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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 13, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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it's march 13th, time for great viral videos "right this she's wide awake now, but this miracle mom had been -- >>? in a coma since 2009. >> why the world is lining up to give her help. and why skydiving is more than -- >> letting gravity do its thing. >> the altitude adjustment the hard way. the bitter taste on the nintendo switch card has gamers in a bizarre challenge. >> oh! >> why everybody is licking it good to get to the bad. >> oh, that is disgusting. >> we have christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web. including a baby crying while daddy is driving. the trick to outnoise the noise
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maker. >> ah. >> do you have a poopy diaper, too? this is one of the most remarkable stories you will hear. this is 25-year-old daniella. in the video, she is going through typical therapy. here's the amazing thing about this story, she was in a coma since 2009. >> whoa. >> she has given birth to a daughter, but complications during the birth left her with blood poisoning sending her in a coma. for years her family stuck by her. seven years later she came out of that coma. so now her family and doctors are working with her to essentially teach her how to walk again, how to move again. >> we hear stories about people going into a coma and their families decide to let them live and stay in the coma with hope. and this is the hope. when it happens, it makes you do
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a double-take. >> you're right. so you can imagine the joy her family feels right now, especially if you look at this video where she's laying there on that bed. but tell me she's not feeling the music, the song that they're playing to her. they are amazed at how far she's come in a short period of time. her family did take her to a clinic in germany to be treated but ran out of money. he have gone back to serbia. now they are setting up a gofundme page and trying to raise $50,000 to continue her treatments. people here within the united states have caught wind of this story and so many americans are jumping on to try to help her. >> this whole story is fascinating. but what about the baby? i mean, is she now going to meet, like, a grown child? >> well, her daughter is now 7 years old, so you can imagine this is also very exciting for her, right? you want to get involved and help her out, head over to
2:33 pm and click on tv show or grab the story on the mobile app. there's much more to skydiving than just letting gravity do its thing. you don't jump out of the plane and pull a parachute, you have to train. the angle we're getting here is from the instructor who has a youtube channel. this guy is learning to fly on his back. the instructor is there trying to teach this guy what to do and how to safely and in control, i say in control -- oh, he's out of control. he's way out of control. he's in a flat spin. imagine what that must feel like. >> i don't know that pulling the chute is a good idea when spinning like that because it could potentially twist your lines. >> there goes the instructor who pulls his chute. now we switch camera angles and we see the same incident from the student's point of view. things just are going round and round. here comes the chute pull and there's a big fat twist. >> oh, no.
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>> at this point, can he cut away and use the reserve chute? >> it looks like he pulled in time to have altitude. that is his friend at the moment. and he starts kicking his body, trying to unwind the damage that has been done here. he's got the altitude to spend the time on that. so far, it looks like it's going to work. you can tell, he's still kicking. he's still trying to work this thing around. and it works in his favor. >> things can go wrong sometimes. thankfully, this guy learned enough about how to get himself out of this that's 24-year-old christopher jasetsky being released on bail after being accused of doing this to his girlfriend. there you see the girlfriend at a gas station. she's walking out of the gas station, walks up to the car, and then starts to immediately run away. her boyfriend chris is after
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her. he grabs her. >> whoa! >> pulls her to the ground. this is his pregnant girlfriend he's doing this to. she grabs the end cap. you can see her holding on for dear life. he's still pulling at her, somebody is punching at her. somebody behind the counter is watching this going on. this guy wants to get out. he wants her to go with him. you can see him bang her up against the door. >> she's fighting for her life. >> she is. but finally this guy does get this woman out of the store. he grabs her by the hair. >> and he's dragging her. she's screaming bloody murder. >> after he grabs her by the hair, he gets her in the car and they drive off. the police found her with him the very next morning. she has bite marks, bruises, two black eyes. according to the "sydney morning harold" he still had her hair in his hand. it will be a long time for her to heal from this. >> i thought i was pretty much
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going to die that night. >> and we see her physical scars, but the emotional scars will be there for a lifetime. he needs to be locked under the jail. >> when we first caught up with the guy, he was leased on bail. but a imagine strait saw this australia and he's been put back under arrest. meanwhile, a completely different situation at a gas station in brazil. you can see right here a motorcycle speeding into the gas station. but uh-oh, they skid. two people on board the bike slide off. but as one gets up, that's his weapon, his finger, is pointed at the employees. >> break it. >> don't let him use the other four. >> these two got away with money. no weapons were used. but the funniest part to me is the escape. he had to push the motorcycle to get it to start. >> oh, man. >> those clowns got away? >> with money. >> gosh.
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when we were younger, everyone was just -- nowadays they are confused. if you don't know what i'm talking about, we are talking about the nintendo switch. we managed to get our hands on one. >> we're playing games? >> we are. but the whole point is to switch game. teeny tiny little cartridge. so small, in fact, that they are popular with young children. but this is the type of thing that young children would pick up and put in their mouth. nintendo has coated every single game with benzoate. this is one thousand times worse. the internet being the internet, it has now become am challenge.
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a pinch-test, if you will. youtube is filled with them. game reviewers like this one from game spot giving it a go. >> holy [ bleep ]! it's really bad. they are not lying. >> the action, in this case, this 5-year-old is doing it as well. >> eww. >> so can we get brad a round of applause, everybody? >> i've got three games. >> you need a parental review. >> oh, it gets worse. >> you went all in, man.
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i was just going to do a dip. >> it is very metallic. it is like licking a rusty gate. >> all right, here we go. let me try this. >> lick it. lick it! >> there's no, it is just like a thing -- oh, no, there's a flavor. oh, it is disgusting. >> when you're talking aspirin or the pill, when it starts to melt in your how it is. >> one, two, three. ah! >> oh, that is nasty. >> i think you licked it all off. >> i think in 20 years on e-bay it will say, still to this day. >> can we play it now? >> yes, we can.
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>> who won? >> so close. a woman makes a heartbreaking discovery. >> those are puppies hanging by their back paws. >> but find out why this horrible find has a happy ending. and the glamour guru knows -- >> how to get the perfect look on your eye. >> it's not my favorite thing in the world. >> see how he uses a simple tool to solve the eye makeup woes. >> look at that. brought to you by jcpenney. that's getting your pennies worth.
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closed captioning provided by -- ack pain with icy hot® smartrelief™. ack pain starts blocking pain immediately at the nerve level. icy hot® smartrelief™. this is in far eastern russia and dario stepenova discovered this. >> what the heck? >> those are four puppies hanging by their back paws from a tree. >> get out of here. i feel like i'm watching "the blair witch project 2." >> dario discovered them in the
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woods and immediately took them down and put them in her car. she said, at first, she did hear some squeaking, but when she got out there, she didn't know if they were dead or alive. they weren't making any noise. they seemed to be exhausted from crying, but the good news is, they are going to survive. she got them in time. >> was it bait for a bigger animal? >> she never indicated they were bait. but the four puppies are adorable. she took them to a vet, they were giving a worming and flee treatment, they are adorable and looking for forever homes. >> do they have any idea who put the puppies there? this is where serial killers are. >> the good news is they didn't have any bodily damage from hanging up there, but now they need love and kindness for the rest of their puppy lives. you ladies are going to enjoy this one because you both
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wear eyeliner occasionally. well, this video was posted to her facebook page. >> we are going to be testing this out. >> it is hard to get the perfect winged eye. >> even when you get it on one eye, good luck trying to match the other one. it looks like this, they are the opposite direction. >> this will help to become twins. >> this is what the stamper looks like. >> it's a stamping tool! that foam piece will create the winged tip at the end of your eye. here's how it works. >> i'm going to dip it in this eye, make sure it is even. >> look at that, it actually works. >> match it up to the corner of your eye. taken a angle brush and fix it. now we'll look at the wider one, you can see how beautiful they both look. it was created by the woman who created the beauty wonder. the beauty wonder is popular. but she created the stamp because she lost the use of her
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right hand and had to use her left hand. this helps her do her makeup more effectively. if you have a shaky hand or suffer from some type of disability, this will help. >> this is more of a guide to help you fill in and have the right precise angle. >> i like it. there's a website to order them. see vamp stamp. it costs $25. >> this is tatyana approved. i'm going to try it again tomo. she's shaving her head. >> this really is a brave thing to do. >> she's got a smile. >>nu and still to come, she's making a steep climb. but the thing is -- >> she actually already climbed it to set up her gopro. >> can't we get a drone for that? >> why it is just scratching the surface when it comes to her skill. plus, it is time for the bouquet toss. >> are we ready? >> people are throwing elbows
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9a route. >> what is a 9a route? >> 9a is basingly next to -- >> impossible. we looked at it to say, maybe a fly can land on it. >> look at the grip she's using. barely her fingertips. >> that's barely a grip. she's outcropping. >> she's now one of the top athletes in rock climbing being featured in magazines. >> she's a lead climber as well. she's pulling that up while holding on to nothing. >> and she's doing it as joshua tree national park. this is a line called the lost pencil. now here's the funny thing about this video, she actually had already climbed it to set up her gopro. she came back down again. she climbed it again. >> can't we get a drone for that?
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>> that is the most dedicated selfie in the history of the world. >> wide open secret. a righteous path at every wedding is the bouquet toss. it's an absolutely beautiful day and an absolutely stunning bride. of course, we all know the rules of the bouquet toss. you throw it and whoever catches it wins. by wins, they are also the next person to get married. >> that is not really true. >> that's the urban legend. >> right. yes. well, it very rarely comes true, but in this case, she turns around and hands it to somebody and behind her -- wow, that was
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quick! that was easy! it's like a magical bouquet. while being handed the bouquet buy the bride, the bride's son gets down on one knee behind his girlfriend and pops the ques. >> i told you! >> that's sweet. >> now here's the thing, the ladies that were in on it were like, what? >> i would have been like, we well -- the little one's whining in the backseat, but dad's got plans. >> he's like, i got you crying right here. [ crying ] >> see his simple method that works like magic every time. >> he's like, you're crazy. >> where's mom?
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i'm not sharing. this daddy goes by the name of funny, but not only funny, he's brilliant. there you see him in the car with a little one. he's like, i got you crying right here. >> you didn't like it, did you? >> the baby is like, wait a minute, i'm supposed to be doing that. >> you got a poopy diaper, too? >> i don't want to hear it either then. >> it works. >> me, too. >> oh, my goodness. parents, i feel your pain. >> okay, okay.
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i don't know what to do now. >> i am trying to articulate how i feel about this situation. >> but he couldn't articulate. >> you start it up, i start it up. >> he's like, you crazy. >> where's mom? >> i ain't going to mess with this crazy right now. just let me get mom, she will actually hug me. this little one, she finds things very peculiar. >> when you grow up, you can eat by yourself. >> and she has a sibling there guiding her along. >> that's right. he's like, don't worry, you'll get the hang of it. she's like, eh, no. get those carrots away from me! thanks so much for hanging out with us today. we appreciate it. has a lot more fun stuff to watch or catch the next brand new episo
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>> reporter: i'm meteorologist cesily tynan with this accuweather update, this is the calm before the storm. double scan live showing we have a major winter storm on the way. the ingredients are just beginning to getting together. there's a strong low pressure down across the gulf coast. what this will do is move off the coast of the carolinas. this upper piece of energy will move in and deepen the storm and strengthen it and that storm system will hug the coastline and be a major nor'easter and bring us a lot of precipitation. winter storm warning posted for all the areas in pink and blizzard warnings, we're expecting high snowfall rates high winds, as well, areas to the south, cape may and kent county under winter weather adviso.


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