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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 14, 2017 12:37am-1:05am EDT

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>> dicky: "the jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank my guests and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. "nightline" is next but first, it's mash-up monday, here with
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the songs "our lips are sealed" and "here it goes again," the ok go-go's! ♪ ♪ ♪ can you hear them they talk about us telling lies well that's no surprise ♪ ♪ can you see them see right through them they have no shield no secrets to reveal ♪ ♪ it doesn't matter what they say in the jealous games people play ♪ ♪ hey hey hey our lips are sealed ♪ ♪ it could be ten but then again i can't remember half an hour since a quarter to four ♪
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♪ throw on your clothes the second side of surfer rosa and you leave me ♪ ♪ with my jaw on the floor hey ♪ ♪ uh just when you think that you're in control just when you think that you've got a hold ♪ ♪ just when you get on a ♪ oh here it goes here it goes here it goes again ♪ oh here it goes again i should have known should have known should have known again ♪ ♪ but here it goes again oh here it goes again ♪ ♪ it doesn't matter what they say in the jealous games people play ♪ ♪ hey hey hey our lips are sealed ♪ ♪ pay no mind to what they say doesn't matter anyway hey hey hey our lips are sealed ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ hush my darling don't you cry quiet angel forget their lies ♪ ♪ oh here it goes here it goes here it goes again ♪ it doesn't matter what they say in the jealous games people play ♪ ♪ hey hey hey here it goes here it goes here it goes again pay no mind to what they say ♪ ♪ doesn't matter anyway hey hey hey ♪ here it goes here it goes here it goes again ♪ ♪ our lips are sealed here it goes here it goes here it goes again ♪ our lips are sealed here it goes here it goes here it goes again ♪ our lips are sealed here it goes here it goes here it goes again ♪ our lips are sealed here it goes here it goes here it goes again
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our lips are sealed ♪
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this is "nightline." >> tonight, the final rose. after four seasons and two heartbreaks, has nick viall finally found love? we're with the host chris harrison. >> look how beautiful it turned out, look what a great story of redemption and love it turned out to be. >> on a shopping spree with this season's villain corinne. >> you're ignoring me and looking at clothes. >> i'm sorry, this is why my mom hates shopping with me. >> what they're saying about the finale. born to the pulpit. a single mother turning to adult films to give her son a better life. >> i felt so gross and dirty. >> when she hit rock bottom it was the church that saved her and where she met her match. >> you're a pastor, she's a porn
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star, an unlikely pairing. >> up for a challenge, i guess. >> how she's using her story to help women across the country. fight at the museum. "nightline" lovers facing off in a chocolate-making challenge. >> once again he's making it look easier than it is. >> first here are the "nightline 5." >> let life in. with new herbal essences. bursting with argan oil of morocco. and notes of jasmine. to put more life in your head. and now with the power of bio renew. to put more life in your hair. try new herbal essences. and let life in. >> and number one is coming up in just 60 seconds.
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good evening. as a key player on four seasons of "the bachelor" franchise, nick viall has practically made a career out of being single. but tonight that all changed. his transformation from the villain to the sweetheart happening right before our eyes. and here's abc's nick watt. >> vanessa. will you -- accept my final rose? >> yes. i will. >> reporter: thank goodness. >> with all my heart. >> reporter: somebody finally fell in love with nick. millions of us just watched vanessa say yes. we just watched sweet raven, heartbroken. nick cried. if you're a fan, you'll realize that's a theme. blubbing, sobbing, that was shot
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in november, we just got a little more up-to-the-minute detail after the final rose. vanessa is a special ed teacher. >> i think she's too good for him. >> she might be. >> look, a lot of us have overkicked our coverage in finding our mate. i think he's a little over his skis with vanessa. >> i'm not going to hell nick i'm falling in love with him. >> if it doesn't pan out with vanessa, will you have nick back? >> no. >> why not? >> four times is enough. i think the people of america would just -- that's enough. >> i was wondering, you know, what you find, you know, so special with vanessa compared to all the rest of the girls that you're dating right now. >> he caught a bit of heat from vanessa's dad. >> why wouldn't you? can i have your daughter's hand in marriage? are you going to ask the other three girls? yeah, i am. what dad would not grab their shotgun and run them off the porch? >> reporter: nick had been rejected on national tv twice. on previous seasons -- kaitlin.
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>> oh my god. >> reporter: andi. >> i -- i can't go through with what i don't think is right. i'm sorry. >> reporter: the fact he came back speaks to the producers. he trusted them to play fair again. opened himself up again. >> he was in love with andi, he was in love with kaitlin, it didn't end well, those girls ripped his heart out. i have to give him credit. no matter what you say about nick i give him credit for going there. >> i'm going to go see nick and i'm going to have sex with him. >> reporter: this season's femme fatale is somewhat sympathetic. >> my heart is gold but my "vajine" is platinum. >> reporter: this franchise as reality tv juggernaut, arming 7 million plus per episode. for those who aren't fans, one person, a bachelor or bachelorette, is put in a mansion with over 20 potential lifemates and whittles them down to a possible proposal. we started tonight with vanessa and raven.
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nick had to pick. >> i still can't wrap my head around the concept of the show. he's smooching with multiple women at the same time. >> i find fascinating about this show the capacity for people to love more than one person at a time. >> hi, i'm chris harrison. no, i'm not the bachelor. >> reporter: chris harrison has hosted since season 1. >> cheers. >> reporter: he thought it might last a couple of seasons. they've now done 21 "bachelors," 12 "bachelorettes," two "bachelor in paradise." >> from the beginning of the show i didn't have much eppathy or understanding of what was happening. because i was married. after my divorce is really where i understood why they're here. how difficult it is and how rough it is out there. >> reporter: from "the bachelor" to actual weddings, one ongoing engagement from "the bachelorette," three marriages and two current engagement. >> babies. we have spawned life out of this show. i mean, think about that. and keep a straight face. i got a note jaden tanner who i married are officiated their wedding, is are having a baby.
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>> reporter: it's life and love that cannot be produced to ensure a happy ending. >> there's no million dollars, there's no house at the end of this, there's no car, there's no prize. this is it. >> reporter: season 13, jason gave melissa his final rose, then broke it off live on "after the final rose." >> so mad at you. >> reporter: he married molly, who he had previously dumped on the show. now they have kids. you follow me? >> aah! oh my god! >> reporter: casting is key. this year the villain -- >> i love the taste of victory. >> reporter: kind of, was corinne. >> i wasn't purposely provocative but i was very flirty and sexy and fun. >> perfect. >> didn't you show up at the wedding dress thing wearing a bikini? >> no, that was my costume, that was my outfit. >> oh. . the topless in the pool stuff? >> that was just like, whatever. >> no. >> it's a classic piece. >> it's a classic piece. >> it's going to be $3,423.20.
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>> thank you. >> reporter: we met on melrose in l.a., corinne's natural habitat. >> were you really falling in love with him? >> really? how could you do it with tv cameras around? how does that -- >> it just happens. i mean, a lot of the people are like, you know -- oh, how can it be real? this and that. it's like, when you're in the situation, you know, it just happens. >> you like that? >> yeah. >> you really got a genuine problem. we were having a conversation -- >> i know, i'm sorry. >> you're ignoring me, looking at clothes. >> see, this is why my mom hates shopping with me. she'll be talking to me, i'll be like, what did you say? >> reporter: casting, key, remember. sometimes recurring. >> you've got a genuine issue. would you be the bachelorette? >> i'd love to be the bachelorette. but -- rachel is going to be amazing. >> reporter: rachel made it to nick's final four this "bachelor" season. >> we chose her because you're
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invested. if i say sally from cincinnati, who is that? i don't know her. >> reporter: rachel will be the first-ever african-american bachelorette. >> you know, i'm honored to have this opportunity and to represent myself as an african-american woman. >> what you don't know is the bachelorette starts right now. >> reporter: and we just watched "the bachelorette" season basically start. >> i know that you're going to be meeting a lot of guys. i just want to let you know you don't have to meet any more guys. i'm the guy for you. >> reporter: with rachel meeting some contestants. now nick first became a villain in our minds after confronting andi. >> if you weren't in love with me -- i'm just not sure why -- like why you made love with me. >> when we named nick the bachelor people thought, oh, really, again? look how beautiful it turned out. okay what a great story of redemption and love it turned out to be. >> reporter: nick was a little unpredictable. >> right now i just feel terrified it's not going to happen. so -- i don't know if i can keep doing this. >> reporter: a show in its 21st season needs that.
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>> we had a formula. especially back in the day. that was, you know, one, two, three, steps. paint by numbers. that's gone. that's long gone now. "the bachelor" has had to evolve and we let people behind the curtain so to speak. you see everything, warts and all. >> reporter: it takes a certain type of person to brave this show. someone sassy like core rain. >> it's not really me, is it? >> nah. >> no. >> i think we need a cardigan. cardigan, anyone? >> come on, you're going there already? >> reporter: someone dogged and determined. like nick. >> vanessa grimaldi -- will you marry me? >> reporter: now he's engaged. no more bachelor for nick. although he is on "dancing with the stars" next week. >> the beauty of this show is now you have this man and this woman and they're off television, at least till "dancing with the stars" starts. but they're off tv and they're going to live their lives, they're going to deal with real issues like does he leave the toilet seat up? now it's vanessa and nick on their own and we'll see how they do. i know them to be in love, i
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know them to be happy right now. why not just wish them well? >> reporter: hear, hear. i'm nick watt for "nightline" in los angeles. next, the porn star who became a pastor. what provoked her to make such an extraordinary change? i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. yes, eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. both made me turn around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis
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tonight the story of crystal bisette, who was making six figures a year in the adult film industry before she decided to make a radical career shift. she became a pastor. here's abc's diane acevedo.
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>> reporter: it's sunday morning and crystal bissette cannot be late to church. ♪ i am free >> reporter: the 33-year-old mother of three and her husband david are the pastors here at new beginnings in upstate new york. ♪ i am free to live for you >> reporter: while crystal seems to be a model christian now, it's a relatively new role. >> today we're going to talk about fight, flight, or freeze. and have faith. >> reporter: until three years ago, she was a porn star. her screen name was nadya hilton and she starred in over 100 adult films. >> at some point did it feel normal and routine to you? >> yeah. >> how do you feel about that now looking back? >> shocked that my mind and my body died to that point where it just became like this normal thing. >> reporter: crystal says it was also normal for her to make up to $30,000 a month. >> used to go to the playboy mansion all the time. that was like the starstruck thing. meeting hugh hefner.
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i mean, it was -- it was glamorous at times. >> reporter: droeg up in upstate new york, crystal says she could never have predicted the twists and turns of her life. >> a teenager, i grew up, i was an honor roll student in high school, i was a varsity cheerleader. i was always active that way. >> reporter: she got pregnant with her son justin when she was just 16. so she started stripping to make money and moved to california to give her son a better life. >> we grew up poor, very poor. >> were you trying to give him a life you never had? >> yes, absolutely. i was like, i wanted to give him all the things -- i didn't have a snowmobile, i didn't have four-wheelers, i didn't have any of that stuff as a kid. >> reporter: she says an agent discovered her and convinced her to try pornography. >> the first shoot was horrible. i was scared. i remember talking to a guy and he's like, you don't look like you really want to do this. and i was like, i don't know. i was so nervous. after the shoot i sat in the shower and i was bawling my eyes out crying for like two hours.
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just sitting there. i just felt so gross and just i did dirty. >> you went back, why? >> i went back for money. >> reporter: soon she was a star. >> people recognize you all over the place. it was just weird. you know, because you just think about it. they're recognizing me because of something that is not talent. >> reporter: but the money was rolling in. >> i would spend $3,000, $4,000 a week at the mall. buying dumb stuff. clothes, shoes. >> reporter: not even 30 years old, she had a house in malibu and a ferrari. even her own nightclub back home. >> i quickly got sucked into it. you're making more and more money. you're spending more money. >> reporter: crystal says despite it all, she wasn't happy. >> i started taking painkillers. hydrocodone and drinking alcohol to get through the scene, numbing myself. >> reporter: she was also coming to grips with the sexual abuse she says she suffered as a child. >> i had a bad, abusive
1:01 am
childhood, i was sexually abused by two different people as a child. >> how did you feel that that affected you? >> that i think is a huge impact on why i got into the adult industry. that i was constantly seeking for male attention. attention i didn't get when i was a kid. >> reporter: 2014, she drove home drunk. >> got into a car crash, broke my nose, had stitches down the side of my face, totalled. what did you hit? >> guardrail. i just went spinning, flipping. >> reporter: it was a wakeup call and crystal started going to church with her sister. >> i actually started reading the bible when i was on the set. i was reading then. and i hated it. >> reporter: she decided to leave the porn industry for good, getting through her final scenes was especially difficult. >> i hated it. because i wasn't taking pain medicine or anything like that. everything was sinking in. it was horrible. >> reporter: then she met the young pastor david baasette. >> i showed up there and i first
1:02 am
noticed her. she was wearing these high heels that were like crazy big. and i looked at her, man, she's got it going on. and i'm like, too tall. not interested. i'm a short guy. >> reporter: he was worried she might be too tall for him. but wasn't that concerned about what she did for work. so the two started dating. >> and so you're a pastor, she's a porn star, that's kind of an unlikely pairing. >> uh-huh. >> how did that come to be? what drew you to her? >> i like the fact that she was independent and very strong. and unfortunately probably hard to control. and i like that. so i was up for a challenge, i guess. >> did it make it harder for you knowing crystal's past? >> not at all. i don't -- listen, it's what christ is about. >> reporter: armed with a degree and with david by her side, crystal slowly rebuilt her life. >> it took me a little while to find a job because your past keeps coming up. people know, oh, she's a porn star. so they weren't going to hire me. i got turned away by so many
1:03 am
different jobs because of that. >> reporter: she eventually landed a job as a legal assistant and she and david got married. >> come here. >> reporter: their son carter came along soon after. but crystal's past continued to haunt her. david said the negative attention they received forced him to leave his church. ♪ i am free today >> reporter: a year later they decided to start their own. why start your own church? why not join another? >> because we're called to. i didn't see that as my calling right away. i mean, i see it now. but i feel like i can help abused women in the adult industry. preaching and being able to reach out to people that are broken and lost, it's a calling. >> you can't let that fear set in right away because you never know if it's something good that's happening. >> she said that past she tried so hard to shake is now an asset that helps her connect with people of all backgrounds. >> with us it's like there was no judgment. people felt free. doesn't matter if you came through the doors with full-body
1:04 am
piercings and tattoos. we didn't judge them. everybody's got a past. ♪ i am free to live for you >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm diane macedo in new york. america's next top oompa loompa. all three "nightline" anchors facing off at a new york city chocolate museum. the smoother the skin, you are in it. so find a venus smooth that contours to curves, flexes for comfort, and has a disposable made for you. skin smoothing venus razors. venus
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