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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 16, 2017 12:30pm-12:59pm EDT

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on "action news" at 12:30, snow and ice making for a tough commute and many neighborhood streets in philadelphia and a live report coming up. a second judge blocks president trump's revised travel order and villanova's march madness run to defend their national championship begins tonight in buffalo and "action news" is there. >> and now the details, two days after the nor'easter, the snow and ice still causing in and ar philadelphia. we may have e heavier snowfall but enough to leave a mess lingering around and with almost everyone back to work and school and the drive took longer. and the cold is sticking around and that means all the snow piles and icyts are not going away any time soon. gray hall is live in south philadelphia for us on an update on how those folks are >> reporter: hi rick, you know that depends on where y moun st
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when you neighborhood streets like here the problems because they are caked over snow and ice. heatin spring. now covered and packed with icr recent nor'east. the blast digging out. >> if you cand eat. and have margaritas. side stre you don't hav it makes it a nuisance for the >> if you are an unlucks stuck snow andfun but getting yourrew
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>> a sense ofre on the side tre its neighborhood streets driverd hoping they wi streets. dangero >> the sidetreets are always horrible and i and i have never seen a small street cleared out. they take forever to clear it out. >> reporter: back out live, hopefully it will forever. there will still be scraping and shoveling to do over the next c urging if your street has not been plowed to call 311. >> thank you. chopper 6 hd was over the jersey shore this morning as the crews began the task of firming
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miles of beach erosion, the nor'easter hit with strong winds and high surf. >> meteorologist, karen rogers, is in for david murphy outdoors with the outlook from accuweather. karen, sunny but very cold. >> it is cold but at least we have the sunshine, we have that going for us today. it's nice and bright and as i look at snow i see hints of puddles near them and slow to melt and the sun is trying to do its job. and the numbers through the area, satellite 6 along with action radar showing us we have clear skies all morning and bright sunshine and the beauti we see clouds trying to fill in from the north and west. we see sun mixing with clouds here and there, and it's a pretty afternoon, it's cold in the lehigh valley and below freezing and 30 degrees and 37 in coatesville. in kennett square and 36 in saint davids and 33 in levittown, and 34 degrees in
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center city. how about the suburbs in knowledge in browns mills and glassboro and 35 in woodbine and 35 on the boardwalk in a.c. and the winds are a real issue gusting 35 miles per hour. right now through philadelphia and through the area we are looking at wind gusts, 25 to 35 miles per hour around the region. feeling the win out here once again and the low continues to try to depart. and the windchill is part of it and better than yesterday, and staying in the single digits and feels like 21 in philadelphia and 17 in reading and 9 in mt. pocono and cold there for sure and 30 degrees the windchill currently in cape may, normally this time of year a high of 37 degrees, what is what we are seeing right now, normally a high of 53 that would be nice. not reaching that today. tonight's low is 22 below the average low of 34 degrees and staying well below average today
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and really the seven day period showing that. lets take a look at the forecast evening commute bright with the sunshine and glaring off the snow and 37 degrees at 4:00 p.m. we'll hold that high for a few hours, sunshineh clouds at 7:00 p.m. and the sun gets ready to set at 35 owers o and details on that in the seven-day forecast. coming up in just a min rick. >> all right thank you. turning to politics, a second judge has rejected president trump's secondary advised travel a maryland judge blocked it several hours after a hawaii judge blocked it. the aclu of delaware and alatin american community center organized a gathering and here is more on the court ruling and how the white house is firing back. >> it's deja vu for president trump. >> a judge has blocked our
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executive order on travel. his newly revised travel ban blocked again and again, he vowed to fight it. >> as far as it needs to go including all the way up to the supre court. >> this time the nationwide restraining order put in place by the judge in hawaii and a narrower order out of maryland before the ban was set to take effect. the new ban like the original one is said to discriminate on nationality and religion and president trump call its overreach and that the ruling it flawed insisting the travel ban falls in the president's lawful authority to pro. >> the order was a watered down version of the >> and dan abrahams says that the watered down argument could hurt the administrationcourt. >> the same purpose behind the first one exists. >> and another issueists, the t
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president claiming that former president obama wiretapped trump >> lets see whether or not i prove it. first time where he got the bo things, this is a lot of wiretapping talked things. >> but in terms actual says he has seen nothing. >> will you take the literally? and if you are, clearly the ct what he sure on fbi director knows and will appear before congress next week. the day care worker captured on surveillance cam allegedly pushing a toddler down a flight judge this morning. sara gable of full croft waived her hearing and left without talking to reporters.
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and gable used to work at the future child care daycare center. is charged with simple assault for tossing a 4-year-old down a set of stairs. philadelphia police are trying to track down the suspect believed to be behind two food truck robberies. police say in both robberies, the armed man entered the truck and demanded money and he got away with a total of 15$1500. and now new details of a jewelry theft ring the arrest of five men including a jeweler. the group is accused of stealing jewels from high end residents through the area and then selling stolen jewelry through his business through 2013 and 2016, they are expecting to outline now the victims can
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retrieve their items today. and march madness the event that turns everyone into basketball experts or so they believe. the wildcats take on mount st. marys. and they are the overall first seed. the buzzer beater is on everyone's minds but they have to think of other things. >> focusing on that shot or repeating, we'll be upset. >> we are excited to be here and progressed and fortunate. >> they are through this enough to know we can be beat by anybody. >> jeff skversky has been in buffalo all week covering villanova and the live reports continue today on "action news" beginning at 4:00. more ahead on "action news" at 12:30. including the new report of a boat crash that kill aid star major league picture and a carjacking murder of an
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attorney, a new jersey judge is hearing the case. and shots are fired a school, details when "action news" comes right back.
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developing right now a 17-year-old student is under arrest for a shooting at a high school in southern france. the student shot the principal and two others and five others are being treated for shock at the scene and there is no reason to expect the attack is terror related. an accused killer is now going on trial for the carjacking and murder of a young attorney in essex county, new jersey. here is more on emotions running high in the courtroom. >> it was the holiday mall shoot that shocked the current. 30-year-old lawyer, dustin freedland shot in a carjacking in front of his wife, jaime. >> the first of four suspects
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accused of freedland's horrific murder on trial. >> what had been a good day, became the worst day of jaime's life and the last day of dustin friedman's life. just days before christmas, the freedman went to the short hills more for dinner to celebrate their anniversary. and when they got back to their range rover two men confronted them. >> i saw the gun go to his head and then bang bang and the window shattered in the car and jaime all but froze in the terrifying chaos. >> you don't know what to do in the situation it was so fast, he leans in and places the gun to my head and said get out of the car [ bleep ]. >> it took an ambulance nearly 30 minutes to arrive after the
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first 911 call. >> i called the ambulance a half hour ago. where is he? i was screaming stay with me, stay with me. finally the ambulance showed up but not really, because it couldn't get on to the parking deck. and dustin later died at the hospital and she wants the mall's owners held accountable say they go did not provide advocate security. >> if you invite the public to shop at your mall you better make sure it's safe and this mall didn't. and they need to take responsibility. two women and a child escape aid home by sliding down the roof and into the snow can, the fire broke out in a home yesterday morning and the homeowner was not able to fine the keys to the dead bolts and the family ran upstairs and on to a second story window and on
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to the roof. a firefighter came home from work and called 911 when he saw the fire and saw the family trying to escape. >> she looks back when she was oning to the neighbor's house and i heard her say oh god. >> firefighters battled the winds and frigid weather and snow pack. officials say that the miami marlins pitcher, jose fernandez was the likely operator of a boat involved in a deadly crash in december. fernandez and two other men died when it crashed. a new report out from the wildlife conservation, his dna and fingerprints on the vehicle and drugs and alcohol were listed in factors in the crash. and a two car crash that sent an suv through a verizon store, one driver slid into the back of the suv and the vehicle
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spun out into three lanes and into the store and the striking vehicle flew into the fence and both drivers suffered minor injuries. nobody was heard. stepping live outside sky 6 hd showing us the atlantic city beach, karen rogers has your update from accuweather.
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meteorologist, karen rogers is back now with a look at the sunny forecast. that is misleading isn't it. >> it look pretty if are you inside. looking outside. stormtracker 6 live double scan. looking good right now, we are dry through the region and staying dry today. but we'll be using double scan to track a couple of showers or snow showers around this weekend. lets go outside and show what you it looks like right now and the action cam was out in about
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and why not? heading to the shore and you need to be well bundled to do that, temperatures 34 degrees currently, and pressure is holding steady and picked up west northwest and seeing gusts higher up to 35 in spots and the ocean temperature is 38. looking at the windchill it feels like the 20s in philadelphia and trenton and wilmington and 21, 22 degree windchill and 17 in reading and only 9 in mt. pocono. and satellite 6 along with action radar showing sunshine and some clouds stream if from the north and west. we'll have sunshine mixing with clouded today and a wider l along th eastoast showing you quiet along the east coast but the temperatures are plunging, 30 in chicago and 34 in philadelphia and 49 in jack onville but dipped to 129 degrees this morning in jacksonville. so they have freeze warnings posted. at 2:00 p.m. they are 36 degrees
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and 4:00, 37 that is your high today. a pretty day only a little bit of melting with the sunshine and 6:00, 37 degrees and 8:00, dipping back down to 33 and 10: degrees and gets cold once again in the overnight hours. 37 is the high in philadelphia tonight and barely above freezing 32, 33 degrees and 36 in trenton and 37 in millville and close to 40 in cape may with 39 degrees. and then tomorrow a high of 40 and high pressure that gave us the beautiful sunshine nunls off the coast and this warm front approaches and we see sunshine followed by clouds in the evening and then the chance for a wintry mix and then the best chance though is the overnight hours on friday and be care people may be out celebrating l want to watch the roads, future tracker 6 showing at 5:30 this morning and the model has it later and snow showers in the
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lehigh valley and a wintery mix. we watch that through the day on saturday, we'll see showers in philadelphia and a better chance for lighter snow showers in the lehigh valley, and the poconos. that is a look at 10:30, if this stays out here long enough we get showers here and there, and could change back to snow in philadelphia if it hangs on late enoug 8:00. and saturday showers and especially snow showers in the lehigh valley and the poconos, here is your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast brisk and cold and 37 for your high, tomorrow sunshine fades behind clouds in the evening and still a pretty day and 48 for your high and the wintry mix holds off until overnight hours into saturday. and lehigh valley could get another inch or two, we'll keep tracking that. and 48 for the high and showers in philadelphia. partly sunny skies on sunday and monday spring chill, not not
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feeling springy. and wednesday chilly again back down to 45 degrees. >> just bundle up. thank you karen. well, the tgit returns tonight with an all new epi of the catch. >> we have known each other for a year and one of us was lying to the other the entire time. >> will you throw that in my face every time we have a fight? >> yes, because you lied to me for an entire year. >> i would understand that you had no choice and i would forgive you. >> i have forgiven you. >> but you won't let me forget that you have forgiven me. >> meantime the team takes on a tough clients being hunted by a sharp shooter, the catch after
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"grey's anatomy" and "scandal" "action news" follows at 11:00.
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final check of the forecast. >>wir lots of sunshineix in from the north and wesill a pretty ae temperature right 34degre, and made it above freezing and we are abovefrzing. and the windchill in the low 20s, don't get too excited. 37 is your high and normally a high of 53. doesn't that sound nice. >> it sounds balmy. >> it would be balmy. the overnight low is 22 and even that is below the normal overnight low of 48 degree, we don't hit the average high for the entire seven day period.
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>> thank you karen. many well, a wisconsin teenager held a hail mary pass on social media for a prom date and her favorite nfl player said yes. she reached out to pittsburgh steelers running back lavine bell. and she got 1400 retweets later the pro player said where is my boutonniere? >> i have all my papers i'm the biggest fan. the story just proves the power of social media is crazy and so many positive things that could come out of it. >> one more obstacle. high school administrators are waiting for a formal attendance question from bell since he is 25 years old over the able limit for attendees and he would bring
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his mother and girlfriend who has offered to help with her hair and mickup. >> and coming up on "action news" at 4:00, the sight of your train pulling into a station is normally a good thing but not when it blasts you with the snow. what amtrak is saying about that incident. and "action news" is with the llanova wildcats if buffalo st. marys nd one tip-off mountaineers. >> have a great afternoon.
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