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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  March 11, 2017 7:00am-8:00am EST

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>> a pleasant good morning to you, 7:00 a.m., saturday, march 11. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," a car collides head on into a tree sending four people to the hospital in montgomery county overnight. plus, police are searching for the man who has been victimizing women in delaware, but first, bitter cold conditions are gripping the entire delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend. sky6 live hd is taking live look
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outside at a sunny center city center city skyline from our temple camera. we're counting down nine days away from the first day of spring. boy oh, boy it feels like the dead of winter out there. look at this, the ski slopes are enjoying the winter as the snow machines are working hard. they will need not to work for long as we keep an eye on a storm that could bring snow next week. meteorologist chris sowers is tracking it all at the big board. >> reporter: it could bring a whole lot of things monday night into tuesday, heavy rain, snow, gusty winds, we'll talk about that in full weather in 15 minutes or so. in the meantime this morning, take a look at the headlines. don't forget the heavy winter coat when you head out this morning, gloves, hat, scarves add layers, windchills look at the numbers, we were at 68 degrees thursday afternoon. now it feels like 9.
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wilmington, 9. allentown, 7. 8 below in the poconos. 5 in reading, 5 out there in lancaster. windchills are going to be brutal all day long, very bitter. 4:30 p.m. teens north and west, mid teens at best, 15, 16 in allentown and reading. poconos 3. philadelphia maybe as warm as 21 degrees later on. the normal high for this time of the year is 352 degrees, that's the forecasted high today. look for increase in clouds and temperatures around 33 degrees, i will focus on the nor'easter heading this way monday into tuesday when i come back. >> go to to keep track of next week's approaching storm. there you will find the seven-day forecast, plus a look at double scan radar. icy conditions blamed for a 25 car pileup in allentown last night. police say there were a number
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of fender benders on the westbound side of the hamilton street bridge. no serious injuries were reported in this. once the vehicles cleared, crews treated the road and reopened the bridge. new information to tell you about this morning, four people were hurt in this crash in upper providence, montgomery county. their car ran off the road aloaning -- along black rock road and slammed into a tree. firefighters had to cut three of the four people trapped inside. all are recovering in the hospital. police continue to search for the suspect of victimizing women in delaware. bob brooks has the details. >> reporter: to get inside the apartments in pike creek you need to punch in a code. after a resident was am burden by a masked man with a gun who
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sexually assaulted her and kidnapped last month. >> a lot safer. >> reporter: it's a crime new castle county police say was committed by the same man who terrorized two more women at two other apartment complexes. now he struck a third time. residence got this letter a few days ago alerting them of a similar attack. a masked man with a gun ambushed a woman walking into her home. the victim was able to fight the suspect off. >> reporter: that's katie maloneyy who lives with her boyfriend who said he can't always be around. with so many similarities with the crime we asked state trooper tim green if these were connected. he said new castle county police are working together. >> we we cannot say this is
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connected with delaware. >> reporter: in the third attack, the victim escaped. the first two victims one here at the apartments and top of the hill apartments in wilmington were ambushed and sexually assaulted and kidnapped and forced to drive to atm and force to take out cash for the suspect. now more than ever police say you should be aware of your surroundings if you see anything even remotely suspicious give them a call. this is going to be a community effort to get whoever is doing this off the streets. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> we have learned that prosecutors in bucks county are considering the death penalty for a woman who planned the murder and rape of her adopted daughter. sarah packer pleaded not guilty to the murder and dismemberment
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of 14-year-old grace packer. packer watched as her boyfriend acted out a rape murder fantasy they shared. packer is charged with illegally collecting $4,000 in government benefits after grace died. family and friends gathered in morrisville, bucks county to remember a little boy who was hit and killed by a pickup truck. the 5-year-old was hit wednesday afternoon his mother called him a free spirit. >> he was all the time if you were ever down, he would wipe your tears away. he was a good boy, he did not deserve this at all. >> our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, the driver of the truck stopped and called police, so far no charges have been filed. this morning the white house admits it knew that
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michael flynn lobbied for a turkish businessman before he became national security advisor. that suggests that president trump's transition lawyers did not see the lobbying as a liabilitier -- liability or that plan was not fully vetted. just this week flynn filed as a foreign agent. president trump fired flynn for misrepresenting conversations he had with the russian ambassador to vice president pens. president trump met with committee chairs at the white house to discuss the new healthcare pro proposal. in his weekly address, he said americans need to know that the healthcare bill is an urgent necessity. some conservatives say they will oppose it if changes are not
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made to insurance requirements and medicaid. love park will need a little more tlc before it opens to the public. it will be least mid to late september before it reopens. city leaders say they have run into unexpected obstacles. once demolition crews started digging, they discovered underground structures they were unaware of which made the renovation more complicated. three companies want to move into the 18 story camden tower tax credits under the grow n jmplet program will be herd -- nj program will be heard on tuesday. the move could bring 900 jobs and 245 million-dollar project to the waterfront. the son of legendary boxer,
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muhammad ali was detained at an airport. we'll tell you why he was kept from getting on his flight again. growing beautiful tulips is a family business, we'll introduce you to a chester county couple who is keeping the century-old tradition alive. plus, he may be the star of the weekend. you can see twiggy the water skiing squirrel in the area tweaked. >> reporter: take a look at the windchill down in the single digits, we're tracking snow in the seven-day forecast details coming up right after this. >>
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>> muhammad ali's son was detained for the second time at an airport check in.
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ironically after telling washington he had been detained in florida. he produced a passport and allowed to take the flight, but the transportation security administration said the large jewelry alarmed a scanner and caused the holdup there. take a look at the picture right here, boy, let's tell you the story behind this. this is the picture of a man who tried to smuggle $164,000 worth of cocaine strapped to his leg. police in new york arrested the man at jfk airport last saturday following his flight from the dominican republic. he was bursting out of his pants. the man faces charges of trying to smuggle narcotics into the country. you can't make it up. >> reporter: you have to give him an a for creativity.
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>> let's move along to the weather, one day it's 68 and the neck -- next day, 22. >> reporter: for many of you out there upset about the lack of snow and the cold we might be making up for it in one week. this will be a very cold week compared to averages. we could see snow. there's a beautiful shot of the camden warm -- waterfront. the temperatures in the teens, windchills in the single digits. radars are staying clear. next chance of precipitation, monday into tuesday, that's the nor'easter heading this way. old man winter has returned. 51 degrees monday which is where we should be for this time of the year. 67 tuesday, thursday, 68. we had snow friday, temperatures dropped and now we're down to
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21 degrees in philadelphia. that's one of the warmer locations. teens north and west. allentown, 17. 8 degrees in the poconos. 17 in trenton, and then low to mid 20s, south and east. cape may, 250, dover and mill, 21. those are the air temperatures, now you factor in the breeze out of the west northwest now it feels like 9. 7 in allentown, 8 below in the poconos. you need to add a few layers if you're outdoors, if you're heading north to do skiing, windchills below zero, add a few layers, don't forget the gloves, hat and scarf. we have clear skies, we'll cloud up this afternoon, because the air is so cold we'll have a cumulus deck overspreading the area through lunchtime. in the afternoon, mostly cloudy with peeks of sun. windchills this afternoon, maybe, 21, 22 for philadelphia
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at best here. overnight tonight we'll get into the single digits and teens, a little bit better than what we're dealing with this morning, but not much. and then as we get into the later half of the day on sunday, 26 in philadelphia, wilmington, 28, millville, 25. that's what's going on this weekend. then, as we focus our attention next week, monday into tuesday, here comes the northeaster. it starts as an area of low pressure coming out of the high plains. it hits the appalachians and transfers it's energy to this guy right here, this is the big storm, this is the nor'easter coming up the eastern seaboard. there are questions that need to be answered with the storm, one, somewhere does the secondary low form. how close to the coast, this will determine where this sets up, the rain/snow line, i've been talking about this i-95 special all morning long, south and east, you get the rain north
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it's all snow. what we know for a fact at this point there's a ton 67 -- ton of moisture with this storm. the model will put out one to two inches. that's something we'll fine tune over the next few days. 32 degrees is the forecasted high, windchills in the teens. 29 by 1:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m., 32, windchills in the teens all day, overnight tonight, speaking ever teens, 14 air temperature. places like allen towfn -- allentown and reading, 19 for center city. it's a quiet, but cold weekend, 32 today, 36 tomorrow. increasing clouds monday, 38 and there's the nor'easter for tuesday, 36 degrees. and then we finally start to moderate a little bit. 40 on tuesday and 42 friday. >> i have a question, i have to
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ask, you have a special button just for me over there, i was out in the weather yesterday, it stopped snowing, as soon as my live shot came, boom. >> reporter: i saw the smile on your face, i know you were loving it. you love it. >> time 7:17, philadelphia flower show opens up today a theme of holland flowering the world. in the art of aging tamala edwards takes us to a green house to meet the husband and wife growers behind all the tulips for the show's entrance garden. >> reporter: walk inside the chadds ford green house you'll be greeted by cats. there are five felines in a field of 30,000 tulips ready to burst into a brilliant rainbow of color. they are the tulip tenders using a tricky mix of artistry and
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science. >> you have to get them just right for opening day of the flower show. my grandfather started this in the late 1800s. that's hows father met his mother who was the daughter of a florist who exhibited in the flower show. it was on a trip back to the netherlands where john met his wife and their 22,000 square feet of flouring paradise, the couple married 44 years this summer finds joy in growing everything. >> it's great to see a smile on somebody's face when they come in. >> reporter: john is the chief grower, even though his wife was
7:19 am
born and raised in the netherlands bulb district. tamala edwards channel 6 "action news." >> tune into 6abc tonight at 7:00 p.m. you can see all the tulips in full bloom. it's the philadelphia flower show special hosted by the entire accuweather team, we'll be right back. (man vo) it was may, when dad forgot
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don't take if allergic to memantine, donepezil, piperidine, or any of the ingredients in namzaric. tell the doctor about any conditions; including heart, lung, bladder, kidney or liver problems, seizures, stomach ulcers, or procedures with anesthesia. serious side effects may occur, including muscle problems if given anesthesia; slow heartbeat, fainting, more stomach acid which may lead to ulcers and bleeding; nausea, vomiting, difficulty urinating, seizures, and worsening of lung problems. most common side effects are headache, diarrhea, dizziness, loss of appetite, and bruising. (woman 2 vo) i don't know what tomorrow will bring but i'm doing what i can. (avo) ask about namzaric today. with us, 7:21 a.m., here's what's happening in and around the delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend. st. patrick's day is the 17, but the celebrations begin this weekend. the 2017 st. patrick's day parade will be held tomorrow sticking with the tradition of holding the parade seven days
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before the holiday. it steps off at noon 20th and jfk rain or shine. check out the greater philadelphia boat show at the expo center in oaks, montgomery county. back to entertain the crowd there she is, twiggy, the water skiing squirrel, she got in practice on a remote control speedboat. you can look for twiggy at the boat show from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and tomorrow, 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. >> reporter: welcome back
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everyone, 7:24 saturday morning, forecast this afternoon, we'll start out with sunshine, increase the clouds and
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temperatures will struggle. 34 down the jersey shore. windchills in the teens and 20s. philadelphia, 32, windchills in the teens and 20s. poconos look at this, 199 high, windchills in the single digits all day long. biggest march snowstorm, late season snowstorm, could we be adding march to the list as we get into monday night and tuesday, april 3, 2015, 19 inches fell. what we're watching monday into tuesday, first low comes across the appalachians like this. a secondary low will develop somewhere in here. if the low develops from this line west this is snow changing to rain. if the low develops from this line it's an all-snow event and it could be heavy snow. that's what we're watching monday into tuesday, in the mean
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i'm -- meantime it's a blustery and cold weekend. >> the flyers play the bruins in boston, sixers tip off in l.a. villanova battles say -- craton in the big east tournament. here's jeff skeverski. >> reporter: alshawn jefferies said he knew carson wentz was special. jefferies texted carson wentz you're going to be mv and i'm going to help you. the new receiver said that's one of the reasons he signed the deal here. what is the new eagles receiver jefferies see in carson wentz listen to this? >> competitive, he wants to be great, he wants to be the best. like i said he wants to be the best i believe he's going to be the best. what are eagles fans going to
7:27 am
learn about alshawn jeef -- jefferies. >> i want to make a lot of plays and bring the city a championship. >> reporter: tory smith said carson wentz has the it factor and he signed to get an eagles super bowl win. you will like the sound of this. >> how far do you see the eagles team? >> reporter: i don't see any reason whoi -- why it can't be next year. you don't work hard to not win, you don't work hard not to win a super bowl, it's a waste of a year. >> reporter: brandon cook getting traded he will get traded to the new england patriots and team up with tom brady according to espn. college hoops, the last
7:28 am
time villanova lost a post season game big east tournament seton hall. guess who was trying to knock them off in the big apple, seton hall. the cats scratched back, josh hart, 9 to go, they are down 1, they go to who else, chris jenkins, he misses, hart comes out of nowhere, bask and the fowl nova up two. -- foul, nova up two. nova hangs on to win, 55-53. what a win by villanova they will face craton in the big east tournament later tonight. penn, the quakers are two wins away from clinching a berth in the ncaa tournament they face princeton at the palestra.
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>> there are no teams these teams want to play less than us, the run we've been on, how hot we're getting we have nothing to lose being hear. >> reporter: don't forget the flyers in boston today, a big one for the boys. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski. have a great day! that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise... jardiance lowers blood sugar and a1c in adults with type 2 diabetes. jardiance is also the only type 2 diabetes treatment with heart- proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death in adults with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. jardiance can cause serious side effects, including dehydration.
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philadelphia police investigating the city's latest shooting arc teenager is shot in the head at a take-out restaurant. we have new information on a number of crashes involving five vehicles in camden county. plus, escape the bitter cold with an indoor trip to holland, philadelphia flower show opens its doors today. >> you may want to stay indoors today, chris sowers has a look at the day ahead. >> reporter: i was looking at this, the number in fleetwood and slatington, you could flip the numbers around, we were seeing 70, 71 degrees. now we're down to 17. kennett square, 19. pottstown, 15. there was moderate snowfall out there yesterday morning, we have black ice out there, be very, very careful on secondary roads and sidewalks and things like
7:32 am
that. most snow melted across south jersey, the roads are dry, we don't have to worry about ice. temperatures are cold enough. 19 in cinnaminson. 22 in woodbine. five in binghamton, pittsburgh 15. we'll see the cold air not improve the entire weekend, but most of the upcoming week, as well. day planner like this, we'll start out with sunshine, we'll increase cumulus clouds and the temperatures will struggle. windchills in the upper teens and low 20s, that's the forecasted high for today, 32 degrees. >> welcome to march. >> just ahead, you can keep track of next week's approaching storm. there you will find the seven-day forecast, plus a look at double scan radar. 7:32 a.m., new information
7:33 am
to tell you about this morning a 13-year-old boy is fighting for his life shot in the head at a philadelphia take-out restaurant in tioga nicetown. the teen was sitting at a table eating when the alleged shooter and accomplice walked in. surveillance video not yet released captured this crime. >> the victim was sitting with his friends at the table eating food when two males walk in. the one male, the shooter appears they are having a casual conversation with the victim. >> police tell us the suspect pulled out a gun and put it to the head of the teenage boy and then pulled the trigger. the suspects ran from the scene. the victim listed in critical condition at temple university hospital. at this point, no arrests have
7:34 am
been made and police have not told us about any motives. we do know that witnesses talked to police overnight. two people are dead and several others are injured after a number of accidents in oakland, camden county. crews rushed five people to the hospital. we know two victims did not survive their injuries. five vehicles were 1r068d -- involved in two crashes along capitol avenue last night. one car burst into flames. witnesses described the scene. i heard a smash and i came running down the street and there were people running all over the place. i seen the fire trucks coming down, it was just craziness. >> this morning, police are still trying to determine the cause of this. medics rushed one player to the hospital after this fight here on the ice happened in hatfield township montgomery county. look at this video this was the altercation between ridley ice hockey club and central bucks
7:35 am
west high school thursday night. at one point the fight spilled into the stands where several adults were seen pushing and shoving. two central bucks players were hurt in all this. the president of ridley hockey said in a statement we are disgusts and appalled with the decisions of our players and in no way condone their actions. the ridley hockey program has taken action with these players and will support any discipline handed out by the league. we're in the first half of president trump's 100 days in office, there's controversy about a former member of his administration. >> reporter: the justice department under a monday deadline from the house intelligence committee to hand over whatever evidence if any that president obama had trump
7:36 am
tower wiretapped. no answers for jonathan carl. meanwhile, the white house admits it knew that retired general michael flynn might be working as a foreign agent before becoming national security advisor. he was forced out of the job for misrepresenting conversations with the russian ambassador. flynn's firm was hired by a turkey-connected company for $535,000. at the same time he was the top advisor to the trump campaign. flynn filed as a foreign agent, the first time president trump learned about his turkish connection. unemployment down to 4.7%. 235,000 jobs created in february, many in construction manufacturing and mining jobs up.
7:37 am
the president tweeting his approve of the report, great again, 235,000. in the past, mr. trump called the numbers phone and a hoax. >> they may have been phone in the past, but it's very real now. abc news new york. >> happening this morning, dozens u.s. attorney general are without a job after attorney general jeff sessions asked for their resignation. paul fishman was among them. 46 attorney general pointed by the obama administration were given until midnight to he radio sign. it is common for attorney general to leave when a new president takes office. fishman's highest profile case was the george washington bridge scandal. from our new jersey newsroom, some of the summer tourism attractio. attractions are hosting job
7:38 am
fairs, jenkinson's restaurant at point pleasant beach. seaside heights, casino pier and break water beach are hosting job fairs next week from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. march 18 and 19th inside casino arcade. 7:38, baby it's cold outside. you could warm up today as the doors open to the philadelphia flower show at the pennsylvania convention center. last night a preview party was held at the convention center. guests were surrounded by the beautiful tulips and other flowers for as as far as the eye could see. this year's show highlights the country of holland and all of its beauty. the philadelphia flower show opens this morning and runs through next weekend. we invite you to join the entire accuweather team tonight on 6abc for the behind behind te
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scenes preview of the flower show holland flowering the world. it airs at 7:00 a.m. you need to take note, you will lose an hour of sleep as we flip to daylight savings time. that can impact your health. we have tips on how to ease into the transition. plus, a zoo inside a woman's home. we'll explain why there's alpacas and pigs and whole lot more in the woman's living room. this is a live look over wilmington, delaware, meteorologist chris sowers tracking the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it is cold outside, bundle up, no relief in sight anytime soon we're back after this. go to protect your vehicle?
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piece of video that's a moose. a snowboarder's iphone captured the moose. they are territorial and considered one of the most dangerous animals in the wild. he kept his distance and went back into the woods. you don't find many places with pigs and sheep and alpaca roam in the living room. jennifer calls them family. when a storm blew into western new york, she pulled her friends
7:43 am
from outside where she runs an animal rescue. >> the sheep and pigs plateauing. >> imagine how that house smells. they get along with one another, the woman's family will return to their pens this weekend once things are cleaned up. >> there you go. >> reporter: let's get caught up on the forecast, how we looking outside, chris? >> reporter: well, follow that one, right? >> reporter: well, it's cold, i can tell you that, just couple of days ago we were in the 60s, feels like buffalo, the heart of winter with windchills in the single digits. it will be a struggle today as we look live on sky6 live hd the platt bridge, we have a lot of sunshine for now, but it will cloud up later on. look at the temperatures in the lower rbdz of -- right-hand sidf the scene, 21 these on city avenue. a lot of times i will show you this graphic, i'll say it's cold
7:44 am
now, it will be retreating to the north and warm up, not this time, this pattern will stick around all next week. the high temperature this time of year is 52 degrees, we'll be lucky to make it into the 40s. windchills in the single digits, it feels a good 17 degrees colder than the same time yesterday, it wasn't like it was all that balmy same time yesterday. 26 degrees colder in millville. 17 degrees colder in the poconos. atlantic city 20, to 25 degrees colder thoon -- than yesterday. you will need layers today. starting out with sunshine, the clouds build and move in from the west. mostly sunny is to start and moy cloudy as the day finishes up.
7:45 am
let's stop the clock there, 16 in philadelphia. 13 in reading. 1 above in the poconos. 21 in philadelphia. allentown, 16. this is by 4:00 p.m. overnight tonight, the wind diminish somewhat, still harsh windchill values. this is tomorrow morning, 19 in philadelphia. by afternoon, same thing, low to mid 20s, maybe feeling better, but for march standards this is cold stuff. this is the second coldest weekend for the winter season. the first one occurred the first or second week of january. i have to check to see which one it was. the nor'easter monday into tuesday we're pinning it down to two scenarios, the first one suggests snow on the front end going over to rain as the low hug also the coast and draws in the ocean air, i've been calling the i-95 special, it's the set
7:46 am
up line, rain/snow line. scenario number two, suggests this is a straight all out snowstorm. winds out of the northerly direction and filter in the cold air we're talking about heavy snow. the question is which scenario is correct. we can't answer that right now because it's too far away. the ocean is mild that will play a key role in the storm. if this was january, the ocean temperature wouldn't matter. balls it's so much milder it will set up the rain/snow line. we have a ton of moisture with the storm, depending on what type of moisture you see, you'll pick up a lot of of it. if you're knot snow band you'll see a ton of it if you're in the rain band you'll see a ton of that. low in the 30s, windchills in the teens, wind out of the northwest, 15 to 30 miles per hour. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 32 today,
7:47 am
36 degrees, sunny on sunday, increasing clouds 38. tuesday, the nor'easter, 36. thursday and friday, if we're lucky, high temperatures get into the low 0 40s, don't forget we're springing ahead we're losing an hour of sleep as if we had an hour to lose anyway. don't forget to check the batteries in your smoke detecter and carbon monoxide detecter. the calendar as he is we're getting closer to -- the calender says we're getting closer to spring, but it doesn't feel like it. >> look at this, these cute newborn horses have future job locked up, nine collides -- clydesdales will be members of the clydesdale team they way 150 pounds at birth and they will way 2,000 pounds when grown
7:48 am
up. time 7:50 a.m.,
7:49 am
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"healthcheck," daylight saving time is tonight, there's ways to make the transition easier for you, experts say eat dinner early, circadian rhythm is controlled by appetite. avoid screens from tvs, cell phones and tablets and other devices, it will be darker in the morning, a light box may help you wake up by sunrise. if you're exhausted tomorrow, doctors say a short nap may help you out. this morning we have a warning to tell you about about a popular weight loss supplement. green tea supplements are marketed to help you drop extra pounds. but you could be pug -- putting your health at risk. green tea may be good for yore
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heart, don't confuse that with green extract powder. they are promising weight loss and healthier metabolism. health experts have concerns. >> it's dangerous it can cause liver damage it can effect anticlotting medication and antidepressants. >> reporter: you could sulphur accuse liver failure and you can die. >> manufacturers who make these supplements are not required to approve to federal regulators that their products are safe or effective or accurately labeled. >> reporter: studies have found even in high doses green tea
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won't help you lose weight. >> it's true that green tea can raise your metabolic rate. >> reporter: most people can benefit from green tea from a few cups a day. >> up next, chris sowers will have the final look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's cold outside, we're back after this.
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emergency surgery for swallowing 960 coins. the reptile decided to eat the coins, piggy bank is on the mend and will be released once he makes the full recovery after swallowing 915 coins. >> reporter: piggy banks do swallow coins. let's go to weather, here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it's a blustery and cold weekend it will be the second coldest weekend of the winter season, 32 degrees, windchills in the teens, 36 tomorrow. windchills in the 20s, increasing clouds on monday, 38 degrees, remember the blizzard i've been hoping for all winter long, there's the possibility of a sizable storm on tuesday, looks like there will be a rain/snow line setting up. we'll have to fine tune the details over the next few days, tuesday is the day to watch.
7:56 am
36. don't forget we spring forward an hour overnight tonight, we'll lose an hour of sleep. >> you got the cold, you got your snow. >> reporter: it isn't in the bank yet. >> we got some yesterday. we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america" here's paula ferris with a preview. >> reporter: coming up on "g.m.a.," the president facing scrutiny over the wiretap claims. congressional lawmakers are setting a deadline for the president to provide proof, the white house is facing questions over michael flynn's alleged role as a foreign agent. plunging temperatures from the midwest to the northeast, 22 states on alert, bitter windchills dropped the mercury below zero bob mars is --
7:57 am
tracking the cold. two kids crashed their dad's live interview. this morning we learn what happened during the interview. that's coming up we'll see you soon. >> "action news" continues at 9:00. parents can make money and get bargains all in the same place, details on theoming. pennsylvania bridge between the new jersey and pennsylvania turnpike has reopened, what it means for businesses that rely on traffic in that area. now, for chris sowers, and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall. make it a great day.
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good morning, america. the shake-up, attorney general sessions telling federal prosecutor, of them, they're out of a job. reaction on the abrupt move this morning. and the push for answers. >> mr. president, any proof at all on the wiretapping? >> thank you. >> president trump's claims that president obama spied on him in trump tower. a new deadline as new questions swirled about the fired national security adviser michael flynn and his ties to turkey. the art of repeal. president trump selling his obamacare replacement. >> this is the time we're going to get it done. >> now cleared by two major committees, the next hurdle as vice president pence plays an on the road salesman. bitter blast. the late winter storm that pounded the northeast. this de-icing truck smashing


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