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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 15, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon in the news this noon. police officers are involved in a crash while responding to another accident on slick roads. >> and president trump heads out for a road trip while his new travel ban is challenged in federal court. but the big story is the bitter cold weather on the heels of yesterday's storms. some commuters in chester and other cities had to walk in the streets because the sidewalks were buried under snow. going live outside now, sky 6 hd there is a biting wind on the freezing cold. we are seeing a few more snow showers today. meteorologist karen rogers is in for david murphy with the latest from accuweather. >> that is right. snow showers are here on the radar, they are fighting dry air only 11 degrees, some of them are evaporating before they hit the ground. in coatesville and malvern, on the coast some flurries again
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but it may not reach the ground. but glassboro a flurry or two and a better chance in the early afternoon and evening. watch for that as you are traveling. that is why the winter weather service has an advisory up for the northwest lancaster and reading and allentown until 8:00 tonight for some of these snow showers coming through that will be more pronounced to the north and west and the chance for blowing snow with that because the winds are the real issue, we have a wind advisory. posted until 8:00 this evening and gusting significantly and nonetheless 35 miles per hour cape may and 38 miles per hour gust in atlantic city and 35 in mill shrill and philadelphia and 32 miles per nos. r inold and it like the single 9 degrees is what hiladelptrenton and wilmington and 8 in allentown andere is what e more ss
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coming around in your evening of that remember when are you commute it doesn't amount to much of anything and clears out quickly. overall here is what we are looking for a few snow showers back out here. temperatures stay below f verygain tonight. we'll give you theetails i that oneen d coming e'll talk ab thank you we'll r for the late of updates on the forecast 24 hours a day. from stormtracker 6 live double scan radar and more you'll always be prepared and check in with our meteorologists.low them on facebook and twitter. the big digout is underway in lehigh valley. walter perez is live in reading where the schools are closed again today while the area recovers from the nor'easter. >> reporter: rick here in county depending where you lived. they received 7 inches to a foot and a half. 10 inches here in reading and a quick sn shower going by as
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you can see. but the lingering issue is the brutal cold in this area that turned the snow into a virtual glacier here in reading what started as a slushy snow messed developed into an icy dilemma it has corey pierce working double time to clear the sid >> it's hard and harder to get up. have you to use a metal shovel as wells a regular snow >> most roads are passable after the road spent the night clearing things out and some side streets remain close some stuck in spots they were at before the storm struck. it's not fun but nothing they have not seen before in berks county. >> it will freak everyone out for a couple of days and we'll be all right, we are a tough city in reading pennsylvania. just ask anybody. >> reporter: tough little city for su reading public schools along
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with other school districts in berks county are closed once again today with the expectation of reopening tomorrow. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. some of philadelphia's small side streets, as usual are particulo navigate. including neighborhoods like manayunk where a car was stuck this morning and other narrow roads were blocked by parked cars. annie mccormick has more on the post storm headaches in the city. >> at 26th and allegheny char in was left cleaning off the snow from her minivan. >> i think it snows and then sleeted and it froze.s walked on icyalks on their way to school. parent his to pad extra time for the children's commute. >> kids were playing and
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everything with the snow. they loved it. >> attive and and allegheny, these women can't get their cars out. >> the hard there is no parking we need someone to put salt all over the streets. >> in manayunk neighbors helped neighbors to push cars out of their spots. in manayunk the driver of this car gave up. today main arteries like allegheny and market street were clear and yesterday the city deployed 450 trucks to tackle snow removal city wide and today in center city you could see some of the pushed over snow piled high. tuesday much of center city was a ghost town and today deliveries were made and dogs were walked and commuters skidded their way back into their parking garages. >> if you know of a street that needs to be plowed. you could call 311 but the city asks you wait until thursday to
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make the call. channel 6 "action news." police in salem county new jersey, are investigating a deadly early morning collision. two vehicles clashed in penned township. the driver of a honda civic was killed. police believe he was crossing into on coming traffic and struck a minivan head-on a woman and girl were rescued and take and to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. and police were called to an intersection after two back to back crashes, police were responds when their vehicles were also hit. there were no injuries to anyone involved . president trump is on his way to detroit, michigan to talk about federal gas mileage for new cars and trucks he is expected to push back the
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regulations that were meant to fight global he says this gets rid of red tape leading to more jobs. and then nashville tennessee for a r and to visit andrew jackson's grave. f >> t returns werele news program night. back in 2005 president trump $153 million and paid $38 million in income taxes giving him a tax rate of 25%. the white house claims that the publication of the tax claim was illegal and they say this is not the case in this incidence and the president insisted he could not release his tax returns because they were under audit by the irs. >> one day of president trump's travel ban goes into effect. the executive action is being xrutscrutinized across the country. he will hear from the refugee
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aid groups and the state of hawaii and four families in seattle will be heard. the president's new order wil t people from six majority muslim countries froming the counndll refugees for 120 days. and charges on the hacking that affected millions of yahoo! accounts. this is the first criminal hacking case brought against government officials and they say they were helped by to known hackers. they exposed the data of 1 billion users in december and another one that involved 500 million accounts in 2013. a mother was arrested two days after she abandoned her toddler at a grocery store. and one of the world's move spectacular coral ras destroyed by a cruise ship.
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new surveillance video shows a thief stealing a car from a gas stake while still connects to a gas pump of the suspect got out of the white car and got in the dark suv just after a customer starts to fill up his vehicle the victim could only
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watch as it sped away in tacony. they are looking to the stolen car and the white car belonging to the suspect's accomplices. a woman accused of abandoning her toddler in a store in california. she was arrested after two days after video showed her walking into a grocery store with a 2-year-old girl by her side. when the girl wandered off another shopper brought her over and she responded just leave her. she bought the groceries and left the store. the toddler remains in the custody of child protective services. a massive cruise ship has destroyed a large part of one of the world's most -- reefs. a 4200 ton ship sver the reef at high tide fish normally seen in the area now gone a task continuing strong actio the british
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owned cruise company including civil and criminal charges. a chicago bound flight had to make an emergency landing because of a spilled soda the customer spilled it on an electrical item in the main cabin. they decided it could spark a fire and landed in jacksonville florida? a mascot is retiring for good. the final helium blimp was formerly retired. and covered two super bowls and many daytona 500 races and this year's oscars good year says it completes the transition to a modern fleet of blimps the new model will begin flights by the end of this year. eight postal service workers reached a major milestone driving 1 million miles accident free on the job. today they were recognized during a special ceremony at the
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depford post office. each letter carrier received a plaque for achieving the milestone and some said they always try to be extra careful behind the wheel. >> good for them. still ahead on "action news," the red cross is putting out an urgent plea for blood donors after yesterday's storm.
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expected to be a .25% and a chart detailing plans for future hikes this year and coming years this is the second r health check the red cross is putting out an urgent call for blood. yesterday's nor'easter put a stop to blood drives across the east coast. that there was a shortfall of 4500 blood and platelet donations. donors are asked to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. today is national day of of tobacco. heaes enco peopl say no to smokeftion news" team is out workies 9:00. >> hey guys if you love your disney incesses we'll show you a new line of bathing suits beauty the beach. stuff. >> and also coming up in y's won't h words you're it school anymore, officials hav banned the childhood game for we'll tell you why. improvements without the down time from micro blading
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to non-surgical facelifts if you want a pick me up tune in at 4:00, erin o'hearn has the details on hot new trends. take us with you on the go download the free 6 abc news app. see you guys at 4:00. >> thanks alicia.
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breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. learn more about better breathing at meteorologist, karen rogers in for david today. we are in the deep freeze now. >> it's cold and light snow showers in spots. isn't that great? looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan this is the wider view of it. i want to show you a bit closer. in some areas, it's coming down as light flurries and some brighter areas of light you see a snow shower. not all of this is reaching ground but snow showers are
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pulling in from the north and west and a better chance of more prominent ones coming in now. and glassboro and downingtown. the airport, sky 6 hd is live now at philadelphia international airport and flurries are moving through and it doesn't look like a pronounced snow shower at the airport but we see that around the area ain better chance later on this afternoon as well. lets look at these numbers, cold 25 degrees, the dew point is 13 and that is significant and it looks like snow showers on the radar and some of that evaporating in the dry air mass. the pressure is holding steady at 22 and the ocean temperature is 39 and the cold air cannot hold moisture flurries or a snow shower. the windchill 10 degrees that is it. feels like the single digits in spots and minus 5 in mt. pocono. you need to bundle up head to toe. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we clouded up for
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sure and showers out to the west ain few more pronounced ones that swing through during the afternoon and evening commute. we advance this through 3:00 and a couple of snow showers here and there. and your evening commute at 5:30, a few snow showers pulling in and one could bring it down pretty good. and mostly just flurries and we are watching for that in the afternoon. highs today are below freezing in philly you only get 29 for a high. and 28 in reading and lots of clouds and snow showers and cold temperatures, down along the coastline dover and cape may, you have a better chance of getting above freezing but not a lot of melting there or sunshine there. here is how the temperatures will go. 2:00, 26 with a snow shower around and 4:00 a couple of snow showers could be here or there. but by 6:00 i don't pate any. and clearing up in the overnight hour and 27 and 10:0025 degrees,
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dipping down to 21 in the overnight hours. so it's going to be a cold night ahead. and friday the best chance of seeing a little wintry mix or shower coming through. this is a look at 10:00, a shower in the city and shower north and west that is friday night into saturday. you'll see that here in the seven-day forecast. it's windy and cold, and we have snow showers around this afternoon. 29 for your high. it stays cold after a cold overnight hours and in the morning you wake up and bundle up for the morning bus stop and only up to 37 and we are above freezing and dry and clouds and sunshine. friday for st. patrick's day, increasing clouds and 43 degrees and looks like a warm front that comes through and gives us a chance for wintry mix and showers in the city friday night into saturday morning. not a lot of precipitation but something we are watching cloudy and a shower around in the afternoon, a shower north and west. the high is 48 for saturday.
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sunday 10 degrees below average, not feeling pretty and 44 for your high. and monday spring arrives and rather a spring chill at 46 and 52 and at that point your actual high would be 54 as you look at the seven day, we are below average the entire seven day period. we spend some many days saying it feels like spring and spring arrives and it feels like winter. >> messed up a meteorological term. in the news two young kids that crashed their dad's interview on the bbc, remember this one. we'll recap this one. professor kelly was doing a skype interests view from seoul last week and he was followed by her brother in the walker. the mother pulled them away and the bbc says it wasn't so funny
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at the time. >> we were worried actually that the bbc would never call us again. >> well professor kelly says his phone is ringing off the hook and relieved that everyone finds it funny. >> that is so funny. more ahead in the next half hour of "action news" at noon the digout continues after yesterday's nor'easter after a foot of snow in places. and a black hawk helicopter comes to the rescue of a stranded hiker in arizona.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues. with rick williams sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again, here are the stories we are following now. the storm is gone but the process he cleaning up the snow continues, we have a look at the problems that remain across our region. also, a candidate nor district attorney in philadelphia get a big boost in his campaign and a smoke alarm test reveals young children cannot be safe if their homes catch fire. >> and we are dealing with cold and icy conditions today and in the lehigh valley they are still digging out from the nor'easter, they got more than 12 inches of snow in parts and schools and businesses are once again closed today. gray hall reports now from
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allentown. >> after a pretty mild winter the snow came in fashion with the nor'easter allentown is one place that got hit hard by the snowfall. that is good news for your snow lovers out there. now that the snow is here comes the cleanup. folks in allentown are digging out from inches of snow try to shovel and get to work. thanks to tuesday's nor'easter. whether you are a snow lover or not. getting stuck and spending hours of freeing your car is never fun but from street to street in neighborhoods it was the order of the day and people had places to be and things to do and the snow was not helping. >> how long
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