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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  March 15, 2017 5:00am-5:29am EDT

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>> ♪ws." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. 5 this wednesday march 15th and here's what's happening. >> freezing temperatures are making it a bit difficult to dig out from yesterday's snowfall. we'll haow thearound the region.>> stu philadelphia public schools head back to school today andn time. archdiocesan schools in many suburban districts are delayed. you can see those scrolling on the screen and
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>> new overnight firefighters had to battle both burning and icy conditions in the city's mantua section. >> let's start you off with weather and traffic. meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. >> and we've got just a little bit of a snow shower on storm tracker6 live double scan skirting the border between bucks and montgomery counties and there's another trail of it down through burlington county. light nuisance stuff. slow it down if you see sit. couple issues today. a wind advisory is up until 8 o'clock in the southern half of the region. winds are going to be strong everywhere but the big issue down here is that especially near the i-95 corridor we got a lot of sleet and freezing rain yesterday. it's still on the wires and branches. there's a concern that those trees and wires might continue to fall today. in the northern half of the region it's a winter weather advisory. again, we've got snow showers possible up here this afternoon that could also come down to the south but the big issue here is that along with the additional one to 2 inches we might get you've got all that extra snow up in those northern suburbs and that may be blowing around again reducing visibility. satellite shows you sunshine to start but the clouds are beginning to pop up and fill in and we are expecting to
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change over to mainly cloudy skies along with those snow showers. temperatures on the way out the door are cold. we're at 22 degrees in philadelphia. 21 in allentown. 23 in millville. and you've got wind chills in the single digits now in philadelphia. just 9 degrees. today's high, karen, is going to be 29. we'll hit that later in the afternoon around 5 o'clock. your seven-day is coming up. >> all right, dave, let's hit the roads right now because we've got problems. we're here in chadds ford delaware county. look at the number of emergency workers here. we have an accident where a vehicle ran off the road and into a snow bank. we've got a tow truck on the scene. police on the scene. you could see it's still slick in this area. this is baltimore pike route one at creek road. watch for this accident, vehicle ran off the roadway. if you're on baltimore pike route one heading northbound towards 202 you're going to deal with this accident. looks like police have a shovel trying to deal with this. it's a mess out here live in chadds ford delaware county. be careful on some of the roads. meanwhile you look at the vine street expressway, no slipping, no sliding is, it's mostly dry so the roads are really variable and i think that tricks you as you're heading in because you're
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riding fine then you hit a spot that's icy. looks like we lost that camera. but now we're looking the the ben franklin bridge. your area bridges are, whoing pretty good. we do have speed restrictions of 35 miles an hour in place for the ben, the betsy ross, the walt whitman and the commodore barry bridge so just be careful as you go up and over the bridge. no major issues on your bridges. could just see slick spots. downed wires church street at pleasant valley avenue in mount laurel burlington county and stick to pleasant valley avenue as your alternate, matt. >> and that a you karen. "action news" reporter gray hall is live in allentown which took the gold medal in snowfall totals in our region. 13.7-inches. good morning, gray. >> reporter: good morning to you, matt. snow lovers should be rejoicing. they finally got their wish this season a whole lot of snow to be talked about here in allentown and folks in this neighborhood we're off of 12th and turner streets, folks in this neighborhood doing a pretty good job of removing the snow from the sidewalks. that's always an issue. if you look down here you can see the sidewalk, that's the good thing, folks busy doing
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work yesterday but folks when they wake up if they did not do any shoveling that's going to be major problem. also you'll run into these mounds of snow in your neighborhood, which is of course typical but if you did not do any shoveling yesterday you got tooing toely frozen and really hard because of how cold it is. now, coming here to allentown, not bad at all on main roads. what you run into, the problem is when you get into the neighborhood roads, secondary streets, i want to show you that if you look down here, you'll see it's nothing but now packed ice, right, just packed isothat's what you got to deal with when you wake up this morning. got to be very careful. take it easy. we've seen several cars throughout the morning come through this neighborhood. for the most part those cars are taking it easy. we've also seen some plow trucks come through. so again when you wake up this morning, take it easy. no rushing. and let me get out of the road because here comes a dump truck right now. i don't want to get hit but again the big story will be getting out of your neighborhood onto the main roads. once you get onto the main
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roads you should be smooth sailing. that's the latest from here in allentown, gray hall, channel6 "action news." tam. >> absolutely, we don't want you hurt, gray. we'll see you in the next half hour. and manayunk another place famous for its tight and twisting streets which usually makes it quite a headache on mornings like this one to get out after a snowstorm. that is where we find "action news" reporter annie mccormick. she's there now with more on what commuters may face there and across the city. good morning, annie. >> [inaudible] >> all right. our annie seems to be having a few technical difficulties. we'll check back in with her shortly. new this morning, utility crews spent the overnight hours cleaning up downed wires in burlington county, new jersey. this happened on south church street near pleasant valley avenue in mount laurel around midnight. police think that a passing car snagged the toppled wires taking down a pole and traffic lights. thankfully there were no reports of injuries.
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and the power is slowly returning for people across our area. dell ma are have a reports less than 13,400 people without power in delaware. pse&g reports 2800 outages in south jersey. atlantic city electric has made a lot of improvement but right now about 2200 customers are still in the dark. and peco is saying that it has about 200 outages. >> down at the jersey shore, flooding was the biggest problem. the storm hit during high tide yesterday morning hammering the coast with high winds and heavy rain. emergency crews blocked flooded streets in atlantic city. the ac fire department made a handful of water rescues as drivers tried to test the rising waters. we tell you no to the do that. let's check in with mobile6 see where it's traveling. look at these tight streets in north philadelphia with all these cars parked on the left and the right and all of that snow still -- look at those spots there still need to be cleared out. this is 16th street. it's going to be a rough
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morning for all of you traveling in these tiny streets in north philadelphia and south philadelphia o. so many other neighborhoods where it's hard to navigate especially when you have leftover snow. >> new this morning, firefighters battled the flames and icy conditions at a house fire in the city's mantua section. the fire broke out at a three-story vacant home along the 4800 block of west girard avenue last night. the fire trucks actually came to the scene with chains on their tires in order to try to navigate those snowy icy streets. there were no reports of injuries. now let's try to get back to our annie mccormick. she's there in manayunk where a snowstorm always means a rough go the morning after. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tamala. we're back on this tiny street again gay street right off of main street in manayunk. you can see this one hasn't been plowed yet and there's even a little car there that just couldn't make it through. and let me give you an idea of the type of snow that you're dealing with down here. this is already -- already has a layof itobably to come
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through here. take a look at this video. across the city yesterday, the city streets department was working hard to try and clear as many streets as they could. they actually took a 4at were i, they stopped all trash collectn day an the trash trucks with plows on them. peop eas like south philadelphia where they also have a a lot of tiny streets, some weren't plowed as of yet yesterday. they were also working on shoveling out their vehicles as well. but we're told overall that a number of streets were shoveled, were plowed. there's still a lot, though, of the smaller ones that they still have to go. also for the snow that was moved off the streets, a lot of of it is now moved onto those sidewalks especially in center city so pedestrians are ough tteyarve to maneuver walking through. well, back out here live, we can tell you that there are a you can in of ordinances, too, that people have to keep in check with. one of them is if you have a sidewalk that needs to be cleared six hours after the storm it has to be cleared.
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otherwise, you get a $50 fine. and if you're on one of those streets that still needs to be plowed, if it hasn't been cleared yet, you can call 311, haothursday which means they wil be back out here again, so if you'one of those streets that hasn't been plowed yet, today could be the day. for now we're live in manayunk, annie mccormick channews." st couple weeks saying, hey my flowers are sprouting imy yard. >> i've seen that, yes. >> i thought of this yesterday. my daffodils are done i think because of the snow but agriculture in the area is really hurting from this because those plants were blooming. >> yeah. this could recharge the soil needed some water. >> well. >> let's hope. >> good part there. storm tracker6 live double scan right now and we don't have a a lot of snow out there just a snow shower through burlington county and another towards montgomery county. most of us are likely looking at some sunshine early and then the clouds are going to
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filter in. right now main roads in good shape. if you didn't get your sidewalk shoveled like annie was saying you got to get out there and do it today, ooh, boy, take some advil or something because, yeah, that stuff was tough yesterday. only had about 5-inches but it had ice on top of it and whew. your temperature is 22 degrees, your winds west-northwest at 15 miles per hour. temperatures across the region also in the teens and 20's and of course the wind chills are making it feel like it's in the single digits across much of the region. that includes philadelphia. this is really the number that counts. it feels like it's nine in philadelphia, nine in millville presidential nominee seven in allentown. do bundle up, cover up those extremities as you'reded outside. there you see the last of that sing us soms today a also some snow showers popping through and especially in the afternoon. future tracker6 as soon as noon showing this popping up to the north and west. then you can see how it kind of dries through the region. with a winter weather advisory up north in particular because any additional one or 2-inches
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of snow from these snow showers combined with that snow that's already all over the place, you got heavy snow up there, it's going to be blowing around again today. looks like after about 6 o'clock or 7 o'clock most of these snow showers are done. wind chills are also an issue. i showed you the wind chills right now. well, as we roll through the day they don't get a lot better. still single digits in allentown, teens in philadelphia pacific northwest more of the same later tonight. blustery winds and problems with blowing snow and also icy branches. a lot of issues today. blowing snow up north. you already have a lot of snow on the ground a little bit more from snow showers coming and then icy branches and when i say south i really mean from the i-95 corridor south. that could mean more power problems with blustery winds, those icy wires and branches coming down and of course you got icy sidewalks and streets to worry about as annie mccormick just told us. 20 degrees by 8 o'clock. our high is going to be 29 and we'll hit that at about 5 o'clock and still holding that by 6 o'clock. you can see how the clouds fill in and then during the afternoon in particular a spotty snow shower possible.
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high temperatures across the region and not all that comfortable. from allentown down to millville staying below freezing and not much better in cape may. your seven day shows a high of 29 degrees brisk and cold a.m. snow shower can't be ruled out. tomorrow we're back to the sun but it's still brisk and chilly, there etch degrees. nonetheless with that high march sun angle we're melting some snow tomorrow. increasing clouds o on saint patrick's day, 43. at night there could be some mixed precipitation maybe some wet snow, a little sleet mixed in parts of the region and on saturday mostly cloudy and at times a rain shower in philadelphia and maybe a wet snow shower up north. and on sunday it's 44. spring arrives monday, 50's on tuesday. ooh-la-la. >> sounds good. thank you david. it is 5:12. next up an suv erupts in flames when it crashes into a gas pump. you'll see what caused the driver to lose control in the first place. >> a couple tests their luck when they tried to drive on a frozen lake. and their adventure ends badly.
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karen. >> isn't that always a bad idea, right? let's look outside right now. lincoln highway, this is business route 30 at caln road. you can see still some roads here on the roads in chester county. you got to be careful as you're traveling through your secondary roads because some of them look like this. we'll take you to chadds ford delaware county see what it looks like there, check in ton a couple of accidents when we come back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:15. good morning everyone. atlantic city, new jersey, and a lot of other communities up and down the jersey shore going to be assessing what, if any, damage was caused by the
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nor'easter. had some really high winds along the shore line and the storm came at a bad time, right around high tide yesterday morning. >> let's find out what your commute looks like this morning. it could be rough for some people. and go to karen rogers. good morning. >> yeah, we're getting more details of this accident scene that we have. we have a vehicle that just kind of ran off the road way into a snow bank. now we hear they're waiting for a medical helicopter to come to the scene so a very serious accident here. this is chadds ford delaware county route one at baltimore pike. they're blocking lanes right now at creek road. we see a number of emergency workers dealing with this vehicle that's off to the side right now and waiting for a medical helicopter here so you can kind of get a sense from this you see a big fire truck the ice on the roads in this area. you really need to be careful. while some roads seem fine in other areas, you've got slick conditions and now this very serious accident right here so watch for this one. this is baltimore pike route one at creek road as you head towards 202 you'll be dealing with this accident scene where they're currently blocking lanes awaiting a medical helicopter to come to the scene. we're outside live here
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elsewhere in delaware county its not bad at all, no the seeing any slipping or sliding on i-95 right here. no problems between the state line and the airport if you're headed out of town. it's looking pretty good. how about over here in bucks county. this is i-95. 95 here at the scudder falls bridge. we do have spee speed restrictis of 45 miles an hour in this area so watch for that one right now as you head towards mercer county. also in cherry hill, this is cherry hill at kings highway. we had a little dusting of snow come near this area but it's mostly dry right here. not seeing any problems on route 70. traffic's moving okay. let's show you one more thing. on the waze a i found a few people talking about ice on the roads. this is daniel talking about 422 eastbound near valley forge. so i think even though your main roads are in good shape you'll see a little bit of ice here and there and secondly -- certainly on your secondary roads. a quick little light snow shower dropped by and we can see it heading towards trenton right now, jenkintown it might have left a little bit of a dusting and in browns mills in new jersey. another snow shower, too, later on this afternoon, matt. >> thanks karen. scary moments captured on
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video when two cars crashed causing an suv to smash into a gas station pump. you can see the suv slamming into the pump and then catching fire. it happened on monday in seattle. the driver who works for a ride sharing company survived along with the passenger. investigators are looking into whether one of the drivers was under the influence. >> two people in canada got terrifying proof that spring really is almost here. >> (screaming). >> oh, my god. >> a woman was doing al facebook video when her truck crashed into lake winnipeg in canada. amazingly the two people inside the truck were not you had? the womannd thought it was still frozen enough to do so. police issued a warning to be people to stay off the ice because the ice is thawing. not so much good news for their truck. i think it's a goner. it's still submerged under the water. >> we know the villanova
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ll face mount saint mary's. tipoff 7:10 tomorrow night in buffalo. their west coast road trip in oakland last night a fourth riors to battle back from a 16-point deficit. sixers lose they head home to host dallas on friday. >> it's 5:19. social media continues to give love to those joe biden memes. >> the former vice president even has a that's later in the morning buzz. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ lowering your blood sugar...lp
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and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor about jardiance- the one and only type 2 diabetes treatment with heart. visit for a free consultation with a certified diabetes educator if you qualify. >> much of the northeast is still digging out from yesterday's winter storm. new york city saw 7-inches of snow, less than anticipated but in other parts of the state snow fell at 4-inches an hour and buried cars. in boston, a tractor-trailer was caught on camera spinning out of control on a snow covered bridge and roads in northern pennsylvania are still covered in snow. it seemed like the best way to
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get around in stroudsburg was on a snow mobile. >> hey. >> that city in the poconos received more than 20-inches of snow. >> wow. >> mount pocono got a lot, too. >> yeah, 2 feet of snow, right,. let's take a look outside right now and show you what it looks like on the roads because we have a serious accident. this is chadds ford delaware county. they're awaiting a medical helicopter. some undrove off the roadway into a snow bank. you see an ambulance, fire crews, tow truck on the scene but waiting for the medical helicopter and so northbound jams coming away from kennett square. this is route one baltimore pike as you head towards 202. you want to watch for this accident scene. it's a serious one and you see them still dealing with that right now. is it ick to 52 or smith bridge road instead, david. >> storm tracker6 live double scan mainly dry. there's a little dying snow shower right there in bucks county, a couple of little bits and pieces of that over in burlington county. on the bus stop, most of are you dry but it's partly cloudy and cold, 6 o'clock temperature will be 21. 20 by 8:00 a.m. and wind chills in the upper single digits in philadelphia.
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it is windy out there and cold. getting windier after about 8 o'clock. 20 degrees by 7 o'clock. we'll only get a high of 29 and we'll have to wait until about 5 o'clock to get there. clouds will increase as the day goes on and we do have the threat of some afternoon snow showers that could put down another inch or two of accumulation and in the northern suburbs that would mean blowing snow all over again with the winds. tam and matt. >> thank you david. time right now 5:23. up next in the morning buzz the popular mascot who disappeared from cereal boxes across the country. find out why. >> also new information about who hacked into millions of yahoo accounts. the feds plans to announce charges today. >> this "gma" first look is brought to you by your philadelphia tri-state cadillac dealers. introducing the first ever xt5. ♪
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>> ♪ >> good morning everyone. it is wednesday, 5:26. taking a live look at the ben franklin bridge. it is frigid out there. 21 degrees officially in philadelphia. we're not even going to hit the freezing mark today. maybe not even get into the 30's in some spots. so, bundle up and watch out for black ice. tam. >> all right, thank you, matt. time now for the morning buzz. and as you sit down for breakfast you might notice something missing from your box of honey nut cheerios. you won't see buzz. his absence is part of the campaign they call bring back the bees. the point is to bring
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awareness to the mysterious decrease of bees globally. the fewer bees affects pollination which is key to so many crops. that will also affect honey production. cereal maker general mills also wants to give you a way to help. if you go to their web site they'll send you wildflower seeds that you can plant. those are favored by honeybees. overall they plan to give away 100 million seeds. now lots of people love those biden obama memes. turns out that includes the former veep himself. biden's daughtry did you do her todayd to the memes and says he has a favorite one its a picture of him hugging obama with the caption suggesting the former president is saying that he's not leaving the show for biden he only promised biden eight years together t a lot of these are funny and creative. take a look. some of them will give you a laugh. and ashley biden says after she introduced her dad to the memes he actually sat there for an hour scrolling through them and laughing. matt.
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>> thank you tam. 5:27. our coverage of the nor'easter aftermath continues. we are live in the lehigh valley which was the hardest hit area in our region. imagine being a firefighter working with hoses sprague frigid water into the overnight air. it happened last night in philadelphia. "action news" continues. >> ♪
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ak ♪ cleanup after the storm. piles of slush have now and >> for that reason it could be a slow commute andployed. it's on the move in eastngan idr drive to work will look l storms remain in the dark this toppled treesed up power lines. >> it's cold outside. >> it is cold. >> it is cold. we have a couple more issuesthe. unty.irst isn't a really big if you encounter this slow down but it's not a big impact deal. here are the issues we're worried about. first a wind advisory until 8 o'clock. notice how this is only in thei. it's going to be windy up north as well but the big concern here is those areas that got sleean


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