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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  March 19, 2017 11:45pm-12:00am EDT

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♪ tonight on sports sunday march madness turns to march sadness for villanova and what went wrong for the wildcats. >> we will learn from it and move on. >> the flyers try to keep their slim playoff hopes alive and a shot you have to see to believe. sports sunday starts right now. ♪ this is action news sports sunday sponsored by audi. ♪ hello and welcome to a march madness edition of action sports sunday i'm jamie apody honored by a special cohost with the coach and i have a cherry white and don't fit into anything
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anyway and fran thought we would talk about villa nova big win, are you shocked? >> not shocked but we think wisconsin is outstanding and a great team and played great and villanova and the game changed with the three shot with less than 15 minutes to go on out of bounds play shot it and they are a really good team, there is nothing to be ashamed of. >> actually purdue had the coach came out and say they got robbed by the committee and wisconsin is not an 8th seat how good are these guys? >> a lot of teams were miss seated for example wisconsin certainly they deserved a better seat than the 8th seat and it just happened to be where villanova had the match with them but two really good teams and a great basketball game. >> something that was hard to overlook were the struggles of chris jenkins who was last
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year's hero and boy did he ever struggle, he was four for 22 in the tournament. 0-8 and three-point lead and you know this kid and how do you feel for him? >> you do but i will tell you he made one of the best defensive plays of the game where he got out of the fourth foul with a lot of time left and jenkins stepped up and made the block and took the charts so i think there is other ways you can help obtain it and doesn't always happen where you will score and make shots there is other ways and think jenkins did that. jeff skversky was with the team in buffalo and caught up with chris right after the game. >> i mean, it's just tough, tough to lose any time so we are all competitive and all want to win so you know losing always hurts. >> if you look back at this are you going to go and just one more bucket, one more free throw and we could have won this thing? >> i mean doing that does nothing for us right now, but
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you know we are always learning from the loss just like we do from a win so probably the way our team battled today and they made a lot of tough plays down the stretch so a lot of credit goes to them, but i'm proud of our team and the guys that are here. >> reporter: part of the winningest senior class in villanova history and brings us to jay wright and you exchanged text messages with the coach how is he holding up? >> great as well as anybody, a class act under control all the time, everything that comes out of his mouth is well thought out and very well said so i think he will learn from it. they all will learn from it. i think what he also talked about is the abruptness of these guys careers especially three seaters obviously with reynolds had a tremendous four-year career and jenkins had a tremendous four-year career and player of the year and their college basketball careers are
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over and the abruptness is there. >> do you think it's fair that jay will now face some questions you know skeptics are going to say last year was a fluke and have been knocked out three of the last four years in the second weekend is that fair? >> absolutely not. and any of us would change places with them in the national champion, he has done an unbelievable job the last number of years that villanova's program has been where it is and deserves credit with a wonderful job. >> we were there last night late as the team got back to campus and her is jay wright last night. >> we are still hurting and it's part of being a player you know, there is a lot of great ups you know when you are really feeling great and the downs are tough man but it's part of being an athlete, part of being a college basketball player, we all have to deal with our guys handling it well but they are down and probably for a few days. >> jay wright a class act and shift gears and three heart breaks and there was nova and
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the penn women who lost and the lady owls short and losing the last five seconds. >> they had a tremendous season and one of the young ladies works with us in the office and she spends some time with us on an intern idea and she is a terrific kid and would have been phenomenal in that last shot would have gone for the young lady already made a great block on the play but deserve a lot of credit and she did a wonderful job and had a great great season. >> 24-8 for the lady owls nothing to be up set about and coming up, a little more march madness and the flyers facing a must win in action and fargo center and wait until you see the ending that and more when action sports sunday returns. ♪ clear cloer
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♪ action news sports sunday
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sponsored by audi challenge all givens. ♪ the forecast a sunny start to spring on monday at 6:19 a high up to 51 and warmer on tuesday with 59 for the high wednesday breezy and cooler in at 43, plenty of sunshine on thursday but chilly 45, 55 on friday with lots of clouds and maybe rain developing too and guys back over to you. thanks melissa and welcome back to action news sports sunday and i'm with the coach fran and many hearts were broken as villanova lost and duke was knocked out by south carolina there goes a lot more brackets. >> i had villanova and south carolina in the final game. >> like last year. at our coach's cancer breakfast i said you pick them but think they will both get there carolina is good and talented and probably 8 of 16 teams left
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that still can be a winner in this thing and they need to get great pedigree with kansas, kentucky and carolina would be the three favorites at this point but they will do each other before the final game of course but there are really good teams left here. >> coach picking north carolina how about ucla and still alive and will go with them. >> you should be very proud of their program, we talked a little bit about lonzo a spectacular player and this is a one and done experience for him but he is doing it very very well. >> let's move on to the flyers just when you are about to count these guys out they reel you back this and steve mason back this for ten games and 7 points out and 12 to play and they created this opportunity and dale off the rebound and flyers 2-0 and carolina three straight and flyers could not clear it on power play and a 3-2 lead late but with 42.9 seconds to play
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konecny trying to pass and goes to over time off of goalie skate and in just like he planned it 38 to play in the period and the flyers survive when they have no choice 4-3 and five points out of a playoff spot with 11 to go and center six 13 and the third with celtics and leading the come back and beating the buzzer with reverse lay off and hit dario saric with a slam and 23 and sixers came all the way back to beat boston 105-99 and lost 11 straight from the celtics going back to 2014 and hellickson the opening day starter but had the better spring and struck out nine and six innings against the rays and four hits and one was this home run in the sixth and phillies had two hits all game and were shut out 8-0. let's go back to the tournament this is the shot of the year did you see this fran check this out
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maryland's destiny slocum from three quarter court to beat the half time buzzer unreal, one more time and marched it like a soccer throw in 70 feet away 3 of her 21 points and crushed west virginia 83-56 and may be the play of the year maybe even, i know. >> not a back up. >> may be better than this. oh, wait, that is you. >> that is me. >> coach i never knew you had moves like this. >> i don't or did. >> this is actually a commercial you filmed earlier this year with syracuse coach and it doesn't surprise me much. >> the dunk. >> the hops really do, have you watched this yourself? look at this move? >> how about that. when did you learn to dunk like that? >> baskets in elementary school. really. >> many years ago. >> those are impressive, what do you guys have coming up, at temple? a little bit of a disappointing season but what do you have to look forward to.
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>> four freshman that will be with us to help us right away and all the guys coming back from last year's team and josh brown because of the senior leadership he will provide and we missed that this year but we are excited about the challenge and get back to work this week with the guys that are returning without the four freshman that will come but we have a great schedule ahead of us and we will be challenged and tested earlier, we have a terrific league and we got to be on our stuff. >> is it hard to sit back this time of year and watch? >> when you are in it's an awesome awesome experience, when you are not it's difficult no question about it but then you get a chance to watch a lot of games like i did and over the last week and watched terrific games and hope our guys watched it too and talk about it and watch a lot of film over the next couple week well. >> thanks for joining us and being here on action sports week and have a great week and we will see you back here next sunday night. ♪
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