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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 21, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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expected to announce corruption charges against philadelphia district attorney, seth williams, it's expected to come at a news conference at 3:00 today. williams was investigated by the fbi for allegedly taking $160,000 in gifts that he failed to report. he was fined by the edgics board for failing to disclose the gifts and money. roof repairs and other work on his home in overbrook and various trips and sporting tickets. in an emotional news conference last month he repeatedly apologized for his actions and announced he would not seek a third term as district attorney. we'll carry the news conference live on air and online. and a special election is being held to fill a vacancy at the philadelphia house. it covers north philadelphia, the seat was held by leslie acosta and she resigned following an embezzlement scheme. john rawlins joins us live at
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one polling location with the details. >> reporter: hi rick. this is kind of a topsy-turvy special election. a tension in the air and overwhelmingly a democratic district but the republicans were able to get a candidate on the ballot. the democrats were unable to get a viable candidate on the official ballot and a number of people including the endorsed democratic candidate are mounting write-in campaigns. >> it was 30 people doing write-in campaigns. >> williams is the only candidate on the ballot for the republicans. then it was too late to make a switch. little who works for a firm that manages clinical trials in
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doctors offices hoping they would see the wisdom of being in the majority. >> we have an opioid epidemics our voices will be heard as a republican in the majority. >> vazquez says his plan to overcome not being on the ballot is 750 sink stamps like this one for write-ins, his focus is on education and reentry programs for those in prison and will work with both sides of the aisle. >> to work with the council folks and senate and anybody that is in politics, congress and federal and state and municipal, to be on the same page and work together. >> now, among the others who are write-in candidates, that is sherry, a kensington based activist also the green party
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candidate in the race. in north philadelphia to select who will represent the 197th in harrisburg. live in north philadelphia, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> if bucks county, a woman is facing charges after she crashed into a fire marshals vehicle and then pulled away. she was pulling out of an apartment complex and left the scene of the accident. it happened on a ramp at route 413 in bristol. a young man's promising life is over ended by a keller overnight in the olney section. 23-year-old rich lewis was shot at fourth and rose land and he died in the street. police don't know who pulled the trigger and why. and that their boy completed the keystone job corps and was studying to be a mechanic. they are praying for the person that took their son's life.
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police hope that voice video from in sized the lawn crest jewelry store that was robbed will help them catch the suspects. for man $1 million worth of merchandise was stolen from the store. they showed what was apparently a back room and at one point the suspect looks directly at the camera and they broke in through the business next door and this business was burglarized two months ago and they believe it was by the same criminals. >> police are searching for two two suspects that he -- a convenience store clerk on atlantic avenue. after the clerk tried to fight him off. if you recognize him contact the authorities. turning to the forecast now. after a cloudy morning we are watching and waiting for the sun to return. accuweather says it's nice later
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on this first full day of spring but a change is coming. showing you the platt bridge but the winter chill will make a return tonight and tomorrow so keep the heavy coat nearby. david murphy is out on the terrace. but we can enjoy what we have this afternoon? >> we can. it's jacket weather but clouds are beginning to thin out and getting brighter out here. looking at satellite and radar. we have rain popping through, through the morning commute and the darker shade of gray revealing itself and in the city itself. the sun is getting ready to poke through. in the mid-atlantic states milder than yesterday. 49 in philadelphia, and 49 in new york city. we were returning behind that this time yesterday. 52 in washington and even out in pittsburgh, 51 degrees. and the winds once again not all that strong up in binghamton and
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buffalo. up and down the east coast in the single digited and not much higher than that for the afternoon. a high of 59 degrees, this model has 58 it looks around 4:30 and will be late in the afternoon when we hit the 59 and the temperatures start to tumble and 8:00, 53 and 44 by 2:00 a.m. and take a look at future tracker 6, 60 degrees on this model at 6:00. late in the day is your high. but overnight wow. cold air rides in and 7:30 tomorrow we are down to the freezing mark on the i-95 corridor and upper 20s in the north and western areas. with the winds picking up overnight it will feel like the teens and 20s and stay uncomfortable over the following 48 hours. things bounce back over the weekend and sunshine is starting to break through the clouds and keep your jacket handy, a nice day to enjoy ahead of the cold
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crush. >> see you back inside thank you. >> it is another busy day for president trump who travelled to capital hill this morning to try to close the deal on the gop health care plan but the president has not mentioned anything about the bombshell revelation that the fbi is investigating his campaign and alleged contacts with russia. kenneth moton joins us live from washington. >> reporter: rick, the typically out spoken president is mum on this investigation and focused on his health care fight. president trump is back on the hill, the businessman tried to close the deal on the american health care act. >> no mention on what happened just 24 hours before, fbi director james comey's says the allegedly contact with russia. >> including investigating any links with individuals
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associated with the trump campaign and the russian government and whether there was any coordination -- >> comey could not reveal who was under investigation and dropping names like campaign chairman paul manafort who was fired over the summer. >> he played a limited role. >> he was the chairman of the campaign -- >> he denied a connection to russia or the hack. >> to make it clearly have no relationship with the russians. >> comey came out strong against president trump's unsubstantiated claims that president obama wiretapped him. >> so president obama could not unilaterally order a wiretap of anyone? >> no president could. >> and they requested comey creditability. >> the white house has complete confidence in the fbi director
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and house speaker, paul ryan, said nothing new came out of the testimony. >> all right thank you. in other news, organizers of the cinco demaya celebration in philadelphia have canceled their party. organizers decided unanimously to cancel the event out of fear after nationwide sweeps that detained hundreds of people and mayor jim kenney called the news devastating and organizers vowed that next year the show will go on. more to come on "action news" at 12:30, caught on camera. the dramatic moments that a teenager was rescued from an icy cold pond in new york city. and for the first time in new jersey get your friendly food through a drive-thru. details on where that and the freebies they are giving away to celebrate. when we come right back.
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there is new information this noon about the death of a firefighter in harrisburg, police say that the driver crashed into the firefighter that was heading to a scene was high on pcp. lieutenant devon devo died on march 11th one day after the accident. devo was heading to the fire station to pick up the gear to fight a fire. that house fire killed two girls blamed on a recharging hover board. and workers worked quickly to save someone that fell into the pond in an icy park. they flagged down command officers yesterday afternoon and two officers tried to reach the teenager using a ladder and when that didn't work one officer crawled over to the teen and pulled him out. he is now in stable condition. one officer partially broke through the ice but was not
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hurt. u.s. officials are taking the step of banning electronics larger than cell phones from jet liners flying from several eastern countries including saudi arabia and the gulf states because of gathered intelligence and did not provide details. >> reporter: overnight the department of homeland security issuing a new directtive affecting travelers from eight middle eastern countries, including u.s. allies, jordan, egypt, saudi arabia and the gulf states. flying into u.s. airports overseas will be barred from bringing electronics bigger than cell phones in their carry on luggage. >> likely they developed intelligence that a group or individual developed a device they can get on to an airplane using a laptop or other
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electronic appliance. >> it prevents laptops and electronic games and tablets but those items on the list must now be checked in. officials hoping they can prevent ta tacks like this one last year a laptop full of explosives like this one was detonated during the flight ripping a hole in the jet liner over somalia. >> they are taking an extra step to take anything that could be packed with explosives out of the cabin. >> reporter: the department of homeland security is giving those ten airports overseas 96 hours to comply with the directtive that has no end date. friendlies opened their first drive-thru location in south jersey, can you get a sundae without leaving your car.
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it first opened in massachusetts in 2013. the manager says the customers can have their food within two and a half minutes of taking their order. still ahead on "action news" at 12:30, another check of the forecast for you as we look live outside. sky 6 hd showing you a pretty picture from cape may lot of clouds from the shore and not bad temperature-wise. going to get colder though. david murphy has your update from accuweather.
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meteorologist, david murphy back now with a changing forecast. going to start getting a lot chillier. >> it is. enjoy the afternoon because overnight and in through tomorrow changes are coming. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us we are dry after morning sprinkles and showers and heading outside we get really pretty pictures from down the shore and not much longer we are down there kicking our toes
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in the sand and early march still pretty raw as we take a look at the forecast highlights today it's relatively mild and getting temperatures four or five degrees above average, and look for it to turn chillier. especially where the winds are raw and strong. and saturday that is the day that you aim for. it's very warm and comfortable, 49 degrees in philadelphia, winds from the west northwest at 6 miles per hour. you do need a jacket if you head out today it's not mild enough to avoid that. but we are look agent a nice one overall with light winds and we see the clouds thin out. a moment ago in the terrace i saw the sun break out a bit. not necessarily bright blue all over the place but brighter now than this morning. 60 in wilmington and 55 inal tonight. as you survey the numbers, the high temperatures will hit rather late in the day, could even be close to dinner time before he hit the highs. here is how we think it will go.
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4:00, 58 and today's high 59 hit that at 5:00 and still holding the 50s as late as 8:00. although we'll start to dip quickly through the 40s and by early tomorrow morning we'll bow down to the 50s in the out lying suburbs, tomorrow morning it's colder with winds riding down out of the northwest in the morning we'll be in the 30s and windchills in the teens and 20s early on and wins gusting during the day up to 30 and 40 miles per hour. that 41 won't feel like 41. we keep those windchills likely in the 20s. windchills as we head into wednesday, at 5:30, making it feel like it's in the 20s. that is pretty much the story all the way long. and probably getting worse than that into thursday morning. down no the teens as you head into 9:00, 9:30. and bounce can back up into the
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20s and spring has begun today's high 54 and we'll beat that average and then in one month the average is 66 and we see records durthat period in the 70s and 80s and warmer air is just around the corner. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 59 degrees and today is above average, tomorrow 41 and feeling worse and back up to 46 on thursday and 53 and more clouds on friday and perhaps a shower around as the warm front pushes past us and heads to the north and beneath the front on saturday, 70 degrees is what it's looking like now with clouds and sunny breaks and you'll have to enjoy saturday because changeable spring continues and rain on sunday and back into the 50s, the roller coaster ride continues. >> topping our people scene, sad news for one star on the abc sitcom. modern family, the actor that plays manny is mourning his
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father. rodriguez says that it's the toughest week of his life. roy rodriguez died at the age of 52. 18-year-old rico wrote his father was the most loving and funny and determined man i have ever known. nickie minaj surpassed the queen with three new songs hitting the billboard hot hundred including three collaborations, she has 63 appearances on the chart topping arenal afranklin. and she held the record for 40 years. well, if ella fitzgerald were alive today she would turn 100 years old next month and to celebrate her birthday the philly pops put on a jazz concert. here is karen rogers with channel 6 "action news" loves the arts. >> ella fitzgerald is considered
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the first lady of song. the philly pops are putting on a performance with her hits and collaborator louie armstrong. it's called ella, louie and all that jazz and celebrates the life and legacy of armstrong and fitzgerald. >> the great tradition of american jazz, the kind of music that the phillies pops is all about. >> be prepared to sing along to classic hits like it don't mean a thing and what a wonderful world. >> the audience will love the program and recognize all the songs, the best of american popular music. >> guest artists includes marva hicks. >> they are wonderful personalities on stage. >> and accompanied by the philly
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pops 56 piece orchestra. >> the an experience to have a stage full of people playing the songs that are familiar to us. >> it's part of the pop's 30th season that celebrates music across all genres. >> we like to feature the best of america's popular music this is the kind of program we love to present for our audience. >> the philly pops perform ella and louie and all that jazz on april 2nd. for tickets visit the phillyarts to the organize. if you have medicare
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to learn more. go long. a different type of underground music was played in sent steer this morning.
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septa subway rider were treated to classic composers in honor of bach's birthday. it brings attention to classical music by bringing free concerts to public spaces. many are with the philadelphia orchestra and you can say this is a token of their priebation for the city and music. very nice. >> a pleasant change. speaking of pleasant, not bad, we see sunshine break from the clouds and looking at clouds mixing with sun in the western suburbs. high temperatures in the mid to upper 50s that is not too bad for this time of year. 59 in philadelphia and 59 in glassboro and 58 in trenton and down the shore cooler but not much, mid-50s in places like sae isle city and a.c. today. a good night sleep does the
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body good, so good it can make you feel like you hilt hit the jackpot. we'll explain that at 4:00. >> and the new kicks building confidence and bringing smiles to their faces. that and much more coming up today beginning at 4:00. now that does it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. hi
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