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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  March 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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jeff skversky is live with the team in buffalo. sara bloomquist is on the villanova campus and sara what is the story there? >> well jim the games are on here all afternoon, we expect within the hour for this room here the connelly center to fill up as a watch party gets underway. they are looking long range and are hoping for a second national championship win. they got the games going on big screen tvs and their brackets filled out and march madness is here and students are excited on the campus of villanova university and home of the top seed and last year's champs. >> people are excited for the championships, people hope it's another year and another championship. >> jenkins three to win it! >> and nobody could remember last year's buzzer beater for
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the win and two years in a row is rare and they are confident that this team could do it. >> i don't want to jinx them it has been done and it can happen again good we are number one, everyone is trying to beat us, virginia will want revenge if they get there. it's tough but i think we'll do it. students organized a party like atmosphere complete with a dj and give-aways to add on to the excitement. >> we hope it's packed in here and usually things go crazy and students are lining up for free stuff and free food. >> the university shop has seen a week of brisk business they hope to see the villanova mentality shirts move fast half they see the team wearing them on the bench. >> we saw increased traffic on monday and yesterday as well in the store with students and
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alumni coming in so the wildcats are looking to make it two in a row. you better believe that they have nova nation behind them. live from campus, sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. lets switch live to jeff skversky in buffalo where tip-off is at 7:10 tonight. >> reporter: hey jim, when very asked villanova star, josh hart, if this team is good enough to repeat. he says we are good enough but they don't think about it or talk about it. that is not the mentality of this villanova basketball team it serves them well last year when they took the one game approach and six games away from back to back national championships. a number one seed nevada lost to a 16 seed in this tournament but villanova is not taking this win for grants against mount saint
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particularies, they are locked in and focused. they are filing into the key bank center in buffalo and we heard a lot of villanova wildcat chants so far and they are indeed in the house and getting ready and about to take the court tonight in buffalo for warm-ups and the 7:10 tip-off in sports. we'll hear from chris jenkins who hit the buzzer beater, you may be surprised about the shot that won them the title. live in buffalo, jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. montgomery county officials recovered a million and a half dollars worth of stolen jewelry and coins and now they want to return them to their rightful owners, back in january police arrested five people behind 60 break-ins around the tri-state area, and that included the store owner accused of buying
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and selling the stolen jewelry and a website is now set up so burglary victims can view the industry, and final out how to reclaim their property. >> we are encouraging people from throughout the philadelphia region that are victims of burglary. and a victim of a robbery to review the website and see if their jewelry and their coin election or their precious metals are among the evidence that we have. >> can you find a link at philadelphia police are trying to track down a food truck bandit that hit two trucks monday night one in powellton and one in northeast philadelphia. live is john rawlins, these are armed robberies obviously serious business. >> reporter: absolutely. police say that one man with a gun robbed two trucks in succession monday night before the storm hit in philadelphia. one was near drexel university
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and here the other about a mile away interest here and the police have released a video and are asking for help identifying the suspect on the video. >> the quality food truck at 45th and walnut. monday evening the man getting out of the impala is about to rob the truck and its crew, the suspect wearing a black jacket and red pants and under the jacket a red sweatshirt with a graphic and when he gets to the truck he waits, as soon as it's customer left he came in the door with a gun and i will not use the word he used but said give me your money. >> the suspect first walks and then jogs back to the impala, two hours later police say he robbed another truck at 45th and lancaster and regular customers react to the news. >> it's messed up. they provide a good service and affordable and tastes good. and it's a shame they get robbed
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and they earn every penny they make. >> they hope someone recognized the suspect and seemed focus and deadly serious. his advice. >> they need to be aware of what happened to us. they know this is an an easy target and they can take advantage. >> again, one man one gun two trucks that were targeted just on monday evening and police are hoping to find the suspect by using the video and putting the video out there. if you want a closer look go to our website at >> live in powelton, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, the day care worker that pushed a 4-year-old down a flight of stairs appeared before a delaware judge in seacane, 32-year-old sara gable waived her preliminary hearing and she faces simple assault charges and lost her job at child care of the future daycare
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center. after video appeared to show her pushing 4-year-old allaya humphrey down the stairs earlier this month. drivers across the region are still dealing with the aftermath of tuesday's nor'easter and philadelphia road crews are working to clear side streets and the city is urging residents to be patient and keep in mind there are 2,000 miles of streets to deal with after the storm. they hope to have the roads clear by tomorrow. you can report uncleared roads by calling 311. and power crews are making progress restoring electricity but that is no consolation for the 684 delmarva customers still in the dark and peco working to restore electricity to 233 customers in philadelphia. at the jersey shore crews are up and down the coast working to shore up the dunes. a bit of good news here, no
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beaches sustained major damage, 14 had moderate damage including wildwood and atlantic city and beaches in northern ocean county. >> president trump unveil aid 1.1 trillion dollars bunt today. and it has deep cuts to domestic programs to make an increase in the military. mayor jim kenney says 2 t would be devastating for philadelphia. >> including the block program. that would hurt small business and affordable housing and the spending plan has a long road until passage. kenney is runging people to reject it. >> it won't happen like a lightning bolt overnight and take shape and we'll see what is actually out there. that is doable and what congress will push back on and hopefully congress will help save us in some of this. >> the budget's biggest cuts comes from the epa and state
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department. david muir will have more on the budget proposal at 6:30 after "action news." and reunion four months in the make. and a familiar face is back in the eagles locker room and jaime apody has that storey. sky 6 hd showing it's return of blue skies and sunshine but i'm tracking rain and snow showers over the weekend. i'll have details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> oh boy. thank you. those story and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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atlantic city mayor don guard yen is kicking off his campaign. he was the first republican mayor of the city since 1990 so far four other candidates announced their intense to run against him and the deadline is next month. and exhibit highlighting the signatures of one year in history opens tomorrow at the national museum of jewish history at independence mall. we got a preview of the collection entitled 1917 how one year changed the world and it looks back at how historic events to that time. a theme that resonates among many today. 130 artifacts are on display and it runs through july 16th.
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campbell soup in camden marks womens history month by celebrating female chefs. they hosted a panel discussion including showhan, a judge on the food network show chopped and they talked about the challenges and successes as a woman in a male dominated field. and it was a surprise in the lifetime of a 12-year-old boy. >> can i give you a hug? >> your son is so special. >> reporter: at arrow head elementary school. john and the second grade teacher ironed out the details of a surprise for his unsuspecting son owen. >> wait outside until i introduce you. >> he just returned from duty in
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kuat and has not seen him in four months. the class was told that a mystery reader is stopping by. >> i would like to introduce the mystery reading and his name is major salotti. >> miss you buddy. a surprise owen did not see coming. >> after the heart warming greeting he read a book. all the while owen barbfully smiled from ear to ear, for owen the emotionally filled day was not over yet, it was his last day at arrow head elementary school and was staying with his grandparents during his dad's deployment and will now return home to montana. >> we are getting to the end of the time -- >> love this little boy. he is very special, bright --
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very thoughtful and kind. >> owen had a whirlwind of a day saying good-bye to his friends and meeting new classmates in montana on monday but he and his dad prom toys keep in touch. ♪ leave it to the pros? i am a pro. i made this lawn from seed pride, and less water than you'd think. to those who'd say the grass is greener on the other side.. i politely disagree. pennington smart seed. guaranteed to grow with 30% less water. reclaim your turf.
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let go villanova. >> i'm wearing the colors. >> you mean the necklace -- >> any way. it begins tonight villanova's road trip repeat for the reason only six teams won back to back championships is because it's awfulply tough to do. jeff skversky is live in buffalo for the opening match-up against mount st. marys, a repeat hard to do but so was chris jenkins
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shot last season jeff. >> reporter: villanova will play their first ncaa tournament game sense chris jenkins buzzer beater and who could blame the kid if he was still bragging about it to this very day but what happened last year in the big dance is no big deal for jenkins. >> for the championship! >> i still tear up and still very emotional. >> it may bring tears to j. wright's eyes but the greatest shot in the history of the final four is history as far as chris jenkins is concerned the villanova star doesn't think about it or talk about the shot. >> i am incredibly impressed about how he has handled this. >> i watch even when they have shooting games after practice, he may joke, i never heard him say it, he gets asked about it a lot of but never heard him talk about it. >> that is the kind of person he
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is, he doesn't think about it now but when is he done with basketball he'll think about it every day. >> i don't think about it, new season and thinking about that and other than that there is nothing for us now. >> but the experience of winning the championship should help villanova make another final four run starting tonight at mount st. marys. >> we know the toughness, menal toughness and how detail orients we have to be. >> i know that we you are a team not experienced in this tournament it hurts you. >> remember villanova, they had trouble getting out of the first weekend until last year when they won the last championship. and villanova coach says they have been through enough to believe they can beat anybody and of course they could lose to anybody including tonight against 16th seed mount st. mary.
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we are live in buffalo we'll have more post game from the villanova wildcats. jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> thanks jeff. there is nothing better for a sports fan than the first few daze of march madness. no upsets so far. the only new jersey team put up a fight against the fighting irish and pete miller the tip and tigers were down one and nine seconds to play and princeton a chance for the win but devon kennedy's triple off line and the fifth seed dame wins. and nobody expected nick feels back as wentz's quarterback. >> it's is a great opportunity to come back to this organization, a quarterback like carson, i was once a young quarterback and to see him grow
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and excel he is a talented individual. i am excited to work with him. >> that will be interesting. and nick foles looks younger instead of older. and he shaved that will do it is the is the with the accuweather forecast. when we continue. hi
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the snow is gone and they are still cleaning it up. and now gorgeous weather. >> for the first half of tomorrow. the weekend is looking unsettled and rain and snow showers over the weekend. but today was nice and
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stormtracker 6 live double scan getting a break showing dry conditions out there. blue skies and sunshine and i want to share this photo that was posted on my facebook page this is from harleysville. joe posted this, it's incredible. blue skies and sunshine and he managed to capture this red tailed hawk and if you look in its tal ons it caught dinner. a mouse. thank you joe for share that photo it's phenomenal. temperatures in the upper 30s and a lot of melting and we'll have black ice tonight and do be careful 22 is the low in philadelphia, and wilmington 21 degrees, temperatures well below freezing and be careful early tomorrow morning. and saturday night into sunday morning. actually rain showers and snow showers on saturday during the day. waiting for snow on saturday morning, likely accumulating right now and all the models in
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philadelphia showing a modest amount of snow. generally a coating to 2 inches, have to watch this though, especially if you drive early on sunday morning. right now gusty out there, philadelphia a win gust of 30 miles per hour and 32 in wilmington and atlantic city 31 and allentown the winds gusting 21 miles per hour and you factor in the temperatures in the 30s and the current windchill 28 in philadelphia and 29 in allentown and 29 in lancaster, this time yesterday windchills in the teens, it's amazing how your body gets used it and not feeling that bad. high pressure is building in and bringing clear skies, and the sunshine for the first half of day and i'm tracking the sis til across the great lakes and feeding in a coastal low over the weekend and that brings us rain and snow showers. so tomorrow st. patrick's day the luck of the irish doing a dance. up in the low 40s, 11 degrees
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below normal. getting better and sunshine in the morning and increasing clouds through the day. future tracker 6 showing early saturday morning this is when the precipitation breaks out during the sait. patrick's day party and saturday is looking unsettled. rain showers south and east of philadelphia and snow showers north and west. and a lot this have continuing through the day and temperatures are in the low 40s and it's melting and the problem with potential accumulation comes on sunday morning and the low pressure becoming a coastal low and a ban of snow wrapping around and it doesn't look to be a big storm a coating to 2 inches, again i'll keep you posted something to watch. and we start with sun tomorrow and clouds rolling in late in the tie and is the high 42 degrees for your st. patrick's day. unsettled with rain and snow showers, 45 degrees and snow showers into sunday morning and afternoon partly sunny and 44
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and sunday spring arrives it's pretty nice and sun to start and increasing clouds and we hold at 52 on tuesday, morning showers and behind that system temperatures drop again. partly sunny and 43 degrees and temperatures running 20 degrees below normal not an intense storm but a messy weekend. >> thank you. abc world news tonight is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, and adam joseph and ducis rogers, and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel 6. for jaime apody, cecily tynan and the entire "action news" team. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, breaking news. no proof, and still, the white house fires back. after senate leaders reveal they have found no indication, no evidence of president trump's claim that president obama wiretapped him. our correspondent asks "does the president stand by his claim?" the white house shoots back. defending the budget. massive increases in defense, homeland security, and dramatic cuts elsewhere. the white house asked about after school programs, meals on wheels, the environment, on climate change -- they say, we're not spending money on that anymore. the escape as mount etna erupts. tourists burned by lava, pelted by rocks. the camera crew rolling on everything. still digging out tonight and yet


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