recess and everybody wastaking off their coats. >> reporter: ask little gianna she'll assure you she has mother nature all figured out. >> march is -- goes in. >> like a lion and out like a lamb. >> reporter: but those he only kids on the block out enjoying the snow before the sun meltit away. these next door neighbors made the best of the white stuff. >> all right, last one for the season i hope. >> reporter: the afternoon shoveling often interrupted by discussions about mother nature and which of her weather moods was better. >> it's a nuisance. >> it's a nuisance. >> in march, yeah. >> for m great. look how beautiful. trees are whit >> i'm ready for springtime. >> reporter:obviously opinweather. coming back out live i want to give you an example of just how bad t today. we are about 200 yards from tbarely because of that snow squall earlier today so certainly be careful. spring is not here yet and that good weather not here to stay just yet.
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be careful as you head out today. reporting live in allentown, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." monica. >> thanks jeanette. police in delaware county trying to track down an attacker after a woman was assaulted outside her apartment complex. the incident happened not far from three similar cases in delaware all of which unsolved. "action news" reporter john rawlins live in chester heights with that story. good evening, john. >> reporter: good evening monica. well those incidents in delaware are located about 10 to 20 miles from here but there are some similarities as far as the assailant is concerned and how the assailants behaved. given that investigators here, the pennsylvania state police, have been in contact with new castle county detectives. about 7:15 tuesday evening a 65-year-old woman was about to enter her apartment when she was confronted by a man. >> he came up behind her and then as she turned around that's when the struggle ensued. >>ensued. it was a physical confrontation. >> reporter: he was armed andwearing a mask.
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>> yes. >> reporter: in the end she got the best of him. >> she did. >> reporter: resident thankful management too put out an alert about the attack and are advising people to be situationally aware. >> i think twice when i get out of the car. >> reporter: you take their advice to be wear. >> i'd be crazy not to. >> i actually related it to the delaware stuff because we saw on the news there are things going on in delaware. >> reporter: this incident at the madison glen mills occurred one day after a armed masked men tried to over well a delaware woman. delaware investigators think that man may be responsible for two previous attacks and sexual assaults of delaware women last month. >> we have been in contact with delaware. however, at this time we cannot say that this is connected with delaware. >> reporter: well connected or not what occurred here tuesday an armed -- having an armed assault is a worrying matter for the folks who live
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here who have always in the past thought themselves as being comfortably see secluded here. the state police say they have some leads they're following but they're also asking anyone who has any information about that armed individual who was here on tuesday night to please give them a call at the media barracks. live in chester heights, john rawlins channel6 "action news." rick. >> all right john thank you. in other news tonight pennsylvania governor tom wolf is speaking out against the gop's new healthcare plan. the action cam was in germantown where the governor focused on the legislation's impact on seniors. he called the law harmful and restrictive. wolf says if the plan passes 700,000 pennsylvanians are in jeopardy of losing their healthcare coverage. the white house and republican leadership continue to defend the new healthcare plan. gop leaders met with president trump today. one of the topics of discussion was the time line for phasing out the expansion of medicaid. today the white house said the time line is not a question of
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negotiation for the president. >> there are some new birds in the nest in south philadelphia today. the eagles officially introduced their newest free agency signings. >> sports reporter jaime apody is live inside the novacare complex with the additions to the team. they spoke to the media today jamie, hm? >> reporter: they did rick and monica and a big celebration here at the eagles complex because howie roseman managed to add not just one but two big time free agent wide receivers to a core that really needed them despite the eagles salary cap shortcomings. quite impressive. take a look as we met these new guys today. torrey smith was the first to sign the first to be introduced. classy and confident is what i'd call him. and then after that we met alshon jeffery. he told me that he plans to play with a bit of a chip on his shoulder this year after injury and suspension caused a dee cress in his numbers. when he plays all 16 games he's a sure fire thousand yard plus guy. jeffery could have had more
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money elsewhere. he took a one year deal because he wants to catch passes from carson wentz. both jeffery and smith happy to be part of things here in philadelphia. >> i'm glad to be a part of such a great organization. the coaches -- i can't wait to get startd the. i'm excited. >> i had to figure out what was best for me at the time and that was here this organization i think is headed in the right direction as a great young quarterback great leadership coach pederson. >> reporter: now smith has himself a super bowl ring that he won with the ravens and he thinks he can win another one right here and he plans on trying to do just that. of course he's here on a three year deal and you know alshon jeffery also used twith him. he's here one year $14 million but plans to try to turn that into somethinglonger. much more from both these here at the eagles complex a little bit later at 5:30 and6:00.
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live at the novacare complex home of two brand new receivers alshon jeffery and torrey smith. i'm jaime apody channel6 "action news." rick and monica. >> jamie, thank you. time now for a check of ourfic report friday night. >> let's take it live to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center see what's up with all the weather concerns. matt. >> good evening monica and rick. the snowflakes have been flying. in fact you just missed a squall here al richmond. it was really coming down just abou30 s in fact enough to pile up? there along the side of the shoulder. southbound traffic has been heavy near on 95 because up ahead by girard there was a e. gone now. also our crash southbound in delco by 420 is gone but still plenty of slowing as you come down from the airport. let's see if we can see this spot right here i city. minute ago we couldn't. t. the snow still moving through center city here along the vine street expressway. trust me its heavy volume in both directions.jam solid in chester county on the 30 bypass westbound because of a crash by 100. stick with business 30 or the turnpike instead. and here by the promenade
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along route 73 at marlton parkway watch out, crash taking out the right lane as you head northbound so jammed up there as well but not snowing there, rick and monica. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> all right. >> sounds good. the action cam at the pap convention center this afternoon for the preview party of this year's flower show. the pennsylvania horticultural society's members got a sneak peek at what the annual event has in store. >> meteorologist cecily tynan has been giving us an inside look into the philadelphia flower show. she's live at the convention center tonight with more. hey, cecily. >> reporter: hi, monica and rick and i beautiful here. the theme this year is holland flowering the world and i'm in the central exhibit now. we've got the bridges and the canals that you'll see when you go to holland. also the thousands and thousands of acres of flowers and this exhibit alone we have more than 30000 blooms. also behind me we see the iconic wind mills. these are 30 feet tall that you see in holland. there's a dutch saying god
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made the world but the dutch made holland. that's because the netherlands much of the country is either below or barely above sea level and if the dutch didn't build a series of dikes and pumping stations and dams, the north sea actually would have washed it away and wind mills have been supplying the power to keep the water out of the country for more than 600 years and this is pretty impressive. the dutch plan to have 10 percent of the country's energy needs supplied by renewable resources including wind turbines by the year 2020, kind of a nice lesson for the rest of the world. a lot to show you. stay tuned. live here from the philadelphia flower show. back to you guys. >> very impressive. thank you cecily. much more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. the weather problems officials say are to blame for this deadly helicopter crash overseas. >> also the new support for philadelphia's beverage tax as a court considers an appeal against mayor kenney's plan when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪♪
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>> a hell continue crashed on this highway in istanbul turkey and all seven people on board were killed. officials say the chopper hit a tv tower in dense fog. witnesses say they saw the helicopter falling down bursting into a ball of fire. one of the road blades hit a vehicle on the ground.
5:15 pm
the driver was inside but was not hurt. employers added more jobs in february than analysts expected and that is the conclusion of today's jobs report. the first one reflecting a full month under the trump administration. the labor department says 235,000 jobs were added nationwide and pay went up at a healthy pace. the unemployment rate dipped to 4.7 percent. experts believe the federal reserve will raise short term interest rates next week based on that new data. >> philadelphia's beverage tax is getting some official backing by a number of local business groups. more than a dozen groups filed so-called am icu s briefs. supporters of the african-american camer were of commerce and the american heart association. the court is considering an appeal from the soda industry asking it to overturn a ruling from a lower court that the tax is legal. coming up abc news
5:16 pm
investigation. 20/20 delves into the secret world of christian programs for teens that many call gay conversion camps. >> the word god it is not biblical. >> there's a hundred more nobody knows about that nobody is exposing on tv. >> abc's brian ross will tell the story of 16-year-old lucas greenfield who is gay. he was sent by his mother to a series of christian run youth camps in alabama. he said beatings there were commonplace. tonight at 10 o'clock see the confrontation with one of the pastors accused of abuse by greenfield. it's an all new 20/20 tonight right here on 6abc. "action"action news" at 5:00 will be right back. >> ♪♪
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nobody beats the subaru impreza. not toyota. not honda. not ford. the all-new subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru. >> freight train derailed and caught fire w the tankers contained ethanol alcohol. flames could be seen 8 milesfour homes had to be evacuated. the conductor and engineer were the only two people on the train and escaped without injury. health check tonight. raw milk products are a natural food trend growing in popularity but you may think twice before you consume them since raw milk is not pasturized it can harbor germs that can make you sick. cdc investigating an outbreak of listeria they believe is connected to a soft raw milk
5:20 pm
cheese. six people were hospitalizied. doctors urge everyone to play it safe and choose pasturized products. >> two alaska airlines employees are taking their friendship to new heights. captain jodi harscamp is donating her kidney to flight attendant jodi stancil. doctors put her on dialysis and told her she needed a newdney.y turned to facebook. jodi says she didn't hesitate especially for a coworker here brought over dinner right after her house burned down. >> people say kidney for lasagna that's a huge trade. >> it was really made with love. [laughter] is scheduled for monday in seattle. >> how incredible. >> that's nice. >> amazing. still ahead on "action news" at 5:a check of that forecast. >> , whoing live outside sky6 hd showing you the center city skyline on a friday night. starting to clear out a little bit from all that snow we had today. meteorologist adam joseph has your exclusive chilly ac
5:21 pm
when we come right back. >> ♪♪
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>> time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. >> that's right. meteorologist adam joseph here to check in on our snow and our cold situation today. >> yeah, big change from yesterday of nearly 70 degrees. we got anywhere between a half inch near dover this morning to as much as 6 inches in the lehigh valley, around an inch in philadelphia. now we have snow squalls and this squall is meaning some business as it is now pushing away from philadelphia, cherry
5:24 pm
hill medford, medford lakes tabernacle marlton. as it pushed through roxborough that part of philadelphia there was some thundersnow reported and in fact i'm now seeing a little lightning bolt its hard for you to see but i see it right here near cherry hill so hearing thundersnow just an indication of how violent the atmosphere is with these squalls as they pass through reducing visibility and you can see more squalls here lining up along the garden state parkway heading towards atlantic city, sea isle city. they're quick but they are mighty as they pass by. in fact, got this shot in just from shannon on my facebook for commenting with me on facebook and twitter. i've been seeing them. i've been a little busy but i'll respond to many of you as much as i can. shannon showing this. you can see the sun right here glistening through that squall reducing visibility and quickly coating some of the cars. right now wind chills aretty much across the area and these wind chills will continue to plummet overnight. arctic winds are now coming in and that's what's supplying
5:25 pm
these squalls this afternoon as the atmosphere is undergoing a change a big change from the last three days. so, partly cloudy very cold tonight after the early evening snow squalls, 14 to 19 so do expect a quick freeze-up here this evening. in fact these squalls could linger through 7 o'clock, going through the region as far as 9:00 or 9:30 in southern areas so if they do linger that long, they will accumulate on the roads since temperatures will be crashing. so again watch for black ice. tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. the sunshine is back and tomorrow afternoon highs struggle to get to freezing. sun going over to a lot of clouds tomorrow afternoon and wind chills in fact tomorrow only staying in the teens with those winds out of the northwest 15 to 30 miles an hour. there you can see the profile. single digits in the morning and barely getting to 20 in the afternoon. that five day at 5:00 forecast here again, bitter cold tomorrow the second coldest weekend of the winter season so far of 33 degrees. sunday it is windy, it stays
5:26 pm
cold. remember to turn those clocks ahead 36 degrees on sunday wind chills in the 20's. clouds increase monday, 38 and it's monday night and tuesday this is a very important time frame. there will be a nor'easter nearby exiting by wednesday morning. we will chat about the possibilities here with that in the seven-day forecast, guys, in the next half hour. >> if we have tll. thank you adam. of quick break, more news when we return. stay with us.
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>> ♪♪ >> "acti with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody rick williams and monica >> hello aga happening on "act friday night. sunshine with pop-up snow squalls remaining for the rest of the evening and then bundle up for a bitter blast of cold temperatures this weekend. we've got the details coming up. also president trump is now taking a mtive loting the repuplan for universal healthcare. this as continue to swirl about his claims about being wire tapped by former president barack obama. also serious criminal charges were filed against this northeast philadelphia hotel. how authorities say it played a major role in a sex trafficking ring. >> now the details. the rain and snow are still moving the through our area leaving much of its mark on grassy susidewalks. don't put away the winter coats yet. >> that's for sure. very cold temperatures are moving in for the weekend
5:29 pm
bringing with them bitterly cold wind chills as well. let's head over to meteorologist adam joseph at the "action news" big board with the very latest. adam. >> go figure guys almost at the end of winter and it's going to be the second coldest weekend of winter that we've seen this season. werer dealing with these snow squalls that are moving through as the colder air continues to pull in. the area that's getting whacked right now, this is the hardest and most intense snow squall in our region right now through burlington county and parts of camden county towards berlin gibbsboro medford lakes tabernacle these areas of purple are rates of 1 inch per hour so it's blinding snow as it pushes through and these still extends to their north and west. that a your a little lighter and less intense but near green lane in montgomery county there's one there also up in the lehigh valley poconos dealing with scattered snow showers. they'll be around for the nhours so they are sudden bursnow with a quick. quick coating to as much as a half inch and there will be a quick freeze once wes those
5:30 pm
temperatures drop so anything that is wet out there and untreated will freeze over ickly. you can see thesetures, t philadelphia and you can a new degrees especial northwestern suburbs. by 9 o'clock, near freezing. 29 by 11 o'clock. wind chills overnight only between zero and 10 above when we wake up tomorrow morning with air temperatures only in the low 20's. we'll talk about the weekend chill and we'll talk about again that nor'easter threat for next week in that full accuweather 7-day forecast. >> sounds good. you can count on through our and winter storm and beyond. you will have that access to the power of storm tracker6 live plus latest on whatever comes next and we invite you to connect with our team of meteorologists all the time and any time by following each of them on facebook and twitter. >> all right. let's see how the morning snowfall is impacting conditions on the roads tonight. >> matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center with the very latest. >> evening snow squalls are definitely impacting us rick and monica. when i left you about 20 minutes afghanistan i said we have a crash in evesham township burlington county but at least it's not snowing
5:31 pm
here. yeah, that changed about five or 10 minutes later and one of the squalls came through. enough to put down a little bit of a coating on the grassy surface but at least we lost our accident here in the northbound lanes of 73 by thepromenade. still some heavy traffic speeds are down a bit because snow squall moving through burlington county. moving into camden county, this is 42 at creek road in bellmawr. had a little snow again piled up just a little bit on the grass but the road surface here is just wet with just a little southbound traffic headed down towards 55 and the a.c. expressway. if you're headed into pennsylvania from new jersey, this is the scene in bucks county. sun is back after one of those snow squalls moved through here along 95 at the scudder falls bridge. road are is definitely wet but volume here along 95 and along route one has been a lot better today because you probably heard the turnpike connector bridge reopened late last night. so, go ahead and use that. that is available. watch out for the snow squalls still coming through this area in bucks and burlington counties. on the big picture some speeds are down elsewhere on the schuylkill expressway and 95. have some emergency
5:32 pm
construction on the main line in ardmore along 30. i would stick with montgomery avenue as an alternate to that. and hey, we can see the vine street expressway again. snow squall moved through here, road is wet, havely is heavyvolume isheavy but it's looking better. rick and monica have a nice weekend. >> you too. thank you matt. detectives believe a driver fell asleep at the wheel and that caused him to flip a cement truck on its side in northampton county. along 22 south in bethlehem township. authorities say the truck was in the left lane when it hit the concrete barrier bounced to the right shoulder and then flipped over. the driver was taken to saint luke's for treatment. he told police he doesn't remember how the crash happened. >> president trump is doubling down on the need to pass healthcare reform. that as to that lawmakers revealed details about a secret briefing with fbi director james comey involving trump's claims he was wire tapped by president obama at trump toy we are. anai following all those developments live from washington, d.c. tonight. good evening. >> reporter: monica good
5:33 pm
evening. it's another day in washington with dualing story lines. inly one the president continues voicing unwavering support for that gop healthcare bill that faces an uphill battle and the other one centers on those wiretapping allegations that are still unsupported. the businessman turned president in full negotiation mode. >> choices are disappearing. as one insurer drops out after another. >> reporter: trump out to make a deal on the republican healthcare bill that made it through two key house committees in marathon sessions. republicans are optimistic with hopes of passing the bill by early spring. the president urging congress to act now to save americans from what he calls the imploding obamacare disaster. >> 17 would be a disaster for obamacare. that's the year it was meant to explode because obama won't be here. >> reporter: the president still taking shots at his predecessor. >> thank you. >> reporter: but ignoring
5:34 pm
abc's john karl as he asked about proof of his last bold charge against obama. >> mr. president. >> reporter: the top democrat on the house intelligence committee telling abc news. >> i haven't seen any evidence to back up the president's extraordinary and i think reckless claim that his predecessor wire tapped him at trump tower. >> reporter: the white house not ready to say whether trump will apologize for his explosive claims are officially stomped out. >> if there is no evidence that any wiretapping took place, will the president apologize to president obama for making such a serious charge. >> let's not ged ahead of ourselves. i think it's important to see where that goes. i think once that's done we'll respond appropriately. >> reporter: sean spicer touting that new report showing 235,000 jobs added during trump's first month in office. the press secretary quoting president trump saying those job reports may have been phony before but this time
5:35 pm
they're real. live in washington t-janai norman channel6 "action news." monica. >> thanks. pope francis is open to the idea of allowing married men to become priests. the pope says the catholic church should consider the move to help curb the shortage of clergy around the world. he called the shortage an enormous problem. it does not allow married catholic men to take holy orders. the pope did not indicate any openness to the idea of allowing some end who are catholic priests to marr world news tonight withill have much more on the big stories from around the globe including the fight over the republican healthcaregislation ws" at 6:00. >> back here a northeast philad accused of sex trafficking. a lawsuit was filed today against the roosevelt inn located in northeast philadelphia and its management company. lawyers say in 2013 a 14-year-old girl was forced into the illegal sex trade. the suit claims the hotel regularly provided rooms and services for their own
5:36 pm
financial gain. lawyers say men stood in the hallways and waited to enter the room where the young girl was kept. >> this poor little girl was forced to have sex with over a thousand men in that motel. how could the motel not have known that? >> we contacted the roosevelt inn and the management company. they had no comment. this is the first civil lawsuit filed under pennsylvania's 2014 human trafficking statute. well, this dover man is accused of hitting a 71-year-old woman with his car. erick wyatte is charged with vehicular assault and domestic related charges. police were called to the white oak condos thursday morning for reports that wyatte was beating on his ex-girlfriend's vehicle. as officers arrived, he fled in an suv. he struck the victim at the intersection of white oak road and north dupont highway then proceeded to strike another car before flipping his suv. the 71-year-old woman remains in critical condition.
5:37 pm
>> philadelphia police and the fbi are looking for a bank robber who struck tuesday morning. he showed ter a demand note at the wells fargo here ock of north the worker handed over cash. the man ran. you're asked to call police if you know anything. >> well, it may feel like winter outside but it certainly looks like spring in full bloom inside the pennsylvania convention center for the philadelphia flower show which opens to the public tomorrow. >> so gorgeous. this year's theme is holland flowering the world. meteorologist cecily tynan live with a preview for us. what's going on there, cecily? >> reporter: hi, guys. you know, i'm usually talking temperatures but tonight i'm talking tulips. because when you think about holland you think about tulips and actually the first tulips were brought to holland from turkey in the 16th certainly re. they thrived in the dutch soil. by the 17th century tulips were so popular it created this economic bubble known as tulip mania when people bought up so many bulbs they started to use them as currency until the bubble burst and at one
5:38 pm
point, back in the 17th century there was one single tulip that wasth thealen pretty amazing but you know just about tulips its about all plants because holland is the number one exporter of live trees, of bulbs, of plants cut flo landscape and contracting of doylestown. his exhibit is known as and interwaters and when you're in here you feel like you're inner loop a protective dunes. you've got a lot tures cherry trees acresof flowers. it iaally neat about flower show is that like me you can acthe exhibits. you can look around. they're three dimensional and for the next nine days, the weather outs be frightful but here it is springtime in holland i'vn coming to philadelphia flower s roadcasts for the better part of 20e to honestly, ibest one yet. andere's still a lot more for me ou tuned to "action news."few me flowers suspending from t air pretty amazing and we've got 10 acres of this, so stay tuned. i'm in a good mood now. it's springtime here. back to you guys.
5:39 pm
>> sounds beautiful. thank yorse to know about the even including video of all the behind the scention center. check it out. you can also watch our annual flower show special tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. on 6abc. >> well, there's probably a pretty good chance you've heard about this next story today. a bbc live interview that that went viralghtn "action news" what happens when two children just can't wait to see their dad who just happens to be working from home that day. >> and the eagles talk about their big moves including who is joining the roster this skversky has details coming up in sports. also meteorologist a returns with more on the approaching weekend cold and the threat of more snow big time next week when "action news" comes right back. >> thanks.
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>> well, anything and everything is possible on live tv as one foreign relations expert found out today while doing a skype interview for british television. >> it was nothing sheer comedy its a video that has gone viral. >> robert kelley a professor of political science in south korea was offering his expert analysis of south korea's move to impeach its president when the first of his two children walked in and stole the show. first a bubblely toddler came dancing in. kelly didn't know she was there until the bbc announcer pointed her out. as dad tried to shoe her a second child babyn a
5:43 pm
bouncer goes into the room. >> this was going on while kelly was trying to answer serious questions about south korea. he kept mposure. within seconds that's kelly's wife bouncing in the room tries to scoot the kids out clearly mortified you can see it on her face and then she quickly pops in and closes the doorng the cameranoticing but of course that is the part that made all of useary eyed with hilarity. i love it. >> kids just want to be dad. >> you have kids its hilariout it's also lovin same time. >> you'll nmistake again. r. >> lock the door.[laughter] >> it was funny at. let's talk eagles football. we heard from some of the new free agents. >> alshon jeffery says he doesn't care about his role whatever it takes to win a championship. everyone likes the sound of that. alshon jeffery got pumped up to play by watch, its disney movie invisible. he says he can't wait to score a touchdown at the linc to see eagles go nuts just like they for mark wahlberg in the movie. here's jeffery. he says he texted quarterback carson wentz. he's good fluff enough to win m.v.p.
5:44 pm
went says he doesn't care about that he wants to win the super bowl. big reason the 27-year-old signed here, one carson wentz. >> he said that -- he said i don't care about m.v.p. i want to win championships. i was like that's right. that's the right mind-set right attitude. >> what does that say about him. >> that means a lot for a young player to say that. like i said the sky is the limit for him. >> the eagles also introducing fellow free agent receiver torrey smith who says wentz has that it factor and he signed here to help the eagles win a super bowl. smith whose wife was a track star at plymouth whitemarsh high school can't wait to get running were it this offense. jaime apody caught up with the new eagles receivers. >> how do you see this eagles team. >> i don't z any reason why it can't be next year. i mean you don't -- you don't work hard to not win it all its not like college where you have bowl games. you don't win the super bowl it's a waste of a year. i feel that way every single year.
5:45 pm
>> what are eagles fans going to learn quickly about torrey smith? >> i can play ball. you know, don't judge me by the last couple of years . >> [laughter] >> everyone is saying the right thing. college basketball villanova goes for their eighth straight post season win tonight when they face seton hall. two wins away from winning the big east tournament. penn two wins away from clinching a spot. penn are red hot. they've won six of eight. >> they don't think there's any team that these three other teams want to play these than us right now because the run we've been on how hot we're getting and just the fact that like we really have nothing to lose being here. >> when the phillies leave clearwater three weeks from today, hopefully they bring the weather and of course some wins with them. phillies facing the yankees today in clearwater where it is always sunny and in the 70's. new phils starter clay buchholz remains ice cold
5:46 pm
allows three runs all in the first on this headley three run shot. phils lose five-zip. talk a bad night for the boys. flyers could have been within one point of the final playoff spot when they woke up this morning. instead they dropped to five out. not only did the islanders win but their game the flyers had with toronto they lost that as well against one of the very teams they're chasing. captain claude giroux admitted he's very upset about it but they cannot pout. they have 16 games left including a big one tomorrow in boston and the majority of their remaining games are against teams fighting for a playoff spot or they're a playoff team. they have a tough stretch ahead. >> thank you so much. much more "action news" coming your way. we'll take a break and be right back. >> ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too.
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>> meteorologist adam joseph here. we got the snow appetizer all call it today but just you wait because the on tray is next week. holy cow. >> very close call. the models have been pretty consistent so we'll chat about that as well. >> oh, boy. >> after this morning's snow dealing with snow squalls at the present time. right now storm tracker6 live double scan will show they're kind of peppered through the region some more intense than others but if you have been of whacked by one of these you know they mean business as they're passing through. this band that passed through philadelphia and now going
5:50 pm
through burlington county and entering northern atlantic county you see this little flash here, that is a lightning bolt. we've had some thundersnow moving through medford lakes chatsworth speed well at rates of about an inch per hour as it passes by blinding drivers on the roadways and this will continue its journey towards not only long beach island but also oceanville and may pass right over the atlantic city airport. as we close in its near and washington right now lower bank up next hammonton you kind of got robbed you're just on the southern end of it but you probably could have heard that that thunder in the distance. squalls quiet down a little bit after sunset but just watch if they do pass through with these temperatures dropping that it could start to freeze up a little on the roads. in fact, wind chills are now down into the 20's across basically the entire area. eight up in the poconos and with that that rapid drop in temperature tonight anything that is water anything that is untreated will freeze over pretty quickly. the arctic winds are pushing
5:51 pm
in from the northwest creating these snow squalls after that steady period of snow this morning, so it does eventually turn partly cloudy overnight but bitterly cold. 14 to 19, those are the air temperatures not the wind chills. in fact if we take a look at the wind chills when we wake up here tomorrow morning, if you're up as early as 8:00 a.m., four in allentown, eight in wilmington, eight below up in the poconos. we do not get out of the teens for or feel-like temperatures during the afternoon tomorrow and tomorrow we start with sun, a lot of clouds during your saturday afternoon. the union game bundle up if you're going to that for the home opener. sunday morning back into the single digits north and west teens elsewhere and, hey a little better here sunday afternoon with sunshine feeling like 23 in millville philadelphia and still just 18 up in the lehigh valley. a reminder this weekend to turn the clocks ahead saturday night one hour. also a good time to check the smoke detector batteries as daylight saving time begins.
5:52 pm
then we're watching the coast. this buzz is all over and social media just put these particular images on my facebook page. this low will be coming in from the west interacting with a coastal storm developing a nor'easter somewhere along the midatlantic. again models have been nailing this day after day now but the track is still very unknown. is it inland is it along the coast? is it just off the coast? it will be a nor'easter with very powerful winds on top of a lot of moisture with this storm. we take a look at many different models but you've always heard us talk about the american the european as well as the canadian. the the american model for philadelphia has heavy snow flipping to rain for monday night into tuesday. the european says, no it's all snow and a major snowstorm and the canadian just barely brushes the region with a little bit of snow. so right now it's still up in the air but we'll watch it all weekend. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 33 with that biting wind all day tomorrow with a lot of clouds. windy, stays cold on sunday. wind chills in the 20's again in the afternoon. clouds quickly increase
5:53 pm
monday this would begin if it does skirt us by here, monday night somewhere around eight 10 o'clock at night lasting through the day on tuesday into wednesday morning before it exits late wednesday and it stays very cold even going into the end of next week. >> okay. >> you guys said you wanted the canadian model. >> spring is like a week away. what the heck? thanks adam. quick break more news when we come right back. stay with us. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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>> ♪♪ >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories and more next at 6:00. fire claims the life of a person living in multi family home. >> attacker targets a woman in delaware county. police are trying to determine if it's the same suspect behind three other attacks in delaware. >> good news for drivers who use the turnpike connector bridge between pennsylvania and new jersey. it reopened last night and drivers could not be happier. i'm nora muchanic. i'll have their reaction coming up next on "action news."
5:56 pm
>> that and much more coming up next at 6:00 for meteorologist adam joseph cecily tynan jaime apody jeff skversky monica malpass the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. have a nice weekend. >> good night. >> good night. >> ♪♪
5:57 pm
>> ♪♪ >> friday night, business is brisk after the turnpike connector bridge reopens. and a school bus collides with a dump truck in wilmington. but the big story on "action news" tonight is just about we expected. the snow fell leisurely in
5:58 pm
philadelphia for much of the day today ending up with about an inch but a number of locations in the tri-state area saw snow squalls particularly this afternoon like here in allentown. visibility was reduced to almost nothing during the squalls. the lehigh valley got as many as 5-inches of snow today. meteorologist cecily tynan is live at the pennsylvania convention center for the taping of tomorrow night's flower show special. no, she did not get dressed up just for us. cecily, no surprises today. >> reporter: that's exactly right jim. inside here it's springtime in holland. outside the pennsylvania convention center across the region it's still very much winter. in fact storm tracker6 live double scan showing that we still have some snow squalls around. i do want to zoom into this one squall we've been tracking. it moved thr
5:59 pm
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