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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  March 17, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> top of the morning to you, it is 4:30 a.m., friday, march 17. >> happy st. patrick's day to all of you. we're falling breaking news, a minivan driver runs over a man and realized that he had shot. a second child has died from what officials are blaming on and exploding hover board. >> trump is standing by the accusations that president obama wiretapped him during the campaign. >> let's talk about weather and traffic. karen rogers is here, david
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murphy is off, matt pellman has traffic. you guys look good in green. >> reporter: thank you, so do you, tam. it is friday, we're into this day, it is good to start you off. we are dry, we have abundant sunshine if you're heading out right now, be careful, anything that melted yesterday, has definitely frozen over, everywhere except cape may. you're looking at testers below freezing. 28 in millville. # 1 in the city. 26 in reading and 21 degrees right now in poconos. the wind, though, have relaxed. that's a change in the forecast we can enjoy after a few gusty days. feels like the teens in the lehigh valley, 24 in philadelphia. atlantic city, 19. tonight we see increasing clouds and overnight tonight we get a
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wintry mix of precipitation, that's not the only chance of seeing snowfall. we'll talk about that in the weekend forecast in just a few minutes. >> reporter: just keeps coming. good morning, happy friday, happy st. patrick's day, everybody, we are three days removed from our big storm on tuesday, this is the sign when drivers become a little bit complaisant and forget we have slick spots out there this morning. we look live at the blue route over top of the schuylkill expressway, you see the story here, the snow pack melted a little bit yesterday and is refrozen overnight. you have a slick patch in the right lane exiting for the schuylkill expressway. same with the pennsylvania turnpike, still snow there, the crews are out in the westbound lanes past fort washington trying to remove some of the snow. overnight construction on the northeast extension has cleared. this is the boulevard, i drove southbound toward the schuylkill expressway, slick patches in the right lane from the melting snow
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pack yesterday. you have to drop the speeds once again, crossing town on the vine street expressway no problems, starting off good on this friday morning tam. >> breaking overnight, a terrible murder in the overbrook section, a man was shot and run over and dragged by a car. homicide detectives are working the case right now. "action news" reporter, katherine scott is live at police headquarters with all the details, good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right, detectives at the homicide division continue to investigate, they say the man was standing in the rear driver way when he was struck by a minivan. it turns out he was shot before that. the driver of the minivan is not a suspect in the case. let's go to overbrook, it happened before midnight. police and paramedics were called to north 68th street. officers found the man lying
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underneath the minivan and unresponsive and pronounced dead. medics saw he was shot in the head. the driver was returning home when he struck the man, the victim was dragged 100 feet north. >> 351-year-old driver of the minivan realized something was stuck under his vehicle, got out to investigate, that's when he realized there was a body underneath the minivan. and police did find multiple spent shell casings nearby the driver where the man was struck. any information police want to hear from you, they are looking for surveillance footage, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. also breaking right now, a double stabbing in center city. it happened at 22nd and market before 3:00 a.m. a fight broke out between two men. one man was stabbed in the hand. he stabbed his opponent 13 times
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in the back. why they were fighting is unclear. new this morning, a second child has died from a fire in harrisburg that is blamed on an exploding hover board. 3-year-old die, the other chilled after the battery powered scooter caught fire in the home. they would be the first to be killed by a hover board fire in the country. we're learning more about a bizarre and tragic incident, a five-year-old bucks county boy found face down in the snow. warrington police say the family dog nearly strangled the youngster in the backyard. the dog tugged on the looped
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scarf until the boy lost consciousness. he is in chop. a person is accused of biting a police officer at mcdonald's in upper chichester. the 33-year-old punched a customer in the face and bit the officer's hand as police tried to arrest him. police used pepper spray to subdue robinson. president donald trump did not call the wiretapping claim by president obama false, but the white house has not backed down. >> reporter: on st. patrick's day, president trump may need the luck of the irish to back up his claims that president obama
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wiretapped him. >> i read in january 20th, a new york times article where they were talking about wiretapping. >> reporter: the new york times never reported that president obama ordered wiretapping of trump tower. the 45th president said wiretapping meant surveillance. >> does the president stand by the allegation. >> reporter: you're mischaracterring what happened. >> reporter: what happened the top about hims -- members of the intelligence committee declared saying there was no such wiretapping. we've seen no evidence of that. sean spicer not backing down spending 8 minutes reading media reports and conservative commentary, one report alleged
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british spies gathered information on then president-elect trump. the uk response, these allegations are complete and utter nonsense. the justice department has to hand over any evidence on the wiretapping claims. reporting in washington, kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> villanova wildcats shook off a sluggish first half in the ncaa tournament they downed st. mary's 76-56. fans packed kelly's tavern in bryn mawr last night. "action news" spoke to some of them who are hoping for a repeat of the championship victory. >> nova nation is hotter than a wildfire. the passion is what makes this team go. >> wildcats face wisconsin in
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the round of 32 tomorrow afternoon. >> happening today it is st. patrick's day, st. patrick's day in wilmington will be celebrating irish heritage. they will celebrate mass and bagpipers will lead a parade to the double tree hotel where they will enjoy a breakfast. it is fundraiser which helps the homeless in wilmington. ♪ >> black thorn helped kick off the annual irish festival in newtown, bucks county. the show was a beginning of a irish celebrations, the festival runs through sunday and of course we celebrate here, of course i have to do this. he's irish. >> did you see that? , wow, you know the saying kiss me i'm irish. >> so who is the lucky one? >> you.
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>> thank you tam. 439 a man steals a ambulance running down the emt officials release reason for the death overnight. >> reporter: i can't get over tam's irish kiss, storm tracker 6 live showing we're clear and dry, but not for long, we'll have that next. >> a news camera is near mountain etna as the explodes, that is after the break.
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>> italy mount etna volcano
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exploded sending people run are to their lives. a bbcwere working on the volcans recent eruption. the 800-degree lava ran into frozen snow that temperature shock caused and caused fragments of rock to rain down. ten people were hurt, they are expected to survive. let's take a look right now apt storm tracker 6 live double scan, we are dry through the region, we're not staying dry et while we can. we have clear skies, winds are blowing in the breeze, not nearly as dusty as it has been over the past few days, the temperature is 31 degrees, that's great, balls the past couple of days we've been starting in the 20s at best. the pressure is rizing with high pressure in control. the winds out of the
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west/northwest are light, the ocean temperature 39 degrees. a willful factor, feels like 24 in philadelphia. still feels like the teens in the lehigh valley and 26 degrees in cape may. satellite and radar showing we're going to have another beautiful start to the day, the gorgeous sunshine we had yesterday coming back today you will see more melting as you head out you're watching for slick conditions. a wider look satellite and radar, we've got an area of low pressure to the west that we're keeping an eye on, we have a couple of features that are happening here that will give us a couple of shots of wintry weather. not today on st. patrick's day, 2:00 p.m., 39, high of 42. at 5:00 p.m., 41. 8:00 p.m., 38 degrees the overnight low. future tracker 6 showing later on tonight there is a look at the overnight hours at 4:00 p.m. we have the wintry mix, looks like rain south of the city, a
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wintry mix in the city itself and light snowfall north and west. not expecting a lot of of accumulation in the overnight hours, but we continue to watch on saturday, we'll get rain snow showers it stays unsettled during the day. the poconos ascertain the farther north and west you go, allentown or north of that area, you will get snow showers tomorrow afternoon. next featurg is this area of low pressure that develops off the coast. we could have bands of wraps around, that could give us a coating of two inches of snow, saturday night into sunday morning. unsettled weekend with a couple of different features giving us a chance, 9:00 a.m. on saturday, we see rain in the city, wintry mix of snow north and west. we advance this in the overnight hours, you see the colder air pull in. 2:30 a.m. sunday, light snowfall through the region at 6:00 a.m., still snowfall in the area. friday night into saturday,
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tonight into the overnight hours, a little bit of wintry mix, saturday unsettled, saturday into sunday light snowfall, that's a lot going on for the weekend. 42 degrees, sunshine and clouds, clouds don't fill in until late overnight. tomorrow it stays unsettled, a couple of rain showers and snow showers well west of the city, had a. sunday morning, overnighter you get night -- saturday into sunday, light snowfall. monday, chilly, 46 degrs, as cot forget to go to and check the weather forecast, we'll give you the updates on the wintery mix. while this is not a major storm it could impact you driving around saturday night into sunday. you don't like it, skiers like it. >> only 50 on tuesday, looking
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forward to that. >> we're following developing new details on the death of a new york city emt who was run over by a man who had stolen her ambulance. this picture was released, the emt is a mother of five. they were alert that had a man was riding on the back bumper of the ambulance. they got out to check it out, that's when the man jumped in the driver seat and ran over her. a passing officer and bystander subdued and arrested the suspect. a commercial airline pilot and his wife were found dead it is thought their death is related to fentanyl.
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mr. hailey is a pilot for spirit airline. new on "action news," a an nfl quarterback played the role of good samaritan when a san francisco man ran out of gas. he grabbed the gas can and was going to a gas station, when oakland raiders daric carr pulled up and said hey, man you need a ride. >> i said what's your favorite team. >> i'm a little bias because i play for the raiders. i said what's your name? , he said my name is daric car. officials are making the st. patrick's day parade short
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this year, we'll explain why right after the break. >> this year's st. patrick's
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day parade in boston will be dramatically shorter. there is no time to remove all the ice and snow ahead of the parade. new york city removed the ice and snow for the st. patrick's
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day parade which is today. they expect to have the parade route cleared for the spectators. mattie. >> reporter: good morning, mattie o'donnell, i'm matte owe pellman. you can see the slick spot right here, that led to a crash in norristown, 202 markley street norristown side main treat at the dan hour bridge. watch out for the activity with the crash. we're trying to get rid of the snow to avoid the crashes on the westbound pennsylvania turnpike. on the big picture, no problems on i-95 the vine the schuylkill expressway or the blue route. in delaware, still have the downed trees from the storm blocking faulk land road,
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kirkwood highway the alternate. >> time for a look at business and great news if you're looking for a job. wawa is putting up the help wanded sign, they are hiding for the their spring hiring campaign. they workers all in the next 3 months. some locations will hold opennouses on wednesday march 29. everybody is happy when they see wawa workers, good coffee and good hoagies, looks like a fun job. dollar general is hoping to improve service by paying their employees more. they are going to open 1,000 new stores and remodel existing stores. the dow fell by 15 points, the nasdaq ended up less than a point. this morning it is looking like futures are pointing to a lower open. acme stores throughout pennsylvania, delaware, new jersey, are offering a special
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ten percent coupon by customers impacted by the recent winter storm hoping that the discount will have people come in and restock items that they used during the blizzard. if you want to take advance of the special offer, the coupon is on their website. read it, because there are restrictions. >> this dog was abused and mutilated overseas, but a new jersey women is giving her a loving home. that story is up next. >> a dog has a love be home in
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south jersey after a new lease on life following a brush with death overseas affirm man brutally attacked the two-year-old mixed breed in thailand. the people raised $11,000 to sewell new jersey. the surgeon said the dog is doing well despite the cosmetic issue. >> 4:57 we continue to follow breaking news, a man was shot and dragged by a minivan overnight. an interesting change of events. we'll bring you a live report. >> it was a busy night for firefighter in north carolina, a
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fire tore through an enormous complex under construction.
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>> good morning and happy st. patrick's day, 5:00 a.m., friday, march 17. we're following two breaking news stories. >> first up, police are on the scene of a homicide in the overbrook section, a man was shot in the head and hit and dragged by an unsuspecting driver. >> a double stabbing in center city and we know what started.


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