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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  March 17, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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patrick's day, 5:00 a.m., friday, march 17. we're following two breaking news stories. >> first up, police are on the scene of a homicide in the overbrook section, a man was shot in the head and hit and dragged by an unsuspecting driver. >> a double stabbing in center city and we know what started. allentown schools are
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closed today because of the all the snow up there. let's turn to weather and traffic karen in for david and matt. >> reporter: allentown could get another dusting of snow tonight. it's a dry and sunny day, satellite and radar, it is nice and quiet. it is cold, but each day we're seeing temperatures moderate a little bit. 30 in philadelphia. 25 in reading. 20 in the poconos. 34 degrees currently in cape may. the winds look at this, hardly any gusts. 21-mile an hour guss in the poconos. the windchill, though, still out there, feels like 23 in philadelphia. 13 in allentown. 7 in the poconos. feels like 21 in millville. it's cold and below average. today we're making into the 40s. 42 degrees is the high. we'll see sun during the day. tonight we see increasing clouds and wintry mix in the overnight hours. it is not our only shot of
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winter weather this weekend, talk about that in the seven day, matt. >> reporter: still, cold, still below average, still icy spots out there on this friday morning. i saw as many as yesterday morning and the ice has led to a crash in norristown, 202 the northbound side of markley street at main street by the dunkin dunkin' donuts and mcdonald's, as well. traffic can get by coming away from the danhour bridge. they are trying to avoid that trying to get rid of ice and snow on the pennsylvania turnpike. snow removal crews are in the westbound lane near fort washington. on the big picture, speeds are good across the board on the schuylkill expressway, the roosevelt boulevard and i-95. let's check this spot, the vine street expressway in center
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city. traffic is moving fine in both directions. here comes an emergency vehicle, i don't think we have any problems here, no overnight construction. heading toward the vine on our good buddy ben, the ben franklin bridge. everything is good for vehicular traffic. foot traffic is not allowed on the ben franklin bridge walkways are closed because of icy conditions. >> a driver in the city's overbrook section realizes that something is beneath his minivan. that something turned out to be a man who was shot. katherine scott has the story. >> reporter: the victim didn't have identification on him, police are trying to figure out who he was, they believe he was in his 20s or 30s, he was shot and hit by a passing driver. in the rear driveway of the 1000 block of north 68th street.
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a minivan driver said he knew he hit something and got out to investigate, and realized it was a body. he was dragged 100 feet. medics discovered he had been shot. >> where the trail of blood starts we found multiple spent shell casings from a semi automatic gun. in addition to the ballistics and the shell casings and gunshot wound to the victim's head area, appears the victim was shot and run over. >> reporter: the driver of the minivan is not being considered a suspect. apparently he is cooperating with police. so far there's no word if there was any surveillance footage in the area. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thanks, katherine. breaking a fight between two men in center city philadelphia ended up with one being stabbed 13 time.
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it happened at 22nd and market before 3:00 a.m. one man was stabbed in the hand. police took him into custody. a second man was stabbed 13 times in the back. he is in the hospital in stable condition. detectives are searching for a robber who held up two philadelphia food trucks at gun point. they say that is him. the first one happened on 2100 block of walnut wednesday evening. 2 hours later another food truck was targeted on lancaster avenue in the powton neighborhood. many residents are frustrated that their streets were not plowed. the mayor is can go people to be patient, philly 311 is taking requests for salting and plowing. 66 new jersey towns
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suffered reerosion, -- erosion but some beaches in atlantic city did near oriental avenue. it is match day, hundreds of doctor hopefuls will find out where they start their medical careers. they find out where they perform their residency training for the next three to 6 years. "the graduating" students are waiting to see if they will be matched with the hospital of their choice. even though catholics in the area of overing -- observing lent they will be allowed to eat meat today. it will okay as they celebrate the saint who is from ireland.
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the arch bishop is asking you to do it do something nice in place. >> reporter: we try to do that during lent. storm tracker 6 live double scan, we're dry, we're looking good, but not staying dry. double scan will be busy this weekend, we have a quiet start for the day. let's go outside and look at the commodore barry bridge. we'll see a beautiful sunrise in a couple of hours. for now we have mostly clear skies. 30 degrees, the dewpoint 13. the pressure is rising. the wind are out of the west/northwest they are light. windchill 23 in philadelphia. 18 in reading. 20 in atlantic city. it's cold, it is not as cold as
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it's been. each day nudge it up a little bit. satellite and radar nice and clear, not a lot happening, lots of sunshine during the day today. everything changes later on tonight. we get unsettled for the weekend. the area of low pressure looks like a warm front that will lift through the area. the actual low will come through the area, it will give us a couple of shots of wintry weather. we're dry, enjoy your st. patrick's day, the luck of the irish. 8:00 a.m., about the freezing mark, is 1:00 a.m., 34. 2:00 p.m., 41, 5:00 p.m., 42. you will see the clouds increase later on in the evening heading toward the overnight hours, that's because we get this little warm front lifting through the area. it will not bring a lot of precipitation. this future tracker model showing at 4:30 a.m. saturday, we a wintery mix in the city, rain to the south, and snow to
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the north and west. in the poconos maybe a coating to an inch possible later tonight into the overnight hours into saturday. we advance this saturday, a couple of showers, it stays unsettled. in the poconos you get a light snow, a damp and dreary day for saturday during the day. then we take a look at the area of low pressure that develops off the coast, that gives us a chance of a band of snow that wraps around that. coating to an inch, 9:30 at night we're looking in the lehigh valley getting rain and snow elsewhere. it shut off sunday morning, this is a look at 6:30 as it pulls off the coast. some snow coming your way. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today you're dry during the day. lots of sun, 42. overnight into tomorrow, a bit of a wintry mix. rain and snow shower possible during the day, snow would be farther to the northwest.
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then saturday night into sunday morning, again you get light snowfall. 46 degrees for the high, again, only expecting a coating to two inches of with this. monday not as cold, 50 degrees as spring arrives, 52 on tuesday, freezing and milder. does it last? , no, cold again on wednesday, dropping into the low 40s, thursday, worse, mostly sunny and 42 degrees, you love a forecast when you say even worst. >> especially when you thought the worst already happened. >> reporter: nope. >> 5:10, a woman is accused of spiking her boss' coffee with a cocktail of pills. why she did it had nothing to do with work. >> reporter: this is spring garden street overtop the schuylkill expressway and mlk drive, there you see the snow melted and refroze overnight. we have new construction coming to 47 of. >> a raging inferno in north
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carolina is under control, but boy was it a ranger for a while -- rager for a while. and it spread to nearby buildings. we'll show you more.
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>> this is developing news out of raleigh, north carolina, a massive fire has been burning for nearly 7 hours, flames consumed an apartment building under construction. look at that, that huge fire could be seen from miles away. it spread to a building next-door. firefighters soaked the nearby
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buildings hoping the damp would keep the fire from spreading further. why did that go up in flames? not yet known. turn to matt pellman, i friday, st. patrick's day, do you think many people are go to work, matt. >> reporter: i think people go to work on st. patrick's day. you have to be careful out there, there's a lot of slick spots that already led to a crash in norristown. let's go outside to the burbs in plymouth meeting, the blue route, 476. couple of trucks pulled off to the side southbound. heading northbound approaching the mid county toll plaza. i want to warn you new construction is scheduled to start tonight on th e-z pass express lanes they are expected to block them for the next couple of weeks, meaning everyone who has e-z pass and wants to use it, is going to
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have to go through the toll plaza. that starts later on tonight. there's a weekend when they close down the northeast extension around quakertown saturday night at midnight into sunday morning, we'll see if it happens with the snow. northeast extension is expected to close overnight tonight into sunday both directions, 309 will be the better bet. we have to remove the snow on the east/west turnpike. construction crews out and about in abington along 611 butler avenue near am co. this weekend in new castle county, chapman road will close starting 8:00 p.m. tonight until 5:00 a.m., for bridge work. old baltimore pike is an alternate. waze app, one our commuters says there's an accident on the
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schuylkill expressway. we're hearing from the family whose toddler was escorted by the state police to the hospital. his parents took him to the hospital, doctors said he needed to go to children's hospital in danville. they organized a convoy of state police and hum fee crews and snowplows to make the journey. >> it was their everyday job, their everyday job saved my son's life. >> the toddler is resting comfortably following treatment. >> a wisconsin woman faces charges for spiking her boss' coffee. she told -- he noticed a spike
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in his blood sugar and slimy stuff on in his coffee. she spiked his coffee with idrops and other things. nova finished the first half of the game with a 1-point lead. they opened the second half with a 26 point run. beating them 76-56. we can't afford anymore games like this. we were lucky, we didn't start the game we wanted to. the wildcats face wisconsin tomorrow afternoon. sixers host mavericks, nerlens noel returns to philadelphia for the first time since being
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traded last time. kevin hart will get a big honor. this summer july 6 is kevin hart day which is his birthday. hart has given a lot back to his notify city donating money for computers and college scholarships in philadelphia. nice to see them show some love. >> st. patrick's day means a lot of green food. you ever wonder if that food dye is safe? >> good question. the remarkable recovery of a 5-year-old from a dog attack. an nba star is able to put a smile on the child's face.
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>> reporter: laddie,
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happy st. patrick's day. chadds ford, you can see the ice in the middle of the intersection, we have a lot of slick spots this morning. i know it is friday you want to get this over with, be careful on your way to and from work. baltimore pike, not looking too bad. fire location in new castle, along shetland drive. one paoli thorndale line is 16 minutes late. >> reporter: we have a 42 today, inch by inch we're getting better with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll have lots of sun on the st. patrick's day. in the overnight hours tonight and into tomorrow, we'll get a wintry mix in the area with snowfall north and west of the city. might get a coating in the lehigh valley. overnight tonight into tomorrow. tomorrow during the day, stays unsettled, lots of clouds, 44 for the high, a few showers or wet snow showers in the poconos, saturday night into sunday, once
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again light snowfall coming and you will get a coating to potentially two inches of snow in spots. >> health check, a lot of people will be eating food with green food coloring today to celebrate st. patrick's day, is it safe? research on artificial food coloring is mixed. experts are not sure how much is too much. you should keep in mind, foods with dye are junk food. here's an alternative, natural green foods like brussel sprouts. or peas or zucchini. a 5-year-old girl who was attacked by a dog is making a remarkable recovery and
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shaquille o'neill is making sure. shack bought her a new bed. a dog attacked her 6 months ago, logan brat died and syria was seriously injured. she will head back to the hospital next month to for skin graphs. a store clerk survives a close call as a driver plows into a convenience store. that's later. first up, "g.m.a.'s" first look. >> reporter: "g.m.a.'s" first look, officials are on the hunt for the killer of twoas colorado colorado -- for these two colorado teens. >> it was not a murder suicide. we are aggressively investigating the case. >> reporter: 8:41 a.m., a 911 call drove by two bodies lying on the shoulder of the road. the bodies identified as daric
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benjamin greer and 16-year-old natalee,. >> she was my best friend. when she walked into a room she took your breath away. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is not commenting on how the friends were killed. they are awaiting autopsy results which could take weeks. we'll have the latest on the investigation coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your "g.m.a." first look, i'm eva pilgrim, abc new york. then we wad it up to make it nice and soft.
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>> hello, everyone and happy st. patrick's day, 5:27 a.m., friday morning, chilly, 30 degrees, getting up to 40 degrees today, so a bit warmer than yesterday, right? tam. >> thank you matt, i love this story in the morning buzz, how far would you go to help a gold fish in need. we watched finding dorey yesterday. a pet store owner comes to the rescue of a disabled fish. the owner brought him to the fish store. he used a chair for the gold
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fish uses scraps around the fish store. >> he went to zipping around, his tail was going super fast. the gold fish has gotten an upgraded wheelchair it has meshing. hopefully his recovery will continue to go swimmingly. >> fascinating things there. >> 5:27 an envelope pro pulls off a quarterback sneak by helping a fan from a rival team. we have details on a deadly fire in harrisburg ma may have been the result of a burning hover board. "action news" continues.
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>> breaking now on "action news," a driver stops to check something under his car, it turns out to be someone, a man who had just been shot. >> new this morning, a house fire that authorities believed was sparked by a hover board claims another young life. >> it is a chilly start to your friday, accuweather is tracking


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