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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 14, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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who have advanced stage of hormone receptor her2 negative but a study by the drug maker novartis taken with another drug reduced cancer or reduced death or cancer getting worse. by a margin of 44%. and with tomorrow's heavy snow we can't tell you how important it is to treat shovelling with care, you know that, heart attacks spike in the winter and shovelling and pushing a heavy snow blower can be more strenuous than going full throttle on a treadmill there are tips to change your routine first do not shovel first thing in the morning do not drink coffee or smoke before because they spike your blood pressure and heart rate. and don't eat a heavy meal beforehand since that diverts heart from the to the stomach and warm up walking or marching
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in place before digging into the snow. please be careful. jimmy kimmel live coming up, after action news and here is jimmy with a preview of tonight's show. >> thanks jim and hello philadelphia the show is about love so you have not discussed like your wedding plans or anything yet? >> have not had a dinner reservation yet so we will do that first. >> baby steps. >> you're having a
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trying to come up big it did not happen. >> need to play with a sense of urgency and have not seen that lately tick tock and time is running out and six points out with 15 games to play and flyers fall behind 2-zip and second period on the power play but the fliers is one for eight on the power play and game tied at two. midway through the period travis that is his second of the night and gives the flyers a 3-2 lead looking good right and 3-all the third period and on the power
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play and flyers lose this one 5-3. to the eagles and chase daniel is no longer a bird, he asked for and was granted his release from the team so who is the back up quarterback now? how about nick foles. returns to the eagles with a two year contract foles was lights out for the birds back in 2013 he had 27 touchdowns and two interceptions and had a probowl appearance and last season he was a back up for the chiefs and speaking of the chiefs they are approaching the eagles roster and ben logan has a one year deal with 2 1/2 sacks last season and drafted by the birds in 2013. ahead in sports a phillies prospect continues to shine plus villanova heads to
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college basketball villanova number one in the nation and ncaa over all seed sits and waits, the cats got a pretty good send off this afternoon on campus and will play thursday night against the winner of the new orleans mount st. mary's game and cats arrived in chilly buffalo earlier this evening and the number one seed and reigning champs brings a lot of pressure. >> it's always a reminder that everybody expects you to do out again but that is part of the challenge, you know, when people say it's hard to repeat that is part of why it's hard to repeat is because you have to deal with those expectations all the time,
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that constant reminders of last year. >> temple women's basketball team is back in ncaa tournament and 7th seed will face oregon in duram north carolina and the seed is going to los angeles as 12 seat and face texas a&m and phillies in the great fruit play and solo homer and the fourth and the phillies losing 6-4 opening day three weeks away from today. >> thank you ducis and jimmy kimmel live next on channel six and jimmy kimmel next on channel six followed by night line and jimmy's guest is nick vile and fiancee and money music mash up from okay go and the go-gos action news continues a half hour early at 4:00 a.m. with pat
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edwards and tamala edwards, karen rogers, dave murphy. i'm jim gardner and let's go live, good night. >> announcer: action news brought by barbara on the boulevard where they
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it's an all new show with great viral videos "right this rescuers know there's something stuck in the narrow opening so -- >> they got in there. >> why the shocker when you see what comes out. >> whoa, you're kidding! street racers go tearing through a tunnel. >> what the heck is this camera mounted to? that thing is moving quickly. >> see who is headed for an unpleasant surprise around the bend. it's a magical home to one
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perfect pixie. >> we call her tinkerbell. >> the story behind the sweet disneyland surprise. and things never heard around the office. why the free food and the kitchen part really strikes home. >> remember that? >> case in point. i have to remember that the people in india decided to call for firefighters. we have a rescue in place. >> a small child. >> that's a 15-foot -- you're right, it is really tiny. >> good grief. >> whoa! are you kidding? >> mother earth born again. >> i was expecting a little kitten to come out. >> no, that's a 2-year-old boy. reports are that he was at the construction site with his father playing around and
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slipped in. they called the firefighters. it took them 18 minutes to rescue this kid. >> i wish that it was less. >> they didn't want him to fall asleep because that wouldn't have ended well. fortunately, the child was okay. he was taken to the hospital and he these people are street racing. they have stopped all traffic, lined themselves up to have a protected and straight burnout of the season to see who could be the fastest. >> i don't know where this guy comes up and clips the wall. no response and bang, right into the middle of the intersection as well before finally coming to a halt. just as the video cuts out, you
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can see what happens of the car following along carrying too much speed approaching the corn. nothing they could do but go straight into the side of the wall. this person, according to one who was gifted this car the day before. he and his girlfriend were inside and apparently unharmed. though they were mostly saved by the deployment of the air bags in this case. a stupid decision to result in the inevitable conclusion. our next video is a somewhat peculiar dash cam. because they caught something entirely different on the camera. bang! over that wall, this is where he turns to follow what is going on.
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we can continue to see what happens on the camera. and it is just jammed up on the street. >> so what happened? they hit the gas instead of the brake? >> either it is a malfunction and continued to accelerate, or in a sense of panic, somebody's food was jammed down the accelerat ac he tried to get help. they were taken away and seem to be okay. you want a surprise pixie, you have to find one, first. unless you go to disneyland. you can go to the disney college program. back in spring of 2016, on the days office, she and her friends would go to the theme park and visit the characters and became
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friends with them. she told some of them she would be going back. and they discovered it. tinker bell was so excited to meet everyone. >> i'm so glad to meet you. do you want to see this? she will always be tinkerbell, but these people got to know her. when she sees them, she runs to hug them. it was a sweet reunion because it is what they call the happiest place on earth. sometimes you have to slow down and appreciate the creativity that some people just seem to have in their heads. i love it when it all comes together. what do we know about february and march?
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it's carnival. lots of uniqueness all throughout the streets. and this video blends it together in a fantastically and captivating way. >> yeah. >> i love how they capture all of the diversity that is happening here, the contra costumes and the player -- >> i'm caught in the in optimics on this. >> what put all of them together, this whole minute of upgrading to the mode that shoots photographs. this was shot with a long lens,
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but apple claims they did it with the 5.7. she says her ankle is swollen. the doctor's not going to shave it off. >> the grumpy doctor, next. and the snowboard trip puts him in a very deep hole. >> you're in trouble, what do you do now? >> see what happens next on "right this minute this is me liv
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closed captioning provided by --in with icy hot® smartrelief™. starts blocking pain immediately at the nerve level. icy hot® smartrelief™. this snowboarder found himself in a pretty scary
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predicament. >> oh! >> oh, wow. >> he keeps going. >> what is at the bottom of that thing? >> china. >> no, it's going to send a chill down your spine. he thought there was a solid chance that he wouldn't make it out of this. and he wanted people that potentially found his body to know what had happened. >> does anybody know where he is? >> he was out there with his friends and he started carving. in the process, he realized he was over a river. he ended up sliding backwards. before he knew it, he was down a hole. >> that's why when you go off pace, you are supposed to go with somebody else. because you never know what is going to happen. if you go completely into the wilderness and have a fall, no one is going to find you. >> what do you do now? how do you get out of something like this when nobody is around. they can come back to look for you but you're in a hole. >> he was upside down head-first into the hole hanging from his
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snowboard. and he said if it weren't for the snowboard getting stuck, he probably would have died, he said. >> like a dog trying to get through a doggy door like a stick. >> i'm going to try to dig myself out. >> eventually here, he's already started to work his way out of the hole. pulled himself it ever so cloudy that he would cause this note to give. >> i came from up there and fell right into that. >> you wouldn't have seen that. >> an incredible story to tell. after this, he strapped his snowboard back on, continued on his your snow, told his friends and said, you won't believe what just happened to me! i don't know what it is, it must be human nature, but pretty much as soon as we take over 60 years old, we like to complain about things. >> i go up and down the steps. >> like fine wine. the bitterness doesn't only get
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better with age. and the by far song. >> they don't give a zero snap. >> i went down stairs and then forgot my cake upstairs. so i had to go back upstairs to get the cake and to bring it back down. >> these are sisters and are hi lawyers you. but the question is, -- >> i'm going to the doctor at -- >> do you want a pepperoni, grandma? do you want me to open this up and melt a little cheese in it? that would be delicious. >> i don >> and what is the doctor visit for? >> what does he do? >> yeah, what does he -- >> he looks in my ear.
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>> the problem is that they are so grumpy they have attitude for days. but it is so cute. it's -- >> have you ever seen -- >> oh, well. >> she clarifies exactly what she meant by that. >> what is that that you just did? >> oh, right. taking their blood pressure as opposed to -- >> that's the other doctor. >> you want to see the whole video and the other one, just go to or click the mobile app. at christmas time, i love to make the magic cookie bars and bring them into work. nick eats them all the time. well, somebody's upped the ante and made the magic layer pie. this recipe from delish. you get graham crackers and butter, make your crust and then
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you start layering stuff in. i mean, this is easy to make, you guys. get some pretzel, peanut put chips, coconut, condensed milk. chocolate chips. >> always. >> oh, yeah. chocolate chips with milk because you bake it at 350 for 20 or so minutes. and then look what it looks like. it's basically a cookie pie, nick. i'm not a big fan of coconut either but you have to do it for that, huh? >> it has orange and bacon. how can you eat it? think of all the different flavors and textures you will encounter with every spite. bite. it's our favorite way to start the week. >> it's time for real or -- >> get the fake out. >> it's real or fake time. what do you think it is? >> real. >> i'm going with real, too. >> play along at home.
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