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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  March 14, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> now on "action news" we are
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in the midst of a late winter storm that will bring blizzard-like conditions to the tri-state area, maybe some coastal flooding along the shore. that's a live look at the ben franklin bridge. >> all philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are closed today. the complete list of school closings will be scrolling at the bottom of your screen all morning long and you can also get it on >> our team of reporters is covering the snow from the city to the suburbs to south jersey. >> but first up good morning to you. 4:30 on this snowy rainy tuesday march 14th. >> we'll have full coverage of the storm coming up. dave murphy and karen rogers have updates from accuweather and matt pelman is watching the roads much let's start with david. >> we'll start with a series of warnings we have. it's a blizzard warning in the northern suburbs highlighted in orange. that means visibilities could be very poor and you'll have heavy driving snow. this is definitely an area to stay indoors especially during the morning when the worst of the heavy snow bands are coming through and it's no party in the i-95 corridor, either where you have a winter storm and the potential for heavy snow here as well. we're already seeing some snow
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on the ground. some of the recent reports in philadelphia between two and 3-inches, that's coming in from a couple of our fire stations in the city and i appreciate those reports. we're up to 4-inches in some areas already like out in reading and those reports are about an hour old so there's certainly more up there. farther south you go it's less snow, maybe a little bit of difficulty getting around but you're getting a lot of rain mixing in in these areas and the impact will be overall a lot lower. as we take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan, the heaviest snow band right now parking itself over southern berks county, most of chester county and lancaster county. there's a little bit more of that over here. you can see that with that lavender shade that storm tracker puts on. whenever you see this across the region and across our northern suburbs that's going to be off and on between now and about noon. that is a snowfall rate of about two to 4 inches an hour so it really is going to pile up between now and lunchtime especially in the northwest. philadelphia will see. it depends on how far north this rain gets and how far it holds. right now we're getting a lot of sleet even back into parts of chester county and that is
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making things a little bit better for us in else the of snow accumulation. that might diminish things a little bit by the time is all is said and done. it will be coming right on the coast and as it gets up to our latitude, probably around lunchtime you'll see those heavy snow bands begin to fall apart and diminish and in the afternoon we still have strong winds but not as much snow falling. karen rogers is out on the terrace and karen, you've got more on how things feel out there right now and what's coming next. >> yeah the winds have picked up in the past half hour. still a mix of snow and sleet pretasted out here. we've got a good 3-inches on the terrace outside so you're commuting in quite a bit of snow. i want you to look at these the temperatures through the region. 45 in cape may. the flow off the ocean is moistening things tup its rain down there, 35 millville, 33 at philadelphia international airport right now. you have that mix of sleet and snow but just in the 20's in the lehigh valley, teens in the poconos so really a range
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in temperature and the that's why we have such a range in precipitation. look at the wind gusts. we're now up to 30 miles an hour in that philadelphia but at times we'll see up to 50 miles an hour wind gusts with this powerful nor'easter. lehigh valley, north and west suburbs, this is heavy snow, one to 2 feet. philadelphia the i-95 corridor, a mix of snow and sleet which we're seeing now. then back to snow. it's the colder air pulls in as it becomes even heavier eight to 12-inches. central delaware and southeastern new jersey, some snow, changing to rain so really depends on where you are region by region. i want to show you the time line. the worst time to travel between now and lunchtime, 4:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. high impact scale. by 1 o'clock, the heaviest is out of here, just some snow showers. by 4 o'clock, much better off so you got to be careful, matt and tam, if you're headed out right now, it really is dangerous to travel currently. >> and that a you karen. and matt has been saying stay in if possible. let's go to matt pelman with more on what you can expect.
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good morning. >> we know that's not possible for everybody. let's tell you especially where not to go if you have to head out this morning tam and matt. king of prussia the ramp from 422 eastbound to 202 southbound, yeah, another ramp problem. we've had a lot of those already this morning. already have a tow truck on the scene and police here as well. traffic can squeeze by but it looks like another single vehicle spinout accident on a ramp. you really have to take it easy. earlier we had a crash on the schuylkill here eastbound near the boulevard. that cleared out. this is the scene by girard avenue and there goes another one of our plow trains moving through clearing some of the snow out of the that right out . give them plenty of room to do their work. on the schuylkill intergirard it's looking mainly wet. don't be deceived. the it's slushy and slippery. 95 at woodhaven road a lane deficit here. looks like one maybe two southbound lanes are passable. i want to check one other spot on 95 in south philadelphia by broad street because there you see a little bit more of the
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blacktop, little bit more just wet as we go to south philadelphia along 95. in fact, you can even see the drops on the camera lens. matt and tam. >> all right, matt, thanks so much. let's start our carousel of reporters. first up "action news" reporter jeff chirico live in the west mount airy section of philadelphia. how you doing, jeff. >> reporter: all right, matt. we're seeing some sleet right now. it was snow about 45 minutes ago but over the past hour we have started to see that changeover. that said, however, we do have significant accumulation here in west mount airy. you can put the yard stick in. looks like we have just over 2-inches of snow right now. let's take a look over here on germantown avenue. it's largely quiet right now. you can see it's slushy. travel seems to be okay right here but in some of the side streets of course they are still snow covered, making the commute wherever you might be going this morning a little bit more difficult than usual. we have seen some plows around here. in fact, some plows hitting the secondary roads like allen's lane right behind me. there we do see some people
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hitting the roads. we see some folks shoveling out here. they're all wondering as they say where is the snow? they were concerned perhaps that this sleet was all the storm had in store but as david just explained, we are expecting more snow and folks here are getting ready for it. reporting live in west mount airy, jeff chirico channel6 "action news." >> jeff, thanks. let's hitch a ride with mobile6, see where we're at right now. of parked along -- that looks like the action cam in king of prussia along 202. see all that snow off to the side of the road, that's a lot. mobile6 is ready to go and we are heading westbound on the schuylkill. i was on this road this morning. there was a crusty layer on top. it looks like you might be able to gain some traction there but it is extremely slippery especially when you make those turns on the conshohocken curve which is coming up for us right now. let's just see if we can see what that sign says. probably some kind of warning without the winter weather conditions. that's mobile6 heading out to
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the king of prussia area. >> the action cam caught this wintry scene along lancaster avenue in ardmore overnight. there were a few cars out along the roads. mainly it was a quiet scene. plows were already busy clearing parking lots trying to stay ahead of the snowfall. now let's check in on the snow that we are expecting there. [inaudible] her way up the northeast extension looks like she's finally stationary there in south whitehall township. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tamala. we just got here. we just saw a car try to pull in here. look down here, john is going to pan down and show you how much snow there is its powdery snow. it's several inches but when you're coming up the northeast extension on the turnpike you're going to have a lot of issues. there's several plow trains that are going through and we had to actually drive in the middle of the northeast extension on our way up here just to be safe. now, the diner off of tillman
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road in the allentown area, specifically south whitehall township and we just saw this guy, he had a little car, sounded like it had a big motor and it was just trudging along trying to get through this and it was tough. he did fishtail a little bit as he was pulling in here to the drive way so not a lot of people on the roads which is actually a good thing. it's also really early in the morning but there's also a number of vehicle bans right now on the northeast extension on parts of the turnpike so before you head out, if you drive a commercial vehicle you want to check that out. there's also speed restrictions as well so that's another thing we're dealing with. we'll have a different live shot in the next half hour to show you more of the snow that's going on up here. for now live in south whitehall township annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> you can really hear the wind where she is. a few people took a final stroll down the atlantic city boardwalk before the storm last night. winds and waves were rather calm but this morning wind gusts could reach up to 60 miles an hour. atlantic city emergency management expects tidal flooding when high tide
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arrives around 9:30 this morning. new jersey has declared a state of emergency. and pennsylvania governor tom wolf has signed a disaster emergency proclamation. governor wolf deploying members of the national guard and in the city of philadelphia a snow emergency is currently in effect. >> septa will have additional staffers to monitor conditions and keep public transit moving. buses will operate on weather related detours and regional rails on saturday schedules. in. j transit suspended all bus and access click service. rail and light rail lines operating on weekend germs of schedules. new jersey transit says it will cross honor tickets but urges travelers to check regularly for updays. we have all the transit information posted online. >> coverage of the winter storm continues next with another check of traffic and your full accuweather forecast. >> tam just mentioned ac. let's take a live could see a lot of rain down there and again coastal flooding is a possibility especially when high tide rolls in in ac, that's 9:29
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this morning. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. the action cam in king of prussia there at gulph road and 202. you can see an accumulation of snow and you can even see a smattering of it in the middle of the roadway. it's passable but as all of us have experienced you get out there and on one hand you've got traction but it is a little slick, a little slippery so don't get fooled into thinking i got grip under my tires, you could easily go flying. >> what a great day to sit at home safe and sound and watch the storm roll in on "action news." >> no kidding. >> must be nice. >> yeah, wouldn't it. well, hey its nice o doing it. >> we like doing it. >> we do like doing it.
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>> storm tracker6 live double scan shows us we have snow to the north, rain to the south right now and then that middle ground where there is a chance of a little bit of precipitation popping through and i want to just go ahead and point out a you believe can things here. all of this lavender in chester county up towards lancaster county and berks county, that is a heavy snow band with the heaviest snow falling probably at two to 4 inches an hour in some spots. then you see that sleet line but if we flip it over to and a couple of these storm tracker6 live double scan products, this one here is trying to show you where the precipitation is even, so you've got all snow up to the north for the most part with maybe a little bit of either sleet or heavier snow starting to mix in in northern bucks and montco. this little batch here that we see, that different color in northern chester county is either that heavy snow band but it might also be an indication of some sleet making it all the way up there and we're seeing a bit more of
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that pixilation in the western chester county and down through wilmington. not a whole lot of sleet mixing in. there's a different color in burlington county but, you know, that's one way that we can sort of try and track where that ice change is and i know some of you have said that up in many chester county you've heard a little bit of that. this is another view that also shows you again an even shade showing you all rain here, all snow there. but i am thinking something is going on up there in northern chester county and maybe down in through the western part of the county as well. i'll leave you with the regular radar intensity and again, that snow up north is real heavy out there to the west of philadelphia and to the north and that would be a spot where i would not try and head out. as we take a look outside we have sky6. and there is the commodore barry bridge or what we can see of it in the cloud cover and what appears to be some snow and maybe some sleet and mixed precipitation falling down around chester. 33 degrees is the current temperature in philadelphia. your winds out of the northeast at 21. the winds are still in the process of kicking in.
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remember, this coastal storm is down to our south and as it comes right up the coast, you are going to see those winds increase. temperatures right now are a little bit milder down by the shore as the flow for now is in off the water and the water is milder so you're getting that changeover to rain being shoved all the way up into areas close to philadelphia right now. future tracker6 is going to try and get a handle on what is going to go on as this storm does pass us by. by 7 o'clock in the morning it will still be down to the south and we'll still get in on-shore flow and it looks like we may be still dealing in philadelphia with kind of a wet snow, sleet, snow mix up in here, maybe some rain pushing all the way up into philadelphia and how much that happens this morning and into about midday will determine what our final snowfall amounts are. notice how in the northern suburbs though as we advance this all the way to noon it's all snow and this is where we think the best chance of the heavy stuff piling up exists but even at noon you're still looking at a potential of mixed precipitation and you know what, if we don't change over and get just all snow for awhile, we may get a break on
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snowfall amounts entirely. in any event no matter what happens or doesn't happen by 5 o'clock we're going to get a change in the wind direction and we'll start to dry out and by 11 o'clock tonight also drying out. we -- assuming we dolla we do gt storm far enough along the coast to be able to keep that cold air in place in philadelphia there's still a chance of eight to 12 in philadelphia t it will be on the low end if we manage to push that rain line up farther north. i don't think it's any question it's all snow in the northern suburbs and it will come down heavy enough to give you those numbers. do unsouth a lot of it is going to wash away. big impact from this is going to be through the morning up until about midday. once we hit 1 o'clock the snow begins to diminish and it's not as big of a deal. the other big deal today is the wind and as i said right now gusts in the 20's but watch what happens as soon as 9 o'clock. there's the center of the storm coming in through southern delaware and those winds just really start to kick in off the coast and that's why we have a wind advisory, wind warnings along the shore the by 12 o'clock you can see how the storm center is right near lakehurst
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new jersey. the winds are starting to turn out of the north. it's still very windy out there but we are going to start to see that snowfall apart with the dry air coming down from the north. a quick look at your seven day. today's high is 34. we've got heavy snow at times. the northern suburbs will get this worse but even in the i-95 corridor there is the possibility of some occasional heavy snow and those piling up accumulations that i showed. blizzard conditions up in the northern suburbs at times respect possible. elsewhere we've got sleet the farther south you go, rain certainly down south and then those high winds i talked about. on wednesday, cold, a lingering snow shower but no super big deal. thursday sunny brisk and cold, 36 degrees and then friday we are going up to a high of 38 degrees for saint patrick's day and at night there is the possibility of some snow showers developing. might see a little bit more of that on saturday, guys. >> okay, so i went to the market yesterday no milk no eggs. i didn't even look at the bread aisle. >> really. >> surprise. >> i'm hoping everybody is in their cozy clothes making french toast watching matt
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pelman but there's a few people that have to head out on the roads. >> maybe eating potato chips. it is national potato chip day. have those for breakfast. slippery mess. lace up the ice skates if you're headed out by the art museum which is going to be closed today because of the weather. right here at eakins oval where spring garden street comes in and the ben franklin parkway up there and it looks very icy especially on some of those local streets. moving over to east falls right on the nicetown tiogaly border this is the roosevelt boulevard extension. my route ik this morning and i did speeds that are about half of what i would normally do coming down the boulevard toward the schuylkill expressway because it is definitely very slushy and slippery. another part of route one here in morrisville bucks county at pennsylvania avenue just off the trenton-morrisville bridge, southbound looks like it's been plowed. northbound doesn't look like it's been plowed in a little bit so if you're lucky enough to get behind one of those plow trains you're going to be better off but if they haven't gone through in awhile there's going to be a coverage.
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on the bucks county-montgomery county line along 309 by the verizon store as you can see and it looks like we're seeing at least some of the blacktop here. they're also plowing the verizon store parking lot. maybe they'll be opened today. who knows here on the county line. one last live look in chester county. this is route 202 and it doesn't like we've had a northbound plow train go through in a little bit. i saw a southbound one go through just about 10 or 15 minutes ago but already it looks like those southbound lanes of 202 approaching the 30 bypass are covered again. so, it's not taking long in some spots like here in frazier chester county for the road to become covered because the snow is coming down that quickly. in delaware we have a crash already this morning in glasgow along 40 pulaski highway near 896 and speed restrictions up on most of the highways if you have to head out this morning, matt and tam. >> and that a matt. if you have to head outlets see what it looks like for you if you're in south jersey. that's where we find our katherine scott. she's in runnemede, camden county. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. it is rainy here in runnemede its been raining here for
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quite some time. if you take a look at the road surface you can see black horse pike here system wet. of course the plows have been through multiple times. this is a main road. some of the side streets might look a little bit sloppier at this stage. but since we last spoke, one of the things that we really have seen the difference in in the wind. the wind gusts have really picked up here but again, you can see the surface of the road of black horse pike is looking okay and we actually have seen quite a few cars come through here. still, use caution. it was snow earlier and it's certainly slippery and slushy, slippery conditions. this area has seen a changeover. earlier we saw more snow. then came the changeover to a wintry mix. it was very heavy flakes. then maybe around 3:30, that's when the rain started come congress and it was just pouring and it's been raining since. so, it's left a lot of slop on the street and the sidewalks. surfaces are pretty inconsistent depending on where you are and what is falling at that moment. of course that car, suv pickup
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going along just fine right now. so, folks are being asked to stay off the roads so crews can work. we have seen crews making the rounds. of course at this stage the main roads are priority. it is a state of emergency in new jersey and nonessential employees are asked to stay home. we're live in runnemede, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thanks, katherine. time right now is 4:52 on this tuesday t let's take another look at those roads. look what it's like on business route 30 in chester county. that's thorndale and we do not see any pavement whatsoever. hundreds of schools are closed, lots of businesses are shut down. a good day to stay inside and watch "action news." we'll be right back. >> ♪ you could also join the action. send us pictures and videos of what you see in your neighborhood. use the #6abcaction on social media or you can e-mail them directly to us at join the action >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> all right. welcome back. another view here of the commodore barry bridge as you take a look at some of the raindrops hitting the action cam lens and this is what we're seeing across the region to our south. we're seeing more of a cold rain, to the north annie mccormick really getting it with winds and snow and in the middle a bit of a mix. we're seeing some of the rain, some of the snow and the a lot
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of sleet down on the roads. it's really slippery out there right now. >> karen rogers and matt pelman joining us. this is the time where it's really going to be the worst for most people, karen. >> yeah, from now until about lunchtime is the height of the storm. so, the strongest winds, the heaviest precipitation and we really have to keep an eye on that sleet line. we're getting sleet mixing with the snow right here where i'm standing and on storm tracker6 live radar you can see how we have that rain in south jersey and delaware and you see thatter a of blue, that mixing that's the line we have to watch because if we continue to have a long period of mixing in philadelphia, it will start to cut down those numbers but it is all snow north and west. so really a range and because of that in the northwest suburbs look at this, visibility already an issue. half a mile when you're traveling there. so, this is the interesting thing about this storm. such a sharp cutoff. a foot difference in precipitation over a 45-mile period from roxborough to millville so it really is location, location, location. so, today you want to expect major delays whiteout conditions north and west, snow packed roads and heavy rain south and east. so, matt pelman, people have
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to be careful on those roads today. the winds are kicking up. i'm feeling the gusts out here. >> and you were saying it took you awhile to get over the walt whitman bridge this morning. that wasn't in such great shape as you head karen. we're looking live at the ben franklin bridge. we don't want you to be overly confident this morning. you see some blacktop here on the bridge and you might think, oh, that doesn't look too bad. it is very slushy, very slippery and that's why they're dropping the speeds on all the bridges. 25 miles per hour the max on most of them this morning. we've already had a bunch of issues in south jersey. in gloucester county, there was an accident on 295 southbound, a broken down truck on one of the ramps. gone now but just an indication of what can happen if you're not careful. look here in lionville -- actually i don't think this is -- this is lionville, 100 at 113 by the pizzeria uno. again mostly snow covered here in chester county on these secondary roads. you're seeing some plaque top on some of the highways where that a you have been treating, matt. >> thank you, matt. hundreds of flights in and
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out of philadelphia are canceled today. some airlines hope to start flying again once the storm tapers off in the evening. officials at phl say they are stocked with plane deicing solution and have around 500 employees to clear the run ways and the taxi ways. we'll be back. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise... jardiance lowers blood sugar and a1c in adults with type 2 diabetes. jardiance is also the only type 2 diabetes treatment with heart- proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death in adults with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
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to accumulate and in some


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