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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the lehigh valley. three attacks in delaware no similar attempt in penylvania. police in two states are on the case. next. ♪ valley's leading news program with jim g >> had steady snow. other times we were caught in the middle of white out snow it played out as accuweather expected. now the snow is done and we have
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something else going temperatures are plunging and we are ready for one of the windchilliest weekends of the winter. it's friday night and the big story is the segue from snow to bitter cold. that's what we have for the weekend. let's go to the big board with >> all of the snow squalls that blasted through blinding drivers this evening and late afternoon, at this point. once the sun set, the fell apart. we lost the instability but the icy wind continue to drain in. the low in philadelphia 30. 12 in syracuse, 22 pittsburg, 13 in bur ling ton vermont. 36 reading, 26 wilmington,
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30 miles per hour in reading. the winds are with us all weekend long.tomorrow, 15 to 30t time to 40. si morning, teens through most of the afternoonrow. it's a dry day. we start with sun. clouds take over much of saturday afternoon. it's a weekend. the second coldest shy from awee colder, but this is the of winter not the middle. stays cold to the beginning of next week a nor'easter. looks like it's tracking our way. we'll talk about the different scenarios that unfold that next week in the accuweather forecast. >> all right, adam. bad weat being blamed for a 25 car pileup in allentown. fortunately, the accidents were dersy@. seriously hur
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once the vehicles are cleared, crews will put down salt and reopen the bridge. this is how it looked innd camden county. two cars crashed, bursting into and fivee wererushed to th. live at the scene chirico. what happened now? >> terribleccident, jim. the pike has reopened w last hour after the nasty crash around 6:30. it people have unconfirmed reports ofne fatality. action viewer sent use vehicle. five vehicles were involved, two when weed one was smoking
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saying whatier fire. caused the crash or giving us information about the extent of the injuries. one man was at a diner whene heard it happened. >> i h smash and came running down the street people were running a place. i the fire trucks coming down. it was craziness. >> again, at this point, we have unconfirmed reports of one fatality. police are not saying anything about this despite repeated calls to authorities. weave no wr had a factor in tonight's crash. oakland new jersey, jeff chirico, "action news," jim? >> the community came together to remember the little boy who was struck by a pick up earlier
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this week in morris county. five-year-old lee's mother remembered the boy she called a free spirit. >> was all smiles, all the time. if you were down, he would make sure you smiled. he would wipe your tears away. he was a good boy. did not deserve this at all. not at all. >> the driver of the truckstoppd called police. so far no charges have been filed. ing seeking the death penalty against h 2-year-old sarah packer who is accused of murdering dismembering the body of her 14-year-old daughter grace. she and her b tortuher before kt of a rape murder fantasy.
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>> it happened in the heights of delaware county. a man confronted a woman before she entered her apartment. this is strikingly similar to what happened three times in delaware. bob brooks is at the apartments in delaware. what is the latest on all of this? >> jim, this is very real and getting very scary. four women now in this general area have been attacked the same similar way. we are learning that they have taken action to try to prevent this from happening here again. >> you can't get in at all now. >> to get inside the apartments in pike creek, you have to punch in a code. it wasn't always like that but w ambushed with a gun sexual assaulted and kidnapped last month, residents welcome the chang >> a lot safer. >>s a crime new castle
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county police say was made by e same man. residents in chester heights dao alerting them of aar attack. this past tuesday a m >> definitely scary. was tht >> that's katy maloney. she lives with her boyfriend says he can't always be around. the new county police and pennsylvania police are working together. >> the third attackn delawar the victim also e
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first two victims, one here and the other at the top of the hill apartments in delaware were sexual assaulted and kidnapped, forced to drive to atms to take out cash for the suspect. re a messed up people in the world. hopefully they'll catch him and put him where he belongs. >> police are asking residents e something give them aall. it will be a community effort to get whoever is doing this off the streets. "action news," wphl-17. jim. >> the brawl between the ridley hockey club and bucks county injured two students sending one to cellphone video captured the fight at the cup entered t stane
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adults were seen pushing and shoving. the principal said it was disgusting and appalling andheys of the players. they'll support any discipline handed out by the league. >> we are 50 days into the trump presidency. the house intelligence department has giv the justice department until monday to turn over any evidence that president obama had trump towerped asesident trump. told the trump transition team before the inauguration that flynn might need to register as a foreign agent. he was working with ties to
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turkey. it was election day when flynt declared an article to recognize turkey as a priority. president trump met with committee chairpersons at the white house today. word is he is more flexiblable the healthcare plan than the authors are. he will negotiate. paul ryan says it's the only chance to repeal and replace. house conservatives say they'll oppose the bill unless it ends medicaid funding next year not 2020. paul fishman resigned today after the trump administration required the resignation of all 46 attorneys hired obama.
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>> the job numbers are higher than expected even as more people are looking for work, it fell to 7%. wages also rose. this is the 77th month of cr the first full month of trump's administration. he is changin tune from thempai. >> i talked to the president. he said they may have been phony in the past, but it's real now. >> the strong jobs report clears the way for anerim hike happening next week by the federal reserve. the interest right hike is all but certaining slow and increass year as long as the economy continues to show signs of
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>> camden could get 900 jobs and a $200 million p along water fro if three companies get their way. connor, strong and buck a loo supply chain nfi and real estate nt to build an 18 storyrporation building. the program will be heard next tuesday. the camden tower could be ready for move in august 2019 if they don't run into delays. it seems love park needs more tlc before it can be reopened to the public. the date has been delayed several months until mid to late september. city officials tell us they ran into obstacles thepecting you s. once they started digging they
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found obstructions they weren't aware of making it a lot more complicated. >> it may feel like the dead of winter, but it's a burst of spring inside the pennsylvania convention center. the flo flower show took place tonight. guests were surrounded by tulips and flowers as far as the eyeco. this year's show highlights holland, the netherlands. >> we invite you to join the accuweather team tomorrow night at 6:00, the behind the screeps preview of the flower show, holland of the world at 7:00 p.m. >> new numbers on ivanka trump's business may come as a surprise. >> plus, it's not racist graffiti, but it'scosting a
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local family tens of thousands of dollars as vandals keep coming back. plus the pope may be having a change of heart about marriage and the clergy. adam? >> we have the latest on the nor east. i'll give you information on the seven day coming up. and the eagles meet and greet. jeff skversky introduces us to alshon jeffery when "action news" continues. ♪ ♪ al shan
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>> an "action news" viewer recorded flames burning from the upper floor of a chester county home this morning. inside firefighters would find the body of a woman. they believe this is the first fire death in 17 years. the building is described as a house share with rooms for rent. five other people inside made it out safely. >> a ma miles an hour will townp family hope someone can identify
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vandals that spray prainted the home twice in six months. it happened while the family was asleep inside. >> it's a nightmare for us. we wake up through the night wondering if someone came back, grateful that it snowed because they are probably not coming because it would leave footprints. >> it cost $30,000 to repair the damage. neither the family nor the police can figure out the motivate. they have been in the home 18 years and no one else in the neighborhood has had similar problems. >> what started as a scandal of nude photos of marines has spread to the other branches of the military. there were hundreds of images and we learned more sites exist being used to post women in branches of the military. the top marine lashed out at the
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marines involved. >> what do you have to do to get in? come on, guys. they want to do their job. let them do their job. you do yours. >> the marine corps has set up a task force to look into possible changes of policy. pope francis is sure cause controversy with this in an interview the pope said fe necessary for the church because of short ages of priests in remote locations. >> ivanka trump is cashing in on controversy. the sales spiked in
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up on amazon, maceys and bloomingdales. you remember kelly ann conway gave ivanka trump's line a provocative promo on news after i nordstrom dropped her brand. she's doing extraordinary well. >> what's extraordinary is the weather. t go through as we end winter in the next week and a half. as we look at storm tracker 6 double scan, a couple of left over showers burlington and atlantic county. they don't have the power that the snow squalls had hours ago. a few left over flakes. action cam was outside the door this evening. you cann honor of the flower show back in town
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at the cve center, the special tomorrow doors open to the public. it's beautiful down there. windchills right now, though 's spring in the convention center, winter here. 16 in, in philadelphia, feeling like eight in reading, 17 millville, 14 trenton and 20 at the atlantic city airport. squalls from this afternoon all but gone. even the clouds cleared out. now icy winds are moving in. tomorrow, sun and clouds take over most of the day tomorrow. 33 for the high with gusting winds, winds continuing sunday and more in the way of sunshine a touch bit warmer 36-degrees. this is what you want to look at windills in the morning, single digits to teens starting saturday morning. saturday afternoon, teens and 20s with winds gusting to near 30 to 40 miles per hour.
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sunday afternoon not much better, upper teens to low 20s pretty much the entire weekend. reminding you to flip the clocks ahead an hour before you go to bed saturday night. good time to check the battery in the smoke detectors. this is what everyone's talking about, low pressure from the west here. it will develop a nor'easter off the mid atlantic coast monday night and no to sea solution with this. the question is the exact track. we don't know that yet. hugs the coast inland. plenty of moisture available. the american model, a lot ofarg. the american model came in this morning, mainly rain for philadelphia. the latest information is heavy snow in philadelphia the entire event points north and west, rain in new jersey, the european says a snowstorm for everyone
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and the canadian says a brush for snow. you see snow with each of these now. maybe the writing is on the wall but a lot can change. bitter winds this weekend, icy cold both days, clouds increase monday. storm would arrive late monday night all day tuesday into evene 30s, wednesday the storm exits and it warms a bit end of next week. check in with chris sours and melissa magee. the question is the type of precipitation. >> if we are talking major storm, a foot plus. >> end of the winter -- >> here it comes. >> ridiculous. >> hundreds of people attended an enlt at the hilton penn's landing to help families with cancer.
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this city needs a championship, hopefully he will help get one. he said wentz was special. he texted him, you are going to be nvp. i'm going to help you win it. >> he said i don't care. i want to win the championshie , throw it u what does jeffrey wentz? >> he's competitive. he wants to be the best. like i said, he wants to be the best. i believe he's going to be the best. >> what are eagle's fans going to learn about alshan jeffrey? >> i'm passionate about the game. i'm going to make a lot of plays. i want to bring the city a championship. >> torrey smith says wentz has the it factor and he signed to fans, you will like theoo.
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sound of this too. >> how far away do you see the eagle's team? >> i don't see why it can't be next year? if you don't win the superbowl, it's a waste of a year. >> after all of that talk about trading brandon cook, he will be trade today the superbowl champ new england patriots and team up with tom brady according to espn. "college hoops," last time they last to seton hall, and who they are playing, seton hall. cats crawl their way back showing lots of job 13 seconds left go to chris hart nowhere,
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basket and foul nova up two. sh. delegate ta misses, hart gra be it is board. nova wins 55-53. ofoff with the no biggie. >> i said it's all h he put too much muscle on that one. i tried to get it. it bounced in the perfect spot and i put it back. >> nova in the title game third straight year. facing cartwrighten tomorrow. joel embid at the doctor's office today. the details next. [where you're going. or whatt, you're doing.
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>> surgery is still on the table for joel embid. the sixer center met with doctors in los angeles to determine the best way to fix the torn meniscus in his right knee. in los angeles, sunny and 70s. buchholz allows three runs. headley gone the three run shot. first time in spring training they were shut out. >> los angeles is the mecca of medicine. there are a lot of good doctors in philadelphia. >> the sixers are out there facing theppers. >> it's not an emergency situation. >> he's worked out there in the offseason. he has a base out there. they are trying to get all of
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the input. >> i got you. "jimmy kimmel live" followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 4:00 a.m. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. ♪ ♪ >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, president george w. bush -- from "making history," adam pally -- and this week in unnecessary censor and now, guess what, here's jiy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome. hi, everybody, i'm jimmy, i'm thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. we have -- oh, we got a great s.
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the reason for all the extra security. one of the most famous painters in the world is here tonight, president george w. bush is with us. [ cheers and applause ]


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