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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  March 22, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 4:30 a.m. on this wednesday march 22nd. >> philadelphia's district attorney will be in court today but not to prosecute other os. instead, to face his own charges on bribery and are extortion. >> a berks county student is suing his school district over its transgender policy. >> president trump makes a visit to capitol hill putting pressure on republicans to support his healthcare overhaul. >> first up, weather and traffic. two out of the four of us are wearing similar outfits. >> how about that? >> winning. >> winning. >> winning for sure.
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>> all right, so, we are looking at least sunshine today. there's a few clouds on satellite trying to break away. a couple of early sprinkles and showers in south jersey and delaware. they won't be around long. and for now, the temperatures are still looking pretty mild. 48 degrees in philadelphia. 40 in allentown. 45 in wilmington. so, if you're heading out the door right now, not a big deal. however, those numbers are going to be dropping in a hurry and it's partly because of that northwest wind. >> reporter: it is going to be building. we're getting up into the teens now in reading. it's going to get blustery and colder as we go through the morning thanks to that northwest wind. so, as soon as 7 o'clock we think we could be down to about 34 degrees. so even, if you step out now you might not feel like you need the winter coat but you will before too much longer. noon 36. the notice how we're looking at a a lot of sunshine but a high of just 39 degrees at 3 o'clock before we slide back below freezing around the dinner hour. stays on the chilly side tomorrow but we're looking at
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that nice bounceback toward the end of the week. a possible issue in the northern and western suburbs friday morning. karen rogers, lots to talk about in the exclusive accuweather seven day. i'll have that in a couple minutes. >> for now traffic is just construction that's out here on woodhaven road. this is approaching route 13. that's your eastbound traffic headed towards i-95. just have to stay to the right with that left lane being blocked. but not major issue out there right now. no construction yet again on the vine all week. we're looking good. this is the vine street expressway. everything is opened and clear and westbound and eastbound moving just fine this morning on the vine. on the big picture, your majors are looking pretty good. twenty-sixth street at penrose avenue watch for this disabled truck. it just cleared a second ago but had been backing up traffic there. it was on the shoulder and walnut street will close today between 1 o'clock and 7:00 in broad street if you're in that area stick to spruce. i-95 northbound near 141 the overnight construction just cleared so are roads back opened now. >> thank you, matt. philadelphia district
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attorney seth williams is expected to surrender on federal charges of bribery and extortion much the democrat is accused of taking more than $100,000 worth of luxury gifts caribbean trips and cash often in exchange for favors. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside of the philadelphia federal courthouse where williams is due to appear today. katherine. >> reporter: that's right, mad. district attorney seth williams is scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon, his defense attorney says they will vigorously defend these charges. the 23 count indictment alleges district attorney seth williams sought thousands of dollars in bribes. and in exchange federal authorities say he would trade his influence as the city's top prosecutor. >> it is a violation of federal law to corruptly solicit bribes and make yourself available to take official action in exchange for those gifts and that's essentially the heart of what the indictment alleges.
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>> reporter: according to the indictment, williams solicited a long list of goods and services from two unnamed philadelphia. business owners including trips to punta qana san diego las vegas and florida. a custom sofa checks and cash and even a used jaguar convertible. the total value is roughly $110,000. >> it's a stretch to imagine a public servant who could put quid pro quo ahead of justice for all. >> reporter: an investigator cited a exchange had of text messages where a business owner wanted a lighter service. >> i i'm merely a thankful beggar and don't want to overstep found in asking. mr. williams is referring to another trip to punta qana. >> reporter: as for williams, he did not comment on this yesterday, his office
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says he was out spending time with his family. live in federal court coastal storm cans channel6 "action news." >> katherine thank you. former district attorney lynne abraham says she's outraged over the charges against seth williams. abraham spent 18 years in the d.a.'s office 10 of those as williams' boss. >> district attorney's office chief law enforcement officer of the city who presented himself as a crime fighter and a crime preventer to go out on commit crimes almost from the time he took office, very, very shocking. >> many in the legal community are calling for williams to now resign. if that happens, his first assistant would become interim district attorney until someone could be appointed before the november election. >> authorities found a man lying next to a car in burlington county dead from a gunshot wound. it at kinsley road in pemberton township at 9:25. investigators worked at the scene. arriving crews say the male victim had at least one
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gunshot wound. no word on who might have shot him or why, also no word on any arrests. >> gloucester township police are investigating what they call al suspicious act. police say the man in this sketch approached a girl and asked her if she needed a ride. this happened along stone bridge drive. the man was in a box style sedan with a stripe that wrapped around the vehicle. police are asking anyone who thinks they know anything about this man to contact them. >> a e-berks county high school student and his parents are taking the boyertown area school district to court. court documents say the boy was changing for gym class in a locker room when he saw a student wearing only shorts and a bra. that student had recently gun transitioning from female to male. the lawsuit claims the school's transgendered friendly policy constitutes sexual area a and the violation of personal forty five vessels the boyertown district has declined comment on the case. >> president trump went up to
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congress to press the case in person for his healthcare overhaul and he really turned up the pressure telling house gop members that to not vote his way would mean lost seats in next year's hitter term elections. abc's janai norman has more. >> reporter: the billion dollar businessman turned president on capitol hill trying to make a deal. giving al thumbs up optimistic about his ability to swing skeptics. >> vote mr. president. >> this bill. >> reporter: thursday marks the seventh anniversary of the affordable care act and the day the house will vote to undo much of the law that provided coverage to nearly 20 million americans. the president warned republicans a no vote would cost them in the midterms. press secretary sean spicer explaining. >> we're going to make sure that we remember those who stood by us. >> reporter: but the governor of new york says voters would lose. >> we were told no american would lose their insurance. now the congressional budget
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office says 24 million americans will lose insurance and 2.7 million new yorkers will lose insurance. >> reporter: house republicans made concessions to try to secure more votes to appease conservatives provisions giving states more flexibility over medicaid spending including the option to require recipients to show proof they're working ton win over moderates a promise to boost aid for older americans to buy insurance. under the original bill, a 64-year-old earning $26,000 a year would see their annual premiums spike nearly $13,000. but the chances of the bill passing are still uncertain. >> it was a good meeting but we're still a no. >> congressman are you supporting the healthcare bill. >> i'm a no right now. >> reporter: still a no. >> undecided. thank you. >> reporter: all democrats in the house are expected to vote no but 22ly republican no votes would kill the bill and by our count at least that many are not committed to supporting it. in washington, janai norman
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channel6 "action news." >> 4:38 is the time and new on "action news" a woman used al popular cooking spice as a holistic health treatment and investigators believe it may have led to her death. >> doctors talk about the risky surgery to help a baby born with two extra legs and a second spine. david. >> we have temperatures that are falling as we head toward the bus stop this morning. we're well into the 40's right now in philadelphia but we expect to plunge to 36 by 6 o'clock, 32 by 8:00 a.m. of course yesterday we had problems with rain. the only rain we've got right now is down in south cape may. i'll show you that on storm tracker6 coming up and we'll give you the rest of your accuweather seven-day forecast. that's just ahead. >> ♪
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>> an idaho family is safe and together this morning after a mudslide nearly destroyed their home and took them with it. the family heard a rumble and quickly realized they were in the midst of a mudslide. a man and his young son floated away along with the mud but he managed to get his son to higher ground before also getting himself to safety. everyone managed to walk away with only scrapes and bruises. but can you imagine explaining to little kids that you're in the middle of this mudslide? >> man. >> it would be a lot to explain. >> it would be, yeah. >> today is going to be as warm as yesterday in terms of temperature, right. >> you wish. >> storm tracker6 live double scan shows you that we are mainly dry. if we go in closer southern cape may county, just the tip of cape may beginning to dry out after overnight showers. llewes delaware also getting rid of some of that. won't be too much longer for you folks down south with the rain. we have sky6 dry as a bone at the airport. you can see the camera starting to bounce a little bit as we're looking at winds
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in the process of picking up over the next couple hours and temperatures on the way down. right now it doesn't feel that bad as you step outside. 48 degrees in philadelphia. winds out of the northwest at 8 miles per hour, though and up there in the northwest there's a lot colder air and it is on its way down as soon as seven or 8 o'clock this morning you'll definitely feel a difference out there as temperatures drop. there's also a little bit of cloud cover out to the west but we expect that to break apart and we are looking at a predominantly sunny day but it is going to get cold. we're going to drop from the upper 40's down to close to the freezing mark, maybe even 32 on the nose by 8:00 a.m. and still very cold by 10:00 a.m. so you can see how that cold air settles in and takes awhile to react to the sun. by noon up to 36 and by 3 o'clock, 39 trees 39 degrees,s your high and the winds picking up as well. more on that in a he could is. high temperatures across the region looks like it's going to be bright and windy but cool. 36 in allentown, 37 trenton. might get up to the low 40's
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in places like wilmington, some illville and dover. down the shore close to 40 degrees there as well. but as we track the sus taken winds looks like they'll pick up fairly quickly. sustained winds are up in the 20's starting at 7 o'clock and topping out around 1 o'clock this afternoon and along the way we're going to get gusts between 35 and 40 miles per hour. now tomorrow high pressure builds in so the winds will ease back overnight but it's still going to be chilly. lots of sun, a high of just 46 degrees tomorrow. we will see improvement heading into the weekend. your exclusive accuweather 7-day testimony forecast today blustery and cold for a high of 49. wind chills making it feel like it's in the 20's most of the day. tomorrow a high of 46 and then on friday there's a little bit of a concern in the northern and western suburbs that we could have a period of freezing rain before the temperatures warm so look out for a possible slippery conditions on the northern and western suburbs on friday otherwise, it's cloudy and a high of 53.
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and then on saturday, we're going for a clouds and sun mix but it's going to be very warm. 72 degrees. for now allowing for a passing shower but overall that is still a pretty nice day. and then sunday with a cold front coming in, we change over to mostly cloudy skies with periods of rain and a high of just 53. and then kind of unsettled monday and tuesday and on the cool side averaging about 50 degrees for a high with a couple showers. when we're not on the air get the latest weather information on and today the information is colder basically. >> hold onto your hats. >> yes. >> thank you david. new on "action news" a southern california woman died after a natural supplement was injected into her veins. the san diego county medical examiner says a preliminary autopsy shows jade eric had an adverse reaction to an infused turmeric solution delivered
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intravenously. >> also new a missing 15-year-old girl was found safe shortly after her family says she was sexually assaulted on facebook live. the mother of the high school freshman in chicago says her daughter went to the store on sunday and then never came home. the mother says she started to get calls from that people monday morning saying they had seen the teen on a graphic video online. >> i did see the young lady being pulled toward the bed and she pushed back in some parts of that video. >> the teenager's relatives believe the alleged assault was streamed on a page created by a gang that's been terrorizing the neighborhood. detectives are trying to track down the creator of that facebook page and the people seen in this video. >> new, a baby girl from africa is recovering from a risky surgery at a chicago area hospital. 10 month old dominique was born on the ivory coast with a not fully developed conjoined twin.
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doctors performed surgery on march eighth to remove two legs and a second spine that protruded from her back. >> this made it extreme the dangerous for dominique, dangerous for a couple reasons. one is dominique's heart and lung had to do the job of providing for two people almost. >> her foster mother says she learned about dominique on social media and knew instantly she wanted to help. nancy says she can sit up raise her hands and reach for things. dominique will eventually return to her family in west africa. doctors say she should be able to lead a normal life. >> all right. it is now 4:47. and a wholesale club assessing a service that will save customers a trip to the store. >> a hollywood star surprises one of its biggest and maybe oldest fans. that's later on "action news." >> ♪ another lost sock.
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>> ♪ >> good morning, everybody. we're looking live on the commodore barry bridge. we have some showers down exiting the coastline of cape may. we're dry here through the region and staying dry today but turning cold. looking outside live on i-95 at the vine street expressway, we can see we're clear right here. the overnight construction has left the scene so no delays. looking pretty good right here. we have a new accident just coming into us now in atlantic
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county, hamilton township right on the atlantic city expressway westbound approaching route 50. watch for that. we are hearing there are some injuries associated with this on the scene. you see ems workers out here blocking the left lane and you'll get some slowing heading westbound on the atlantic city expressway. coming from 42, looking pretty good in gloucester county. traffic coming up from that deptford or turnersville it's a dry and easy ride with no northbound delay yet. construction on 295 northbound though in this area between 47 and 42. still out here blocking up to two lanes a it will be out there for about another hour and a half, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. manayunk wants to make parking easier and cheaper so that you come out to visit. starting in april 4 off street parking lots owned by parkway corporation will drop their prices and get new user friendly parking equipment. the venice island and loverring street lots will cost two dollars an hour. parking in the 4,000 main street block will be two dollars on weekends and weekdays after 5:00 and for a dollar an hour you can park at
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114 green lane. >> now to your first look at business. when the closing bell rang the dow jones officially suffered its biggest loss in five months. stocks in banking transportation travels and materials all took losses. experts say there are concerns about president trump's ability to get the new healthcare law signed, get lower taxes, cut regulations with businesses. all probably related to the testimony the other day. the dow fell 237 and closed 20,668, the s & p and nasdaq also had significant losses on this morning futures point to more losses at the opening bell. costco will soon begin offering home grocery delivery via a third party service. it's called shipped and is launching in tampa and plans to expand to 50 markets in more than 30 million household by the end of the year. shipped which is spelled
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s-h-i-p-t members will pay a $99 annual fee for unlimited grocery deliveries. apple unveiled al red special edition iphone7. it is to commemorate the 10 year partnership between the company and red, the organization that helps to fight aids. the price is $749. they go on sale online and in stores on friday. >> that is a beautiful color. it is 4:53 and new on "action news," police in bucks county arrest a man who they say threatened womathreatened a woma knife. >> police witness a shooting while handling disorderly crowds. that story coming up after the break. >> ♪
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>> police officers handling disorderly crowds in philadelphia's olney section witnessed a shooting. philadelphia police and septa police were trying to disperse crowds nearly olney transportation just before 5 o'clock yesterday evening. that's when officers saw a 24-year-old man shoot a 19-year-old man at park and olney avenues. the man who was shot was hit in the torso and rushed to the hospital in critical condition. and officers at the realtime crime center monitoring these crowds they also witnessed the shooting there on camera. investigators say the suspect went and got the gun from an suv that had a child inside. >> from the time of this fight that led to the shooting we know that this young child was in the back seat of the suv just feet away from where the shooting incident took place.
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>> the child, however, was okay. officers quickly arrested the suspect. >> this is brand new. george clooney surprised an 87-year-old fan by showing up at her retirement home in great britain. the 55-year-old star visited pat adams for her birthday. clooney and his wife, amal, are moving into a home near the facility. a worker wrote the actor describing how she talked about him every day. >> i just wanted to meet the man. i heard so much about him. i wanted to meet him. he was charming. [laughter] >> indeed. clooney even brought flowers and a card. >> you got to love that. very nice. it is 4:57. and video of two teenagers fighting in atlantic city has been seen millions of times but it's not for the reason you think. it's the person who stops the fight. we'll hear the inspirational words from that stranger. >> take a look at this. can you solve this wheel of fortune puzzle? >> one contestant could not
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and the i it left the audience gasping.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday march 22nd many of here's what's happening. >> philadelphia's top prosecutor is accused of violating the law almost from the beginning of him taking office and he is due to step into a courtroom today. >> new video overnight shows detectives on the scene of a deadly shooting in burlington county. >> more drama involving


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