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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  March 12, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am EDT

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>> coming up tonight on sports sunday-villanova is the number one overall seed in the ncaa tournament. their road to a repeat is mapped out. >> definitely will never get old for anybody. >> march madness. carson wentz gets a receiver. discussing his upgrade. plus what is happening with the sixers process? can we still believe in it? sports sunday starts now. >> this is action news sports sunday. sponsored by audi. >> let the madness begin. we tip off sports sunday talking march madness. i'm jeff skversky with mike, villanova is the number one overall seed in the ncaa tournament for the first time in school history.
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but, mike, they have a very tough road ahead. is this a fair seeding for villanova having duke and all those other teams in this east bracket. you can make a case, jeff, that duke being in that bracket is unfair. because duke really came along and like gang busters towards the end. the committee determined that the fourth best number two seed. so they get in the bracket where villanova is because it's the number one overall seed. so they're going to have to beat duke to get there. simple as that. there could have been an easier team for them as the number two seed in the bracket. i think they got screwed a little bit. >> all the two seeds are very difficult. here's nova tonight finding out they're the number one seed in the east region. nova opens in buffalo against mount st. mary's or new orleans, the winner of the play-in game. as a 16 seed, never beaten and upset a number one seed. here's the big question, does nova believe they can repeat as
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national champs. always dream of winning. and going out the right way. but, you know, if anything happens and we play villanova basketball and things don't go our way, there's no failure in that either. we'll be ready to go. >> locked in every single game. never looked past anybody. so as long as we continue to take it step by step, look at it game-by-game. >> nova will try to become the third game in 43 years to repeat as champs. assuming they're going to win the first game against the 16 seed. but going further in the bracket, wisconsin, the likely play, is a very dangerous team. notoriously dangerous in the tournament. >> yeah, that is a really trouble spot for villanova. because wisconsin is a big team. and villanova hasn't really played teams that were big. earlier this year they beat purdue, which was a big team and struggled against them. so wisconsin's going give them a lot of fits with their size. that game scares me. if they get past that game, i
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think they can go all the way to the -- >> you think they can go all the way and win the whole thing? >> i don't think so. >> why. i think they're a player short. a seven-man rotation, jeff. they're not big. they're going to run into a team that's going to grind them out. a seven-man rotation team. get worn down. needed one more player. strellman didn't play this year -- they would go to the final four. they're going to play duke and duke is hot and deep. >> but nova has so much experience. talk about brunson, jenkins, josh hart. they have a ton of experience. they played some big time minutes. >> their defense is going to save them. if they're going to win this tournament, they have to win it defensively where they lock teams down. simple as that. and they do it every game. seem to have the answer for every team they play. that's in their favor. i just think they're a man short in the rotation.
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>> well, let's hope, mike, you are wrong. >> i hope i'm wrong too. they're going to play duke to get there. and we'll see what happens. >> well, jamie apody goes one-on-one with jay wright, the coach of the number one-ranked villanova wildcats. >> it's still thrilling to know that it's getting started. you're in it. it's getting started. the number one seed is nice. but once we start monday we're just one of 68. we have to win games. >> never in school history have you been the number one overall seed. what's that say about the body of work this year? >> says a lot about our senior class. says a lot about the players on this team that really focused throughout an entire season. which is hard for an 18-22-year-old to do. there's a lot of good players. but i couldn't have done that when i was their age. they did a great job of just focusing every day. >> when you look at the bracket, usually the number one overall seed has the easiest road. some of the names popped up,
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groans in the room. duke as number two. >> great teams in the tournament. anybody who is there has had a lot of success. go play. >> you held up the trophy last year. what would it be like to manage to somehow do that again? >> you know what? as great as it was last year, i kind of forget the feeling already. i remember the journey. and that's where we're going to try to translate to our guys when i'm done here. that it's a journey and we're going to enjoy the next step every time we play. >> and jay wright has admitted they have had a little bit of a hangover this year. it's been very tough to coach through. they're 31-3. >> lost three games. hangover must not have been too severe. >> he's done a great job coaching this team. and the field of 68 is set. princeton in as well, facing notre dame thursday in buffalo. who is the final four? >> reluctantly, i have duke getting past villanova to the final four. you can boo me. go with the feeling. i think arizona, which a team
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that easily chokes, they have an easy way do get there. gonzaga, i think they're a fraud. ucla and kansas in the other. and i have arizona playing kansas for the national championship with ku winning the whole thing. >> i don't like it. here's my final four. all number one seeds. how boring, right? nova, gonzaga, north carolina and kansas. like nova to repeat in the title game against north carolina. >> you have north carolina playing villanova again. i love it, yes. imagine it. >> a time warp. >> i love the drama. all right. from the number one team in the country to the eagles who signed the number one free agent receiver, alshon jeffrey. are they big enough upgrades for carson wentz? >> certainly bigger than last year. that's all i care about. measurably better than last year. i don't know what's going to happen with the one year contracts.
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jeffrey is motivated to get a big deal. think he would play well. smith i'm not sure about. i think he's on the downside of his career. but at least -- both those guys are better than what they had. so if they get a running back in the draft, and i think at 14 they may get cook from florida state. do that and complete the offense they're going to score 30 points a game this year >> they have struggled the last couple years. and jeffrey smith said they came to win a super bowl and play with wentz. jeffrey texted wentz. he will be mvp. he replayed, i don't care about mvp. listen to this. >> he said i don't care about mvp, i want to win championships. that's right. that's the right mind-set. right at the attitude. >> don't work hard to win it all. not like college. if you don't win the super bowl, it's a waste of a year. i feel that every year. >> i like that by smith. love it. >> yeah, absolutely. still to come, are the
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sixers making a big mistake building around joel embiid? we'll discuss, next.
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♪ action news sports sunday sponsored by audi. challenge all givens. the exclusive accuweather forecast. sunshine, increasing clouds on monday. high 38. tuesday, tracking the nor'easter, heavy snow likely. high temperatures in the 30s. wednesday, a few leftover snow showers, windy. brisk. 36 on thursday, friday, high of 38. back you. >> thanks, melissa. it is cold out. already, surgery still on the table for joel embiid to repair the meniscus tear. are they making a mistake considering he can not stay headliney. >> there's nothing you can do
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about it now. no, it's not a big mistake. little injuries are not serious. a tear in the meniscus is not that big of a deal. i think he's going to come back healthy. he and ben simmons next year, excited about it. i know it's a big risk. you're putting all that onus on this guy who appears gimpy. and putting your eggs in the basket. i get it. i'm looking at it positively. >> hoping in three years, not needing a center. embiid and simmons on the sixers bench tonight against the lakers. pick if it up, first quarter, and sixers in transition. and dario saric. very well in the last ten. third quarter, saric, back door pass. the dunk. he's hot. sixers, they go on to -- 30 seconds to go. they are up one.
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the final seconds. let's talk flyer's mic. been on thin ice. six out of the final playoff spot. season ends four weeks from tonight. in or out? >> i think they're out. you know, the problem is not how many points they're behind, it's the teams in front of them. hope they all lose at the same time. i don't think that's going to happen. it's a hard climb with that many points and the season running out. >> not appearing to be a playoff team. and despite what some of the players say, they do not appear -- they don't play good enough defense and can't score. >> they're not a complete team right now. they need some -- they need these young kids in the system. you know? they're in a process as well. but this is not the team that's going to do anything. >> process in this city is taking forever between the fliers, sixers, phillies. >> all process. >> goville. we need them to win a national championship. hope you're wrong. i'm jeff skversky.
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that's sports sunday. good night.
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