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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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24 hours after the nor'easter dumped snow and ice in the area and plenty of people are still digging out as temperatures remain below freezing. >> we have team coverage and sara bloomquist has more on the side streets stuck in the snow and first meteorologist, cecily tynan at the big board with more on the forecast. >> mother nature is not making the cleanup process pleasant, double scan live radar showing we have a few snow showers around and the bulk of them in south jersey, right over the new jersey turnpike right now. moving east of woodbury, medford lakes crossing 286 and a squall north of trenton and a piece of energy moving through behind it, that is what is touching off the snow squalls and a wind advisory in effect for the i-95 corridor area south and east for gusty winds and north and west a
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winter weather advisory north and west and they are blowing snow around and temperatures are very cold. we didn't climb out of the 20s, when you factor in the winds, the windchill make its feel like 16 degrees in philadelphia. 14 in reading, and 14 in trenton. 15 at the atlanta take airport and the poconos windchill is only 1 degree. so this evening we'll fin to see scattered snow showers combining with the wind and blowing snow and reduced visibility, be careful as you drive for the evening commute. shouldn't be sticking to most roads and one situation where it's mostly cloudy and all of a sudden you get the snow shower moving through quickly changing conditions and i'll let you know when the sunshine returns and when we finally warm upcoming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> sounds good. thank you. >> the action cam in berks county where the slush and snow
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turned into an icy mess and the plows have not been able to get them yet. getting around is a problem in the city of philadelphia, "action news" reporter sara bloomquist continues the team coverage from 3rd and new street in old city. >> you see the snow is swirling this evening in old city. lets talk about the streets, north 3rd street behind me down to the pavement and down to one lane. that is making for slow going, this is the real problem getting around here in the city today. and all this have icy snow build up around the curbs that make its difficult for people including me to walk around. and if you look out here on new street, it's actually a cobblestone street and you see it is too snow covers and slick in spots. not easy to get around anywhere in the city this afternoon. the sound of tires sounded in the city, here in northern
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liberties the brothers from bruno's come sayy had to give this car a push to get in in the driveway. >> made the snow much harder with the snow and sleet. to dig the cars and trucks out that we had. >> the streets, they were navigated slowly. >> a lot of really hard packed snow and ice. the ice is the big problem. a lot of places where your treads land it's all ice. >> with so much snow along the streets in old city. catching the bus meant standing in the street. and at allegheny and kensington. this street was so snow covered, cars stayed stuck. >> we didn't even send our quids to school. >> we have to drive them and we don't have a car and too cold to walk. >> many did walk. plenty of sidewalks were clear. many remain ice covered in north
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philadelphia parents set out early with the kids, knowing there would be mounds of snow and ice to navigate. >> we went the whole walk, the kids were playing and everything in the snow, they love tropical disturbance a lot. >> back here live, if you need to see a plow or a salt truck, you can call 311 in the city. the city is asking that you wait until tomorrow to do it. live in old city, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. it was a similar scene today in trenton, roads and sidewalks around the city's chambersburg neighborhood were covered in snow and ice and that did not stop people from digging out and marking their spots with folding chairs, restoring power was a major concern in delaware, this was it's scene on tulip street. during yesterday's storm which people were working to fix today. >> crews in new jersey and delaware are getting help from peco, the utility dispatched 50
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contractors to help ac electric restoration yesterday and another 50 today. other peco energy employees are assisting del have a power in delaware. the fbi says that two fugitives wanted for murder in california may be hiding out in the delaware valley. they have been connected to a deadly shooting during a drug transaction in october. two people died a third person was injured. both suspects are from philadelphia with ties to new jersey. the sonoma county sheriff's office is offering a $2500 for an arrest. if you have information call the february or philadelphia police. the cost of a meal plan at temple university is going up in part for the city's new beverage tax. students will have to pay $136 for a mere because of the tax on
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sweetened beverages. john rawlins spoke to students on campus and has more from north philadelphia at 6:00. and workers from some of philadelphia's most popular historic sites say they are suffering from a budget squeeze, it means hours are limited and other sites had to colleagues indefinitely. vernon odom has that story from independence mall new at 5:00 tonight. >> reporter: phillies declaration house a recontracts where thomas jefferson wrote the declaration of independence in 1776. the tour hours down by far because of cuts. the ben franklin sites in old city are locked up and the cuts as a result of budget squeezes and anticipation of white house plans to take the axe to the parks budget good for us, the ben franklin for us has been
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closed. it's quite popular with visitors and students go through. and we print up copies. the declaration for folks. >> there is no one to clean the halls, and the townhouse once the home of dolly todd madison, the first lady of the president that shaped the constitution all of this as president trump ordered a hiring freeze as of march 1st. >> the tour through independence hall probably the most popular besides the liberty bell is shortened. >> there were nearly 5 million tourists attracted to andance park in 2015 and spent $250 million in the park supporting nearly 4,000 jobs, even though.high-profile sites remain open. promoters are disturbed. >> the sites that goat the most traffic are the ones still open but we don't know what it will
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do for the high season. >> the cuts are expected to be announced tomorrow. the federal employees and here are bracing themselves for months now. at independence mall, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> time for a check of the "action news" traffic report. wednesday night. lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center and see what's up. >> you heard beware of ides of mar march. beware of slick spots and falling ice and all sorts of stuff. you see the snow squall moving through olney here this is the resolution-really coming down at the moment and the squalls move quickly and at this point the highways are just wet and v visibilities are down as a result of them. and a broken down truck taking down the center lane. and snowing in sent steer with jammed traffic on the vine and not surprising because as soon
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as you get off the vine at city hall, market street remains blocked at 8th and 12th, falling ice is the issue there. that area at city hall is totally gridlocked. and ice at the delaware memorial bridge, watch out below the inner lanes are blocked in both directions because of ice fears there. >> thanks matt. more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. a major announcements from the fbi about the massive hacking of millions of yahoo! accounts, the four people accused of being behind the attack including foreign intelligence agents. and the roadway that turned into a dangerous slip and slide during yesterday's nor'easter. i laugh, i sneeze...
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and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. winter weather may have caused a pileup in canada involving 50 vehicles you see people moving away from the scene as more and more cars cannot seem to stop in time and crash. the massive collision shut down a highway in quebec and four people were sent to the hospital including pregnant women. it brought 15 inches of snow to the area into a death toll following a collapse after a
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landfill in ethiopia, has risen to 113. the collapse happened saturday night and buried makeshift mud and stick homes inside of the landfill. many victims were women and children, what caused the collapse remains a mystery and the city's mayor vows to relocate those living at the landfill. >> today a major announcements from the fbi and the u.s. attorney general. four people including two russian intelligence agents were accused of hacking millions of yahoo! accounts. billions of accounts were affect, some wanted money and some wanted personal information. >> reporter: the justice department identifying and dating four people including two russian intelligence agents accusing them of stealing the personal of information of millions of yahoo! users. >> both are fsb officers
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protected and directed and facilitated criminal hackers to collect information in the united states and he is where. >> the breach affected at least 500 million yahoo! accounts and the indictment alleges that the two criminal hackers wanted money and the two officers of the russian federal security office wanted stolen information to spy on specific dissidents including russian and u.s. orlandos. >> these were usb officers using usb tools and technique. where it came from in their command i cannot tell you that. >> the russian government is accused of hacking the dna and clinton manager. and the justice department contends there is no connection between this indictment and the dnc investigation and they maintain they will do everything
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in their power to track down these cyber criminals. the fbi will use the long arm of the law to hold hackers accountable for their crimes no matter where they are locate. >> four indicted and one arrested in canada this morning. channel 6 "action news." >> the federal reserve has raised the bank mark interest rate, the fed researrve chair ss it comes in an increased economy, two additional hikes are forecasted for later this year, the dow jones closed up triple digits gaining 112 points and the nasdaq gained 43 and change and the s&p 500 is up almost 20. and rich negron got annence endorsement for his campaign. from the guardians league and national black police
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associations all announced their support for his candidacy. negron is a former city manager under mayor michael nutter and left that job to work in a private form and he says that negron earned this endorsement. >> as police officers sometimes we have conflicts with the district attorneys office that is fine. what we are looking for is fairness and equality and open door communication. >> i am fighting against violence and bringing people together to make a difference my entire life. >> current da seth williams is under investigation and announced he will not seek a third term. rocket from the harlem wizards was full of tricks today he visited the elementary and the students with pumped up with a game and the goal was to get each of them out of the circle but a kindergartner here dennis made it to the end and beat
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rocket at the game and he got a head band and a ticket to the upcoming gape. >> good for you dennis. still ahead the ncaa basketball tournament starts tomorrow. but doctors say they are seeing a different kind of march madness this time with men. the spike in surgeries nationwide. we'll tell you about it. follow us on social media for the headlines. to communicate with us. we are
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bass pro shops. health check tonight the number of new flu cases are dropping off in our area and the winter epidemic is not over yet. delaware reported three more flu deaths all people with underlying health conditions, all 65 years of age or under. and nearly 90% of the flu deaths were 65 and over and nationwide flu is still raining from virginia to the south to texas. >> hard to believe with the snow on the ground but spring allergies are on the rise. local doctors that keep the official pollen count say that levels of tree pollen are high and warmer weather causes the
5:21 pm
tree pollen to bloom and if you need medication it's time to take it regardless of the weather. with the ncaa tournament there is a lot of basketball coming up and according to doctors interestingly a lot of vasectomies too. between 2014 and 2016 the cleveland clinic noticed a 10% increase for men before the tournament. at the urging of their wives three los angeles men had theirs done the same day. >> if we are going to do it might as well do it all together. >> doing it all together with my friends really helped a lot. >> i was open in the office and i mentioned a couple of my coworker, they said you know maybe i'll do that. >> men happen to choose march madness so they can easily take time off spending the weekend recovering and watching basketball.
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>> there you go. >> okay. still to come on "action news" at 5:00. a check of the forecast for you outside. live outside sky 6 hd showing you atlantic city where they have snow falling of course and limited visibility and cecily tynan has the exclusive accuweather forecast when "action news" comes right back. i have asthma...
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. the snow may be gone but the windchill hanging around. the snow is not completely gone we have in ours and squalls moving through now and one potent ban over i-95 near cotman this is moving up to the north and east. when you see that color pink that is more intense snow squall that can reduce visibility and we have some of that across south jersey not quite as intense but hammonton had a snow squall heading towards 206 and the garden state parkway, this is a troth behind the system that brought the ice and rain and snow yesterday. and today it brought cold air, so far the high in philadelphia a measly 28 degrees, that is 24 degrees below the average high for this time of year. and only the fourth march day stuck in the 20s, recorded in the past decade the fifth day
5:26 pm
goldest day this winter and the winds are gusty and right now wind gusts of 30 miles per hour in philadelphia and dover 38, lancaster 39 and the wins are out of the west pulling in the cold air so the current windchill makes it feel like 17 in philadelphia and 14 in allentown and the same in trenton and beach haven and lancaster currently feels like 15 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing this morning we saw some peeks of sunshine at 8:30 in the morning and then the troth moved through and brought showers and squalls and the good thing is things quiet down as far as snow showers. 21 in philadelphia, and allentown 15 and wilmington and trenton 19 and atlantic city 24 and windchill 5 to 10 degrees so bundle up. we are not alone, freeze warnings extend all wait to the deep south and a hard freeze warning up in parts of northern florida, and temperatures tomorrow morning, future tracker
5:27 pm
6 showing low 20s and not that much warmer in parts of florida. jacksonville 29 degrees this likely will cause big problems for the peach crops, tomorrow it gets better, sunshine is back and a cool day with winds up to 20 miles per hour and the windchill in the afternoon will be in the 20s, not as brutal as today. the five-day at 5:00 showing tomorrow sunshine and brisk and still cool but temperature as above freezing and 37 degrees and st. patrick's day 43 degrees and increasing clouds and a warm front and mixed precipitation friday night and behind that system we have slightly warmer air and a little bit unsettled with mostly cloudy skies and 46 and sunday 46 and monday a spring chill as spring officially arrives, didn't feel like it. 46 degrees. >> okay sounds good thank you. more "action news" coming your way.
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"action news" continues with adam joseph, jaime apody and monica malpass. >> hello again, here is what is happening on "action news"
5:30 pm
tonight. residents in berks county are digging out from a foot of fresh snow while dealing with bitter cold temperatures. we have more from officials there. you'll hear from a driver that narrowly escaped getting hit by a giant slab of ice on a roadway. and president trump's leaked tax return and new accusations of wiretapping, what law makers revealed today. >> now the details, residents in the lehigh valley and berks county bore the brunt of the march nor'easter getting a foot of snow in most parts it was about chipping away at the ice and snow and residents say it's an all too familiar habit. walter perez is live in reading tonight with more on the cleanup. >> reporter: hey rick here in berks county depending where you live, they received 7 inches to
5:31 pm
a foot and a half, about a foot in reading, the lingering issue continues to be the bitter, bitter cold. what started as a snowy slushy mess developed into an icy dilemma. >> we'll be here for a while. >> by the time we found jonathan gomez he and his family were chipping away at the glacier surrounding the family vehicle. >> we think it will take the whole day. >> are you not optimistic? >> no. >> i really have no faith right now. >> overnight lows in the teens converted all the lingering snow piles in blocks of ice. and mayor wiley scott says that there are people that can't move their car even after de-icing them. >> we are returning into problems where some cars are broken down and how to help people out it's so coal the batteries won't start. we are not sure what we'll do yet. >> and below freezing
5:32 pm
temperatures in the forecast until the end of the week it's difficult to fulfill the local ordinance mandating that local sidewalks be cleared within 24 hours of the storm's conclusion. it's not fun but nothing that people here haven't seen before. >> it will freak people out and we'll be all right. we are a tough city us here in reading pennsylvania, just ask anybody. >> it's a tough city, got to tell you. reading school districts along with other school districts in berks county closed one again today with the expectation of opening once again tomorrow. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. for resident as long the jersey shore digging out is not the issue it's about rebuilding, "action news" is in longport as a worker in a front loader began building the dunes here and causes flooding and beach erosion along long stretches of shore line. still cleanup in parts of
5:33 pm
delaware county this woman chose to walk on the street in ridley township, there is a lot of snow untouched to the entrance of the wood planned fire station as well. and one mailman was taking it slowly on the job today. >> idea. delmarva power crews were outside working outside of dupont middle school. they were closed today because of power outages and other schools opened two hours late this morning. aside from a few pop-up showers, cecily mentions the win and biting cold was the concern and it will be that way for the next couple of days. >> adam joseph is live with the update. >> a small climb out of the freezer here we are out of the deep freeze and it gets better each and every day slowly through the end of the week. stormtracker 6 live double scan we are not only dealing with the bitter cold windchills but the snow showers that continue to pass through and in fact we look at the roosevelt boulevard live from one of our cameras you see
5:34 pm
the snow blowing from the left to the right here. it's not accumulating on the roadways. that is the good news, a heavie shower working from the southwest to the north and east. they are scattered through the region and one more stop up to the lehigh valley and dealing with the snow showers as well. especially north hamilton county near easton and that is heading toward chapman here north of downtown allentown where they are dry at the present time. the snow showers will fall apart in the next hour or two and we'll talk about the slow warm up toward the first day of spring on monday in the full forecast in a bit. >> there are conditions on the roads with temperatures around freezing tonight. >> for sure rick. the snow showers that were coming down we see them at a bunk of our traffic cameras, near 95 and cotman avenue, snow is falling at this point and highway is just wet. we are not seeing big delays,
5:35 pm
and visabilitvisabilities. and the boulevard in east falls it's snowing lighter here but the northbound traffic is locked up off the execution on up to ninth street where we have the broken down truck of the indrive that is here all afternoon and creating big delays on the northbound side of the boulevard. snowing lighter than it was last half hour in center city. vine street expressway still jammed and traffic is not light that is for sure. and don't forget market street remains blocked at eighth and 12th because of falling ice. that is creating gridlock. and falling ice on the delaware memorial bridge has the outer lanes blocked in both directions and a number of the regional rail trains are canceled this afternoon because of crew shortages. >> more people are on the road today following yesterday's storm of course, but driver who's don't properly clean the
5:36 pm
snow and ice off their vehicles are creating dangerous conditions for other drivers. andrew was driving his suv on i-95 near route 141 in delaware when his windshield was hit by a slab of ice and it fell off a tractor trailer and the windshield was pushed in and badly cracked and the force of the ice broke the passenger side mirror off. he was not injured. >> i had glass all over my lap during the whole thing that went down. actually turned out it could be worse but turned out better than i thought. >> well delaware does not have a specific snow or ice removal law on the books, since 2014 there are several bills on the books that would allow officers to fine drivers that don't properly clear off their vehicles but so far no legislation is passed in the first state. rely on for the latest updates, the forecast 24 hours a day from stormtracker 6 live double scan radar and more
5:37 pm
you'll always be prepared and check in with our team of meteorologist, follow them on facebook and twitter. big news out of washington today. on president trump's taxes and his claims that he was wiretapped by president obama. stephanie ramos is live now with the details. >> monica, house intelligence leaders don't always appear together but they did this morning and they say they are still waiting on the department of justice to provide evidence to back up president trump's claims of wiretapping and the doj has until next monday to do so. >> leaders of the house intelligence committee says that there is no evidence that president obama was ever wiretapped. >> i don't think there was an actual tap of trump tower. >> the top democrat called for president trump to officially retract his statement and that former president obama had trump tower wiretapped. >> it concerns me that the president would make such an
5:38 pm
accusation without basis. >> and devon nunez says that perhaps his tweets should be taken literally. >> finance you are, clearly the president was wrong. >> and two pages of trump's income taxes from more than a decade ago are out after the president spent the last year of the campaign refusing to release them. david k. johnson says he received the two page tax summary of the president's taxes in 2005 in the mail unanimously and released them. and shows an income of $138 million and paid $38 million in taxes and tax rate about 25% and declared $103 million in losses. democrats still want the president to release his full tax returns like other presidents since nixon. >> they were merely, as we say in minnesota a cocktail weenie appetizer right?
5:39 pm
a tiny piece of what we want to see. >> and we are also hearing from attorney general, jeff sessions on the wiretapping claims. he says as the nation's top law enforcement official he never indicated to president trump that former president obama had him wiretapped. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. world news tonight with david muir has more on the partial release of donald trump's 2005 tax return and the latest on the wiretapping allegations. watch all of that on channel 6 "action news" at 6:00. closer to home. the employee was tacked in the store in the grays ferry section. video from march 5th shows the suspects entering the store at grace avenue at 10:15 p.m., the suspects confront the victim and start to attack her. she was escorted out of the store by security. any information on who these women are are asked to call
5:40 pm
police. >> in delaware county jeffrey felipe was sit first degree his car on baltimore pike when a car going into the alternate direction lost control and slammed into him. felipe was rushed to the hospital but did not survive. not clear if the other driver was injured or if he will face criminal charges in the crash. still to come on "action news," firefighters is talk from his hospital bed after pulling off a historic rescue three weeks before he was suppose to walk down the aisle. >> and school kids use their knowledge to bring the past to life in northeast philadelphia. and ducis rogers has sports including a live report from buffalo where the villanova wildcats are getting ready for their first game in the ncaa tournament tomorrow.
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5:44 pm
tacks. they come as syria marks six years as the start of think of brutal civil war, a firefighters in south korea is called a hero for saving five people from a burning apartment building, the firefighter blocked flames with his back so others could jump out of a window to safety and waited until everyone was out of the apartment before jumping himself. he broke his hip in the fall and won't be able to walk down the aisle for his wedding set to take place in three weeks, the firefighter did what he had to do to save people. >> my goodness. what a hero. >> ducis rogers is here with sports and villanova is getting ready for the big game tomorrow night in buffalo. can't wait for the tournament to get starts and the preparation continues and villanova has an opponent for the first round game. it's mount st. marys, jeff skversky is live in buffalo with the champs. >> reporter: ducis as the number one team in the country and the
5:45 pm
number one overall seed in the tournament, villanova is poised to make a deep run and poised to make a run as national champions and that is not the number one thing on their mind they are focused on beating mount st. marys in the opener. they wrapped up practice here in buffalo, moments ago getting set to take on the winner mount st. mary, a team they did not face since 2013. villanova is trying to be the first team into repeat as champs since 2003. and they are not putting is fresh your on themes to be repeat champs. >> we never talked about repeating this whole year, just committing ourselves to villanova basketball team and buying in. >> you can't look too far forward. coach is trying to drive that home and focus on the present
5:46 pm
and the next game. we could be thinking about repeating and overlook your next game and you lose and you don't have a chance to make it to that point to repeat. >> and the villanova seep yours do not want that to happen. this is their last run hoping to make a deep run and be the third team in the last 43 years to repeat as national champions. more coming up at 6:00. live in buffalo, jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the ice, the flyers behind the eight ball in terms of making the playoffs, have a tough task and the pittsburgh penguins are in town and the flyers are 10 points out with 14 games left to play. not great and they are making tougher chasing four teams. >> we won't go to the game like it's over you know what i mean. 7 pointss a lot but isn't that -- not something we are not
5:47 pm
capable of doing. it has to start tonight. the sixers lost a close one at golden state last night. the sixers saw a 6 point lead evaporate. steph curry hit a big 3 to give the warriors a lead. and at the other end green made a block on mcconnell. and the sixers lost 106-104. >> they are fun to watch i'll give them that. >> the sixers yes. and it came alive for fourth graders in philadelphia. kids reserved their favorite figures and made their own costumes, there was amelia earhart and a delightful johnny apple seed with a pot on his head. fun. today christian growth ministries gave food and clothes
5:48 pm
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my hygi...a mouthwash.o try... so i tried crest. it does so much more than give me fresh breath. crest pro-health mouthwash provides all... ...of these benefits to help you get better dental check-ups. go pro with crest mouthwash. checkup? nailed it meteorologist adam joseph is here with an update and snow
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squalls. >> and it's an icy mess as we try to climb out of this during the upcoming weekend. we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan many of us saw the sfo snow showers and flurries and they are tapering off. and areas are still getting hit hard. you see there to the north of 38 near mount holly and rancocas along 295, the new jersey turnpike stretch and parts of burlington county getting hit by a heavier snow shower move ago way from northeast philadelphia. not accumulating on the roads, accumulating on some of the grassy surface, if you don't have snow or ice on the ground and windchills of the cars if people are leaving work, just have to brush it off a bit. and nasty squall, out of our viewing area near belmar south of long branch, the rates of this particular band were 5 to 10 inches of snow per hour, and
5:52 pm
that was a squall passing through and this passes north and west on the verge ofmerser county. they continue to fall apart in the state of new jersey in the next hour and the cold will linger, 14 in allentown and reading and 15 in millville. just one lonely degree in the poconos. then is all in response to that major nor'easter, winding up in northern parts of new england here. i mentioned this in the 4:00 hour, you think about this like a storm and you rev it up it takes time to unwind so to speak and we have the winds wrapping around there and a little bit of energy in the form of the snow showers. so they will end here this evening and overnight. but the winds continue to be out of the west between 15 and 25 miles per hour. and windchills back in the single digits with air temperatures in the teens for most locations, 37 tomorrow and the biggest different tomorrow will be the march sun, it is
5:53 pm
back and it will melt the ice and the snow if you are in the direct sun and not in the shade. sunny and cold though with afternoon windchills still own in the 20s. and another system in the form of a warm front arrives late on friday. and most of the day on friday sun going to clouds on st. patrick's day 48 degrees and after sunset 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 up to the midnight hour, precipitation breaks out and starts as west snow in philadelphia and especially to the north and west before it transitions to showers for the rest of the overnight hours of friday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast it is bright and brisk and cold tomorrow 37. and sun to clouds friday and the evening mix developing and again it is after 8:00 or 9:00 in the evening. and then on saturday, miler and there could be a shower around with a lot of clouds and we say milder, it is still technically below normal. 47 will feel better and windchills we have in the single digits and teens presently. and then 46 on sunday and a dry
5:54 pm
day. a spring chill to begin the new season and monday of 46, a brief little touch near normal on tuesday. with showers and then it turns chilly again next week on wednesday. 42 degrees. with sun and clouds. everyone is doing the same thing -- ugh. >> quick break and more news when we come back. (vo) what if this didn't
5:55 pm
have to happen?
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i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car... could stop itself? in iihs front-end crash prevention testing, nobody beats the subaru impreza. not toyota. not honda. not ford. the all-new subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru. a man with a gun robbed a pet supply store in center city and captured the crime at the doggy style store. the suspect got away with $200 in cash and the employee behind the counter was not hurt and it's hard to see the robber's face in the video and philadelphia police would like to hear from you. >> right now jim gardner is standing by with more at 6:00.
5:57 pm
folks across the lehigh valley is digging themselves out as street departments try to clear the roads. 13 people were charged as authorities bust a major heroin ring in bucks county and temple students see a hike in their meal plans and they point to the beverage tax as the reason. for meteorologist, adam joseph, cecily tynan, ducis rogers and monica malpass and the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams have a nice evening. fios in the house! dave this fios party is da bomb! fo shizzle! it's tv totally ahead of its time. yo, let me check that. oh snap. that x1 voice remote is crunk!
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wednesday night an arrest is made in the beating death of a homeless man and the state cuts benefits for the police. and the big cleanion is the big story and it's not proving to be easy from trenton to the streets of man yufrk in philadelphia to allentown and the lehigh valley, people are chopping and chip ago way at their snow packed sidewalks and their cars. this time it's especially challenging because the storm contains so much ice and sleet. it has been very tough to clean and shovel. now magnify that many times over and you define the city of philadelphia's problem. sara bloomquist is live at 3rd and new street in old city. sara, tough going for the snow removal efforts there. >> they have done an okay job and you see here on this pile of snow i'm standing on it, so heavy and icy it's nearly impossible to move this snow around.
6:00 pm
look out on third street it's down to the pave many but down to one lane as well making for slow going. look at the edge of 3rd, the piled up snow very icy making it difficult for people to traverse the sidewalks and get their cars out. it's not an easy day for people to get around. ice is a problem in the city today. one day after nor'easter brought wet snow and the owner of a northern liberties cafe cleared the sidewalks yesterday and found them covered again today after people shoveled out their cars. >> overnight they shoveled they are cars on to the sidewalk that we cleaned. >> cars have carved out paths


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